Saint Germain - January 1, 1987

The Vow
A New Day and a New Covenant

Hail, Keepers of the Flame!

My beloved sons and daughters, I salute you in the heart of America's Rocky Mountains. [27-sec. standing ovation]

My dearest friends and compatriots-compatriots of universal freedom whose loyalties are to Life, Light, Love, Peace and Enlightenment that transcend all boundaries-I say to you, a year ago I looked at the year through the mind of the Divine Mother and I looked upon each one of you. And my very first act upon receiving my freedom, beloved, was to go to the heart of the Central Sun. There I did kneel and implore in your behalf an ascendancy, a focalization, a coming to grips with personal, organizational, and planetary karma-not the least of which, initiations and testings of the soul.

Now I gaze upon your faces ripened by adversity, your souls fired in the trial that has been upon our Mother and our Church and all of you. Each step of the way, including every soul's surrender of Camelot and Los Angeles and all for which it stood, I have been present, beloved, trusting, hoping, praying and interceding where the Great Law would allow, that you would arrive at that point of Spirit where I might address you as I so have desired to address you.

Not all have reached the mark, as Morya has so stated. But the quorum and the balance of at least 51 percent of those who call themselves Keepers of the Flame have provided me a sound chalice and a heart of love that I may therefore this moment pour my love to you and the meditations of my heart.

Beloved, I bless and love all and come to rekindle a fire that in some has waxed low. But, blessed ones, it is a new year. Those who see in the dawn of a new day, ushered in by Archangel Uriel this morn, the error and the folly of their indulgences of the past year may once again return to the point of Reality by the grace of my Guru, the Great Divine Director. He has stepped forth to sponsor those who have erred in this movement. For he has said, "Saint Germain, let not your dispensation be troubled by standing once again for those who know the Path [but do not follow it]. I shall offer my own heart as you may deliver your address and your vow."

Thus, beloved, those who would make up for lost time may appeal fervently to the Great Divine Director and the Lords of Karma that they may rise up over base selfishness, self-indulgence and fantasies contributing to the blockages in the various chakras. Therefore, beloved, let all come in his mantle.

Hear me now, for I would speak finally of that dispensation which I propose. I would speak to you, then, of the principle of the vow and why holy vows have been taken through the ages. A vow, beloved, is the victory of the oneness of the Word. A vow is more than a promise. It is more than a human word or a human contract. A vow is the pledging of one's life and being and soul to a mission or to a cause.

Understand, then, that many of you have taken steps of commitment. In many cases, though not understood by yourselves, these commitments have been partial, where consciously or unconsciously the individual has said, "I will keep a little part to myself." Or the individual has said, "I will commit an hour a week or three hours a week to this or that community cause."

And many have kept exactly the commitments they have made. Others have rushed forward in the emotion of the moment and the fervor of others' deeper spirituality to commit all and even to vow. Yet they have fallen by the wayside with the blowing of the strong cold wind or the enticements of the warmer winds of the south.

Thus, beloved, I allow you to understand my heart and my life. According to the dispensation given to me, I am able to do the following-and it is to vow my life, my causal body, and my service to planet earth so long as there are those in embodiment who are capable of making the identical vow. I will not tell you in numbers how many, for in some cases one heart so infilled by the Buddha Gautama, one heart such a vessel of Maitreya, may count for many. But I will say that it is a tally of a geometry of a weight of sacred fire, an Omega balance in the earth that will allow my presence to fully and finally intercede in all these things projected upon the screen of mankind's returning karma.

Thus, beloved, we come to understand what is the principle of a holy vow. It is a commitment to serve in a holy order as a brother or a sister, to espouse certain virtues such as poverty, chastity, obedience. A vow is an entering into God, and it is God entering in to oneself. A vow is a promise that one does not break, for one understands one has made this vow directly to his heart and in so doing has evoked from the heart of God a commensurate measure of support, even privilege, even rank in the spiritual hierarchy of the planet. In order to make a vow, one must have had the maturity of thinking through a lifetime and the meaning thereof-and whether or not one is willing to give an entire lifetime to such a cause.

Today the breaking of vows by priests or the religious has become commonplace. They have felt justified, for they have found the established Church wanting. In the case where vows are made to human institutions or human beings, one can easily have a change of heart. But if the vow be made to the Universal God, one can change institutions [as a means of its implementation] without breaking that vow. One can take a vow to sponsor the education of the heart on a planetary scale and one can espouse that vow through every available avenue.

Thus, you understand it is not good to make vows to the untrusty human consciousness but rather to look into the face of God or one of his ascended representatives and to know that one has the will, the disposition, and the character to enter in to such a vow.

In the Old Testament the vow was called a covenant. It was always made by God unto his people. The essence of the covenants, broken again and again by man and not God, was his promises to love, to protect, to illumine, and to care for his own so long as they would love him by obedience, by refusing to go after other idols, including the idols of self and the fallen angels and the gods of Baal and materialism and Death itself.

One would think that a commitment to God, in order to receive the promises, should not so often have been broken. But all covenants have been broken, beloved. Thus the plight of the world and the seed of Israel and Judah today.

Realize, then, that Christ came to give a new covenant. <1> And that covenant was a transfer by his Body and his Blood of the renewal of the divine spark-a regeneration. And that new covenant, beloved, does come into full manifestation by the descent of the Holy Christ Self and the fullness of Christhood in you. In other words, the covenant, which is the [contract between the parties to the] vow, is not fully enjoyed by both parties to that vow until it is claimed by both sides.

Therefore, understand that as I come in the lineage of the prophets and as your Messengers come in the lineage of the prophets, so we bear the good tidings of the new covenant of Sanat Kumara, who gave to you for the closing months of the year the opportunity [whereby] he declared, beloved, that he would hold the balance of your karma while you performed the necessary services that required Herculean strength, tenacity of will, and truly the love of a purpose and a vision that must be held in view in order to keep on keeping on through the hours of the day and the night and in order to summon the strength from on high. <2>

This many have done, while others have slunk away and said, "It is too hard. I must have this and that in my ordered life. I am not here to work through the day and the night, to neglect my family or my this or my that." Beloved hearts, I have stood by and literally wrung my hands as I have seen cowards reborn, called "wimps"-who are wimps, for they are spineless-fail to understand a period of sacrifice or even to comprehend that there must be a means of separating the "humans" from the Sons of God, the goats from the sheep.

Do you not remember how those were chosen to fight the battle, those who carried sword and armour? Blessed ones, they were told to drink of the waters of the river. And those who laid down their swords while they drank were cast aside, and those who kept their swords were chosen. <3>

As Morya said, we have a right to test and know the mettle of our chelas apart from the glory and the drama of an exclusive property in Malibu and a famous leader-or infamous, as they have attempted to make her and myself. We have a right to know who will survive a nuclear war among you and who will be the crybabies-and I tell you, we have discovered it!

And there is no other word but failure for those who cannot rise to the occasion of sacrifice when the very angels of Sanat Kumara stand by with their flame in hand ready to transfer it to a heart if that heart would only cry out and say, "O God, give me the strength to fulfill this task for Saint Germain!"

Thus you understand my silence during which many have asked: What is Saint Germain doing with his new dispensation? When will he speak of it? Thus, beloved, I speak of it when I know that I have hearts who can be trusted and who are not here for the merry-go-round or the titillation of senses.

Let it be known that there were outcasts in Israel and there are outcasts today. Let it be known that there are those who may still go down in ignominy preferring their satin beds and creature comforts, and there are those who will stand and still stand as my minutemen and -women of the hour. Thus, first of all, let the criticism of the Messenger and of the strictness of our order cease. Let it be understood that we have drawn the line in the entire Community, including in Montessori International. Let chelas come to our school. Let nonchelas be not pampered by their parents or by themselves.

Blessed hearts, whether you are parent or Community member, do not point the finger at our decision, our discrimination, and our discernment. The battle at hand is frightful. We draw a circle of light and we demand that those who choose to be in it cease their bellyaching, cease their fantasies concerning members of the opposite sex, cease their human consciousness and recognize that in the time it took to play this piece, the "Rakoczy March," <4> blessed hearts, in that short a time, you could cease to exist through a nuclear first strike.

Now, if you desire to dally in your demanding of rights for creature comforts another round, I suggest you contemplate just how much dalliance there will be in the world that is left. And I shall not speak of it again! The discipline of Maitreya be upon you and your own woes as well! For I, Saint Germain, am not permitted to engage my vow with God with you when you have proven or prove yourselves faithless-faithless to our covenant or rule of order in this Community.

This year has seen leaders of local study groups becoming involved in affairs with new students, both leaving the Path, thus using the energy of the altar either for psychic channeling and delivering private messages from the Masters to their little groups or for the arousing of the untransmuted baser energies. It is well-known that the Holy Ghost and the power of the Brotherhood that does go forth will indeed activate all momentums of Darkness as well as of Light. This is why we have Keepers of the Flame Lessons. This is why we have studies and disciplines. It is necessary to remember them. It is necessary to guard oneself.

How can so great a Light as Sanat Kumara come into your midst when the very presence of the Light causes you to criticize your neighbor or to lust after another man's wife or to neglect your own family? Keepers of the Flame, be on guard!

This is my final opportunity and I guard it well. Therefore, you also should understand that you keep the flame of Maitreya and you ought to be concerned when you observe violations of the flame and recognize that your silence on human compromise, seeking popularity, places in jeopardy the entire Community. There are none so fooled and so damned (which means judged by the Law) as those who allow human rationalization to compromise the most basic principles of our Path.

Beloved ones, there is more than one reason for our silence during these recent months-and the inconvenience of the move has not been the entire matter. It has been because for all that has been given and gone forth there is a desire on the part of our students to appropriate the light to their private uses and to mold a new image and a new way of life for the Community that is apart from the path of chelaship which Morya has established. And not the example of the Messenger or the qualified staff has in any way deterred those who have said, "We will do it our way. We will prove that we can take the Teachings and do it our way. We will show that these rules and principles are no longer prevailing."

Beloved ones, thus does begin the compromise of the founding principles of every religion. Beware of it. We know of the psychics and other religious leaders who take our teachings, our books, and our decrees and blend them with their version of an anti-Guru, anti-Christ path. So they have said, in Germany and elsewhere, "Why can we not take the decrees and the songs and leave the rest? We do not need the Messenger. We have our own messengers and our own seers." Thus, beloved, no graver mistake has ever been made than by those who stand neath the boot of the Soviet, only miles from the border.

If you speak of apathy and indifference, speak, then, of somnambulance! Speak of those who sleep in their pride of intellect and of the false theologians who have come out of that nation, <5> always destroying the spirit and confounding the innocent with their misuse of the letter.

Blessed hearts, it is a shame to turn aside my mouthpiece. It is a shame to look at human idiosyncrasies or the pressures upon this instrument and to judge by some imagined divine standard that the Messenger does not measure up. Beloved hearts, early in her training-very early, in an hour when the burden of the bearing of world karma was too great for Mark Prophet to bear-this Messenger, by the age of twenty-three, was bearing the burden of half of the weight of planetary karma with Mark.

We do not condemn for situations that may have occurred of burden to our Messengers in the attempt to bear this cross for you. Truly, what freedom of youth had been hers was gone in that moment when passing through Georgetown, driven by Mark, the first 10-percent weight came upon her body and she cried out and said to him, "Mark, what has come upon me?" And so he did tell her, "A percentage of the planetary weight."

Beloved hearts, when this does come upon an individual all other interests of life are surrendered-no more time for playing the piano, for painting paintings of art, for doing those things of a social nature. And even the simple joys of family must be set aside for the keeping of the flame upon the altar of humanity.

It was with the passing of Mark that the full weight came upon the Messenger of that planetary karma as well as the initiation of the descent into Death and Hell and specifically the assignment to deal with those individuals who had plagued the house of Rakoczy and the entire Great White Brotherhood for centuries-personal enemies of mine and of yourselves who must be dealt with.

Thus, you have heard of those seven years of the Dark Night of the Spirit that ended in 1980 with the betrayal of the one to whom it was given to stand at her side that he might ultimately choose the Light and not the Dark­ness-choose Life and not Death. <6> For to him was given the vow in ancient times, by Mark himself in a prior incarnation, that if he should obey the Truth and come into the covenants of God he should be given the opportunity of bearing the seed of the Christed One.

Thus, beloved, such an ancient vow of thousands of years ago must needs be fulfilled yet by the Messengers. And so it came to pass. The gift was offered, the cup was extended and it was dashed in pieces not once but again and again by this one who could not enter in to the heart of the Divine Mother and receive thereby the initiations for salvation.

Blessed ones, if the Messengers ascended and unascended had not agreed to all of this, that judgment and that trial (whereby some of the most vicious of individuals who have ever attacked the Great White Brotherhood were brought to judgment-not only those involved in the case, beloved, but many unseen supporters and those who betrayed Justice herself in that courtroom) would not have come to pass. Many were judged through this trial, beloved, and those of a like vibration to all players who played their parts of infamy.

Thus, not one but entire classes of fallen ones have gone before the Court of the Sacred Fire. And though they may still have tenure in physical form, I tell you they are as dead as charred wood and absent, devoid of the Spirit. Thus, they have a decay rate. Let us move on.

Blessed ones, in the hour of the ascension of Mark, the Keepers of the Flame who made their inner vows did determine to share in the bearing of the burden of this weight of world karma borne by the embodied Messenger. Thus, by the grace of the true chelas of Morya and Saint Germain who endured through the trials and temptations of the Messenger, she has endured and remained in embodiment to serve our cause. And you have remained! And a bond of hearts fused as one has come out of all of this.

And you have understood the profound lessons of the history of your Messengers and your part therewith over hundreds of thousands of years of the going forth of the Mother in the attempt to rescue the fallen ones. As you have been told, their opportunity is up. Now the Mother and you may devote yourselves entirely to the Lightbearers. And you must do so swiftly, for they are caught in psychic snarls beyond belief.

If you consider how so easily you are drawn apart by the machinations of your own mind to stray from my heart though you love me still, let me tell you, beloved, those who have a little more karma, a little less light are swept away by false-hierarchy impostors of myself who cleverly, cleverly disguise themselves as teachers of righteousness. The personality cult and the hypnosis practiced by the leader is all-enveloping. It must have your forthright decree work.

Thus I come today. It is indeed a New Day and a New Covenant. For it is to this end that two thousand years of your own trek and that of your Messengers has brought you here-brought you here to this Inner Retreat. It is the sign of hope, beloved, of what promise and hope can be like-a crystal image in the heart, even unknown to the outer mind, whereby a soul will trudge through karma and circumstance and burden for the crystal image placed there by the living Christ.

Beloved hearts, the image of the giant jet of water coming out of the earth <7> that Jesus placed in the heart of Martha allowed her to endure and survive two thousand years of attempting to hold the balance of the nations. Promises sealed in your own hearts have brought you to this place, beloved, when you have passed through adversity and all temptations that beset your

Blessed hearts, hope-hope is a most valuable quality. And therefore I desire to see you not disperse this year before having heard the message of the blessed Archeia Hope, consort of Gabriel.

And so, beloved, having passed through a most difficult and arduous childhood, dealing not alone with karma but those false initiations given by those who have left the throne of grace, at a certain point I quickened the mind of the Messenger at the age of seventeen to go to Europe, to go to Switzerland and to study French. I had seen the long languishing of the soul and how this soul pursued God in the face of unseen odds-not the mere sometime abuses of parents but the entire forces of Hell behind this plot upon her lifestream.

Thus understand that by that age, through prayer and communion she had earned a dispensation from my heart. I sponsored her, then, for six months in Switzerland-and there, for the first time in her life to know the breath of freedom and the joy to be oneself without the burdens that had been upon that household.

But I will tell you of a few vignettes that I yet cherish. It was when she came upon the Lake of Geneva where in a past life she had been assassinated and there saw a man-made giant jet of water, rejoiced and thrilled to see this jet of water rising into the sky from the lake itself. This was the inner quickening of the image placed there by Jesus when she was Martha. Mind you, at this hour of her life she knew nothing of me or my name or this path but only the inner walk with Christ.

And so, beloved, with only that gleaned from early religious training, with no Catholicism whatsoever but inspired by myself, she took a ten-day layover in Paris much to the consternation of her parents, went there and what do you suppose?-went to the altar of many cathedrals in a pilgrimage to pray for the Hungarians who in that year of 1956 were crushed by the Soviets, to pray and to commune, and unknown to herself to physically anchor my flame for the staying of the hand of the impending karma of that continent. It was at Christmastime with the misty rains of Paris that she made her way by map cathedral to cathedral, I at her side in a city where she had been guillotined at the hands of mob violence.

Blessed hearts, I wish to tell you that at every point of the path of this Messenger unto the very present she could have made the wrong choice or given up and all that we have looked toward to fulfill should have been lost. I tell you this, beloved, so that you may know that you may do likewise and gain your victory; for the attainment won and expressed is a mantle of a living Guru that you may claim in the physical octave.

How sad it is that those who have [recently] passed from the screen of life did not call upon her for help when they needed it most. Thus, we say to you, beloved, understand the burdens and the joys of an office and how an office is won. And realize that at any moment failure could have resulted in the end of this mission.

You are as important as the Messenger and perhaps more so. For without the supporting body, the Word could not be implanted or delivered. Now, if you are as important, beloved, do you not also deserve as important bestowals and initiations and testings? Do you not also deserve so great a Light as the reward for dealing with so great a Darkness?

We are grateful that our Messengers have bared themselves to you that you might know that there is a human side to all who take embodiment. And whether there be weaknesses or stresses or gaps that you might identify in the human, this is only that you might realize for yourself, as for the Messengers, that our mission does not rest upon human mistakes or foibles. Our mission rests upon the divine afflatus, the descent of the Holy Ghost, the power of God present that overrides all of these, smoothens the rough places, and is able to deliver the violet flame for the exaltation of every son and daughter of God!

I speak, then, to those who weary themselves, their families, and us in the prolongation of their psychological problems and their physical ailments. Blessed ones, if you will remember sins committed against you by another, I can only say, God pity you, for you contain the seeds of your old age and your demise. I say, God pity you who have not known me or the violet flame!

And I have cried out to many a disturbed person who has come, disturbed by the very fact of desiring to manipulate others and thereby attracting to himself demons, possessing and otherwise, and I have said, "Is there not a violet flame? Have you not called to the violet flame? Do you not believe in the violet flame? Have you no mercy upon your God, your family, the angels who tend you? Where is the violet flame? Where is mercy?" And this is what the Law will not allow-the unmerciful servant, <8> the unmerciful heart, the one who says he forgives but never forgets and thus has not transmuted the wrongs of a true brother of Light.

Blessed ones, we all, I included, have passed through many periods in the human consciousness in many embodiments for which we have no pride. And when we look at these moments, we are grateful for the Holy Spirit, the violet flame, and those who have sponsored us. Thus, if there were to be held against me or you all of the foibles and mistakes of all past lives, there would be no salvation.

Now, the Christian viewpoint would have it, beloved, that inasmuch as the grace of God is greater than all of these it is possible to achieve salvation by confessing the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as one's Saviour. Thus salvation has become much like the drugs that are taken today-take a little pill and the pain goes away and you are saved from the crucifixion.

I speak, then, beloved, of a false theology built on half-truths, a false political system built on half-truths. And those who think they are wise, prating about-they go here and there and they draw false conclusions from false premises and they lead all astray.

Blessed ones, I will tell you of the final initiation of the Messenger in Los Angeles. It was to deal with a confrontation of Death and Hell. It comes to all, beloved. It is well that you know of the Messenger's initiation, for you must have a keen vision.

You must know that the last time she left here in late fall to return to Los Angeles, descending into the city and into the airport she saw [through the eye of an Archangel and said to herself], "This is a city of death and all whom I see are the living dead." And it was so, as far as those who happened to be in the airport at that time. For I did portray vividly a panorama of the dead/wounded dying, that she might know, by stark contrast to the Inner Retreat and the spiritual life, the challenge that remained. And so she saw clearly through my heart that this "death" and the "city of death" <9> would seek to devour her ere she should leave. And so, praying earnestly, she went about the business of concluding my book and others.

Blessed ones, you should know of the projections of Death that were played upon her by masterminds of the false hierarchy twenty-four hours a day, waking and sleeping. These projections were vivid as movies, as though on film, portraying a blow-by-blow account of what her demise should be in the coming weeks. Having scarce the time to separate herself from the writing of the books, there grew in her an inner resolve of resistance to Death and a transmittal to the decree tags <10> of the understanding of this force and its modus operandi that I gave to her.

And this is the key, beloved-whether it is the death wish of the various sects of religion on earth wishing and willing the death of the Messenger, whether it is Russian psychics or KGB agents who have masterminded the ability to probe the human mind and penetrate it, whether it is from Mars or Pluto or the moon or Hell itself, those embodied or disembodied, Death yet exists in the astral plane and it will come knocking at your door one of these days as surely as Death knocked clearly and loudly at the bedroom door of your Messenger in Los Angeles.

And this occurred at the hour of 4:00 a.m. And at that hour the loud rap came twice-a physical sound bringing her to the awakened state and then the instantaneous knowledge that though the sound were physical, the presence was astral.

After moments and minutes of silence assessing this knock, which came only days before her departure, and assessing the astral vibration and all of the compounding of these projections of Death, there began to be heard in the farthest star, where angels waited breathless for the response, the cry and the call that went forth: "Archangel Uriel, enter this house and bind Death and Hell!" These calls of the Messenger continued unabated beyond an hour until the Peace of the Archangel had devoured and bound the enemy.

Blessed hearts, within twenty-four to thirty-six hours of that event, the Messenger with her daughters seated here experienced a carefree return to youth, of joy and laughter and fun and jokes. Beloved, it was the victory over Death, whose victory is always the Lord's if only the one assailed will make the Call.

The tragedy of this year, beloved, is the passing of certain individuals who succumbed to Death and the suicide entity, all of whose families are in this movement and who watched their loved ones slip into compromise after compromise. And I tell you, these compromises with the suicide entity began decades and lifetimes ago. And these individuals had the opportunity to see the example of the Messengers, to follow in their gait, to know that the preparation for the meeting of this test is intense.

One must know that it does come. One must know that though death be predestined by your karma and your stars and may surround and grip you, predes­tination is not the law of Cosmos. Nay, the free will of the individual to overcome a predestination of karma and to rise again-this is the law of the Great White Brotherhood whereby we have defeated Death time and again.

Let the record be clear. As one has stood in your midst to defy the enemy, so when your hour does come, the full mantle of this experience may be upon you multiplying your Christhood. And you, one in the embrace of our physical mouthpiece, may conquer.

I say to you, begin now and cast out Death and Hell from your consciousness and see this as more important than the latest human attraction. And let there be less animal magnetism in this Community. Let God act in your life and do not so easily succumb to Death entities who come in the guise of sympathetic attractions, involvements, the tying up of one's energy, et cetera, et cetera.

Beloved hearts, you cannot have kept from you the testings of Death and Hell. You must be ready. And it is toward this end that the Masters who have preceded me have spoken to you. I say all of this so that you may understand the point of the vow. The vow to serve Saint Germain and my cause has never been more needed, more critical, more serious. So I precede it, then, with an explanation of the Path itself.

Those not upon this Path, those not willing to aim for the balancing of 100 percent of their karma, those who would take their own way, blessed ones, though they be sincere, though they would make the vow, are not able to keep it. Better, then, to not make the karma. This, too, is a concept that has been twisted by those who say, "Well, as long as I am making bad karma, I might as well slink away in the night. It would be better for all." And this, too, is the lie of the suicide entity. And it is cowardice!

O beloved, if you think that the eye of Morya is stern toward the coward who is on the Path, let me tell you, be ready for the eye of Saint Germain! For I have stood and seen the crimes against humanity.

What percentage of those in these rooms gathered do you think were among those murdered by World Communism? As the Messenger listened intently to the delivery of her son, <11> I showed her your faces in other lives with those Russian or Ukrainian or Eastern European characteristics. And one by one she saw the record of the martyrdom of those whom I singled out to her vision, beginning with Mark and herself and one of her children. You may also know that it was the blood of Christ in their lifestreams that became the foundation of the Bolshevik revolution when they were murdered in the House of Special Purpose.

Blessed hearts, know, then, that our mission in this hour is well planned. It is as follows: I will give myself to those who have taken the vow and who have renewed heart to be disciplined as chelas under our Messenger. Those who have received the discipline and have had enough, even as we have had enough, will not be disciplined again unless they request it. We will work through those, then, who can keep a vow, worldwide.

Certain members of this immediate family and staff have taken a vow to publish The Coming Revolution. And you have heard that vow of Sean at the conclusion of his delivery. <12> Blessed ones, that commitment will be multiplied by our dispensation. It is a life that is vowed, not merely a vow for a particular project. When we have this we will see what we can do to do exactly what has been called for-the reeducation first of America and the Lightbearers and then of the larger population.

The outlining by the God and Goddess Meru, Lanello, Mother Mary, and Jesus <13> may be studied following dinner by those of you who have not heard these dictations. And you may take notes during the listening and thereby understand what is set before you.

The consideration is the following, beloved, and it has been well thought through by the Messenger and her son. If we, then, move full force to expose the Soviets and their plan for a first strike against the United States, we will then make of ourselves targets, even the targets of the first strike. What, then, is the choice? To lay low and compromise like all of the rest or to take our stand and shout our message from the housetops and send it forth in our magazine and in our lectures and conferences.

What, then, would be the results of these choices? To lay low and ipso facto already begin to carry the party line would be to face the eventuality that is certain-that is, the nuclear attack and war on this soil, which could be followed by a complete takeover and life under a Soviet dictatorship.

It was well put by Sean. We would not want to live in such a situation. We have no fear of Death or dying. We have no fear of War. But we will not live or give our lifeblood to a Soviet dictatorship!

Thus you see, beloved, the choice may seem to be either death by a Soviet nuclear first strike or death by submission to a Soviet society that would result from not engaging in the battle that has already begun.

It is very clear that one thus becomes a member of Serapis Bey's chosen ones. And the battle at Thermopylae ought to be studied. <14> The standing for a principle, beloved, is more important than life itself. But those who have not faced and defeated the last enemy who is Death, <15> those who know that they are playing games, deceiving themselves and attempting to deceive the Messenger-these cling to life and would avoid this choice or this vow. They would rather live a little while longer in their compromise and their way than to become enfired with a fervor of freedom and to take the ultimate stand.

It is for want of taking the ultimate stand on the part of the leadership of the free nations, the religious people, and the good people that there be few with whom I can work directly in the giving of myself. Who takes an ultimate and a complete life-and-death stand on anything these days, beloved? But this is a requirement of my dispensation and vow.

Thus, I do not even ask you to enter into it this day, for it shall require of you soul-searching, perhaps a period of self-purging and submission to more severe disciplines than those to which you are accustomed that you might see how you fare, [in order] to be certain. Then, of course, I must make the choice of those who step forward-those whom I can work through and with and sponsor, those whom I cannot. For it is I who pay the ultimate price in this hour and in this situation.

I would like you to recall that when the Messenger gave her first Stump messages, even as early as during her trip to Ghana and Liberia and then later in the seventies, she was preaching a message of anti-Communism based on the Fátima message and on facts such as those given today. Blessed ones, she was met with boos and hisses, with large percentages of the audiences leaving when at the conclusion of her spiritual teaching she would sound the warning and expose the Soviets and the Marxists.

Therefore, in deliberation with my heart and our reasoning together we concluded that the hour was to give a spiritual teaching and let children become grounded in the milk of the Word, in the violet flame, in the decrees, and in the buoyancy of the Light, and then let them be introduced to the International Capitalist/Communist Conspiracy once they should arrive at Summit University. This, then, remained our plan. And it was pursued and many came into the Teaching without arousing the serpent mind before they had the preparation to receive the strong meat of the Word. <16>

Now, beloved, you have heard Sean call for those who will go forth not only with the spiritual message but with my message, which is indeed interpreted as a political one although it sets aside all barriers of politics. I say to you, let us abandon the right wing. Let us abandon the left wing. And as Morya said, let us not be caught in the middle of the road.

Blessed ones, "right" means a perspective to the right of Truth, and "left" means a perspective to the left. Now, if you would be centered in Truth and have Truth centered in you, you must be above this politicking. You must understand that the right-wing individuals who should have espoused my cause long ago, who have known me and known my name in their midst, thanks to these Messengers and the previous ones-they in their pride have refused to be associated with me. Therefore, those who have denied me before men, them do I deny before the Father this day! <17>

Therefore, as a cardinal principle, I say to you, let not my message be tainted with the jargon of the right wing or the left wing. See to it that you therefore present a platform upon which every candidate to office may stand as an independent Lightbearer-not as a libertarian or an anarchist in the ultimate sense of independence, but as one who is independent beneath his I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, who does stand beneath the Tree of Life, who champions Truth wherever it is found, who may also recognize that certain points in the entire spectrum of world thought are worthy of championing.

Therefore, listen to the enemy as well as the friend and seek in God what I have called the "Awareness/Action." It is not enough to present the plight, the problem, the dilemma, or to read the handwriting on the wall. Those who see and know all of this and who have access to us must present to the people of America an awareness which is a foundation for action. Today's actions supporting the Sandinistas, the lethargy in America, and so forth are based upon nonawareness or a psychic awareness.

First, let there be awareness of cosmic principles of freedom and destiny on earth. Based upon the awareness of the exact geopolitical configuration of the hour, let hearts one with me, then, present my platform of action, subject by subject-from education to drugs to Communism to pornography and so on.

Blessed ones, it is not enough to prophesy a doomsday, as many extremists on the right have done with such emotion and fanaticism as to utterly turn off those who should be listening to dire forebodings of world karma. And these have been turned off by the very ones who should have engaged my flame. And I tell you, their fanaticism comes, beloved, from the fact that they love freedom. And the force does entangle them and cause them grave consequences of misuse of the Light-even the Light [as portion of my attainment] that I once gave to them.

The message of the spiritual teaching is fundamental. The books that have been published this fall [1986] <18> must be devoured and underlined, for it is a platform of teaching.

Beloved ones, it is an easy course set before you. You have, practically, only to take a book in hand and read it to new classes of students, even before you have studied it yourself. You can learn it with them. The teaching is plain. It needs no ad-libbing. It can be fed direct. You can gather with a circle of students and simply allow each in his turn to read from these books and then at the conclusion give decrees and have discussion or questions and answers.

Thus, delay not. For with the coming into your hands, no later than by Lincoln's birthday, of my book Saint Germain On Prophecy you will desire to deliver a stronger message and a more fierce confrontation with the forces of Darkness lodged in the planet. You will get the picture of the urgency and the circle of prophecy that we have been sending forth since the early part of this decade.

With the studying of this release, beloved, you will come into an hour of realization and of quickening, if you have not already done so, that will impel you to desire to deliver our message into the very political arena as you strive to avert the election to the office of the president of one who will lead this nation to war.

Thus, I warn you in advance: If you yourself are not cleared of fanaticism, you will immediately be cast in the role of a Lyndon LaRouche or a right-wing fanatic. And then the world will cease to listen to you or me or the Messenger.

Therefore study well how the message has been presented. And, of course, you cannot be illiterate politically. You must read certain periodicals regularly and know their bias, right or left, so that you may understand what is happening. Although the Messenger has set the pace for awareness of political events, not all have followed suit.

And those who are our ministers, beloved, are those who must lead this activity in bringing the awareness of what is happening always in the International Capitalist/Communist Conspiracy, always with the eye on the Soviets and their Western supporters. For there is where all decrees must be directed, not merely on Saturday night but at every session. Not long invocations but very specific and incisive ones will give us the authority to act. If you do not know the danger, you cannot defeat it.

Take care, then, I say, when you deliver this message into a field saturated with the disinformation of the Soviet Union that you do not fall prey to the character assassination and the deathblows of a public and a media who are quick to denounce and ridicule those who stand for the cause of freedom. The deliberation of your hearts is necessary, so seek to do so in an organized manner and neglect not our call. Neglect not our call that has gone forth before and that we give again.

The vow that I have taken is to serve with this earth until the true Lightbearers are free. The vow I propose to take, having accomplished this, is to stand with all others who have accepted the transfer of the flame of freedom from our best servants. The specifics of the vow must be, then, to defeat World Communism before it defeats the West and to defeat in the West those betrayers of the Word before the very foundations of Western civilization crumble for their presence in that foundation. To this end I will answer your calls, and that is where the revolution begins.

If you feed to the Messenger the facts and the information of what is happening on the earth and if she does make the call, I promise you that the causal bodies of all who take this vow will combine with the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and mine to defeat the Adversary (wherever and through whomever he appears) and to turn the tide.

In the meantime, all must act as though already engaged in a war that began at the conclusion of World War II. You are in a war this day. Let every penny that comes to your hands be used to prepare for personal physical survival for yourselves and your children. And let the organization as a whole plan, then, to have a sufficiency of food and protection to endure any type of attack. When this is accomplished, I tell you, you will be fearless and have a new freedom.

In the meantime, the doubt and the fear somehow lurks-what will we do if this happens on the morrow? Beloved, if you move swiftly and defeat the forces that oppose this Community, you will have your base and you will survive. But remember, the hour is very short.

The significance of this day of January 1, 1987, is the coming of the golden sphere of light-of which it was not known if it would be possible until a certain proving, then, of yourselves in your initiations-and the very certain coming of the dark sphere of planetary karma.

The significance of the hour is that the Four Horsemen move on and intensify in their delivery of karma and that many will suffer. The significance of the hour is that the base must be prepared and continue to be prepared and that all of you who have responsibilities around the world must know that unless this place be prepared for and by yourselves it will be too late to get ready when the time comes.

Let this, then, be your first priority. It is not necessary to move here but it is necessary to contribute financially. For, beloved ones, bomb shelters and food-storage barns that are necessary are very costly. Therefore, recognize that this is the greatest insurance policy you could take. There is no other guarantee but God and God in you who prepare.

Therefore, beloved, I rejoice that in this hour my son and yours, America's son, has presented himself to me and to the Messengers that he might become an ordained minister of this Church. Thus, he did deliver to you this day his first sermon, and I call him now that I might in truth ordain him.

[Sean Christopher Prophet approaches the altar.]

Lord God Almighty, thou who didst send me forth to anoint thy son David, even the soul of Jesus Christ, receive now unto thy heart this son of David that he might fulfill his inner vow made long ago for the building of the temple.

Lord God, he does kneel to receive the very first steps, yet thou knowest his Inner Light. Receive him as revered. Let thy mantle drop upon him now as holy angels now anoint this head with oil.

Sean Christopher Prophet, I, Saint Germain, who have held thee in my arms from the beginning, do now clothe you with my own mantle, for you have demonstrated again and again no desire for popularity or reputation but to speak my Truth both to the ignorant and the cunning. In guilelessness you have preached many sermons in full hope for a response, only to be spurned and ridiculed. Thus, let it be known by this company that you have been my minister, my ambassador "plenipotentiary" for some hours of this life and many hours of previous lives.

Therefore I take in this moment this point of consecration. It is the bishop's ring worn by your father, Mark, which you may aspire also one day to wear. You may gaze upon the power of the hand of Mark when you see the ring size of the index finger, as [on which] he wore it-truly an ancient emissary of the Lord Christ. With this ring, then, I thee wed in the Guru/Chela relation­ship.

It is thy vow that I accept as the firstfruits of my new calling to the earth. By the flame of Zadkiel, who also blessed me, receive now the initiations of the priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek, the sign of the Seventh Ray ministering servant, and a cloak of the original priesthood of the Israelites.

So there is emblazoned upon the brow HOLINESS TO THE LORD. <19> Thou art sealed, then, in the protection and mantle of thy office, both thou and thy seed and thy family. May this protection and ordination extend to all Keepers of the Flame who keep the harmony with thy mission, as it is mine.

I bring to you, then, the congratulations and the rejoicing of the first Mother of the Flame, Clara Louise. This ring she wore then is now pressed into the crown chakra as a blessing of her fiery lifestream, one with Serapis, Amen Bey, and the seraphim. This one who held thee in her arms following thy birth does now stand as thy sponsor with your own beloved Jesus, once thy father, and Mark, thy father. Therefore, rise to receive the Communion cup of the new wine.

Beloved, on this occasion, I, Saint Germain, serve the golden wine of the golden grape, not the red wine, signifying by this Communion the opportunity of the son of God for that transmutation and translation whereby the Blood of Christ does become that golden light of the crown of wisdom. As thou once asked the Lord for an understanding heart, so I have asked the Maha Chohan to bless this bread and wine that thou might drink in the true wisdom of leadership, of the understanding of my heart,and the step-by-step Awareness/Action, Alpha/Omega, Blood and Body of Christ that is to be taken.

So now receive the Body of the Divine Mother as thou dost break the bread of Life with her. Receive now this Communion and drink ye all of it.

[Sean Christopher Prophet receives Holy Communion taken with the Mother of the Flame.]

Now in memory of Melchizedek, who did break bread and serve wine to Abraham, <20> know that it is in the tradition of this priesthood that thou mightest rise to bear the flame of freedom by the message of my heart, thy heart-one.

Son of God, rise to claim thy mantle. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, in the name of the Divine Mother, the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood saluteth thee.I, Saint Germain, choose, then, in this hour to shake thy hand as a brother of Light.

May you also know me in my son. And those who would sing "I can say that I shook Lanello's hand" <21> may in this hour shake the hand of the one who has shaken my hand and pledge for a beginning that friendship with Sean. For I tell you truly, no truer friend there is to any man than this Sean Christopher Prophet.

I seal you, one and all, in the flame of hope unto your own ordination to your divine destiny. As the door is opened by one, it can be opened by the few and the many.

I, Saint Germain, salute you and seal you in this hour unto God Victory. [52-sec. standing ovation]

This dictation by Saint Germain was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on New Year's Day, January 1, 1987, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Montana.

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Decree for Freedom's Holy Light
by Saint Germain

Mighty Cosmic Light!
My own I AM Presence bright,
Proclaim Freedom everywhere-
In Order and by God Control
I AM making all things whole!

Mighty Cosmic Light!
Stop the lawless hordes of night,
Proclaim Freedom everywhere-
In Justice and in Service true
I AM coming, God, to you!

Mighty Cosmic Light!
I AM Law's prevailing might,
Proclaim Freedom everywhere-
In magnifying all goodwill
I AM Freedom living still!

Mighty Cosmic Light!
Now make all things right,
Proclaim Freedom everywhere-
In Love's Victory all shall go,
I AM the Wisdom all shall know!

I AM Freedom's holy Light
Nevermore despairing!
I AM Freedom's holy Light
Evermore I'm sharing!
Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!
Expand, expand, expand!
Forevermore I AM Freedom!

Give this decree nine times three times a day for personal and planetary freedom. Do this for thirty-three days and see how your life and divine plan accelerate into Higher Consciousness!


Copyright © 1987, 2002 The Summit Lighthouse. All rights reserved.