The Holy Virgin of Fatima

"If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace;
if not—she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars
and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father
will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated."—Our Lady of Fatima, 1914

" . . . Blessed ones, all religions have fallen into decay when the ritual of the Word
has become rote."—Mother Mary, March 1, 1988 in Fatima

Enormous Danger to Earth,

Great Immensity of Heaven Descending—

Cry Out, Becoming an Instrument for Delivering Earth

"The so great a salvation you have been given, the Watch and the rosaries, all of the decrees that are so effective, must needs be given by you hour upon hour upon hour. Therefore, this being accomplished in the full fervor of the heart, you will come to know that your Presence and holiness is one and that your Presence is indeed all around you.

" . . . Blessed ones, there is a fervor that can be delivered in giving decrees and then there is a conversational tone whereby the heart is not engaged, the fire is not generated and the eyes wander about the room as the individual is not able to concentrate or even to focus on the words that are being repeated.

"Blessed ones, all religions have fallen into decay when the ritual of the Word has become rote. Not only do you not exert a fire in delivering the Word by the power of the throat chakra but you fail to remember that a decree is given through seven chakras and that the fervor of the seven rays in you going forth can in fact be the instrument of the Elohim of God through you.

"We desire to see such a sense of co-measurement in you of the enormous danger to a planet in contradistinction to the great immensity of heaven descending (as you, too, mourn for those who are bowed down and burdened and who may pass from the screen of life in an untimely manner) that in such heart pain [as you, too, may feel] as you sense the world pain, you cry out to the living God, as you have never cried out before, to use you as an instrument for the deliverance of a planet.

"It is this level and fervor of the saints that I should expect of all those who have received the teaching on this path. Anything less, beloved, is a sign that you truly have not understood how so great a power has been given unto you. And, beloved, it was I who went before the Father to secure the dispensations in this century for this violet flame to be given to you, for the way to be made plain and clear and open for Saint Germain, for El Morya, for all of my Sons, the Masters of the Seven Rays.

" . . . [K]arma is a blinding factor in the lives of individuals; and therefore, where they do not see and [where] they who could have the vision do not carry it, all of a planet may perish.

" . . . Blessed hearts, the Fátima message has not changed . . . World Communism . . . has grown and it has become a planetary dragon.

" . . . [I]t is possible to deter all prophecy . . . Becoming one with myself . . . , beloved, is to give with me aloud in full fervor and devotion daily that fifteen-minute rosary.

" . . . Either there is such a maximum infusion of the planet by violet flame, by millions of individuals invoking it, either there is such a courage demonstrated by those who will go in and take their stand and unseat these fallen ones at all levels—[and do] all of these things that must be done when you look at what would have to happen to turn things around [—or there is not]. This is what puts the percentages on the side of a chaos and calamity descending.

" . . . [M]y gift, beloved, does require enlightenment and the opening of the crown chakra and not only devotion—my gift, then, to you, beloved, is the gift of my Immaculate Heart. This heart is placed in the heart of your Holy Christ Self.

" . . . Blessed ones, that precious Angel of Peace does touch each one of your brows in this moment and will touch everyone who does hear or read this dictation—that sweet Angel of Peace who is teacher of prayer to children. May you call to him to enter your classrooms and teach your sweet children their prayers and may you also be his mouthpiece.

" . . . [C]ome again and again nightly to our retreat until all things are resolved in your own plan and purpose in life."

Mother Mary
March 1, 1988

" . . . Yes, I AM the Lord Gautama Buddha and I speak in the Church Universal and Triumphant in the witness of the Lord Christ. For we are one in ordaining this Church as the community of souls upon Earth who will heed and respond to the Fátima prophecy and who will therefore not compromise their way, who will separate themselves out from those who have taken the Church of God and made of it a human institution.

"Beloved ones, the Church is the flame in your heart which is the repository and the citadel of God’s consciousness and the true teaching of the Christ and the Buddha, East and West. As the institutions and organizations that have received the prior dispensations of God now lose those dispensations because of misuse of the light, we must have an alternative; and our alternative is to go out into the highways and the byways and to call those who will come to the marriage feast of the Lamb. But woe be to the one who comes in without the wedding garment. Therefore 'many are called, but few are chosen' to sit at that table with the ascended masters.

" . . . One by one by one then let the daughters and sons of God, the twin flames of light, be the instrumentation of the coming of that Holy City.

" . . . 'If you see me when I am taken from you then you will receive the double portion of my spirit.' The seeing of the Holy City by souls who are tarrying in matter for the coming of the light is the witness of the soul. Not with outer eye but with inner eye and joy and faith you behold and you feel the very Presence of the Lord God descending. This initiation then is the initiation of enlightenment and of the stones who become the lively stones. It is the initiation of the ones who hold the cube within their heart.

"O beloved ones, we will stand fast and behold the salvation of our God. We will stand fast if we have the temple in which to stand fast. Understand then that without each individual one of you as our representatives the kingdom of God would not descend lower than the etheric level. You are the Buddha in incarnation if you choose to be. You are the living presence of the ascended masters, and we may only work as you choose to work while you have the light. And thus it is up to you—your free will, the free will of those who have the ability to perceive—to determine whether the golden age shall truly come in manifestation through the government of the United States of America and the government of every nation through the translation of this economy and the economies of the nations, through education, through law, through culture, through art and through music.

"Beloved ones, your initiation is this: that you must decide this day if it will come to pass--not the sitting back and waiting for the fulfillment of a prophecy that is the statement of the law. Prophecy then becomes your opportunity to choose the inner blueprint. Prophecy is the outlining of that blueprint and what God as envisioned as the new age. God will hold His vision, God will have His vision and its fulfillment at the etheric plane. Whether or not it will be fulfilled in the mental, emotional and physical quadrants rests with those who walk the Earth in this age, in this era."

Gautama Buddha
March 12, 1978

"I come, then, as do all the Archangels, for the rescue of the Lightbearers in the name of the Cosmic Virgin, the beloved Mother Mary. Know, then, that inasmuch as we have knocked for ten thousand-times-ten thousand years upon the door of the hearts of humanity, we must turn and center our attention on those who carry the Light and have done so. Thus, it is an hour for their quickening and for their awakening, for even those of the Light have fallen asleep by the weight of Darkness on this planet earth.

"Thus, beloved, it was to these Lightbearers that Mother Mary did speak here in Portugal at Fátima and it is to give that message to the Lightbearers that she does speak again in Medjugorje and does speak again and again through this Messenger.

" . . . Thus, it is the revisitation of Fátima for which this entire seminar is held. For inasmuch as the true mysteries of God and revelations have not been unveiled, as they were to be through the third secret and through other messages of the Blessed Virgin through the ages, so the world must have a final opportunity not only to hear her words repeated by those who attend her visions but to know that there is a Messenger in the earth today who does receive, therefore, the dictations of this Blessed Mother of God for the edification of all [who are] of the Light and for the rebuke in Church and State of the betrayers of the Word of God.

"Lo, I AM come, and I am come also as the Angel of the Judgment. For when you desire to raise up a flame of living Peace in the earth, you must be able to defend that Peace by the living sword of Peace. Thus, beloved, understand that wherever a son of God does raise up a living flame of Peace, the forces of anti-Peace gather.

"Thus, in the age which should be the culmination of the age of Pisces in Universal Peace and in an age beginning in Aquarius that ought to be an age of Universal Freedom—thus Peace and Freedom won—you discover that the prophecy of Saint Germain is for the coming of war and the prophecy of Mother Mary is for the coming of war and chastisements—that is, the return of personal and planetary karma.

" . . . Blessed hearts, you must not wait for those who have betrayed you generation after generation to now suddenly become your deliverers in this age. As you study history you see the betrayal of the people and their life [by] fallen angels who stalk the earth, and these fallen ones are the [very] ones who bring war East and West and they so execute these wars for population control and for the suppression of the Light.

" . . . We speak, then, of the movements East and West of internationalists who have manipulated the people in every nation. Let it be known, then, that I have come into Europe this day sent by the Lord God and his Christ for the absolute judgment of those who are moving these nations toward
the confrontations of war.

"Blessed hearts, this betrayal of a people has come throughout the world and from the governments of every nation, especially those of the United States and the Soviet Union. And therefore in the councils of this leadership, even in this very hour, there is the betrayal of a people of this entire continent; and you must know that this betrayal is almost complete and therefore the very prophecies of Fátima are being fulfilled even when they are not known by the people.

" . . . I have come to fulfill, therefore, the messages of Mother Mary and not to deny them. I have come to shake you awake! to shake you awake! to shake you awake! and to make you understand that you must take responsibility for your nations and not leave the conditions of these nations in the hands of a few leaders. It is time to recognize that the freedom of the threefold flame in your hearts has been taken from you one by one in the governments of the nations of Europe!"

Archangel Uriel

"Beloved, I direct you, then, to the deliberation of all of our hearts who have sought again and again to bring this Truth into the Church. We say to you that a Body of Light upon earth is needed immediately in order to stay the hand of world destruction! Many of you are acquainted, then, with the prophecies of Fátima and of Medjugorje and need not have these rehearsed to you. The days are growing short that this prophecy may be turned around and transmuted.

" . . . But the true children of the Light and the sons and daughters of God who have lived in past ages and known this Truth, it is they who are called. It is you who are called, for you have already recognized our Presence and been drawn to this vibration this evening.

"Blessed hearts, I tell you, the hour is perilous indeed! Let it be that you remember that the “great war” has been prophesied at both Fátima and Medjugorje. Let it be mitigated, let it be consumed!"

Therese of Lisieux

"Realize, then, that we would take your gift upon the altar of God—your gift of the violet flame, of mercy, and of wisdom—and go back and give it to those who are trying to be saints under the most arduous conditions of planetary ignorance and church dogma. And without even the rudiments of Truth which you take for granted, these yet pursue a path that is most difficult in the presence of world conditions and the dragon of World Communism, which our Blessed Mother deplores. She still begs, as she did at Fátima, for you to give the rosary for the saving of many souls in the hour of darkness, for the staying of the hand against world calamity.

"Let us go forth together, hand in hand.

"I have come to leave with you the very firm statement—and it is even stern from the heart of Clara Louise—that you are not unholy but holy ones of God, that you do have attainment and you are worthy of moving with the saints of heaven who are on earth in your midst!

" . . . My plea in the name of Mother Mary, who needs you, is this: Accept your own God-mastery now! Act upon it! And put behind you the lesser image. Let us break those pitchers and accept the crystal chalice of the Christ."

Therese of Lisieux

"And when you give the Hail Mary, even then the violet flame is released. For Mother Mary has determined in counsel with us, with the Darjeeling Council, that in response to the Hail Mary, said by those of the new age, there shall be accordingly a release from her heart of her own full-gathered momentum of the violet flame, from her own causal body of light."

Saint Germain
July 4, 1987

"So the fingers of your minds have followed step-by-step the course of my appearance, even the dispensation of our Father early in this century, prior to the release of the violet flame or even the knowledge of the I AM Presence. I AM that presence of Fátima. I AM, beloved, that Sun.

"Do you not see in the miracle of the sun (according to your own enlightenment by the Holy Spirit)
the vision of the I AM Presence whirling and spinning and appearing to descend and plummet to the earth? Is this not a message of our Father’s coming, even into the individual life of each one? Is there not fear, then, on the part of the one beneath who anticipates suddenly the coming of the Lord into his temple and does cry out, 'God, have mercy upon me!' And thus, the mercy of God does come in the person of my Son, so present with you always in your beloved Holy Christ Self.

"This, then, was God’s way of delivering the image of a lost memory, beloved, of each one’s own I AM Presence being that powerful and beyond the power of the physical sun to the Sun behind the sun. This was a promise, beloved, that through the dark night of this century there should appear a golden age. Some of you in embodiment in those hours remember that event and have returned again to see the fulfillment of the coming of the Lord, even the Lord Sanat Kumara, to this place.

" . . . I, Mary, speak to your hearts and I speak simply. I say to you, how much greater is the dispensation of the Great White Brotherhood of this property, even in the vastness of its acreage, how great a salvation is there in regular and constant, decade-upon-decade dictations of the Ascended Masters, consistent and pure and accurate for your personal ascension—by comparison to the visitations.

"Beloved ones, these children and the many who come there are not yet ready for the ascension
nor are they being readied, but that they might obtain a better resurrection to pursue the path of discipleship as ye know it. Realize, then, beloved, that to whom is given so great a cup of salvation much is expected.

"I place, then, the sword of peace into the earth in this place. So let it be known and designated forevermore.

"Blessed hearts, understand, then, these my words to you. If so simple a people with so simple a message can wax hot in the Spirit, endued with the fire of God, can ye not also realize that for all of thy getting and all of thy acceleration there needs be the retracing of the steps down the mountain to begin again, even from the River of Life to the heart of the Cosmic Christ Maitreya? I tell you simply, each one must fill in the gaps of his devotion. Each one must treasure the words we have spoken as these children and all the world treasure my simple messages to them."

Mother Mary

Main Basilica at Fatima, Portugal

" . . . Blessed ones, the nonacceptance of my appearances here and elsewhere early when they are given is already the indication of the nonacceptance, the nondesiring of individuals, prelates within the hierarchy of orthodoxy, who are concerned lest in the purity of the heart of a child, as in the child Samuel, they should be exposed and their evil deeds revealed.

"Thus it is they who consider that my tears are for Earth and my children. I tell you, beloved, I also weep for Jerusalem as the archetypal sound of every city, of the Vatican and the Establishment where there is not even a vestment or a vestiture of a semblance of the true identity of my Son in their midst."
Mother Mary
March 1,1988

" . . . it has been decided by the Knight Commander, by Jesus the Christ, and by the Darjeeling Council that the Great Whjite Brotherhood should vest the authority of the Vicar of Christ and the head of the true Church, the Church Universal and Triumphant, in the Mother of the Flame."

December 23, 1973

On June 27, 1972, the Ascended Master El Morya called the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet to begin giving the rosary and to walk the fourteen stations of the cross in fourteen-day cycles for the balancing of personal and planetary karma. Mother Mary has since dictated through the messenger the Scriptural Rosary for the New Age (thirteen mysteries focusing the power of the eight rays and the five secret rays); the Fourteenth Rosary, the Mystery of Surrender; and the Child’s Rosary.

In fulfillment of the Blessed Mother’s requirements outlined at Fátima, Keepers of the Flame worldwide give the rosary daily, followed by the consecration of Russia, China, America, and the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and partake of communion on the first Saturday of each month.

In a dictation given March 22, 1978, Mother Mary came to “fulfill the message of Fátima and the command of God” for the public consecration of Russia as well as all nations under World Communism and Socialism to her Immaculate Heart. See “The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart” on 6-cassette album Second Coming of Christ, Album I (A7836). [highlighted by webmaster]

Archangel Gabriel
December 17, 1978

"In June 1929, Mother Mary appeared again to Lucia, announcing that the moment had come for the Holy Father, in union with all the bishops of the world, to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart. Despite Lucia’s appeals to Pope Pius XI and XII, the consecration never occurred exactly as the Blessed Virgin had requested.

"In 1942, Pius XII consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart and in 1952 wrote an apostolic letter consecrating the Russian people. Although Pope Paul VI renewed the consecration of the world in 1964, he denied Lucia’s request for a private audience in 1967. See sermon on the Fátima prophecy by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, March 22, 1978, 'Good People Must Be Better,' and Mother Mary, 'The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart,' on 6-cassette Easter album The Second Coming of Christ I (A7836); sermon available separately on 2 cassettes (B7836, B7837); dictation (B7838).

"On May 3, 1983, at the conclusion of a two-day meeting in Chicago, America’s Roman Catholic bishops, in a vote of 238 to 9, adopted a precedent-setting 155-page letter on war and peace, “The Challenge of Peace: God’s Promise and Our Response.” The document, which has been in preparation for more than two years, calls for a halt to the nuclear arms race and endorses a 'no first strike' policy, counter to U.S. Atlantic Alliance options for such strikes to defend Western Europe.

"'Because the danger of escalation is so great, it would be an unacceptable moral risk to initiate nuclear war in any form.' The letter, which now becomes official 'teaching doctrine' for America’s 50 million Catholics, departs from the position of former U.S. Catholic leaders who have generally accepted the morality of national military policy."

Mother Mary
May 15, 1983

" . . . Blessed ones, I live with the Fatima prophecy. I live with its message. And I go from door to door and heart to heart knocking, asking for those who will come and pray with me—pray the violet flame or the rosary or the calls to Archangel Michael. But above all, pray. For by thy prayer is the open door extended, and the angels come stepping through the veil to prevent disaster and calamity.

"I would whisper a tender message to thy heart—each one individually—of comfort and joy and divine direction. This message is sealed in your heart. And though you may not hear it now, it will unfold like a rose appearing to comfort you and guide you in the days ahead."

Mother Mary
December 9, 1984

"It has been very easy for many to depart from the path of the Great White Brotherhood. Many false teachers are gone out in the land in the name of this or that religion or health fad or economic theory or solutions to age-old problems. Beloved hearts, channels appear and deliver messages that detour many from the path of righteousness, that keep them from the knowledge of the Word of the World Teachers.

"It is an urgent hour for decree vigils to that end of the tearing of the mask from the false gurus and pastors in Church and State. To that end I direct your services through the first of this year, along with the very necessary calls for the overturning of the cult of World Communism and the cult of its capitalist supporters—decrees, then, for the president and the office of the presidency, decrees
for this government that it be cut free from all attempts of serpents who rush forward now to tear down all that Saint Germain would accomplish."

Mother Mary
December 24, 1986

"Therefore, midst a structure that is corrupt, midst individuals whose corruption does mount all the way to their disobedience to my word given through the hearts of these three children, I come. I come, beloved, and therefore you may understand how those who are among the heavenly hosts become bound on earth, * for the princes of this world hold sway. And though they control the structures and though in some cases they limit the unfoldment of the flower of the soul, yet they cannot steal from Jesus the true hearts that are his."

* Mother Mary is referring to the fact that, in effect, the princes of this world have effectively bound her message by not allowing it to be published as directed, nor have they allowed the consecration of Russia by the pope and bishops as directed and in so doing have bound her, i.e., interdicted her, in the action she would have taken upon earth. On Mother Mary’s Fátima message, including the consecration of Russia and the third secret, see 1988 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31 no. 14, pp. 137 n. 2; and no. 32, p. 249 nn. 12, 13; The Lost Teachings of Jesus II, pp. 553-55 n. 132.

Mother Mary
March 1, 1988

"On July 13, 1917, Mother Mary delivered a three-part message that was revealed in part to the world in 1941 when Lucia, one of the three children, wrote her third memoir. Lucia said that Mother Mary had warned the children of the spread of Communism and outlined her plan to bring peace to the world and prevent war through the practice of Communion of reparation on First Saturdays, worldwide devotion to her Immaculate Heart, and the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart (which was never carried out by any pope exactly as the Blessed Mother had directed).

"The third part of the July 13, 1917 message delivered by Mother Mary at Fátima, known as the third secret, was written down in the form of a letter by Lucia in late 1943 or early 1944. It was placed in a sealed envelope and stored in the archives of the Bishop of Leiria-Fátima and later transferred to the Vatican, to be opened and read to the world in 1960 or after Lucia’s death, whichever happened first. In 1960 Pope John XXIII read the secret, as have other ecclesiastical authorities and popes since, but the Church has never publicly released its contents. See Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Lost Teachings of Jesus II, pp. 553-55 n. 132."

Archangel Gabriel
February 26, 1988

"Years later in 1929, Mother Mary appeared to Lucia and said it was time for the popein union with all the bishops of the worldto consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart.Despite Lucia’s appeal to two different popes, the consecration to Russia has never occurred exactly in the manner Mother Mary requested. And, as Mary prophesied, World War II became a reality.

" . . . I believe that Mother Mary began her appearances in Medjugorje because her requests at Fátima have not been fulfilled. The pope to this day has never revealed the third part of the Fátima secret."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
August 9, 1998

"According to legend, the apostle Peter was fleeing Rome to escape persecution when he encountered the ascended Jesus Christ as Our Lord was entering the city. Peter asked, 'Domine, quo vadis?' (LORD, whither goest thou?) He answered, 'I go to Rome to be crucified again.' Realizing that the Master could be crucified only through him, only through his own sacrifice of the human will, Peter turned back to Rome, where he was later crucified.

"That sacrifice of the one chosen to be the Vicar of Christ is the rock upon which the Church is built. Each time a soul sacrifices the lesser self to the greater cause of world good will, upon that rock we build." (El Morya, November 23, 1975)

Archangel Jophiel and Christine
January 1, 1981

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