Pieta by Michelangelo


"Take them down from the cross! This is the message that comes
from the heart of the Pieta."—God and Goddess Meru, April 19, 1987

"Know the geometry of God and expand [your soul-awareness]
into it as a Michelangelo."—Jesus, December 25, 1990

"Therefore understand that this jealousy of the community of the Holy Spirit is a worldwide action, and it does occur wherever men and women are free, wherever they invoke that light to have a creative society and a forward-moving society. Wherever there is light in the chalice of the heart, those who have it not will try by any means—by calumny, by disinformation, by divide-and- conquer tactics, by the outright lies and falsification of papers, et cetera—to move against that forcefield and to steal it for their own.

"And they would steal that light by the rape of the Mother, as you have seen in America this very week, as there is a mounting now of that entity of group rape which is the very torture of the Mother. And it is an attack as much against La Pieta and Mother Mary as it is against the feminine being of your own soul. And this, too, is the death entity directed against woman as the death of woman.

"And I tell you, there is an anger in the carnal mind of some of the men of this nation that is tied in to the very pit, that is an anchor against the feminist movement and the rising up of women and the belittling of men and the emasculating of men that has occurred through misunderstanding, through rebellion, and through the reincarnation of the fallen Amazonian women who once were in the mystery school of beloved Amazonia, who fell from grace and who mutilated themselves and also members of the masculine ray and its incarnation."

Archangel Gabriel
March 30, 1983

" . . . Therefore know the path of the Bodhisattva. Know the sweetness and the compassion, the peace, the fierceness, the strength, the virya! Know the wisdom. Know the ability to rule the city because you rule yourself. Know the geometry of God and expand [your soul-awareness] into it as a Michelangelo."

Jesus Christ
December 25, 1990

Creation of Adam, Michelangelo
Sistine Chapel, Rome

" . . . What do I say? I say, let the aura be expanded! Let it be increased by the fire of the Kundalini, by the fire of the chakras! Use the fire you have while you have that Light! Expand the dimensions of your auric field so that you do contain the whole house of the Buddha where you are and so that in that canopy and forcefield of Light there may enter lesser souls from various planes who may be shielded in the day of the LORD’s appearing.

"For in the day of the Lord there is a tremendous Light and cosmic burst of energy, and it is for the annihilation of the [mechanization-man] misusers of the Light. And it is for the clearing of the entire material cosmos for the descent of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of Maitreya, of Gautama, of Sanat Kumara and of myself.

"Yes, beloved, I come to you now as you see me in the posture of my Buddhahood—that you might see about me and in me those rings of Light and that presence which you think of when you think of Lord Gautama. I reveal myself to you, then, in the Buddhic presence that you might hold that image of me, for those of the Christian world will not. And therefore there must be some who understand the meaning of my Buddhahood. There must be some who aspire to be Bodhisattvas that they might be linked to the layers of my Causal Body that are my Buddha manifestation.

"Therefore know the path of the Bodhisattva. Know the sweetness and the compassion, the peace, the fierceness, the strength, the virya! Know the wisdom. Know the ability to rule the city because you rule yourself. Know the geometry of God and expand [your soul-awareness] into it as a Michelangelo. Understand that you can know many things beyond what happens to be in your outer [conscious] mind. Yes, you can contact the level of genius.

"And if you do not have [that level of genius developed in your four lower bodies], then let the violet flame consume all records of anger and hatred and fear [that prevent its development]! For these [vibrations], beloved, do surely consume the fineness [and the refinement] of the Mind of God within you–that piercing quality, that manifestation [of needlelike rays] that is able to probe a cosmos and bring back discovery and new dimensions of thought. You have been limited by fallen ones and by yourselves.

"No longer accept the limited condition! You need not. For when you step forth from this body you wear, when the day comes that you are called to enter into the octaves of Light and in the twinkling of an eye you have all knowledge of all things in God, your I AM Presence, you will say to yourself: “I should have made more fervent fiats to break this sound and mental barrier that existed around me as iron bands! I could have walked the earth in a greater fullness of my Christhood had I only recognized that the laws were there to be applied and the call was there to be given.

The Last Judgment, Michelangelo
Sistine Chapel, Rome

"And therefore I could have been more [the manifestation] of God if I had only transcended the density of the lesser self. You will wish that you had embodied more of God when there is no longer opportunity, for you shall have been called to the resurrection and the ascension. Thus, beloved, I bid you this greeting and this message in this hour that you might understand once and for all that heaven is ready to bestow upon you truly bowers of loveliness in an eternal springtime. If you can think of the most beautiful day of spring [you can imagine] and the songs of the birds and the blossoms and the sun in the heavens and all of the joy of Nature, think, then, of the etheric octave. Think, then, of that opportunity that you do have in this hour.

"Think, then, of walking and talking with me. Think of what we must do to gather these souls of Light. Think of it, beloved, for they are called and they are touched. Now I say, please gather them! Please feed my sheep! For it is the law of the cosmos that those in this octave must do the gathering. I can do all things and many things for you and through you but you and only you can feed my sheep. Let us take stock, then, each one, in this hour. Let there be the rejection of negatives as limitations instead of in the sense of the condemnation of sin. Simply look at that which limits you and see how it is a creation of the mind or other minds and of programming. I, Jesus, say to you, you are with God and in God the Limitless One.

"May you discover this and become an avatar. Yes, I said 'become.' For the process of becoming is the realization in outer manifestation of that which is, was and ever shall be your true [inner] God-manifestation. Therefore I have unveiled many levels of my Christhood and [my] Buddhahood and my Godhood along life’s way, and this is the nature of the grand evolutionary spiral of life throughout a cosmos."

Jesus Christ
December 25, 1990

Visualization of chakras
David by Michelangelo

". . . I am come this night to bring to your blessed consciousness hope for the morrow that enfolds the present hour, for all tomorrows that ever shall be, and to see that the pain of [the] material senses is removed from your blessed consciousnesses by that divine grace which raised the living Christ from the pains of death and seated him upon the right hand [of God with the] scepter of authority. Beloved ones, your Mighty I AM Presence is the scepter of your authority! And as it takes dominion in your world you will find that your own victory is instantly assured. You may lay aside, then, all human fears and fold them up carefully as a garment. They need not be preserved. Let the sacred flame flash from your hand to transmute them instantly as in a puff of smoke into Light! And let them return to the universal; you do not require them. . . .

"And as the tomb of materiality, which stands before the face of each of you as your own human creation and density, is rolled away and you see within that tomb the resurrected Christ of your own Holy Christ Self standing above you in the ethers, radiant with all the splendor of his glory, shining [with] the perfection of you, you will recognize that the face that you see in the mirror is not the real you at all and that the flesh that you wear can yield to the power of your Holy Christ Self as a piece of marble yielded to the hands of a Michelangelo. And you can find that you are established in perfection by your Holy Christ Selves, being chiseled by each blessed blow, which is the chastisement of God’s love upon everyone whom he loves enough to chastise with his chisel of attention that he might produce here a living Christ in manifestation . . . "

Archangel Gabriel
September 10, 1963

We Ask for Your Prayers on Behalf of Parents

"We come, then, almost with a sense of urgency, to ask for your prayers on behalf of the parents. And specifically we ask that you pray for the return to holy innocence and the sacredness of the marriage ritual whereby life, all life, is held inviolate and sacred as the offering of the Most High God. Will you pray for their auras to be sealed in the aura of the Virgin Mary, of Saint Germain (that holy brother), of Jesus the Christ?

"Will you pray that the holy family be restored in America and in the world as the matrix for the Aquarian age and for the coming into form of those avatars without whose presence, I tell you, it will be very difficult for the earth to enter a golden age. They are links in Hierarchy. They are not ordinary sons and daughters of God (if it can be said that any sons and daughters of God are ordinary), nor are they mere mortals, nor are they animals, as some have reduced mankind to a level that is subhuman. May I say, then, that you do not now know what can come forth and how what is called the human race can become the divine race, the race of the I AM Presence.

"You do not now know how the form, the stature, the countenance of mankind can be exalted until once again, as the race of ancient Lemurians, the stature of mankind will be as the nobility of the gods. In one generation, or perhaps two, you can see how souls welcomed in the holiness of the Holy Spirit can outpicture the very countenance of the living God. Therefore, mothers to be, fathers to be, contemplate the works of Michelangelo, the form of the body, the noble body of the Lord and ask the Almighty to impress upon that incoming form those matrices serene, statuesque. And let us see how with a concerted effort mankind might bring forth a race worthy of the affirmation “Ye are Gods.”"

Sanat Kumara
and Lady Master Venus
December 29, 1974

Michelangelo Buonarroti Michelangelo Buonarroti

Masterpieces by Michaelangelo
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