Archanioł Michał
Książę Archaniołów


Archanioł Michał
Książę Archaniołów

"We are the advocates of freedom. We clear the way! We clear the pathway for the avatars
and the legions of Saint Germain. We clear the way for the coming of the Son of God.
And we clear the way for the birth of the Manchild within you"! – Archangel Michael, July 2, 1981

Archangel Michael is the Prince of the Archangels, the first among equals unto whom all other Archangels and their legions defer. He has been given the title Defender of the Faith and is known as the champion of the Woman and her seed and the leader of the Lord's hosts in the battle of Armageddon. He stands as the protector of the Buddhic and Christic consciousness in all children of God. His name means “Who is as God?”

This deliverer sent to us by the LORD has figured as the greatest and most revered of angels in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scripture. In the Old Testament he is described as the guardian of Israel. He appeared to Joshua as he prepared to lead the Israelites into battle at Jericho, revealing himself as Captain of the Host of the LORD. The Book of Daniel prophesies his intercession on behalf of God's people during a coming “time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation,” when he will stand “for the children of thy people” who shall be delivered by his intercession.

In Jewish mystical literature and legend Archangel Michael is identified as the “angel of the Lord” who appeared to Moses in a flame in the bush that burned with the sacred fire of God but was not consumed. He is the angel who wrestled with Jacob, guided Israel through the wilderness, destroyed the army of Sennacherib, and saved the three Hebrew boys from Nebuchadnezzar's fiery furnace.

The Book of Enoch describes him as “one of the holy angels, who, presiding over human virtue, commands the nations.” In The War of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness, one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Michael is the “mighty, ministering angel” through whom God promises to “send perpetual help” to the sons of Light.

As “Saint Michael,” he is venerated by Catholics as patron and protector of the Church. In the early Christian community he was revered for the miraculous cures wrought by his intercession. The beloved Archangel was also among the three heavenly visitors who revealed to Joan of Arc her mission to deliver France.

Revelation 12 tells of the Archangel's key role as the defender of the Woman clothed with the sun and her Universal Manchild; with his angels he casts “the dragon and his angels” out of heaven into the earth. And in Revelation 16 he is the first of the seven angels to “pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth,” marking the descending woes, the seven last plagues, of mankind's karma returning to their doorstep their misuses of God's light.

Elizabeth C. Prophet

" . . . I tell you then that to maintain the platform for evolution you must seal yourself in the protection of Archangel Michael. You must actually make invocations for the protection of your chakras both at the ethereal and the physical plane—the nerve centers, especially for the heart, and then naming the various organs that are key to the functioning of your physical body.

"You must call for a helmet of light for the protection of your minds, for I tell you truly that many of the children of light who have had the teaching and the understanding of the ascended masters—those who have attended our classes and studied our dictations—have entered into spirals of neglect through ignorance, through a loss of memory.

"And this loss of the memory of the masters—of our voice, of our teaching, of our pleading, of the healings that have been bestowed—this loss of memory is a penetration of astral microbes between the memory and the mental body, a division of the alpha spiral, a split in consciousness. The fallen ones know that to destroy the memory is to destroy the identity."

December 10, 1975

" . . . Therefore I call to all Lightbearers of the earth in this hour to truly build an altar to the Lord and an altar to myself, Archangel Michael. And I call for this as Mother Mary has appeared and called for the building of churches in her name. For to me is given the dispensation—and that dispensation [is] to bind the hordes of Death and Hell and to work an extraordinary work for the Keepers of the Flame in this activity.

"Thus, we do announce to you the beginning of that inner work that must proceed for many of the Lightbearers on earth for the clearing of records which do impede the full work of the Teaching Centers and Study Groups and individual chelas in the service of the Light."

Archangel Michael
December 6, 1985

... I say what you must one day say:

"O mountain of human-adversity/perversity consciousness, be gone! Be thou removed and cast into the sacred fire! For I know that I am a son, a daughter of God and I walk the Homeward path. You shall no longer stand in my way, for I am in the heart of Michael Archangel and Michael Archangel is in the heart of me"!

"... There is a decree and a fiat and a call and a sacred ritual for every possible situation. Therefore come and learn what is the antidote for each specific situation you face in life".

"God is a wondrous God! God dwells amongst and in his people. God is in the earth unrecognized. God is indeed everywhere, yet God is personified in the Atman within you".

Archangel Michael
February 21, 1993

" . . . decree for the protection of the holy office of the chelas of the will of God and of this christed nation to lead the world in the victory over sin and death and the diseases of the body temple and the infiltration of world communism, totalitarian movements, fascism, socialism, and above all [over] the abuse of the free market economy through the abuse of the Republic and the democracy and of the democracy in the Republic which is founded upon the rock of Christ . . . [May there be the exposure that] war itself is the abuse of the Mother-light."

Archangel Michael
April 11,1982

Archangel Michael
relief from the Chartres Cathedral

"Therefore let you who compromise, who equivocate, who convince yourselves that you do the will of God while denying our First Cause and our best servants understand this: that the vibration of True Blue can never be counterfeited . . . For what have we raised up a Messenger? I tell you it is not to tend the discarnates and demons that you keep in your spirit of compromise with the will of God".

Archangel Michael
January 1, 1989

"Therefore do not convey to the little ones or to the new students a certain secularism regarding the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. There is not a secular vibration in our teaching, beloved. Every word we speak and that is spoken by the Messenger comes out of the Spirit cosmos and it has a sheath of holiness.

Do not be tempted to step down the Teachings to an intellectual or an academic or an emotional format but have the holiness in your aura whereby you sweep up by that aura those in your audiences, those who come to hear the Word, and they are in the rapture of the holiness of God and therefore know the communication because it is transmitted [to them] through the Messenger through you by the Holy Spirit. And only the word that is transferred by the Holy Spirit will work change in another! Know that, beloved. Seek the quickening and know that the Archangels are empowered to transfer to you a mighty light. And yet that [presence of the] Holy Spirit must be a point of enlightenment whom you obey.

Therefore listen, listen to the still small voice within. Abide the promptings of your soul and your heart. Hearken unto your God and create the spaces of thinking, meditating, visualizing or simply stilling the mind, stilling the outer 'things upon things' that come upon you, until you hear your God speaking to you of your mission, of your love that is God's and of those things to which you must pay attention in order to have your victory on the morrow and on the next day and on the next".

Archanioł Michał

"Beloved ones, I have much to attend to, for there are many areas of the world that need my help. I will go forth confident that as you know exactly what these areas are, you will be mindful that I also need the action of Archangel Michael's Rosary that that which can be done for the government of this nation and all nations might be secured and that the fallen ones and the spies and the enemies of Truth and Life be bound, that they might not move in and take the dispensations that I am able to give of light and action toward a more perfect world, a world of union and understanding and the universality of Being and the entering in to the very nature of God".

"... Yes, beloved, as far as I am concerned, I can only express gratitude to you for producing and using the tapes you have dedicated to me – the rosary and the songs and decrees.* Yes, beloved, thanks to you, my name has been heard throughout the earth and I have stamped my electronic vibration upon every erg [of energy] and grain [of sand] of this planet".


* Archangel Michael's Rosary for Armageddon, prayers, decrees and hymns to invoke the assistance of Archangel Michael, the hosts of the Lord and the nine choirs of angels for the resolution of personal and planetary problems and for the binding of the forces of Evil attacking the children and youth of the world; 90-min. audiocassette of rosary, dictation by Archangel Michael and songs to the angels with 36-page booklet

Archangel Michael
August 11, 1991

Archeia Faith
Archangel Michael's Complement
William Morris Stained Glass Window, Cumbria, UK
Faith by Henry Holiday

"I am Faith, guardian of the flame of Michael the Archangel. I ensoul the Mother light of faith in the mission of my beloved. I stand with the women of the world and with the Woman clothed with the Sun, the defender of the God consciousness.

I am that consciousness rising as the bow of faith from which the arrows of hope and charity are sent by the hand of the Eternal Archer to the hearts of the children of God everywhere. I hold the immaculate concept for your faith, and I keep the home fires burning while Michael and his legions go forth to do battle with the dragon and his fallen angels. Women of the worldyou to whom is given in this moment of cosmic destiny the opportunity to keep the flame for the sons and daughters of Godcome to me as I draw you close to my heart of living faith".

Archeia Faith

"... Let there be the use of Archangel Michael's sword! Cut from yourself the ties to the underworld lest you be sucked into it by a force beyond your own. Simply take the sword, use it as demonstrated by the Messenger and declare yourself free from those pulls from beneath.

Plunge that sword into the demons, into the grotesque forms that linger at the partial openings of the mouths of the bottomless pit in this state and elsewhere upon the planet! Be free from those ties, beloved, for your victory is very close; yet by your own measurement [it is] at times very far, simply by your neglect to be it".

Serapis Bey
December 29, 1990

"Therefore let you who compromise, who equivocate, who convince yourselves that you do the will of God while denying our First Cause and our best servants understand this: that the vibration of True Blue can never be counterfeited! It can never be mistaken beloved; either you have it or you do not.

".. For what have we raised up a Messenger? I tell you it is not to tend the discarnates and demons that you keep in your spirit of compromise with the will of God".

Archangel Michael
September 29, 1989

St. Michael and the Dragon
by Guido Reni, Capuchin Church, Rome

"True it is that men and women can pity an age that becomes wedded to materialism. True it is that men and women can see in the fulfillment of their earthly dreams the shaping of reality. But it is also true, and more so, that spiritual goals and spiritual realities span the centuries and exalt the senses out of their limited communion with wells of matter into the cloud-capped domes of celestial spires.

How real is heaven! How real is the invisible world! How real is the world of fire – that is, the fire of the Spirit! How erroneous it is for men and women to linger carelessly in the sacking thoughts of mere mortal life, bypassing those opportunities that often do not come again when desired, while the hand of life stands ready to bestow upon them the joys of heavenly octaves and the power of the Christ consciousness. We pray, then, in full faith that the drawing magnitude of Archangel Michael and his legions of blue-flame angels may continue to send out into the world everywhere their magnificent songs of faith and praise. What a pity that many do not hear these songs. What a pity that the sounds of the world drown out the magnificent oratorios of the heavenly world".

Archeia Faith

"There is great power in Archangel Michael's Rosary and in the songs and decrees you give to him. There is great power in the circle and sword of Astrea and your own personal sword that you use in Archangel Michael's name.

Set the defenses, beloved hearts. Yes, set the defenses, for we are there! And the gravest mistake you could ever make is to fail to make the Call, for the fire is unleashed, the legions are fully engaged. You must not fail to give them the authority to act in [my name and] your name, for they shall defend you against all evil and evildoers and Death and Hell. But you must give the command once a day".

Sanat Kumara

"We ask you to work with us daily, giving us fifteen to thirty minutes of your time, as you give your calls and fiats to me, Archangel Michael, that souls of light might be protected, that they might fulfill their mission and their destiny and stand in the earth as pillars of fire".

"... [All] Archangels and angels are here to serve the sons and daughters of God and their children who are of the Light, who seek the Light and who ultimately become the Light".

"... [W]e come with protection for you and we implore you, because we may not be delivering messages to you for some time, to take this message to heart and know that you live in a moment when you can turn the tide of darkness and even turn civilization around. You may not believe this, but you must believe it! For with God nothing shall be impossible".

"... I speak of the living Christ within you, and I say: Develop that Christhood. Develop that Holy Christ Flame. Ere I come again to speak to you, I would see your three plumes in greater equilibrium if not completely balanced. When you balance your threefold flame (and that sacred fire of the Divine Mother is the fount of that flame), then you will begin to see the size of your flame increase to oneeighth, onefourth, onehalf inch. And, finally, imagine yourself having increased your threefold flame to the height of an inch"!

"... [T]here is so much cosmic energy in a balanced threefold flame that is even one inch in height that it can generate stupendous power to work change in your life, your family and your community. Truly, you cannot even begin to comprehend what a great Godgift it is. If you only knew that to maintain it and to increase it is to be in harmony with God and to be a servant of God and to make it your business to be a part of the Great White Brotherhood if you could only see, beloved, how when you increase the threefold flame, you are given extraordinary empowerment to vastly change situations of global proportions".

"... In the invincible blessings of the victory of God, I urge you on to a tremendous victory one with yourself, one with your family and one with God".

"... In all areas of service, beloved, remember that it is the threefold flame and the strength of the Atman within you that gives you the masculine strength, the feminine strength and the full power of the T'ai Chi to move, to be determined, to stand, to still stand and not to be moved by anyone, anything or any irritation, including the nittygritty problems of life".

"This is the moment in cosmic history when you must choose the vessels of your victory, as stated by the preacher Ecclesiastes. Have that victory! Have that overwhelming victory"!

Archangel Michael
March 7, 1997

Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood
after Archangel Michael's dictation
during 1980 Class of the Archangels

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