The Beloved Goddess of Liberty - February 8, 1987

The Tent of the Lord

And so the Lord’s servant does come.

And I AM the Goddess of Liberty.

Thus, my face [is] to the Sun and to the Son of God yet beholding the Dark Night of the Spirit descending upon America—once “the beautiful.” Blessed hearts, it is difficult for me to dictate to you in this hour. Thus, the difficulty is reflected in a silence requested.

Beloved ones, we the Lords of Karma are engaged in this very moment in the deliberation concerning the karmic weights in the earth. Saint Germain, besides going up and down the land, has been present, pleading before us as always. Our counsels reflect those of the Cosmic Council, of the Four and Twenty Elders who surround the great white throne of grace.

Therefore, with one track upon the moment-by-moment events and eventualities and the other that I extend to you by the Lord’s servant, so I must deliver to you, beloved, an understanding of the burden of Saint Germain, though he has received the balancing of that karma made [incurred] by those who have received the gift of his dispensations.

Beloved, there is an intercession that he cannot make. And this I would speak of. It is the weight, as though it would burst, of the fallen ones themselves. Neither the Knight Commander nor the Lords of Karma nor the Lord of the World may mitigate or stand between the fallen ones and their own descending karma.

What does keep, then, this karma from becoming physical? I will tell you. It [what keeps it from becoming physical] is like a giant tent the size of the nation. And the light of the Lightbearers becomes like a mighty fan; and therefore as the light is held by the Lightbearers, this tent is billowed up. And as it is held up, as one would say, by the wind of the Holy Spirit of the embodied saints, so it does press [up] against the Darkness and prevent it from descending.

Beloved, if any of you have observed such a canvas tent or one of synthetic material held aloft by air alone, you can understand that if the fan should cease or lessen, so the tent should descend. Therefore, beloved, has Saint Germain cried out even unto his own as he has cried unto us, “Give to me those fifty years and we will see that we can bring about a golden age of Light!” <1>

But, beloved, it is a cry made almost in desperation, with a tear in the eye not alone of Saint Germain but also of Jesus.

Therefore, beloved, you would say that on a day-to-day basis this commodity of karma does rise and fall almost like the stock market. When Keepers of the Flame and Lightbearers send forth the light, the descending karma of the seed of the wicked is held back for another and another opportunity for souls of Light to find their Presence, to find the angels of the Lord, and to be cut free by legions of Light who would take them aside, then, from those areas of the greatest karma of the seed of the wicked.

Beloved ones, it is not hard to see or to tell that through the misuse of the media in the “new cities” of New York and Los Angeles <2> the greatest karma of the nation is made. For the multiplication of Evil and of Darkness by the media has truly sown seeds of corruption worldwide. Therefore, beloved, it is in these areas where the [karmic] weight [for the misuse of the All-Seeing Eye of God, i.e., the third eye] is heaviest that our concern is great.

During these hours of your prayer, legions of Light have performed a miraculous service in this area [Los Angeles] for the binding of forces of Darkness impending, in answer to your call. Blessed, then, are children of the Light and Christed ones whom the angels would cut free to be not in this place, to tarry not here.

Beloved, it may be a point of wonder or interest for you to know and understand that because of the unpredictability of human free will or even of the continuing mischievous and malicious deeds of the wicked it is not possible even for us to determine absolutely the hour and the day of the descent of the karma of the fallen ones any more than it is possible even for the experts to predict the rise and fall of the markets in the earth.

One thing we would like to be certain of is that Keepers of the Flame pay greater attention to the moments and the hours that they might be filled with invocations, decrees, the Archangel Michael Rosary, and the violet flame. This, then, will put a mighty wind in the tent of the Lord that is above this nation while you yourselves go forth to cut free the Lightbearers.

The dates, then, far from being fixed as those who believe in predestination would consider, are subject to the rise and fall, the waxing and the waning of the devotions of Lightbearers as well as to those hidden and unseen forces that trigger from time to time greater outbursts of darkness through terrorism and through karma descending by cycles of the stars and of the deeds of men from day to day.

This one thing I will tell you, then, of a certainty. As it is written, so it shall not be turned back: Of the seed of the wicked it is decreed they shall not escape their karma. <3> Unless, then, there is the conversion and the turning to the Light, you can expect that the accounts are due of the sowing of Darkness by this group of fallen ones throughout America and the nations.

The day is far spent that neglectful parents and well-meaning citizens should correct the injustice and the travesty upon the children of the earth. Indeed, the day is far spent, beloved. They have had decades to rise and challenge the oppressors of the innocent.

Thus, where the karma of the wicked is certain, where will fall the karma upon those who have turned their backs upon the crying issues of the times? Oh, how he, the Knight Commander, has sent his angels to prod them, to nudge them, to urge them, to push them, even in the face of the most horrendous manifestations of corruption and decay through drugs and darkness in their own children!

Beloved ones, did they cry unto the Lord and take the word of the Messenger or the Archangels? Nay, they entered into discussion groups, mutual comfort groups. And psychology has held the day as the solution to the problems diabolical that have arisen out of the pits of Death and Hell to torment souls of Light.

The day is far spent when the people of this nation could have and should have accepted the powerful intercession of their God and come to their knees in realization of what has been falling through their fingers, slipping away from them—even the grasp of Reality and Life. And they—as those who could have, should have [acted] and knew better—turned their backs and entertained themselves into fantasy upon fantasy in that diabolical misuse of the television and the media.

Blessed ones, the Lord will save his own before they are utterly corrupted in soul and spirit! Thus, be mindful, for the Lord helps those who help themselves.

As to when and how these seed of the wicked shall be judged, it is indeed an edict of the Lord that is shielded from us all but which will be triggered when the weight of karma of the fallen ones is heavier than the rising incense of the devotions of the children of the Light. Ultimately, nothing will withstand this judgment. Therefore, get thee out of the way of a sinful society and know that thou art anointed in this hour to survive by illumination’s golden flame and oil.

Blessed ones, those of entrenched Darkness will not allow a golden age. Therefore, they are disallowed in this hour from entering in. Those grey ones who have failed to prevent them will see a certain karma. And those of the Light who have given their lives to a cause will be upheld if they are not so foolish as to remain in harm’s way.

Let the angels pluck thee when they will, O beloved. For one is taken and another is left. <4> And take care of the little child who places his hand in thine own.

Thus, beloved, consider the vastness of planetary cycles and the future of the I AM Race. And consider that the LORD GOD <5> has decreed this day:

Lo! I have sent mine own Son Jesus the Saviour and living Christ. And they have not received him nor become like him nor assimilated his Body and his Blood. Therefore, they are judged for having not received Me in the Person of my Son.

Woe! to the false pastors and false shepherds who have led the children of Light astray. I, the Lord God, declare this day: They are cut free from you by my legions of Light!

I have sent my angels to deliver my children from the grasp of the coward and the betrayer who has failed to accept the Christ-standard in himself and has become worse than a blind leader of the blind—yea, a betrayer of my Son in these little ones.

Thus, may the Lost Teachings of Jesus prevail and be sent forth to save mine own before the hour and the day of My Coming.

Beloved ones, these are the words of the Lord God and of the Father.

Remember, then, that Saint Germain has told you of the increase of Darkness January 1, 1987. <6> So it has come to pass. And some who live in that Darkness perforce have not necessarily noticed the degree of the increase. Beloved, it is alarming even to the LORDs of Karma.

Conserve energy. Be thrifty. Determine how, where, and when to survive this descent of the Lord’s judgment upon the betrayers of his Word. For it shall come swiftly. Thou hast no part with it. Depart, we say.

Let the sacred fire of the I AM Presence now become the visible guide—the pillar of fire by night, the cloud of witness of the Great White Brotherhood going before you by day. <7>

Keepers of the Flame, I AM your Mother of Exiles. I AM your Mother of Liberty. Keep up the Lord’s tent until every one of these little ones is secure! Let the Lord’s tent be sustained now by thy sacred fire breath.

In the heart of the gods of Nature and of the earth and the sea and the fire and the wind, I AM the Goddess of Liberty. I return with all my forces to the council of the Lords of Karma that we might find some way to deliver the Lightbearers of the earth, one and all.

In the eye of the vortex of God we serve. May his eye be upon you. And may you follow, then, that light—even the light of the causal body and the rainbow of God—to the heart of the I AM THAT I AM.

I touch you in this moment by my hand upon the third eye for a sealing, quickening, and awakening. Be it unto all Keepers of the Flame who hear this release.


This dictation by the Goddess of Liberty was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, February 8, 1987, at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton, Los Angeles, California.

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2. “New cities.” In quatrain VI.97, Nostradamus predicts what seems to be a nuclear attack upon the “great new city”—interpreted by some to mean New York City. In quatrains I.87 and X.49, he describes earthquakes around the “new city”—possibly New York or Los Angeles. (See Saint Germain On Prophecy, pp. 96-100 and 143-51, Book Two.) Here the Goddess of Liberty reveals that in reference to the misuse of the third-eye (New York) and seat-of-the-soul (Los Angeles) chakras of the nation, both cities can be termed the “new city.” This, however, does not clarify which of the two (or whether both) cities are indicated by Nostradamus in his several prophecies.

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