International Secret Revealed

" . . . Whereas, in the spring of 1940 at Katyn near Smolensk, Russia,
4,243 unarmed Polish officers were shot in the back of their necks
and buried in mass graves by Soviet soldiers . . .
of the Sons and Daughters of God on Behalf of the People
Apart from Their Political, Economic, and Military Oppressors
in Every Nation on Earth

" . . . an open, festering wound in the history of Poland."
—Andrzej Wajda, 'Katyn's' director
"'Katyn'—the latest film by veteran Polish movie maker Andrzej Wajda
—will be Poland's candidate for 'Best Foreign Film' in next year's Academy Awards.
'Katyn' tells the story of the massacre of several thousand Polish officers
by the Soviet NKVD in 1940.
Some of Wajda's family were murdered
during the massacre."—Lech Alex Bajan, Washington DC
“They [NKVD agents] covered the doors to the shooting cells
that led to the corridor so the sounds of the shootings couldn’t be heard.
Then the accused, well let’s call them that, were brought through the corridor.
They were brought into the cells to be shot.”
—Dmitry Tokarev, former NKVD Colonel
who worked at an NKVD prison in Kalinin, Russia in 1940

“I consider the tragedy of my life to have been my father’s murder.
The murder of a very just and noble man who was not charged with anything
and for whom there was no justice.”
Boguslava Gryniv, whose father, Mihailo Gryniv,
was killed as a result of Stalin’s March 5, 1940 order.
His body was never recovered.
"No greater wrong can ever be done than to put a good man at the mercy of a bad,
while telling him not to defend himself or his fellows; in no way can the success of evil
be made surer or quicker."—President Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

Archangel Jophiel and Christine

The Class of the Archangels
God Has Sent the Seven Archangels
for the Rescue of the People of Light on Earth


For Europe: A Dispensation and a Cycle
A New Enlightenment by the Brilliance
of Illumination’s Flame

The Igniting of the Sevenfold Flame in the Heart of Europe
Pillar of Fire—Sign of the Ancient of Days

O what stupendous light! What splendor he has brought!—our God, our Lord, Sanat Kumara.

We come in the joy of wisdom’s flame. We come to elevate the fount of wisdom’s light within your heart. We come in the joy of anticipation of the great healing power of wisdom, instruction, and information unto the children of the light.

Turning the page into the new year, we write the first words of the Great White Brotherhood following the release of the Lord of the World. <1> We are desirous to be the stream of his mind, the issue of his Christic seed.

O my beloved, how are the stars filled with golden light of promise and of hope! Therefore, we would articulate the light of sun centers as the solution to problems at hand. This practical application of a light so far removed from everyday affairs becomes the rejoicing of the nexus of the heart.

Jophiel and Christine—so you salute us, and so we come. Our message is the humming of the Great Central Sun and of the hummingbird.

We rejoice to see the messenger and to hear his footsteps in the halls of Summit University. <2> We rejoice to release through the Mother and through Saint Germain and Portia our wisdom’s light on many areas of life on earth.

We summon souls who would receive the education of the heart, the preparation of the heart, the distillation of the Word—and, finally, the use of the fiery yellow sword. O how golden is its light! How penetrating! And to the very core of consciousness there is that singular descent of the Word.

We are determined, then, to infuse earth and all constructive lifestreams with the higher perspective of the mind of Buddha and of your own Christ Self. We are determined that a great light, a brilliant light, shall and will expose—one by one by one—those areas for the focalization of the ruby ray and the violet flame. We are most concerned, therefore, that those who follow the path of the second ray, putting on individual Christhood, will neither slumber nor sleep <3> concerning this new beginning for a new president and a new cabinet.

There is far too much optimism concerning the ability of men to work change. Beloved hearts, even if they were avatars (and they are not), they are burdened by a rolling momentum of abuse of light and power, a snarled tangle within the economy and the affairs of state. They cannot suddenly undo what has been built as a monolith of power and a tangled web of deception and intrigue practiced against the people of the whole world from these citadels of power.

We come, then, to remind you of that circumstance which will be upon you: the dropping of the mantle of the various offices and representative services that are held by all who serve in the government of this nation. <4> This mantle, descending in the hour of the inaugural address, will place upon the shoulders of you individually—your own Christ Self one with you—all decisions and all of the affairs of state and all of the problems that beset this nation.

We are determined that you will become specialists in the areas where you have a prior excellence, education, or knowledge—or a momentum in your own causal body. We come, then, determined that the future of this nation shall not rest upon those who are appointed or elected to office but that it shall rest collectively upon the Son of man and the light and inspiration of the Holy Spirit through all people of light.

This is a year when many feel the premonition that all is not well. And all will not be well. Indeed there are signs on the charts of cycles indicating difficulties in the economy, indicating difficulties of a karmic nature due to the returning cycle in the Dark Cycle of all misuses of the light of the hierarchy of Capricorn. <5>

In that turning on April 23, you will see how the condemnation of the fallen ones will beset this people and they will be bowed down with a sense of worthlessness, even the condemnation of war and the engines of war in various places throughout the world. My beloved hearts, it is necessary, then, that you anticipate cycles of light and of darkness and that you allow those shadows that precede the precipitation of darkness to be swallowed up by the oncoming wave of light even before there is a manifestation of the dark cycles of human karma.

There is a rolling momentum of violet flame accessible to all. And the dispensations given must certainly be employed. This can be a God-victorious year, but only through vigilance and diligence and obedience to the call that has gone forth.

Truly, by the Spirit of prophecy many events are known and given to the children of the light. But not always are we permitted to give the full explanation or the reasons as to why we direct your attention into certain areas. Therefore a word to the wise ought to be sufficient to those who are devotees of the second ray.

There is an increase of light in this company in the crown chakra. And we are well pleased. Some of you do not realize how much wisdom you have concerning life on earth, in comparison to others who are yet unillumined to the basic facts of conspiracy—most notably the conspiracy against ‘the individing of the Word’ <6> and the Word incarnate where you are.

It is, therefore, the decree of the Karmic Board that measure for measure—as Wisdom teacheth her children, as children receive the greater wisdom—there should come into manifestation in this hour a golden light of the golden Central Sun Magnet to increase the wisdom flame and simultaneously to transmute the misuses of the crown chakra—the displacement of the mind of Christ by the carnal-mindedness, by pride, and by ambition.

Thus, through a deeper penetration of wisdom’s flame in answer to your call, we see a year for the clearing, the purging, and the transmutation by wisdom’s piercing light of momentums of ignorance of the law and those heavy weights of envy and jealousy and the coveting of the light of others when you ought to be engendering—by the regenerative, re-creative process of your own hallowed light of a greater purity of wisdom—a greater manifestation of the mind of God.

Blessed hearts, there is a great need for crown chakras to be intensified and the light of the rising Mother flame to be expanded so that the halo of the saints and the golden light of the crown becomes visible and tangible, not only around the messenger but around the blessed heads of the chelas of the mysteries of the Holy Grail. Therefore, my beloved, pursue wisdom. Pursue the great gain of the mind of God that is superior to all others.

Let the flame of the teacher and the teaching be reflected in your devotion to the Guru/chela relationship and all for which it stands. Let the nourishment of little souls be of primary import. And let the preparation of sons and daughters of God for leadership, for positions of influencing for Christ-good, become the devotion of many hearts—parents and teachers and sponsors of the new age.

Let everyone consider himself appointed by Jophiel and Christine to pursue the service of the World Teachers, to make use of the Seminar of the World Teachers, <7> and to realize that this is the hour of the teaching going forth from your own Christ Self, wherever you find yourself in the service of the Light and of humanity.

This is a year of opportunity provided by Saint Germain and Portia, and it is given to those who elect to establish teaching centers that are desired by the Great White Brotherhood. We have long been aware of the desire of Saint Germain to establish a stronghold of light and the ongoing communion with the angelic hosts and with Mother Mary in the city of Rome. After all, Christ Jesus himself appeared in Rome. <8> And this has been the citadel of the release of the faith and of the Church.

There is a crumbling of the old order and there is a compromise of the true mysteries of the Sacred Heart. There is the infiltration of Communism. And there is gross greed in the hearts of a people who could have, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, sustained an entire nation dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The legalization of abortion in Italy <9> has been a great burden to the heart of Mother Mary. The desecration of shrines, terrorism, and the quitting of that society by many who could remain to become pillars of defense against tyranny of every form is not in keeping with the selfless service that ought to be a part of those who call themselves the defenders of the faith and Catholics in good standing.

We are gratified that some do keep the flame. But we rebuke en masse those who have deserted the faith and those within the Church who have not upheld the divine standard.

Blessed hearts, the jeopardy of the nation of Italy is great and the going down of that nation will be a compromise of the most holy shrines of all Christendom outside of the Holy Land. We see, then, a great determination on the part of World Communism to swallow up Europe. With the crumbling of any of the Western powers that yet remain under the torch of freedom, there could be an entering of an era of great darkness over that continent. And such a darkness, under the dominion of Communism, would be that which is calculated to precede an era of cataclysm.

The possibility of cataclysm in the European continent has long been known by the Brotherhood. And therefore, the appear­ance of Mother Mary at Lourdes in France <10> and Fatima in Portugal <11> and the placing of the Holy Grail in Glastonbury <12> and so many other miracles that have occurred in Italy and other places, humble abodes where the faithful have kept the flame—all of these have been for the banking of the fires of the Holy Spirit against the day of the marching of the Nephilim <13> and their war councils and those whom they manipulate in war, and against the day of the threatening of cataclysm due to the long centuries of the records of war in Europe.

You know well that Saint Germain attempted to establish a United States of Europe <14> based on the common need for protection, interaction, brotherhood, the flame of love, the melting down of those very conditions which have been the causes of war, divisions, and enmities. But, beloved hearts, there is a spirit of pride that is very intense, especially in the leadership. And thus today, pacts are made and established between nations, not on the basis of service to Life or the principles of the Great White Brotherhood but on the basis of fear, mutual defense, or the need for economic cooperation.

Therefore, only because of necessity and not by true dedication to the holy faith or to the Lord Christ is cooperation come about. Therefore, this cooperation does not contain the necessary interaction of the flow of the Holy Spirit.

My beloved, we rejoice to see souls of light and Keepers of the Flame in earnest in Sweden, in Holland, and in other nations. And we desire to amplify the flame through them if they will come forward and see how important it is to pick up the torch of the translations of the word of Saint Germain into the language of the people. <15>

Therefore, we of the second ray announce to you in this hour—opportunity from the heart of the Lord of the World: a dispensation and a cycle, to which a time is not given, but it is an opportunity for the reversing of the tide of that cataclysm that has been held in abeyance and of that war which has also been held in abeyance by the very grace of God.

We would establish our coordinates. We would multiply the light. And because of the very dedication of those students who have come forth from the European continent to attend Summit University and to propagate the teachings of light —from the very heart of the Great Divine Director, from the very flame of Rakoczy itself, there comes forth opportunity.

Blessed hearts, a decade ago there was a great need for this opportunity, but the sign was not given. The dispensation was not forthcoming because of an absence of devotion and of love from the people themselves. [highlighted by webmaster]

Saint Germain has worked very hard to uncover and cut free those souls of light who have emerged to take their place as chelas of the sacred fire. Therefore, because these individuals have arisen and have taken an extraordinary responsibility and have had a vision and an awareness of the need of Europe, there is a response from hierarchy. And this is one of the first of many dispensations of the Karmic Board that will be announced to you from time to time.

Thus, if there are souls who recognize the need to establish coordinates and forcefields, who though they may not be tied by descent or lineage to the nation of Italy but recognize the importance that that very soil has played in the interaction of lifewaves and migrations and war and the Roman civilization itself and the Church of Rome that has within its roots also elements of that empire —those who recognize, then, the need are called in this hour and may apply to the messenger to “go to Rome,” in the words of the Lord, “to be crucified again.”. For, lo, the Saviour goes there. And it is a sacred trust and the trysting of the Master and his disciples.

The roots of European discontent can be found in Rome as in Paris, as in Berlin and other capitals. The roots of defiance of the Holy Church, the roots of Antichrist—they might as well be tackled there, in the very point of many origins of movements against the light of God, as anywhere.

Rebellion yet flourishes from those tribes of souls who have embodied, souls who went astray in Venus and therefore came forth to embody in the early centuries upon the European continent. Indeed many lifewaves converge there. And the curse of the seed of Lucifer as an inordinate Luciferian pride must be first on the list of invocations when you use the Lord’s Ritual of Exorcism. <16>

There is a well-established hierarchy of Nephilim in Europe in the governments of the nations, in the banking houses, and especially in the economies. There is a binding of the people to a tradition that is outworn. And there are levels and layers of substance and records comprising an astral blanket that does indeed hold back the emergent light and the resurrection flame from the full manifestation in the hearts of the people.

Therefore, it is the desire in the heart of the Goddess of Liberty (Spokesman for the Great Karmic Board) and of Paul the Venetian (Chohan of the Third Ray) to dip into the heart of the flame of liberty and the flame of freedom—and how it has been multiplied in America—to take it from the shrine of the Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument maintained in those respective locations by the Goddess of Liberty and Paul the Venetian, <17> and to implant that momentum of light in the European continent—to take back the fruits of God consciousness established in the New World from the very hearts of those pioneers who left Europe to establish a new flame and a new righteousness on the American continent. Now the children of the light and the descendants of those early settlers must return to reinfuse, to reimplant that worn-out soil and that worn-out consciousness with the brilliance of the light of illumination’s flame.

Blessed hearts, there is a sure cure for discouragement and that is the light of illumination, illumined action—light on the Path, the joy of our holy angels! We are determined to infuse Europe with a new enlightenment, a new flame of peace from Jesus and Gautama, blessed Lords. We are determined that the very light of wisdom shall be upliftment and shall be for the very lifting of the pall of darkness over that land.

Many centuries of the misuse of power in witchcraft and black magic that have come forth in the stories of the Frankenstein monster and of Count Dracula have been a way of life in the inner circles of the black brotherhood. These have created a pall over the crown chakras of the people, thereby engendering an intellectualism and a materialism without the true Spirit of the living Christ. Religion that is worth anything is dead—save in the hearts of the people persecuted, most notably behind the iron curtain where there is a fervor for freedom and for Mother Mary and even for the Pope that burns on. [highlighted by webmaster]

Beloved hearts, while we express gratitude for all good and mighty works done under the hierarchy of the established Church, we must remind you that for all of that goodness, direct contact with this organization and this activity by those servants of God on that continent only meets with disapproval, rejection, even persecution and condemnation. Therefore watch and pray and realize that we have established the Church Universal and Triumphant because the new wine of the Holy Spirit could not be poured into the old bottles <18> of the Roman church or the Roman Empire.

Therefore, beloved hearts, it will become necessary for souls of light to come apart <19> and be willing to enter into the fullness of the light and the canopy of the Great White Brotherhood, free from the bondage of any institution—secular or religious—that would not allow the full teaching of the Great White Brotherhood to be proclaimed and to be preached. Therefore, seek cooperation with the Great White Brotherhood and not with mortals or their mortality and their enshrinement of the word in a decaying order—the old order that passeth away with the coming of the Aquarian age.

When you think that in the causal body of the Great Divine Director and of Saint Germain there lies the key to the age of Aquarius and to its rising on the European continent, is it not the greatest tragedy and the greatest travesty of all time and space that the people of that continent should have thus far rejected this flame?

Blessed hearts, I pray that if it cannot be so that a golden age appear in Europe and that cataclysm must come as it has been prophesied, I pray that at least every child of the light and every son of God who lives in this hour whose heart beats one with the heart of angelic bands (though they know them not) might be contacted by our emissaries and might have the opportunity to come into alignment and into the protection of our Brotherhood.

Therefore, to this end we send thee—those who choose, those who are chosen. For those who go in our name must have the sealing and the sign of the Great Divine Director, of Portia, of Saint Germain, and of the Great Divine Director’s twin flame whose identity is yet to be revealed.

Blessed hearts, angels of the sacred fire from the bands of us seven establish electrodes and coordinates for your coming. Some are in the hearts of devotees and some are in particular physical locations. From time to time, these will be revealed.

We commend those who have worked already a mighty work on that continent. And we recommend your fastidiousness to service and an intensification of your calls to the God Star Sirius, to mighty Surya and Cuzco, to hold the physical balance of that continent—even by the sign of the thought form for the year 1981, even by the sign of the hands of God in the mode of Alpha and Omega.

Let there be, then, the protection of our little ones. Let there be the protection of the flame of freedom! And let all of those who have given their lives for the cause of freedom on that European continent now be redeemed because the saints of the Most High embodied on earth, in full cooperation with the Great White Brotherhood ascended and the saints robed in white <20> waiting at inner levels to take their ascension, come together and serve.

O blessed hearts, let the blood of these who have served now be vindicated. And let us see that all of the collective and cumulative service of the light-bearers shall be now drawn together—and that momentum—into one mighty central pillar of white fire, of illumination, and of the radiating centers of the seven rays arranged in a causal-body manifestation.

Therefore, I am describing to you a flame which we now ignite in the very center of Europe. And this flame, as the fire infolding itself, <21> actually contains the seven rays in concentration one after the other in a circular, spiraling, upward-moving fashion so that all of the paths of the root races, all of the journeyings of the early peoples and their migrations to and from Europe might be fulfilled and redeemed and the Christ consciousness of each of the seven rays be maintained for the fulfillment of the fiery destiny of the lifewaves who have incarnated and had their experience on that continent—not to mention and not the least of which are the descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Let all who have gathered there—embodied angels, laggards, rebels against the Cause, the proud, the high and the mighty as well as the humble and the light-bearers—receive the sign of the Ancient of Days and the raising up of this pillar of fire.

O people of light, people of Europe, this is the opportunity of the ages and the opportunity of the century! You have been given many by Saint Germain and others down through the very descent of time. Most of these you have rejected, entering in instead to the vortices of war and witchcraft and variance and departure from the divine plan.

This dispensation includes the European continent as well as Scandinavia. It is a dispensation apart from that which is given to the British Isles; for that destiny is a separate destiny, though it is a cooperative venture of those in Britain and those on the continent.

Blessed hearts, we send our blessing and we send our legions of light, for certain bands of the seven archangels are committed to keep this sevenfold flame in the very heart of Europe. And, by and by, we will release to you the knowledge of the exact location of the epicenter of that flame. In its entirety, it radiates throughout the continent itself. Thus, angels of Jesus and of Mary prepare for the coming of those chosen and those who choose to go to Rome with their Saviour to be crucified again.

Angels of the cosmic cross of white fire raise up now that cosmic cross and their focal point in Rome. Let it be established for the judgment! Let it be established for the raising up of the community of the Holy Spirit that the true Church Universal and Triumphant is intended to be!

Saints of the Most High God, bow before the light of Sanat Kumara and be free!

I AM releasing golden light—wisdom, illumination, and hope! Scintillating fragments, light rays, infinity penetrating out from my golden heart—wisdom, illumination, hope for the transmutation of discouragement.

All is not lost! O children of the sun of Europe. All is not lost. The turning of the tide of Gautama Buddha <22> has come to America. It can also come to you because pure hearts, decent and desirous of giving totally to the victory of love, are bursting as flowers in springtime in eastern Europe, in western Europe—in every city. [highlighted by webmaster]

There is hope in the hearts of youth. Though it may be dampened from time to time, though the shadows of cynicism may be cast upon it—there is hope! And where there is a flicker of hope, there the Archeia Hope enters in to make it a conflagration mighty indeed.

We are Jophiel and Christine. The Christic light is the hope of the world. Where there is hope, my beloved, there is an open heart ready to behold and ready to be told that all is well—that God is in his heaven and his Son on earth will tell the story of love and the story of the binding of the dragon and his seed.

Fairy tales of old that have come forth out of Europe are tales remembered of the days when giants roamed the land, when gnomes and fairies and elfs were seen, when witches practiced their incantations and concocted their potions which they used to deceive light-bearers and holy innocents. Yes, Europe has a memory of sorcery. And it is a thick layer of concrete, of superstition, and of black magic.

Beloved hearts, the very success of Hitler’s Germany and the intriguing of the people with that process of black magic can be attributed in part to the great amount of records that existed of the enslavement of the people by black magic and of that substance of former centuries and of the Dark Ages yet being a record in their astral bodies.

Thus, the Great White Brotherhood allowed the complete and total exposure of this vast pocket of darkness in the collective subconscious of that people. They allowed the coming to the fore of the black magicians—not only Adolf Hitler but all who served with him <23>—so that the people might have exposed this great, great darkness and by wisdom and knowledge expose and denounce it.

It required a statement en masse of the people to denounce and turn back the theories of the superrace and genetic engineering propounded by Hitler and those who were a party to his ideas who were also in the United States. <24> The warlords, the scientists of fallen Atlantis, were all a part of this conspiracy against the children of the light.

My beloved, so great was the black magic practiced upon the people that the only way to turn it back was to have it utterly and totally exposed. And yet, even today there are some who say that Hitler came as a messiah and was a true leader and in the tradition of the Lord Jesus Christ. <25>

Blessed hearts, such ignorance is also the product of the continuing brainwashing at subconscious levels. Subliminal seduction by way of sorcery is yet rampant in Europe. Therefore, let those who go in the name of the Great White Brotherhood be prepared for a confrontation with the seed of the wicked and of adepts in embodiment employing the black arts to see to it that the entire continent remains divided and enslaved and ripe for war.

Sometimes when those who are of the light turn their back on the service of the living God and the service of the Lord Jesus Christ, the only way to bring them back to their first love and to their devotion is to allow them to see the full extent of what the sorcerer’s apprentice might be, of what truly is Antichrist. The slaughter of millions, <26> the Holocaust, <27> the destruction of other lives in war, <28> the bombing and destruction of cities <29>—this is the logical conclusion of Antichrist that begins in the heart of a single individual who places his own pride, his own human will as superior to the Christ Self and the indwelling God.

Thus, the collective errors and the collective departure of the people from the service of the living God results in the totalitarian nightmare and in a war that, had it occurred twenty-five years later, would surely have been planetary in scope. Thus, the timing for the exposure of those fallen ones came when it could yet be contained and when there were in embodiment in the United States and in Britain those descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh and those embodied angels bearing the seed of the Lord Jesus Christ who were able to fly by light and by the very sensitivity of their hearts to be victors in the air, in the sea, and on the land. The coming together of these armies of light-bearers <30> has not been paralleled in earth’s history.

Blessed hearts, the Lords of Karma are holding in abeyance and attempting to hold back the threat of nuclear war. I am certain that you know this is true. It is their desire to see, before such conflagration or confrontation, the coming together of light-bearers of every continent who will form themselves truly as the armies of light of heaven and earth who will become one body of God upon earth through the science of the spoken Word and the exercise of the sword of peace.

There are many things that must be exposed, even the entire intent of war of the Nephilim. But it is the intent of hierarchy—and we require the cooperation of our unascended chelas to see that this intent is brought about—to hold back the precipitation of these momentums, even those forthcoming out of the Dark Cycle, to give another time and a half a time <31> to the children of the light and the sons and daughters of God to multiply and proliferate the teachings and their practice upon earth. For, beloved hearts, ere we conclude the battle of Armageddon and the resolution of forces opposing on the planet, there will have to be a planetary exposure of the Nephilim themselves and the intent of war.

Legions of the second ray are very intent that the children of the light should experience this exposure through the spoken and the written Word, through Mother’s manifestos, <32> through education on the issues, through the work of K-17 and Lanello to expose the malicious intent and the murderous intent and all the intrigue that is being carried on this very day by the KGB in their forcefield of the embassy of the Soviet Union in Washington, D.C.

Blessed hearts, that which is being done in America today against this people is frightening and horrendous indeed. Suffice it to say that the continuing activities of the KGB and the Soviet Union are an ever-present threat, not only to the freedom of America but to the physical health of her people and to their very sanity. Thus we trust that not by the outbreak of their intent in war itself but by education the people will rise up to challenge and call forth the judgment of these fallen ones before their nefarious intent should actually be precipitated.

Thus you can see how hope, sweet hope, is spread abroad through wisdom’s flame. And mighty indeed are those who take up the sword and go forth with the Word and preach the Word of righteousness. For some will hear! some will respond! some will turn back and serve once again the living God!—and some will turn back the momentums of the fallen ones and prevent similar holocausts from occurring.

Beloved hearts of light, we are ever determined that this decade will be a turning of the tide in many areas of life. Our message, then, of the great light descending —of Paul the Venetian, of the Great Karmic Board and the Goddess of Liberty, of the expansion of this light—is to you our offering: dimensions of God consciousness expanding as a narrow room that becomes a mansion of light.

Beloved, you who cherish the shrines, the cathedrals, the history, the culture of the Great Divine Director in Europe—open up your hearts! Give your life and your full support in abundant measure. For we would, this very day, open our retreat in Paris if souls of light would offer to be the innkeepers of this shrine of Saint Germain and the Master of Paris. <33> But we begin in Rome—the eternal home of angels, light-bearers. And the citadel of Nephilim. [highlighted by webmaster]

Blessed hearts, there has been a great staying action by the focus of light in New Delhi. Vortices of energy penetrating Asia have made all the difference in the balance of power East and West. With the raising up of teaching centers in the cities of the earth, there is hope to the entire Great White Brotherhood for miracles upon miracles to occur upon earth.

I pray then that you will not count the personal cost in your life—not the cost of sacrifice or service or surrender or that selflessness <34> which is the requirement of the hour.

One and all, archangels send forth this call: Let us establish the coordinates of the Inner Retreat and the teaching centers! Let us raise up a body of light-bearers! And let us save the earth and her evolutions for the victory of the golden age!

By this sign of the cosmic cross of white fire, we conquer! In His name, pax vobiscum.


The above dictation by Archangel Jophiel and Christine was delivered to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet during The Class of the Archangels, January 1, 1981, at Camelot; cassette B8105.

1. Gautama Buddha, January 1, 1981, “Readiness in the LORD-The Power of Perfect Peace.” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24, pp. 119-28; cassette B8104.

2. Refers to winter quarter 1981, under the sponsorship of Lanello.

3. Pss. 121:4.

4. See Archangel Zadkiel, April 3, 1980, “A Dispensation for the Eighties to Alter the Course of Human History by the Flame of Freedom.” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 23, pp. 111-18; cassette B8027.

5. See Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24, p. 42, n. 26.

6. ‘The individing of the Word’ is the process whereby the Word, who is Christ the LORD, incarnates on earth in the temple of the soul through the threefold flame of the Trinity enshrined upon the altar of the heart.

7. Refers to the Summit University seminar held July 8-20, 1979-first in the series of initiations leading to con­ferment of the mantle of the World Teachers. Church Universal and Triumphant Community Teaching Centers, commissioned by Sanat Kumara (July 15, 1979) to present this seminar in consecutive sessions, offer color video replays for Keepers of the Flame.

8. According to legend, the apostle Peter was fleeing Rome to escape persecution when he encountered the ascended Jesus Christ as Our Lord was entering the city. Peter asked, “Domine, quo vadis?” (LORD, whither goest thou?) He answered, “I go to Rome to be crucified again.” Realizing that the Master could be crucified only through him, only through his own sacrifice of the human will, Peter turned back to Rome, where he was later crucified. “That sacrifice of the one chosen to be the Vicar of Christ is the rock upon which the Church is built. Each time a soul sacrifices the lesser self to the greater cause of world good will, upon that rock we build.” (El Morya, November 23, 1975)

9. “If men had babies, abortion would be a sacrament,” shouted radical Italian feminists in the early 70s when they first launched their battle for legalized abortion. On May 18, 1978, the Italian Parliament approved a bill that allows women within the first 3 months of pregnancy to obtain state-paid abortions. Under canon law, Catholics cooperating in abortions are subject to excommunication. Nevertheless, a 1978 poll in Italy showed 55% of the predominantly Catholic population favored depenalization of abortion.

10. Between February 11 and July 16, 1858, the Blessed Virgin appeared eighteen times to a devout peasant, Bernadette Soubirous, 14. Apparitions occurred in a grotto near Lourdes, southern France. Mary enjoined Bernadette to “pray for sinners” and gave the warning “Penitence!” Grotto now surmounted by the Church of the Rosary which contains numerous crutches and gifts memorializing miraculous cures credited to Our Lady of Lourdes.

11. Between May 13 and October 13, 1917, during the Bolshevik Revolution and World War I, Our Lady of the Rosary made six appearances to three shepherd children-Lucia dos Santos, 10, and her cousins Francisco, 9, and Jacinto Marto, 7-in a pasture near Fátima, central Portugal. Mary urged daily recitation of the rosary “to obtain the peace of the world and the end of the war,” devotion to her Immaculate Heart, and penance. Simultaneous with her first appearance, Lenin’s soldiers rode into a Moscow church, destroying the altar and killing many children. The Blessed Mother warned that “if people do not cease offending God, . . .another and more terrible war will begin.”

12. Following the ascension of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary with Joseph of Arimathea carried the Holy Grail (from which Jesus and his disciples drank at the Last Supper) to Glastonbury, England.

13. See Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24, p. 66, n. 24.

14. Saint Germain sought to establish a United States of Europe through Napoleon (1799-1815) who, failing his initiation, abused the master’s power and met his Waterloo.

15. Saint Germain’s Studies in Alchemy is now available in bilingual Spanish/English edition Estudios Sobre la Alquimia $4.95 ppd. Numerous appeals for the tran­slation of the teachings into foreign languages have been made by the Brotherhood. See Archangel Zadkiel, December 30, 1980, “The Sealing of the Seventh Ray,” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24, pp. 77-78, cassettes B8101, B8102; Portia, July 2, 1980, “A Council of the Woman Clothed with the Sun,” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 23, pp. 177-86, cassette B8038; Sanat Kumara, January 1, 1980, “As Life on Earth Hangs in the Balance,” cassette B8017; Lanello, October 7, 1978, “More Light: The Tolling of the Great Bell for the Mission of the Two by Two,” cassette B7888; Mother Mary, March 22, 1978, “The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart,” cassette B7838.

16. See Sanat Kumara, September 23, 30, 1979, “The Lord’s Ritual of Exorcism.” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 22, pp. 237-51.

17. Sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi designed and con­structed the Statue of Liberty in response to the flame of Liberty focused in southern France at the etheric retreat of Paul the Venetian, le Château de Liberté. The figure, entitled Liberty Enlightening the World, was presented by the people of France to the U.S. (1885) in commemoration of their alliance during the American Revolution. On September 30, 1962, the Great White Brotherhood transferred the “full pulsation” of the flame of Liberty from le Château to the forcefield of the Washington Monument.

18.Matt. 9:17.

19. Exod. 33:16; Lev. 20:24, 26; II Cor. 6:17.

20. Rev. 3:4, 5; 6:9-11; 7:9, 13, 14; 19:14.

21. Ezek. 1:4.

22. See Gautama Buddha, May 3, 1977, “One Decade for the Turning of the Tide.” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 21, p. 148; cassette B7727.

23. Adolf Hitler, president of National Socialist German Workers’ (Nazi) Party, 1921; chancellor of Germany, 1933; dictator and Führer, 1934. Hitler’s “new order” included 1) inculcation of the view that Germans were the superior Aryan race; and 2) preservation of racial purity by extermination of Jews and other “inferior” peoples. Key members of the Nazi Party are said to have been part of an occult society known as the Thule Group. According to Trevor Ravenscroft, the inner circle within the Thule were Satanists who practiced black magic. Thule was the name of the center of a vanished civilization like Atlantis. Initiates of the Thule Group believed that Great Ones of the Ancient World would place at their disposal a reservoir of forces which could be drawn upon to enable Germany to dominate the world and become the cradle of a coming race of Supermen. German armies would set out to annihilate all that stood in the way of their “spiritual” destiny. Such was the myth upon which the Aryan doctrine was founded. In the mind of Hitler, it was a “magic” form of socialism. “Beyond any doubt, . . . Hitler was possessed by forces outside himself—almost demoniacal forces of which the individual named Hitler was only the temporary vehicle,” politician Hermann Rauschning reported. Heinrich Himmler organized Hitler’s ruthlessly efficient SS (security echelon) not merely as a secret police force but as a religious order. High ranking SS officials were in charge of an unofficial Black Order. Their doctrine was based on belief in a force that surpassed ordinary human powers. Some say that the initiatory rite of SS cadets, the “ceremony of the Stifling Air,” included the Satanic Black Mass; others interpret it as the moment when participants were overcome by complete stupor. Himmler’s Gustapo was instrumental in Hitler’s liquidation of 30 million “subhumans”—the total destruction of European Jewry, Polish intelligentsia, and a large slice of the Slavonic race. Although SS was a powerful political machine, the significance of the Black Order was purely “magical.” Matter must be transformed to liberate the psychic energy capable of attracting superior unknown beings. Thus, concentration camps were a form of “magic.” The gas ovens were merely ritual. It is said that the talismanic power behind the famed Spear of Longinus (the sacred spear which pierced the side of Christ) was the inspiration of Hitler’s life and that the Führer’s acquisition of the relic in 1938 was key to his rise to power. Hitler invaded Austria March 11, 1938. At Munich, September 30, 1938, France and Britain pressured Czechoslovakia to cede the Sudetenland. March 16, 1939, Nazi armies occupied Bohemia and Moravia. World War II began with Hitler’s blitzkrieg (lightning war) invasion of Poland September 1, 1939; Norway and Denmark April 9, 1940; Belgium, France, Luxemburg, and the Netherlands May 10, 1940; the Soviet Union November 11, 1941. See Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, The Morning of the Magicians, trans. Rollo Myers (New York: Avon Books, 1969); Trevor Ravenscroft, The Spear of Destiny (New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1973); Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope (New York: Macmillan Co., 1966), pp. 619, 627, 637, 641.

24. The scientific basis for theories of a superrace proceeds largely from the work of Francis Galton (1822-1911), founder of the science of eugenics. He attempted to prove that the rich and powerful and the upper classes in general were a superior race because of superior genes. Poorer lower classes were presumed to be a genetically defective inferior race. Overbreeding of the “less suitable” was considered a threat to the “suitable” races. Galton called for programs of race hygiene (including the involuntary sterilization of members of the lower classes) to guarantee the purity of the superior race. Others who applied theories of a superior race include: Thomas Malthus, political economist, who fabricated “natural laws” as an authoritative rationale for low wages and long working hours; Herbert Spencer, founder of Social Darwinism, who believed that legislation improving working and housing conditions perverted the natural laws; Charles B. Davenport, leader of the politically powerful American eugenics movement; Harry H. Laughlin, superintendent Eugenics Record Office; Margaret Sanger, founder of the American birth control movement; Madison Grant, author of Passing of the Great Race; Lothrop Stoddar, Harvard-trained historian. See Allan Chase, The Legacy of Malthus: The Social Costs of the New Scientific Racism (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1977), pp. 12-17, 55, 163, 166-70, 343, 349, 482.

25. Ben Klassen, founder Church of the Creator, Lighthouse Point, Florida; Logos Press, Lamar, Arkansas.

26. Worldwide human cost of Communism: 143 million since 1917. Thirteen countries have fallen to Communism since 1950. “After achieving power,” said Karl Marx, “we’ll be considered monsters, but we couldn’t care less.” London Daily Telegraph, March 19, 1979, quoted in Congressional Record, April 2, 1979.

27. The Holocaust: persecution and premeditated annihilation of estimated 6 million Russian and European Jews by the Nazis, 1933-45.

28. Estimated casualties: World War I: 13 million. World War II: 35 million. Bolshevik take-over in Russia 1917-23 (Leninist period): 1,861,568. Nazi/ Soviet invasion of Poland 1939: 4,500,000 (1943: bodies of 4,243 Polish officers found in mass grave, Katyn, U.S.S.R.). [highlighted by webmaster] Communist expulsion and liquidation of citizens in Germany 1945-46: 2,923,700. Maoist executions in China 1949-50: 1,176,000. Communist suppression of uprisings in E. Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Baltic states 1945-75: 500,000. Soviet invasion of Hungary 1956: estimated from 6,500 to 32,000.

29. During World War II, London and Liverpool (England), Berlin and Cologne (Germany) were subject to repeated bombing; Allied attack on Hamburg (Germany) 1943: 40,000 killed; U.S. atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Japan) 1945: 115,000 killed.

30. More than 48 million men from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Yugoslavia, and other countries served in the Allied armies during World War II. The joint effort of Allied nations defeated the Axis powers of Nazi Germany, Italy, and Japan.

31. Dan. 12:7; Rev. 12:14. The Dark Cycle of the return of mankind’s karma began April 23, 1969, less than four months after the dictation by Gautama Buddha December 31, 1968 in which he announced the “half a time.” See Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 12, prologue, p. xi.

32. Refers to Mother’s Manifesto commissioned by Jesus and Gautama July 4, 1976 (Washington, D.C.) to counter the lies put forth in Marx’s Communist Manifesto. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Mother’s Manifesto On SALT II: The Deliverers and the Destroyers of the People in Peace and in War, A7971; On the Manipulators of Capitalism and Communism, A7938; The Coming Revolution: The Alchemical Key:1666:, A7969; The Psychology of Socialism/The KGB: Organized Terror, A7892; The Religious Philosophy of Karl Marx/The Economic Philosophy of Jesus Christ, A7896.

33. The Master of Paris, Chief of the Council of France (though not a Frenchman), is described as a tall, handsome man with courtly grace who made his ascension more than 500 years ago. His retreat is a beautiful old castlelike residence with many windows overlooking the city of Paris. See Godfré Ray King, The Magic Presence (Chicago: Saint Germain Press, 1974), pp. 188-90. See also Archangel Zadkiel, December 30, 1980, “The Sealing of the Seventh Ray.” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24, p. 71.

34. Initiations Foursquare on the Path of the Ruby Ray. See Sanat Kumara, May 27, 1979, June 3, 1979, “The Opening of the Seventh Seal.” Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 22, pp. 121-28, 136.

It takes heroic Poland—and the truth about Katyn—to show us how evil Communism is

Posted By: Ed West at May 3, 2009 at 01:24:00 [General]
Posted in: Politics , Arts
Communism, Poland, Soviet Union

I'm an unashamed Polonophile. If you grew up in a certain kind of Irish-British Catholic household in the 1980s, Poland was a heroic and tragic fairytale kingdom that, having endured the neo-pagan Nazis, was now held captive by the godless Soviets-and yet maintained its faith, chivalry and honour.

The story of medieval Christian chivalry battling against the monstrous modernists had a Tolkienesque grandeur to it (or Lucasian, you could say—Star Wars has similar themes) and the election of John Paul II, and the overthrow of the Communists in early 1989, was the end of the hero's journey. The Evil Empire was destroyed.

Katyn tells the truth about Communism

The Soviet Union was certainly evil and one of its worst moments was Katyn, the massacre of 12,000 Polish officers, policemen and intellectuals in April 1940. The Nazis discovered the bodies in 1943 but for some reason no one believed them when they said they hadn't done it this time.

Our Russians maintained this lie and the West went along with it, as we went along with Stalin's vicious colonization of our ally.

The massacre, and the subsequent battle for the truth, is the subject of an overwhelming new Polish film, Katyn. I went to a screening last week and, rarely for review screenings, there was total silence afterwards. The audience was stunned.

The last 20 minutes is incredibly powerful, certainly the most devastating account of Communism's inhumanity I have ever seen. Without much melodrama we see unarmed men being taken from trains to trucks and down into a bunker and shot.

Others are brought to the edge of the mass grave where their now lifeless friends lie in piles, and shot in the back of the head.

The men—who have mothers and sisters and wives and daughters back home—say their prayers and clutch their rosaries. Their executioners impassively murder them and then share cigarettes, before burying the bodies and bayoneting the survivors.

The horrors of Nazism are so well known they are part of the cultural landscape. But even the wrongs committed by the West during the Cold War have been endlessly chronicled in cinema, television and theatre.

Compare the number of films and plays about Senator McCarthy's victims (who lost their careers) compared to productions about Beria and Stalin's victims (who lost their lives).

It's because Western artists prefer not to tackle Left-wing tyrannies that Communism has always been given an easy ride.

People walk around with CCCP football tops, wear Che T-shirts, or go drinking in vodka bars called Revolution (an especially tasteless idea—would the council allow me to open a Nazi-themed bar called Lebensraum? Admittedly it would become a gay bar pretty soon).

When David Beckham turned up one day wearing an Adolf Eichmann T-shirt I thought maybe for one second it was a protest about the casual way mass murderers are turned into icons (what Mark in Peep Show calls the "ironic veneration of tyrants").

We shouldn't forget how bad the Soviet Union was, especially to heroic Poland.

Katyn is out on 19 June—watch it, and next time you see someone wearing a Che T-shirt, punch them.


Katyn by Andrzej Wajda WWII Behind Closed Doors

Katyn Massacre
in Polish

Translation for 140 languages by ALS

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