Ascended Master Hermes Trismegistus, June 29, 1993



Healing the Earth


The Guild of God Mercury:

The Sword and the Pen

Most gracious sons and daughters of God, I greet you in the flame of that diamond-shining Mind of God. And I am grateful to be with you during this conference, for I am a Messenger of the Gods and I have a message that I must deliver to your hearts. And now, therefore, be seated.

I speak of the lineage of the initiates of Mercury <1>-those who have fashioned their skill by the sword and the pen, those who have acquainted themselves with the Mind of God and have claimed that Mind, who have come from a lineage that antedates myself. Truly there is a lineage of those who have been called Hermes, the name being the title of an office. <2>

Thus there is a descent of those whose craft has been to set forth in writing and in other forms of communication that which is real, that which is unreal, that which is necessary information to the body politic round the world that they might know and understand the way to go.

Blessed ones, the descent to earth of these who are chelas par excellence under El Morya has been the cause of a great increase in communication at all levels. As you know, communication out of the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood concerning the spiritual path and teaching, set squarely on the foundations of the law of God, is one thing. And the communication of human knowledge and world events precipitating day by day (called "the news") is another. There is also the communication of history, parable and story, fiction and nonfiction, which teach lessons of character and heroism, lessons of human misery and human joy.

All who have effectively mastered the written and spoken word have been schooled in the great temples of Light that are under the guardianship of the great beings of Light who came from the planet Mercury and beyond. Know, then, beloved ones, that among you there are any number of lifestreams who have written effectively in the past, who have brought forth teachings from many fields based on their expertise in the craft and their mastery of certain categories of subject matter.

Some of you have come into embodiment in this century and in this time having left the tools of your trade behind you, often because you have not had qualified teachers to once again reawaken your talent and mastery in the use of those tools. Others of you have been blessed with that training. And some of you, although you have not been formally trained, yet sense that you have an ability to write and communicate what is so vital in the world today from the perspective of the Great White Brotherhood.

I bid you, then, understand that the second blessing, second to your training under the Master Jesus (and a necessity for Summit University 1993 and continuing) is the opportunity for those of you who must reacquire the skills of the writers' guild of Mercury to receive training in writing at Summit University. For you have these skills on the tip of the mind and the tip of the pen at inner levels but you have not sharpened them in this life.

You must sharpen your tools, beloved ones! You have no time or ink to lose. You must relearn how to communicate by the spoken and the written word.

Therefore I require that Summit University convene a special summer course for those who are willing to work and work hard to sharpen the pen of the mind and join the fraternity of those who will once again bring knowledge to the world through the printed word-not only knowledge of what is and what is not but knowledge of the greater mysteries of God that we have handed down and that have been lost and that must be found again.

This is why we send messengers. This is why we send Messengers of the Ascended Masters. It is to compensate for the loss in situations such as the burning of the library at Alexandria and for other losses through war and cataclysm and the sinking and rising again of continents. For in times of such upheaval, the great wisdom of the ancients, as well as scientific knowledge, has been temporarily lost to mankind. Of course, it is in the archives of the universities of the Spirit in the etheric octave, but it is generally inaccessible to most of mankind.

This is partly in order to put a brake upon those who are now the false-hierarchy counterparts of the God Mercury. For these have taken their knowledge of communication and of the transmission of knowledge only to put forth lies and untruths regarding our best servants and regarding those things that all mankind should have access to, such as new discoveries in health and in healing and in the formation/development of the spirit, the mind, the soul, the heart-all things pertaining to the commonweal.

Blessed ones, this information is not universally available to the people, whereas other things are available to them that are harmful. Thus, the facts about many products that are destructive to the health of mind, soul and body must be communicated.

And so you see, there are those who have formed a false hierarchy, who make up an anti-force against the legions of Mercury, and then there are those whom I myself have trained under my mantle as God Mercury. We who bear the shield and the armour of the Sun must therefore go up and down the nations of the earth and call out those who have the original communication skills, who practiced those skills in ancient times and on ancient continents and are willing to once again take the lead in the dissemination of the truth and in exposing error.

You must come forward! For the truth must be made known by willing hearts who see the power of the press, the power of public relations, the power of the power elite who mold public opinion and control the media as they deliberately distort the truth and destroy the reputations of individuals and organizations. If things continue as they are, not even Jesus Christ when he walks the earth as an Ascended Master in his Second Coming will be portrayed for who he is and what he stands for.

Many interest groups in Church and State are working against the bringing forth of the great teachings of old that are coming down again through the Messengers. This is because they know that the Truth, rather than set them free, will expose their manipulation of the people.

Unless you become proficient in crafting the word of the Logos for educated and common folk alike, you run the risk of seeing in your own lifetime the disintegration of the true path and of the understanding of discipleship unto the individualization of the God flame in every living soul upon this planet.

Unless you become the incarnation of this path and this understanding in your life and in your spoken and written word, beloved, you will see this path grown over with the dense weeds of materialism. And the souls who are looking for it will not find it!

I shun to call it public relations, but that is the term that is used these days. What I am talking about is the need for you to speak to a world and demonstrate to a world, by many means and carefully planned measures, what is the profile of one who walks in the footprints of El Morya and Kuthumi and Serapis Bey and Saint Germain. For they are the true role models for all students in the mystery schools, both here at Maitreya's retreat and in the etheric octave. They embody the love, the courage and the discipleship that supply the pattern for all who descend through those schools on the seven rays.

I come, therefore, pleading for those who will come out from among you and form a trade association, as it were, such as the ancient guilds of Europe, and work together under experts to polish their skills and transmit the word at every level.

It is not enough that the Messenger publish. There are many more documents of higher teachings that must be published, not only in the spiritual field but also in all fields, as Morya has said. For this is an hour when the world must know what it is that is really causing the pollution of the earth body-the toxic aura of man's inhumanity to man, of the Cains killing the Abels at every hand and the blood of brothers defiling the earth. Pollution is also caused by the misuse of technology. So many problems could be solved if mankind would just apply the specific antidotes to the poisons lodged in the soul and in the soil!

Therefore I call you. And I call you to Summit University. And I call for a course to be set up for you under a professional who has the expertise to teach the art of communication, public relations and principles of marketing as these ought to be taught. Then you will see those who are enlightened, those who have the aura of the sacred fire, those who have the Mind of Christ able to divide by the power of the pen the truth from the untruth, the Real from the Unreal.

Set forth the message! Set forth the platform for its delivery in your area of expertise! And if you think you have no expertise, go out and get it, and study and prove yourself to be one who will make that statement and make that name, not only for yourself but for God and all the ascending ones.

I AM Hermes and I say to you: I shall overshadow any of you, each and every one of you, who will learn these disciplines. But teachers we must have in the flesh!

Therefore let the professors come forth, let the teachers come forth and let the communicators of the word become known as the guild of the God Mercury. And let them go forth with the wings of the mind of Mercury to speak to a world!

For Jesus has said, "I will send you!" <3> He will send all of you who come to Summit University, those of you who have attended, those of you who would represent the Teachings of the Ascended Masters or your favorite secular causes. For it matters not whether you choose to focus on spiritual or secular causes.

Let the power of the spoken Word be not only the power of the dynamic decree. Let it be the power of Truth whereby the Truth does transmute error: Truth herself in the person of Pallas Athena, Truth in the person of your own Christ Self. Truth is a divine decree and it must be embodied and spoken with conviction.

How can it be spoken if you have not rightly divided the word of Truth <4> within your being and if you are not facile with the facts within the professional discipline of your choice?

I say, how can you affirm the truth when you do not know it?

Thus I come to you with a call and I say, El Morya and all of the ascended hosts and the Seven Archangels will not leave you at some level where you may sit on a tree stump and watch the world go by. For, beloved ones, it is time to get off that stump and enjoin the battle that is raging in the streets of the world! For the battle is raging for the minds of the people, for the bodies of the youth and for the love of their hearts.

May you hear the call from higher octaves of many who have gone before you. And may you answer in a very special way after you have communed with your God and come to the realization in your heart as to what is that mighty work of the Lord that is yours to accomplish before you allow the mantle of your calling in this life to drop from your shoulders and you move on into the octaves of Light.

I AM with you. I have been with you from the Beginning. I have been with you long thousands of years. I AM yet your friend. I AM yet Hermes and I live in the flaming center of Truth. And that flaming center, I declare, burns on the altar of your being from this time forth and even unto the fullness of your mission.

- [41-second standing ovation]


This dictation by Hermes Trismegistus was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet following the dictation by El Morya on Tuesday, June 29, 1993, during the ten-day conference FREEDOM 1993: "Healing the Earth," held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. Before the two dictations, the Messenger delivered her lectures "A Profile of Thomas More" and "Mysteries of Hermes Trismegistus, Master of Masters and Scribe of the Gods." The lectures and dictations are available on a 2-audiocassette album: total 2 hr. 56 min., A93078. [N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under the direction of Hermes Trismegistus.]

1. The Ascended Master Hermes Trismegistus is also known as God Mercury.

2. Lineage of those called Hermes. Hermes is confirming here the theory of modern scholars. As the Messenger explained in her lecture before the dictation: "[Scholars] believe that a whole line of teachers or a priesthood may have written under the name Hermes. The prevailing theory is that the Hermetic writings may span several centuries, dating as late as the first or second century a.d."

3. "I will send you!" See Jesus Christ, June 27, 1993, vol. 36, no. 36, p.

4. II Tim. 2:15.

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