Nicholas and Helena Roerich
Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood

Nicholas Roerich
October 9, 1874-December 13, 1947

"Beware! Do not forget to turn to the Teacher. The cultivation of offenses
produces a poor garden. And neglecting your health impedes your strivings to the Eternal.
The ability to overcome proves the strength of your spirit."El Morya, The Call 1924
"Each one will apportion for himself, for we see and hear.
" . . . I send to you my achievement affirmed by centuries. Keep the key to it clean."
El Morya, The Call 1925
"The conjunction of the Moon, Venus and Saturn is indeed rare.
Precisely such a conjunction produces a chemism of extraordinary force."
—El Morya, Fiery World 2 1934
"Strong are the rays of Jupiter; they further the rapid diffusion of the forces of Uranus.
In time people will discover methods of treatment by means of the rays of the luminaries."
—El Morya, Brotherhood 1937
"Certainly each one receives a Teacher in accordance with his own consciousness."
—El Morya, Hierarchy 1931

"Think of the stars that give their light to humanity. Be like those stars and give your love,
wisdom and knowledge to others."—El Morya, Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924
"I am summoning the wise ones. New and useful ones will gather.
And the tree of unity will flourish."—El Morya, Leaves of Morya's Garden 1924
"The necessity of deceit compels the priests of the old religions
to push the people into the abyss of darkness.
Yes one may leave them at the foot of the mountain, as did Moses,
but the tablets of the Commandments must be manifested."
El Morya, Leaves of Morya's Garden 1925
" . . . I was with the messenger as she gave to Summit University
some of the old teachings of Nicholas Roerich, who was inspired by me and El Morya
to contemplate the museum of art and the Roerich Peace Pact. He worked with us
for peace and understanding of the nations and also to preserve the art treasures
of ancient Tibet and the works of his own hand inspired by us."
—Saint Germain and Hilarion, August 29, 1982

"Realize, then, that it is not that I would woo you to India—though you are
most welcome to retrace the steps of my son Nicholas Roerich—but that I would place
a magnet within your heart to magnetize your own momentums when your lives
have crisscrossed with the avatars, when you have even known me in my own incarnation
before the coming of Christ."—Gautama Buddha, November 8, 1981

“Rather treasure a blank wall than any imperfect piece of artwork.”Lord Maitreya
"You [are called] to live the life of one whose path has become the path of Agni Yoga,
the yoga of fire."—The Maha Chohan, February 17, 1991
"Never tire then in the work that is your dharma, your duty to be
the wholeness of yourself."Nicholas Roerich, October 28, 1990
"How necessary it is to learn to feel one's heart not as one's own,
but as the universal one."El Morya, Heart 1932
624. Agni the savior leads to beautiful worlds, but one must cherish it and not forget
its existence. Many spirits, while not lowering themselves to an animal state,
disgracefully stamp about on one spot and even fear agni.
During their earthly journeyings these timid ones feared everything existing,
and fire was to them the most terrifying concept. They forgot the Light
which could draw them to the world of beauty, and fear is a poor counselor.
—Fiery World 1933

"When you think of me, my friends, compatriots and co-workers, think, then, of the sacred fire, think on me in the Agni Yoga. I am grateful to address you today, to speak to you from the plane of the Ascended Masters that you might know that one from among you has graduated to this level and that you might accomplish the same . . .

"I have indeed fought the good fight and I have won. Yet I still pursue the crown, for, beloved, every level has its goal and goal-fitting . . . I desire, then, to see my students everywhere in the world add to our teachings the practice of the science of the spoken Word, most specifically the call to the violet flame. I AM that violet flame in action! Test me, beloved. See how I will commingle a violet flame with your aura and therefore we shall be one through this intensity of the Lord’s Spirit . . .

"I am rich in the Spirit to bestow upon you the abundance of virtues, the abundance of all that you need to fulfill your mission. Only remember the first things first. Only remember the purification of the heart. Only remember the strengthening of the body itself . . .

The Himalayas by Nicholas Roerich

"May you know that this activity of the Ascended Masters [The Summit Lighthouse] is fitting [souls] for the goal of eternal Life. Many, many souls not even affiliated with it on the outer yet study the teachings and in their heart of hearts affirm the Word, the I AM, the Agni Yoga. Many souls are striving. Pray for them earnestly.

"Be ye overcomers, I say . . . I AM the Ascended Master Nicholas Roerich. I am surely rich on the royal road of integration and in my being there is Light enough for all. And my angels, each bearing cups of Light, distribute my Light daily to all devotees who are on a wavelength to receive it.

"Remember to call for my cup of Light. I will give it you each day, beloved, as long as you are on the wavelength of the ascending one, the aspiring one, as long as you fear not to follow
the Mother of the World up the mountain . . . "

"Thus, Morya has said to me, 'Kuan Yin, we must not fail!' And I have answered, 'El Morya, beloved, we will not fail!' Thus, beloved hearts, I make my word good by my heart’s tie to the Lord Sanat Kumara, as you also can and should; for the commitment to the Guru El Morya
by all souls who have ever known him in all of his incarnations, including in his sponsorship of Nicholas and Helena Roerich, does come in this hour to an intensity and an apex of living fire.

"I am here to bolster and to expand the work of the Darjeeling Council and specifically, as that work dovetails with my own service, to call upon the messenger as we have never called upon her before to stand at this altar and to give the calls and the expose,s of every fact and facet of World Communism, supported by your own blessed hearts in the fire of freedom and the dynamics of the spoken Word."

Kwan Yin

Pearl of Great Price by Nicholas Roerich

"In the East Maitreya has been immortalized in huge images chiseled out of rocks on mountainsides and cliff-faces. For example, in Maulbeck, Ladakh (a district in north India bordering Tibet), one can see a majestic twenty-four-foot rock carving of a standing figure of Maitreya. Nicholas Roerich discovered many of these carvings in his journey throughout Central Asia and wrote about them in his book Altai-Himalaya.

"Of Maulbeck he says:

"In ancient Maulbeck, a gigantic image of the Coming One powerfully stands beside the road. Every traveller must pass by this rock. Two hands reach toward the sky, like the summons of far-off worlds. Two hands reach downward like the benediction of earth. They know that Maitreya is coming."

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"I would like to show you now the original oil painting so that you may admire the work itself. You may also see that it was our own beloved Nicholas Roerich who went and, in his journey to Tibet, also found traces of Jesus’ footsteps. And therefore, in this magazine you will find paintings of Nicholas Roerich.

"Here you see . . . the very heart of the ascended master Nicholas Roerichpaintings he executed while in the Himalayas, while hearing of the tales of Saint Issa. Therefore, by way of great art, another ascended master makes his debut through our magazine. Is this not a joyous occasion? ['Yes!']

"See the precious colors and the blues as he painted with etheric skill the inner octaves. See how the little people may know what has been kept from them.

Saint Issa by Nicholas Roerich

"O beloved hearts, this magnificent painting was conceived in my heart to the glory of the Lord Jesus, given to the messenger, translated to a very talented artist in Los Angeles who is not a member of this organization, but whose heart leapt in the knowledge of the journey of Christ to the Himalayaswho responded with joy to paint this rendition and to give to the youth of the world the true idol to replace all rock stars and heroin addicts and Hollywood masks and political figures and Castros and Karl Marx and all the rest. This is the true hero of youth.

Jesus Approaching Ladakh
as a Youth

"We will make available to you, beloved ones, this original oil reproduced as a lithographic print so that you may have it and hold it and frame it and have your altar to the youth and have it ready for the youth when you want to give that very, very special gift."

El Morya
December 31, 1982

" . . . Out of the kindling fire I have wrought the image of the threefold flame. I have placed out of this fire the reality of trinity, of life and heartbeat. I, Padma Sambhava, Guru of the Messenger, come to you now. I place a tiny replica of the threefold flame in your heart. This is the perfect pattern of the flame as you have seen the three plumes swirling together in artist's rendition.

"This threefold flame will magnetize your threefold flame to become balanced and whole. As you move with your Holy Christ Self then you will have ever that pattern. And you may establish yourself in that pattern on behalf of every living soul that you meet. So within your heart, beloved, you may turn to the living God.

"This I bring to you that you may also understand that all ascended masters are concerned that you give worthy time and a fire of intensity to guard the heart. You would do well to reread the Roerich book Heart 1932. Contemplate the ramifications of the heart—the burden of the heart, the tension of the heart, the illness of the heart and the victory of the heart.

"I then tell you, beloved, there are enough individuals in embodiment to hold the balance for the Earth by their own threefold flames. The catch is—will you go find them? Will you teach them of the flame of the heart? Will you teach them selflessness and service? Will you teach them, beloved? So, the Earth can only be balanced and the axis righted if there be sufficient numbers to carry the flame."

Padma Sambhava
Pearl Vol. 45 No. 46

"Meanwhile Nicholas and Helena Roerich, Russian amanuenses of El Morya (in his Agni Yoga project), were setting forth the teachings for the true Community of which World Communism was the counterfeit and for the true culture of the Mother corrupted by the mental, emotional and physical slaughter and slavery which the Satanists brought to millions of the children of Mother Russia. Now half a century later the teachings of the Hierarchy have been entrusted to the keepers of the flame.

"The keys to the counterrevolution have been given to the children of light. And the Messenger (Mark Prophet) has ascended into the Presence of God and stands this day with Morya the sponsor of the sons and daughters of God in Russia and in every nation threatened by the dialectical materialism and the aggressive atheism of the fallen ones."


Pink Mountains by Nicholas Roerich

" . . . for truly this art that was inspired upon me by great adepts is the open door to the future and the sign and signal of Aquarius. It is liberating and it does draw the soul into realms beyond the physical octave. When you look at these paintings, the notion does not occur that the mountains do not appear in these colors, for the paintings themselves draw you to the etheric octave and bring to your soul the remembrance of your soul’s journeyings into the etheric octave. And thus, they are wholly natural to the inner eye of the soul.

"I have painted for the soul, beloved—for the liberation of the soul, for the quickening of the soul! I have painted so that the eyes of the soul might see independently and unhampered by the intellect of the mind. And I have brought the soul into proper proportion, as is the Asian tradition, against the backdrop of the immensity of Nature."

Nicholas Roerich

41. "We drive out all fear. We throw to the wind all the many-colored feathers of fear: blue feathers of frozen terror, green feathers of trembling betrayal, yellow feathers of secret crawling away, red feathers of frenzied heartbeat, white feathers of reticence, black feathers of fall into the abyss. It is needful to repeat about the multiformity of fear, otherwise there remains somewhere a small gray feather of complaisant mumbling or even some fluff of hurried bustle, but behind these will be the same idol of fear. Each wing of fear bears one downwards."

55. "Striving is the boat of the arhat (Sanskrit: smiter of corruption). Striving is the manifested unicorn. Striving is the key to all caves. Striving is the wing of the eagle. Striving is the ray of the sun. Striving is the armor of the heart. Striving is the lotus blossom. Striving is the book of the future. Striving is the world manifest. Striving is the multitude of stars."

63. "Chiefly it must be understood that the products of science and art are for education, not diversion. Many amusements will have to be destroyed as hotbeds of vulgarity."

102. "It is necessary to guide the education of a people from the initial instruction of children, from as early an age as possible, the earlier the better. You may be sure that overfatigue of the brain occurs only from awkwardness. The mother approaching the cradle of her child utters the first formula of instruction 'You can do everything.' Prohibitions are not needed; even the harmful should not be prohibited. It is better instead to turn the attention simply to the more useful and the more attractive. That tutorage will be best which can enhance the attractiveness of the good. Besides, it is not necessary to mutilate beautiful images for the sake of an imagined childish non-understanding; do not humiliate the children. Firmly remember that true science is always appealing, brief, precise and beautiful. It is necessary that families possess at least an embryo of understanding of education. After the age of seven years much has been already lost. Usually after the age of three years the organism is full of receptivity."

104. "There must be a cooperative, and the pupils must also be taught such cooperation. All phases of art must be included. Without the paths of beauty there can be no education."

183. "They are wrong who regard the Community as an exclusive laboratory. The Community is a hundred-eyed guard. The Community is the hurricane of the Messenger. The Community is the banner of the conqueror. In the hour when the banner is furled the enemy already undermines the foundation of the towers. Where then is our laboratory? Where is your labor and toil? Verily, one patrol left out opens ten gates. Only vigilance will provide the rampart for the Community."

El Morya
New Era Community,1926

121. "Grow to love the fearlessness of Knowledge."

122. "Knowledge must be untrammeled. Each conditioned, shackled science causes irreparable damage . . . The contemptible pedant thrusts away each one who does not prove to have an untalented, cold attitude toward Beauty. Around the Community there must be an inspirational quality."

165. "During the organization of the communities see that under a mask of fulfillment of the Covenants cupidity be not concealed. Destruction of creative conquests follows sinister cupidity. It may be said that this worm is far too firmly nested in man's ignorance. The more necessary then to know the cause of its germination. The most harmful cause will be in permitting privilege. With all strength it is necessary to destroy this evil ghost. The organization of the community first of all foresees equality. Admit any form of inequality and at once you come up against the perniciousness of privilege. The fact of inequality creates a seesaw—the greater rise of one creates a still greater rise of another. The only way to avoid an unsettling of the pillars is by maintaining equality."

217. "There are two kinds of skepticism—one benevolent as in him who seeks confirmation, the other faint-hearted as in a proprietor resisting innovations. The manifestation of the second is customary in circles of poor education. Never begin a dispute with people of this kind. Propose to them to read and to add to their education. The first kind of skeptics represent for Us an agreeable manifestation, for out of their ranks are obtained useful co-workers. Indeed, they are usually far more cultured and their former experiences are richer. Thus they can more easily compare data of different domains of knowledge.

271. "The cooperative is not a shop but a cultural institution. There may be also trade within it but its basis must be one of enlightenment. Only along such lines is it possible to apply cooperation to the new life. Such unity is not easy; people have been accustomed to combining commerce with cupidity. Such an error is difficult to eradicate. But undeferrably by way of school education should the significance of healthy exchanges be brought out. Earning money is not greediness. To receive wages for work is not a crime. One can see that labor is the one just value. Thus without agitations and confusion it is possible to expound everything under the banner of Enlightenment and Peace."

274. " . . . and not only should they (i.e., branches of community) not impede the strivings of people but they should help each other—and this assistance should be voluntary. One should contribute to the success of each sensible act of unification. Indeed when cooperations are of varied nature then blossoming becomes especially possible. We do not put on shackles but
broaden the horizon. Let children take up the most introspective problems. Let women carry aloft the ordained Banner. Let men give Us joy by constructing the City. Thus above the transitory will stand out the signs of Eternity."

"Plants reach out toward the light—this law of primary consciousness is immutable. Proceed by the path of immutability and build life!"

"Teach children the symptoms by which to recognize the nest of egoism. They must understand that the egoist first of all admits nothing, whereas the seeker of the common good sets as his first task the absorption of possibilities."

El Morya
New Era Community,1926

"Not needed by Us are well-meaning Nicodemuses who come by night and keep silent by day in the Sanhedrin. Each one must guard the secret entrusted to him, yet he must have ready a word about Us."

El Morya
New Era Community, 1926

"It happens that the most indisputable plan may be subjected to impediments. It will be asked how to find a solution without excessive expenditure of energy. There may be a change in the substance of the plan, or in its dimensions or in location. To alter the plan in its essential nature is equal to betrayal. Curtailment of the plan in its dimensions is equal to short-sightedness. Our solution will be in a shifting of place so that new conditions will still more enhance the basic significance. We do not approve of the principle 'to fight and perish.' It is more courageous not to lose one's forces and to conquer. But for this is needed full realization of the soundness of direction and the invincibility of tension."

El Morya
New Era Community, 1926

"It is true that at times human goodness is very profound, but it often lacks mobility. This comes from a lack of culture of the heart. The potentiality of the good heart usually works in spasms and is not always open for ready action. However it is precisely this spasmodic action that permits many assaults by evil, which works like a winnowing fan in all directions. It is only by an impenetrable armor of goodness that one can defend oneself."

"Can people naively think that they are able to conceal falsehood merely by arrogant words? Words are not worth a nod of the head. Flight reveals the species of birds."

115. " . . . people's brains are accustomed to legal and academic tests, therefore they are always able to imagine some examiners full of schemes and cunning in order only to indict the victims who fall into their hands. However, there are no examiners but there are observers of how a man makes use of his knowledge. Of course it is necessary to complain not against the
observers, but against oneself."

275. "The Teacher needs an especially clear consciousness in the disciples. . . Among the reasons for success or failure in the tasks, the condition of the consciousness occupies no small place. Even a slight perplexity or uncertainty in striving alters the result. For instance, someone may come to you anxious to help and awaiting from you only the impetus to do so. But you may be absorbed in some outside conversation, and the desire to help evaporates in a cup of tea."

407. "The potentiality of the good heart usually works in spasms and is not always open for ready action. However, it is precisely this spasmodic action that permits many assaults by evil which works like a winnowing fan in all directions."

408. "The education of the heart must begin at the age of two. First of all one may advise mother's milk or goat's milk—but using a wet nurse is a hideous practice. Besides, the mother's milk is often more digestible and already contains particles of the heart-energy. But until now this was not taken into consideration; even the simplest people feel the truth more than the cold dogmatists."

411. "In the education of the heart the concept of work is advanced primarily. From the earliest years labor is set down as the only foundation of life, as the process of perfectment. In this manner the idea of labor as selfish is destroyed, and on the other hand there is gained a broad understanding of labor for the common welfare. Such a concept already refines the heart considerably, but later on such an expansion of the concept of labor becomes insufficient. Then within the fires of the hearth the spatial labor for the future is created. Then no rejection can impede the growth of work. Then the spatial work consciously penetrates the highest spheres."

El Morya, Heart 1932

"Similarly injurious is each betrayal. It should not be forgotten that an obvious betrayal is sometimes easier than a concealed one. Often (in the latter case) the traitor does not confess even to himself the betrayal committed. The evaluation of such a subtle betrayal is highly complex! Through the admission of the betrayal, the traitor at least partially discharges the tension evoked by him. Still it would have been far more heinous had Judas not confessed."

411. "In the education of the heart the concept of work is advanced primarily. From the earliest years labor is set down as the only foundation of life, as the process of perfectment. In this manner the idea of labor as selfish is destroyed, and on the other hand there is gained a broad understanding of labor for the common welfare. Such a concept already refines the heart considerably, but later on such an expansion of the concept of labor becomes insufficient."

428. "From the earliest years one must pay attention to aversions and predilections. It is stupid to regard as ignorant nonsense aversions which are merely not understood. Often the entire structure of the heart is reflected in this. And very useful conclusions can be arrived at. But above all one must beware of the heart that knows neither attraction nor aversion; it means that the heart is asleep. There are multitudes of such dormant hearts, and this leads to decay of the spirit. Thus once again the most inconceivably spiritual is connected with the physical manifestation."

446. "Even a half century at the end of Kali Yuga represents not an insignificant period. Thus agni yoga becomes the bridge to the future. One should firmly realize that the forces of the Spirit which heretofore demanded decades now through the way of the heart are accelerated to the highest degree. One can accept agni yoga as precipitating the evolution of the forces. Where for whole years one exercised refinement and tempering of the body, the heart can move the Spirit almost immediately. Of course the education of the heart is needed, but this lies in the sphere of feelings, not of mechanics. Thus let us hasten to invoke the heart for service to the New World."

497. "For cooperation with the highest forces tensity of the heart is needed, but it usually begins only when the tension reaches its extreme limit. This means that if the heart energy were manifested as it should be, cooperation would be achieved earlier. Thus we arrive again at the education of the heart energy. Let us remember that this education should begin with the minutest sensations and the most usual actions. This circumstance complicates the situation because people usually like to say, "Let me fight a giant, but spare me from catching fleas." Yet giants are rare whereas fleas are innumerable. One must pass through these dark swarms. The house has to be protected from them. The venom carried by the giant is less than that of the flea. Furthermore the appearance of the giant evokes unusual courage; yet courage is also necessary against flies and fleas, and usually people suffer from flies rather than from giants."

498. "Refutation of the Teaching may be of many forms. Some cannot assimilate the Teaching at all, just as they refuse in general to accept wise counsel. But it is much more dangerous for him who understands the value of the Teaching yet who consciously refutes it because he is already in the service of Darkness. It is the same with people in whom already the most manifest strivings exist suddenly deviate. This occurs because of deficient education of the heart. This subject should be taken up in the family and in the school. It should be accorded the importance of more than an experiment; it should lead decisively to the development of memory, attention, patience, benevolence, and finally it should lead toward the observation of the heart's sensations. Thus will solemnity and love of the beautiful become inrooted. Thus will the boundary of Light and Darkness be defined. Children love Light!"

El Morya, Heart 1932

"Love, achievement, labor, creation—these summits of ascent preserve the aspiring strivings in all permutations. What a bounty of additional concepts they encompass! What is love without self-sacrifice or achievement without valor, labor without patience, and creativeness without self-perfectment! And over this entire legion of benignant values the heart rules. Without it the most patient people, the most valiant, the most striving, will remain cold coffins! Burdened by knowledge, but unwinged, will be those who are heartless! It is sad not to come at the time of the Call! It is grievous not to follow the Hierarchy completely! Often people try to hide from themselves the rejection of the Hierarchy."

El Morya, Heart 1932

"The tower rests upon a firm foundation laid upon a rock. The tower of courage rests upon a firm consciousness strengthened by the rock of the heart. But by what shall the heart test itself? Only by Hierarchy. Let the heart become accustomed to conversing with the Teacher. Like the ancient wise ones let the heart know the communion with the Lord in order that nothing small may intrude during the heart’s talk with the Highest."

20. "The new must be seen as urgent and useful. Inapplicable abstractions have no place. We are weary of air castles."

52. "The word repentance does not exist in the Senzar* vocabulary. What does exist is an expression familiar to you—wise cooperation. Consider the essential hypocrisy in the notion of repentance. It is simplest to demonstrate this to people through an example in medicine. By distortion of thought a man wounds his brother; but no words or thoughts of repentance can heal the wound, whose torn tissues can be mended only by persistent effort. For the restoration of goal-fitness it is necessary to demonstrate wise cooperation. The consequence of action can be cured only by action. No verbal avowals, no oaths, are of importance . . .

"Sanskrit and Senzar lend a special flavor to the exposition and do not always find their equivalent in other languages. Nevertheless the meaning of the expressions is preserved exactly. And those who take part in contemporary life will read attentively this wise Teaching which emanates from the experience of centuries."

*Senzar: the Atlantean language

86. One should know that having one's centers open enables one to reduce the imperfection in one's surroundings. It brings not only the development of sensitivity but also the offering of one's own forces for the improvement of one's surroundings. One can observe that the forces emitted for this are in some way absorbed by space, and this degree of openness of the centers is called "Lamp of the Desert." After this follows the degree of "Lion of the Desert."

128. "We are opposed to baseless fantasies, but We welcome each goal-fitting prognosis (foreknowing). If the best building—blocks for construction can be found and if the will can join them, then one can be certain that one's plan is valid and will be accepted. The cause of
unfitness or frailty of any structure lies within ourselves. The horror of destruction is caused by discord between consciousness and reason. The narrowness of human logic and reason can undermine the foundations when the consciousness is already celebrating victory. If the logic of evidence finds its true role in the understanding of reality, then one's decisions are made firm. Think thus about the future, and in the midst of the desert erect walls of knowledge. You know that every stone put into these walls must be vital and needed. Their strength will resist all assaults of the enemies of knowledge. Treasure each hour devoted to constructing the future. The major forces of humanity are made possible by man's foresight. Whence comes courage? Whence striving? Whence the ability to overcome? From foresight."

174. "The Teacher watches the progress of the yogi. Signs of his progress will be the ability to hear the voice of the Teacher and also the development of a keen sense of justice."

282. "How can attention be directed to the new energies? By keenness of sight, enhanced by straight-knowledge. Soon people will be divided according to the quality of their straight-knowledge. Those with an open consciousness must be known and paid attention to. Not education, not experience, not talent, but precisely the fire of straight-knowledge opens the direct path to Shambhala. It is precisely the fire of straight-knowledge that enables one to perceive the unique qualities of the new signs in the midst of daily life. In the future all organizations will guard with special care these sensitive co-workers. Such consciousnesses are like milestones upon a straight road. The new scientific research will be inspired by the fire of straight-knowledge."

El Morya, Heart 1932
Agni Yoga Society

Shambhala by Nicholas Roerich

Helena Roerich, who in the 1920s began releasing the teachings of El Morya through the Agni Yoga books, wrote of Maitreya and the path of the Bodhisattva. In her book Foundations of Buddhism she presents a profile of the Bodhisattva and lists energy among his chief qualities:

"What qualities must a Bodhisattva possess? In the Teaching of Gotama Buddha and in the Teaching of Bodhisattva Maitreya, given by him to Asanga according to tradition in the fourth century (Mahayana-Sutralankara), the maximum development of energy, courage, patience, constancy of striving, and fearlessness was underlined first of all. Energy is the basis of everything, for it alone contains all possibilities.

“Buddhas are eternally in action; immovability is unknown to them; like the eternal motion in space the actions of the Sons of Conquerors manifest themselves in the worlds.”

“Mighty, valiant, firm in his step, not rejecting the burden of an achievement for the General Good.”

“There are three joys of Bodhisattvas: the joy of giving, the joy of helping, and the joy of eternal perception. Patience always, in all, and everywhere. The Sons of Buddhas, the Sons of Conquerors, Bodhisattvas in their active compassion are Mothers to All-Existence.”

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"The love that his [Buddha's] disciples had to cultivate was the boundless stream of kindness radiating to all four quarters of space, above and below, in all places the wide world over. According to the Teaching these waves of kindness, compassion, or joy sent into space reach a mind afflicted with sorrow and grief, which suddenly feels within itself a welling-up of peace and serenity. Thought is energy, and as such, acts in full conformity with its intensity and the impetus given to it. Love, as taught by the Blessed One, being the deliverance of mind, was at the root of everything really great." The greatest of all is the loving heart.

"However man may speak to you, whether appropriately or inappropriately, whether courteously or rudely, whether wisely or foolishly, whether kindly or maliciously, thus, my disciples, must you train yourselves. Our minds should remain unsullied; neither should evil word escape our lips. Kind and compassionate will we ever remain, loving of heart, not harboring secret hate. And we will bathe them with the unfailing stream of loving thought. And proceeding further, we will embrace and flood the whole wide world with constant thoughts of loving kindness, wide, ample, expanding, immeasurable as the world, free from enmity, free from ill will. Thus, disciples, must you train yourselves."

Foundations of Buddhism
by Helena Roerich

46. "Never did I speak about any ease in bringing the new consciousness into life. Not the destroyers but the moldy, conventional virtue is the enemy. The destroyers know the instability of that which they destroy, and the principle of remittal is easier for them. But rosycheeked virtue loves its chest of savings and will always defend it with eloquence. Such people recite the sacred words of the Scriptures and will find subtle arguments why they are indeed ready to surrender it not to this but to that man who does not yet exist . . . Conventional virtue manifests superlative cupidity and loves to tell lies. And such handsome, rosycheeked teachers of virtue are these, and so oily in their affection! Achievement, human achievement, is unknown to these "teachers of virtue", and their resplendent garments are starched with slavery!"

98. "It is a most heinous treason to know the Teaching and not apply it. Abuse of the Teaching is worse than death of the spirit, because by this act one exiles himself from cooperation and dooms himself to Saturn."

200. "Community—cooperation—is the sole rational means of human living together. Solitude is the solution of the problem of life outside the community. All intermediate manifestations are different steps of compromise and are doomed to dissolution. People speak about an inherited theocratic power—the very construction is absurd. The words heritability and Theos are incompatible. And who will define the degree Theos? Only consciousness of cooperation —community—affirms the evolution of the biological process.

"He who wishes to devote himself to the true community acts in agreement with the fundamentals of Existence.

"The conscious community excludes two enemies of society: precisely inequality and heirdom. And inequality leads to tyranny. Heirdom is a compromise, and it brings in corruption of the foundations. Needed is clarity of construction, a dislike of conventionalities, and faith in children as a symbol of the progress of mankind.

"Only from within the community can we think about the future. Let us shift the consciousness to the betterment of all life, and the struggle for existence will be replaced by the conquest of possibilities. Thus think about the community. Improve your consciousness."

258. "But as the white elephant of Maitreya reality marches on."

El Morya
New Era Community
(1926), Agni Yoga Society

She Who Leads by Nicholas Roerich

"Agni Yoga is like the morning star
which heralds the approach of Light."—El Morya, Community 1926

38. "Religion as the link with the higher world must first of all be attractive. Fear is not attractive, violence is repellent, but the very understanding of the higher World must be attractive. One may rejoice at everything of the Highest. Even the weak-minded will not turn away from the Highest.

"In order to obscure the Highest one must commit a series of repulsive actions. No matter who these repellers may be, they are in any case blasphemers. If they besmirch the most Beautiful, they are servitors of darkness. The answer does not lie in dogmas nor in symbols—one may debase the most beautiful sign. How then to call those who seduce the little ones away from the Abode of God? Seducers and jailers are they who discredit the prayer to the Highest. Has it ever been said that one may speak with one's father and mother only in their own words?

"So also in the prayer to the Most High—who can force his heart to laud in alien terms? He who composes prayers, hymns, songs, sings with his own heart. The Spirit cannot be prevented from soaring upon its own wings. Whither and how will fly the wingless? And will not he who breaks even the smallest feather be responsible? If a song is needed it is the song of the heart, and in this song all creation will resound.

83. "Life has been turned into a trade, but who of the Teachers of Life has ever been a shopkeeper?

86. "Precisely the fiery principle preserves the durability of things.

87. "Observe that the waverer does not doubt himself only but others as well, thus he gives admittance to decomposition.

133. "But the chief impediment of government lies in the mechanical mixing of opposite principles; hence comes premature dissolution. Heart and Communion with Hierarchy will tell where would be the combinable parts. Man is in need of equilibrium of mind and heart. Cooperation is confirmation of equilibrium. The sacred number of Pythagoras (ten -rp) is the equilibrium of Beauty. Much of this axiom has become inapplicable at the present time. It is a weighty task to speak to people about equilibrium."

171. "Yes, the heart of the arhat is like the heart of the cosmos. But wherein is contained the sunlike quality of the heart of the arhat? We say—in love, but not in that aspect of love to which humanity likes to limit it, nor yet in that benevolent love which people ascribe to a patriarch. No, the sunlike heart of the arhat propels into achievement and smites everything corrupting. The heart of the arhat contends with darkness and affirms fiery striving."

187. "All are workers along the entire line of Hierarchy; let none obstruct the unfoldment of fiery imperatives.

190. "Though we be regarded as fanatics on the subject, people will nevertheless hearken and become attuned to culture as the one defense against disintegration. Thus we introduce brain patterns.

191. "Friendliness, solemnity, magnanimity—let us complete the square with gratitude.

192-3. "Transmission of Light connotes the transmitter's expansion. Let each good spark be blown to flame. Even with one spark of light absolute darkness is no longer such.

195. "How cautiously one must follow one's path of awakening, lest one finds one's feet on differing paths.

237. "Deprivation of blessing was an act of the most ancient patriarchate. It is far removed from the latter anathemas. Anathema is a product of ignorance, whereas the very ancient act foresaw rupture of the bond with Hierarchy. The bond with Hierarchy is an actual blessing with all its consequences. The ignorant will say, 'We have many times defamed the Highest and nevertheless we still exist; no fire has seared us and nothing threatens us.' Then let us lead them to the public square where blind beggars are crawling in filth, and say to them, 'There also are you.' Let us lead them into prisons, into mines, to fires, to executions and say, 'Can it be that you do not recognize yourselves? You have just severed the thread with the Highest, and you have hurled yourselves into the abyss.' It is not necessary to terrify with threats—life is full of examples of such horrors. Remember that the pressure of fire is invisible yet nothing can escape its consequences. Thus it can be seen that even the ancients understood the justice of the law and knew that offense against the primary principles is so great and terrible that the result cannot be immediately seen."

317. "It will require decades to restore to health Earth's destroyed crust. For such especially beneficient measures mankind's cooperation is needed. Is not every effort toward unity met with derision? We speak of the great Agni (sacred fire, as of the heartflame), yet scarcely a thousand minds dare consider its undeferability.

320. "Political economy should be based upon an understanding of the values of nature and their wise use. People generally prefer for the sake of plunder the bony grin of the death's head on the sand; people themselves are horrified when a disruption of the fundamentals takes place. Fire is the affirmation of life.

511. "In all qualities connected with fieriness directness is needed. In connection with Agni disordered unrhythmic work is especially harmful, and it is necessary that a rhythm should be regular without being forced. Then one may expect Agni to become indeed a self-acting armor. Self-initiated action is a fiery achievement. If courage once takes root, nothing can eradicate it.

514. "I attest that people as watchmen for the planetary integrity can gather a treasure of thought which, in rhythm with cosmos, creates the new day.

516. "It requires no special talent to keep Agni alight. Only the kindling of the centers produces uninterrupted vigilance of consciousness. It must be explained that spiritual ascent is indeed a manifestation of Agni.

517. "The dark ones can only obscure; they have many inventions. If they are asked how to improve things, they become wrathful for their goal is not to make things better but worse.

538-9. "Since Agni (Sanskrit: sacred fire—the very heartflame) is a connecting all-pervading element, it is actually the principle of equilibrium.

546. "The very principle of Fire is transmutation and constant giving. Fire cannot exist without the sacrifice of giving; likewise the fiery seed of the Spirit exists thru giving. But a mental and compulsive sacrifice is neither natural nor divine. Only when sacrifice becomes an inalienable attribute of life does it become inseparable from the consciousness. Thus the Fire-qualities teach during our ascent. Let each who wishes to attain cognizance affirm, 'I will be like Agni.' Without this self-sacrificing striving it is not easy to rise above the claws of evil. One must approach sacrifice not by the path of despondency but by the path of fiery splendor.

584. "Hear ye! Apostles of Truth are needed, aspiring to the Baptism of Fire. Let malice cease, at least in the days of great suffering as happened when the Chalice was drained for the entire world! You should understand that the focus of All-Being is one. There cannot be two centers of rotation. Those are mad who deny the magnitude of Infinity!

641. "Economy of forces distinguishes him who has entered the current. It is impossible to compensate for the excessive expenditure of Agni. He who can admit dark whisperers does not safeguard Agni.

642. "Deathlike contentment and senseless dissipation of life are actions contrary to nature. The inception of heroic achievement in itself denotes the acceptance of the propelling blows. Let us not forget the formula of propelling blows.

643. "Obsessed or mentally diseased persons are like open gates, not only attracting entities to themselves but creating a kind of channel for all surrounding people.

659-60. "What can establish the undaunted joy of the Spirit if not the realization of the fiery domain? One must cultivate this realization like a precious flower. Fiery discrimination, in the seed of the Spirit, requires evoking from the storehouse of the Unmanifest. Love everything that can uplift the heart.

661. "Fanaticism begets treason, hostility and cruelty; it opposes true compassion. Fanaticism knows only the egoism which presumptuously says "All or nothing." And since all is impossible to it there remains nothing. Take notice of even the slightest signs of this and cure them with the greatest patience as you would a contagious disease. It is precisely fanaticism which has shaken the most beautiful Teachings and corroded the seeds of love. One should carefully prepare everything that can facilitate the access of Agni to one's heart."

El Morya
Fiery World, 1933

20. A free mind has the privilege of searching out new designs based upon unusual combinations. These hitherto undetected threads will lead it to more exalted layers of matter. Beholding play that is timid and limited, the free mind is right to point out new and better combinations."

126. The misfortunes of humanity result from an inability to distinguish between the signs of good and the signs of evil. People first apply the signs to their own future, because thinking primarily through themselves they see no world beyond themselves. With a measure such as this how can one have true perceptions? The chief and most heinous consequence of such limitation is that much of what is good and useful is not separated from the harmful.

311. Two who sit at one table, opposite each other, cannot be opponents if they follow the same Teacher. Inclusiveness and tolerance are one. Only treason cannot be tolerated.

483. . . . only sincere striving is necessary. But recognizing sincerity is not easy, because what people call sincerity is often quite a different quality. They can justify any wrongdoing as having a sincere motive. But where is the self-denial that purifies the action? Evil is connected with hypocrisy and the personal ego.

180. "I am the fearsome smiter of the defamation of Truth. I take upon myself the responsibility for the purification of the old world. Unyielding will I be in opposing the onslaught of pettiness. I will assume the courage to oppose the fury of evil!" Thus affirms the yogi. And in the power of this affirmation he tempers his sword of Truth.

273: On this new level our instructions become less frequent and more brief, and one's work depends more on one's ability for independent action. Friends will be few, obstacles will pile up like seemingly unscalable mountains, and achievements will seem insignificant. The influences of the subtlest energies will not be so evident. The intermittent, so-called sacred, pains will torture one. The divisibility and transmissions of the Spirit will still be beyond explanation. But above all this will arise the striving to fulfil the desire for the general good. Spiritual cooperation will grow, unlimited by space. Emulation of the far-off worlds will change one's perception of one's surroundings, and spatial work will cease to be an empty idea. One's assigned tasks will become a joy, as if they were one's own chosen labor.

436. From intensification of one's forces comes their growth. From alertness comes the light of experience. From pursuit of one's goal comes increase of energy. Observe how conditions are molded so that at moments of extreme need unusual new circumstances appear. The inexperienced will call them accidental, but those who know will recognize the spiral of creation.

669. Carry, o bird, the Teaching; and in thy flight deliver it into the hearth of those who live in expectation of receiving it.

El Morya
Agni Yoga, 1929

Saint Francis by Nicholas Roerich

"Ask the Arab about the horse or a Northerner about the reindeer
—he will speak not as about animals but as about his family."
—El Morya, Community, 1926, p. 142

"The utmost absolute gravitation will be toward the far-off worlds.
Earthly beauty is lost in the glory of the superstellar rays.
Earthly science, remembering with difficulty yesterday
and ignorant of tomorrow, is insignificant and contributes nothing
to the knowledge bout the course of luminaries coming into existence."
—El Morya, Agni Yoga 1929

"Unfortunately the present time fully corresponds to the last period of Atlantis.
The very same pseudo-prophets and a pseudo-savior; the same wars,
the same treasons and spiritual barbarism. We take pride in the crumbs of civilization;
the Atlanteans likewise knew how to fly across the planet in order to speedily cheat each other.
The temples likewise became defiled, and science became a subject of speculation and dissension.
The same occurred in construction as if they did not dare to build solidly!
Likewise they rebelled against Hierarchy and were stifled with their own egoism.
Likewise they disturbed the equilibrium of the subterranean forces,
and by mutual efforts a cataclysm was created."—El Morya, Hierarchy 1931

"Beware of venomous vibrations. Strive for the future and succumb not to the spell of the present. Follow the simplest path as you ascend the mountain."—Leaves of Morya's Garden 1924
"Those who are obsessed with matters of the earthly world
can receive no answers from the Heights. Fate can be overcome
if you manifest the Christ who sacrificed Himself for Truth."—El Morya, The Call 1924

1. One should see our archives of knowledge to comprehend the work of our abode. One should hear our singing to understand our ashram life. We shall speak of our life and labor.

5. Let us bear in mind that our vibrations will never be forgotten by those who have experienced them, for in them is joy, but also an intensity not every heart can endure.

7. We must work for unity by labor and raw effort. Few will strive to our Brotherhood when they learn of the sweat of our labor.

8. Everyone can apply his strength each moment; one need only understand that in our mountains ceaseless labor continues to help mankind. Let thought of the existence of the Brotherhood help open hearts. Then cooperation will be revealed not as duty but as joy, and the drops of sweat and sacred pains will bring the crown of enlightenment. This is not abstraction, but vital. Glory to the all-embracing heart.

9. Even for a proven patience it is hard at times to await the approach of a caravan bring joy. Happy the one understanding the command of the heart. In their simplicity people do not understand the harmony of cycles, and seek to impose their own disorderliness and irresponsibility in all matters. It is of no importance to them that, when certain requirements have not been met, a great idea is lost. In addition they insist that everything be done by their own measures. The exact knowledge sent out by our laboratories often cannot be understood, because the formulas are given in unusual symbols. Integral science, some from Atlantis, is worlds apart from mere analytic science.

11. People like to play jackstraws, pulling out only that most attractive to them. They do not care if all falls to pieces, although even children know that the whole should not be disrupted. One can site many falsehoods about the Brotherhood. One can point out how the Brothers were thought to be dark forces. Especially insistent have been those who chose not to heed our words. Shame upon unbelievers, the ignorant, the causers of disunity! Let them occasionally ask themselves if they are not in the wrong. But the ignorant cannot become wrong, they already live in error. Let this be remembered by those whose hearts are aflame. Everyone can affirm at least a grain of truth.

13. We have been compelled to hastily hide ourselves in order that a good work might suffer no harm. One of the first conditions of the Brotherhood is to put the essence of the action above all. There are two kinds of thought, one born from the mind, one from the heart. Self-sacrifice is born from the heart, and the Brotherhood is built thusly. Our cooperation lives by the heart. The most repulsive sight is hypocritical unity. Hypocrisy cannot enter into our abode. Certain exercises can without apparatus enable one to understand the thoughts of co-workers. Let those who strive to Us understand that the quality of labor grows thru a feeling heart.

244. Urusvati knows that hypocrisy is based on heartlessness. Indeed, the bond with the higher spheres is formed through the heart, a heart generous in all its expressions. But the violent rage of heartlessness is fierce and spreads widely. People may intend to harm only one, but then injure many. Terrible is the karma of these heartless fools who mumble lofty utterances about truth, while actually defaming it....Heartless thinking is the plague of humanity. Ancient philosophers did not include heartless people in their concepts of government. Plato in his Republic and Aristotle in his Politics had in mind organized societies of intelligent co-workers, and did not tolerate tyrants, hypocrites, or swindlers. It is impossible to imagine a strong state consisting of hypocrites and swindlers. Hypocrisy is incompatible with the highest beliefs and knowledge, and a false foundation will serve only a false structure. We do not approve of the slightest manifestation of hypocrisy, and believe that this vice begets all other corrupt feelings."

249. Man stubbornly persists in his own perceptions and does not admit other solutions. Much energy is required to tame such a free will, therefore when we speak about alertness and flexibility of mind we want to prevent the harm that comes from such stubbornness.

327. Urusvati knows that there is a type of person who cannot distinguish between the tolling of church bells and the sounding of an alarm. What is wrong with them? Are their ears constructed differently? Indeed not, they simply misuse their free will, and when frightened by an alarm convince themselves that they are hearing the opposite, in spite of all evidence. Many people are guilty of this delusion, and it is impossible to convince them of their error when they have made up their minds to hear only what pleases them.

343. People think that one should talk to animals, but such communication does not always lead to the best results. Animals understand thoughts and do not need words in order to grasp with certainty the mood of their master. The horse and the dog know very well when their owner is cheerful or sad or disturbed. They also reflect the fears and anxieties of their owner and become fearful and anxious themselves. They understand such situations far better than people think they do. The important thing is to obtain their trust, which is not given easily.—El Morya, Supermundane 2, 1938

El Morya: Supermundane
The Inner Life, Book 1, 1938

219. If the translator and interpreter is in communion with Hierarchy, then his relative understanding will be set right in due time; it is unfitting to touch the Sacred Covenants with dirty hands.

500. In the midst of grave days one must exert extreme caution, solemnity and magnanimity.

501. Think of Fire with greatest goodwill. One must coordinate one's spirit with the tension of the element.

511. In all qualities connected with fieriness, directness is needed. In connection with Agni disordered unrhythmic work is especially harmful, and it is necessary that a rhythm should be regular without being forced. Then one may expect Agni to become indeed a self-acting armor. Self-initiated action is a fiery achievement. If courage once takes root, nothing can eradicate it.

514. I attest that people as watchmen for the planetary integrity can gather a treasure of thought which, in rhythm with cosmos, creates the new day.

516. It requires no special talent to keep Agni alight. Only the kindling of the centers produces uninterrupted vigilance of consciousness. It must be explained that spiritual ascent is indeed a manifestation of Agni.

520. One can visualize a dark legion which makes an onslaught upon each break of the aura. It is dreadful to feed such vermin with the inner layers of radiations. The protective net alone blocks the attack of the dark forces. Each breach in the aura also threatens one with obsession.

522. Among the privileges of the bodhisattvas solicitude for everything that exists is the gem of their crown. Solicitude should be welcomed as the kindling of Fire. It has been said that the smile of a rich man is of slight value, but the poor man who retains his smile is the companion of God. So does folk wisdom value a smile amidst cares.

525. The welfare of nations is molded . . . (as) Hierarchy selects a focus upon which a current can be directed. Besides, a personality of this order possesses a fire, realized or unrealized, which makes the communion easy. But also indispensable is a certain quality on the part of the people themselves—trust in and recognition of the power.

527. Only combined cooperative rhythmic effort summons the fiery reserves.

530. It is right to rejoice at nature as the refuge from (black) fiery epidemics.

531. Fire burns away all dross. Man's energy must come into contact with cosmic fire.

535. Insight/perspective is not easily obtained. Many generations each add their mite to the consciousness. Understand that the affirmation of Fire is achieved by many incarnations. The root of thought provides the way to other root realizations.

538-9. Since Agni is a connecting all-pervading element, it is actually the principle of equilibrium. It is a good exercise to occasionally spend a day without disparaging. Let us not think of weariness which comes from yesterday.

545. People should have enough feeling to understand where the Ineffable begins. Some nitwits filled with conceit think that everything is permitted them. But when they lose their teeth they should not be amazed but should look nearby for the causes.

546. The very principle of Fire is transmutation and constant giving. Fire cannot exist without the sacrifice of giving; likewise the fiery seed of the spirit exists thru giving. But a mental and compulsive sacrifice is neither natural nor divine.

Only when sacrifice becomes an inalienable attribute of life does it become inseparable from the consciousness. Thus the Fire-qualities teach during our ascent. Let each who wishes to attain cognizance affirm, "I will be like Agni." Without this self-sacrificing striving it is not easy to rise above the claws of evil. One must approach sacrifice not by the path of despondency but by the path of fiery splendor.

El Morya
Fiery World, 1933

237. The pledge shall become a shield, but let us distinguish between falling away and treason. Falling away may be due to some karmic cause or to physical peculiarities. But for treason there are no vindicating circumstances. I assert that the consequences of treason are the most inevitable ones. Nothing can free the traitor from being himself betrayed. The betrayal of the Teaching is regarded as the most heinous. Man cannot blaspheme the Highest Spirit. Studying the actions of the heart one can see what physical shocks are evoked by betrayal of the Highest. Disintegration because of treason acts not only within the boundaries of the personality but also incessantly over vast expanses. As the highest spheres sense each benevolent ascent, so does each treason thunder like a crumbling tower. Having accepted the analogy of the deodar, one may say that treason is like a hollow tree with a bat's nest. El Morya, Heart 1932

342. Similarly injurious is each betrayal. It should not be forgotten that an obvious betrayal is sometimes easier than a concealed one. Often (in a concealed one) the traitor does not confess even to himself the betrayal committed. The evaluation of such a subtle betrayal is highly complex! Through the admission of the betrayal the traitor at least partially discharges the tension evoked by him. Still it would have been far more heinous had Judas not confessed.

El Morya
Heart, 1926

575. Amidst millennia how can one discover the founder of the Brotherhood? Nations call him Rama, Osiris, Orpheus and many better names whose memory has been preserved by peoples. Let us not vie with them as to whom to give primacy. All these were tormented and torn to pieces. Contemporaries do not forgive concern over the common Good. In the course of the ages let the Teaching be transmuted, and thus the scattered parts of the one body will be collected. But who will gather them? The memory of the people has affirmed her who will apply her forces for the joining of the living parts. Remember the many who have toiled for the Brotherhood.
El Morya
Brotherhood 1937

II, vi, 8. The sound of the rain is also not without significance. Many ways will enrich the earthly creativeness.

III, iv, 11. If timidity retards one, then it is better to burn the bridges already crossed. If avarice hinders, then better throw the purse over the next river. If stupidity impedes, then better let one's horses go by themselves. If rancour delays, then better hang an effigy of the enemy between the ears of one's horse. Only Beauty can promote determination. Then to think about the purse and the enemy will seem a child's whim.

2.1.1. My Teaching cannot be belittled by the foolishness of hostile slanderers. I see they will badly bruise their brows; but give them time.

3.3.7. When someone bars your way, step aside in silence if you know your path.

3.5.18. Now that you have assimilated the distinguishing marks of the Messenger, we shall remind you of the characteristics of co-workers. They are without prejudices, mobile in action, young in spirit, fearless of chasms. It is well not to forget the unknown ones and the orphans.

El Morya
Illumination 1925

230. It is customary to maintain that the energy expended in the progress of evolution establishes the ascent step by step. But the principle causal action should be pointed out. The Cosmic Magnet provides direction as well as destination. In the entire evolutionary process one must seek this destination, and the central point of evolution must be ascertained. Mere ascent is not the impelling force, as the center of evolution is the core of all cosmic activity. The chain of events accumulates upon the circumference of this core, and unless balance is established between the evolutionary and the devolutionary human striving, it will be impossible to establish a higher step. The center of evolution creates balance, and the center of human thought violates it. Therefore during the epoch of unbalance between good and evil prior to the epoch of Satya Yuga, humanity must show exactitude of direction. Therefore the fiery summons gives the direction to humanity.

338. When a battle occurs between Saturn and Uranus, the aspiring Agni Yogi, suffused with the rays of Uranus, feels all the currents of the cosmic tension. That is why the Agni Yogi so intensely feels the present battle. Uranus, entering into rulership, strongly evokes the tension of the opposing forces.

356. The decisive manifestations will occur in the battle of Uranus with Saturn. Therefore although many currents are difficult they are of much benefit.

El Morya
Infinity 1, 1930

II, iv, 1. Our prolonged experiments will prepare for a great deal, as also for lengthy labor. Many of our experiments require centuries. So if you feel the endlessness of labor, you know one more of our feelings—all time is filled. El Morya, Illumination 1925

66. The evolution of the world is built on revolutions or explosions of matter. Each revolution has a progressive movement upwards. Each explosion as a constructive agent acts spirally. Therefore it is in the nature of each revolution to be subject to the law of the spiral. El Morya, Community 1926

334-8. The spirit of our Uranus accelerates the movement of the chain of evolution . . . Uranus, possessing the properties of the subtle energies, transmutes other energies. Great is the occult power of the rays of Uranus! . . . Thus the manifestation of the rays of Uranus evokes varied tensions, and the epoch of the rays of Uranus is under tension through its correlation with the Cosmic Magnet. Yes, yes, yes!...When a battle occurs between Saturn and Uranus the aspiring agni yogi, suffused with the rays of Uranus, feels all the currents of the cosmic tension. That is why the agni yogi so intensely feels the present battle. Uranus, entering into rulership, strongly evokes the tension of the opposing forces. El Morya, Infinity 1, 1930

343, 356. The battle between Saturn and Uranus is naturally reflected upon the fires of the chalice . . . The decisive manifestations will occur in the battle of Uranus with Saturn. Therefore although many currents are difficult they are of much benefit. El Morya, Infinity 1, 1930

494. Earth appears immovable to the eye of its inhabitant. Inner movement is also invisible to the earthly eyesight, but the essence of man must realize unceasing movement; only because of it can the heart beat. One should not imagine oneself immovable when the planet provides an example of ceaseless rotation; it exists by means of this motion. Thus man cannot dwell in immobility. Still the consciousness whispers that a hustling about is only pretended movement. Again we come to the path of rhythm and harmony. Hustle is dissonance and it can only irritate and dismember accumulations. Only a broadened consciousness understands the boundary line between striving and hustling.—El Morya, Aum 1936

565. Many examples may be cited when the rhythm of psychic energy uplifted a man and helped him surmount all nervous spasms. Many cases may be named when people under the influence of higher energy forgot forever their defects. —El Morya, Aum 1936

But the rhythm of the lips' soulless repetitions results only in a dead beat that violates the wisdom of silence and brings only harm. Beware of repetitions devoid of spirit! Truly they dissolve the most precious gems of the spirit. If one's action is based only on fear or greed, then even a skeleton or a military drummer could rap out a more useful rhythm. Can one expect a manifestation of fire from the raps of the tail of a dog awaiting a bone? Remember this when you are dealing with the finest energies, when you intend to approach and awaken the manifestation of fire.—El Morya, Agni Yoga 1929

51. With loss of rhythm there has been a degenerating into mumbling. The wash of waves breaks down rocky cliffs. Likewise in a procession there must be the rhythm of sound. Rhythm of sound keeps a crowd from empty prattle. —El Morya, Community 1926

100. The destiny that leads to us must be forged every hour. —El Morya. Agni Yoga 1929

105. Disciples are of four types. Some follow the Indications of the Teacher and ascend in proper order. Others behind the Teacher's back follow the Indications to excess and thereby often harm themselves. Others in the Teacher's absence take occasion to prattle and thereby destroy their path. Others behind his back criticize the Teacher and betray him. Dreadful is the destiny of these last two kinds! —El Morya. Agni Yoga 1929

206. (Some) will think that the world enclosed within their horizon is the actual one, and that all else remaining invisible to them is a harmful fiction. What lies at the base of this beggarly narrowness? In an altered aspect it is that very same idea of personal ownership—this is my own pigpen and therefore everything outside of it is not necessary and pernicious; this is what is apparent to me and therefore nothing outside of it exists. —El Morya, Community 1926

129. The manifestation of obstacles lies as the path of consummation. Cosmic action is tensed under the sign of unity; thus we ascend through the mighty (Cosmic) Magnet.—El Morya, Infinity 2, 1930

196. There was a time in Athens when heralds officially proclaimed that those citizens who dared even to utter the names of Pericles, Anaxagoras, Aspasia, Phidias and their friends would be driven into exile . . . The mobs, urged on by officials, demanded the destruction of the statue of Zeus because it reminded them of the despised Phidias. If the names of these accused were found in manuscripts, the fearful citizens hastened to burn the writings, regardless of their value. Those who were particularly cautious even avoided passing by the houses of the accused citizens. The sycophants rushed to write epigrams describing in insulting terms the downfall of Pericles . . . The Thinker said, "We know the names of Pericles, Anaxagoras, Aspasia and Phidias, but not the names of the judges who condemned them. We remember the statues by Phidias but not those who wanted to destroy them. We might hope that this shame of humanity has taken place for the last time in history, but I fear that such a hope is only a dream." The Thinker also said, "The Guides are concerned about the preservation of Beauty. Phidias was cast into prison, and by this act humanity cast itself into darkness. People are amazed at their cruel fate, but have they not earned it themselves?—El Morya, Supermundane 1, 1938

267. Now when multitudes of people are hurriedly shifting and seeking it is especially difficult for mankind to reconcile material progress with higher spiritual values. The present age resembles a certain period of Atlantis when the Atlanteans too could not find the necessary balance. But today people are aware of this discord, and this gives us hope that the most vital nations will find the needed equilibrium.—El Morya, Supermundane 2, 1938

292. Mediums invent strange fables, and there are even more harmful fabrications. There are certain types who can be called semi-mediums who obtain only fragmentary impressions of the subtle world and then attribute them to the life of the White Brotherhood. —El Morya, Supermundane 2, 1938

400. It is a fact that there exists a definite continuity between eras. Thus the ancient cultures of Egypt and the Mayas were linked with Atlantis, which in turn was linked with Lemuria. The true impressions of this must be brought from the subtle world (subtle or etheric plane) and remembered, just as the lives in the far-off worlds should be remembered. While some memories persist in the form of fairy tales, they do not convince people. Such obliviousness to the past and the future limits man's consciousness and makes him a slave to the present. —El Morya, Supermundane 2, 1938

I, vi, 4. The spirit learns to fly when sorrow sharpens the eyesight. —El Morya, Illumination 1925

104. Let nothing of the outworn obstruct your striving. Remember that one stumbling horse can impede an entire caravan. Therefore say, "Walk with certainty, otherwise your fate will be to fall upon a spear."—El Morya, Agni Yoga 1929

612. However, to know the Teaching and not to apply it is a sign of complete ignorance. Who has ever told you that one can wander over the Teaching like a fly on sugar, then just as easily dive into dung! One cannot turn one's horses recklessly when on the mountain paths. Knowledge leads only onward!—El Morya, Agni Yoga 1929

247. The evocation of new energies produces explosions of the elements; hence one can no longer stop but must apply all means for manifestation. Thus the white horses of light must overtake the black horses. This reminder must be repeated, otherwise some may be tempted by these raven steeds.—El Morya, Heart 1932

373. Horses and dogs in particular sense and resent the proximity of obsessed persons.—El Morya, Fiery World 1933

324. A messenger being overtaken by pursuers throws himself with his horse into the broadest part of the river. The pursuers stop in the hope that the messenger is drowning, but he instead rides out to the opposite shore. The pursuers in their haste rush to a narrow place and drown in the current. Verily where it is narrow there it is dangerous. This consideration should be applied everywhere. Seeking the mirage of alleviation does not lead to achievement. The most difficult is the most accessible. People do not wish to understand that persistent quests awaken powerful energies. Therefore let us not strive for the narrow, let us prefer the broad principle.—El Morya, Fiery World 1934

203. One can apply all sacred powers of the heart to becoming co-creators of the flaming Logoi by conquering death. But so long as such daring is not instilled in the heart the consciousness cannot grow infinitely in this direction. We call it Via Reale. Therefore Fiat Rex is where the spirit, reverencing Hierarchy, dares! —El Morya, Hierarchy 1931

231. Urusvati* knows that even during difficult days joy generates power....A new supply of strength comes to you every time you allow yourself to be joyous, for there is an intensity in joy that opens the next gate . . . The Thinker taught, "Know how to recognize joy. Among the muses there is the Muse of Joy, but you can invite this protectress only by beautiful words and thoughts. Do not attempt to threaten and demand, for She comes only by the path of Beauty."—El Morya, Supermundane 1 1938

222. "The enemy's will shall not endure before the Will of the Creator."—Leaves of Morya's Garden

362. "At dawn we shall unfurl our Banners. The Shields of the East we illumine with the light of the sacred union. We shall display the Banners protected by our Shield. And the Voice will speak louder than the clamor of the everyday. We wish to speak of matters of great import. Do not lose yourselves in a cloud of everyday dust."—Leaves of Morya's Garden 1927

377. "I will show my Shield to those who are on the way. I will show it to those who strike down each manifestation of selfishness. I will show it to those who keep appointed dates. I will show it to those who sense the path of service. I will show it to those who cover their tents with my name. I will show it to those who bear high their shields. I have revealed to you my will—do not transgress it."—Leaves of Morya's Garden 1927


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