Beloved El Morya - April 19, 1992

The Descent of the Crystal Fire Mist
Give Me Your God-Controlled Attention!
You Are Worthy to Be Infired with God
The Gift of the Thread of Contact

Chelas of the will of God, may I have your God-controlled attention? ["Yes!" (13-second standing ovation)]

I smile with good pleasure that you do understand the meaning of Helios' ray of God-Control and that you are here to obey that call of the Messenger made from my heart to yours in these lectures that have been given.

Blessed hearts, to set you on the way of this God-controlled ray of the sun, this is my desire—and it is truly ordinate desire, not inordinate desire. And therefore I flood you with my desiring this day! I flood you not to have you but to have your God-controlled attention! [11-second standing ovation]

Now be seated as I give you your chelaship test for the quadrant of the year inaugurated by the spring equinox. Yes, beloved, your test is to write down, following this dictation, all that you remember and then to check [what you have written] against the dictation and to see how you scored. Then listen to the dictation again, and again write [down what you remember]. Listen to it until you can recount from beginning to end what I have said without looking at your notes or the transcript.

The mind must be trained. Is your mind a stallion?

I say it ought to be, and a mighty good steed. But even stallions need training. Therefore I say, train the mind! Empty it and let it be filled again! Empty it and let it be filled! Train the memory and go after that which does not work to your satisfaction.

Do not think, "Well, this is the way I am, and Morya will have to take me or leave me." Well, if you are in that frame of mind, you may find that Morya will leave you! For there is no room for Morya to step into your four lower bodies.

Therefore be emptied and be filled daily. And know the process of spiritual, physical, mental, emotional fasting. Fast the mind and heart that they might be emptied, then purified by the descent of the crystal fire mist, which I also bring this day. For I bring the concentrate of my Diamond Heart and of the First Ray of God's will. Therefore, the descent of this crystal fire mist comes to allow you to see in the mirror of your Christ Self more of what is that stupendous will of God for you.

O beloved, let me extol the devotion to the will of God and to its Diamond Heart! O beloved, since the will of God is only good and it is glorious and it is supreme and it is comforting and it is enlightening and it is all things, including the restoration of your blueprint in every atom and cell of your being, why not hasten into the blue flame? Why not hasten to your God? Why not hasten to Mount Horeb and go to meet the I AM THAT I AM?

Yes, beloved, loving the will of God and his law, which is truly the law of profound love and wisdom, you shall then take heart—take courage to take on the path of the dark night of the soul and the Dark Night of the Spirit. And you will become such a whirling sacred fire of diamond light as my Diamond Heart is superimposed upon you that you will literally charge through that dark night of the soul and charge through the initiations of the Dark Night of the Spirit! <1>

You will not languish. You will not attenuate this suffering through your karma. Nor will you suffer, for you will have that mighty sword in hand and you will slay every foe and you will beam such a concentrated, God-controlled ray of the Seventh Ray of the violet flame through that third-eye chakra that you will see the parting of the Red Sea of your own returning karma, the parting of the Red Sea of the fallen ones! And you will march through triumphant! And you will be riding your steed and it will not be riding you. And I say it is true and you must do it! You must accelerate, for acceleration is the key!

Go through it. Get it over with. Become the master of your life. Come to that place where I may speak through you, where I may dwell in you, where I may deliver the momentums of the highest levels of the etheric octaves through you. And therefore we together, Guru and chela one together, may pass through this earth and leave the foundations for our children and our children's children that they might build that golden-age civilization.

Are you with me, beloved? ["Yes!" (24-second standing ovation)]

I say, then, beware the poisons. Beware the poisons and embrace the antidotes of the Dhyani Buddhas. <2> Embrace the antidotes, beloved ones, for the poisons come and they poison the mind and they poison every organ of the body. They poison the desires and the thoughts and the feelings.

Yes, beloved, the Buddhas have taught, the ancients have given the word, the texts have been written and we the Ascended Masters have brought to you the new dispensation, building on the foundations of all that is past. Know, then, that to examine the foundations and the true mysticism of the world's great religions <*> is a must in this hour.

Therefore we will come. We will deliver at the Fourth of July conference and we will bring the threads from the beginning to the present so that you can see what was the founding principle [of each of the world religions] and where that religion has gone, stifled in orthodoxy, stifled by those who have moved in who are not of the Light and who have created a structure that no Lightbearer can pass through.

Therefore they shall come out of their temples and their mosques. They shall come out of their churches. They shall come out of every crevice in the rock and every mountain and every cave. And they shall march to the Summit! They shall come to the Western Shamballa. They shall come to hear the Word of the Lord spoken through the Mother of the Flame and through each and every one of you!

You are necessary in this process. You are extensions of my heart. May you burn the midnight oil and know the precepts and not look on with glazed eyes of ignorance and nonunderstanding when you hear these immortal truths preached. Check out the tapes. Seek them through Lanello's Library. Listen again and again and study the texts.

What will you say when a Taoist arrives from the East on your doorstep? Will you convey the message that has been conveyed to you?

If not, then I say you are stopping the message! You have homework to do! And when you have your free hours, consider that Maitreya's Mystery School has ongoing homework. And merely to allow the drops of mercy to descend upon you and not to assimilate them can be as catastrophic as failing to enter into the path of your Christhood, such catastrophe of which Jesus spoke.

I tell you, beloved, this Word is not given to you that it may simply pour over you and wash away. It is for the assimilation, that you might become the incarnation of the Yellow Emperor, of Lao Tzu and all of those who have gone forth on the yellow ray.

Would you become the Bodhisattva, I say? ["Yes!"]

Then, beloved, don't merely take the husks. Do not merely serve as burden-bearers, as donkeys or mules or oxen. Know that the hour comes in your day for the spiritualization, the etherealization of your labor and your service.

Even to listen to fifteen minutes or twenty minutes of a tape of instruction whereby you hear the pronouncement of the alchemy of the ancient and the present manifestation of the avatar of a certain religion and you assimilate that much and you retire to the inner planes and you go to the universities of the Spirit with that morsel of truth-this will be the leaven in your being and it will multiply. And it will permeate the mind and you will recognize it in the morning when you awaken, as the Messenger did awaken this very week to a new understanding of an ancient truth that she has sought all of her life. All of a sudden she awakened to the voice of Jesus explaining the profound mystery of his sacred blood.

Yes, beloved, it is a profound mystery. It is one that your heart understands at inner levels. But it must be translated, it must be written down and it must be taken into your heart [at this level of physical manifestation]. For how can you be bonded to that Sacred Heart [of Jesus] when there is no mirror reflection of that Heart in your heart?

This path is a joyous path! This Mystery School is a joyous school! But if you do not partake of the joy, of the Light and the spiritualization of consciousness, then you enter into [the monotony of] drudgery and you hardly exceed the worldly levels of mechanization man.

You are worthy to be infired with God!

Do you hear me, everyone throughout this ranch and throughout this property and throughout this planetary home?

Chelas of the will of God, you are worthy to be infired with God!

[14-second applause]

I am continuing with the message of our Lord, for I desire to impress upon you that the golden oil and the elixir are here awaiting your attention, awaiting your attention. And you walk about as though you had no mentor above you, no angel beside you, no Holy Christ Self within you, no voice of the Buddha or seed thereof!

Well, beloved, you need not take ten thousand more years to make your ascension. But I warn you and I warn you clearly: Jesus had twelve disciples. Only a few made their ascension in that lifetime; others waited two thousand years, [and some are still waiting].

What made the difference, beloved? They had the violet flame. Jesus did impart it to them. Why did they have to wait two thousand years?

I will tell you, beloved. In the very first instance, it was because they did not seek and attain the bonding to the heart of Jesus Christ and [to the heart of] their own Holy Christ Self to that level that is sufficient for the permanent bonding and the walking the earth as the Christed one.

Yes, beloved, there are other reasons [why some of the] disciples who were there then would have to come now, and [the most compelling] is [that they might] carry that flame of [individual] Christhood in this day. But there were others among them and among the other seventy who made the choice to withhold the full power of love that you saw in John the Beloved. And therefore, [they missed the cycle] by an absence of love and of an excessive love, an excessive love, beloved. An excess of love is the requirement, a heart full of love that is pouring out that love and that essence of the Blood of Christ to Christ and to one another who are the disciples. <3>

There must be the removing of the barriers, I say! There must be the understanding that you do not need to read five hundred pages to get the message of the mystical path of the ancients. That is why you are God-taught through the Messenger—so you can put that message into your cup and you can [drink it and] digest it.

But how can this come about if you do not place your God-controlled attention upon the subject long enough and thereby contact not only the teaching but the Teacher behind the teaching and Sanat Kumara behind that Teacher and the Great Central Sun with Alpha and Omega behind Sanat Kumara? [Thus, by means of the Teacher and the teaching,] you go straight to the Source. And you do Djwal Kul's Breathing Exercise and you give your pranayama <4> and you give adoration to the Mother. And soon you find that God is inhabiting your temple, the Light is rising!

And you will come to that moment one day, either here or in as many lifetimes hence as is your choice, when you will have that inner knowing. And the recall of that inner knowing from the lectures and the dictations given through the Messengers will be unto you simply the opening of the vastness of the Mind of God. And through a single lecture and dissertation, you may go beyond, to the point of the nucleus of the original release from the heart of the great Manus of the dispensation for that world religion.

And why have there been different world religions? Because [there have been] different root races and different evolutions, who have a different karma, and because their [origins have been] on other planetary systems. Thus, they have been God-taught from a different point of view, under a different one of the twelve hierarchies of the Sun, from a different chakra. And they have been taught from the level of a certain chakra, for through that chakra [a certain aspect and self-awareness of God] must be resurrected through their particular religion.

And so you see, when [each specific religion] is translated by the Holy Spirit and you see the parallel lines [to the others], you will understand that all of these threads of contact sent forth to the lifestreams of the world have come from the same Source and lead back to that Source.

And therefore, who are the dividers?

Who are the wolves in sheep's clothing?

Who are they who have come along and denied the oneness of world religion and called that oneness, that Universal Christ, a conspiracy of the fallen ones and the Illuminati?

They are the ones who are themselves entrapped by the orthodoxy that has been created by fallen angels to turn the path of the mystical union with God into an intellectual recitation of dogma and doctrine.

Therefore, beloved ones, you I see as living sons of Light, as Christed ones. You I see as those Light rays going forth. And whosoever shall come into your aura, you shall embrace that one. You will sit down and pray with that one his Moslem prayers, his Buddhist mantras. You will speak to him of the great Lights of his ancestors and his people. You will know not only the religion but the history of his people.

And therefore [all people] will be at home with you. You will serve them their cup of tea, beloved, and they shall drink with you. And they shall be at peace and they shall know that your heart has become one with the heart of the immortals, one with the heart of Lord Krishna.

And therefore, learn their language. And when you remember the monks and sisters and the priests [and nuns] walking up and down reciting their prayers, I say to you, walk up and down [with them] and study the teachings that we deliver, [for our teachings are the foundation of the world religions]. And we desire that you shall be ambassadors to the world, knowing the paths of all whom you meet, being humble with the humble, beloved, and reducing the proud to that point of humility whereby all can bow before the altar of God, no matter what the place or circumstance, as long as it be a true altar of God.

I AM Morya. And I offer to Jesus and to Mary this day my Diamond Heart-and to my chelas. I ask you to include my Diamond Heart in your meditation upon [the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary] that I might contribute to your [meditation] the vast momentum of my devotion to the will of God.

I use that word vast guardedly and accurately, beloved. For I desire to give you the sense of the aeons and aeons in which I have dedicated my life to the love of that will, to the outpicturing of that will in the governments of the nations, in the hearts of the devotees, in the communities, in the educational systems. Wherever I go, beloved, I have that momentum of the fire of the Diamond Heart, the power of the Buddhas, the vajra, <5> and I send forth my ray, and I flash it here and I flash it there! And I may flash a thousand rays at once as I pass through little towns and great cities, putting that ray into community projects, putting it into the very core of organized crime and World Communism for the decimation of their ranks.

Yes, beloved, I would have my chelas have the same capacity of heart and have it in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, in the name of our Mother, Mary, for she is indeed the Mother of us all. Thus I pray you, do not flinch at the will of God. For if you take another road, making a right turn or a left, as you see [the will of God] coming down the highway, I tell you, beloved, one day, be it in ten or ten thousand years, you will come right back around the block to that same place. And you will have to drive straight into the center of God's holy will!

Teach this to your children. Teach them there is no profit in sidestepping the will of God, which is the honor of God, which is the protection of God, which is the perfection of God, which is the faith of God, which is the power unlimited of God. To dress yourself in the will of God, to bathe yourself in the will of God, to give the mantras and to give them again-"Not my will, not my will, not my will but thine be done!"-this, beloved, is the calling of the ministering servant of God and this is the crown. And this is the authority whereby the preacher does preach and the apostle does stand and still stand for Christ. This, then, is the subject of my coming.

I, therefore, call now to the altar candidates to be ordained ministers in Church Universal and Triumphant. And I do this, beloved hearts, in the robes of my priesthood as Thomas Becket. <6> Therefore, I summon these candidates—Carl Eugene Showalter and Tani Sue Bowman Kingston. Stand now before this altar.

We will now conduct the ritual of ordination of these candidates into the ministry of Church Universal and Triumphant.

[The entire ordination ceremony, conducted by the Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet and by the Ascended Master El Morya, took one hour.]

Rev. Carl Eugene Showalter, Rev. Tani Sue Bowman Kingston, may God bless you.

Will the bearer of the stoles come forward.

I, El Morya, as Thomas Becket, do ordain thee and place upon thee this mantle and this vestment that thou mightest wear it unto the fulfillment of the order of the priesthood of Melchizedek. Prepare thyself for this, the next calling of thy God. And be true to the priesthood before thou art ordained unto it. Be thou, then, a minister of God, ordained of God before this altar unto all communicants and Keepers of the Flame and all servants of God and all in whom the flame of Life dwells.

[Messenger places stole upon Rev. Tani Sue Kingston.]

I, El Morya, as Thomas Becket, do receive thee a minister ordained of God before this altar. Therefore, receive this vestment and the blessing of God and the firing of my heart, and prepare thyself also unto the next calling, that of the priesthood of Melchizedek. So these vestments worn are a sign of the initiate of the Seventh Ray.

Let all in this congregation and all who shall come in the decades and the centuries remember that the aspiration after apostleship and the ministry is the aspiration after individual Christhood. So live that example and represent me to all and I shall be with you, as Christ shall be with you, as your brother and father Lanello shall be with you and as the Mother of the Flame shall walk with you. [Messenger places stole upon Rev. Carl Eugene Showalter.]

Beloved congregation, please welcome to the fold of the ordained ministry Rev. Carl Eugene Showalter and Rev. Tani Sue Kingston. [49-second standing ovation]

[To the attending ministers:] May you be the first to personally congratulate them. You may shake their hands.

[Attending ministers congratulate the newly ordained ministers.]

Thank you. May you all be seated.

It is our Lord's prayer this day that you might enter in to a supreme and very intimate devotion to the Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart. To this I have added my own Diamond Heart and to this Saint Germain does contribute his own purple fiery heart and beloved Lanello his magnanimous heart. Thus, the five hearts together shall become the focus of your devotion [on the first Fridays and the first Saturdays of the month], if you will, beloved, that you might embrace and embody and become that which has been the point of our attainment.

Thus, beloved ones, as the Mother of the Flame will instruct you, there is a devotion that you may elect to take up, through the rosary and through prayers, on consecutive nine First Fridays and First Saturdays. <7> This, beloved ones, shall become a devotion of the heart unto the expansion and balancing of your own threefold flame.

I, Morya, in the fervor of my heart, commend you to the path, then, to which these two [newly ordained ministers] have prepared themselves and to which many are preparing. Therefore, be it known this day that I have introduced into the Church the order of the lay brother and the lay sister for those who are seeking entry into the courts of ministering servant, who shall seek, then, and attain to the level of the lay minister of Church Universal and Triumphant, [serving in that capacity] until the hour when they, too, might receive this ritual of ordination.

Be it known, then, that there are lay ministers serving you as well as ordained ministers. And there are others who move on in their studies at Summit University and are preparing themselves to qualify.

I urge you, then, to recall the Calls of Jesus. I urge you, then, to prepare your hearts that you might be ready always to minister to life. And in the very practice of ministering, make this, [your readiness to minister to life,] your mantle and your crown, your undergarment of humility and the full mantle of your apostleship.

Beloved hearts, to perform this service it is not necessary for you to be officially and formally so consecrated. But I can assure you that the offices to which you aspire in the hierarchy of the Church, which may be on the seven rays, are worthy of you and you are worthy of them—whether as teachers, whether as servants in the capacity of science, of technology, of planning, of community. The branches of the seven rays are many. Thus I say, strive for the perfecting of your calling. Strive also to be worthy of the altar.

I, Morya, therefore declare upon these and all this assembly this day in this hour the descent of the crystal fire mist! Rise, then, that you might know the fullness of this sealing of our Easter Conclave 1992.

We will sing the Lord's Prayer for the sealing of this ordination and the sealing of the descent of the crystal fire mist.

I, El Morya, call to the altar now those who have qualified themselves as lay ministers. Please welcome Mrs. Nancy Rose Showalter and Mrs. Patricia Harth. [23-second standing ovation]

I seal you with the oil of the ministry that you might prove yourselves unto the ordination of God. May this oil be unto you that divine essence which you impart in the name Jesus Christ, in the name Mother Mary, in the name El Morya, Saint Germain and Lanello to all whom you meet. May your service increase as your Light increases. And may the Holy Spirit be upon you as the love of your heart overflows the bounds of your own habitation <8> and you dwell in the house of the LORD, as Above, so below, forever.

I, El Morya, call to the altar those who have qualified themselves as lay sisters. Please welcome Sister Gloria Luisa Fournier, Sister Bonita J. Frazier, Sister Mary Helen Millett and Sister Joan Theresa Murphy. [28-second standing ovation]

I, El Morya, receive you as lay sisters of the Church. Therefore, know that your path must be firm and strong, and this is the hour to continue your heart's preparation unto your goal of becoming lay ministers. Your presence in the Church must be a Light of comfort, of brotherly and sisterly love in the name of Jesus and all whose hearts are united this day for your victory.

May the daily meditations of these [lay sisters] and all be for the increase of the light and love and illumination and will of the heart.

Thus, receive the water holy, symbolical of the water that was shed by Jesus when the soldier pierced his side. <9> In thy service let this water receive the transmutation to become the wine of the Spirit. And when it does, thou shalt know that the hour is coming that thou mightest serve as lay ministers.

For your vision of the Work and the Word that lies before [all of] you and is already in you, you are touched with the Emerald Matrix.

Please receive and welcome your new lay ministers, Rev. Patricia Harth and Rev. Nancy Rose Showalter, and your new lay sisters, Sister Joan Theresa Murphy, Sister Bonita J. Frazier, Sister Mary Helen Millett and Sister Gloria Luisa Fournier.

[33-second standing ovation]

God bless you, each one. I am profoundly grateful for your preparation.

As you have witnessed, so may you aspire, so may you become the fullness in manifestation of your Holy Christ Self. I, El Morya, remain with you to serve you Holy Communion. This our Easter Day is sealed in the hierarchy of Taurus <**> and in the Great Central Sun.

I show you, then, the mystery, beloved hearts, which I show the Messenger, and it is the thread. It is a filigree thread. And this thread, starting in the devotion of the heart, proceeding to the crown chakra, is now shown to extend through your I AM Presence to the Central Sun. This is what is known as the thread of contact with the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.

Blessed hearts, the thread of contact can be broken. It is a mighty strong thread but also delicate. Therefore, see thou do it not: see thou do not blaspheme thy God or disgrace him or take his name in vain. See that thou dost control thine anger and all aggressions akin to the Martian mechanization evolutions.

Blessed hearts, guard the thread. For as some have lost the threefold flame and the bonding to Christ, so some have lost this thread of contact. It is given to those who have attended this conference. Those who may offer their devotions through [the decrees and songs that] have been given in these five days [in King Arthur's Court] may apply and receive the same [dispensation of the thread of contact]. <10>

Blessed ones, this is a gift of Alpha and Omega, given in the hopes that you and all who shall hear again the Word that is given and has been given in these days may keep this thread and thereby extend the right hand of contact of the Great White Brotherhood to all whom you meet.

I pray fervently that you shall know how precious a gift this is. And do not take it lightly nor consider that should you break it, it should be given again. So great, so great is the desiring of Alpha and Omega that I leave it to your heart's discovery to truly know what is that love for you personally of your Father-Mother God.

I AM Morya of the flame. I have spoken. I have sealed. And now I remind you that I stay, still, as Thomas Becket. And I remind you that for centuries pilgrims did visit Canterbury Cathedral to pray for my intercession after my martyrdom and did receive complete healing.

Therefore, know that I remain always one who desires to extend that healing light first and foremost to your soul that she might pursue the Path with all due diligence, then to extend that healing light to the heart that that heart which has been broken might be made whole and the flame might increase, and then to extend that healing light to the mind that its divisions and fleshly pursuits might be erased, and then to extend that healing light to the spirit itself that it might be strengthened—then to extend that healing light to the body, beloved, for with these four points of healing, the body may come into conformity with the inner man, the inner woman, the inner child.

I seal you, therefore. And I know that you know that I love you. But how much, my beloved, you can never know until you, too, are ascended in the Light and free.

[24-second standing ovation. Congregation gives the salutation:]

Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya!

Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya!

[Ritual of Holy Communion]


This dictation by beloved El Morya was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Easter Sunday, April 19, 1992, during the five-day Easter Conclave The Descent of the Crystal Fire Mist held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. The dictation is available on 90-min. audiocassette, B92042. [N.B. Throughout this dictation, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under El Morya's direction for clarity in the written word.]

*.The major world religions are Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Christianity and Islam.

**.The sun moved into the sign of Taurus at 1:57 p.m. MDT. The dictation of Jesus was given 5:41-6:11 p.m., followed by the dictation of El Morya, 6:22-7:48 p.m.-both in the sign of Taurus.

1. Dark night of the soul and Dark Night of the Spirit. Definition and list of the Messengers' teaching on this subject are included on p. 235 n. 2, this volume, no. 18. See also "The Ascent of Mount Carmel" and "The Dark Night," in The Collected Works of St. John of the Cross, trans. Kieran Kavanaugh and Otilio Rodriguez (Washington, D.C.: ICS Publications, 1979), pp. 66-389, available through Summit University Press.

2. Five poisons, five antidotes. See vol. 35 no. 5, p. 52 n. 3.

3. "Love one another..." John 13:34, 35; 15:12, 13, 17.

4. Prior to the dictation of Djwal Kul, given Good Friday, the Messenger led the congregation in Djwal Kul's Breathing Exercise (printed on pp. 57-61, this volume, no. 6). During the dictation, Djwal Kul initiated Keepers of the Flame in pranayama (Sanskrit, literally 'control of prana'; control of the vital energy through the practice of breathing exercises).

5. Vajra. See vol. 35 no. 7, p. 73 n. 5.

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10. Contact your local Study Group or the Teaching Center nearest you if you wish to participate in giving all the decrees and songs given during the Easter Conclave, The Descent of the Crystal Fire Mist, and therefore receive the dispensation of the thread of contact.

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