Archeia Mary, Vilnius, Lithuania
former Poland

"Until a correct understanding of the I AM THAT I AM be made known across the land,
governments will fall, economies will crumble, churches will come to ruin,
darkness will cover the land, famine will be present and souls will be lost."
—Mother Mary, December 31, 1977

"That which ceases to grow will cease to be. And therefore if you allow these conditions
and matrices of negativity to remain much longer you will find that they will become
the law of your life and you will have a tremendous struggle getting out of them."
—Mother Mary, December 24, 1990

"Let your lips repeat the Lord’s Prayer, and in the giving of it open, open the door
of the heart that ten thousand-times-ten thousand angels might pass through you
for your healing and for the healing of nations."—Mother Mary, October 31, 1987

"Let there then be the turning to my Heart in this hour. For I would have you know,
beloved ones, that although the Roman Church has chosen to designate my ascension
as the 'assumption' into heaven, I announce to you in this hour that I did indeed
make the 'physical' ascension."—Mother Mary

"O the image of The Twain—the Father-Mother God—so impressed upon your twin flames
descending then to planes of creativity not beneath the upper etheric octave,
there to work through the manifestation of light and light's creation by the sound
of the Word and the alchemy of the soundless sound!"—Mother Mary, August 25, 1991

To students of the Ascended Masters, Mother Mary is known as

(1) the Archeia of the Fifth Ray, the divine complement of Archangel Raphael,

(2) the Queen of Angels,

(3) the Cosmic Virgin, and

(4) the Ascended Lady Master Mary.

Mother Mary wants us to know her as the Ascended Lady Master Mary. Although she is an Archeia, she descended to earth at the behest of the Father-Mother God and took on human form to be the mother of Jesus.

In chapter 10 of Vials of the Seven Last Plagues, she tells of her experience with Archangel Raphael before the throne of Alpha and Omega when she received this mission. Mary says: “I knelt in utter surrender to the call of hierarchy and in silence before the Holy of Holies gave my life that the Word might become flesh and dwell among the inhabitants of Terra, that the Christ, the eternal Logos, might incarnate” (see Vials, pp. 66-68).

Once angels take embodiment in human form, they must walk the path of the ascension and go through all the rigors of the path of initiation of the Eastern bodhisattvas and the Western disciples in order to ascend back to God. Since most Catholics and others do not perceive Mary as an Ascended Lady Master, she wants to remind us that she entered the “lowly estate of the flesh” in order to give birth to the Christ in physical form.

Throughout her life in Palestine, she submitted herself to the path of initiation, remaining on earth after Jesus’ crucifixion in order to counsel and comfort the disciples. In preparation for that embodiment, Mary had other prior incarnations, including a lifetime on Atlantis as a temple virgin in the Temple of Truth. (See “The Soul of Mary on Earth” in My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord! pp. 25-39.)

Although she made little karma throughout her lifetimes, she balanced 100 percent of it, fulfilling the requirements for the ascension. At the conclusion of her lifetime in Palestine as the mother of Jesus, Mary ascended into heaven physically. (See no. 34, p. 450, nn. 10, 11, this volume, on the physical ascension of Mary and the Catholic doctrine of the Assumption.)

The Catholic Church has honored Mary with many titles, including the Blessed Mother, the Blessed Virgin, the Mediatrix of All Graces, the Queen of Peace, the Queen of All Saints, the Queen of Heaven and the Queen of the Universe.

The Catholic doctrine on the "assumption" of Mary and the ascension of Jesus parallels the teachings of the Ascended Masters on the physical ascension. The Catholic Church teaches that the bodies worn by Mary and Jesus on earth were translated and perfected into the incorruptible spiritual bodies they now wear in heaven. This is analogous to what the Ascended Masters teach happens in a physical ascension.

The Ascended Masters' Teachings illumine us further, however, as to how this divine alchemy actually occurs, as described by Serapis Bey above. Some points where Catholic theology and Ascended Master teaching differ are as follows:

According to Catholic doctrine, Mary and Jesus were unique because they were "conceived without sin" and remained perfectly sinless throughout their lives. Hence, it would not be meet that their physical bodies should be corrupted in a grave. In the Catholic perspective, Jesus would naturally ascend at the end of his mission because, although he had an earthly body, he also had a full divine nature.

Catholic doctrine holds that because Mary was human like us, she is an "exception to the rule" in that she did not have to wait until the Second Coming of Christ for her bodily resurrection. The Ascended Masters set before each of us the goal of balancing at least 51 percent of our karma and ascending at the end of this life. They teach that it is possible—if we balance 95 to 100 percent of our karma—to ascend physically. However, we have each lived many times before.

The Ascended Masters teach that the path of karma-balancing and spiritual progress
leading to the ascension is not accomplished in one lifetime but through many incarnations. The many bodies worn during the soul's earthly sojourn are not resurrected at the end of time; but all souls who ascend, whether in a physical ascension or not, are permanently clothed at the hour of their ascension in their Ascended-Master Light Body.

Jesus and Mary set the example for all to follow. They are joined in heaven by countless saints who have also attained their soul's victory through the divinely ordained ritual of the ascension.

"Those who have a mouth for Christ and a hand for Lucifer—as another of my sons has said —must therefore realize that the Day of the Lord's Vengeance is truly at hand and it will be fulfilled according to God's cycles and by his angels as the law does determine it."

Mother Mary
May 15, 1983

" . . . Now how does one claim the perfection which according to outer appearances does not seem yet to appear? again I must refer you to the constant practice of turning one's attention to the Holy Christ Self within one's beating heart, which Holy Christ Self is the immaculate concept of each one's own true being.

" . . . One-pointedness and simplicity are not too dissimilar and it has been said that simplicity is the keynote of understanding.

" . . . Let me say to you today in the deepest love I can release that the simplicity of just being one's self is a very wonderful way to begin the perfecting of one's worth.

" . . . A builder of sacred hearts I AM "

Mother Mary
June 5, 1959

"And when you give the Hail Mary, even then the violet flame is released. For Mother Mary has determined in counsel with us, with the Darjeeling Council, that in response to the Hail Mary said by those of the new age there shall be accordingly a release from her heart of her own full-gathered momentum of the violet flame from her own causal body of Light. And this is the desire of Raphael. This is the desire of Mother Mary. And this shall be the emanation forthcoming, therefore, of their retreat over Portugal, beloved. Let it continue. Let grace flow."
Saint Germain

"We, the Seven Archangels, have given to the Messenger a tremendously powerful asset. That asset, beloved, is a simple call, and it requires that you make that call nine times for each set of the Seven Archangels and the eighth.

" . . . If you do this each morning and each evening, there will not only be a powerful step-up of consciousness throughout the planetary body but also many souls of light will be rescued by our Mother flames. Not only the Archangels but also the Archeiai will move with you.

"Archangel Michael and Faith!
Archangel Jophiel and Christine!
Archangel Chamuel and Charity!
Archangel Gabriel and Hope!
Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary!
Archangel Uriel and Aurora!
Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst!
Archangel Uzziel and His Twin Flame!"

Beloved Mother Mary
and the Seven Archangels
Oct. 11, 1997

Immaculate Heart of Mary
Torn with Pain

" . . . And when the triumph of an individual's faith brings him at last out of the smoke of doubt and self-delusion into the fire of cosmic purpose how very wonderful is the counsel of God to each one concerning his life that is so precious.

"Each life like a locket around the neck of the living God is the fulfillment of a wish He made as He fashioned the soul, a wish for its creative expression and for the best gifts to adorn the christ aborning in each one of His children."

Mother Mary
October 24, 1971

"I come, therefore, on a singular mission from our Father, once again as the handmaid of Helios and Vesta. And the Father has said to me: 'Go, beloved. Go, beloved Mary. For I place in thy Hand the rod of authority for the utter annihilation of world atheism known as World Communism and solidified in a political and economic conspiracy against my own. Go, beloved Mother! Go, beloved Mary! For in thy Hand is my Power to overturn that system complete.'

"Thus, I am here. I am here in the physical octave in the name of Saint Germain, my beloved Raphael. And the blessed ones Jesus and Magda have said, 'Our dearest Mother, we will not send you alone. We will stand to your right and to your left as the bodhisattvas of the Buddhic light within thy heart. We will come, we will be there, and we will teach thine own the mystery of thy word and thy presence and thy womb. We will teach at all levels. We will permeate the planetary body with thy presence! We will form the nucleus, by our twin flames, of the circle of light of the universal Camelot, the universal One, for the healing of earth, the purging of earth!'

" . . . Beloved ones, the force of the rosary when spoken at dawn is a sealing of the planet in walls and walls of Light—and They Shall Not Pass! They Shall Not Penetrate! and the little ones shall know the Day of the Sun. May the implementation be the sign of the wise, the joyous, and those whose hope transcends an age of cynicism, defeatism, and all of the sordid that has ever come forth out of the pits of Death and Hell in the name of world socialism.

"I raise my Right Hand, therefore, in the release of the Judgment of the Cosmic Virgin, the cosmic force of Omega passed through your hearts, delivered by angels:

"You! fallen angels, reprobate ones. You! who have gone forth from our Father’s kingdom, you who have slain Woman and then her offspring. You! who have challenged the living Word and crucified my Son:

"I AM the Presence of the Mother Universal. I drive back by the lightning of the Sun this day, and the full force of the Sun behind the sun, all which you have ever sent forth as that hatred, and hatred multiplied, of the universal Word and your envy and your lust and your revenge.

"Be! it upon you in this hour in the full force of the clap and the thunder of the Cosmic Virgin who does rescue her own and raise on high the Universal Manchild that He may live in the hearts of all.



"I AM in the heart of the saint and the child and the supplicant—the votive. I AM the indivisible Word, the Shakti, the force of the creative Power. I release it to devour all! of your works, all! of your planetary schemes. Their matrix is collapsed in this instant.

"By! the Power of the universal Mother-force, by! the Power of the Great Central Sun, I AM the rainbow rays of God, I AM the Light streaming forth, touching every race and nation, touching with the Light of the crown of the Cosmic Virgin every child of God, every son and daughter.

"Those who lay on the battlefield of Life because of you!—they are raised up! You are judged and bound! for the shedding of the blood of man, woman, child, and beast. Thus, you and your warfare, rolled! up therefore, is collapsed—the scroll thereof in the etheric plane, the mental belt, the astral. And by the Decree of the Word of the Holy Spirit in the Father and the Son manifest in the disciples of the living Word worldwide, your civilizations and schemes and forces and darkness and armies shall crumble!

"And my angels are the living Shield. Tempt them not! For to tempt them is to invite the wrath of the universal Kali.

"I AM Mary the Mother. I come for the vindication of all sons and daughters of God.

"By the Mother Flame does the Judgment go forth! Take heed, then, ye fallen ones! For the Judgment has descended in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, but the era of the implementation of the Judgment of the Woman and her legions of Light is come. And this is the sign and the trembling in the cup of the Judgment in the physical octave such as not been seen before.

"You think by the same subtleties of temptation you will cause my own to forget the rosary. Well, I tell you, they have not forgot the Judgment Call of my Son. They have not forgot! And by its very repetition, the cycles have turned. You! have come to naught. Your! darkness does not prevail.

"And therefore, the Mother steps through the veil. And the Mother of the World is come in the flesh, in the blood of Her own children. You cannot defeat Her, for She is everywhere universally, even in those whom you think are your own slaves—those of my heart of Mother Russia and China and Poland and Czechoslovakia and Hungary and Nicaragua.

"You think they serve your cause. Look again—for they, too, are the fiery saints! And they will turn and rend you, and your armies shall be decimated and your ranks shall be no more. They shall be divided and they—they shall desert the slaughter of my own, their own.

"In other words, you! have no Power! For the Power you have used is the Power of the Universal Mother. It is withdrawn from you this day. And no stimulus of Hell or Death itself or of the dead/wounded shall be to you any longer the staying of the Hand [Judgment of Mother Mary] by their life-force, which you have drunk as their blood, against the Day of Reckoning and the Day of the Judgment.

"There is no time or space allowed any longer for that karma-dodging. The act and the reaction of all Cosmos to that act are one and the same. In the very hour of thy infamy and blasphemy, you! thou fallen ones out of the pit, shall know the descent of the Word of the Woman.

"Thus, out of the mouth of babes and children and youth, of heads whitened with years and eyes ready to close in this octave, the Word shall yet go forth. And the single word spoken—'They shall not pass! In the name of the Cosmic Virgin, It is done!'—shall be enough. And the Right hand shall be unto you all! of your Death and Hell that you have ever besmirched Cosmos with.

"I AM Mary, and the hour of the Woman clothed with the Sun is come. Know, then, O devotees of the Mother, that truly thou art in the Mother, thou art the Mother and the issue of her womb. By myself, my handmaid, and know truly the victory and God-Mastery of the Feminine Ray through the God nad Goddess Meru."

Mother Mary
August 26, 1984

" . . . Let the Christ in you magnetize those individuals, those loving and willing and worthy and capable chelas whom you require—and more importantly that the Ascended Masters El Morya and Saint Germain require—to create a planetary Diamond Heart of spiritual freedom. Yes, though we cover this planet round, though we bring angels into the atmosphere of Earth, a Diamond Heart which is the center of the spiritual foundation which is to be the predominant focus for the next two thousand years shall be sustained, for I, Mary, established the beginning of it."

Mother Mary
August 15, 1958

The Kruzlowa Madonna (c.1410), Poland
delicate and exquisitely carved and painted limewood statue,
now in the National Muzeum in Krakow
discovered by Stanislaw Wyspianski

"What is she doing in a big museum between stained glass windows?
The Madonna is from Kruzlowa, a shrine in southern Poland.
She turns her face to the South—to Kruzlowa—where she belongs."
—Jerzy Harasymowicz, Madonna from Kruzlowa

"Great is the power of Mother Mary’s intercession on behalf of your households and your families. You would do well to play the audiocassettes of her Scriptural Rosaries for the New Age upon arising. Your Mother does not mind if you recite them as you prepare for the day or drive to work, if that is the only time you have. But she urges you to sustain contact with her Immaculate Heart through the rosary, for thereby you empower her to restore your soul to wholeness."

Elohim Apollo and Lumina
April 11, 1993

"Blessed ones, the so-called Catholic view of Mother Mary is not the Ascended Master
reality and you must come to understand this. As beautiful and divine as the Blessed Mother is in this tradition, you can see in her a more universal and cosmic manifestation that does represent so many facets of the Universal Woman, even the Woman clothed with the Sun, even my Mary.

"Blessed hearts, therefore Mary does descend with me and with our legions even into the astral plane. And she does speak as a very stern mother, even as Kali herself, to rebuke those who are there who have not listened to their teachers and who are the rebellious ones. Do you think they treat her any better than she is treated in this world by those outside of the circle of Catholicism? In some cases, I tell you nay. But for the sake of the souls who are entrapped by the fallen ones she does preach, I do preach, and so do our legions.

"Do you understand, beloved? You preach the Truth when you see, or perhaps do not see, that a soul of Light is trapped by the sophists, by the fallen ones in their faulty reasoning and their misuse of the divine Logos in logic and debate. Thus, beloved, you preach to them, but it is the soul that is in awe of their mechanized brilliance that you have come to deliver. Thus it is well to know how to defeat these fallen ones by the sword of Truth."

Archangel Raphael
April 9, 1989

Surrendering Your Pains

"Oh yes, beloved, you do not need to labor long in this sense of pain. You have come to this altar erected in this city and so you may leave your pains upon the altar.

"It is what you can see that will make the difference. Can you not see now, as angels surround you and the blessedness of your heart, that there is transformation, there is transmutation? Oh, it is necessary to let go and how hard it is to let go! There seems to be a need for justification or some sense that justice has been done.

"Oh, indeed, justice is done! Justice is present in the earth in every angel, in the heart of every saint and Ascended Master. The Archangels are living emissaries of the Divine Justice of God.

"Fear not, for the greatest justice of all [has been done] to you [and for you], which is surely God’s mercy as well. For you have come to the place where you know that Justice has been fulfilled, has performed her work as the handmaid of the great Lawgiver, the Almighty God. [And you know] that the Law is, shall be and has been satisfied concerning all wrongs that you perceive have ever been committed against you.

"[Therefore, in the future] put [all seeming injustices] into the hands of angels. I am an angel, called the Queen of Angels, and I have many hands like the Divine Mother. I can take all these things.

"Can you not release them to me, beloved ones?”

Mother Mary
October 10, 1992

Annunciation—Stained Glass
"My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.
For He has regarded the lowly state of His maidservant; For behold,
henceforth all generations will call me blessed. For He who is mighty
has done great things for me, and holy is His name. And His mercy
is on those who fear Him from generation to generation. He has shown
strength with His arm; He has scattered the proud in the imagination
of their hearts. He has put down the mighty from their thrones,
and exalted the lowly. He has filled the hungry with good things,
and the rich He has sent away empty. He has helped His servant Israel,
in remembrance of His mercy, as He spoke to our fathers,
to Abraham and to his seed forever."—Luke 1:46-55

"'Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy
which will be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city
of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be the sign to you:
You will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger.'
And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host
praising God and saying: 'Glory to God in the highest,
and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!"'—Luke 2:10-14

"Mother is a fountain of life that is deep inside, and it is awakened in our life by our earthly mother. The tie that we have to mother on earth is intended to be a tie to Mother in heaven. Unfortunately, not all earthly mothers reflect our heavenly Mother, and sometimes we carry a deep-seated ambivalence regarding Mother and the meaning of Mother in our life.

"Regardless of experiences that we have had, positive or negative, beyond the earthly veil of the one we call mother is the Divine Mother shining through, playing hide-and-seek with us.
In her laughter, in her sternness, in her eye we find the compassion of our Father.

"You have heard me say I am in love with the Buddha. Well, I can also tell you that I am in love with the Mother.

"The Divine Mother takes many forms. I can remember discovering Mother Mary when I was in college in Boston. Having been brought up outside of the Catholic faith, I was alienated from Mary. This alienation was based on ignorance and misunderstanding and that inbred prejudice that we find in our culture regarding many aspects of life.

"One day I received a copy of a dictation by Mary, the Mother of Jesus, given through the messenger Mark Prophet, who later became my husband. I remember walking down the street on my lunch hour reading her dictation, and all of a sudden that fountain within me
was quickened and I knew the presence of the Motherhood of God for the first time in this life.
I knew it through that contact with the Blessed Virgin. Suddenly the whole earth and the sky and everything around me was filled with the presence of Mother Mary.

"I felt Mary speaking directly to my heart. She was saying, 'I am here. I am real. I am your Mother.' And I knew such a comfort and such a flame of oneness with the soul of one who magnified the LORDone whom I had known before. I knew that Mary was not only the Mother of God but also a friend, an intimate of all who would seek her.

"I later learned, as she explained it to me, that the appellation 'Mother of God,' which men have given to her, is not something that should be an offense to us. The correct understanding of this title enables us to realize that the role of all feminine beings is to mother, or to nourish, the God flame incarnate on earth.

"What does this mean? It means that in our role as mothers, as sisters, as daughters and as wives we are on earth to exemplify a spark of God, as God is the universal Mother. Mother Mary came to give birth to Jesus Christ, and therefore she nourished the flame of God that burned upon the altar of his heart and provided the form that cradled the infinite Spirit. She did this not as the exception to the rule but as an example for all womankind to follow . . . "

Elizabeth C. Prophet. Inner Perspectives:
A Guidebook for the Spiritual Journey
Summit University Press. p. 273-74

"Above all, beloved, when there is no answer or solution (or decision forthcoming) to a particular knotty problem on the world scene, at home, or in the Church, I ask you to call to my heart. For my Immaculate Heart does hold the original blueprint for every event and eventuality that could come forth out of the creation of God. It is a very strong inner blueprint, and it may be called up on the screen of the mind before you in your sanctuaries.

"This blueprint, therefore, by contrast to the state of the problem as it appears to you, will show you the distance traveled between the original will of God and that which has come down to you as the mess that mortals make of the will of God. So, beloved, as you see that which is the equation of the perfection and the imperfection, you may attempt to pull some strands and begin to weave some substance of a likeness to that blueprint.

"But in another sense you will come to understand it is important to take the whole ball of wax of human confusion and cast it into the sacred fire and the violet flame and immediately call for the replacement of that failed test or initiation with the original blueprint being clothed upon with the substance of the Body and Blood of Christ. In this way it is often accomplished ever so more quickly that you may build anew after you have torn down the old order."

Mother Mary

"In the [process of the] transmutation and dissolution of worlds of karma with various mother figures, I do exhort you to select one Ascended Lady Master such as Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Liberty and to give such intense devotion to that image and that flame that through that heart you might dissolve all separation from the Mother of Cosmos.

"In your desiring to accomplish this, beloved, as long as the fervor be intense you may elect to give this devotion to more than one. What is required, however, is that an intensity of devotion be given to one; and then if you can increase and multiply it by also embodying the flame of another, you should surely do so."

"The representative of the World Mother is in this room, a resplendent being of Light. She has come to place her crown just two inches above your head that you might feel the presence of that crown and make as your goal the winning of the crown of everlasting Life.

"This crown is won by the overcomers. It is your assignment from my heart (for it comes from the heart of God) to be overcomers in the way, to overcome everything that is sent to you. And though the bowling balls keep rolling down the alley toward you, each one is overcome. This is what life expects of you and what you must expect of yourself in life—to overcome all things coming your way from the 360 degrees of the circle of self. Then, you see, overcoming Darkness with Light, you shall rise to levels where all that can be sent to you is Light! Light! Light! And immediately you shall direct that Light out again for the piercing of Darkness around those who yet know not the way of the overcomers.

"Be ye overcomers, I say, and be not defeated, neither by the defeatist attitude nor by the negative spirals of anyone or anything. Insulate yourselves from negative media and the constant sounds and images of television that are so damaging to the finer bodies. Force the world to be silent in your home—in your abode where you commune with God. Shut it out except when something important is to be let in."

Nicholas Roerich

"I therefore seek from among you those who will identify yourselves as rescuers, those who will rescue the lightbearers who have come with a mantle yet have no backing from the world, no protection, no practical theology that they can apply. Blessed ones, these are the lonely ones. They are on the cutting edge in every field, and yet they are often not supported but rather put down and set back.

" . . . Blessed ones, there are those in the earth who have the talent and the capacity to change the course of civilization, and some of you are counted among them. Yet there is a dearth of knowledge as to how to challenge the seed of the Wicked One as he does send his legions to defy the servants of God and to undo all that God has planned for them. Thus, the golden age, which should be in place with many advanced souls contributing to its unfoldment, is not manifesting in the physical octave."

Gautama Buddha

Madonna of the Steps, Michelangelo

"Dear hearts, the moment of the release of my own Purple Fiery Heart this day is come. And I open now the orifice of my own being for a release to America, the world, and every true friend of my heart. I count myself fortunate to have many friends upon earth, not the least of which are yourselves.

"Blessed ones, to these friends who have stood with me—tried and true in the testings of life —I send the momentum and dispensation from the heart of Helios and Vesta for the opening of the highways for the path of Self-discovery, that my friends of light might not only know me in the silent recesses of their hearts but know me in the fullness of the face-to-face encounter with the ascended master octaves that has been our goal for so long.

"Therefore, I send forth the violet flame! Therefore, I release the violet flame! Therefore, I anchor my Purple Fiery Heart in the heart of every Keeper of the Flame where the threefold flame of Life burns, where the sacred fire is touched by Sanat Kumara, where the strengthening of the will has already been known through the precious diamond of Morya.

"There I come—and here I AM! I AM here in the fullness of the joy of regeneration. Be then regenerated in the fullness of the violet flame! Be then exalted, as God would be exalted in you and as he would lift you up, as the Saint Christopher raised up the Christ Child to bear him over the waters of life.

"So be lifted up by the buoyant manifestation of my Purple Fiery Heart! Be lifted up by the same love that I gave to our Lord Jesus. Be lifted, then, by that love of consolation, of tenderness and comfort, of joy and promise and hope!

"The vision of the New Jerusalem is on high; and the vision of all that the fallen ones propose is beneath. Let us sweep it out of the way by the rolling momentum of violet flame, as I set myself before Alpha and Omega in this hour to be the open door for the transfer of light from the heart of God to your own very fiery hearts of freedom!

"I pray that in my coming to you in these recent months, your momentum of devotion to freedom and to the violet flame has also increased. I pray that you will know that we are with you as you consider and study what are the consequences of each move you make, each decision you take to expend your life, energy, and supply in our purposes."

Saint Germain

"I say this day, this hour of Wesak, make your peace with the Mother, with the mother who has borne you in this life, with mothers of previous lifetimes, good and bad. Come to the heart of Mother Mary and Kuan Yin. Come to the heart, beloved, and be healed.

"If you desire to punish the Mother for your sense of abandonment, look in the mirror of self and see how you have walked away from her and kept walking because you could not sustain her chastening love that would infire you, that would place you in God's kiln and make you a permanent part of his being.

"Prepare for the firing, beloved, for without the firing there is no permanence to the clay. Without the chastening love there is not the ability of the soul to meet the trial by fire, fire for fire.

"Welcome, then, the mitigating violet flame that caresses you as mercy and compassion and transmutation! Be so absorbed in this flame that all things dissolve and there is no more memory and no more night and no more tears and no more burdens or death or dying, for all of this disappears in the sunlight of the smile of the Cosmic Virgin.

"Yes, beloved, I am Gautama, devotee of the Divine Mother, servant of the living Christ, sponsor of many sons of God. I call my own. I call those who call themselves Buddhists but have allowed the flame of Buddha to go out.

"What is Buddhism except the igniting of the internal being of God? Not a name or a mantra or a ritual or an ancient teaching dried up can convey to you the living Buddha."

Gautama Buddha
Wesak Address
April 28, 1991

Pieta. Michelangelo

'In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust!'

"By this mantra you tell yourself, 'I have surely done what my Lord has required of me this day. I have put my hand diligently to accomplish this end and purpose and this service. Therefore, I place in the heart of Mother Mary all that I am and all that I am to be and all that I must accomplish.'

"Think of those things that you know you must do. Think of who you know you are and what you can be to God on earth. Think of these things and how impossible they may seem. The more impossible they seem, beloved, the more possible they are! This is a truth you should know. And thus, you say in your heart, 'In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust!' Visualize the heart of Mother Mary as a sphere the size of the cosmos, immaculate and immaculately perceiving your divine plan.

"All is not lost because you made a mistake. All is not lost because you have tripped, you have fallen, you have digressed, you have taken a backward step. These things are remediable when your heart is right. And when your heart is right, your regret will be great enough to assist you in not
repeating the same mistakes again and again.

"Some of you look like a rote robot going up and down five steps perpetually—up five steps, down five steps, up five steps, down five steps.

"Would you like to envision yourself doing this all day, beloved? ["No!"]

"Well, sometimes you have done it for months and lifetimes. No wonder some angels become weary and ask for an R and R in the Central Sun!

"So, you see, beloved, you must have enough regret to stop all human nonsense. Do it one by one and piece by piece and concentrate on certain areas. But when you have the victory and the vision of a particular aspect of yourself, then keep it. Keep it and hold it. Sustain it with the mantra 'In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust!' This means:

"I have done my all. I have done my best. I have taken the [necessary] human footsteps. Now I know not what shall be or where I shall go but I know one thing: the fruit of my labor shall be forthcoming through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and I trust in the geometry of that Heart, the wholeness of
it, the love of it and the care of the Cosmic Virgin for me personally as a soul.

"Therefore I say to the entire sinister force, to all of you who represent the false hierarchy and the individual false-hierarchy impostors of myself on the Path, those black magicians who would imitate me and deny me my Christhood—to you and to all and to God and to the entire hosts of the Lord I proclaim on earth this day:

"In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust!

"In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust!

"In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust!

"It is a sealing action. When you open the door, Mother Mary then seals you in her heart and in that trust, and you are building steel bridges from your heart to the heart of Mother Mary. I speak of bridges that are strong and that many after you will use to make that transit from the lower to the
higher octave.

"Yes, beloved, nothing of doubt and fear can occupy the mind when this becomes your mantra, and I heartily recommend [that you use] it when you take the precious drops of Mother Mary's golden elixir. So then, as you take those drops you will say, 'In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I trust!' And
you will visualize the Healing Thoughtform around you, Mother Mary's Electronic Presence over you, and the mighty Electronic Presence of Archangel Raphael himself, which you can take from [the photograph of his statue on] the cover of The Healing Power of Angels. Such a magnificent statue is this, beloved! Yes, see that beauty of [both] Raphael and Mother Mary! And see yourself locked inside of their auras.

" . . . Blessed ones, if the fallen ones could sink Atlantis by the misuse of sound, then you can see Atlantis rise by the correct use of sound!"

Oromasis and Diana
July 7, 1991

" . . . Know well, precious hearts, that I am in this court, as my Electronic Presence is over my statue, and that you have recourse to me. This recourse will increase as you make the mantra of the Hail Mary one that sings in your heart and as you pray, 'My Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy upon my soul!' O the mantras of perpetual prayer! These are what establish and reinforce the ties of your heart to the intimacy of the secret chamber of my Heart."

Mother Mary
August 22, 1992

"Immaculate concept: The pure concept or image of the soul held in the Mind of God; any pure thought held by one part of life for and on behalf of another part of life; the essential ingredient to every alchemical experiment without which it will not succeed. The ability to hold the image
of the perfect pattern to be precipitated, to see the vision of a project complete, to draw a mental picture, to retain it and to fill it in with light and love and joy—these are keys to the science of the immaculate concept taught by Mother Mary as well as the Master Alchemist.
The exercise of the inner sight through the third eye is a process of purification whereby, as Jesus said, 'If thine eye be single—and singly, one-pointedly focused upon the beloved God —thy whole body shall be full of Light'—i.e., of Christ's illumining Presence.

"God is the supreme practitioner of the science of the immaculate concept. No matter how far man might wander from his (true) individuality, God ever beholds man in the image of reality in which He created him . . . This science of the immaculate concept is practiced by every angel in heaven. It is that law which is written in the inward parts of man, known by his very heart of hearts, yet dim in the memory of his outer mind. It is based on the visualization of a perfect idea which then becomes a magnet that attracts the creative energies of the Holy Spirit to his being to fulfill the pattern held in mind."

Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth C. Prophet Climb the Highest Mountain
2d ed., pp. 48-50, 155


1.. Day and time of the "Hour of Grace": December 8, Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
tbegin at 12 Noon and continue until 1 PM (one full hour of prayer).

2.. During this hour a person celebrates the "Hour of Grace" either at home or in a church; no distractions (do not answer the telephone or the door, totally concentrate on your union with God during this special "Hour of Grace").

3.. Begin the "Hour of Grace" by reciting the Fifty-first Psalm with outstretched arms three times.

4.. The rest of the "Hour of Grace" may be spent in silent communion with God, meditating upon the Passion of Jesus, saying the Holy Rosary, praising God in your own way or by using favorite prayers, singing hymns, meditating upon other Psalms, etc.

PSALM Fifty One

The Miserere: Prayer of Repentance. A psalm of David when Nathan the prophet came to him after his sin with Bathsheba

1.. Have mercy upon me, O God, according to Thy loving kindness: according unto the multitude of Thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions.
2.. Wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin.
3.. For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me.
4.. Against Thee, Thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in Thy sight: that Thou mightest be justified when Thou speakest, and be clear when Thou judgest.
5.. Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.
6.. Behold, Thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part Thou shalt make me to know wisdom.
7.. Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.
8.. Make me to hear joy and gladness: that the bones which Thou hast broken may rejoice.
9.. Turn away Thy Face from my sins and blot out all mine iniquities.
10.. Create in me a clean heart, O God: and renew a right spirit within me.
11.. Cast me not away from Thy presence: and take not Thy Holy Spirit from me.
12.. Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation: and uphold me with Thy free Spirit.
13.. Then will I teach transgressors Thy ways: and sinners shall be converted unto Thee.
14.. Deliver me from blood guilt. O God, thou God of my salvation: and my tongue shall sing aloud of Thy justice.
15.. O Lord, open Thou my lips: and my mouth shall proclaim Thy praise.
16.. For Thou desirest not sacrifice: else would I give it: Thou delightest not in burnt offering.
17.. My sacrifice, O God, is a contrite spirit: a heart contrite and humbled, O God, Thou wilt not despise.
18.. Be bountiful, O Lord, to Sion in Thy kindness by rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.
19.. Then shalt Thou be pleased with sacrifices of righteousness, with burnt offerings and holocausts: then shall they offer bullocks upon Thine altar.


Medjugorje Virgin and Child

Mary's Miraculous Medal
Rosa Mystica
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