Kabbalah, the Key to Your Inner Reality  

Union of Twin Flames
" . . . When Adam, symbolical or real, began to receive the consciousness of God
in the reflecting pool of self and then did not qualify it with the proper divine ideas,
he himself was thrust from Paradise. And therefore the angel with the flaming sword
stood to keep the way of the Tree of Life, for no man can profane the Holy Spirit."
—Maha Chohan, July 2, 1963

"A Word to Husbands:
To keep your marriage brimming
With love in the loving cup,
Whenever you're wrong, admit it;
Whenever you're right, shut up."—Ogden Nash

"The most important consequence of marriage is, that the husband and the wife
become in law only one person . . . Upon this principle of union, almost all the other
legal consequences of marriage depend."—James Wilson

Devekut, Mystical Cleaving to God

Kabbalists believe that because the soul has her origin in the divine realm, she naturally desires
to return to her source. Kabbalists seek this return through devekut, mystical cleaving to God. Devekut is the ultimate goal of the Jewish mystic. Scholem says devekut is "continuous attachment or adhesion to God," "a perpetual being-with-God, an intimate union and conformity
of the human and the divine will."

Isaac of Acco delineates degrees of devekut, including equanimity (the indifference of the soul
to praise or blame), concentration or solitude (being alone with God), the Holy Spirit (a general term for enlightenment and inspiration), and prophecy.

The thirteenth-century mystic philosopher Rabbi Nahmanides says that devekut means that
you should remember God and the love of Him always, that you should not cease thinking of Him, when you are on a journey, when you lie down or when you arise; so that when you converse with people you should do so with your mouth and your tongue, but your heart should be with God.
And it is possible that the souls of men who achieve this state are bound up in the bond of eternal life even during their lifetime, for they are in themselves the abode of the Shekhinah.

Nahmanides says that if you cleave to your Creator in this way, you are eligible to receive the Holy Spirit. The twelfth-century Jewish philosopher and scholar Maimonides says that the person
who has merited receiving the Holy Spirit is transformed and can perceive things that are not normally accessible: His soul becomes bound up on the level of the angels . . . and he becomes
a completely different person. He can now understand things with a knowledge completely different than anything that he ever experienced previously. The level that he has attained is far above that of other men, who can merely use their intellect.

This is the meaning of what [the prophet Samuel told] King Saul, "[The spirit of God shall descend upon you,] you shall prophesy with them, and you shall be transformed into a different man"
(I Sam.10:6). Moses Luzzatto also describes the Holy Spirit as a form of enlightenment that is above human reason and intellect. He calls it "bestowed enlightenment."

"Bestowed enlightenment consists of an influence granted by God through various means," says Luzzatto. "When such influence enters a person's mind, certain information becomes fixed
in his intellect. He perceives this information clearly, without any doubt or error, understanding it completely, with all its causes and effects, as well as its place in the general scheme." Like Isaac of Acco, Luzzatto describes an even higher form of devekut than enlightenment—"the level of true prophecy." He says:

This is a degree of inspiration in which the individual reaches a level where he literally binds himself to God in such a way that he actually feels this attachment. He then clearly realizes that
the One to whom he is bound is God. This is sensed with complete clarity, with an awareness that leaves no room for any doubt whatsoever. The individual is as certain of it as he would be if it were a physical object observed with his physical senses. The main concept of true prophecy, then,
is that a living human being achieves such an attachment and bond with God.

This in itself is an extremely high state of perfection. Besides this, however, it is also often accompanied by certain information and enlightenment. Through prophecy, one can gain knowledge of many lofty truths among God's hidden mysteries. These things are perceived very clearly, just as all knowledge gained through bestowed enlightenment. Prophecy, however, comes with much greater intensity than Ruah HaKodesh [Holy Spirit].

Kabbalists say that the opportunity to receive the Holy Spirit is not limited to Kabbalists or Jews. Elijah is said to have taught his disciples, "I call heaven and earth to bear witness that any person, Jew or Gentile, man or woman, freeman or slave, if his deeds are worthy, then Ruah HaKodesh will descend upon him." Aryeh Kaplan points to the promise in the Book of Joel as evidence that God intends all humanity to receive his Holy Spirit: "I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit."

According to Scholem, Kabbalists unanimously agree that devekut, mystical cleaving to God,
is the ultimate goal of the spiritual path. However, there is disagreement among scholars
as to whether Kabbalists taught that devekut leads to total union with God. Moshe Idel notes, "Gershom Scholem stressed, time and again, that a total union with the Divine is absent in Jewish texts."

Scholem wrote in his book Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism: "It is only in extremely rare cases that ecstasy signifies actual union with God, in which the human individuality abandons itself
to the rapture of complete submersion in the divine stream. Even in this ecstatic frame of mind,
the Jewish mystic almost invariably retains a sense of the distance between the Creator and His creature."

"However, as Idel points out, Scholem was such a fine scholar of Jewish mysticism that many other scholars have accepted his views uncritically. Using Kabbalistic texts for evidence, Idel shows that some Kabbalists did in fact pursue complete union with God. For instance, Isaac
of Acco uses a variation of the drop-in-the-ocean metaphor to describe the soul's union with God:

"[The soul] will cleave to the divine intellect, and it will cleave to her . . . and she and the intellect become one entity, as if somebody pours out a jug of water into a flowing spring, so that all becomes one . . . .And this is the secret meaning of [the phrase] ‘a fire devouring fire.'" In the same text Isaac of Acco writes: "This [rational] soul will cleave to the Ein Sof and will become total and universal, after she had been individual, due to her [experience in the] palace, while she was yet imprisoned in it, and she will become universal because of the nature of her real source."

The Hasidic master Rabbi Menahem Nahum of Chernobyl also speaks of the union of the soul
with its source: "He becomes attached to the divine unity by means of the union of the part
to the all, which is Ein Sof. Consequently, the light of the holiness of Ein Sof shines in him,
as the part cleaves to its root."

The Soul's Journey after Life

The Zohar says the soul's journey beyond her earthly life is determined by the type of devekut
she pursues in her life on earth. The soul chooses her own fate by cleaving to holy forces
or to unholy forces. Blessed are the righteous, whose desire is perpetual devekut to the Holy One, blessed be He, and as they cleave to Him continually, so He cleaves to them and never leaves them. Alas for the wicked, whose desire and devekut separate them from Him. And it is not enough that they separate themselves from Him, but they cleave to "the other side" [the domain
of demonic powers] . . . When the righteous depart from the world, their souls all ascend, and
the Holy One, blessed be He, prepares for them another form that they can put on, and that reflects their existence in this world.

Tishby interprets this to mean that "the garment that the souls don after death in the Garden
of Eden is woven from the commandments that were fulfilled and the good deeds that were done in the physical world." The Zohar continues:

It is the path taken by man in this world that determines the path of the soul on her departure.
Thus, if a man is drawn towards the Holy One, and is filled with longing towards Him in this world, the soul in departing from him is carried upward towards the higher realms by the impetus given her each day in this world. Elaborating on the same theme, Rabbi Abba says in the Zohar that when he was in a town inhabited by descendants of the "children of the East," they imparted to him "some of the Wisdom of antiquity with which they were acquainted."

One of the things they told him was that after the death of the body the soul who has cleaved
to holiness while on earth will stand among "holy beings," but the soul who has cleaved
to uncleanness while on earth will be attached to "unclean company." Rabbi Abba says: They showed me one [of their books of wisdom] in which it was written that, according to the goal which a man sets himself in this world, so does he draw to himself a spirit from on high. If he strives
to attain some holy and lofty object, he draws that object from on high to himself below. But if his desire is to cleave to the other side, and he makes this his whole intent, then he draws to himself from above the other influence.

They said, further, that all depends on the kind of speech, action, and intention to which a man habituates himself, for he draws to himself here below from on high that side to which he habitually cleaves. I found also in the same book the rites and ceremonies pertaining to the worship of the stars, with the requisite formulas and the directions for concentrating the thought upon them
so as to draw them near the worshipper. The same principle applies to him who seeks to be attached to the sacred spirit on high. For it is by his acts, by his words, and by his fervency
and devotion that he can draw to himself that spirit from on high.

They further said that if a man follows a certain direction in this world, he will be led further in the same direction when he departs this world; as that to which he attaches himself in this world,
so is that to which he will find himself attached in the other world: if holy, holy, and if defiled, defiled.
If he cleaves to holiness he will on high be drawn to that side and be made a servant to minister before the Holy One among the angels, and will stand among those holy beings.... Similarly
if he clings here to uncleanness, he will be drawn there towards that side and be made one
of the unclean company and be attached to them. These are called "pests of mankind."

The ascended masters, like the Jewish mystics, teach that the goal of the soul is to reunite with God. When the soul passes on through the change called death but is not ready for this ultimate reunion, she will spend time on interim planes before her next incarnation. Advanced souls who have led a life dedicated to God are taken by angels to retreats in the heaven world. Here they progress spiritually and prepare to meet the challenges of their next life.

Not everyone, however, reaches these schoolrooms between their incarnations. Some souls get stuck in the astral plane, which the Zohar describes as the side of uncleanness. In the astral plane they become entangled with disembodied spirits (what the Zohar calls the "pests of mankind"), whose energies vibrate at the lowest common denominator of humanity. The formula that the Zohar spells out is simple: if you cleave to earthly things while you are on earth—material goods, power, position, ambition, base desire—when you die your soul will not be free to rise
to the realms of light.

If you get into the habit of cleaving to heavenly things—meditating on the sefirot, communing with ascended masters, befriending the angels—then when your soul departs this world you will be magnetized to the light and, as the Zohar says, you will stand among holy beings.

The Soul's Final Ascent.

Mystical cleaving to God is a day-by-day process of attaching oneself to God through prayer, devotion, meditation and good works. But, as I said, Kabbalists also speak of the soul's ultimate cleaving to God when she ascends back to her source at the end of her tenure on earth. Like Plato, de León describes the soul as a prisoner in the body.62 The Zohar frequently depicts
the soul as a fugitive or exile who has only one longing: "for the place from which it was taken." Spencer writes:

As an emanation from the sefirot, the soul pre-exists in the heavenly world, "hidden in the divine Idea." Before its descent to earth, it vows to fulfill its task—to re-unite itself with God. During its earthly life, it weaves the garment of light, which it is to wear after death in the "realm of radiance," from its righteous acts. In its final blessedness, when it has completed its growth, the soul ascends to its source, and is re-united with God.

This union is described in terms of love. The soul is united with "the Queen," the Shekhinah,
or with the "heavenly King, the Holy One," in "the Palace of Love." But it is only "if a man is drawn towards the Holy One, and is filled with longing for Him in this world" that the soul is "carried upwards towards the higher realms" (Zohar 1:99). Otherwise men have to undergo reincarnation on earth, or to be purified in "the fiery stream of Gehenna," or even destroyed. Reincarnation,
first taught in the Bahir, is apparently an exceptional destiny in the Zohar, though regarded by later Kabbalists as universal.

Scholem says that as Kabbalah developed, "transmigration [reincarnation] ceased to be considered merely a punishment and came also to be viewed as an opportunity for the soul to fulfill its mission and make up for its failures in previous transmigrations."65 The soul may go through numerous incarnations before she is perfected and is thereby worthy to reunite with God. If she does not willingly undergo the tests of the Holy Spirit lifetime after lifetime, her opportunity to do
so will come to an end and she may ultimately cease to retain any identification with God. This is what is meant by the second death.

The ascended masters teach that the soul is made permanent when after lifetimes of service to life she ascends back to God and reunites with her I AM Presence. This Jesus and other ascended masters have done. The prerequisites for this graduation from earth's schoolroom are

(1) the soul must be bonded to her Holy Christ Self,

(2) she must have balanced at least 51 percent of her karma, and

(3) she must have fulfilled her mission on earth according to her divine plan. The reunion with
the I AM Presence through the ascension is the ultimate goal of life for every living soul.

Kabbalists interpret certain Bible passages as referring to the union of the soul and God. Idel cites a passage from a work by one Jewish mystic: "He told me: ‘Thou art my son, this day I have begotten thee' [Ps. 2:7], and also: ‘See now that I, even I, am He' [Deut. 32:39]. And the secret
[of these verses] is the cleaving of the power—that is, the supernal divine power called the circle
of prophecy—with the human power." Idel says that "I, even I, am He" stands for "the union
of the Divine with the human."

Idel also cites the work of one of the disciples of the Spanish Kabbalist Abraham Abulafia, which gives an interesting image for the soul's ascent and ultimate union with God. Abulafia's disciple says that the Hebrew letter yod stands for a person seeking union with God: "He is the yod in this world who has received the power from the all, and he comprises the all, like the yod in [the realm of] the sefirot. Understand, therefore, that there is no discernible difference between this yod and that yod but a very fine one, from the aspect of spirituality . . . And this is the secret [of] ‘and cleave unto Him' [Deut. 13:4]—the cleaving of yod to yod in order to complete the circle."

The metaphor of the circle, explains Idel, is a symbol of the union of the human and the divine.
He writes: "Each of the two yods are explicitly defined as halves of the circle, which is completed by the ascension of the lower man and his turning into ‘the higher man, the man who [sits]
on the throne and shall be called: "The Lord our righteousness." ' Man, then, is but half of a greater unit, the circle, and by his ascent he can reconstruct it."

The "cleaving of yod to yod" is the God in you below cleaving to the God in you above. In other words, by accessing the power of God that is within you, you can transform your lower self into
your Higher Self. You can become one with the Lord Our Righteousness, your Holy Christ Self,
and ultimately one with your I AM Presence.

When you look at the Chart of Your Divine Self, in your mind's eye draw an ellipse around it
and see inside the ellipse a figure eight. The I AM Presence represents the upper half of the figure eight and the soul represents the lower half. At the nexus of the figure eight is the Son of God, Tiferet, the Lord Our Righteousness. Through Tiferet, your soul (the yod below) is magnetized
to your I AM Presence (the yod above), until you are no longer two but one. Cleave to your I AM Presence. Cleave to the rock of your Divine Reality. For that which you cleave to, you shall become.

Kabbalah, Key to Your Inner Power
E. C. Prophet, Spadaro, Steinman

Beloved Lady Master Venus

The Handwriting on the Wall:
Read It and Decide Your Destiny
The Lost Chord of Twin Flames

Lightbearers of Love unto the New Age,

I AM grateful to descend in the matrix of sacred fire, in the cone expanded for the descent of Light.

I am come by the forcefield abuilding. I am come by elementals and angels and by your leave, dear hearts who reach out for Love and the Beloved.

Know that all things must work together for good to those who are called and chosen of the Ancient of Days. <1> Know that we must also move planetary forces and that our mission in this hour through this company has been to establish and lay the foundation for the penetration into the earth of pillars of sacred fire held by Holy Kumaras and legions of Victory’s Light, especially here in this area of the third-eye chakra of the nation anchored in the Temple of the Sun.

We come, then, for many reasons to release the Light through the spoken Word now passing through your chakras so prepared. Angels of Venus of Love bring forth the delicate vibrations for the restoration of soul sensitivity, refinement of creativity, and restoration of truly that which is the lost chord of your harmony with your beloved twin flame.

Souls, now I call to you out of the seat-of-the-soul chakra! Rise by the power of the resurrection flame and the mantra of the Lord Christ:

I AM the Resurrection and the Life of the sacred fire

burning in my heart and soul and mind and body.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life

of holy purpose in twin flames of our causal body.

So, beloved, the turning of cycles is come. Earth has experienced darkness and calamity and the Fourth Horseman in this year. <2> Thus, Death has been the pale rider. And you, beloved, have seen, day upon day, wondering what next might appear across the continents of the earth. But fear not. All this must come to pass. Let the cycles of the night burn themselves out. Let the morning doves ascend now up the spiral to the fount of love of twin flames.

Beloved, in the dark night of earth’s history, be the candle as you are. Go forth in the full promise of Saint Germain, for we reinforce this commitment. And the legions of Light of the Holy Kumaras are working in the sea and under the sea, into the very heart of the continent to establish balance and the magnet of Divine Love.

Light of the Central Sun descending now, Holy Spirit, Maha Chohan, draw the ring of fire and the figure eight through the very nexus of twin flames. Accelerate then, accelerate then the Light! In the name of Brahma and Vishnu, in the name of Shiva, we release that sacred fire, consuming records here, going to the very heart of the people of this area and going to the heart of those who also must be taken, for their malintent and darkness has proven a grave vulnerability to the manifestation of equilibrium in this area.

Beloved ones, so it was said—one is taken and another is left. <3> And this is the hour of the sifting and the weighing and the measuring of the court. So let there be the measuring now. <4> And in the Central Sun, by the power of that magnet, let twin flames descend. Let the power of your I AM Presence descend. Let the power of the Light descend in the vortex of the secret rays.

In the Light of Mother Mary and on the path of the sacred heart, we open the door and kindle a flame. I have come for the fulfillment of a certain cycle, beginning in the hour of Sagittarius, of that begun by Vesta. <5> Thus, in the fulfillment of the All-Seeing Eye of Scorpio, I initiate the sacred fire whereby you become, by the momentum and the thrust of Sagittarius, that flame of Maitreya, that flame of the Love of the Buddha who is indeed the Cosmic Christ and the Teacher of the Mystery School come again.

So in the year’s conclusion in the cycles ahead the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood calls to you even now to remember the acceleration of the violet flame and the harvest and the judgment of the seed of the wicked and the clearing of the way for the little ones. So it is a year [1985], beloved, know this, that could have been much worse for this nation and the nations of the earth but for the Lightbearers everywhere, but for the prayers and the good intent so manifest in right action.

I then stand, anchoring the Light of the Holy Kumaras for a purpose. Darkness is taken from your auras. For you have come to the fount seeking the knowledge of twin flames, aye, and you have found more than a dissertation—you have found a meditation and a path of the mystics. And you wonder, “What is this?” I tell you, it is the true mystery of Love that is found in the intoning of the Word and the communion, as Above so below, with hierarchies of Light.

Twin flames approach. These are they who are counted among the Ascended Masters. Some of you seated here, then, have with you in this moment the Ascended Master who is your twin flame, overshadowing and quickening, opening the way and leading you in the direction of the highest mountain of opportunity. For you the path of twin flames is truly integration, as Above so below, as your four lower bodies serve as the anchor point for your soul’s attainment and the final lowering into the octaves of the earth of the other half of your self who has gone before you to keep the flame in heaven as you keep the flame on earth.

So it is with your Messengers. You are not alone but must also rise in the understanding of such a responsibility as to not turn back and not relinquish the intensity of your pursuit for the ascension. You are the one, then, who remains balancing vestiges of karma of both—the instrument of the Light for the conclusion in the Omega cycle of your joint endeavors.

Cherish, then, the opportunity to be in alignment with the masterful presence of your own Beloved. Count it not a sacrifice, then, to continue to strive and to give, for all that you sow will be the fruit in twin causal bodies. And by your planting and your harvest, when you shall have ascended both will return to the scene of earth to anchor through the records left new Light and a clearing of the way for others.

Now there come out of the etheric octaves and the temples of Light twin flames of those here not yet ascended yet working diligently in the etheric retreats, some as initiates and adepts, others as disciples and neophytes under the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. These are not in physical embodiment in this hour, but you are working closely with them as you make the call to be taken to the Royal Teton Retreat while your body sleeps at night. This association at inner levels is yet accomplishing your mission, and you must be mindful that some must of necessity have this condition of circumstance. Be not concerned, for truly you are one in the innermost Being.

Strive, then, to be the example and the embodiment of the higher attainment of yourself and your Beloved as you keep your role in your family and community, in your profession and service. Marriages on earth amongst those in embodiment may be [entered into] with those who also have twin flames in the etheric temples or ascended. These, then, anchor the Light of both twin flames, creating that cosmic cube which we have spoken of.

This is very important, beloved—that you have the sense of the presence of the gathering from all levels of being of those who serve together in what is called the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. For some have truly overpreoccupied themselves in the quest for the twin flame instead of accentuating the path of the internalization of the Word and the AUM and the I AM THAT I AM and the power of the Light descending of causal body.

I speak, then, to those of you who seem extraordinarily burdened sometimes. And you wonder why, when you are on the Path, you seem to be so weighted down. Alas, you also may have the condition of a twin flame not necessarily in embodiment but manifesting on the lower planes, in the astral plane itself or in physical embodiment in dense spheres of consciousness and out of the path of Light. You, then, become the better half of the whole in the sense of the acceleration of Light, and upon you depends the survival of a soul yet floundering, whether [one who is] in embodiment or one who is your partner or one you know not.

This, then, is the hour to recognize the tremendous power of the Elohim Astrea and this mantra to the Maha Kali that is the most powerful mantra to the Divine Mother—the call to Astrea [10.14]. Your vigil, then, becomes a great necessity to cut free hour by hour yourself and your counterpart from the overriding demons of death and suicide, alcoholism and drugs and the dark things that hang upon the human spirit. This walk, then, is also a challenge, of another kind. But you must recognize that the Reality of your beloved twin flame is always in the Universal Christ and in the representative of that Christ to whom you have sung, Lord Metteyya. <6>

Therefore, beloved, be not dismayed, for all Life is one. And when you are fighting for the freedom and the survival of the Beloved, you are truly taking your stand for all in such a plight. And you yourself, by the strengthening, by the courage of heart, are also gaining dominion over your four lower bodies.

The time may come when you will decide, as others have done on Atlantis and in ancient civilizations, to leave then the octaves of the habitation of your counterpart and enter into the ritual of the ascension, that you might have the maximum Light to magnetize that soul up in the evolutionary scale to also yearn and seek and know and find you in the higher planes of Being. This, my beloved, is exactly what the case has been for those whose twin flames are ascended today. You are the ones that were left behind, for whom they fought diligently in previous lifetimes. And because they elected to mount the fiery coil and take that ascension, you are seated here and now. You are striving. You are seeking. You feel the tug on your heartstrings of someone above who loves you.

Thus play your roles, beloved, and realize that there is hope indeed in all octaves for the return to the white fire core in balance. Some of these Ascended Masters in previous lives have had to make the decision to enter the orders of the Great White Brotherhood when their counterparts would only malign and misuse their good intent and the good Light they brought forth. These were very painful partings, beloved, but they were to that end of your victory. Thus, when you make your decisions of coming together and separating based on the prior and original Love of the white fire core of Being, based upon your first allegiance to the Almighty One, you may always know that the blessing counts for your Beloved even though in the moment it seems almost a cruel fate.

Blessed ones, remember, karma as justice is also mercy. And there is no injustice anywhere in the universe. I bring your hearts comfort in the struggle of life, in the burdens and temptations. Blessed hearts, when you win the victory of Light in your heart, that victory always counts for your Beloved. And when the Beloved is ready, so then will that entire momentum of your victory serve to catapult that one almost in the twinkling of an eye to new planes of awareness.

So you become the sponsor of not one but many parts of Life left behind, and [left behind], I might say, by their own recalcitrance. And sometimes being left alone is the only way the one addicted to the material senses may find renewal and the urgency of coming up higher. For the loss experienced is great, I am certain you realize.

I speak, then, to those of you whose twin flames are at your side, you who have the opportunity in this life to know physically, face-to-face the Beloved. And I say, when the karma of the past and the injustices inevitably practiced toward one another in the past arise between you, let them not destroy the beauty and the oneness of Love. For proximity, when twin flames retain ancient karma, may become even a contempt, a sense of injustice, a sense of “How could you have done these things to me?”

In the pain of parting and anger or argument, beloved, in the moment of separation which discord brings as well as the destruction of the filigree pattern of the renewal of this ancient tie, there must be seen the value and the preciousness of the oneness in the white fire core of Being regardless of all outer manifestations.

Thus, there is a holiness and a grace between one another that must be observed. Often the shortcomings of twin flames are similar, therefore mutually aggravating. Beloved hearts, angels of the sacred fire have worked centuries to bring you together. [Therefore, guard the union, guard the harmony.]

I speak, then, to those who are in the relationship of soul mates or karmic unions. In all cases and regarding every part of Life, it is well to deal with gentleness and respect and honor. For, you see, the love that one gives toward child or friend, teacher or employer, toward one’s partner in life, whoever —that love always ascends ultimately to the heart of the twin flame.

Thus, you will seek and find the Beloved of the Light in each expression of love, each service rendered, each forgiveness given. The heart tie is never broken. And therefore also out of respect for the Beloved, remember, when you sink into sadness and denial, worthlessness, even condemnation, the one you love most is the one you hurt the most; for the twin flame even ascended bears all of this. It is consideration and care that allows one to be tender toward all Life, never aborting cycles in any plane or octave but giving unto God and all, knowing that one gives unto the Beloved.

The lessons of Love that come from Venus and the heart of Victory, whose sign is also Sagittarius, must indeed be learned on earth. For an age of freedom has as its foundation Love itself. Only Love can give true freedom to the Beloved and every part of Life.

Thus, let the doves of the morning freely fly to the sun. For when their time is come, they must be gone with the wind and the fire. They must be then no more a part of earth. Thus you know where the twin doves have flown, and you say to yourself, “May I and my Beloved also fly to the heart of the distant star whence we came, but not before we have gained some magnanimous victory for earth and her evolutions.”

O Ascended Master Cuzco, governing now the earth changes from the retreat at Suva, so I say to you, receive the transfer of Love of Venus, holding the balance in the electronic fire-ring. Receive, then, the Love of Heros and Amora! Receive the Love of Chamuel and Charity!

By the Light of Surya and Cuzco, the Light descends, sealing the sheaths of the four lower bodies of earth, gaining time and a half a time and space in the Buddhic mind for you, beloved, to find the way and the Path and the loving-kindness toward all.

In the name of the living Christ Jesus, in the name of Saint Germain, I commend you—walk with God, mindful ever of thy Beloved. And be free in the tenderness of the rose of Light of the heart.

By the Seven Holy Kumaras, I wrap the earth in the swaddling garment of Love without end. May this truly be the purging of all hatred and the transmutation of fear. Take courage, for this is the age and the coming of age of the heart.

By our Love are we one. I AM Venus of the Flame.

[standing ovation]

This dictation by the Lady Master Venus was delivered on Sunday, November 17, 1985, during a weekend seminar held at the Penta Hotel in New York City, where Elizabeth Clare Prophet was stumping for Saint Germain’s Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.

1. Rom. 8:28.

2. Fourth Horseman. In his New Year’s Eve address, December 31, 1984, Gautama Buddha warned, “It is the year of the Four Horsemen and of the fourth. Life, then, in its intensity, must cancel out anti-Life.” See Rev. 6:1-8 and 1985 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 28, no. 6, p. 64.

3. Matt. 24:40, 41; Luke 17:34-36.

4. The measuring. Ezek. 40, 41, 42, 45:1-6; Zech. 2:1, 2; Rev. 11:1, 2; 21:15-17.

5. See Vesta, January 1, 1985, “New Love,” 1985 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 28, no. 7, pp. 67-69.

6. Metteyya. The name for Maitreya in Pali, the sacred language of the Theravada Buddhist canon. Maitreya is derived from the Sanskrit maitri (“friendliness”).


Twin Flames

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