“I Am Not Done with Pisces!”

Saint Germain as Saint Joseph
Joseph lived in the town of Nazareth
to fulfill what the prophets had foretold of Christ:
He will be called a Nazarean.

“Joy in the Heart”
“I Am Not Done with Pisces!”
Turn Back the Adversary in Defense of the Child!

I come to you out of the heart of God—thy God and my God—for there is but one. I come to you containing in my Causal Body long ages of preparation for the age of Pisces.

From the hour of the Lord Jesus’ reign 35,000 years ago on Atlantis <1> unto the hour of the betrayal of his reign by the dark forces, through the aeons that have descended, the preparation of the age of Pisces and the coming of that Son of God was ongoing.

The challenge to the hierarchy of Light was how to lead those rebellious ones back to the heart of the Sun. Thus, all parties to that civilization and to the succeeding civilizations of India and throughout the earth have reincarnated again and again and again, all being led (sometimes pulled by the very nose) to the heart of the Christic experience within their very own heart: their heart one with the Heart of God.

Oh, it has been a hard, hard generation who have resisted the coming of my Son, Immanuel! Therefore, I did reincarnate again and again. And you are not aware of my many incarnations as high priest, as scientist, alchemist, originator of dispensations of the Seventh Ray in every age to the very limit that that age could endure and that would be provided for by dispensations of the Solar Logoi.

Notably, my embodiment as the prophet Samuel did bring me to the place of the anointing of the young son, David, son of Jesse. <2> Yes, there was the one who must be king and who should descend from his own Christhood unto the hour of his being [embodied as] the Lamb of God to hold that office of the Lamb of God, who has been, who was and is slain from the very foundation of the lower worlds. Since these lower worlds have been created and sustained in measure by fallen angels and in far greater measure by the LORD God, who would not see his evolutions lost, so that Lamb [has embodied and] has been slain.

Your Holy Christ Self is indeed the Lamb of God. And as you allow this Christ to be “formed and re-formed in you” <3> in the likeness of the Holy One of God, so you shall know the experience of the slaying of the Lamb and the attempt [of the fallen angels] to pierce to the very soul of your being in order to snuff out the candle of the living Christ in the earth.

Now I have many sons and daughters, but they began with the One. Remember there was a moment before the creation when creation was not, but only Ein Sof. And remember how the Light went forth and did expand and the sefirot came forth on a descending scale.

I speak, then, of the moment of the appearing of Tiferet, the Son of Righteousness, the only begotten of that God. Therefore, the hour of that coming was the hour of the descent of the living Christ midpoint [on the Tree of Life]. And therefore that Christ Presence did seek to woo the soul by the lesser sefirot [below Tiferet] to the level of the middle figure [the Son] of the Chart of your I AM Presence. This Jesus came to do [in not one but many incarnations throughout the ages].

And so I was chosen to father the Son of God [in his final incarnation] and in so doing to father the Piscean age, as I said, by long preparation beforehand. All the players in that scene of the family and all whom we met and worked with, aye, John the Baptist and great adepts of the East and those with whom we were in contact [whose names are] not recorded—all those players to the scene, including disciples and the multitudes, descended knowing that they would act out the greatest pageant of all history. And in acting it out, I say to you, beloved, they were counseled and trained to play their role of individual Christhood and to play it to its fullest.

Thus, beloved, you are also counted in this mandala of Lightbearers—the beauteous, wondrous pattern of souls coming together, each one having a precious jewel to contribute to the Piscean dispensation. For reason of the dark powers that have been unchecked, that should have been checked and could have been checked had the powers and the forces of God been directed to that end, I tell you, the Piscean age [has been an age of darkness when it] could have been an age of great light, even a golden age.

Thus, you have come of age! Thus, you have understood profoundly that God has placed in your hands the work of binding the force of Evil, which has no power except the power that the mass consciousness does give to it. Therefore, in every place where you raise up that Christ, where the individual son or daughter of God or child of God does give glory to that Christ and raise it up, so there is that point of challenge, that point of saying [to the hosts of Darkness]: “Thus far and no farther! Go back into your lair. You shall not spot the footprints of my Lord!”

Blessed ones, to take your stand with the will of the mind, the fire of the heart, the devotion of the soul, the power of the indwelling Spirit and the power of the YOD HE VAU HE: this is your calling! And I tell you, a new empowering is coming upon you in this conference. Therefore, to receive it and seal it, I say, be purged, be rejuvenated, be restored, be illuminated, beloved ones!

For the day must dawn, must it not?

Yes, the day must dawn when you find yourself as the mirror image of your own beloved Holy Christ Self. And therefore, the separation will be slight and as that rapprochement occurs wherein the soul no longer fears to enter into complete union, no longer fears the wedding day or the wedding garment, I say, beloved, you shall walk the earth again as Christed ones as you did in that ancient golden-age civilization on Atlantis when you had balanced 51 percent of your karma. And many did ascend who went on to balance 100 percent of their karma in that time and dispensation, while others, some among you included, did lose ground and therefore did lose the 51 percent they had gained.

And therefore, you have traversed long embodiments and a certain amount of the drudgery of dealing with returning karma as it has accelerated in this many-thousand-year cycle <*> that is upon you again. Yes, beloved, hours and cycles turn and you have come back to the very point of beginning. In the Beginning, the point of Light and then the midpoint, the moment when, though you had garnered Light, you lost it.

How did you lose it, beloved?

I can tell you the fallen angels known as serpents are more than cunning. They have perverted the signs and the signals of the Kabbalah and therefore used it to imprison souls of Light. Not by mere enticement or the pride of the eye or the glitter of the body did they draw you away but by the very black magic that is the misuse of the set of the sefirot. The counterfeit set [of the ten sefirot] had been created by the one Din in the intensity of the judgment itself, the judgment that [the fallen ones] meted out upon the children of God. And thus, Evil did gain hold in the manner described to you by the Messenger according to the teachings of the Zohar.

Now understand, beloved, as you have the knowledge of the I AM THAT I AM and as you have called upon that power, so you have called upon Keter. And therefore you have had that point of contact [with the first of the ten sefirot]. So make the point of contact with each of the sefirot and understand that by so placing your heart and soul and mind and will and dynamic decree in these chalices, by setting yourself at a like vibration with them, you can now turn around [the evil works of Din and those who carry the Din consciousness] and demand the judgment of the forces of Antichrist and therefore work the work of God on earth, which is the ultimate binding of the evil force. Yes, beloved, the “other side” must be tackled, as the beloved Abraham has told you.

And therefore we come, fathers both, who have nurtured you. And we come with the blessed Mother Mary. We come with other Mothers ascended and the one unascended, <**> that you might know that there is a nurturing spirit in the heart of the earth to nurture you to the place where you can stand face-to-face, eyeball-to-eyeball, as they say, with the adversary who did betray you at Maitreya’s Mystery School, known as the Garden of Eden.

And now in this hour and in this day, with increased self-knowledge and confidence in the absolute protection of the Spirit of the living God in your I AM Presence and Archangel Michael, you can indeed challenge, turn back and bind the Adversary that he go not out again to tempt the little ones, to violate their souls, to abuse their bodies and their minds.

Beloved ones, there are the filthy ones in the earth who are engaged in the violation of the sacred chakras of life in little children. You must demand their judgment and their binding before the altar of the Lord God! Come forward, then, in defense of the child! Come forward in defense of the Mother, the Cosmic Virgin, and all of the fathers in the world, who must come now and stand by their wives and by the mothers of their children!

Let the Holy Family be restored! This is the work, beloved. It does take [your giving] the judgment calls dictated by my Son Jesus and the call for the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold (as you have been told) of the Antichrist in the earth and the seed of Antichrist planted in you long ago, which must be exorcised and excised by you.

Yes, I AM Saint Joseph, and I walk in the full mantle of my office as protector of Mary and of every mother and every woman and of every child in the earth. And I tell you, beloved, that I play that role. As many in the earth call to me as Saint Joseph, so I respond to that name.

Knowing who I am, therefore, I can be called by any name, any key of any name of any past incarnation. Thus, I have rolled them into one and determined to be called by you merely “Holy Brother,” Saint Germain.

I, beloved, come to you with a heart full of love and hope and determination. I come to you in the realism of that which must be bound first in yourself before it can be bound by you, in the name of God, in others. I say, submit yourselves to the altar of God and trust my mouthpiece, for I can work with you and deal with you if you recognize that the Messenger is a personal Messenger to each one of you when you need that Messenger.

I say, beloved, it is too late, too late and far too late—if you count from the hours of 35,000 years ago (and we have returned to that cycle now in this day) when you walked away from the Son of God—[to continue your dalliance in the doings of your ego]. It is not a time to assert the human ego. It is not a time for argumentation and squabbling and a need for personal glory.

Beloved, all these things must be set aside in the perspective that has been given to you many times before, and it is this:

Whatever you think you might gain from another round in the world, whether it be the intellectual world, the psychological world, the world of art and theater, the world of music and science, beloved, you have seen it all, you have done it all before. It is in your Causal Body. You have satisfied your soul’s need to do these things again and again!

But I tell you, all of your efforts in all of the fields that are open to you will come to naught if you do not put first things first, [in this case] the binding of the evil force [at work] at this level of the worlds. Understand this. Civilizations will crumble. Wars shall come to pass. Plagues shall be upon the earth, and earth changes. [Yes, unless you bind the evil force,] all these things will effectively wipe out the years of your efforts in this or that discipline.

But I tell you, if you make your first and foremost holy calling the binding of that Evil, which means, beloved, to become [day by day] the fullness of the embodiment of your Christhood so that you are indeed empowered to bind that Evil, then all these other things will fall in line. And what you put into a work of your calling and your profession will endure and it will be sealed by the violet flame. And no tempter or fallen angel will be able to come into your playroom and knock down the towers you have builded with your blocks.

Yes, beloved, civilization will stand or fall. It will stand only if you determine to bind the force of Antichrist that was in the heart of Herod whereby he sent out his henchmen to slaughter the male babies in order to be sure to destroy the living Christ Jesus. And therefore, the angels of the Seventh Ray led us in the flight into Egypt <4> and it was indeed a flight from the terror of the powers-that-be of the time.

And do not think that it was not a challenge for me and for Mary. Yes, it was indeed! For we were in the form that you are in this day, we were in the times and we knew exactly what could happen if we did not play our role.

Care for your children! Care even more for your souls and their souls! Care, beloved, and guard the sacred citadels. For Christed ones have been lost in the earth for want of parents who had the teaching and the understanding of maintaining the I-AM-the-Guard consciousness.

Trust no one with your children except those who are tried-and-true devotees, beloved. Take care. For the Devil does yet wander about seeking whom he may devour, <5> and he would devour the very souls of your children before they may come of age for the realization of their Christhood.

I say, this place is indeed the cradle of a new civilization of Lightbearers! And I, Saint Joseph, am on hand as always to inaugurate cycles and dispensations by the power of the Seventh Ray. [highlighted by webmaster]

Therefore, I come to you in the great glory of God and I tell you that the mission of Jesus Christ was an absolute God-success for those who did receive it and who did, therefore, by the power of his mouth-to-mouth, heart-to-heart resuscitation come into their own victory in the Light. But very quickly the fallen angels, the wolves in sheep’s clothing, did come along, did distort the doctrine, did destroy the works of Origen and others.

And therefore the perversion of the teachings of my Son are in the earth today, entrenched in doctrine and dogma and inciting fear in the many hearts of Light who should have gathered in this tent for this convocation upon the coming of Alpha and Omega—blessed be the holy names of our Father-Mother God.

Yes, beloved, they ought to be here! And because the forces of Antichrist attacking them through the media, through the anti-cult movement have not been bound, therefore there is that wall that does stand between them and this altar. I say, tear down the wall by the fiat of the Lord! Tear down the wall, beloved!

For many, many can drink at this fount. And in the twinkling of an eye, as it were, even in a ten-day cycle or a period at Summit University, they can see through all of the false teachings and see through the false teachers and know who they are and know them by their fruits, <6> or should we say by their “nonfruits”? For they produce nothing of worth from their tree of life but only turn back the children of the Sun [from their Sunward flight]. They are the gray ones, and they are becoming grayer and blacker by the hour as their karma descends.

Beloved ones, this is truly the hour of which my Son did speak. Lo, the harvest is white, yet the laborers are few. <7>

Who shall be the harvester of souls in my name?

I come to you to place my mantle and Presence of Saint Joseph over you so that you may go and do the work and be our hands and feet, our hearts and our chakras in the earth.

Blessed ones, if you will spend your life and time and hours in this endeavor, I assure you that to have my Presence over you will ultimately manifest in you as the regaining of your strength, your health, your youth.

Beloved, if I may work through you, I will raise you up. But you must give attention to me. Remember me as I walked by the child Jesus, as I walked with Mary and as I guided them until the hour of my transition. Remember, then, how Jesus did go alone, joining the caravan to the East. <8> Yes, beloved, the Son of God was overshadowed by angels and by the hierarchy of the dispensation of the Piscean age and by myself when I was no longer in embodiment.

Yes, beloved, we have work to do! We have some unfinished business with the fallen ones who have moved against my Son and against you as my sons and daughters in every age, lifetime after lifetime.

This is the day and the hour to say to them:

Thus far and no farther! We have the Word! We have the name! We have the understanding! We shall invoke the power of God and it shall not fail us. And your day is done! You have no power! Your day is done and you will not seduce our souls nor our children’s souls nor our children’s children’s souls!

We shall send forth a mighty ripple of Light that is the ribbon of our own crystal cord. And we shall send it into the future that all evolutions and Lightbearers shall know! They shall know your name, ye fallen ones, ye extraterrestrials who have come to manipulate the genetic code of the evolutions of God! We shall see you bound! For we know your name and we pronounce it and we say: Your judgment descends in the name of God now! [49-second standing ovation]

Now I say to you, beloved, the fallen ones have been working overtime on you and many others of your companions who are not here for one reason or another. And they have sought to move you this way and that way. They have worked hard to insert into your mind thoughts that are not your own, interpretations of life, inserting desires in the mind and in the desire body.

Yes, beloved, you must take care and be on guard and protect your aura and forcefield and give the fiats, as the Messenger has demonstrated them, with the full power of the Word, the fervor of the heart chakra, the power of that mighty threefold flame that is the very same flame that does burn in the heart of Alpha and Omega. There is no difference, beloved, except in size, intensity and balance.

Therefore, you are the issue of God: Beware, for those who are not the issue of God who wander about, as I have said, seeking whom they may devour, have played with you and with some of you they have had a heyday. You have been moved this way and that way. You have been seized with an idea that they have planted. You have followed it and it has burst as a bubble, taking with it your supply and your very lifeblood.

And then you have gone another way and a-this-way and a-that-way instead of first seating yourself in the place of the Holy of holies of your heart chakra with your Holy Christ Self and simply saying:

Be still and know that I AM God and that the I AM THAT I AM within me is that God! And I will not be moved from my course of service to my God.

Any distraction will do, any stray thought, just to get you away from your own interior castle, your own inner altar and the altar of the Most High God.

I want you to know that the angels of the LORD have so moved in on planet earth that they are just waiting almost breathless for someone of any religion or walk [of life] but especially for you, beloved, since you understand the science of the spoken Word, to utter the call for the binding of this and that fallen one. [These fallen ones] are ready to be picked off, beloved ones! And the angels [of the LORD] are ready to do your bidding. Won’t you take this conference, then, [as an opportunity to take your stand] in defense of the work of my Son Jesus Christ, which is the work of Him that sent him? <9>

Yes, beloved, do that work for the binding of that Antichrist and see how the world will change because you have walked in this world, you have worked in this world, you have placed the imprint of the soles of your feet and the soul of your temple in the very planet itself.

And I tell you, one day it shall be said: “Blessed are these feet and the imprints they have left that we may walk in them–[the footprints of] the saints of God who saw the oncoming Darkness and reversed it by the power of the judgment of God to defeat the judgment of the fallen angels.”

Now I, Saint Joseph, give you your very first assignment and it is this: As you lay your head to rest this night, make the call to be taken to the Royal Teton Retreat at the Grand Teton. You have done the work magnificently, and the multiplication of your Ashram rituals as you come together in such numbers is a beauty to behold as the whole planet glistens with an antahkarana that you are establishing and strengthening every hour and day of your presence here, multiplied by the chalice of Elohim <10> in the Heart [of the Inner Retreat] and multiplied by the Western Shamballa and the heart of Lord Gautama Buddha, blessed be his name.

Therefore, from the heart of the Royal Teton Retreat you shall be escorted, then, to Yugoslavia, and you shall be accompanied by many legions of angels of the Seven Archangels and of the mighty God Surya. And you shall place your bodies in the midst of the people and you shall call at inner levels for the binding of the serpents and the fallen ones who are creating this slaughter.

Remember, beloved ones, after the flood of Noah the decree went forth that human government must be established for the defense of [human] life. When the nations and the governments of the earth cease to use their powers to defend life anywhere and everywhere upon this planet, I say the reason for being of both the nations and their governments has come to an end.

Now you have seen the great powers, and what have they done to stop this slaughter? Who has interceded?

All have turned their backs with silly sanctions and mealymouthed words and no action. And again and again and again the slaughter in the nation continues night and day until even you are sick of seeing it on the television.

Well, beloved, there are Lightbearers everywhere and there are Lightbearers in Yugoslavia. If this slaughter is allowed to continue, I tell you, it shall open such a depth of the bowels of hell (as it already has and which [opening] you must call for the cosmic reinforcements to seal) that this action [of the slaughter of the people] will then spread. It will be repeated in your own cities, even as you have seen the upheaval in Los Angeles. Beloved ones, these two situations are related.

Where the slaughter of the good and the evil, where the slaughter of people of any kind is allowed to continue and to go unchecked, there is a rending of the veils of the entire planet and an opening of the pits and of the astral plane. Therefore, beloved, this is a most urgent matter.

Let us seal the place where Evil dwells [in Yugoslavia and elsewhere]. Let us make the call to Astrea for the binding of the evil ones on the astral plane and in physical embodiment. And let us pray for the saving of the souls of Light.

Blessed hearts, war has been on this planet as long as there have not been Christed ones, such as yourselves and such as you are becoming, to stand up against that sinister force. War must end! Call therefore to Lord Krishna, to Karttikeya, to all the mighty ones of God who lead those armies of heaven, including the God Surya, that war may end upon this planet—and the warring within the members of the people and the warring in their souls.

Yes, beloved, you live in an age when you can triumph and triumph ultimately. And remember that you did not turn your back on Saint Germain and Portia, on Jesus Christ or Mary, his Mother, but you decided to confront that force directly, come what may, and to trust God to be your mighty shield, your buckler, your defense and your armour.

I AM Saint Joseph. And though I come as the Hierarch of Aquarius, I am not done with Pisces! For I am determined to see a victory out of it all and, through you and this Messenger, the publishing abroad of the true teachings of Jesus Christ. For they are the foundation of Aquarius and Aquarius cannot rise without the self-knowledge of every man, woman and child upon this planet of his own Holy Christ Self and of the Son of God and of the I AM Presence and of the violet flame!

See to it, then, ye warriors of the Spirit and of the earth! See to it, ye saints of God in the flesh! Now make your life count as it has never counted before in all past ages and graduate with glory in your ascension in the Light!

Leave, then, your children to move on in your footsteps. Do not spare the rod. I did not spare the rod with my son Jesus and therefore he grew up the disciplined one. Whether you think you have an avatar or not, recognize that the four lower bodies must be disciplined and the soul itself.

Yes, beloved, I AM Saint Joseph and I shall not relinquish my role either in the Catholic Church or anywhere where I am called. And where you call to my beloved wife, Mary, I AM there. Therefore when you sing the Sanctissima songs, know that I am a part of the answer and the resounding flame from the heart of the Blessed, the most blessed Cosmic Virgin, who embodied to give birth to your Saviour and my Saviour, your Lord and my Lord.

[43-second standing ovation]

This dictation by Saint Joseph was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, June 27, 1992, during the ten-day conference FREEDOM 1992: “Joy in the Heart” held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. Prior to the dictation, the Messenger delivered the first half of her lecture “Roots of Christian Mysticism” and led the congregation in giving Ashram rituals 4 and 5—Sacred Ritual for Soul Purification and Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work. Some of the teaching in Saint Joseph’s dictation builds on concepts covered in the Messenger’s June 26 lecture, “Keys from Judaism—the Kabbalah and the Temple of Man.” For a fuller understanding of the dictation, it is important that you hear this lecture. [N.B. Throughout this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Saint Joseph’s direction for clarity in the written word.] Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

*. The 25,800-year cycle of returning karma has come full circle with the conclusion of the age of Pisces.

**. The embodied Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet bears the mantle of the World Mother. In that office she, with other devotees of the World Mother, makes continual intercessory prayer on behalf of the world’s children.

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