"Déjà Vu"
For the Love of My Polish Mother
by Aleksander I. Dias, M. D.

by Eva Victoria Tame
M. A., Dip. AL

Aleksander Dias has written a compelling testimony about his Polish ethnic roots and his heart's love for Poland, as well as about his mother—a steadfast, uncompromising Polish woman who single-handedly brought up two small boys in communist-controlled Poland, while fighting the system at each turn and on every possible ground available to her, just as millions of other anonymous Polish mothers have done and are still doing—each of them representing a singular feat of personal courage, spiritual fortitude and economic precipitation, indeed worth writing books about.

So Aleksander did write a book of his own. And the result of his soul-searching work is right in front of you. And it is up to you, our gracious reader—to savor the pages, internalize the fire of Aleksander's ever-Polish soul and digest the hidden meaning of every word and phrase of this work of his heart, head and hand. As a Pole, I bow before the integrity of this Polish freedom fighter's fiery soul, who is a Keeper of the Flame of Liberty and a dear friend.

Lliving in the Western culture long enough might make one soft and forgetful of the realities of life under communism and an ongoing march of this diabolical system across the world. Not so with Aleksander. After decades spent in the West he has not forgotten what communism can and will do to you and me, if unchecked. And communism is still marching on—let us not be blind to its current morphed, though as always, deeply cancerous and lethal nature.

The book presents, among other subjects, an expose on how far America and the West have gone communist, with one sorry twist: while years ago, communism was primitively evil and just plain openly deadly, so that we—the lightbearers resident in communist countries—could immediately see and sense its intent—nowadays communism/socialism has invisibly morphed into a sophisticated entity—like a sleek gentleman in a tuxedo and impeccable white gloves, accepted, if not elegantly hosted, in and by the ignorant West.

It will take all of our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical effort—and some—to successfully eradicate communist gnarled roots from around the world and indeed from the generations already infested by it. For starters—defining communism in its many forms today requires clear thinking, but what is clear thinking these days? Clear thinking has the following attributes:

1.. Clear thinking asks hard questions.

2.. Clear thinking must break with historic stubbornness.

3.. Clear thinking rejects pat answers and lazy solutions.

4.. Clear thinking penetrates to causes after reviewing results.

5.. Clear thinking is humble by nature. Ego gets in the way of clear thinking.

6.. Clear thinking is never self serving. Pet conclusions must be forsaken.

7.. Clear thinking is unbiased. Group conclusions are often flawed.

8.. Clear thinking is analytical. It seeks a forensic understanding.

9.. Clear thinking is unthreatened by discovery. It is open to truth.

10.. Clear thinking, lastly, is so rare, that when applied—may seem brilliant.

Having mastered the art of college debate, the author/writer of "Deja Vu" and the book's editor—both Keepers of the Flame of Polish descent—have indeed been trained as debaters who can perform assault ministry against the evil of worldwide communism for the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood and have confronted the conscience of the culture on moral default. Theirs is not a problem of "Silence Means Consent."

We wrote 'Deja Vu' in fulfillment of Alpha's agenda:

"This which follows, then, has been our deliberation. And we place before you our affirmation of the highest use of the presence of God-Justice in the earth:

"There are, beloved, conditions upon which earth and her evolutions might be saved. The areas of greatest urgency which present themselves are for the final binding and judgment of fallen angels who have positioned themselves in the economies and the governments of the nations and in the banking houses to exercise absolute control over the people.

"Beloved ones, for earth to be saved, World Communism with all of its supporters, agents and tools must go down. I raise my right hand and the fire does flow to turn it back upon itself.

" . . . Thus, beloved, our priorities are protection and defense and the defeating of the violators of this Spirit of Cosmic Freedom—the agents of World Communism and all conspirators of West and East with it. These are and must be bound by the Spirit of Alpha in you, by the Alpha Star of Being called forth, lowered into manifestation by Divine Decree, as your I AM Presence entering the earth through a body temple that is ready and willing and able to hold that flame of God Harmony.

" . . . This offering, beloved, is to lend to you my Mantle for the defeating of World Communism
and the binding of those who support it—lending you my Mantle, then, specifically to go forth on a mission, not to rest until the leadership of this nation has reached an accord to deploy immediately that strategic defense based on the earth, in space and wherever needed.

" . . . So, beloved, my Mantle, my Heart and Presence, is lent to you as a protection, as a sealing in the diamond-shining Mind of God, as a sharpening of faculties of mind and heart to convey the Word, the information, to convey the spark of Alpha." Alpha

"O beloved, there are some who will not last too much longer without that teaching. Bear it to them as a lamp, as the power of a spoken word, a written word sealed. But, above all, beloved, bear them the flame of hope with good cheer, joy, comfort, and illumination that will lock their hearts into a point of the Law that proves to them God will never, never, never forsake the soul who yet has hope." Archeia Hope, January 2, 1987

So, dear reader—hold onto your seat and brace yourself for a mystery ride into this mostly unknown world of sometimes harsh facts of life on planet earth, while we pray together with Aleksander that communism—this satanic system of death and hell—will never become a daily reality here, in the United States of America—on the continent and the soil consecrated and dedicated to freedom and to the Golden Age by the Master of Aquarius himself—Saint Germain —God of Freedom for the Earth.

Thank you Aleksander.

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"I speak of the lineage of the initiates of Mercury—those who have fashioned their skill by the sword and the pen, those who have acquainted themselves with the Mind of God and have claimed that Mind, who have come from a lineage that antedates myself. Truly there is a lineage
of those who have been called Hermes, the name being the title of an office.

"Thus there is a descent of those whose craft has been to set forth in writing and in other forms of communication that which is real, that which is unreal, that which is necessary information to the body politic round the world that they might know and understand the way to go.

"Blessed ones, the descent to earth of these who are chelas par excellence under El Morya has been the cause of a great increase in communication at all levels. As you know, communication out of the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood concerning the spiritual path and teaching,
set squarely on the foundations of the law of God, is one thing. And the communication of human knowledge and world events precipitating day by day (called "the news") is another. There is also the communication of history, parable and story, fiction and nonfiction, which teach lessons of character and heroism, lessons of human misery and human joy.

"All who have effectively mastered the written and spoken word have been schooled in the great temples of Light that are under the guardianship of the great beings of Light who came from the planet Mercury and beyond. Know, then, beloved ones, that among you there are any number of lifestreams who have written effectively in the past, who have brought forth teachings from many fields based on their expertise in the craft and their mastery of certain categories of subject matter.

" . . . This is why we send messengers. This is why we send Messengers of the Ascended Masters. It is to compensate for the loss in situations such as the burning of the library at Alexandria and for other losses through war and cataclysm and the sinking and rising again of continents. For in times of such upheaval, the great wisdom of the ancients, as well as scientific knowledge, has been temporarily lost to mankind. Of course, it is in the archives of the universities of the Spirit in the etheric octave, but it is generally inaccessible to most of mankind.

"This is partly in order to put a brake upon those who are now the false-hierarchy counterparts of the God Mercury. For these have taken their knowledge of communication and of the transmission of knowledge only to put forth lies and untruths regarding our best servants and regarding those things that all mankind should have access to, such as new discoveries in health and in healing and in the formation/development of the spirit, the mind, the soul, the heartall things pertaining to the commonweal.

"Blessed ones, this information is not universally available to the people, whereas other things are available to them that are harmful. Thus, the facts about many products that are destructive to the health of mind, soul and body must be communicated.

" . . . You must come forward! For the truth must be made known by willing hearts who see the power of the press, the power of public relations, the power of the power elite who mold public opinion and control the media as they deliberately distort the truth and destroy the reputations of individuals and organizations. If things continue as they are, not even Jesus Christ when he walks the earth as an Ascended Master in his Second Coming will be portrayed for who he
is and what he stands for.

"Many interest groups in Church and State are working against the bringing forth of the great teachings of old that are coming down again through the Messengers. This is because they know that the Truth, rather than set them free, will expose their manipulation of the people.

"Unless you become proficient in crafting the word of the Logos for educated and common folk alike, you run the risk of seeing in your own lifetime the disintegration of the true path and of the understanding of discipleship unto the individualization of the God flame in every living soul
upon this planet.

"Unless you become the incarnation of this path and this understanding in your life and in your spoken and written word, beloved, you will see this path grown over with the dense weeds of materialism. And the souls who are looking for it will not find it!

"I shun to call it public relations, but that is the term that is used these days. What I am talking about is the need for you to speak to a world and demonstrate to a world, by many means and carefully planned measures, what is the profile of one who walks in the footprints of El Morya and Kuthumi and Serapis Bey and Saint Germain. For they are the true role models for all students in the mystery schools, both here at Maitreya's retreat and in the etheric octave. They embody the love, the courage and the discipleship that supply the pattern for all who descend through those schools on the seven rays.

"I come, therefore, pleading for those who will come out from among you and form a trade association, as it were, such as the ancient guilds of Europe, and work together under experts to polish their skills and transmit the word at every level.

"It is not enough that the Messenger publish. There are many more documents of higher teachings that must be published, not only in the spiritual field but also in all fields, as Morya has said. For this is an hour when the world must know what it is that is really causing the pollution of the earth body—the toxic aura of man's inhumanity to man, of the Cains killing the Abels at every hand and the blood of brothers defiling the earth. Pollution is also caused by the misuse of technology. So many problems could be solved if mankind would just apply the specific antidotes to the poisons lodged in the soul and in the soil!

"Therefore I call you. And I call you to Summit University. And I call for a course to be set up for
you under a professional who has the expertise to teach the art of communication, public relations
and principles of marketing as these ought to be taught. Then you will see those who are enlightened, those who have the aura of the sacred fire, those who have the Mind of Christ able to divide by the power of the pen the truth from the untruth, the Real from the Unreal.

"Set forth the message! Set forth the platform for its delivery in your area of expertise! And if you think you have no expertise, go out and get it, and study and prove yourself to be one who will make that statement and make that name, not only for yourself but for God and all the ascending ones.

"I AM Hermes and I say to you: I shall overshadow any of you, each and every one of you, who will learn these disciplines. But teachers we must have in the flesh!

"Therefore let the professors come forth, let the teachers come forth and let the communicators of the word become known as the guild of the God Mercury. And let them go forth with the wings of the mind of Mercury to speak to a world!"

Hermes Trismegistus

"So, those who would burn the midnight oil—my precious chelas, my precious Messenger—and who will release those teachings, I will give you my strength. I will give you my right arm that you may succeed to deliver even the last and the final word on this issue and on all other issues facing the nations! For upon the decision not to defend this nation spiritually, physically, militarily, or economically, I say, there does descend the karma upon each and every lifestream who therefore does take sides with the betrayer of the greatest dispensation of freedom the world has known since ancient days of Atlantis!"

Saint Germain
July 4, 1989

" . . . Thus, I tell you that the Order of Saint Joseph is an order of publishing the Word for the care of the little Child Jesus in every heart. I, who gave my life and suffered more than I would tell to deliver to the world my writings of science and freedom and the psychology of Good and Evil in the plays, beloved, I know the power of the printed Word to endure beyond those who dedicate themselves to its publication.

"You who would survive in the minds of a people who may awaken ten centuries from now because you have preserved freedom today, I tell you, secure the books and secure the places in men’s hearts where the Teaching will endure even though heaven and earth pass away.

"We publish books not for the survival of books, beloved, but for the survival of souls lifetime after lifetime who do not forget the cumulative effect of the culture of the heart. The heart is reborn (and it is the least pregnable of all chakras)—and the soul herself—in the newborn child. “The heart that has truly loved never forgets.” <4> Truly, it is so. I have never forgot thee. Thou hast never forgot me. Thou hast known my face as I have known thine own."

Saint Germain
July 4, 1986

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Chapter Eight


"Understand that truly we appreciate professional excellence assisting us to make the presentation of the golden teachings of the golden age more and more palatable to the world, more and more understandable. Our gratitude goes out to every heart who has inclined itself now to this activity, who has understood the need, and who has come even to spell the burden upon our co-workers who have labored long to produce a work that might quicken, awaken, and enliven souls of light."

Gautama Buddha

"Beloved hearts, know this: that if people are to be God-taught, we must have teachers. Therefore, thy teachers shall no longer be [removed] in[to] a corner. You shall not retreat from becoming teachers! I will find you! And I will take you from your corners and compel you to teach the Word, to teach the facts that bring knowledge, that bring therefore the ability to use the fires of discrimination and choose right and wrong. You must be the standard-bearer.

"Therefore, I command: Holy Christ Selves, descend into these temples now! Holy Christ Selves, come forth! For cosmos has waited long enough. And therefore, we will make of these stones
not tyrants’ thrones but the very throne of the threefold flame of Divinity!

"You cannot neglect the calling to transmit the knowledge that you have of who and what you are and the knowledge of this earth and what has turned it aside. Be not without hope, for I also embody hope. Where is there greater hope than in the flame of wisdom itself that promises to reveal the divine Selfhood appearing and all that this implies?

"I AM Jophiel, and I AM determined to expose the most entrenched lies that have perverted wisdom’s flame for aeons. Let us begin with the lie of nondivinity. I say ye are the divine manifestation! It is truth. Let this truth be known by your constancy to the God flame. You have
no idea how reckless is the manifestation of the individual who is not constant in his example of divinity. For those who are beginning to trust in that divinity, it is necessary to show forth the staff
of the shepherd.

"I call you as I called Saint Patrick of old. I call you, I pummel you, I chasten you! I love you! I hold you in my arm and I sit you on the chair before me and I rebuke you for your failure to internalize more of the Word! For I know the potential, and potential never was enough! For all they who have fallen have had grand potential and grandiose ideas, but they have not delivered the blessed babe of the eternal Christ Mass.

"Blessed hearts, break now the barriers of self-limitation! Understand that people suffer and die every day for want of the cup of illumination’s flame. If one is taken and another is left, let us at least begin to reduce the percentages.

" . . . In order for individuals to choose, they must have fact, they must have logic, they must have conclusion. Thus, the details of fact become the fastidiousness of the first ray. Line upon line, carefully research, set before the people that which has been the lie concerning drugs, concerning the imbibing of alcohol or tobacco, concerning all things that plague the body and mind which they take in. Let them be liberated from the addictions that come—come into the body through the senses and the orifices of that temple. You drink in pollution inadvertently by the chakras, by the ear, by the eye, by the mouth. Understand how the very pores of the skin take in the lie of pollution."

Archangel Jophiel and Uriel

"Let us bear sharpened swords and sharpened pens. And let our quills be for the writing of the history of the age before it is enacted! For can we not project that which is to come and understand that we also may make history as the fallen ones, self-styled, have determined to make history? Can we not together be the arbiters of the destiny of earth? Must we stand by while chaos and confusion from the pen—the poisoned pen of the anarchist—moves on, seemingly directionless but yet with the motive and the madness of destroying all that is holy and setting up once again those totalitarian states of the dark ages?

"I say, we need not stand by! We need not wait! But we must be certain that every effort expended of precious life before a common goal be God-directed and that there is no necessity for divergent streams in this body of light.

"When you look at the list of countries who are yet free and you hear the call of the messenger for teaching centers, you realize that this requires expense and effort and initiation—and those who are prepared to go to places where life is not so sweet as it yet is in America, where conditions toward those who would express the religious freedom such as you bear are not so easy. Blessed ones, let us understand, then, that it is important to meet together and to consider once again, in the flame of the Goddess of Liberty, how we will approach the challenges upon earth."

Saint Germain

"Therefore, the perpetual call to the seraphim is truly the key of Light taught to you by the Messenger. The seraphim come with swords and fiery auras recharged once in every seven days by the Central Sun itself. Thus they saturate those individuals who are of the Light with a mighty flame and perfume of roses. They lead them by the hand, they bind the demons—and where there is a will and a heart in those souls, they do indeed bring them to the fount of knowledge. But you, beloved, must establish those founts of knowledge, those places of availability and likelihood where many may pass in the marts of life.

"You must become, indeed, the greatest salesmen in the world. You must realize that you do have already the most salable item. It is the Teaching itself. The Messenger long ago realized this when torn and pulled and almost sawn asunder by those forces that determined to draw her into outer activities involving commerce and money.

"Beloved ones, all of this is the lie that we have not provided you and this organization with sufficient material to create such an abundance, such a release of Light to the co-workers as for the building of the entire Inner Retreat.

"The gold mine is here. It does not have to be sought and found. There is no need for merchandising in the marts of the world. There is a need for intense practicality in the presentation and packaging of the most interesting information and subjects and lectures and sermons that are going forth on the planetary body at this time."

Gautama Buddha

"We desire to see sons and daughters of Light enter the field of communication in both print and broadcast journalism. We desire to see them counter the media’s cynicism and put-down of the new thought and the new walk with God that Aquarius rising brings. We desire to see them defend fledgling souls who are entering the gates of the Water Bearer (the sign of Aquarius). These souls know they will have their victory in the Aquarian age, and they need to be defended as one would defend the weaker chicken in the chicken yard lest he be pecked to death.

"Blessed ones, do not allow yourselves to be pecked to death either but rather rise up in the
great rejoicing of your God. And rejoice that many have acknowledged this Church as being a legitimate denomination and one that will remain a part of the American religious scene.

"So, beloved, it is time to understand that unless the flame of freedom burns brightly—and
that means you must fuel it and fan its fires—it will be snuffed out in the earth. It is time for you to review modern and ancient history, to remind yourselves that it was not many centuries ago that you had very little freedom to move about or to rise above the class into which you were born. This still holds true for the peoples of many nation-states today."

Saint Germain

"I have come to anchor the light of Elohim from the Central Sun for the holding of the balance against those hordes and beasts that seek to devour the Manchild . . . before it is born. Out of the retreat of the Elohim I anchor the blue flame of the diamond of the mind of God.

" . . . The upcoming Seminar of the World Teachers has been called forth by the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood for a century’s impetus of the flame of the World Teachers . . . A lightning chain of yellow fire will circle the earth, and those who have vowed their vow to the Christs and the Buddhas, to the wisdom ray will tie into that light for one century from this hour

"I. Hercules, remind the disciplined ones that your invocations are the very instruments of Elohim and cosmic beings . . . The seven Elohim and their consorts—fourteen cosmic beings—place their feet impressed in the soil of earth at certain points around the planetary body, and through us there descends a mighty current into the earth. It is for the holding of the balance. It is for the binding of all of the entrenched forces of evil.”

“ . . . The victory comes as the result of the whole outplaying of the hand of the dark ones, therefore let them be exposed. You who write, write and expose. You who speak, speak and expose. There is only one defeat in any battle of Armageddon on any world. That defeat comes through noncommunication and nonalignment of the forces of light . . .

“Now I charge you with my charge of a holy love to go forth from this conference and find those souls of light who are your very heart . . . Align with them. Communicate to them truth. Expose the deceptions. Love them and love them and love them to life and bring them to me.

"For I, Hercules, will endow every liberator of the ascended masters with my charge of blue lightning. And I invite you, when you are able, to make your pilgrimage to Half Dome so that you may place your feet where I have placed my own.”

" . . . Speak the Word and Elohim Will Speak through You!”

July 2, 1979

". . . I am the mother of media and of communication, for communication is at the flow of the nexus of the figure eight and it is by the mercy of the technology of the Mother that all of this is the instrument in our hands."

Kwan Yin
October 6, 1977

"Blessed hearts, time flies. As Morya is wont to say, tempus fugit. Yes, beloved, in that understanding know that you shall not forever be finite beings, you shall not forever be in this octave. But I say, leave those footprints. Leave them in the sands of earth and in the etheric octave. Leave them in your writings and in your speakings. Leave them as the apostle Paul did. Leave them because you are become a mighty apostle of mine and of Jesus and of Kuthumi and of all the hosts of the Lord.

" . . . In addition to ministers of the Word and preachers of the gospel of the Piscean age, we require those who are teachers of the Aquarian age principles. The entire world may be successful in rising up to the level of the Aquarian-age octave if you play your part.

"If you write the books, if you get out the Teachings, if you spread the word, the message will catch, beloved. It will catch as quickly as wildfire!"

Saint Germain
July 4, 1994

" . . . This is my commitment to every chela who will hear this dictation! You who will strive to publish and preach the Word, no matter what your karma, I will stand as your advocate before the Karmic Board! I will take from my causal body. And I promise you that every thing that the Great Law will allow will be done in your behalf!

"And I tell you, precious ones, there are some here (and in other places where there is a gathering of Keepers of the Flame) that could not make their ascension in this life without this extra intercession on my part and without the extra effort on their own part to see, with the all-seeing eye of God, the handwriting on the wall and to act and to act now to deliver the light-bearers into that place of safety!

"You have been with me in other eras of upheaval and revolution and world war and local wars
in this and past ages. You have witnessed the crumbling of civilization and the burying of Pompeii.
I have stood. I have held out a hand. Sometimes you have responded. Sometimes you have not known me and you have turned aside. And therefore I have sponsored you again and again, for I have believed in your hearts!

"Hear me! For I am Saint Germain! I am your Brother. And my dispensation in this coming is a dispensation for your very life and its continuity and for your very embodiment. And I have stood with you and I have promised you that I would come, I would gather you, I would collect you into my very heart and I would tell you face-to-face the hour when there must be no hesitation, no turning back, no further doubt of your own God-reality and no dallying with less than the high standard of discipline of Serapis Bey and El Morya.

" . . . Blessed hearts, we will not leave any stone unturned until the light-bearers are contacted.
You will never know how many angels and ascended masters pledged to see to it that you found this Path! And you may know by the circumstances of your own discovery how angels had to contrive the meeting and the chain of events that would bring together a heart with a heart."

Saint Germain

"And therefore, hearts of gold—expand! reach out! preach the Word! and know that documents of liberty remain yet to be written and to be signed by your own selves and your own pens. For there are statements of independence from the fallen ones that must yet be carved out and that must be stated by way of giving to all an understanding and an illumination of what this country [United States of America] stands for and what is the purpose of that declaration of independence from the fallen angels, from the Watchers, and from the godless creation.

"This is why we have dedicated a New World—a New World free from the infiltration of those who are anti-God. But those who have come here with the light of freedom burning in their breasts have not understood the threat of these tyrants, nor have they understood the seeds implanted in their own subconscious to cause them to sway with the fallen ones rather than to walk with straight spine and straight arrow, with the mighty standard of the original Christ-purity upon which this nation is founded.

" . . . Why, the violet flame changes the tastes, changes the palate, changes the outlook, changes the belief system. And therefore, do not allow people to feel threatened in your presence that you know so much of the dos and don’ts. But let them feel the magnanimity of my heart and of the heart of Lanello, the magnanimity of that great God flame from the heart of Alpha and Omega.

"Let them feel love. Let them feel loved! Let them feel wanted. Let them feel important, for they are important inasmuch as they are the temple of the living God.

"Therefore, pursue in love those who are the delicate and precious flowers of my heart. Gather them as a bouquet that I may then present to my own Lady Portia. Let me, then, give to her the fruits of our joint labors. And let Alpha and Omega be well pleased.

"Let us fear not that you will go and, in your overzealousness, tear from the very hearts of people their own ability to assimilate the living Word. After all, God is the living Saviour—and not any one of you of yourself can be the saviour of anyone else. But let the teacher and the inner teaching of the heart proclaim liberty to the captives. Therefore, be content to be the instrument. Take no thought what you will say, but let the words of God flow forth from you in praise, in compassion,
in mercy, in teaching—and, above all, in tenderness.

"I AM Saint Germain, with a very ardent love for this people. When you go forth in the highways and byways of America, know that you greet those whom I love. Of course, there are always the detractors and those of anti-Light. But they are not considered in the universal community of the Great White Brotherhood.

" . . . Let us go to those of the sacred labor. Let us go to those who are yet the farmers and the mechanics. Let us go to those who build modern civilization and who take care of the very plumbing of this nation.

"Blessed hearts, those who work the work of the hands need understanding, need education.
For they have been most deprived by the fallen ones who have educated their own and advanced themselves into positions of power, who would live off the workingmen and women of America and yet not give them the true voice that they deserve in the government of the several states
and the communities—town by town and city by city."

Saint Germain
July 4, 1981

" . . . it is the outreach and the presentation of the Teachings in every form and in the media and by your heart-to-heart and person-to-person delivery of the Word that must give the increase, that must bring about the swelling of the ranks, that must spread abroad the true Christ consciousness that many may walk in.

" . . . Now then, let the Word go forth, as it always has, without compromise. Let the Word go forth from the archives of the lectures of the Messengers! Let souls qualify themselves as good editors, good writers, good compilers of information, whose work is sufficient and well done.

"Yes, beloved, you who have drunk from the fount must pass to others that stream unending. Let the Word go forth, for this is part of the unfinished business. We cannot bury the Word in the napkin of our filing cabinets and think that we do God service. Yes, all words that have been spoken are intended to be assimilated and heard and read as the Everlasting Gospel and to be the dividing of the way in society [in the midst] of those conditions which, when exposed and brought to the attention of many, will draw a certain action from below and Above.

"Through all of this, beloved, I thank you. I am grateful this day that we are here together in one place in the harmony of God in the presence of the Holy Spirit, that we do have a new dispensation to go forward. I tell you, beloved, for this my God-gratitude is unending. And I only say to you, let the fount rise! Let the Christhood descend! And may you fulfill the fullest measure of the original dispensation that you might prosper and be rejuvenated and regenerated by the next.

"I am with you always. May your call come to me, even as you have answered my call from the beginning.

"Now, therefore, I, Morya, send forth the Call to all the earth, and by the shaft of light of the Summit beacon it reaches the hearts of all who are impelled this day to follow that light. May you cut them free daily by your swords of blue flame! This is my request as I bow to the Light within you and return to [Darjeeling] Council meetings regarding the serious state of world affairs."

El Morya
August 11, 1991

"We raise up our chelas. And when you willingly rise as we raise you up by the fervor of your freedom flame, you will see how that garment of the Lord, of the Ever-Present Guru, and the momentum of the early patriots descends upon you. And in that first hour of your first address before your peers or the public when you feel the mantle of our Brotherhood descend, you will know to what end you have pursued the path of chelaship to arrive at that moment when you feel yourself wrapped in that mantle of light or the power of Elijah.

"Understand, blessed hearts, there must be the sharpening of the sword, a study of the Word, research in all levels of awareness in this octave. There must be practice. There must be penetration of the issues. There must be organization and thoughtful planning when you determine to speak.

"As I told these representatives, though they knew not that it was I: You must do as well as the serpents—and outdo them! You must beat them at their game. If it is speech, communication, and going forth in government, you cannot refrain from coming under the rod of the law of expectancy to meet that level of expectancy within those norms and then by rapier thrust to transcend it and
to deliver then more than that norm! And that more (being Thomas More as well) is the Holy Spirit! It is then that you will be heard in all the land.

"Therefore simply because it is the fallen ones who have established standards in communication, do not scoff or rebel against it. Learn their ways. Be in the world, but not of it.

"You will recall that I, as the Wonderman of Europe, wore the styles of the time. I was familiar with its literature and music but I exceeded their own levels of mastery—for, after all, I had some several hundred thousand years behind me.

"Beloved hearts, I could perform anything and all things as they could—but better. This is what I ask of you: not to bypass the standards and expec­tancies of your era but to recognize that you must speak the language of the people but speak it better—better, louder, clearer!

"You know that I would wear precious jewels in the buckles of my shoes and belt. Thus upon closer examination of my garments, I dressed as they dressed but there was something more, therefore something in store for them—something I had that they wanted. Of course, it was the light. And they were not willing to pay the price but rather to use it as an adornment for their personal egos. And by and by, fulfilling the law of karma, I was compelled to move to other courts—to America, to the Royal Teton, to establish here what was not possible to establish in Europe."

Saint Germain

"Often it is the case that when we receive initiations, we tend to forget about them. We may not keep in our date calendar a record of those initiations—and they are ongoing. Every single dictation and every single initiation we've ever received since 1958 is still outplaying itself. If any of you know anything about astrology, there are certain dates that are key in the stars and signs in the heavens. And those dates will ring their reverberations for centuries to come. They do not simply occur on the day of a particular aspect in your chart or the chart of a nation, but rather they keep on continuing and the reverberations are like the dropping of the proverbial pebble in the pond, and the rings continue to expand.

" . . . And I find as I go on in life that the challenges I discover in people and their problems become more complex, more demanding, more defying of the very presence of God which I would bring. And I realize that this is the end to which I have been prepared and to which you yourselves have been prepared: this high calling of being in the Presence of the Father and therefore always His instrument.

" . . . We only have a messenger in embodiment so many years, so many decades. The Great White Brotherhood wants these initiations on file, in print, on tape recording, and anchored in the physical earth through our body so that this will be available to those who can pursue the same cycles in time to come.

" . . . So you see, an initiation is not merely a conferment of power and that's it. It is a gift. It's like receiving a loan from the bank. Why, if you don't invest that money properly, you are losing money from the moment it is in your hand. It will be worth less tomorrow and the next day and the next day, unless you see to it that it is earning interest. All energy we have, we have an accountability to increase.

"Who, then, does God initiate? God initiates those who already have Light in their chakras. They must have something going for them, a threefold flame, so that when God brings more Light, they have Light to bring to it and to multiply it, to increase it.

"From him that has not shall be taken that which he has. And to him that hath, shall more be added. The great mystery of the teaching of Jesus. You have to have Light to get Light. And if we don't think we have Light, well, we have invocations we can offer, we can prime the pump through our fervent calls to God: we can draw down the Light of our I AM Presence.

"So this path is for everyone who will make himself a servant of God. If someone thinks he doesn't have a threefold flame, he can earn one, he can call forth the Light of Maitreya and the Light of Christ to be that threefold flame for him while he earns that threefold flame.

" . . . Thus, study the initiations of water and fire and let them be synthesized in your heart as one. When you find the compatibility of these two, you will understand the lowering from the etheric octave to the astral of the momentum of thy wholeness already intact. And when thy wholeness stands—even at the levels of Death and Hell of the astral plane-unmoved, in that hour and in that day, for you Death and Hell shall be cast into the lake of fire!"

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"And your Father-Mother God are impatient. For many souls will be lost if you do not make it your business to master the written and spoken word and to teach it as it was taught by the great Mercurians of old.

"The mastery of the spoken word leads to the mastery of many fields of knowledge, beloved. But those who teach have not been taught. And thus, ignorance begets ignorance.

"It is time, then, that illumination’s flame be amplified. For I tell you, it is most powerful and it goes hand in hand with the flame of peace—yes, peace in the solar plexus that eventuates in the reign of supreme wisdom in the crown chakra.

"Know the peace of wisdom and the wisdom of being at peace always. Know the mastery of God within you.

"The Seven Archangels who serve on the seven rays, the Five Dhyani Buddhas who serve on the five secret rays, and the Masters of the Far East come to this conference to empower those who are ready to be empowered. And we of the three kingdoms—the Elohim, Archangels, and Sons and Daughters of God—come today seeking to empower you on the Second Ray. Blessed ones, you must pursue this empowerment if you would have it!

"Let the violet flame blaze through the crown chakra! Let it purge the body! Let the sacred fire of your mind contact all parts of the known and unknown universes and beyond into the Spirit cosmos. Open your mind to God’s Mind and see how the quickening of the crown chakra will come!

"Where you have misused knowledge or wisdom in the past, using it to ends other than to the glory of God, you have a karma to pay. Pay the price of that karma if you would be empowered on the Second Ray. And when you give your violet flame decrees, call for the transmutation of all misuses of the Second Ray of God’s wisdom, illumination and understanding.

"In each one who attains the power of illumination’s flame, that flame shall be as the beacon of a lighthouse flashing from the crown chakra and illumining people throughout the earth to the truth that there is a summit of being and there is a way to reach it. Yes, there is a way whereby the soul, through superior attainment, can rise to the level of the crown chakra. And when she does, she also makes contact with the God and Goddess Meru.

"As the soul perfects herself, she is escorted by her Holy Christ Self from the seat-of-the-soul
to the solar plexus to the heart and the throat chakras, thence to the third eye and the crown. But her place of beatitude is the secret chamber of the heart, where she communes with her Lord.
The goal of the soul is to day by day become one with God, to day by day become more real, to day by day know herself as one with the allness of God and to know God as his allness in everyone.

"We look at the state of education in every nation, and we say that even in those nations that have superior standards, education is found wanting. There will be no forward movement into a golden age of Aquarius if the twin paths of secular knowledge and spiritual knowledge are not braided together and if children are not taught in their mothers’ wombs and at their mothers’ breasts the meaning of universal life. They have come from the heavenly realms trailing clouds of glory. And so they are here. But what do they hear? They hear the rock music or the soap operas or just noise and more noise.

"Blessed hearts, every child of light who descends to this planet, whom you bear in your arms,
has been to the realms of glory. Even those with denser karma have been taken by angels to be given a peep at the heaven-world so that when they are born they might retain the memory of etheric cities and universities of the Spirit. For there their souls may attend “night school,” augmenting courses they may take in the colleges and universities of the world.

"You must infuse education with morality, fair play, an honor code and a spiritual path. You must set standards of excellence that parents, teachers and children can apply in all areas of their lives. For the state of education in America is so grave that if you do not turn it around, you will see that ere a century has passed, so much of the world’s culture will have been lost, along with the foundations of community, that should your soul reincarnate on earth, you would scarcely recognize the culture and civilization you once knew.

"Therefore, without fail you must reverse the downward spiral of education! And you must replace it with all that will afford the world’s children the very best opportunity that heaven would bestow upon them."

Archangel Jophiel with Christine
June 25, 1995

"Beloved, realize there are some things that are more important than anything else in your life
and in the entire world, things like integrity, like honor, like life, like human suffering. And where there is human suffering, let the bodhisattvas of Gautama Buddha, let them come forth and let them say to God:

"O my God, I am here! I will stand with you. I am protected in this my nation. I am protected
in America, in Europe, in countries that are free. I am protected in Japan. Therefore I can afford to give my life. I can afford to give my mantras. I can afford to speak out. I can afford to write and to challenge and to let my voice be heard."

Saint Germain
April 27, 1991

"Therefore, you see, to bring forth the light of the teachings of the Ascended Masters, to anchor them through the sacred fire, through the etheric body, is the mission of the Messenger. To those who have the capacity at the mental level is given the opportunity to organize the teachings, to codify them, to prepare them for publication and to surround the Messenger with an open door to all of the necessary avenues for the fulfillment of the Word.

"If the Messenger is allowed to fulfill the next cycle and if you fulfill your part, then the world will have the necessary teaching for this two-thousand-year dispensation and beyond sealed in its archives. Think of this. It behooves all who hear my words to consider, how can I do the job that was formerly done by the Messenger? What can I do to play my part so that she is free to live in the etheric octave?"


"If you’ve got natural talents you were born with, momentums of attainment you’ve brought with you from past lives, it’s easy to step down a rung or two on the ladder and still excel above your peers. But you know in your heart of hearts that when you step down you’re no longer in competition with yourself and your own past efforts and you’re not transcending yesterday’s achievements. And if you aren’t, then you aren’t doing enough, given your potential; you aren’t fulfilling the requirements of the law of your karma for your lifetime. And if you aren’t living up to your Christ potential, you aren’t being kind or caring to yourself or to your God!

"The desires of the devotee expressed in the Ten Vows of Kuan Yin are not only all-infilling but also soul-satisfying. And you need to know that when fulfilled, these vows deliver much more
than what is written on the printed page. They are all-encompassing. They include the God-Self realization of all of the goals set forth in the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, including serving at inner and outer levels with your twin flame and realizing that very special path of personal Christhood under the Lords of the Seven Rays."

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"The only end of writing is to enable readers better to enjoy life or better to endure it."—Samuel Johnson

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