The Proclamation on Socialism
by Pope John Paul II

by Lady Master Nada

"I give you my love, for all else
I have already given away."—Lady Master Nada

"And this loss of the memory of the masters—of our voice, of our teaching,
of our pleading, of the healings that have been bestowed—this loss of memory
is a penetration of astral microbes between the memory and the mental body,
a division of the alpha spiral, a split in consciousness. The fallen ones know
that to destroy the memory is to destroy the identity."—Nada, December 10, 1975

" . . . Go forth in my name and slay the beast of socialism!
Its stench covers the vast landed areas of the earth. Its pollution is everywhere.
It threatens the very fiber of this nation. How is it aided? It is aided
by the sugar entity that makes people helpless as vegetables.
And the sugar entity says through them,
'Take care of me. Take care of us. We demand it.'
—Lord Maitreya, January 1, 1986

"A socialist is someone who is very good
at spending other people's money."—Margaret Thatcher

"O disc of Light from heaven’s height
Descend with all your perfection!
Make my aura bright with freedom’s Light
And the Masters’ love and protection!"

" . . . Thus, my beloved hearts of Light, let there be transmutation, let there be the challenge of the lie, and let there be the bringing up of children who do not seek in socialism a way to dodge karmic responsibility and the responsibility of the internalization of the Word. See how the lie of socialism has already affected the Church and its doctrine in the West. See how that false dependancy upon one son of God has abnegated the entire necessity for each individual to work out his own salvation.

"I tell you, it is the diabolical doctrines that continue to be upheld and espoused by the Church of Rome and by the protesting movements that have opened the door to a political philosophy of socialism. And whereas at one time there was a horror against socialism by those within the Church, they have moved in a subtle rebellion closer and closer to the ideologies of Marx, until in this very hour there is the proclaiming of the virtues of the system of socialism by the Pope himself [John Paul II], who therefore reveals himself as no true friend of the christed ones or of this Messenger.

"Therefore you may understand, beloved ones, why we have positioned the true Vicar of Christ outside of the entire established churches of the planet, that you might receive freely our Word uncontaminated, uncircumscribed, unlimited, unproscripted by anyone else's human opinion, whatever that may be.


"In the name of the Karmic Board I reveal to you that there has been a repression and supression of truth on the part of those in Rome for many centuries and the full knowledge of the Light of Christ in the individual has been withheld. It is not a question of total ignorance, but of politics. And therefore, an envy goes forth as never before as, at inner levels, the false hierarchy of Jesus Christ moves against the body of his servants who know that they are sons of God, that they will be resurrected with him fully, who know that they will ascend. Blessed heartsit is this very presence of this band united in love that has the world force to turn back the entire momentum of this single lie that has perverted every other area of human understanding.


"Now, beloved ones, the proclammation on socialism by the Pope himself [John Paul II] stands to affect ninety-three million faithful hearts. And what about Catholicism in America, as representatives of that movement move against the defense of this nation? And now the Pope himself engages in an attack against capitalism and the free enterprise system. It is an economic denial of the path of Christhood made in the name of Jesus Christ and in the name of the Holy Sea.

"Can you imagine what confusion and what betrayal of the people of Poland and every nation that is enslaved under the world communism by this mouthpiece that spouts the ignorance of a consciousness not aligned with the very source where it should be? These things burden the hearts of the Lords of Karma, I tell you. And our comfort is derived that here is yet the spark of love and freedom that can correct all of this, roll it back and light a world.

"And I tell you, the legions of Light who are in our service are determined to work through you and assist you as never before because you are willing to stand against every movement of the power elite entrenched in church and state worldwide.


"A house divided against itself cannot stand. And therefore I predict that as you make the call and huddle close to the flame of comfort of the love of the Maha Chohan, as you allow no wedges to enter this body but seal your tryst and pact of love, and as one body worldwide, give the call for the exposure of the Roman Catholic Church, that you will see . . ."

Lady Master Nada
July 4, 1983

" . . . Beloved ones, in the midst of the crumbling of the old order and the rumblings and the division in the Church of Rome, do you recognize that if the one who wears the vestments of Peter in this hour understood this grand equation, he would not find it necessary to partake of bread and wine with the representatives of Marxism and of the Communist Party, and the bishops and cardinals of the Church would not find it necessary to engage in their flirtations with World Communism."

Sanat Kumara
July 4, 1978

" . . . always the salvation of a living heart is Love. Now, that love is not necessarily a love that is given, but a love that is already within—a love whereby the child moving toward Sonship and Godship can resist temptation because of a greater love!

" . . . The love that must be instilled, beginning with yourself, is a love so tangible for God in the person of one another, for God in the person of his saints, his angels, the masters, nature and the simplicity of life itself that in the presence of such love the abrogation of the laws of God is altogether unthinkable—a love so full of the penetration of Law itself, the love of the Law as a witness unto truth, the love of the Lawgiver as the one who defends the highest interests of his children . . .

"One must love oneself not only as the handiwork of God but as one's own handiwork. And if you do not love what you see or what you have made of yourself, you know that Love is the power to consume all that is unreal.

" . . . people prefer to love themselves as human beings, and therefore in an attempt to love that human self one finds that the human self—because it cannot be perfected (it must be surrendered to the greater life)—is not necessarily worthy of love—for the soul retains the memory of the perfect image of Self who is Christ the Lord, and this alone as worthy of that unconditional love which cannot be fully accorded to the unpredictable, whimsical human self.

"And this, beloved, is the root of the dilemma of human love, as well as the love/hate patterns which sometimes plague human relationships.

"And thus one's moorings must be altered. One must penetrate to the core of Life, to the origin of all things, to the descent of the soul from God, to the realization that the compelling force of being is one's divinity!

" . . . and all of this is nothing more than a human momentum multiplied by the mass consciousness, multiplied by the media, which has a way of reinforcing everyone's belief in their own humanness and denying anyone's possible hope in their own Christhood. It is as though the entire world were in a deep sleep, accepting this hypnotic spell that has been cast upon it."

Nada, Lord of the Purple and Gold Ray
August 28, 1982
Lords of the Seven Rays II
1986, pp. 215-7

Desire to Escape Pain—Root Cause of the Undoing of the Psyche

"The true path of Love, beloved, is one that does bring the greatest challenges; for pain on the path of Love is many times unbearable. And those who have not chosen to bear the pain of Love [—whether of divine love or human love in all of its ramifications—have therefore sidestepped the Path, taken other byways, strayed from the straight and narrow that leads to the fount of bliss that is the true mystery of Christ's love.

"I come to set you back on course that you might begin at the beginning and remember your vows before the altar of the Great Central Sun, shared between twin flames. You vowed to go forth and forevermore to be one. But when the Path became painful you sometimes accepted lesser loves as comfort, as salve for the wounded ego . . . .

"Do you understand, beloved, that the greatest lesson your soul can learn is that Love is the All, Love is the Goal? And to stop a moment and know just how great is the Love of your Father-Mother God for you[—is it not the right thing to do]? Most have come to the place of insensitivity to that Love or a sense that they are not worthy of it. And by an absence of self-worth they tune it out. This is another form of non-listening. It is the tuning out of those things that are so precious and so beautiful, because one deems oneself unclean, unready. The Mother who loves you, the Father who loves you will embrace you as you are and give you that [Divine] Love to wash you clean . . .

"Blessed ones, no matter how painful is the course of Love, its pursuit will fulfill the whole law of being and bring you back to that point of wholeness and the divine memory of God. Do not fear to experience pain. Allow yourself to experience it, to neutralize it perhaps with the exercise of the sacred fire breath, but not to escape pain. This, beloved, must surely be the root cause of all compromise of self and hence the undoing of the psyche as the psyche becomes surrounded with its own psychology of human ups and downs far, far afield from centeredness in God."

Fear Not to Experience the Pain of Love—
Nada’s Ovoid of Love Will Bring Out, for Transmutation,
Pain We Have Stored in Our Soul and Our Unconscious]

"I, Nada, come then with an ovoid of Love and I place it around you at a very safe distance . . . You see, beloved, the nearer the ovoid of Love comes to your being, the more it will bring out
the memory of the pain of Love's separation or the crossing of the line and the misuse of Divine Love or human love. It will also bring to you a certain intensity of the Love of God to cause your soul to say [within her]self, 'This Love is so great I cannot contain it, I cannot sustain it.' And what in a moment may be bliss may become the pain, as one poet has said, of too much love, of too much loving.

"Blessed ones, when you feel the pain of the closing-in of this ovoid of Love, it shall be for you the pain of the memory of having left off from your First Love [and even from] your first estate. And [with] each passing year of drifting farther from the point of Love's origin, that pain, beloved, is stored in the psyche and in the unconscious. Pretend there were nothing else stored there. [And consider why] the pain of Love's absence, the pain of losing Love is most severe and [that it] does possibly include an explanation for all other goings astray, compromise of the Law, self-dishonesty.

"[Indeed,] the covering-up of that which is most painful may result in many compensations. Beloved, the purpose of this experiment is that you might endure the pain for the moments of this dictation and say to yourself afterwards, 'Why, that pain allowed the dissolution of some of the records of the separation from Love, from Father, from Mother.'

"The pain in experiencing [the loss of Love, divine or human,] is a part of a process that is known as an accelerated transmutation, whereby if you truly desire to overcome all things and to do so quickly, as Lanello has suggested is the necessity of the hour and indeed it is, you will discover that you can bear the pain [of this accelerated transmutation] for the resolution that follows. This is why I have said, fear not the pain[—whether the pain that comes on the path of Love as you reap love's sowings or the pain that comes from the karma of non-loving]."

Lady Master Nada
October 5, 1989

Accelerating the Quality of Your Heart

The Love That Will Heal

"Unable to adequately express the overwhelming love she felt for God, Catherine of Genoa simply said, 'If one drop of that love which my heart feels . . . were to fall into Hell, Hell itself would altogether turn into eternal life.'

"Isn’t this the love we all seek? The love that will heal. The love that with one single drop will transform someone's world. Just think what we could do if we had that kind of love! But in order to have that kind of love, we need to open our hearts—all the way.

"And as we know, it is not always easy to do that. Because of the wounds of the past, we close up when loving gets too painful. We sometimes have to contact deep levels of hurt in order to resolve the painful record and move on.

Nada’s Way of Love

"Lady Master Nada has given us important insights on why it can be hard to get beyond the pain. She says: 'The true path of Love is one that does bring the greatest challenges; for pain on the path of Love is many times unbearable.' She says this pain sometimes goes back to our original separation from our twin flame—the soul who is our divine counterpart, our 'other half.' In 1989 Nada said :

" . . . Do not fear to experience pain. Allow yourself to experience it, to neutralize it perhaps with the exercise of the sacred fire breath, but not to escape it.

"The sacred fire breath Nada is referring to is Djwal Kul’s breathing exercise, which he gives in The Human Aura book and which is printed as decree 40.09.

"If we open to these past experiences, with the help of the Masters we can let go of them and move on. And what a shout of hallelujah we may give when we realize that we can get past these burdens and negative experiences. Of course, there are times when your spiritual work must be accompanied by work with a trained psychologist who can help you sort out the issues and complications that may have resulted from these experiences.

"Nevertheless, if we trust in God we can make tremendous progress through these teachings of the Masters."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
February 13, 1999

" . . . I will stand in the end of the age before the Cosmic Council and I will speak of Europe. And
I will speak of the British Isles. I will speak of Scandinavia. I will speak of Spain and Portugal and Eastern Europe. And I will say, 'I have gone forth. I have delivered the Word.

" 'I have stood by every Lightbearer. I, Nada, vow to you, I have given them the opportunity of the flame of Love. If they have not come, if they have not answered the call, nothing more can be done. I have used the Light you have given me, Alpha and Omega. I have opened the door to all.'

"May all enter and know the Lord as the manifestation of the Goddess of Liberty herself."

Lady Master Nada
November 3, 1985

" . . . Let charity abound but let not the Vicar of Christ promote World Socialism * as the leveling of wealth and as the means to the ascent of the soul! It is good and necessary to feed the poor and clothe the naked, to do all these things but not to do so by mandatory state socialism. This is a betrayal of the true teaching of Jesus Christ and the parable of the talents. Let each one multiply his light and substance and share it with all. Let freedom in the economy and freedom in government and freedom within the Church prevail, as each individual is accountable to his God."


* The pope on socialism. Pope John Paul II, who has been described by some as the first socialist pope, has repeatedly criticized capitalism and promoted the benefits of planned economies, the rights of the laborer and the priority of labor over capital.

In “Laborem Exercens,” his 1981 encyclical on the role of work in shaping the person, he condemned both capitalism and Marxist socialism, suggesting that the model for economic development is a socialist middle ground. He wrote of the distribution of wealth and poverty among the nations and the need for “a leveling out and a search for ways to ensure just development for all.”

In an article, “The Vision of a Socialist Pope,” in the June 20, 1983 issue of Newsweek, Kenneth Woodward explains that the pope believes there are democratic forms of socialism “that can liberate workers yet incarnate the values of Christ.” He writes: “For the pope it is the human person who gives value to the work, and it is his dignity as a laborer that economic systems ought to serve.” Woodward points out that John Paul has almost reversed the tradition of his papal predecessors who condemned socialism as atheistic.

In 1984 Pope John Paul II denounced unrestrained capitalism in his tour of Canada. He stated that the prosperous nations of the north are responsible for the material and political suppression of the suffering south.

However, on May 2, 1991, one week after Hilarion’s dictation, the pope partially endorsed the market economy when he issued his encyclical “Centesimus Annus.” In the encyclical he addressed the economic changes in the countries of Eastern Europe where Communist regimes had collapsed. He acknowledged the value of the free market system but stressed that it must be oriented toward the common good.


"And when you come into that stillness and you begin to meditate upon God you will first be moved and stirred by the regular beat of God's heart. In that beat is the pattern of the release of energy for a cosmos, a rose, a seed, a soul. It is the regular advancing rhythm of energy spiraling from a fiery core to the circumference of its inherent design.

" . . . The letters in the word service stand for Sacred Energy, the Ray of Victory In the Consciousness of each Energy spiral.

" . . . Thus to go within to declare the sacred name I AM THAT I AM, thence to burst forth from the cocoon of Being, to translate all that is within to the without—this is the calling of lightbearers. And each time you go without the momentum is greater, and thus the arrow of the soul (the aura thereof) that is shot into the air has a greater diameter and a greater circumference, a greater opportunity for overcoming and becoming God. Thus is Life self-transcending."

Lady Master Nada
October 11, 1973

"This age is and must become one of magna-struction—a great universal constructivism wherein all men are united against all that which is not Love and together hold high the banner of all that is genuine cooperative love reaching between heaven and earth!"

Lady Master Nada
February 3, 1961

" . . . So then let the children of the light invoke the intensity of the ten thousand suns of the God of Gold and let the decimal system of the divine standard prevail and let the power of the ten be the
power of the test of each man’s source of supply, each man’s ability to overcome the adversities of his own human karma upon which the supply and demand of his life depends."

Lady Master Nada
June 3, 1973

"The all-consuming fire of the Godhead is love. And so you will understand that perfect love is the manifestation of the judgment that does not allow hate and hate-creation to trample upon oneself. Therefore when you come to an understanding of the philosophy and psychology of love you will realize that [in] love for God—being so great where you stand—you do not allow anti-love to cross the threshold of your temple. Only love may enter here and all else must submit therefore to its living flame of which I am the bearer."

Archeia Charity
May 29, 1983

"Long, long ago souls of light stepped forth from that City* to descend into these octaves. Blessed ones, these were volunteers. Many of them came to Earth and they remain in the annals of Earth's history the great lights, the innovators, those who have opened a door that none other could open. For they did carry in their causal bodies a dispensation of the Lord God to deliver to a people not merely an intellectual idea or a plan for human improvement but a molecule of light which when delivered through the individual to certain hearts would initiate and expand a new culture, an age, an awareness of government. The most fundamental of these dispensations, beloved, is that of freedom itself. Time there was, after the descent of souls of Earth to the darkest depths, that none knew or perceived the meaning of freedom nor had a desire for it.

"Blessed hearts, in some quarters of the Earth today there are those who would rather be told what to do, as cattle, than to have to think of how and what to do each day. They have become conditioned almost as computers to being tied to a vast mind that is the anti-Mind, fully content then to be daily filled by that mind to perform functionally their duties and responsibilities. They fear the cutting of that umbilical cord whereby they might be responsible for their own life and well-being, direction, self-determination.

"Thus, beloved, I speak in fundamental terms. Sanat Kumara, the great bearer of the light of freedom, and his sons—most notably Saint Germain—have come to teach a people to understand that freedom is a treasure and a gift that can be lost. Realize then that as the memory of freedom was once lost in the Earth so it can be lost again especially through the philosophies of the fallen angels who sit in the seats of notoriety and authority in the universities, in the governments and in the economies, distorting the true knowledge of freedom.

"Freedom then is powerful as a flaming flame that cannot be quenched, fragile as a feather that should escape from an angel wing in flight. Blessed hearts, it is the love of freedom—the love of the ministration of freedom, the love to teach freedom and all its applications in all fields—that has sparked once again creative intelligence in the Earth.

"This has come to be renewed again and again by these souls of light who came forth from this ancient City of Light and therefore were heard to say, 'We seek no continuing city here.' (Heb. 13:14) For they remembered, beloved; they remembered their City of Light and desired only to be pilgrims to deliver from their hearts an ampule of oil vouchsafed to them by Sanat Kumara and the Father/Mother sponsor of this City. To deliver it then, to break it open within the secret chamber of the heart of those chosen was their mission.

"And so there have been others to whom the oil has been given and who have passed it on again and again until a whole world has been filled with the knowledge of the Lord. But many among them, beloved, took from the originators the oil. And they said, 'We will take this knowledge but use it to our own devices. Now that we have the knowledge we need not the oil or the messenger who came bearing the oil.'

"And therefore the knowledge was kept. And yet by the very absence of the holy oil it became a materialistic knowledge without the fire of the Spirit. It was misused for purposes of humanism--for the perpetuation, modification and engineering of humanity and all civilization until it was no more. And thus, beloved, there was the rejection of the Guru/chela relationship. Every son of Sanat Kumara did preach his name, his love and the great Hierarchy of Light. Thus deliberately they [the interlopers] said, 'We have no need to give obeisance to a chain of command of beings of light. We will do what we will.'

"Therefore the few retained the Lamp of Knowledge; and the rest took with them the fragments which were a sufficiency. For so powerful is the vastness of the knowledge of Sanat Kumara that even crumbs from the Master's table should endure and sustain civilizations for thousands of years. People have made the simple statement that today there is a science without the true religion or the true communion with God that is necessary to be responsible for the uses of that science. You can see, beloved, that a little bit of religion and a few hours or less a week set aside for worship have naught to do with a path whereby the heart does burn by virtue of its oneness with this Hierarchical Chain of Light that passes through the heart of Sanat Kumara and unto the Great Central Sun, with all of the Great White Brotherhood serving this Earth coming under the canopy of this one, this Ancient of Days.

"Blessed ones, the sponsorship therefore of America by Saint Germain was the sponsorship of Sanat Kumara and with him that of Surya of the God-Star (star Sirius). That sponsorship was that this land (and if all of North America should so elect) should be then a Master/disciple nation. Into the midst of this nation Saint Germain was sent as the most likely one to whom the reincarnated twelve tribes should respond, they themselves being a part of those who had forgot. It is a long history, beloved. And we who are of the Lords of Karma and of the seven rays are, you might say, somewhat sentimental as we look upon your faces and we look into the hearts of Keepers of the Flame worldwide and we see those who are awakened once again with a fervor of mission and the realization of what is to be done in this hour.

" . . . Let one and all be sealed now according to the inner vow to Saint Germain made and taken and to be fulfilled. With what measure ye mete, it shall be meted unto you. We the legions of the sixth ray stand with all who stand with Saint Germain. I AM Nada—truly of the heart of Love's discipline and I do impart the ruby ray path in the name of the Ancient of Days; amen."

*The City of White Light, Shamballa, in the heart of the star Venus; 144,000 volunteers came in two main teams, one under Sanat Kumara, Regent of Venus, and a later one under Mighty Victory.

Lady Master Nada
June 28, 1987

"As one of your popular poets once said: 'All your strength is in your union, all your danger is in discord.' The Great White Brotherhood therefore issues through me today as an absolute fiat that: We of the Universal Brotherhood have determined by the Holy Light of God That Does Not, Cannot, Fail to see all the downtrodden areas of the Earth blessed with the real abundance of the great ascended masters as a natural and spiritual outpouring! In real Union hemispheral solidarity will fuse to become worldwide Oneness!

" . . . As the Ascended Ones Daily Serve So May All Do who are presently unascended—this too IS the Will of God and it is also His Love! Remember, I AM the Practicality of God Made Manifest Which Gives to All That Needs Both Love and Substance as the Father's Hands in Action—All Ways!

Lady Master Nada
February 3, 1961

“A Purging Love—Let the Long Night of the Persecution of the Woman and Her Children Be Done!”—Lady Master Nada, February 18, 1991

Pope John Paul II

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