Books for a Chela

Shamballa by Nicholas Roerich

"Give me the place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the earth!"
—Archimedes [287-212 B.C]

"Be clever, study, use the principles of science. Apply them to a spiritual physics;
apply them to an engineering—an engineering of the design of God for the focus of light
that we seek to establish. If at first you don't succeed, then try, try again.
Know that all roads lead to Rome . . . If you try one way and it doesn't work,
then try the next and try the next, and in the course of trying you will become masters
in the way of initiation. You will learn the ways of focusing energy in this plane."
—Lanello, July 3, 1976

" . . . knowledge above all, as you have been told, is the key
to the saving of a planet."—Alpha

"The Bible is the best of all books, for it is the word of God and teaches us
the way to be happy in this world and in the next. Continue therefore to read it
and to regulate your life by its precepts."—John Jay

"To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school,
but so to love wisdom as to live according to its dictates, a life of simplicity,
independence, magnanimity, and trust."—Henry David Thoreau

"The great advantage of being a writer is that you can spy on people.
You're there, listening to every word, but part of you is observing.
Everything is useful to a writer, you see—every scrap, even the longest
and most boring of luncheon parties."—Graham Greene

"Two things are infinite: The universe and human stupidity;
and I'm not sure about the universe."—Albert Einstein

"He has never been known to use a word that might send a reader to the dictionary."
—William Faulkner (about Ernest Hemingway)


"So you see, beloved, it is necessary to have all of the tools. And some of you are long on bliss and short on study. Now is the time to nail down the points of the Law. And you must begin by knowing the New Testament and reading it in both the King James Version and the Jerusalem Bible. Then you will begin to really have a grasp of all of the hooks upon which those who have incomplete knowledge hang their arguments.

"It was the same with myself, beloved. I had to deal with the arguments based on the Old Testament, for I did preach to the Jews. And therefore, they would set forth their law and their principles and I would truly have to give them the understanding of the true grace of Jesus Christ, also pointing out that he did come and did fulfill all of the law and the prophets. Thus, when you are most familiar with the New Testament you will do well to study the law and the prophets.

"And I tell you, beloved, you must have just as intricate a knowledge of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters as you do of the Old and New Testaments. It is essential. And therefore, let the courses and the study begin! Let it be across the land. May you take those courses and understand that this [knowledge] is something that you must be able to carry with you."


" . . . Do you understand—those of you who clamor for more lessons, more books, more releases of writing—that unless our messenger shall have the support, the necessary support for the continuation of this activity, how can the peace of mind, how can the flow of light for the writing of these books come forth? And therefore, I must tell you that in order to expand this activity as hierarchy would do, you must lay the foundation that shall be in the golden age a superstructure of lightbearers, torchbearers who comprise the great City of God, of thy kingdom come upon earth.

" . . . Therefore those who would speak the Word—the Word of the challenge of darkness in the total consciousness of God-goodness—have the backing of Hierarchy and of the Mother of the Flame."

December 18, 1973

A Harmony of the Gospels
harmonizes the four gospels. What this book does is . . . makes you to go to the source materials . . .

The Commentary on the Gospel of John by Origenes (first and second century after Christ) is a must reading for a serious student on the path in the Aquarian Age.

A Harmony of the Gospels Elizabeth .C. Prophet
lecture audio A84016

"Understand also that John the Beloved wrote down a dictation from Jesus Christ. It is in your hands: it is the Book of Revelation. And your Messenger has given you her interpretations of the verses on many occasions.

"You ought to review these interpretations. You ought to understand that the reason our Lord dictated that text to John is because it holds the keys to what you ought to be decreeing about in these last days of the Piscean age. It is also a book of psychology in that the verses, as they are charted on the Cosmic Clock by the Messenger, give you an understanding of your individual initiations and what you as a citizen of earth must face on a day-to-day basis.

"Many of the beasts and untoward manifestations identified in Revelation are in your own electronic belt, in your own unconscious, and you must consume them by the sacred fire. Know ye not that you can consume much misqualified energy in your electronic belt simply by raising the sacred fire of the base chakra of the Divine Mother and holding that sacred fire sure and fast at the point of the crown chakra and the third-eye center?

"Yes, beloved. The sacred fire that you sustain on the spinal altar becomes the all-consuming fire for the transmutation of the records of your karma and of the beasts that lodge on your Cosmic Clock as diagrammed on the 'kettledrum.'

"Clean out, clean out, clean out the stables, beloved! You have the power to do this. Conserve the sacred fire. Keep your beings in a yang state, slightly more yang than yin. Partake sparingly, or not at all, of those heavy meats that cause acidity and even the dulling of the brain. And know that in due course you shall experience the opening of the third eye. And what will accelerate this will be our Messenger leading you in giving the All-Seeing Eye decrees that you might receive from me through her a tremendous impetus on the Fifth Ray."


"Thus, meditate upon the number twenty-two. The Book of Revelation consists of twenty-two chapters. Each of these can be understood according to the great mysteries revealed by Kabbalists and others. Those who wrote down the scriptures wrote in code many mysteries of God.

"And if you would know the original meaning of the Old Testament texts, you must know Hebrew. Therefore, teach Hebrew to thy children and know that there are profound mysteries that you have not yet discovered, for you have not made yourselves scholars of the Hebrew tradition.

"And if you would understand Jesus being in India in ancient days when the caste system of Hinduism prevailed, if you would understand why Jesus returned to India after his crucifixion and lived there for the rest of his life to the age of eighty-one, then you must also seek out and search the noncanonical scriptures that are written in code for those who would read and run—yes, run with me as Mark and receive directly from the mouth of the Saviour those initiations that may be given only through that one who is Teacher, who is Guru."


"You have not seen how the disciplined ones and the bodhisattvas, in [not one but] many embodiments, have given their entire attention to the manifestation of this Christhood in imitation of the life of Jesus Christ—[even the] eighty-one years [he lived in his final embodiment]. Yes, beloved, The Imitation of Christ is yet the book that you must keep at bedside and read, even a page [each night], imitating the ways of Christ until your imitation is become the Divine Reality unmoved, and I say unmoved, beloved!

"A personal, individual Christhood is the challenge of the number thirty-three. How many of you have advanced to that age in this audience this day?"

Archangel Michael

"The Christian mystics talk about spiritual union and the love initiations that accompany it. Thérèse of Lisieux said that from the age of fourteen she experienced 'assaults of love' that consumed her 'like a veritable flame.'

" 'I was in the choir,' she once wrote, 'when I felt myself suddenly wounded by a dart of fire so ardent that I thought I should die . . . There is no comparison to describe the intensity of that flame. It seemed as though an invisible force plunged me wholly into fire . . . But oh! what fire! what sweetness!'

"So enflamed was she by a love that is beyond this world that she wrote in her autobiography, 'O Jesus, my vocation is found at last—my vocation is love.' (from Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, trans. John Clark, 2d ed. (Washington, D.C.: ICS Publications, 1976), p. 194).

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"Djwal Kul, known as D.K. and 'the Tibetan,' was the foremost disciple of Kuthumi in the nineteenth century. He assisted El Morya and Kuthumi in their work with the Theosophical Society, and he is said to have lived near Kuthumi in a mountain valley in Tibet.

"In his book The Masters and the Path, written in 1925, C. W. Leadbeater describes Djwal Kul as 'still wearing the same body in which he attained Adeptship only a few years ago . . . His face is distinctly Tibetan in character, with high cheek bones and is somewhat rugged in appearance, showing signs of age.'"

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"I bid you, then, read The Mahatma Letters, read the old books that Morya sponsored and that we guarded. Read of the path of the East and discover once and for all what it truly means to be a disciple on the Path. And above all, do not carve out your own concept of the Path that has nothing to do with the mahatmas."


The Extraordinary Life and Influence of Helena Blavatsky, Founder of the Modern Theosophical Movement, by Sylvia Cranston, pp. 45, 46-47, 179-80, 200-1. The Messenger suggests that every chela own this book "as a treasure in the history of our life and the life of beloved El Morya" [available through Summit University Press, hardbound.


"So you see, beloved, the book [Dweller on Two Planets] by Phylos the Tibetan is pertinent to this hour, for [this is a time when] many souls can embody to fulfill their reason for being. And every one of you here knows that many souls are being kept out of embodiment simply because of the fad, of too-long standing, of aborting life in the womb.

"Thus, you see, beloved, those who love and those who are receptive and those who would receive these souls of Light must take up spiritual arms again and in this very court, which, as you know, has the great cathedral [of illumination’s flame] superimposed upon it. You must also make the calls that these individual lifestreams, now free, now released by Sanat Kumara to come here, may enter, may be loved, cherished, educated, supported and brought to the place of the divine mission."

Lady Master Venus

"And that is why we announce to you at this conference the Summit University Extension Course whereby you will learn, focus by focus, line by line, the teachings that do come forth based on that [volume[ A Dweller on Two Planets by Phylos the Tibetan.

"This is a necessary book to this age. It is directed to the children of Atlantis and the old souls who have come back from that continent. They must know their 25,800-year history from then until now. They must know our Saviour as the Great One who did impart the Law unto that people and did impart the very flame that burned and continued to burn until it had to be withdrawn, for the people did forsake their God and they did go after the fallen angels and the Nephilim as they do this day!"


"I have listened well to the study of the psychology of Zailm concerning reincarnation and karma [in Dweller on Two Planets]. Study this well, beloved, for some of you, ere you are called to higher octaves, will not have more than this opportunity that you take day by day for resolution."

Serapis Bey

"My book is a companion to the Ascended Masters’ path that has been laid before you by Saint Germain and El Morya and Mother Mary and Kuthumi and Djwal Kul and Jesus and Gautama. It is an assist to you and I am grateful to have the Messenger expound upon it [and elaborate upon] those advances that have come forth in the century since I dictated it.

"Thus it is an open door and considered by the Darjeeling Council to be among the best of books to present to the new student on the Path, for it does contain keys for the awakening of many souls, as they recognize themselves in the streets of Caiphul, participating in Atlantean life, whether at the end of Atlantis or in the great golden-age civilization of Jesus Christ.

" . . . I have come with a special assignment . . . and that is to assist in the program of the outreach of the Ascended Masters. I will come to you until everything that my book offers as teaching may be assimilated by you. I will give you all that I have learned that you may go on and study with other Masters ascended. I will be at your side.

"And as you use me to learn and to know what is real and unreal, I will use you to go after those lifestreams who are tied to you and to me and to this entire Community of students of the Ascended Masters worldwide. And we shall go together and we shall find them! And you shall become fluent in my story, which is fascinating in itself were it not so awfully true.

"And therefore the horrendous nature of the encounters as well as the tremendous wonder of the appearance of God and his Son to me contrast so clearly the choices that are to be made: whether the right hand, whether the left, whether the seeming shortcut of the left and the compromise of the Path or the full and full-measured cup of the right that leaves no stone unturned until that victory is secure.

"May you use that book and these teachings to straighten out the false teachings of the religions of the day until all come to the native understanding of the sun of the I AM THAT I AM, the God Presence with you, symbolized by the sun in the heavens, the one God, whose rays and extensions ye are.

"True religion is simple, compassionate, deep and it does connect the soul to God directly. May you stand on that conviction and live to fulfill your fiery destiny!

"I AM Phylos and I AM with you, a new brother on the path of this course. We run to win, for we are winners and we win with joy."

Phylos the Tibetan

"Do not be set back by that which you meet. Let it be doused in violet flame. Go forth with the joy of precipitation. Take my 'little book,' [Studies in Alchemy, volumes one and two] this precious book given to you by the devotees and staff and co-workers, by the Messengers therefore manifesting that concerted effort to see the physical manifestation of that which I have long desired to have in print.

"I hold it in my hand in this dictation for a very purpose. For I am charging this copy and through it every copy of this book with the full, flaming presence of my new day, my revolution to all. May this book itself find its goal in every nation and in every language.

"It is a handbook. It is the little book which may be devoured, and it will begin the alchemicalization. It will begin the process worldwide of the raising up of the coil of the violet flame. To this, then, be dedicated, and know that I have indeed come again, my mantle with me, our beloved Alpha and Omega and the Cosmic Council so decreeing that I may go forth in this hour and that I may truly have the opportunity of the quickening."

Saint Germain

"We who advocated the Divine Theosophia (the Theosophical Order), we who brought forth in hope the first workings of spiritualism (through Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and others) in order to establish hope in the hearts of men for a better world to come, we have watched as degradation and misuse of principle have altered our purposes, and there has come to pass a sad state of affairs wherein trenchant forces of darkness have misused the divine principle."

August 13, 1967

" . . . good teaching on suicide. I noted a similarity between these teachings and what I had read in the book Return from Tomorrow by George G. Ritchie. In this book, Ritchie, a psychiatrist, tells of a near-death experience he had at age 20 in a military hospital. While he was clinically dead for nine minutes, Jesus took him on a journey and showed him, among other things, vast numbers of non-physical beings (discarnates) who roam the earth after death. He also showed him the pain and regret suffered by those who commit suicide."

I AM the Witness

" . . . if you have not understood the psychology of Evil and the machinations of Evil, I suggest that you read a number of good books that will show you how Evil infests the mind.

"People who have an evil intent are usually bent upon self-destruction, but their persona is beguiling. It is calculated to 'deceive the very elect.' If you have not knowingly encountered
such people, beware! For I have sent you into the world to analyze and then to challenge those individuals whom one of your modern authors calls 'the people of the lie.' You must understand Evil so that you might get the victory over Evil and so that, through you, the world itself might get the victory over Evil."

Jesus Christ

"I am also grateful for the wide dissemination of our writings most precious from the Brotherhood. I am grateful for this recent biography *, if only for the reason that souls might be led through the art, through the life that I have lived, to the heart of Agni—thence to the heart of the Mother, thence to the heart of Maitreya.

" . . . And I trust that I myself have opened doors, for truly this art that was inspired upon me by great adepts is the open door to the future and the sign and signal of Aquarius. It is liberating and it does draw the soul into realms beyond the physical octave. When you look at these paintings, the notion does not occur that the mountains do not appear in these colors, for the paintings themselves draw you to the etheric octave and bring to your soul the remembrance of your soul’s journeyings into the etheric octave. And thus, they are wholly natural to the inner eye of the soul.

"I have painted for the soul, beloved—for the liberation of the soul, for the quickening of the soul! I have painted so that the eyes of the soul might see independently and unhampered by the intellect of the mind. And I have brought the soul into proper proportion, as is the Asian tradition, against the backdrop of the immensity of Nature.

"This has been my desire, and you can well see that I developed this art in previous lifetimes. But I also studied prior to this incarnation in the retreat of Paul the Venetian, the Lord of the Third Ray. And this art has truly been my offering, not only to the chelas but to all of the world who cannot take the specific teaching, for it is too strong for them. Yet in gazing upon my art, they may assimilate the truth embodied in the heart of the artist."

* Jacqueline Decter, Nicholas Roerich: The Life and Art of a Russian Master (Rochester, Vt.: Park Street Press, 1989).

Nicholas Roerich

"Thus in my final incarnation when I took the dictation from Jesus and Mother Mary and the Ascended Master Hilarion (who had been the apostle Paul) to write down these truths, I so inscribed Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and other writings whereby those souls in transition who could equate both with the unreality of matter and with the necessity for a concrete existence might find the door and the way out.

"I can tell you, beloved, these writings, like many other teachings and expressions of the mysteries of God that have been categorized as metaphysics, have surely opened doors to those of a spiritual consciousness who did have within themselves the gift of Christhood and a threefold flame and who were at that place of longing that precedes the soul’s transiting beyond these material spheres.

"But in the hands of those of only a physical awareness, this teaching has become an orthodoxy shrouded in the limitations of their own minds. Therefore it has become a dogma. And it has become a prison house for some. And those without the Holy Spirit have not been able to succeed in applying this truth to the victory of their souls but, in fact, in its misapplication have made serious karma as they have denied medical assistance and care to those in need. Thus the dilemma, beloved, of being a scribe for God and a reformer and of bringing to the forefront truths with which the many are ill-equipped to deal.

"Not so [with] my sister Martha, who stands before you. For she did receive this word even at the same level in which I received it when I wrote it, when she began to read this textbook at the age of nine. And therefore she could be God-taught by Jesus in these mysteries and encompass and understand even the heavenly hosts and reincarnation and karma and what was really [meant] when I wrote, 'There is no life, truth, intelligence nor substance in matter . . . '

"And thus, by and by her inner walk with me (as I was then ascended), and with Jesus and Mary and Paul, brought her to the conclusion that those who in this world [and] in this life controlled the spreading abroad of Christian Science, the publication of what I gave forth, did not have a chalice big enough to hold what these truths hold.

"Thus I remained to comfort and to teach her, not without hope that one day she could bring forth the true understanding of these mysteries. For in their true understanding, beloved, they have also given to her strength and vision and the absolute belief in the absolute God. The faith you have seen in this Messenger, then, is based on the knowledge within of the inner geometry of God and the inner science of Being.

" . . . I wrote the question:

"What is the scientific statement of being?

"And the answer:

"There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual.

"This is a formula of healing that is complete when understood. But when not understood, it becomes a denial of the very physical existence and the platform of material evolution that is indeed necessary to the soul and is indeed “real” so long as the soul requires this wavelength, this vibration.

"Thus, [some] Christian Science practitioners have used this almost in a mental malpractice, denying that anything imperfect [has existence at all], denying that matter itself [has existence], with the result that by their will they have prevented karma [i.e., imperfection] from manifesting and unwittingly postponed the day of the soul’s dealing with that karma, [that imperfection]; [moreover, they have] denied the necessity of pain [and they have] denied the necessity of suffering, and therefore [they have] denied pain and suffering itself as a condition of matter.

" . . . There are any number of embodiments that I had between that two thousand years from the time of Mary of Bethany to the time of Mary Baker Eddy. And during these centuries I myself passed through the initiations with the saints in the Church and even in the East and did study under the great Lights [as I] prepared for this mission.

"Therefore, beloved, I studied under those who gave me the teachings of the control of Nature and natural forces. And I was gifted, by the grace of God, whereby through this teaching and writing [of Christian Science] many were healed. But it was truly by the grace of God and my oneness with Christ Jesus, even as the beloved Aimee Semple McPherson was the instrument of Jesus’ healing and his Holy Spirit. Though neither one of us had the full outer understanding of what was taking place as he healed through us, yet many were converted to our respective churches and faith and remain there to this day.

"They must be liberated into the higher walk with God. Yet these above all do resist this Path and Truth. May you pray therefore for the binding of all erroneous misinterpretations of Christ’s true doctrine. And may you call for the binding of the planetary dweller-on-the-threshold that affects all churches and all churchgoers.

"My presence with you today is that I might transfer to you at the soul level and at the level of your Holy Christ Self this cube of Light that contains the understanding of the science of Truth and the true Divine Science, which, when you have it at inner levels, becomes a profound strength and foundation for all that you are carrying forward. And the teaching in this activity is, of course, a science in itself.

"I come with a comforting rod of Wisdom, which I offer to John the Beloved, that Love and Wisdom might assist you as you must come now to the place, each and every one, [of] facing your Atlantean karma and [dealing] with the [karmic] cycles of April 23; [in order to be successful, you must] directly challenge all misuses of Power. With Wisdom and with Love you can do this, beloved.

"May you understand that in the past many have had Power and have abused it and therefore [they] must submit in time and in some sense of the word to those who may yet be abusing Power [in order] to learn the lessons of being on the receiving end [of such abuses] and then to work together [with them] in Love and Mercy and Divine Justice and Wisdom for the true [and righteous] exercise of authority when it is given.

"All organizations and institutions must have individuals with varying levels of authority, beloved. El Morya has stated wisely that there are no perfect leaders. Many may be tyrants. The perfect leader is no longer found in this world, for the perfect leader is truly Christ the Lord. And when the leader becomes that Christ, that leader is not long for this world except by very special dispensation.

"Thus, beloved, whether or not this Church Universal and Triumphant, [including] its branches in Teaching Centers and Study Groups, does continue to thrive and to grow and to expand depends on [an] enlightened leadership that is full of compassion and the Holy Spirit and that is careful before the power and the authority that is given not to abuse it and not to crush new souls on the Path.

"I pray that you pray for the leader within you to rise up and take dominion and that you surrender to that leader and to that law and to the justice, which is absolute and unerring, of your own karmic condition."

July 1, 1990

"A famous story illustrating the Guru-chela relationship and the personal encounter with Maitreya is the story of one called Asanga, the fourth-century Indian master. In an account from The Door of Liberation, a collection of Tibetan Buddhist teachings prepared by Geshe Wangyal, Maitreya appears to Asanga in various manifestations to goad him to remain steadfast in his spiritual quest:

"Nine hundred years after the parinirvana of Gautama Buddha, Arya Asanga was born. In his youth he completed intensive studies in a monastery and in middle life withdrew to a cave to meditate. He determined not to give up his meditation until Maitreya, the Bodhisattva of love and compassion and Buddha-to-come, manifested himself openly before him. When, after three years, he had had no results, he became discouraged and left his cave. Nearby, he met a man who was making a needle from an iron spike by rubbing it with a piece of cotton.

"Seeing this, his patience returned and he went back to his cave and meditated unceasingly for six more years. Still Maitreya did not manifest himself. Disheartened that he had meditated for nine years without even a sign of success, Asanga again left his cave. Outside he saw how a rock had been completely worn down by single drops of water and the beating wings of passing birds. Again his patience returned and he resumed his meditation; this time for another three years. But finally Asanga despaired completely of realizing his aim, and set out on the journey to return to his monastery.

"On the outskirts of Acinta he saw an old she-dog whose hind­quarters were raw and crawling with maggots. He felt great pity for her and wanted to relieve her suffering, but could not bear to destroy the maggots. Instead, he cut a piece of flesh from his own thigh and placed it near the dog. He then put out his tongue and prepared to transfer the larvae one by one, but the sight of the wound was so disgusting that he had to close his eyes. Suddenly there was a great ringing in his ears, and he opened his eyes. Standing before him, in a magnificent, radiant light, was Maitreya. Despite his joy, Arya Asanga exclaimed without thinking, 'Why did you never come to me during the twelve years I earnestly meditated?'

"Maitreya answered, 'I was with you all the time, but you could not see me, because you did not yet have great compassion. If you do not believe me, carry me through the town on your shoulders and try to show me to the people.'

"Then Arya Asanga raised Maitreya on his shoulder and carried him through the town, hoping to let everyone see the wonderful Buddha. But no one in the town saw Maitreya, and only one old woman saw even the dog.

"After this, Maitreya magically transported Arya Asanga to Tusita heaven, where he stayed for fifty earth-years studying the Dharma. When he returned to India, he brought with him The Five Teachings of Maitreya, which are the central teachings of the lineage of compassion, and which are used in the Tibetan tradition."

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"C. S. Lewis in his Screwtape Letters wrote a satire on the hierarchy of devils who plot the demise of aspirants on the Path—with meticulous planning and cunning performance. Although it seems Lewis didn't believe in embodied devils, he was an astute student of their psychology (and of that of the Christian neophyte) and their modus operandi. I recommend this book, as do El Morya and Jesus, for new chelas on the Path."

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"Often practitioners of witchcraft use their powers to launch a general form of attack against anyone who tries to escape from the mass miasma."

(The messengers recommend the reading of The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis in connection with the series on Understanding Yourself. Available through Summit University Press.)

"Our leisure, even our play, is a matter of serious concern. There is no neutral ground in the universe: every square inch, every split second, is claimed by God and counterclaimed by Satan."—C. S. Lewis


In the tales of Camelot and the knights of the Round Table there are stories about women being able to put hexes on people. Even in John Steinbeck’s version of Camelot, The Tales of King Arthur and His Noble Knights, women attempt to control Launcelot. He meets many women who believe they have become sorceresses.

The message you get is that the sorceress or witch is capable of manifesting a perfect self, a perfect form and a perfect face. Launcelot knows that behind the perfect face is a serpent, a dragon, a beast. He meets four queens. One comes out of the north, one out of the south, one out of the east, one out of the west and they entrap him and they enclose him in a castle with an illusory dungeon.

As he is held there, each of the queens offers to give him something if he will give her his soul and his life. They are all jealous because he loves Guinevere and only Guinevere. His love is known and he will never be moved from that love, so they offer him power and everything else imaginable that a woman could offer in all of the levels of her being.

He turns them all down and gives each one a speech about their stunning beauty—each one more beautiful than the next. But he says that he cannot believe or know for sure if that’s what they really are. Perhaps behind them is the beast, the dragon, the old hag, the old witch who has the power to put on a mask.

Steinbeck has Launcelot say the following lines, which are the very essence of what the guru will say. Launcelot expresses his love for Guinevere and then admits that she may be imperfect, she may be less than beautiful, but “Guinevere is Guinevere,” he says. That is the whole essence of his love.

He loves her because she is real and that reality includes imperfection. Neither he nor she falls for the lie of the serpent who says, “I am better than God. I am better than his sons and daughters because I have a mechanical perfection and the ability to manipulate matter substance by witchcraft and wizardry and great feats of power.”

Elizabeth C. Prophet

Recommended reading:

People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil
by M. Scott Peck, M.D.

Toxic Parents:
Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy and Reclaiming Your Life
by Dr. Susan Forward with Craig Buck

It Will Never Happen to Me!
Children of Alcoholics as Youngsters—Adolescents—Adults
by Claudia Black, Ph.D., M.S.W.

Children of Trauma: Rediscovering Your Discarded Self
by Jane Middelton-Moz

Where Were You When I Needed You, Dad?
A Guide for Healing Your Father Wound by Jane Myers Drew, Ph.D
Newport Beach, Calif.: Tiger Lily Publishing, 1992

The Courage to Heal:
A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis
New York: HarperCollins Publishers, HarperPerennial, 3d ed., 1994

The Courage to Heal Workbook:
For Women and Men Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
by Laura Davis
New York: Harper and Row Publishers, HarperPerennial Library, 1990

There Is a River: The Story of Edgar Cayce by Thomas Sugrue.This book—which contains many photos of Edgar Cayce, his family, and close friends—is the complete, original biography of the best-documented psychic in America.

It tells the story of how he discovered his astounding psychic gifts and what led him to a life dedicated to helping others. Cayce's "readings," given in a trancelike state, ranged from phenomenal medical cures to advice on spiritual growth, psychology, and prophecy of world events.

A philosophy section covers our origin, purpose, and destinies on the earth, making this book a valuable resource.

Life Before Life
There are lots of stories of very young children that still remember what it was like before they came down here to this life. In the book "Life before birth" the authors Peter and Mary Harrison recount that little Desmond first spoke of his other life at the age of three and a half.

Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves

In her book Testimony of Light, Helen Greaves records communications from her departed friend Frances Banks. During her lifetime, Banks served as an Anglican nun for 25 years and authored a number of books on psychology. In her messages to Greaves, she speaks of her experiences after the change called death and of the evolution of her soul. She shares lessons learned in heavenly schoolrooms, including teaching on “spiritual families” and “soul groups.” Greaves writes of her:

[Her dedication to Truth was the] motive of her whole existence . . . Here were 72 years of a dedicated life—a questioning mind ever alert to the possibility of uniting psychology with religion, of discovering the mobile centre of consciousness in man, and with a deep inner longing for union with soul and spirit....

Frances never wasted a minute when she could be about her Father’s business. Now that she was evidently restored to consciousness and awareness after the change into her new life, her first burning desire would be to make known all that was happening . . . She would now be able to demonstrate the next life, of which she had written and spoken; to expound with authority on the subject which had been close to her heart; the reality of Life Everlasting; the continued progress of the Spirit.

The Lost Continent of Mu by James Churchwood—story of Lemuria.

Jesus Christ

"After El Morya ascended in 1898, he imparted his teachings to Helena and Nicholas Roerich, the founders of the Agni Yoga Society. In book two of Leaves of Morya’s Garden, El Morya tells us: 'One must manifest discipline of spirit; without it one cannot become free. To the slave, discipline of spirit will be a prison; to the liberated one, it will be a wondrous healing garden. So long as the discipline of spirit is as fetters, the doors are closed. For in fetters one cannot ascend the steps.'

"The Ascended Lady Master Clara Louise shared some of her thoughts on self-discipline with us in 1991. She said: 'True self-discipline is never rigidity but it is Love fulfilling itself by the intuitive powers of the soul, by the discernment of the heart, by true discernment of the mind. These are inner qualities of the five secret rays that sensitize even the soul to the understanding that though all the rules be followed, yet without Love the disciple cannot succeed.'

". . . One Zen Buddhist teaching on mindfulness says: 'At the start of sneezing, during fright, in anxiety, above a chasm, flying in battle, in extreme curiosity, at the beginning of hunger, at the end of hunger, be uninterruptedly aware.'

"In the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Sogyal Rinpoche explains mindfulness as the prolonging of the meditative state of calm and centeredness through everything we do. He recalls the Zen story where the disciple asked his Master: 'Master, how do you put enlightenment into action? How do you practice it in everyday life?' 'By eating and sleeping,' replied the Master. 'But, Master, everybody sleeps and everybody eats.' The Master replied: 'But not everybody eats when they eat, and not everybody sleeps when they sleep.'

"Rinpoche explains that to 'eat when you eat and sleep when you sleep means to be completely present in all your actions, with none of the distractions of ego to stop you being there.' And he sums it up by saying, 'This is integration.'"

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"And thus I commend you to the teaching of the Messengers on the path of Saint John of the Cross, on the Living Flame of Love that explains the alchemical marriage.

"For it is not as though you were not once tethered to the living Word, but it is now that you must reconsecrate your life to that marriage unto God. For once the full fusion is attained, beloved, it cannot be lost. But you have been at that point—almost in the hour of the consummation with the Bridegroom, the living Word. And yet, the holding of the balance for that event was too much
and the fallen ones sent the most clever of impostors of the Cosmic Christ Lord Maitreya.

"And [the initiation of the alchemical marriage] once again swept aside, it has meant for you cycle after cycle—the waiting again of two thousand years or five thousand years or ten thousand years when the cosmic cycles would once again bring you face-to-face with the initiation of Lord Maitreya."

"For you see, all these things that I have brought are yours to keep only as you keep and guard the flame of harmony.

"If you could imagine that inharmony would produce sudden holes in your pantaloons, in your skirts, in your blouses, and all of a sudden, like magic, like Pinocchio, because you’d been inharmonious, your garments should be tattered and full of holes and everything spill out and fall, for nothing could be held, you should think how embarrassed you would be—or if you were indeed Pinocchio and your nose would grow and grow when you were out of alignment with Truth. And finally, in the very end, by discipline and faithfulness and truthfulness, to be rewarded with a real heart, to become a real boy (the son of God, the threefold flame appears!).

"The story of Pinocchio is the story of those who lost the threefold flame or of those who may even be occupying bodies bereft of the divine spark, diligently in the service of the sons of God. Those who may have lost the substance of soul regain it by the path of the imitation of Christ."


Dannion Brinkley's books have been recommended by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, one of them being "Saved by the Light," another "At Peace with the Light."


"Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus in his Divine Pymanders was the prolific and versatile interpreter between nature and man, the repository from which issued all the application of the methods of explaining the phenomena of nature and their uses, perceived by the human mind."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
August, 17, 1981

Cycles: The Mysterious Forces That Trigger Events by Edward R. Dewey, Og Mandino—covers the interrelationships of biological, geological, and astronomical cycles with those that are social, political, and psychological. The basic book on cycle theory.


"Therefore, I bow before the Light of every saint in heaven, for they continue to release the essence of the sacred fire to infuse this mystical body of God upon earth with that Light which is necessary for the conclusion of this mission of Light! My blessed ones, I come with a mighty fervor! I come to reinstill in you the love and the desire to know those first steps of Truth, those fundamental principles of the Law.

"Therefore, I commend Keepers of the Flame in this activity to reread in these days the first three books of the I AM activity—the Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence, and The 'I AM' Discourses—that you will have the realization of the Path that has been carved for you and the Path that you are continuing in these days of acceleration of Light and the outcropping of darkness."

"At home, in our families or in business, all sorts of occasions may arise. This is no accident. The occasions arise, and we can see a cleverly written description of them in C. S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters. These letters are written from one devil to another explaining the means devils use to keep Christians off the path. The devils plan daily intrusions into the Christian's life and put thoughts into his mind like 'It is not time to study now,' or 'It is not time to pray now. You can do it later.'"

Elizabeth C.Prophet
December 30, 1977

"The ugly patterns of the purveyors of darkness seem to be of an almost infinite variety—for there appears to be a total freedom of expression in the astral sea of Alice in ‘Wonderland’. True freedom, however, is to be found only in the endless manifestations of reality, albeit in their present limited consciousness mankind are unable to tap the one Source of creative power. The difference is primarily the contrast of life and vibrancy with death and decay. The former is always to be preferred; for death itself is a transfixion in matter, and by cosmic law the energies so qualified must be freed from their imperfect molds and returned to the heart of God for requalification."

(Lewis Carroll was among the first to puncture the astral envelope. 'Through the looking glass' came a panoply of astral personalities that have since been followed by a host of others, perverting the true image of the Christ in the innocent consciousness of children.)

Paul the Venetian
October 25, 1970

"Therefore, let none be without a pictorial mandala of that Tree of Life, nor without the understanding of that Tree of Life which comes by the studying of the teachings of the Kabbalah given by the Messenger and the accompanying books written by Kabbalists. For as you climb that Tree of Life, stair by stair you shall be internalizing the great T’ai Chi, the great sphere of Light that is the uppermost of the ten sefirot.

"I bid you understand that your life is surely the climbing of the ladder of the Tree of Life, which is and was Jacob’s ladder. So understand that that ladder restores the totality of being unto the image and likeness of God in Tiferet [the Son], in Keter [the I AM THAT I AM].

"Yes, beloved, that is the path of the ascension through the Son and the Father, and you who choose to see it in this manner will derive profound insight from your meditation on the Tree of Life as set forth by Abraham. And that insight is akin to that given by one who held the Chohanship of the Seventh Ray before I did, the beloved Kuan Yin. The Lady Goddess Avalokite\asvara/Kuan Yin will teach you much about the points of mercy—mercy by mercy by mercy. Mercy that is given and returned: this is the true road to completeness and wholeness."


Books on the Kabbalah available through Summit University Press: Gershom Scholem, Kabbalah (1974; reprint, New York: Meridian Books, 1978), <#>3240. Charles Poncé, Kabbalah:

An Introduction and Illumination for the World Today (1973; reprint, Wheaton, Ill.: Theosophical Publishing House, 1978), #3184. Perle S. Epstein, Kabbalah: The Way of the Jewish Mystic (1978; reprint, Boston: Shambhala, 1988), #3249.

Saint Germain

Easter Retreat 1993 was dedicated to ending the AIDS epidemic. In place of giving a series of lectures on the challenge of AIDS, the Messenger assigned conferees to read the book AIDS: What the Government Isn't Telling You by Dr. Lorraine Day, former Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital. Conferees carried the book with them throughout the conference, reading sections during breaks and in between scheduled events.

In this book, Dr. Day examines the myths, facts and government cover-up of the real dangers of AIDS. She presents information that everyone should know in order to protect themselves and their families from this fatal disease. The Messenger considers the information so vital that she is making Dr. Day's book assigned reading for every Keeper of the Flame. You can order your copy through Summit University Press:

AIDS: What the Government Isn't Telling You by Dr. Lorraine Day

At Easter Retreat 1993, conferees also viewed films and newsclips on the subject of AIDS and participated in a prayer vigil for the exposure of the government cover-up and the discovery of a cure. The films presented included AIDS: What You Haven't Been Told and AIDS: Everything You Wanted to Know but Haven't Been Told, vols. 1 and 2, with Dr. Lorraine Day.

These can be purchased on videocassette through the publishers/distributors listed below. Please note that although Dr. Day's book can be purchased through Summit University Press, the videocassettes cannot. Order your videocassettes by writing directly to the publishers and/or distributors:

AIDS: What You Haven't Been Told, Jeremiah Films, 1 cassette, 80 min. AIDS Action Packet, P.O. Box 1800, Hemet, CA 92343.

AIDS: Everything You Wanted to Know but Haven't Been Told, vols. 1 and 2 with Dr. Lorraine Day, 2 cassettes, 111 min., Rockford Press, P.O. Box 952, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270, Phone 1-800-574-2437

The following film is especially recommended for health-care workers:

AIDS: Can We Believe the "Experts"? with Dr. Lorraine Day, 1 cassette, 66 min., Rockford Press, P.O. Box 952, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270, Phone 1-800-574-2437

Cyclopea and Virginia
April 7, 1993

"You will find that today those who write the stories of motion pictures and bookssuch as Taylor Caldwell, who wrote as a child of the story of Atlantishave been given the gift of tying into these akashic records. And they have sat down and written about subjects concerning which they knew nothing. And not only have they recorded for people all sorts of invaluable information that would give keys to the past and past glories of civilizations of great light and scientific achievement, such as in the Edgar Cayce readingsbut they have also shown a teaching and a path and an understanding for each individual soul to find his true roots all the way back to the birth in the heart of the Great Central Sun and the descent to incarnation here."

El Morya

The Masters have given a tremendous amount of teaching through The Summit Lighthouse. Very few people have read even all of this. In a few cases the Masters have recommended teaching from previous dispensations to supplement what they have released here. These include the Agni Yoga series, the first three of the I AM books (but not others in the series), the Mahatma Letters and a few other books from Theosophy, the Bible and key teachings from the world's major religions.

Napoleon Hill's Law of Success—this book is the equivalent of the Positive Mental Attitude [PMA] Workbook used in certified PMA courses. Law of Success is available through Summit University Press by special order; leatherbound. See also Ballantine Books paperbacks by Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich; The Master-Key to Riches; Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind.

"How to Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill

The book (about far more than just wealth, so don't let the title fool you) is called How to Think and Grow Rich, and it is by far one of the most personally influential I have ever read . . . in fact it was one of the most motivating and practical books I read to provide me with the confidence and skills I need to achieve the mission of my life. This is a book that I have read many times and one that I would also encourage you to read.

I am so convinced this book will help you make profoundly important changes in your life, too, that it comes with the absolute highest recommendation I could ever give a book. You could buy it on for $13.57.

This amazing book's other fans include many of the most well known "names" who reached the top in business, art, sports, politics, activism, health, motivational speaking, and more. How to Think and Grow Rich has sold many millions of copies and, without formal advertising, continues to sell at remarkable levels because of word-of-mouth—undoubtedly it has also been key to helping millions of others without prominent names achieve their most important goals.

"Before success comes in anyone's life, they are sure to meet with much temporary defeat and perhaps some failures. When defeat overtakes a person, the easiest and the most logical thing to do is to quit. That's exactly what the majority of people do."—How to Think and Grow Rich

With How to Think and Grow Rich it is generally acknowledged that author Napoleon Hill influenced the bottom-line success of more people than almost any other person in modern history.

Born in a one-room cabin, Hill began his career as a journalist. Steel magnate Andrew Carnegie —then the richest man in the worldwas so impressed with Hill that he asked the young reporter to develop the world's most comprehensive, insightful and accessible philosophy of individual achievement.

The project took 20 years for Hill to complete and involved him accessing the insights of such historical giants as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Bell, Wilbur Wright and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The result was a proven formula of clearly delineated success principles that Hill detailed in Think and Grow Rich. The book will help you attain far more than the financial riches many people read into the title, as the "riches" it speaks of include:

How to most effectively handle criticism (and use it to your great advantage)

5 definite ways to dramatically increase your self-confidence

How to make your ideas make you happy

The most effective ways for you to eliminate fears for good

How to find harmony in your relationships with others

And then yes, it also does an as-of-yet unsurpassed job of guiding you to achieve financial prosperity, as well (after all, it was commissioned by the richest man in the world!)

I think you will also find Hill's health recommendations right on target!

"You must get involved to have an impact. No one is impressed with the won-lost record of the referee."—from 'How to Think and Grow Rich


Lost Horizon by James Hilton

Behind the High Kremlin Walls. New York, NY: Berkley Books, 1987. 2nd PB Printing. Mass Market Paperback. Average ISBN: 0425097161


"I, Judas" by Taylor Caldwell and Jess Stern
The psyche of Judas Iscariot has proven fertile ground for writers since the death of Jesus Christ. Robert Graves for one explored this psychological terriory when he wrote King Jesus in 1946.

"The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
by Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde portrays the downfall of Dr. Jekyll, a good man who could not come to terms with his dweller-on-the-threshold. He craved perfection and his pride blinded him to Paul’s teaching that “we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God.”

The picture Jekyll paints of himself reveals a man loathe to wear the garments of humility: “I was born to a large fortune, endowed besides with excellent parts, . . . fond of the respect of the wise and good among my fellowmen.” He harbored an “impatient gaiety of disposition,” which conflicted with an “imperious desire to carry [his] head high, and wear a more than commonly grave countenance before the public.”

The years wore on and eventually he found that he was “committed to a profound duplicity of life.” Although others would have accepted and even been proud of the irregularities he was guilty of, he had set himself such high standards that he “regarded and hid [his irregularities] with an almost morbid sense of shame.” He simply could not live with the evil that lurked within him.

He became painfully conscious of his dweller as a separate entity exerting pressure upon his soul and craving expression. Jekyll explains:

And it chanced that the direction of my scientific studies, which led wholly towards the mystic and transcendental, reacted and shed a strong light on this consciousness of the perennial war among my members. With every day, I thus drew nearer to that truth . . . that man is not truly one, but truly two . . . And I hazard the guess that man will be ultimately known for a mere policy of multifarious, incongruous and independent denizens.

So Jekyll came face to face with his dweller as a legion of entities. His revulsion at having to live in such close proximity to them—and his karma—hounded him day after day. And then a grand scheme suggested itself:

I had learned to dwell with pleasure, as a beloved daydream, on the thought of the separation of these elements. If each, I told myself, could but be housed in separate identities, life would be relieved of all that was unbearable; the unjust might go his way, delivered from the aspirations and remorse of his more upright twin; and the just could walk steadfastly and securely on his upward path, doing the good things in which he found his pleasure, and no longer exposed to disgrace and penitence by the hands of this extraneous evil. It was the curse of mankind that these incongruous faggots were bound together—that in the agonized womb of consciousness, these polar twins should be continuously struggling.

Jekyll had swallowed the lie that the evil part of himself had as much a right to exist as the good. He wrongly concluded that the struggle between good and evil within him was part of God’s plan and that he would be doomed to suffer it forever. He did not understand that it is indeed possible to escape the grip of the toiler. Instead of conquering the evil, he was duped by the interplay of human good and evil and thus became stuck in the mists of maya. Rather than emulate the victorious saints, who also had to grapple with their karma and fend off the onslaughts of Absolute Evil, he chose the path of self-indulgence, indulging his lesser self.

In order to curtail the struggle between his polar twins, Jekyll compounded a mixture of chemicals into a potion that could completely change his personality and its appearance. This would dethrone his spiritual powers of good “from their supremacy” and substitute “ a second form and countenance . . . none the less natural to [him] because they were the expression, and bore the stamp, of lower elements in [his] soul.”

After quaffing the first draught, says Jekyll,

I knew myself, at the first breath of this life, to be more wicked, tenfold more wicked, sold a slave to my original evil; and the thought, in that moment, braced and delighted me like wine. . . The evil side of my nature . . . was less robust and less developed than the good which I had just deposed . . . In the course of my life, which had been, after all, nine-tenths a life of effort, virtue and control, it had been much less exercised . . . When I wore the semblance of Edward Hyde, none could come near me at first without a visible misgiving of the flesh. This was . . . because all human beings, as we meet them are commingled out of good and evil: and Edward Hyde alone, in the ranks of mankind, was pure evil.

Thus Jekyll had succeeded in his purpose, but there remained one catch: “I now had two characters as well as two appearances, one was wholly evil, and the other was still the old Henry Jekyll, that incongruous compound of whose reformation and improvement I had already learned to despair. The movement was thus wholly toward the worse.”

Take care, then, that you not fall into the trap of thinking that you can indulge your dweller and just let the results fall into the “forgettery” of the electronic belt, tucked safely away—out of sight, out of mind. While your dweller plays, your soul becomes prey to its magnetism and is drawn inexorably down, down, down until she takes a stand against that insatiable fiendish parasite. Every bit of your dweller’s energy bears the stamp of your soul’s identity. And your soul must ultimately pay all of her bills. Paul exhorts us:

Let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another.

For every man shall bear his own burden.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

Galatians 6:4, 5; 7-9

Jekyll carried on for a long time, transforming himself into the loathsome creature, Edward Hyde, only to restore himself to the good doctor after each period of debauchery. But after one of these misadventures, while dozing, the retransformed Jekyll’s eye rested upon his hand.
He reports:

Now, the hand of Henry Jekyl l . . . was professional in shape and size; it was large, firm, white and comely. But the hand which I now saw, clearly enough in the yellow light of a mid-London morning, lying half shut on the bedclothes, was lean, corded, knuckly, of a dusky pallor and thickly shaded with a swart growth of hair. It was the hand of Edward Hyde.

I must have stared upon it for near half a minute, sunk as I was in the mere stupidity of wonder, before terror woke up in my breast as sudden and startling as the crash of cymbals; and bounding from bed, I rushed to the mirror. At the sight that met my eyes, my blood was changed into something exquisitely thin and icy. Yes, I had gone to bed Henry Jekyll, I had awakened Edward Hyde . . .

That part of me which I had the power of projecting had lately been much exercised and nourished . . . If this were much prolonged, the balance of my nature might be permanently overthrown, the power of voluntary change be forfeited, and the character of Edward Hyde become irrevocably mine.

Mark Prophet often quipped, “The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.” Jekyll had so strongly formed the habit of exercising his dweller that he was effectively buried in its momentums. He had tilted his world toward evil and now the pendulum of his consciousness was so strongly attracted to its lair that his home base had changed sides. Now he would have to work hard to retrieve his Godly nature.

In his lecture on momentum, Mark Prophet explains Jesus’ teaching on this syndrome:

“Unto him that hath shall more be added and from him that hath not shall be taken away even that he hath.”

If you don’t put the plus factor of God in your life, what are you putting in? If you eliminate the plus factor of the Creator and his purposes and his will from your life, what are you eliminating but the plus factor you need in order to multiply your own momentums? And then you’re a have-not and you’ve got a momentum on being a have-not and every day you have less and less.

Shocked into a semblance of reality by this turn of events, Jekyll sternly resolved to live an upright life. For two months he “bade a resolute farewell to the liberty, the comparative youth, the light step, leaping pulses and secret pleasures that I had enjoyed in the disguise of Hyde.”

But then the monkey jumped onto his back again. “I began to be tortured with throes and longings, as of Hyde struggling after freedom; and at last, in an hour of moral weakness, I once again compounded and swallowed the transforming draught.” He explains this remission by confessing, “I had voluntarily stripped myself of all those balancing instincts by which even the worst of us continues to walk with some degree of steadiness among temptations; and in my case, to be tempted, however slightly, was to fall.”

Disgusted with the crimes Hyde subsequently committed, Jekyll once again “resolved in my future conduct to redeem the past.” He was successful for a time, but

I was still cursed with my duality of purpose; and as the first edge of my penitence wore off, the lower side of me, so long indulged, so recently chained down, began to growl for license. Not that I dreamed of resuscitating Hyde; the bare idea of that would startle me to frenzy; no, it was in my own person that I was once more tempted to trifle with my conscience; and it was as an ordinary secret sinner that I at last fell before the assaults of temptation . . . and this brief condescension to my evil finally destroyed the balance of my soul.

It happened on a pleasant sunny day while Jekyll was sitting on a park bench. He was being assailed by Hyde, but was not moved to indulge him. He reflected that he was still a good man, like his neighbors.

And then I smiled, comparing my active goodwill with the lazy cruelty of their neglect. And at the very moment of that vainglorious thought, a qualm came over me, a horrid nausea and the most deadly shuddering.

The good Jekyll had once again, “involuntarily” turned into the beast, Edward Hyde. All it took was a tinge of prideful thought and down he went, so great was his investment in evil by that time. He was revolted by his plight:

He thought of Hyde, for all his energy of life, as of something not only hellish but inorganic. This was the shocking thing; that the slime of the pit seemed to utter cries and voices; that the amorphous dust gesticulated and sinned; that what was dead and had no shape, should usurp the office of life.

However, now one of the components of his potion had run out. But the original supply of this component contained an unknown impurity that turned out to be the needed active ingredient. And this ingredient was no longer to be found anywhere in or around London. So he could no longer reproduce the original formula.

The good Dr. Jekyll was doomed to live out the remainder of his days as his own nemesis, subject to the apelike spite and murderous craving of Edward Hyde.

As I am in silence, I am surveying levels and compartments of your beings, your chakras, your lifestreams. You cannot withhold anything from me, beloved, for I am your Lord and I see all things.

Jesus Christ

"Therefore, I desire to make known to you the publication of this book. [Messenger holds up Forbidden Mysteries of Enoch: The Untold Story of Men and Angels.] And I, Jesus, bless this book and seal it. I seal it with my heart, and I proclaim it as the focus of this Day of the Lord’s Vengeance. It is timed precisely with my descent, the descent of that ascension fire into the earth as in no other occasion. For it is the ascension fire of the Son of God that does challenge the Watchers, the godless, and the fallen ones.

"Therefore, I say, cherish it! For as the hands of the Messenger are placed upon it, so my hands are upon it in this hour—and on every copy, so is the blessing duplicated throughout all editions and reprintings. And you will recognize this to be the focus of the Day of the Lord’s Vengeance and the fulfillment of the prophecy of our Father Enoch in every way. And you will understand me coming as the Elect One in the person of this Messenger and in the person of every one of you as you also are raised up, as you joyously balance your karma and pursue the path of the 100-percent balancing of that karma.

"The words of Lord Maitreya: 'Understand that as Jesus Christ came for the judgment of Satan, so yet he allowed himself to be the instrument of their judgment [the judgment of Satan and his seed] by the crucifixion. This same Jesus which I AM, this one to whom I refer as myself in incarnation, this same Jesus in your midst, therefore does focus in you the understanding that in each succeeding two-thousand-year dispensation the coming of Christ is for the new manifestation of the Cosmic Christ.'"

Jesus Christ
May 8, 1983

Pistis Sophia: The Gnostic Tradition of Mary Magdalene, Jesus, and His Disciples (Paperback) by G. R. S. Mead


"Promote then as an object of primary importance, Institutions for the general diffusion of knowledge. In proportion as the structure of a government gives force to public opinion, it is essential that public opinion should be enlightened."—George Washington (Farewell Address, 19 September 1796)
"When I have learnt to love God better than my earthly dearest, I shall love my earthly dearest better than I do now. In so far as I learn to love my earthly dearest at the expense of God and instead of God, I shall be moving towards the state in which I shall not love my earthly dearest at all. When first things are put first, second things are not suppressed but increased."—C. S. Lewis
"If the only prayer you say in your whole life is 'Thank you,' that would suffice."—Meister Eckhart, a fourteenth-century mystic

by Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky
by Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky

Dweller on Two Planets
Phylos the Thibetan
Dweller on Two Planets
books One and Two

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