European Retreat
of Saint Germain and the Great Divine Director
The Rakoczy MansionThe Temple of the Maltese Cross

"You have heard, Keepers of the Flame, the mathematics of joy transferred from my heart to your own. You have heard in this piece that bears the flame of my heart that very formula of the violet flame, and yet its cipher can be decoded by no man.

"For that which you hear in this manifestation of my causal body is but a part of the spherical formula of life. Yet the meditation upon its detail is for you the means whereby you pass to those higher dimensions of my own purple fiery heart where I would receive you, yes, there in the round tower of my heart, and keep you there forever and a day as you pursue here and now those glorious initiations of the Seventh Ray, drawing down by the light of Rakoczy, by the light of that march, even those conditions for your own self-mastery that are the distillations of my causal body and your own and of the fair flower of Portia's own lily heart.

"Blessed ones, we are indeed drawing down the strains of light-the rhythm and the beat and the impulse of sacred fire that bursts by the marching tempo, by the threefold flame, by the three-quarter time, by the exactness of the disciplines of Serapis Bey that rise, even as the fragrance of your soul rises to meet the fairest flower of your own life, the blessed Christ Self, who is in this hour the mediator of my own Light whereby that which flows through the Messenger may reach your own heart flame."

* Light of Rakoczy. Prior to Saint Germain's dictation the "Rakoczy March" from Hungarian Rhapsody no. 15 by Franz Liszt was played as the meditation music. The Great Divine Director, teacher and sponsor of Saint Germain, founded the royal House of Rakoczy of Hungary and established the retreat of the Great White Brotherhood, the Rakoczy Mansion, in Transylvania, where Saint Germain had transported the flame of freedom prior to the sinking of Atlantis. In 1684 Saint Germain ascended from the Rakoczy Mansion. When he appeared as the Wonderman of Europe, the Comte de St. Germain, historians of the period speculated that he was a prince of the Rakoczy family. The light of Rakoczy is the lineage of the Great Divine
Director since Atlantis.

Saint Germain

The Maltese Cross

"Saint Germain and the Great Divine Director, the Rakoczy Mansion—[the retreat] is now focused in the etheric plane over Romania, where World Communism has also divided the eastern states of Europe, not according to the lines of the culture of the Mother but according to the lies of the manipulation of the people, a people born to outpicture the flame of freedom in that house of light, that house that is the focus of the Maltese cross of your own precipitation of freedom."

Arcturus and Victoria
July 1, 1976

A root race is a group of souls, or a lifewave, who embody together and have a unique archetypal pattern, divine plan and mission to fulfill on earth or on other systems of worlds. According to esoteric tradition, there are seven primary root races on earth.

The Ascended Masters teach that the first three root races have won their immortal freedom and ascended from earth.

The fourth, fifth and sixth root races (the latter not entirely descended into physical incarnation) remain in embodiment on earth.

The seventh root race is destined to incarnate on the continent of South America in the Aquarian age.

Each root race embodies under the aegis of a Manu (Sanskrit, "progenitor" or "lawgiver"), who embodies the Christic image for the race. Lord Himalaya and his divine complement are the Manus for the fourth root race; Vaivasvata Manu and his consort are the Manus for the fifth root race; the God and Goddess Meru are the Manus for the sixth root race; and the Great Divine Director and his divine complement are the Manus for the coming seventh root race.

Retreats of the Manus. The Great Divine Director maintains an etheric retreat in the heart of the Himalayas in India (the Cave of Light) and in the Carpathian mountains in Transylvania (the Rakoczy Mansion). The God and Goddess Meru maintain a retreat (the Temple of Illumination) in the etheric plane over Lake Titicaca, on the Peru-Bolivia border. Lord Himalaya maintains a retreat (the Retreat of the Blue Lotus) in the etheric plane over the Himalayas. The location of the retreat(s) of Vaivasvata Manu has not been revealed.

Great Divine Director

"Long ago in Transylvania, * when the banner of the House of Rakoczy was first unfurled on behalf of the Great Cosmic Brotherhood, it was to bring peace and freedom to the world and to end the tyranny and oppression which for far too long had robbed mankind of his birthright immortal."

* Transylvania: plateau region in central Romania, bordered by the Carpathian Mountains and Transylvanian Alps. Prior to the sinking of Atlantis, the master Saint Germain (high priest on Atlantis) and other chosen initiates transported a certain 'focus' of the flame of freedom to a place of safety in the Carpathian foothills of Transylvania. In a succeeding incarnation, Saint Germain assisted the Master R. in establishing a retreat in Transylvania and in founding the royal House of Rakoczy, which brought Transylvania to a golden age during the seventeenth century.

The Great Divine Director
January 15, 1965

"And the mighty vessels of being be cleared!
Let light flow from our retreat
And from the halls of Luxor,
From the heart of Rakoczy
And that great mansion of light
That is in the Transylvanian foothills!*"

* "Heart of Rakoczy . . . in the Transylvanian foothills." The Great Divine Director, known as the Master R, founded the royal House of Rakoczy of Hungary and established a retreat of the Great White Brotherhood, the Rakoczy Mansion, in the Carpathian mountains in Transylvania. It was the Great Divine Director who carried the flame of freedom, the violet flame, from the altars of Atlantis to safety in the Carpathian foothills. The focus of the flame of freedom is there and in other retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.

Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst
July 3, 1976

" . . . the age is turning and the Solar Logoi are concerned as to how the twentieth and twenty-first centuries may be outplayed.

"Most especially are they concerned about the potential for massive cataclysm or world war, or both. In view of these concerns, they have taken a proactive stance and are awarding grants to worthy souls who will not only apply for them but also make good on them and on their commitments of service to the Great White Brotherhood.

"Therefore this is an optimum time for you to apply for and receive grants of assistance backed by certain Ascended Masters who may have close ties to you personally and who are willing to pledge a certain quotient of light to your cause. You may use this light to mitigate or avert what could be the descent of a harsh karma on a planetary scale.

"Thus I ask that ere you close your eyes this night, you write a letter addressed to the Solar Logoi in care of the Karmic Board, requesting a specific grant of light to alleviate the plight of your nation, your neighborhood, your family. Seal this letter in an envelope and burn it.

"The angels will take your letter to the Royal Teton Retreat, where the Lords of Karma regularly convene to deliberate on the fate of humanity. This is a spiritual retreat in the heaven-world, congruent with the Grand Teton in Wyoming.

'Your letter will be read by the Lords of Karma as soon as it is delivered, and they will evaluate it and make their recommendations according to the merit of your lifestream and the merit of the grant you are requesting. They will then forward your letter to the Solar Logoi, who will make the final decision concerning your application for a grant.

'This is a major dispensation, and I urge you to take advantage of it without delay!"

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Saint Germain
April 28, 1996

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