Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Master of the Piscean Age
"Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say
all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake. Rejoice and be exceeding glad,
for great is your reward in heaven. For so persecuted they the prophets
which were before you."—Jesus Christ said in his Sermon on the Mount

"Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will
stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?"—Psalm 94:16

"May the LORD answer you in the day of trouble;
May the name of the God of Jacob defend you;
May He send you help from the sanctuary,
And strengthen you out of Zion;
May He remember all your offerings,
And accept your burnt sacrifice.
May He grant you according to your heart's desire,
And fulfill all your purpose.
We will rejoice in your salvation,
And in the name of our God we will set up our banners!
May the LORD fulfill all your petitions."—Psalm 20:1-5

"Where the name of Jesus Christ is spoken and preached, there I AM
in the midst thereof! And I take command. And I AM in control. And I AM THAT I AM.
And I do not need those who profess my name to go about judging and condemning
and slaying others because they think they are out of the way and perhaps
even the followers of the fallen ones."—Jesus Christ, March 30, 1986

Jesus warned His disciples that the right hand should not know
what the left hand is doing. [Matthew 6:3]

"So He came to Nazareth, where He had been brought up.
And as His custom was, He went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day,
and stood up to read. And He was handed the book of Isaiah. And when
He had opened the book, He found the place where it was written:

'The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me,
Because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor.
He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
To preach deliverance to the captives
And recovery of sight to the blind,
To set at liberty those who are oppressed,
To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.'

"Then He closed the book, and gave it back to the attendant and sat down.
And the eyes of all who were in the synagogue were fixed on Him.
And He began to say to them, 'Today this Scripture is fulfilled
in your hearing.'"—Luke 4:16-21

" . . . Beloved ones, I point out to you one of the most pernicious errors of orthodoxy this day, and it is the lie that Jesus is the only Son of God, and furthermore that Jesus came into embodiment in the full mastery of Christhood and did not himself have to follow the Path and realize his own inner God-potential before beginning his mission.

"These things are plain in scripture, but the scriptures have been read and reread so many times that the true intent is no longer heard by the soul. The layers of misinterpretation and then the removal of the very keys themselves have given to Christianity today a watered-down religion that does not have the fervor or the fire to meet the challengers of civilization —whether it be in World Communism or in pornography or all manner of perversion or immorality that does steal the light of the soul.

" . . . Beloved ones, I tell you, nothing can move forward in life unless the individual has a true understanding of God and his relationship to that eternal Spirit. Therefore realize that Jesus did not come from God a new soul, born for the first time in his incarnation in Nazareth. Nay, I tell you!

" . . . And God sent the knowledge of the true monotheism in the midst of pagan cultures, even to Ikhnaton and then to Moses. And once again the Great I AM became the focal point as the sun-symbol of the Presence of God—the many hands extending as Ikhnaton saw it, the power to move a nation as Moses perceived it, and today the source of your strength and your healing as you perceive the same Presence."
El Morya
July 2, 1984

" . . . Because the opposition is to the contact in every form you must understand that it is also levelled against your own contact with your own God Presence I AM. It is levelled against the open door betwixt the light and the soul evolving toward the light. Therefore in order to release the necessary supply you will have to sustain a momentum of invocations and calls to clear the way--the great highway of light—for that energy to be released to you that has been decreed by the Cosmic Council, that ought to come to you and be released to you from the Great Central Sun.

" . . . For I tell you if it were not for the Mystery School of the Essenes, the entire dispensation of Christianity would have never been born! I tell you it requires the whitefire core of discipline!.

" . . . And therefore I will proclaim the Word and the Law of the Father that this company and this community of saints will be disciplined in the Law as I disciplined Jesus that he might fulfill the Law and the way of the Christ.

" . . . Take heart then for I take the precious amethyst that is anchored in the physical forcefield and I transfer to you now from the heart of Holy Amethyst and from the heart of Zadkiel that infusion of heartfire, that purple fiery heart which I have championed which is indeed the very heart of America.

"And I give to you that momentum of heart that is the wine of Christ, that is the very blood of Jesus the Lord. And I say to you, let your bodies be infused with new strength and new life and let all those who are selfless in the way know this strength—and let those who faint by the way know that their fainting is because they have not yet surrendered their all to the will of God.

"Be sensible in your service then, be diligent and hearken unto the angel who stands in your midst to call you. This is the hour of the victory and it is that hour when a moment's hesitation can mean the loss of the prize and the calling."

Saint Germain
April 24, 1977

"Blessed hearts, a path of individualism was extolled by Moses and the prophets. Supreme individuals were they who responded to the individualization of the God-flame, I AM THAT I AM. And the great individualist Christ Jesus with the apostles, the great revolutionaries of the East, all have come singularly consumed by sacred fire, moving among men, holding a balance, preserving an Earth and an evolution for your own maturity and divine sonship in this hour.

"Thus the path of freedom squarely set upon freewil does acknowledge that some —including the embodied fallen angels—have chosen to pursue a course of death and war, manipulation by temporal power and moneyed instruments, beloved. And their interests have not been with and for and by the people who share the common light of the one loaf of the LORD's table. Nay, I tell you, their agenda has been the rivalry of various orders of fallen angels who have sought to take from these little ones the light of their emergent Christhood."

Archangel Zadkiel
November 25, 1987

"Do you know, beloved ones, that God so loved the world that he sent his Son, this Lord Christ, who does also manifest above you in that personal presence of the Christ Self. And he so loved you that he gave to you twelve petals of the heart chakra, signifying twelve unique vibrations that are as keys to the twelve gates of the celestial city—right here in your heart, beloved one.

"Thus, hear our call and understand the true meaning of the call of Jesus: “The kingdom of God is within you.” God has placed himself inside of you, else you would be vacant
—vacuous beings without soul or mind or righteousness or sense of what are the moral requirements of the hour.

"Blessed ones, a fire does burn in your heart and it does intensify. For you are indeed in the presence of Christ and of mighty archangels who come as your servants and truly bow before the divine spark because it is the Person of God.

" . . . From within, o beloved, from the point of Light in the center of the heart is the kingdom
of God spun as a cocoon of light around you. Call if forth and it is done. but until it manifest you must clear that space, clear that aura. Pour into it the violet flame through your devotions
to God."

Chamuel and Charity
February 14, 1986

Christ in You, the Hope of Glory

"The mystery of the Christ is the mystery of reality—the reality of every man. There is no greater reality than this reality of the Christ.

"Through this reality, all life comes into its own dimension—all life is translated and transfigured in meaning into regeneration and into the fullness of universal purpose.

"This concept brings joy, not only to God but also to the man Christ Jesus, for how could a great, wise Master-Teacher, one who was called the only begotten Son of God, fail to rejoice, even as the angels in heaven rejoice, at everyone who turns from darkness and embraces the fullness of that light that God really is?

"If you were the only sinner on this planet, the only individual who had karma, God would have sent his only begotten Son, the Cosmic Christ, the Universal Christ, to embody through the Son Jesus that your soul might be saved for the path of victorious overcoming.

"And you are saved, not in the sense of the absolution of your karma, or sin, but in the sense that you have been taken on by Jesus, you have been supported by Jesus. He goes through the atonement for your karma even as you must work out that karma, every jot and tittle of the Law. Jesus would have incarnated for you alone, because God has anointed him to this office."

Mark L. Prophet, Elizabeth C. Prophet
The Path of the Universal Christ. p. 33.

"Hail, Maitreya! Hail, Victory! Hail, Flame of God!”

" . . . And if I might say, as the forerunner of the coming of the Christ and the resurrection tide, to look upon you as you sit side by side is to look upon a basket of Easter eggs all colored brightly and in pastels!

"And so you see, the true meaning of the colored Easter eggs is that mankind should paint their auras with the colors of the causal body of the Cosmic Christ and therefore take part in the ritual of the resurrection. And the Easter-egg hunt is to teach the children to look for the secret rays, for the causal body, for the white fire core, and to have the joy of the discovery of the Christ consciousness, the proving of the Law.

"And then, when prizes are awarded for the one who finds the most Easter eggs, the child soul learns that there is a reward in heaven for each ring of the causal body with which he adorns the soul.

" . . . And do you know the origin of that word serious? It comes from the God Star Siria, Surya—Sirius. And thus, precious hearts, you have heard it said that no one ever saw Jesus smile or laugh; nor is this recorded. I ask you, Why? It is because of his training on the God Star. Jesus had an inner joy and a sense of divine happiness, but he never for one second lost that attunement with the great God Star.

"He kept about his Father’s business lest in a frivolous moment, in an off-guarded moment, one of these little ones might not have the forcefield of his protection and his shield."

Lord Maitreya
October 14, 1973

"I AM He. I AM the One Sent to deliver to your hearts this day an increment of fire for the consuming of the anti-light. And my gratitude this day is to find in the earth souls mounting the very spiral of
being—in the moment of love, in the moment of excellent creativity, with raised chalice.

" . . . Thus, ye are the light of the world because the Father and the Son with you are that light. And therefore you, too, declare: In the consciousness of the One and the One Sent, I AM He!"

Jesus the Christ
November 24, 1983

The Violet Flame Does Wash You Clean—
Does Make All Things New

"Why has the world not taken to this path and teaching? I will tell you. It takes patience. It takes hard work. And it is not for those who say, 'Jesus, I have piped your tune now for three or ten years and I have not got what I wanted. And therefore, I am going out to do it my way.'

"Well, do you think, beloved, it is so easy to enter into the kingdom of God, to make your ascension? Do you see people ascending here and there on the hillsides of the world or in the streets of the cities?

"You do not see them because of the paltry, fragmented religion they are given, because they are not given the flame of the Holy Spirit—the flame of the Holy Spirit that is the sacred fire, the white fire that then releases the violet flame for the transmutation of the cause, effect, record and memory of sin, layers of sin, centuries of sin of many past embodiments.

"So, beloved, do not be unrealistic about the Path. The Path brings [its] greatest rewards when you come up out of the mud puddle and are covered, and the violet flame does wash you clean. Now begins the hard work of delving deep into the unconscious, delving into the records and calling for that violet flame, even when you are dry as dry can be and it seems as though nothing is coming to you and you do not feel the flame, you do not feel the fire.

"And why is it, beloved? Because God has loved you so much, I have loved you so much that I am allowing a certain portion of your karma to descend. And while it descends upon you, you are in the dark night of the soul and perhaps the Dark Night of the Spirit, being tested by the Cosmic Christ and tested by Satan. And then you say, 'Where is God? Where is God? I cannot see out from this dark place where I am.'"

Note: Dark night of the soul and Dark Night of the Spirit. In the ascent to perfection, the soul passes through what Saint John of the Cross describes as the "dark night." The first dark night is experienced as one encounters the return of his own personal karma—the human creation that almost completely obliterates for a time the light of the Holy Christ Self and the I am Presence. This "dark night of the soul" is in preparation for the Dark Night of the Spirit, which involves the supreme test of Christhood faced by Jesus on the cross when he cried out, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?’ In this initiation, the soul is completely cut off from the I AM Presence and heavenly hierarchy and must pass through the crucifixion and the resurrection, sustained solely by the light garnered in one’s own sacred heart, while holding the balance for planetary karma.

Jesus Christ
November 25, 1993

"Well, beloved, you need not take ten thousand more years to make your ascension. But I warn you and I warn you clearly: Jesus had twelve disciples. Only a few made their scension in that lifetime; others waited two thousand years, [and some are still waiting].

"What made the difference, beloved? They had the violet flame. Jesus did impart it to them. Why did they have to wait two thousand years?

"I will tell you, beloved. In the very first instance, it was because they did not seek and attain the bonding to the heart of Jesus Christ and [to the heart of] their own Holy Christ Self to that level that is sufficient for the permanent bonding and the walking the earth as the Christed one.

"Yes, beloved, there are other reasons [why some of the] disciples who were there then would have to come now, and [the most compelling] is [that they might] carry that flame of [individual] Christhood in this day. But there were others among them and among the other seventy who made the choice to withhold the full power of love that you saw in John the Beloved.

"And therefore, [they missed the cycle] by an absence of love and of an excessive love, an excessive love, beloved. An excess of love is the requirement, a heart full of love that is pouring out that love and that essence of the Blood of Christ to Christ and to one another who are the disciples."

El Morya

"The fact remains that I am the Lord and the Saviour of every lifestream upon earth, even those whom you would consider to be of the seed of the Wicked One or of the fallen angels or mechanization man, et cetera. Beloved hearts, there is no prejudice when you come before the Lords of Karma. The seven members of the Karmic Board, with Vairochana the newly appointed eighth member, do not regard you with jaded eye as they administer Divine Justice.

"Understand, then, that inasmuch as God has given life to a soul, that soul shall have salvation through me, shall have my support until the Lord God himself declares that the hour of the final judgment of that one is come. It is only then that I let go of my service to set that lifestream free."

Jesus Christ

"Thus, beloved, it would seem an inopportune hour that I was called at the age of thirty-three to give my life for the judgment of the Watchers, the archdeceivers, then highest ranking fallen angels in embodiment on earth who were in the Roman Empire, who had infiltrated the highest ranks of Judaism and were elsewhere on the planet not recorded in the history of that time.

"Blessed ones, I did give my life and I did take it again as prophesied. And I did remain and move on in a glorified body that was yet physical to teach and preach to my disciples and to the world.

"Therefore, know that my trial was for the judgment of these fallen ones, and as they did judge, so were they judged."

"Therefore, realize that this fire that I release on this occasion is truly that the nonbeliever, the unbeliever, and the disbeliever is judged and bound and cast out! For I will not have feeding upon my light or the light of the heart of my own those individuals who send back the muddied stream of their disbelief.

"I say, expand the center of the heart! Expand your heart chakra that you might contain the affirmation and the confirmation of my Word present with you. For the responsibility is upon you for the belief itself. And to believe, you must contain that portion ordained by God of The Lord Our Righteousness of your own Beloved. And to contain it, you must love that one
—and that love is carried out as the fulfilling of that Word, hour by hour.

"Look upon the mystery of Life in the sons of God of all ages. You will see them about their Father’s business, thoroughly engaged in the bearing of fruit as the Tree of Life.

"I AM therefore that Jesus who is come and come again. And I AM that One Sent for the rebuke of the betrayer of the Word. Therefore, I stand and I rebuke the betrayer of the Word of the Great White Brotherhood! I rebuke the fallen ones who carry their threat unto the death of the light-bearers of this planet!"

"I AM Jesus of the cosmos, having long graduated from Nazareth. And I AM the prophet
that is received in the whole country of God, worlds without end. And I stand as that prophet
of the sacred fire. I stand as that prophet declaring the Word and the fulfillment of the mission of the witnesses and the fulfillment of your ascension in the Light.

"Each and every one of you who have committed to that end, so receive then the blessing of my hand and of my heart. And know that your victory is nigh! And know that it is indeed a new dispensation, and the Fallen One is bound and cast out. And you will see it, and you will know it in yourself. And you will see how God does triumph in your life, in your body. And you will see how you will know God as you have never known him before!"

"It is interesting to note that the Christian concept of Jesus as God, fully perfected, is based solely on one incarnation, the final one, in which he comes to earth as the Anointed One. We must understand the law of reincarnation and realize that Jesus’ soul, like ours, has lived before in many lifetimes, in which he was not perfected."

"In this hour I come, having multiplied that Christhood, lo, throughout the Piscean dispensation. Therefore, in the hour that the Father has sent me to return in a mighty and glorious Second Coming, I AM this day, as announced to you last evening, now one with every light-bearer on earth, everyone in whom there burns a threefold flame. I AM there in the fullness of my Electronic Presence, multiplied by the light of the bearer as I multiply that light and soul freedom.

"This, then, is the glory of this Eastertide: that I AM come in the fullness of a working relationship with certain souls who have been quickened to the Path and others who have not, yet in whom there burns no guile but purity and love—no leaning or penchant toward error or calumny but only the path of Truth.

". . . You have many more friends of light and cohorts than you realize, and so I have called this the Conclave of the Friends of Christ that you might realize that my friends are many in heaven. And therefore, when I espouse you as my friend here and now, you will increase therefore your circle of influence in the courts of heaven by the increase of my own friendship. For I have many among the ascended masters who will 'go to bat,' as they say, for any disciple for whom I request a favor.

"These favors are not the favoritism of a decadent system, but rather a favor that comes under the heading of the grace of God whereby a lifestream has truly earned a grace—by a kindness, by a love, by a stand for Truth, by an honor of heart, by taking a more difficult way, by self-effacement in allowing another to take the prize or the crown when perhaps it was not due."

Jesus Christ of Divine Mercy
"Jesus, i trust in you!"—Faustyna Kowalska
"Tell aching mankind to snuggle next to my merciful heart
and I will fill it with peace."—words of our Lord to Faustyna Kowalska

"You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.
Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand,
and it gives light to all who are in the house.
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works
and glorify your Father in heaven."—Matthew 5:14-16

" . . . The vital point I am desirous of making has to do with the fact that Jesus' love did not diminish after his passing, but rather increased by his union with the Father, his I AM Presence, in the fullness of cosmic radiance—which expanded his blessed love for mankind. He therefore to the present day has continued to serve mankind and bless the Earth with his Presence.

"This has meant abiding often in an atmosphere of human destruction, confusion and hatred and those qualities which are wholly foreign to the nature of God. It has also meant that in the glories of salvation attained, of the victories won, of the triumph of Golgotha, of the reality of the resurrection and then the splendid magnificence of the ascension with its complete escape into Freedom which is possible for all, yet presently attained by the few—that he has voluntarily returned to Earth into the atmosphere of limitation and confusion (from whence he had completely escaped) and has continued year after year, century after century, to render cosmic service to the Earth and its people! Is this not the greatest possible Love?

"I cite beloved Jesus, for he is well-known the world around—and especially in the Americas and the West. Yet when I speak of the Great White Brotherhood I am speaking, blessed ones, of victory, of salvation, of freedom, of unlimited power, of a breaking the sacred bread of the All-Father's Being—and still more—of offering one's Self after achieving individual Freedom, after complete escape, to serve a cause—the full purposes and plans of the Great White Brotherhood! In the present service of the mankind of Earth untold numbers of great illumined beings serve the Brotherhood in daily dissolving vortices of hate and despair, dissipating foci of negative energy, charging and assisting constructive individuals with Christ-power, illumination, wisdom, healing and strength and myriad tasks on behalf of the Light.

"These are truly Brothers of the Diamond Heart and of the Golden Robe. This is the bodhisattva ideal of the Brotherhood, those devotees of God who love the Earth so much they give up their own Freedom for it and its evolutions, have given their whole allegiance to the Light and by their mighty light rays assist you and all men right now today!"

Elohim Cyclopea
June 23, 1961

"Happiness, then, is an extension of the joy of the threefold flame. And this God-happiness is the gift I would see you give to every little child, to the children of the Light and to those who desire to be children of the Light."

November 26, 1992

"I disown everything that is less than the Christ in me this day. This is my Christmas fiat! This is what I say as a disciple of my Lord Jesus Christ! I disown anything and everything in me that is not of the light of my God and my True Self. For I know who I AM. I know who I was in the beginning. I know who I shall be in the ending. And nothing that has coated me over in the in-between stage can remain any longer."

Jesus Christ
December 25, 1989

"And so, beloved, to have a victorious conclusion to the Piscean age, I desire to see violet flames ignite, leaping from heart to heart as your heart would burst with the violet flame, as you would impart it even silently to those whom you meet. Those who are of the light recognize your light immediately. They recognize that light, beloved. And if they are true followers of God, they will follow you and ask their questions and tarry with you. And ask them to tarry with you, beloved. This will happen.

"But first you must build the tower of the violet-flame bricks, the tower of power upon the rock. This is the summit of being. This is the highest frequency of light that the Maha Chohan has delivered to the planet. Let it be spread abroad. Let it be there for healing.

"I ask you to so internalize the Holy Spirit and to so call upon your teacher, the Maha Chohan, that you might have that enlightenment and such a momentum of violet flame that people will not miss your auric emanation, the radiance of your Presence. And as you grow and wax strong and balance karma, you will find that by and by you will be a magnet, even as the messenger is a magnet. And many souls will come to you and say, ‘Teach us, for we would know the truth.’

"Therefore in this wise I speak to you. Know the truth well. Know the teachings that Saint Germain and I have given to you, that El Morya has given. Know the teaching, beloved. Some of you think you know the teaching. Go back and read and read again so that you do not make the karma of error or introduce into the teachings something you have picked up here and there that is no part of the Great White Brotherhood.

" . . . This is an hour and a decade that is passing. We can have the most glorious victory of this age by sending forth you as Christed ones or we can have a halfhearted victory where only the very, very few have recognized the infilling of their beings with the Holy Ghost, their temples becoming the shrine of that Holy Spirit.

" . . . What was your state of mind this day when you awakened? What shall it be tomorrow and the next day? The Buddha has taught self-observation—observing oneself, correcting oneself. The messenger does not cease to do this daily. You must do it daily and hourly also.

" . . . I come in this hour, then, when it is time for many to go forth to deliver the teachings before this century and this age is through. Prepare yourselves well and go to the places where you identify with the people through common background, of language, outlook.

" . . . Thus, self-observation will carry you. And thus, when you have that observation, you will come full circle to the story of Elijah and Elisha, of John the Baptist and myself. Yes, beloved, that Guru-chela relationship, physical in the flesh on earth, is the sustaining presence of Alpha and Omega."

Jesus Christ
December 25, 1995

"And thus, for the two-thousand-year period of the age of Pisces, I still hear the word 'We have no need of Jesus Christ—We are Sons of God.' And I bow my head before the Lord, who came unto me with so great a promise, and I say:

“'How long, O Lord, shall I struggle with this stiff-necked generation who know all things and yet know nothing, for they have not perceived the Son of God, nor in Jesus nor in themselves nor in their contemporaries nor in the little child who shall lead them!'

"Therefore, the cleavage [between the soul and the I AM THAT I AM] remains and shall remain. And how long shall the Lord God extend opportunity unto those who in their spiritual pride deny their need for the Son of God? If they have no need for the Son of God, how can they have need for God himself?

"I speak not only of those who are called whether the Hebrews or the Jews. I speak of all peoples who have lived under the dispensation of Jesus Christ in the age of Pisces and that not alone, but also in the golden-age civilization of Atlantis 35,000 years ago. They come again and again and again!

"What is this personal quarrel they have with the living Light of the ages?"

El Morya

All Things Made New—

Put Off the Old Habit, Put On the New!

"Beloved ones, be of good cheer! Because I have overcome the world, you can hope to do so, too . . .

"You need to

(1) Shut out unwanted thoughts and conditions from your world firmly,

(2) Call forth the protection of your tube of light faithfully,

(3) Use the violet fire of freedom daily, and

(4) Call for the protection of heaven, the radiance and the power of the Archangels and Ascended Masters constantly—without fail. No matter what men may declare to the contrary, without the assistance of many of these wonderful beings of Light, I would never have been successful in my own mission!

"Surely, then, if it was needful for me to have cosmic assistance from the Great Ones—with all the previous training and assistance I had been given at inner levels of life (for I came forth from God and descended from heavenly places)—you, too, should feel the need to call it forth."

Jesus Christ
November 30, 1962

"The meaning of the crucifixion is the revelation that Christ is every man’s Real Self and that if that Real Self is to be (and be the one with whom the soul unites), that one must pass through this hour of the crucifixion.

"Their intent is to kill the Christ, not the man. They recognize his power to be the eternal Christ in him. It is the Son of God in Jesus and in us all who experiences the crucifixion. And our souls experience this in the hour when, by the path of initiation, we are truly one in that Christ. Thus the soul of Jesus, the Son of man, was one with that Christ; and therefore effectively it was the integrated personality in God who was crucified."

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"Now is forgiveness come to those who have been the unwitting instruments of the fallen ones. Jesus forgave the people from the cross saying: 'Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.'

"Hear then that judgment that is taken from the Book of Life! The Jews were made scapegoats for the crucifixion of the Lord. They were but instruments of the chief priests and the elders of the people. It is THEY who took counsel to put Jesus to death. These are the fallen ones, the Luciferians; and the captains and the soldiers were their robot creation. THEY used the mob to enact their murder of the Christed One, and THEY tricked the Jews into taking upon themselves the karma of the deed. Therefore in the midst of the tumult created by the fallen ones, they cried out, 'His blood be on us and our children.'

"I am the Angel with the avenging sword! And I proclaim this day with the Lord Christ: They are exonerated of all guilt surrounding the death of Christ. And let this word be spoken in the temples of the Jews and in their synagogues—that the Mother of Christ has this day extended her hand through the Mother of the Flame to draw into the holy of holies all who are of the house of Israel. These are they who love the name of the Lord, I AM THAT I AM, and who accept their own mediator, the Christed one, as able to forgive all sin and the sense of sin.

"This day is the judgment turned upon the fallen ones, and they shall bear the burden of their karma! It is they who have slain the Lamb, from the foundation of the world. Let the energy return to their doorstep!

"Now let the children of the One see through the divide-and-conquer tactics of the wicked! Let those who call themselves Christians forgive the members of the house of David. Let all who worship the God of Israel embrace those who have followed the Messiah into the new age of the proclamation of the law of Moses and the grace of Jesus Christ.

of the sixth ray
I bring the dawn of illumination into the new day.

"Vials of the Seven Last Plagues, The Judgments
of Almighty God Delivered by the Seven Archangels
Elizabeth C. Prophet, Chapter XII, pages 91-92

Your Hope the Christ in You

"The mystery of the Son of God as the chief cornerstone of every man’s divinity is the very crux of Jesus’ own teaching both before and after his resurrection. Hebrews 7:3 is a crack in the stone wall of an adamant doctrine. [Hebrews 7:3 says that Melchizedek, was 'Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually.'] . And through that crack all the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood step through the veil to deliver humanity from the stonewalling of a false theology!

"The Ascended Masters and their path are the witness and the example of what the Christ
of the son of man taught beloved Paul and all of the saints of East and West both before and since the advent of Jesus.

"He taught him that by following his example each one of us could be a joint heir with Christ [Romans 8:17; Gal. 4:17] by putting on our own individual Christhood“till Christ be formed
in you” [Galatians 4:19]. He taught his unascended disciple that his hope was in that Christ who lived in himself—'Christ in you, the hope of glory' [Col. 1:27]. These statements set forth the Master’s teaching to Paul concerning the Christ Self—the realizable Real Self of us all!

"Now, when the point of one’s true origin in the Universal Word is realized as the goal of Life, when the footsteps have been victoriously taken, then the soul, satisfied because it has awakened to the likeness of the Son of God, is truly ‘born again’—'like unto the Son of God' in whose image the soul was made in the beginning."

Mark L. Prophet, Elizabeth C. Prophet
The Lost Teachings of Jesus, Vol. I, Ch.II
“The Point of Origin: King of Salem and Priest of the Most High God,” pp. 58, 59

I Can Save You Only If You and I Are One

" . . . Blessed ones, I can save you only if you and I are one. We must be in agreement as one, in agreement on all of the major points of the Law, on direction, on the defining of being, on looking at the goalpost and saying, 'That is where I am going and none shall deter me, and I will do everything I must do between here and there to get there and I will leave nothing undone.'

"We shall assess all communities. We shall assess all lifestreams in those communities and we will determine—given their present levels of commitment and what they are doing regularly on a day-to-day basis for the keeping of the flame of the mystery schools on planet earth—just what we will be able to do for planet earth and what we will not be able to do.

"Therefore the best move that each and every one of you here can make upon returning to your residences around the world is to get together with other Keepers of the Flame and communicants and to say to yourselves, 'What is the level of commitment we can guarantee our Lord Jesus that we will maintain for him?' Do not make it too high, do not make it too low.

"Set your house in order. Secure whatever place will be your semipermanent place of operation, for there is nothing permanent in this world. Secure your altar, your study and meeting rooms where people can come and receive the Teachings.

"You have tools. You have videos. You have books. You have audiotapes. What good are they to you if you do not know their content, if you do not study them, if you do not assimilate them, if you do not drink the blood of the Son of man and eat his flesh? If you do not assimilate me, if we are not one, if we are not in one body, and one in the Mystical Body of God, if you are not my twin and you are not my spouse, how can I save you and how can you be one with me to help me save others?

"Think of yourselves, beloved, when you were with me two thousand years ago, when you had all of these teachings and you knew them well. And suddenly, lifetime after lifetime they were not there, and so you came under the woes of orthodoxy, the heavy weight of dogma and doctrine, which continually stripped away from your Tree of Life that strong and healthy bark of the Teaching itself, stripping and stripping and stripping.

"And then you awoke one day in the twentieth century, two thousand years later, only to find that some had labored long to preserve the Teachings. Some had discovered the ancient manuscripts and brought them forth. Some had translated them into modern language. And when you read them, some of the texts quickened your minds to all that you remembered of my words, and the Holy Spirit came upon you and you were comforted.

"Now turn around, beloved, and look at the millions behind you who did not come through the dispensation of my Piscean service. You must rise to the place of oneness with my heart that we might save them. You cannot save them alone; you need the mantle of the Saviour with you. And since you have not attained to the grace of the full mantle of Christhood in your own Christ Self, I am offering you the mantle of my own Christhood and that of my Electronic Presence as well, for the saving of the people of the world.

"My plea to you is great because my vision of the future is, on the one hand, the glory of the golden dawn of a God-victorious Aquarius and, on the other hand, looming large and looming near, the antithesis of a golden age of enlightenment and peace because those who had the sacred fire and the divine spark decided they would postpone their mission another decade or another lifetime. They made the choice to enjoy themselves another round before getting on with the challenge of stumping the planet until every last Lightbearer was reconnected to the Source and could receive the torch that was passed to him and move on.

"Either way, beloved ones, unless the Teaching is preserved because you embody the Teaching, it will not be preserved at all. For heaven and earth may pass away, but my words shall not pass away: they shall live forever in akasha and in the repository of the hearts of my true chelas!

"Thus, I summon my true chelas and I tell you, I am accelerating the Light in you, even as I am withdrawing the Light from those who have not seen fit to purge themselves of those conditions that they know very well are no part of their real selves or of this Mystery School.

"I AM Jesus in the fullness of the resurrection flame. And my angels will hound you to come back to your own right mindfulness until you speak to them the command, 'Leave us! We no longer want to hear from you.'

"This is my Easter message 1993. May you take it and cherish it, for I have delivered it to you with all of the cherishment of my heart, forever and forever. Amen."

Jesus Christ
April 11, 1993

Jesus' calls:

Starting on May 28, 1987, Jesus delivered a series of dictations in which he called us to the path of the ascension and to gather ten thousand Keepers of the Flame, to the path of discipleship and Christhood, and to become shepherds.

On April 19, 1987, he also called us to "take up the sword of the Spirit" against peddlers of drugs and of deceit and annihilation. (See 1987 PoW, vol. 30 no. 19, p. 196; no. 27, p. 269-76; no. 56, p. 491-98; no. 74, p. 577-82; 1988 PoW, vol. 31 no. 38, pp. 290, 291, 294, 297.)

During Jesus' October 4, 1987 dictation, when he called us "to be my disciples in the most serious effort of all of your incarnations, to recognize that in thy flesh thou shalt see God and be my Self," Jesus also asked us to renew our commitment to give his "Watch With Me" Jesus' Vigil of the Hours, promising:

"I shall be in your midst, beloved, as you give this prayer service in my name weekly. You may give it alone, all-one with me, with the recording provided . . .

" . . . It is my desire, then, that in fifty-two sessions with you, which I would like to be of ninety-minute duration (or more), you might experience such renewal and such self-transcendence at the conclusion of a single year's 'Watch with Me' that you shall indeed know that I AM come into the earth to take my own in the grand ritual of the Resurrection and the Ascension."

Jesus' Watch is part of the Wednesday evening healing service, one of the three weekly services Serapis Bey has admonished all Keepers of the Flame to participate in without fail. Available on 93-min. audiocassette B87096, and in 44-page booklet.


"For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God."—John 3:20-21

"I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me"—Philippians 4:13

"Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new."—II Corinthians 5:17

"Non-Christians seem to think that the Incarnation implies some particular merit or excellence in humanity. But of course it implies just the reverse: a particular demerit and depravity. No creature that deserved Redemption would need to be redeemed. They that are whole need not the physician. Christ died for men precisely because men are not worth dying for; to make them worth it."—C. S. Lewis


Imagine you and the Lord Jesus are walking down the road together. For much of the way, the Lord's footprints go along steadily, consistently, rarely varying the pace.

But your footprints are a disorganized stream of zigzags, starts, stops, turnarounds, circles, departures, and returns.

For much of the way, it seems to go like this, but gradually your footprints come more in line with the Lord's, soon paralleling His consistently.

You and Jesus are walking as true friends!

This seems perfect, but then an interesting thing happens: Your footprints that once etched the sand next to Jesus' are now walking precisely in His steps.

Inside His larger footprints are your smaller ones, you and Jesus are becoming one.

This goes on for many miles, but gradually you notice another change. The footprints inside the large footprints seem to grow larger.

Eventually they disappear altogether. There is only one set of footprints. They have become one.

This goes on for a long time, but suddenly the second set of footprints is back. This time it seems even worse! Zigzags all over the place. Stops. Starts. Gashes in the sand. A variable mess of prints.

You are amazed and shocked.

Your dream ends. Now you pray:

"Lord, I understand the first scene, with zigzags and fits. I was a new Christian; I was just learning. But You walked on through the storm and helped me learn to walk with You."

"That is correct."

"And when the smaller footprints were inside of Yours, I was actually learning to walk in Your steps, following You very closely."

"Very good.. You have understood everything so far."

When the smaller footprints grew and filled in Yours, I suppose that I was becoming like You in every way."


"So, Lord, was there a regression or something? The footprints separated, and this time
it was worse than at first."

There is a pause as the Lord answers, with a smile in His voice.

"You didn't know? It was then that we danced!"


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