Beloved Rose of Light

"Love will fulfill all the Law. Love will overturn all tyrants and fallen angels.
Love will seal you from all going astray and all temptation. Perfect Love will cast out
all unlike itself. Love is still the key, beloved."—Rose of Light

"I call to the mandala of Lightbearers to be magnetized by the magnet of Love
that is now placed by Heros and Amora in this Community as a forcefield of Divine Love.
This magnet of Love is so great, beloved, that those who allow themselves
to become out of alignment with it will not long remain here, for they will not be able
to bear to be in the presence of that magnet while they entertain the perversions
of the ruby cross in their beings."—Rose of Light, June 29, 1990

"O devotion to the Cause that continues without being held back by any lack!
This virtue of the soul centered in the rose of the sacred labor is the one I extol."
—Mighty Victory, July 3,1979

"Roses are beneficial for bliss. All helpful means should be assembled. Not without reason
was the rose the symbol of mystery in alchemy."—El Morya, Hierarchy 1931

“A New Heaven and a New Earth”
The Call to the Practice of Love
Love is the Dividing of the Way Twixt the Human and the Divine

I AM the rose of the Light. And I bring to this Community of the Holy Spirit and to the Mystical Body of God throughout earth and a cosmos my gift of Love—the Love of the Light and the unfolding rose with the petals of Love of the heart.

Therefore, beloved, I come to make possible your transition through Light: Light as the crystalline, unqualified suchness, <1> Light as the crystal-clear river of water of Life. <2> It is Love that does personalize the Light, that does quicken the heart and open it.

Some have neat petals in a spiral unfolding about the heart. But others, even among you, yet have not unfolded the rose of Light of the heart, choosing at times to retain the strident, the unmerciful [expression], the hardness of heart. Thus, the petals are not symmetrical and the golden-pink glow-ray spiral that is a part of this pink rose is not as it should be for the coming
of the Queen of Light.

I would remind you that I have offered myself to assist you in the mastery of the fires of the heart, in the intensification of Love. <3> Blessed ones, I pray that this Love shall become such an all-consuming firing and desiring to be God where you are that this city shall soon be—in the name of Sanat Kumara, Lady Venus, the Queen of Light, the Goddess of Light, the Goddess of Purity—surely that city of Light that is set on an hill, that cannot be hid, <4> that does light an entire world, that is seen across a cosmos and that does guide the pilgrim of Light to the place where he may eat the Body and drink of the Blood of Christ, [where] he may assimilate, he may become. <5>

O let the presence of the Buddha, let the presence of the wife of the Buddha, let the love of the twin flames of the Buddha so infire your heart to build upon Love and upon Love and upon Love! And so in Love are you with the Buddha, beloved, that you simply cannot enter in to any other vibration [but Love] for one another.

You have heard this, beloved. You have known this even from the foundation of the worlds.
And when you and your twin flame were sent forth into the Matter cosmos, again the word was spoken to you, “Let Love and only Love be shared as you entwine your arms and share twin cups of Love.”

Love will fulfill all the Law. Love will overturn all tyrants and fallen angels. Love will seal you from all going astray and all temptation. Perfect Love will cast out all unlike itself. <6>

Love is still the key, beloved. Therefore, when the tensions mount and disagreements come and there be strife inserted among the brethren, let Love be the recourse. Let Love be at the moment all of thy desiring as you drop your defenses, drop your weapons, drop all desire for vindication, for any satisfaction whatsoever in the redeeming of the human ego. Let it all be dropped, as you would indeed drop it to see the Presence of your Lord Jesus Christ standing before you, standing before you in holiest Love, and Magda attending with arms of flowers and joy. Behold the Lamb’s wife! <7>

I shed tears of Love for those who do not receive Love, those all over the world who prefer any manifestation but true Divine Love. It is the desiring of the Father-Mother God and of my own heart, beloved, that you should understand that unless some choose Love and choose it ultimately before any adversary or circumstance, the true and real and undiluted intensity of the flame of Divine Love could go out on planet earth.

You have seen many tested in their responses and reactions to this Community and what has been said about it, whether fact or fantasy. You have seen some with and without religion be turned to stones of hate and hate creation, while others have loved more tenderly [than before], having the compassion of the Christ.

Truly, may you understand that even millions have been tested by their response, whether to the false or the true report. For there cannot be the Mystical Body of God in the earth or the Light
in the earth or the Messenger of God in the earth or the Chela of God in the earth without these being that testing, that stone of stumbling <8> and that two-edged sword. <9> Some fall to the Left and some fall to the Right. And as the intensity of the force of anti-Love mounts, so even those called to be the embodiment of Love respond to the temptation to enter into bitterness and its gall.

Blessed ones, the trust wherewith we have given our Love for so long must be kept lest you place in jeopardy, as my cohort has said, <10> so great a salvation <11> possible to you and all whom you will touch with the vibration of Love.

I AM Rose of Light. And I desire to call and to sing to the Rose of Light whose expression I AM; for indeed our Father-Mother God is the Rose of Light and I AM the servant of the Rose of Light. Therefore, beloved, please sing with me now the song of the Rose of Light.

Rose of Light, O Come!

From thy fragrant center Light
Through thy petals blazing bright
Comes God’s Love intensely pure
Rose of Light, Love will endure.

Rose of Light, thy power flows—
Fiery, silent, majestic rose!
Through my being enfolded here
All of Life I now revere.

Expand thy flame’s suffusing glow
Through my substance here below
My heart cries out for freedom’s bloom
O God, expand my narrow room!

The Love of God enfolds a rose
Touches lightly a heart that glows
Like unto Aurora’s bloom
Thy rose Light chases all man’s gloom.

Rose of Light, expand through me
Caress my being, make it free
To grow and glow upon the loom
I now command my soul, attune!

Rose of Light, O come today
In God’s name I truly pray:
From fear and darkness and all hate
Set my mind in radiance straight.

Rose of Light, I AM all thine
By God’s Love my life refine
Through us all let Love appear
In God’s image ever dear! <12>

The initiation upon this Community in this hour is one-purposed and one-pointed. It is the call to each and every one of every age to the practice of Love, Christ-Love, God-Love, the Love of the Father, the Love of the Mother, the Love of the Son, the Love of the Holy Spirit. Let these pour through you to one another and to every stranger, friend or foe, that does enter thy gate!

Let Love flow forth from your heart [to every part of Life], no matter [how it is received], no matter what is delivered to you [in return]! It is the practice of Love as merciful Love that will expand the cup and open the chalice of Community for deliverance from all oppressors.

This is not a mere dictation we give. This is not a mere warning we give. You must not leave this court and leave behind you these words! For they are a warning and they are a sign unto you.

Care for one another and let Love be without dissimulation. <13> Let Love be your only reaction to whatever is done to you, given to you, whatever the hurt, whatever the stripes. Whatever it be, beloved, so let the heart pour forth Love!

I tell you this, [as I am] sent by the Father-Mother God and also by the Lords of Karma: You need to pass this test as never before. And there is no time to fail it and receive it again!

You must wear some sort of reminder upon your person that you live each day to pass the test of Love—Love as tolerance, Love as patience, Love as gratitude, Love as self-givingness and receivingness, above all, Love as the merciful, compassionate heart that must forgive in order to be forgiven, <14> that must love in order to be loved. And that heart of yours needs loving for the resurrection, for the Path, for the ascension, for the new birth!

Yes, beloved, if you are to succeed as a Community of Light to spread this message abroad, your Love must become so great, as God’s Love [is great]. And you must recognize [that] God is Love <15> within you. For by the very fervor of Love continually pressing out, of Love desiring to be Love, [Love does] melt down all barriers to [effect] the mighty conversion of the Holy Spirit. [This conversion] begins with your own soul and then reaches out to those whose hearts have been as stones, and stones toward ye all, and yet whose hearts can truly be melted by Love. This is Love with a capital L! It is not possessive love. It is not human love, although it does endow human love with the fire of purity.

This Love, beloved, is the Love of a cosmos, the Love of [the] creation, the Love of Elohim whereby you were created in the beginning. For the act of cosmic creation, beloved, is Love; and without Love there can be no creation.

Seek Love with all your heart and [when you have found it] do not forget [to keep it]. And do not make the angels who tend this place have to cover their ears, for they desire not to hear strident tones and criticism and harshness.

Beloved, we speak to you, for it is beyond now the ability of the Messenger to convert you to Love. The words have been spoken. You can no longer rest in your hardness of heart, whether toward one another or toward your God or toward the Law or toward the law of your karma! You must know that Love is the meaning of the Path.

And if you will not take the trouble to expand the Light, Light, Light, Light, Light of Love in your heart, then I say, the Light, Light, Light, Light of Love of your heart and of God’s heart will bring Love’s judgment! And Love’s judgment is the judgment of the Holy Spirit, and that [judgment of the] Holy Spirit has begun in the planet. <16>

And surely as I live this day and as I speak to you in the name and by the voice of the Lords of Karma, I prophesy to you that except ye be converted by Love this night and cast all else into the fire and forgive all and seek forgiveness, you shall know in time the judgment of the Holy Spirit for your rejection of so great a gift of Love of the Great White Brotherhood, of Lord Morya El, who has succored you and laid down his life for you again and again!

May you hear this voice and know that this is the truth and know that this argumentation and strife and rivalry, et cetera—this deception one toward the other in all manner of human consciousness that was a part of the children of Israel whereby they spent forty years in the wilderness—may not be allowed to manifest again merely because your ancient karma is upon you! You are greater than that karma!

And I AM Rose of Light. And you shall know through me the fierceness of Kali <17> this night as you understand the reprimand of the Divine Mother and her cosmic spanking. Wake up, I tell you! And let your hearts give room to the Prince of Peace, who is the Christ of Love.

All missions shall fail unless you bring Love to its glory and to its height in this hour. Even the mission of the Lord Jesus Christ shall not have that ultimate resolution and resurrection in this age wherein his true teachings cover the earth unless you assimilate that Teaching, endow it with Love and let that Love cover the earth.

I tell you, beloved, you cannot know—but one day you shall know if you do not hear me in this hour—what price shall be paid by anyone who does not heed the call of Love and recount and recite in his heart with overflowing tears of gratitude and joy what the Great White Brotherhood has given since the dispensation of the Ashram Notes and the worldwide Ashram of El Morya in 1952. <18> May all of you reckon the years and know that you are the recipients of all gifts and initiations unto this moment. In order to retain them, from this moment on you must reflect the Love of your Holy Christ Self.

Be ye therefore converted in this hour by the God of Love. And cast yourselves on the Rock of Christ that the overlays of hardness [of heart] of the fallen angels, of the froward heart, <19> of the dweller-on-the-threshold, of the carnal mind might be broken and broken once and for all!

You must know that at a point in every individual’s life there is time no longer to choose! For
the Law does speak and the right hand of God does descend. And when it does descend, beloved, it cannot be turned back. Know, then, that this is the hour of the conversion of Love.

Let all receive my word and know that I may speak what the Law allows, but I may not speak what it does not allow. Therefore I may not prophesy further this night. I may not open the screen and show you a future, a future without your commitment and conversion to Love. Therefore I say, guard the heart <20> and guard the spoken word.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be spared as the children of God. <21> Blessed are ye who send forth Love with no withholding [of Love] no matter what the circumstance.

Yea, the Lord Gautama Buddha, yea, the Lord Jesus Christ have given you an example. Angels of heaven and Ascended Masters have given you an example. Love one another as they have loved you. Love one another as the Hierarchy of Light has loved you, and by this Love convert the millions. By this Holy Spirit that cannot do aught but come into your house because you are so filled with the Love of God, let the teachings be endowed with a life that shall quicken all!

I AM your Rose of Light, your sister of Love. I call my twin flame to true Love, to the true path of the ascension, to the true victory of Love. And I call all twin flames unascended of the Hierarchy of Light to now leave all else for the sake of Love and survive unto the New Day. I call to you [who are] present to call to your twin flames unascended or ascended to heed the call of Love and intensify it in your heart even as you intensify it in their hearts.

I call to the mandala of Lightbearers to be magnetized by the magnet of Love that is now placed by Heros and Amora in this Community as a forcefield of Divine Love. This magnet of Love is so great, beloved, that those who allow themselves to become out of alignment with it will not long remain here, for they will not be able to bear to be in the presence of that magnet while they entertain the perversions of the ruby cross in their beings.

This, then, shall be the key to the salvation of Community as well as the dividing of the way twixt the human and the divine. Your true self is the Divine Self, yet you have a human self. Choose you this day whom ye will serve! <22> As for me and for the Queen of Light, we shall serve the Light and the Love of Light; and we shall become the servants of all who do the same.

With absolute Love and the fire of Shiva and the presence of Kali we come. And the sword of the Ruby Ray does descend for the dividing of the way and the cleaving asunder of the Real from the Unreal. It is done once. It is done twice. It is done thrice. Now, therefore, you have recourse in the heart of the Divine Mother.

I seal you in the Love-potential of your own God-free being. May you elect this night to pierce that pearl that the holy oil of Love might be the anointing of your being.

I AM the servant of the rose of Light to be externalized in your hearts.

Messenger’s Comments Following the Dictation:

We shall take up the suggestion of the Queen of Light and place our basket before Lord Shiva, the God of Love. And you may place letters or communications of your heart or calls for forgiveness or confessions into that basket to be burned and make your peace with the God of Love, if you will, this night.

I pray for the full power of the God-quality of Love—God-Love on the one o’clock line, God-Obedience on the four, God-Gratitude on the seven, truly God-Vision on the ten. I pray for your victory on the Ruby Ray cross in this hour.

I desire to give to you who have not reached the resolution of Divine Love in your hearts the offering of God’s Love that he placed in my heart so long ago for this mission and Jesus’ fiery love that burns in my heart. I extend my hand to you, each one, in this hour and I ask you to receive my hand in a transfer of Love from my heart. I ask you to give me, each and every one, all burdens that you discover on the 1/7 and 4/10 axes of your Cosmic Clock that I may cast them into the sacred fire with you and assist you in bearing your burdens of nonresolution.

I call upon my Causal Body of Light and the Causal Body of Lanello that you might receive this Love and know the depth of my Love for you, each one—that you may know the tenderness of my heart, my desire to see you have Love’s victory in this life, and my profound grief and sadness when I perceive your expression of free will that takes you in the opposite direction, away from the mystery of Love.

O the great mystery of Love! O the great preciousness of Love! O the heart of Maitreya! I mourn for you when you stray from the path of Love and I rejoice when you find it again.

I pray that this shall be for you a night to remember in the Retreat of the Divine Mother over the Royal Teton Ranch and that you shall emerge in the morning anointed by Love, ready to go forth as a mighty conqueror and a heroine of Light, no longer to step backward a single step on your homeward path of Love.

I will greet you in that Retreat of the Divine Mother with Lanello. And we both will shake your hand. You may give to us with your left hand all that you desire to be rid of. And as you go forth determined, then, to keep that resolve, so it shall be done unto you according to the prayer of your heart and the set of the sail of your ship of life.

This dictation by Rose of Light was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Friday, June 29, 1990, 10:33-11:01 p.m. MDT, during the twelve-day conference FREEDOM 1990: “A New Heaven and a New Earth” held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. [N.B. Bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Rose of Light’s direction for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. Suchness (Sanskrit tathata) is a term in Mahayana Buddhism for Absolute Reality, the true nature or essence of all things; that which is beyond all concepts or distinctions. Tathata is Absolute Truth that is known by the Buddha. One of the Buddha’s titles, Tathagata, means one who has attained suchness, one who has arrived at the Truth, or one who has become one with the Dharmakaya. The Buddha-nature within all beings is called tathagata-garbha, or immanent suchness.

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