Sanat Kumara—September 16, 1979

In My Name, Cast Out Devils!

When the even was come, they brought unto him many that were possessed with devils: and he cast out the spirits with his Word.

Matthew 8

Beloved on the Royal Road of Priesthood and Kingship
unto Our God:

The “signs following” are the signs of the Holy Spirit. They are the signs of the initiates of the Ruby Ray who have stood with the Son on the east gate to confront the Antichrist as Satan and his seed in his subtle and myriad manifestations, who have stood on the north gate with the Father to confront the Dragon as the Watchers and their godless creation who oppose the generative and regenerative light of God in his Fatherhood within his children in heaven and in earth.

Now the initiates of the Ruby Ray stand on the west gate with the Holy Spirit who manifests himself in the very person of the ascended masters. And in the name of the Lamb, they take up the cosmic cross of white fire to first cast out devils.

My beloved, you can go no further on the Path of the Ruby Ray until you accept your responsibility
to cast out the demons and discarnates that invade the temple of the children of God. For by deliberate design, they are sent by the archdeceivers to defile the temples of my people; and by the deliberate design of the sons and daughters of God, they must be expelled in the name of the Light.

This exorcism pronounced by the individual believers one by one within the community of believers is accomplished solely by the authority of the Word which Jesus Christ gives, then and now, to the true disciples who daily take up his cross. His cross is the burden of his light that he bears to counterbalance the ‘sins’ of the world; these sins are the burden of planetary karma which he holds in abeyance (in balance) until the coming of age of the children of God.

When the child chooses to become an heir of God through Christ, he must do so by following Christ’s path—both his words and his works—as the only verifiable proof of his belief in him. As he said, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”

Works and greater works are the measure whereby the Lord measures the quality of the heart
of the true believer. The work of bearing the cross of world sin is not only the requirement of fulfilling the command of love (“If ye love me, keep my commandments.”), but it is an indispensable and most necessary component of the path of initiation into individual Christhood as taught and demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

I, Sanat Kumara, challenge every abuser of this path which is the true calling of the sons and daughters of God. I, the Ancient of Days, challenge the lie of the wolves in sheep’s clothing who continually tell you—as though, by the very telling, the lie should become the truth—that my Son Jesus Christ did for you what only you can do for yourselves.

It is the fallen ones themselves—who have no God in them and are therefore unable to work his works—that have taught my children that they are incapable of those “works” which he promised they should do, that it is blasphemy to suppose that they in Christ are capable of “greater works,” and that, in any case, the performance of those works is unnecessary to salvation!

Saints of the Ruby Ray, make haste to demonstrate the Law that you might liberate, with signs following, the blessed children of my heart yet in bondage to the law of sin—and the sinful sense of sin. For they have not the slightest concept of the meaning of those oft repeated words of Saint Paul, “Christ died for our sins.” My beloved, to them that are born of God death is not real. It never has been real and it never will be.

Jesus Christ hung on the Matter cross. His soul departed the body temple. He gave up the Holy Ghost. And the Father withdrew the Threefold Flame from the lower vehicles. He, the soul fused with the Trinity, did not die—but rather descended into hell to preach to the rebellious spirits. Nevertheless, all signs attributed to death were present within that body form. The change called “death” most surely had taken place.

The miracle of the Resurrection was the Lord’s return to the same flesh-and-blood body. He in God raised it from the dead. His soul reentered the restored temple, and once again Jesus, the anointed with light, was the very embodiment of the Trinity—and the Mother flame.

This God-victory over Death and Hell was the atonement of Almighty God for the sins of the world committed against the Son. But it was not a vicarious atonement. This means that he did it for you but not in your stead. He ‘died’ for your sins that you might live again to atone for them yourself. He set “for you” the example of that which you yourself must do—today. Had he not proven that death
is unreal, you, my beloved, would not be in embodiment today with renewed zest to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”

This is the responsibility that you bear as initiates of the Ruby Ray. And I would like you to look at that word responsibility and see in its place the word cross. For the cross that you must bear is the responsibility in Christ not only for personal sin but also for the sins of the whole world. “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” And the Ruby Cross of Alpha and Omega is the very light/energy/consciousness of the Trinity whereby your sins and the sins of the world are consumed by the sacred fire–the white fire of purification, the violet fire of transmutation—and by the Ruby Ray, which is alchemically the blood of Christ.

He lived to demonstrate the path of life, not of death and dying. All who follow him in the Resurrection “on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.”

You who have been with me from the beginning and shall be with me in the ending—unto you I say, Lo, I AM Alpha and Omega. I have raised you up to be the deliverers of my people as true shepherds of the Word. You have died a thousand deaths in this life and more, yet none of these were real. Not one. The only death that dies is the death that never lived. For that which has the
Life that is God never dies.

Now learn my meaning and how to rightly divide my word spoken by Paul: “As it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: so Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.”

Let this death die—the not self, the ego self, the carnal self, if you will; for it dies but once, if indeed it truly die, and after that is the judgment of the soul. For the soul must stand naked before God and apart from the synthetic self, the human ego, so that it may be judged by the words and works of its identification with the living Truth of the Divine Ego, ever the challenger of the human ego and the soul’s defender against the unreality of its sinister strategies.

Now do not any longer allow the false theologians to tell my children that this oft misquoted, quotable quote of the apostle is proof that your souls—and theirs, if they have one—have not lived continuously with Christ in this world or that they will not do so in the next. Just as God is able, and indeed he is able! to provide many mansions in heaven for the soul’s joyous habitation, so he has provided many temples in the earth for the souls whom he has chosen to increase in his Word in the evolution of his consciousness in Matter. The fact is that the divine plan for each living soul has never been limited to one incarnation.

After all, can you expect the finite potential to realize the infinite mind of God in one so-called lifetime? Well, I do not! And I know that continuity of being, world to world, is the means provided for the soul to experience the richness, the very depth and heighth and breadth of God’s consciousness. Why, he is too grand a conception himself to limit his sons and daughters to a thimble’s worth of himself.

Indeed, two hundred pennyworth is not sufficient to feed the multitudinous compartments of consciousness with which God has endowed every part of himself. And every soul, including your own, is a part of God and a multiplier of God. Every crumb is the loaf. And every crumb can be multiplied to feed the five thousand and more.

Indeed, God intended life to be lived to its fullest and not cut off before all of his desiring to express himself in an expansive and expanding universal field of love should be satisfied through each and every soul. Souls as daisies in that field must bloom a million times a million until the eternal Matrix is satisfied. Yet my children fear death. They fear the past. They fear the future. And they fear the responsibility of the present which both their past and their future must put upon the soul.

Thus the false pastors conveniently cut off their past and their future. And my irresponsible children lap up their gruel, though they know not it is the cruel, cruel dying of their Christ in the present. For if your Christed Self did not live with your Lord before Abraham was, then how can you live with him in the beyond? That which becomes eternal must be eternal in both directions—yea, in all directions —and thereby cancel out time and space and all confinements for the victors in the race.

You cannot be victors unless you are willing to take your place with the good shepherds of my people who will shout from every steeple, “The Lord is come! The Lord is come! The Lord is come!”

O my people, arise, shine; for thy Light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. Do you not see! The Christ in you—who is the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever—is the same Christ who has incarnated with your soul for aeons and aeons that you might at last be made whole and be with him, indeed, in the first resurrection.

Now shout, O Sion! Shout with the Lamb and the hundred forty and four thousand on the mount Sion. For now is the hour of the casting out of the moneychangers in the temple who have marketed their false theology under various and sundry brand names and labels. But one and all they have cut off the horizontal arm of the cosmic cross of white fire extending to the left and to the right into the distant past and the distant future.

Some say He never came. Others say He is yet coming to reign with the saints a thousand years. Some say He never was and never will be. Some say He cannot and never can be embodied in the clay vessel, for never was there a perfect vessel or a perfect person. And the latter have cut off the north and south nodes of the vertical bar as they have sought to obliterate His star in the center of the cosmic cross of white fire.

Thus the children of God, deprived of him past, present, and future, are kept by the fallen ones in a holding pattern, ever ready to land but never landing in the promised land flowing with milk and honey. I tell you, my beloved, if Messiah is come two thousand years ago, then he is come today. And a million years forward and a million years backward, still Messiah is come—the gift of God the Son to everyone. To everyone, to everyone who is born of him and born by the Spirit and born by the Mother and born to inherit eternal life.

Now understand what are these demons of the denial of Emmanuel—“God with us” here and now and forever. Notice they will tell you everywhere where he is not, but they will never tell you where he is, where I AM, that where I AM ye may be also—in order that wherever the I AM is, there you may be found in his likeness. This is the teaching and the preaching of the Word to the children of God that have been put upon by the demons clothed in scarlet, black and gray, and proud orange.
They have had their day. And their day is done!

Sons of the light, here we come! To cast out demons we are come—demons of the mind and memory, of the astral sheath, and even those demoniac viruses that penetrate the sheath of the physical cells and bring Armageddon to the intimate spheres of life assailing the centrosome of the Lamb and the Lamb’s wife.

Verily in the four quarters (quadrants) of the earth, Gog and Magog, the right and left of the Antichrist, gather to do battle with the saints. But it is written that the “fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.” And why do you suppose that fire came down from heaven, my beloved? It is because those living saints exercised the science of the spoken Word and invoked it in the name I AM THAT I AM.

They pronounced the Ritual of Exorcism in the center of the AUM. They gave their divine decrees —and the Divinity decreed within them!—and they wearied not in well doing, and they loved not their lives unto the death of the seed of the Wicked. And death for them would be the closing of the eyes and the opening of the eyes, as leaving shore and approaching shore. And though they are seen no more as mortals by mortals, the soul is immortal forever and forever.

The carnally minded will think that I preach a flesh-and-blood resurrection. I do not. The outworn garment may remain, as the chambered nautilus remains, as proof that the soul has vacated the tomb for a greater glory in the eternal womb of becoming.

That is not to say that it is not possible for Christ in you to accelerate body, soul, and mind into the white cloud in the hour of thy ascension. But, my beloved, I do say that it is not necessary that the resurrection be physical, as it was indeed the case with Jesus Christ. For it is the soul who is resurrected in the rapture with Christ. And the wedding garment is provided, the seamless garment thy soul has woven and won. This is the body celestial that supplants the body terrestrial. And in that hour you will be glad to cast aside the outworn garment and to consign it to the sacred fire.

Therefore the law is given by my son of Luxor, Serapis Bey, for the cremation of the physical vehicle. For did He not say that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God?

The morbidity surrounding the people’s consciousness of death and dying is also the demon that must be cast out. For the embalming and the burying of the body is the prolongation of the death entity itself. For the body is composed of light; and the light in the nucleus of every atom and molecule and cell must be demagnetized from the “earth, earthy” and the dust must be allowed to return to dust, even as the light that preserved its matrix is allowed to spiral to the Great Central Sun as it is released from its encasement in form by the fire element. To this end, the fiery salamanders perform their priestly duties of returning the noble work of Elohim, the body of male and female, to the Great Central Sun for repolarization.

Let cremation be the liberation of my people from morbidity and attachment to the form. For nevermore will that form be reborn. But the soul, the soul—it shall be clothed upon with white raiment, with the righteousness of the saints. It is the idolatry of the self that perpetuates the cult of the tombstone and enriches the morticians and fills the coffers and the coffins of the mausoleum operators who capitalize on the false belief of the masses that immortality is to be found in the ground.

“The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof.” Let the sea, the earth be exorcised of death, the death entity, and the bodies in whom there is no life! For the breath of life hath gone out of them, never to return. And those empty houses are invaded by the foul spirits of death who, as vultures, feed upon the light yet imprisoned in the form. This is God’s light and God’s energy. Let the elementals of fire, air, water, and earth recycle this energy back Home to God and see how the planetary body, blessed Virgo herself, will radiate more light and more light and more light.

Citizens of earth, we deplore the death consciousness on which you have seemed to thrive after the fashion of the black magicians who would destroy you alive—destroy your souls in hell while leaving your bodies to walk the streets of physical cities and astral planes. Saints of God, this is a serious matter! For the whole Matter vehicle of this evolution must be cleared. And the ancient practices of the Egyptian cult of the dead must give way to the culture of life that leads to the ascension.

Therefore go forth and teach the people to place the body on ice, dry or otherwise, two days and two nights. And on the third day, the commemoration of the Resurrection is the invocation of the resurrection flame. Whether on funeral pyre or in a modern crematorium, let the physical fire pass through the body that is untouched; for both flesh and blood must be intact; and embalming is forbidden by the Brotherhood of Luxor.

This method is safe and sane and healthy for all and allows the soul the freedom from all earthly ties as the four lower vehicles are demagnetized simultaneously by the physical fire and the spiritual fire, and the soul, as the winged symbol of the ka, takes flight with the flying Eagle to pursue the initiations of the Mother in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.

In this way, the demons have no prey and the vultures no flesh and blood. And the astral sheath, itself consumed by the physical/spiritual fire, may not roam the earth, a ghost of the former self. The astral hordes that would devour the coils of light are themselves put to flight. For the soul has clean escaped the mortal round and is heard singing, heavenbound.

Yes, it is the cosmic cross of white fire by which he releases the Word that speaks out of the Void. Take up, then, the Ruby Cross daily. For one day, when the works of Love are fulfilled in you in all the Matter spheres, it shall also be the white-fire cross of thy ascension.

In next week’s Pearl I shall outline the three steps given by the Master for The Ritual of Exorcism which I challenge you, by command of the Lord God Almighty, to practice daily–in the name of the four living Words, the four cosmic forces, who are with Me and with the Lamb. This do by the authority of Alpha and Omega until death and hell are cast into the lake of sacred fire!

Prepare to meet my Word!


Sanat Kumara

Read Matt. 8; 10:38; Luke 9:23; Gal. 4:1-7; John 14; I Cor. 15; Rev. 6:8; 20; Phil. 2:1-18; Heb. 9:27-28; John 6:1-14; Jer. 23:1-4; John 8; Isa. 60; Heb. 13:8; Rev. 14; Matt. 21:1-16; 22:1-14; Eccles. 3; Pss. 24.

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