Saint Teresa of Avila
Ascended Lady Master Kristine

Teresa of Avila

"If we cling to our Creator alone and care nothing for created things,
His Majesty will infuse the virtues into us, so that, doing by degrees all
that is in our power, we shall have little left with which to struggle,
for our Lord will defend us against the devils and the whole world as well.
Do you think that it is a small gain to give ourselves entirely to Him,
keeping nothing for ourselves, since in His goodness all is contained?"
—Saint Teresa of Avila, The Way of Perfection

"We should resolutely give Him our heart for His own
and should empty it of everything else, that He may take out
or put in whatever He pleases as if it were His own property."
—Saint Teresa of Avila. The Way of Perfection

"My bridal garment, which I wear before you, is an image and a vision impressed upon your soul, that you might have remembrance that you, too, stepped forth from the altar of God in that bridal garment and you will wear it once again.

"The vision of yourself as the crowning rose and the bride of light must establish that self-worth that enables you to strive and overcome and keep pressing back and pressing back every attempt to take from you your space to be the bride.

"Your space, beloved heart. It takes a very special place to be the bride. And the circle of your auraas the gown, the train, and the veilforms a circle of white fire that must leap into the realm of the Spirit. The circle of the wedding gown is the magnet whereby the Christ will come. You see the bride standing alone. Therefore God must come, for God must present unto that bride the living Christ.

"I am here so that you will understand how near is the Path, how near is the goal, and that, in the outer mind, none may know who is the most, the most to be desired of the Lordwhich one he will pluck from the field of life.

"May this bridal garment be your own. May you weave your Deathless Solar Body. I fling into your heart the bridal bouquet. It is my desire that the fragrance will remain with you until, beloved, you find yourself in the arms of the Beloved One. This promise will be fulfilled in you. I AM the living proof. [29-second pause]

"Showers of blessings from bowers of glory, tumbling flowers, a million daisies in the field—such is the love of the angels for your presence.

"My beloved, let us deliver the Word!"

Teresa of Avila
Lady Master Kristine
June 13, 1982

"Tonight I am particularly conscious of the magnificent service of your Mother Mary. I am particularly conscious of the service of Saint Teresa [of Avila] and I am particularly conscious of the service of Jeanne d’Arc. You see then, precious ones, that mankind has been served, in many cases, by the feminine ray, although masculine leaders are often more popular, perhaps because they have a bit more dash and verve."

Mighty Victory
April 18, 1965

"One of the most famous encounters recorded in mystical literature is the ecstasy of another Teresa—Teresa of Avila. In a vision, the Lord showed Teresa a small angel holding a large golden heart tipped with fire.

"She wrote: 'It seemed to me this angel plunged the dart several times into my heart. When he drew the dart out, I thought he was carrying off with him the deepest part of me; and he left me all on fire with a great love of God.'

"Jesus told Catherine of Genoa that 'these flaming darts of an irresistible love are like waves of fire. They flow from My breast,' Jesus said, 'and communicate such ardor and interior power to man that he can now do nothing else but love, remaining inseparably united with his God.'

"Unable to adequately express the overwhelming love she felt for God, Catherine of Genoa simply said, 'If one drop of that love which my heart feels . . . were to fall into Hell, Hell itself would altogether turn into eternal life.'

"Isn’t this the love we all seek? The love that will heal. The love that with one single drop will transform someone’s world. Just think what we could do if we had that kind of love! But in order to have that kind of love, we need to open our hearts—all the way. And as we know, it is not always easy to do that. Because of the wounds of the past, we close up when loving gets too painful. We sometimes have to contact deep levels of hurt in order to resolve the painful record and move on."

"Her path for many centuries had been that of surrender, self-sacrifice, service and selflessness guided by the Ascended Masters under the Four Cosmic Forces. Always living for the mission of the Guru and my Messengers, she transcended earthly modes and manifestations. Her light filled the cups of consciousness to overflowing, creating new streams of immersion in Christ’s love for all following the breezes of her billowing bridal garment."

Sanat Kumara
October 14, 1979

"Most beloved friends of my heart, I am called today the Ascended Lady Master Kristine, having served you in many occupations and callings in the earth. So you also know me as Teresa of Avila.

"Yes, I have known the Lord. Yes, I did come to greet my friends the Messengers. And how my feet skipped lightly as I approached the doors of the retreat in Colorado Springs, for I knew that this was the beginning of a mission that would carry me to the throne of grace. But I did not know in my outer mind that this life would be cut off so soon, and yet it was the will of God.

"The Messenger and I embrace in this moment, for we have long carried a secret pact of our service together as sisters of Light, calling home the saints, ringing the bells of Mary, sounding the sound of the Om and traversing the cosmos to the heart of the Lord Krishna.

"Being in the flame with you in this hour, then, gives me such great rejoicing, O beloved! It is wonderful to know you as you are and as you were when I left. And therefore, our service together is a bonding of hearts in what you call a mandala. It is a mandala of Buddhas and bodhisattvas dedicated to the publishing of the Word, and the artistic renditions that convey at a glance the true meaning and the profoundness of the Word.

"[Yes, the Messenger and I] have served together, often taking turnsthe one or the other being out of embodimentthat we together might have this anchoring point in the etheric octave and in the physical plane. We have had many victories together, serving, as you might say, as an Alpha-Omega team with so many, many of you who are here and still serving in the very department where I served, now in Montana.

" . . . So I invite you, as in the ancient teachings of our Lord, to swiftly become Jesus’ twin, to rise to the level of the Christ and to pull down that majesty of the Christ where you are by such utter love that you leave a vacuum that can be filled only by that descending one.

"O blessed hearts, I pray that you enter in to the very glory and sanctity of God. I pray that you do not avoid the agony. Experience it, go through it, transmute it! Be in the meditation of the ecstasy that I knew in the presence of Jesus even as Teresa of Avila.

"That moment of what is called a spiritual ecstasy is a part of the experience of the bonding of the heart whereby the soul can no longer be separated from her Lord. There is a period of trial, almost as in the trial of the betrothal. There is a going-out and a coming-in. There is a period of being received by the Lord Christ and yet not permanently, [and then there is a period of] being sent forth again and again, as the teachings of Saint John of the Cross do convey.

"And therefore in this, beloved, know that that entering-in and that going-out is almost like an oscillationthe entering-in and the going-out of the soul as she puts on a certain fire of Christ, assimilating it, adjusting to it, coming back again after a period of service and again receiving the fire of Christ and feeling that fire intensifying the Deathless Solar Body, even the wedding garment.

"You have been brides of Christ for First Holy Communion. And some of you who missed that ritual in this life have pursued it as adults. We welcome all of you to receive First Holy Communion and the teaching that goes before it, to do so in the name of your inner child and your soul, who would wear that bridal veil and that sweet, white, lacy dressall ready for the entering-in.

". . . Let us understand, beloved, that [such discrimination] is not the product of male domination in the Catholic Church. It is the product of the domination by the ego of anyone—man or woman, priest or prelate or humble supplicant. Each one of us must in our own time see to the binding of that not-self, that false self, that created self who [thinks it] must defend the carnal mind and is part and parcel of the dweller-on-the-threshold.

"And thus, the true liberation of woman comes by her sanctification through Jesus Christ, by his divine approbation given unto woman and the raising of woman to her lawful place as 'mother of the universe,' as he called it.

"And so you see, we [sisters] had our own karma to work out and we, [as a body,] have that karma to work out today. But when we have the protection of our beloved Bridegroom and we enter the bridal chamber and [kneel before] the altar in the secret chamber of the heart, do you not see, beloved, that we become an indomitable force? And when I say 'we,' I speak not only of women but of men also, for I am speaking of the soul.

" . . . Therefore, nurture your souls as children and raise them up, for a portion of your soul is a child needing comfort and a portion of your soul is a wise one giving you instruction and notification of events to come.

"A portion of your soul is at every level. But when you love and liberate that soul, she can then leap into the arms of Christ and be assimilated by Christ, even as Christ is the great assimilator and even as the soul does assimilate her Lord through the taking of Communion daily.

". . . May you find interest, then, in my almost random writings, as I wrote of those things that were upon my heart and that came to me. Perhaps you might read a little here and there that you might know what [persecutions, hardships and self-denials] we went through in our time because of what we had and what we knew. And surely it was a mighty preparation of the mighty God, the Almighty One, for this lifetime on the path of the ascension in the twentieth century.

"I would not have missed it for anything! I would not have missed serving side by side with both Messengers and coming to understand bit by bit and crumb by crumb from the Lord’s table so many facets of the Law that governs our lives by love."

Teresa of Avila
Lady Master Kristine October 10, 1992

"I will tell you the secret prayer of the Messenger, who continually praises God in Morya, who did pick her up as an orphan waif sometime, somewhere in the depths of the astral plane. Thus, beloved, understand how you may share in the prayer of Teresa of Avila, [which is also the prayer of the Messenger]: 'I, a poor sinner, I, a poor sinner, am not worthy of thee, my Lord, and yet I serve and I pray.'

"See yourself, then, truly as that orphan. For are you not an orphan until the day and the hour when someone, perhaps some great one of the adepts, does take you and turn you around and set you on a course straight for the highest star? Does anyone here still think that he has done this of himself? ['No.']

"It is well to remember that, beloved. For all have been wretched, all have been the downtrodden, all have been under [the boot of] civilizations, empires [that have been run as] absolute dictatorships.

"Who did come and rescue you?"

Gautama Buddha

"And you must be free from these toxins of ancient times and be willing to see yourself in need of total reformation. And that reformation is called 'conversion,' and it is the turning around of your being and it is the acceleration of the atoms until they throw off so much darkness that you pass through the dark night of the soul and the Dark Night of the Spirit and all seems darkness to you.

"And in that very hour you must remember the word and the teaching of Saint John of the Cross, Saint Teresa of Avila. Yes, beloved, they are come again unto you. And you must hear your ministers and hear the word of your preachers and know that those who have borne the Light in your defense and have championed your cause in past ages do come again and they themselves have moved against all infamy and calumny and gossip against their lifestreams. And that is a part of the purging of the earth.

"And if the saints do not stand in the earth, beloved, how will the little ones who are the shorn lambs stand in the earth? If the saints do not rise, beloved, into a higher calling, how will any survive 'so great salvation?' We ask it, beloved."

God and Goddess Meru
June 30, 1991

Florence Jeannette Miller, beloved chela of El Morya and the messengers, dear co-worker and friend, fulfilled at inner levels the initiation of the ascension on September 20, 1979. In October 1968, she joined the staff of The Summit Lighthouse, where she headed the publishing department for many years and served on the Board of Directors of Church Universal and Triumphant.

She was given the title Lady Kristine by Saint Germain on July 5, 1970, at La Tourelle. Sanat Kumara, who relates the story of her ascension in “Seven Initiations of the Saints Who Follow the Lamb” (Pearls of Wisdom, October 14, 1979, vol. 22, pp. 263-66, 271), proclaimed her “the example and forerunner on the Path of the Ruby Ray.”


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