“Oh, If I Could Only Tell Them!”
A Profile of Daniel and Nada Rayborn

"Don't miss the train, don't miss the plane, don't miss the marathon,
don't miss the football game, don't miss any of it, beloved. Put it all aside
and make your ascension. This is my advice to you."
—Serapis Bey, June 30, 1997

"Blessed ones, all of us who have taken our leave of planet earth
in the ritual of the ascension have recognized ourselves as misfits prior to our ascension. And so did our peers so recognize [us]."—Kuan Yin

"The illumined understand that immortality is not merely a reward for well-doing
—although reward it may well be—but the natural intention of God for man
that was manifest from the foundation of the world and from the moment
of creation for each individual."—Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth C. Prophet,
The Path to Immortality, p. 188

"And what is hope but the ascension flame itself? What is hope but life itself?
Life without hope is not life at all."—Archeia Hope, January 2, 1987

"For we know that none can have the Victory, beloved, except they have enlightenment."
—Victory, June 30, 1994

"When you understand that the victory of the ascension is scientific
and that there is a step-by-step way of arriving at the gate
—then I say, you shall have your victory . . . not in a sudden heroic dash
but in the day-to-day keeping of the Flame of Life
upon the altar of humanity."—Daniel Rayborn, April 14, 1995

"Blessed ones, the only condition that will stand between you
and your ascension in this life is your failure to transmute your condemnation
of any and every part of life. This is the requirement of the Law
and of your entering into the grace and mercy of Almighty God this day."—Justina

"How do we ascend? By accelerating love."—Elizabeth C. Prophet,
The Living Flame of Love, Summit University, Spring 1977

The Physical Ascension

The Ascended Masters teach that in the ritual of the ascension, the soul is united with the white-fire body of the I AM Presence. This does not require the raising of the physical body; the soul itself may take flight from the mortal coil and be translated through the ascension process. In order to ascend, the candidate must have balanced at least 51 percent of his karma. In order to make a physical ascension, he must have balanced between 95 and 100 percent of his karma. When a physical ascension takes place, the physical body is transformed by and superseded by the Ascended-Master Light Body. During the ascension ritual, the soul becomes permanently clothed with this Body, also called the "wedding garment," or the Deathless Solar Body.

Serapis Bey describes the process in his Dossier on the Ascension: "The flame above (in the heart of the Presence) magnetizes the flame below (the threefold flame within the heart) and
the wedding garment descends around the silver cord to envelop the lifestream of the individual
in those tangible and vital essence currents of the ascension. Tremendous changes then take place in the form below, and the four lower bodies of man are cleansed of all impurities. Lighter and lighter grows the physical form, and with the weightlessness of helium the body begins to rise into the atmosphere, the gravitational pull being loosened and the form enveloped by the light of the externalized glory which man knew with the Father 'in the beginning'. . .

The individual ascends, then, not in an earthly body but in a glorified spiritual body into which the physical form is changed on the instant by total immersion in the great God flame" (see Dossier on the Ascension, pp. 157-59, 175-77). In a dictation given October 2, 1989, the Ascended Master Rex told us that those who are called to the physical ascension must have had many thousands of years of preparation. Today most people whose souls qualify for the ritual of the ascension ascend from inner levels after the soul has departed the physical body. The soul attains union with the Mighty I AM Presence to become a permanent atom in the Body of God just as she does in a physical ascension.

Mother Mary

Much of what we know of the lives of Daniel Rayborn and Nada Rayborn is from Godfré Ray King’s book The Magic Presence. Godfré Ray King was the pseudonym of Guy Ballard. And Lotus Ray King was the pseudonym of his wife, Edna Ballard. In the 1930s Saint Germain contacted Guy Ballard and Edna Ballard and trained them to be his Messengers. Through them, he founded the I AM Activity.

Godfré first met Daniel Rayborn in the summer of 1930 at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, after receiving a letter of introduction to him from Saint Germain. He wrote in The Magic Presence: “My impression of Rayborn was very pleasant, for his whole attitude was one of harmony and kindliness, and at the same time, I felt that he was a man of strong character with a keen sense of honor. He had a finely shaped head, classic features, iron-gray hair, and clear, piercing blue-gray eyes. He stood erect and was fully six feet two inches in height.” <1>

The day after they met, Godfré accompanied Daniel to his Diamond K Ranch in Wyoming, which was one of Daniel’s mining properties. When later visiting another of Daniel’s mining operations, Godfré remarked that he had never seen so fine a camp of men. He wrote: “Everything possible had been done for their comfort and convenience . . . Everywhere it was plainly evident that Rayborn was much loved by his men. The entire atmosphere was one of harmonious cooperation, and there was a total absence of all coarse or undesirable elements.” <2>

At the Diamond K Ranch, Godfré met Daniel’s two children—his eighteen-year-old son, Rex, and his sixteen-year-old daughter, Nada. Rex and Nada had remarkable singing voices and they performed for Godfré after dinner one night. That evening Nada told Godfré about her mother, whose name was also Nada. <3> (As you know, neither of these Nadas is the Nada who is the Chohan of the Sixth Ray.)

Nada said she and her brother had inherited their voices from their mother, who had been an opera singer. She went on to tell Godfré that her mother and father were “twin rays,” or twin flames; and she related to him the story of her mother’s passing:

Mother’s father was an Englishman and her mother, who was educated in England, was the daughter of an Arab sheik. Two years ago, mother was taken ill and passed on within a few weeks, although everything possible was done to save her life. During the last four weeks she received transcendent revelations that have explained many things to us . . .

Saint Germain first came to mother one night at the beginning of her career in grand opera. She had been singing only a few months, when one evening she became almost speechless with stage fright. She was in her dressing room shortly before the performance when a frantic fear seized her, making her forget everything. Saint Germain stepped through in his tangible body, introduced himself, and touched her forehead with the fingers of his right hand. Instantly, all nervousness left, the memory of her part returned, and she was calm and at ease. That night her success was tremendous, and it continued to increase, becoming brilliant beyond her fondest dreams.

He told her she had earned the right to the protecting presence of the Ascended Masters and from that time on it would be permanent. <4> We should realize that it is possible to earn the protecting presence of the Ascended Masters and that there comes a time when that protection is made permanent. We should tailor our lives, our thoughts, our meditations and our prayers to the goal of receiving the Masters’ protecting presence and to earning the right to have it as a permanent manifestation in our lives.

Remember that the Rayborns were real people who were embodied on earth in the twentieth century. They wore the same kind of bodies we wear and lived in the United States, in the neighboring state of Wyoming. They received training directly from Saint Germain, no doubt because of many previous lifetimes in which they were loyal to him and to his cause.

All sincere devotees can work to earn their chelaship under Saint Germain. You know what you can and cannot do if you desire above all to be a chela and to enjoy the protection of the Ascended Masters. I need not tell you what you must do to earn that protection, for you know what you must do. And you have every right to pray that that protection might be made permanent. It’s just a question of how close you want to be to the Ascended Masters, what you are willing to give up for that closeness and if you are willing to maintain your harmony, compassion, kindness and love toward all people.

Nada continued:

[Saint Germain] described the man [Mother] was to marry [and] the son and daughter who were to come to her. After this, he came at regular intervals and taught her many inner laws which she was able to comprehend and apply with astonishing results. <5> As we read the major works from the I AM Activity—Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence and The “I AM” Discourses—and as we contemplate the teachings the Ascended Masters have given through Mark and me, we realize that we ourselves have assimilated the inner laws of God and that we are able to comprehend them. The test is to apply those laws “with astonishing results.” This everyone here can do. We just need to decide to do it.

Nada told Godfré: “Shortly after I was born, our Beloved Master, Saint Germain, came to [Mother]. He explained that she had work to do on the higher planes of life and that he would always hold Rex and me in his great, loving, protecting care . . . Father, Saint Germain said, was not sufficiently awakened to be told of [the Higher Law] until about a year ago, when . . . Saint Germain came to him.” <6>

After dinner the next evening, Daniel Rayborn met with Godfré, Rex and Nada. He told them that Saint Germain had awakened him at 4:00 a.m. that morning and had taught him for at least two hours. Saint Germain revealed to him that he would soon make his ascension. <7>

There is no one here who does not have some contact with Saint Germain. Your very love for him establishes that. You can increase and intensify that tie by directing your thoughts and love to him throughout the day and at night as you prepare to take leave of your body to go in soul travel to the retreats of the Masters.

Just think: you can one day have the blessings and initiations that the Rayborns had, if you work at it one-pointedly. This is why their story is so meaningful to us. Saint Germain will propel you forward. Yet you must not come with begging bowl in hand but with a platter piled high with the fruits of many lifetimes of service. Yes, you can seek and find the Master’s companionship if you truly want it.

In a dictation given through Mark Prophet on October 14, 1963, the Ascended Master Daniel Rayborn explained how his contact with Saint Germain prior to his ascension had propelled him forward on the spiritual path:

It was such a wonderful experience for me when I first came into contact with Saint Germain —when I realized that he was a vibrant, living person, a great Ascended Master, one who could come from the great cosmic ethers with the swiftness of blue lightning and make himself known and felt. The tangibility of this great Master flooded my being, and I was wholly aware of the fact that I was in the presence of great divinity.

But the one particular concept that he imparted to me above all others, which floods my soul at this moment with wonder, was that the God within me held the same desire of transformation for me as was resident within the being of Saint Germain.

This is a stupendous statement. Apply it to yourself: God within you holds the same desire of transformation as is resident within the being of Saint Germain.

This concept closes the distance between you and any Ascended Master. Think of the beauty of the God that beats your heart—the threefold flame that is pulsating within you, that leaps in the desire to be multiplied by your decrees and meditations.

Continuing now with the dictation of the Ascended Master Daniel Rayborn:

[Saint Germain] made known to me that it was the wonder of God’s love that would impart to me also the full stature of an Ascended Master. He engendered in me great faith and courage so that I had hope, when faced with many vicissitudes in the business world and in family situations . . . , that the great Light of God would safely pull me through all those conditions and that ultimately I would be given the gift of my ascension.

In this same dictation Daniel Rayborn taught us a mantra we can use in times of trial. He said:

Many of you who are at times afflicted by elements of doubt and shadow must recognize the constancy of the Sun of your being that shines behind each cloud. You have heard it said that every cloud has a silver lining. But at times these words seem poor consolation to those going through their moments of trial. Men must recognize the need not to necessarily make decisions during moments of trial but to wait until the clouds have rolled away and the cycle has passed.

The words “This too shall pass!” are a fiat of authority that Saint Germain taught me as a mantram. When correctly understood and applied to life, this fiat tends to act as an eraser to wipe the slate of life clean and to remove unwanted pictures from the consciousness.

“This too shall pass!” stated three times and followed three times by “The Light of God never fails!” creates a mantram of Christ consciousness to clean the consciousness of unwanted conditions and bring forth a positive victory over negative elements that may at times be projected into one’s consciousness.

Let us give this fiat together:

This too shall pass! This too shall pass! This too shall pass!

The Light of God never fails!

The Light of God never fails!

The Light of God never fails!

And to this we add:

And the beloved Mighty I AM Presence is that Light!

This teaching was an amazing find for me as I prepared this lecture because when I was in my teens I decided to make my motto “This too shall pass!” <8> My soul knew that I was going through karma, and this motto always gave me the courage and vision to keep on keeping on.

I can see now how this fiat truly clears the slate. As the Ascended Master Daniel Rayborn said, “When correctly understood and applied to life, this fiat tends to act as an eraser to wipe the slate of life clean and to remove unwanted pictures from the consciousness.” This is exactly what it did for me.

I wrote it on my high school textbooks, and I would always say to myself, “This thing you’re going through right now, it will pass. There will be better days. You will get beyond this. This too shall pass!” I hadn’t read the I AM books at that time. I had nothing in print to go by. But this mantra was a sustaining presence as I went forth to make my way in the world.

So I invite you to also use it, because it really works. When you say it, you are declaring that this human creation, this human nonsense will pass and that the glory of the Lord will be in you and upon you.

Let’s return now to the story in The Magic Presence.

A few days after Saint Germain had awakened Daniel Rayborn and instructed him, the Master spent three days with Daniel, Rex and Nada Rayborn and Godfré at the Cave of Symbols, his retreat near the Rayborn ranch. He gave them a tour of the retreat and showed them marvelous inventions, including a device called the atomic accelerator.

Saint Germain explained that the atomic accelerator was a mechanical way of quickening the atomic vibration of the human body . . . and assisting to raise it into the pure Electronic Body which Jesus referred to as the seamless [garment] or the bridal garment of the Spirit.

. . . It will be used a great deal in the future to assist in raising the physical flesh atom into its divine purity and structure—the Electronic Body. This [Electronic] Body remains forever, eternally youthful, beautiful, strong, perfect, and free from every conceivable limitation. In this body, individuals can and do function wherever they choose in the universe, for in it there are no barriers of time, place, space, nor condition.

. . . This amazing, real, physical machine is a mighty healing agent—as well as a means by which the body can be raised. It also quickly establishes perfect equilibrium in the brain structure, and through the balancing of the mental and emotional activities of a human being, dishonesty and crime of every kind can be prevented. It was used on Atlantis, although it was less perfect. [We read in Phylos the Tibetan’s book of this very machine on Atlantis. <9>] . . . There is no invention or discovery that has [blessed] or ever will bless mankind to so great a degree. <10>

During the Rayborns’ visit to the Cave of Symbols, Saint Germain asked Daniel Rayborn to sit in the atomic accelerator, which was aglow with currents of light.

Godfré wrote:

In an instant, the light within Rayborn’s body began to increase, and his face revealed great joy. Within the light around him were particles of substance continually rising as the impurities in his physical body were thrown off and consumed. This lasted about ten minutes. Then I saw his hair gradually return to its natural color, a dark brown, and his face become radiant and youthful. The light within the chair gradually disappeared, and the laboratory was again as usual.

Saint Germain extended his hand to Mr. Rayborn and he stepped down lightly, as if scarcely conscious of any weight. For more than an hour, the radiance about his face and the brilliant light within his eyes was most remarkable. <11> After this experience, Rayborn said, “Words can never describe the marvels I have experienced, . . . and for the first time in my life, I am beginning to know the real meaning of life.” <12> That life is the life eternal, the life everlasting.

The next day Rayborn once again sat in the atomic accelerator:

A dazzling blue-white light blazed forth crystal clear. In perhaps ten minutes, his flesh looked perfectly transparent. Slowly, a current of vivid blue moved up his spine and met the combined currents of the pineal gland, pituitary body, and the base of the brain, forming into a dazzling golden light, encircled by the most vivid blue . . . Then, by the very power of his own light, he arose and stepped forth from the chair, and as he did so, he seemed to float rather than walk. <13> Godfré, Rex and Nada were also allowed to sit in the atomic accelerator for a few minutes. Then Saint Germain took them all to another chamber, where he unveiled a mirror.

“This,” he explained, “is a Cosmic Mirror in which any individual, having reached a certain height of attainment, may see his complete series of lives, the cause and effect of his conscious activity, and how the gradual process of mastery is attained. Then, seeing the divine plan of his future, he will understand how to . . . increase his power of service and usefulness by consciously expanding the Love, Light, Wisdom, and Power of the Mighty I AM Presence through himself.” <14>

Saint Germain allowed Daniel Rayborn to look into the mirror. “Immediately, a spot of sapphire blue light appeared upon the milky-white surface of the mirror and steadily expanded until [the mirror] became crystal clear,” wrote Godfré. “The screen revealed Rayborn’s experiences, including even those of his present life and our recent association.”

Saint Germain said:

You see, . . . an extension has been granted to this good Brother until he has finished certain outer work and the children are through school. These [life] extensions are given only where it is possible to raise the atomic structure of the physical body into the Electronic. When this takes place, he will be united with his beautiful twin ray, the mother of Rex and Nada. Then will they reveal their true service through the Mighty . . . Presence of the I AM as their radiance grows brighter and brighter. At an appointed time [after their ascension], they will come forth with their Ascended Master authority and serve in their visible, tangible ascended bodies, holding positions as great teachers of the Light in high governmental offices, being direct Messengers of the Most High Living God. <15>

Saint Germain said that one year from that day, on July 28, 1931, they would all meet again in the Cave of Symbols, where Daniel Rayborn would make his ascension. <16> At Christmastime, Saint Germain met the Rayborns, Godfré, and Bob and Pearl Singleton in Washington, D.C. Bob was the superintendent of Rayborn’s mining operations. He and his sister, Pearl, were students of Saint Germain.

On the night of December 21, winter solstice, Saint Germain told them he wanted them to attend a concert on Christmas Eve. He said two of the performers would be indisposed and he would arrange for Rex, Nada, Bob and Pearl to perform in their place.

On Christmas Eve, the four sang as a quartet, and Rex and Nada also performed solos. After they had finished their performance, the manager stepped to the front of the stage and announced a surprise for the closing number. “Allow me to present our guest artist of the evening,” he said as he introduced “Prima Donna Nada,” who would sing “I Come on the
Wings of Light.”

The mother of Nada and Rex entered, wearing a gown glittering with jewels. Her own beauty far transcended that of the gown she wore. The applause and greeting from the audience were tremendous. She raised her hand for silence, the audience responded instantly, and she began.

She sang with tremendous power and glory, as her radiation was released to flood out over the audience and the city of Washington in blessing . . . At the close of her song, the audience was gripped in silence [for] a few seconds and then burst forth showering their deep appreciation and joy in loving gratitude upon her. They called for her again and again. After she had sung . . . for the third time, she raised her hand for silence and spoke to them.

“Your joy and gratitude is so sweet, so sincere, that I shall sing for you something I love, which expresses my feeling for you. It is called ‘I Love You.’” In this, her voice took on a beauty and power that acted like magic. She sang as only an Ascended Master can sing, and it was no wonder the audience in its enthusiasm and appreciation tried to call her back again and again.

However, at a signal from Saint Germain, the final curtain was lowered. <17> Saint Germain, Nada, her family and Bob and Pearl rushed off to a hotel. In a few moments, reporters besieged the place, wanting to know the identity of the singer.

Saint Germain stepped to the door, and greeted them. “Prima Donna Nada,” he said, “is the wife of a western mining man, Daniel Rayborn, and the two soloists . . . are her son and daughter. That is all,” and he dismissed them. <18> Later Saint Germain explained: “Tonight I have shown you the higher ideal of entertainment. It is not only very enjoyable but tremendously uplifting because of the Magic Presence, whose limitless power it releases. You see, when the proper channel is opened, there is no limit to the blessings an audience may receive wherever the condition is made possible.” <19>

That evening Nada told her family, Godfré, Bob and Pearl of her experiences as an Ascended Lady Master and some of the most important lessons she had learned. Nada said that after
her passing, twelve Ascended Masters, including Saint Germain, had surrounded her. (You can visualize those twelve Masters standing on the twelve lines of the Cosmic Clock.) They showed her how she could raise the atomic structure of her physical body into the “pure Electronic Body.”

She said:

As the process of raising gradually took place, I became more and more aware of blazing light filling my entire body . . . I felt the most marvelous radiant energy surge in and through me, sweeping away every vestige of resistance and imperfection and quickening my consciousness.

I became more and more aware of my Mighty I AM Presence until finally it stood before me visible, tangible, and very real. Steadily and powerfully, I felt my physical body drawn into and enveloped by my glorious God-Self, and when I stepped out of the cemetery, I could scarcely realize how transcendent I had become. The old human, limited activities of my consciousness were raised into that alert sense of freedom and unlimited use of wisdom and power . . . Now [that] I was aware of this greater activity, . . . I was shown very clearly . . . that I must put it to use. Then came a still fuller sense of the freedom, beauty, joy, and service that I must render to those who still remain unascended.

My first desire was that I might know more of these Ascended Masters who had so lovingly ministered to me. Instantly, one after another stood before me and, without a word being spoken, conveyed their names and thoughts to me. With this marvelous thought-language,
there came certain attendant pictures in color and the true interpretation of them.

. . . My first experiences, that seemed to me so marvelous, proved to be but fragmentary, compared with what has been revealed since my ascension into this far greater and more wonderful activity of life.

. . . You, beloved ones, do not realize how fortunate you are in having the blessing of the wonderful atomic accelerator, one marvelous result of the love and work of our blessed Saint Germain. Great has been his love, his service, and the gift of himself to humanity.

The beauty and rapid progress of each of you is due to your sincere and intense gratitude. [Gratitude to God and the universe for every single small and great gift you receive daily is truly the key to everlasting life. Cultivate the constant celebration of the virtue of gratitude.] It is the certain pathway to great heights of attainment and the easiest method by which to achieve every good thing.

. . . It is because humanity has forgotten to be grateful to Life for all the blessings upon this earth that it has shut the door to peace and become bound by the chains of its own selfishness.

. . . The Law of Life is to give, for only by giving one’s self can one expand.

. . . One of the tremendous blessings of the ascended state is the entire absence of any criticism or condemnation of human frailties or mistakes. If the student of Light will train himself to forget everything that is useless or that is in any way undesirable, he will . . . make rapid progress . . . For the student to drag after him unpleasant memories is but one of the many ways by which he creates, over and over again, the same experiences of misery from which he is really seeking to be free. <20> In a dictation delivered on May 13, 1962, through Mark Prophet, Nada Rayborn spoke of her service as an Ascended Lady Master:

Some of you will recall that I was a prima donna and did a great deal of work in connection
with opera . . . My song today is a song of the Spirit and my voice may be heard at night in the various retreats when the members of the Great White Brotherhood are assembled together.

For ever so frequently, at the request of beloved Saint Germain and beloved Daniel Rayborn and my son and daughter and others of the ascended hosts, I still stand before the multitude of the hosts ascended and give a rendering to the heart of my own Presence. I pour forth my melodic interpretations of the universe, and I rejoice continually in the privilege of so doing.

Your talents, beloved ones, are never removed from you by your ascension in the Light. They are enhanced, and limitation is removed from them.

The next summer, as Saint Germain had foretold, Daniel Rayborn made his ascension. He prepared for several days at the Cave of Symbols in what Saint Germain called the Chamber of Light. Rex and Nada, Bob and Pearl arrived at the Cave of Symbols on July 26.

Godfré wrote:

During the twenty-seventh, many of the Ascended Masters came, singly and in groups, until all who were to take part in the work had arrived.

At eleven o’clock that night, we were escorted into the electrical chamber, where the marvelous atomic accelerator was waiting . . . As we entered the chamber, the light within it was intense, yet it held tiny points of more dazzling light that darted to and fro in the atmosphere continually. Rayborn seated himself in the chair, and the twenty-four present formed a circle about the accelerator [twelve pairs of Ascended Masters, perhaps twin flames], Saint Germain standing directly behind him and I just in front. Nada, his twin ray, stood within the circle. When all were ready, Saint Germain commanded the individual attention of each one to be held steady upon the Presence and supremacy of the I AM and that of the Master Jesus.

Suddenly, like a flash of lightning, a circle of the most intense, dazzling, white light surrounded us, drawing steadily toward the chair until it was only about ten feet across. The light within Daniel Rayborn expanded and met the circle of light without. As they touched, he began to rise slowly to a distance of about his own height above the accelerator, the light within him continuing to increase.

Nada, his own twin ray, rose also and drew toward him, passing within the smaller circle of light. They met in divine embrace for a moment. The next instant the face of the Master Jesus shone out in an aura of gold, pink, and blue above them. Inclining their heads toward us and smiling radiantly, they looked upward as a great ray of intense white light descended.

[It enveloped] them both in its protecting radiance, blessing their glorious union and hiding them from our sight while they passed beyond all care and limitation into their eternal perfection of Being, clothed in bodies of everlasting light—the robe of immortality—that shines brighter than the sun at noonday. <21> The Ascended Master Daniel Rayborn, in his dictation of October 14, 1963, described what he experienced in that glorious moment of his ascension:

Oh, the glory and the surge of power, the supreme blessing, the contact with the angelic host! But above all the great feeling of union with my own Mighty I AM Presence!

I recall the thought that passed through my mind. It was like standing under the sun at noonday and gazing up into the heavens, where not a star was visible, and then suddenly experiencing the hour of midnight and the sky filled with beautiful points of light.

I became aware of regions of the cosmos which up to that moment I had not conceived of.
And I felt a wonderful kinship with minds and hearts, a reunion with those from whom I had long suffered absence . . . I knew on the instant that nothing in this world could be compared to the ascension.

. . . The final thought that passed through my mind as I rose into the great light to be absorbed by it was “Oh, if I could only tell them!” . . . And I realized afterward, by reflection, that this thought has filled the mind and consciousness of everyone who has ascended. For all have had the same desire: “Oh, if I could only tell them!”

This is the desire that we of the ascended hosts feel—the desire to reach down into the human consciousness with all of its density, with its suffocating conditions, and to say, “Oh, do put all that you have into your search for your divinity that you might receive the blessing of the ascension at the conclusion of this life!”

Daniel Rayborn concluded his dictation with a special gift. He asked that a golden chair be placed before the altar and said:

I call to the Great Divine Director for the resurgent energies of Christ-accomplishment to be magnified and a beam of direct light-substance to pass through the substance of this chair and to energize it for the space of one hour.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have received permission from the Great White Brotherhood for an action of one percent radiation of the atomic accelerator to be anchored in this chair. We ask you to share it with one another for the coming hour.

This dictation was given at the Dodge House, a hotel in Washington, D.C., where we held our conferences when we lived in Washington. The hotel was later torn down. When the Ascended Master Daniel Rayborn announced this dispensation, the golden chair was placed in front of the lectern, and for a period of one hour everyone who attended the class took turns sitting in it for perhaps a minute or thirty seconds.

It’s happened before, it can happen again. Let’s pray for such a dispensation. However, if the dispensation is for only an hour, it will be like musical chairs!

Elizabeth Clare Prophet delivered this lecture, “Oh, If I Could Only Tell Them!” before the dictations by the Ascended Master Daniel Rayborn and the Ascended Lady Master Nada Rayborn on April 14, 1995, at Easter Retreat 1995. It has been edited for publication.

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Beloved Amen Bey , May 4, 1991

The Messenger Stumps Seattle
An Ancient Temple of Luxor
The Ascension Flame

Greetings, my beloved, from the halls of Luxor. We have come to deliver to you a scroll from Serapis Bey. But first I must tell you that Serapis has decided to place over this place an ancient temple of Luxor that is part of our retreat.

Therefore you are seated in a great hall with large columns, mosaic on the floor and walls of gold and hues of the flames of the Causal Body. The history of our retreat and service in the earth since the time of the sinking of Atlantis is recorded in these murals of mosaic and you can identify the roles you have played with the brothers and sisters of Luxor, some yet unascended, some Ascended Masters who are your friends.

We delight in coming for the occasion of the dictation of the beloved Clara Louise, <1> who did serve as your first Mother of the Flame of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity. We delight in bringing with us companies of devotees, from neophytes to adepts, who frequent the halls of Luxor.

Serapis Bey has desired you to experience to the fullest capacity of your being this outer court of the inner temple. Beyond this are a number of halls and the room where the ascension flame does burn. But in this hour you are truly locked into that place familiar to you, for you pass through this hall each time you journey to Luxor for study in our retreat.

By establishing the focus of this temple here at the level of the etheric plane and gradually lowering it through your four lower bodies, we intend to create a record here to counteract records of other Lemurian temples that fell into disuse and the misuse of the sacred fire.

The record of this temple will remind all souls who have ever pursued union with the sacred fire that they have a part to play and something to fulfill: it is the completion of the raising of the Light of the Divine Mother, called the Kundalini, which is the sacred fire that rises on the altar of the spine. Each of you has left off in that service [of the Divine Mother] at the level of one chakra or another.

Now it is the desire of Serapis Bey that we lend to you the joy and the love of our sponsorship of many souls among you [that we might] bring you [once again] into the tending of the Mother Flame as the ascension flame.

Thus, these moments of going within and contacting deep within yourself the seed atom and the very spirit and essence of your being are counted as a point of balance for those hours when you must go forth to challenge so many points of darkness in the earth.

So it is that those who are called by us to study in the universities of the Chohans Seven <2> may take a retreat each night while their bodies sleep to become immersed in the flame of knowledge, self-knowledge and the wisdom of God, to be saturated with the Light and Love of our octaves, to be reassured and to be anchored in the very depths of their own God-free being.

Thus know that beloved El Morya has released to you his Ashram rituals <3> that you might give these and day upon day find yourself not only arriving at the etheric retreats but being able to enter compartments of the retreats where there is an entering in to the depths of other planes. This truly is a surcease from outer world chaos and outer karma, a taste of the Infinite and that point of balance whereby you can make good progress in balancing your threefold flame.

We come, then, to announce to you that from now on you will find us available at the retreat of Luxor to assist you on your path. We are especially desirous of assisting you to become apostles of the message of God to all of his people upon earth that each of you might become such a living, vibrating aura of violet flame that many may come and enjoy even the sense of that presence of the Holy Spirit that is delivered by the Maha Chohan—O the Maha Chohan!
—as the one who initiates you in the path of the Holy Spirit.

May you remember to prepare for Pentecost, as it does draw nigh, that you might surely receive such an increment of fire as to find yourself in a state of conversion, being “turned around,” being magnetized to the Central Sun by that power of infinite Love and Light and white fire.

Truly, the presence of the Holy Ghost upon you may be the means to your acceleration of that path—that path to be desired, not because it leads to the ascension but because it leads to your being the Helper, the Comforter in the name of the Maha Chohan.

We offer lessons, then, in the science of the Mother Flame. We offer lessons in the concentration of that flame in each chakra as the white fire does increase and spin and intensify.

Beloved, you can know the joy and the bliss of the inner-retreat experience and still be warriors in the streets of the world in the daytime hours and the evenings when you devote yourselves to the defense of life, of souls of all levels. From the moment of conception to the age of thirty-three, these lifestreams need your care, your concern, your physical involvement with their burdens.

May you develop a new zest by the zeal of the Fourth Ray, the joy of the white light and the means whereby this light does facilitate your service!

There is nothing sterile about the white light, for it is, after all, the acceleration of all paths and color bands. The white light is the joy of the bride adorned for her Husband, the Holy Christ Self. It is the joy of the soul who has earned and woven her Deathless Solar Body and the sealing of all of the layers of the filigree patterns. It is truly the joy of the saints who have washed their robes in the Blood, <4> which is the Light essence of the Alpha and Omega of Jesus Christ.

I AM Amen Bey and I serve our Lord Serapis. Know, then, that the intensity of the white fire always becomes the gentle pastel pink of the rose, the rose that is the golden pink glow-ray; for the white fire must ultimately manifest as love, even to retain its discipline, its verve and vigor.

O the white fire! It does dissolve all else—such is the nature of ascension’s flame—all that is less than pure perfection won in the rising spiral of your ascension experience. Let not a day conclude, beloved ones, that you do not claim an increment of your ascension.

How well I remember the initiation given to Mark Prophet years before his ascension, when that flame was established, beginning at the feet and at the legs and anchored there. <5> And thus, you who are preparing to enter that flame sometime in this century or the next as the years of your life span unfold, know that if you are a candidate for the ascension, you do receive increments of that fire. And thus, as though you were being built and rebuilt stone upon stone, now of lively stones replacing the rays of mortality with the rays of immortality, so you will find that the capstone upon your pyramid of being shall be the culmination of the full and intense action of the ascension flame.

Win your points day by day and assure God and Serapis and Gabriel and Hope and Astrea and Purity that all that you garner of that flame, as a fire infolding itself, you will retain and make a part of the permanent atom of being. Even so, that atom is made permanent by this ascension flame.

Do not postpone the ascension but enjoy the lilt and the laughter and the freedom, the intense liberation of that Light as you walk in it all the days of your life.

If you will call to Serapis and give the ascension mantra (the concluding mantra of the “Heart, Head, and Hand Decrees”), Serapis will convey to you in one way or another—and he will not fail to succeed in getting your attention nor to point out to you—those things that must be cast into the fire.

Think of ascension’s flame as the Maxin Light! <6> Visualize it surrounding you. Call, then, that all should be dissolved save that which is to be made permanent!

Do not fear this flame. It is the purest love of the white fire core of Alpha and Omega in your being.

Rejoice, then, that you are on the road to becoming an individuality in God, an immortal being, a servant of the Most High! And take the opportunity in the earth to serve in every capacity possible, for those points of service will be the anchor points through which you will direct light after your ascension.

Is this not a fitting topic, beloved, for you to hear about, having already heard now of the octaves of the etheric plane, having heard of all of the steps that are possible in the hour of transition?

Now you can see how the ascending one does set aside all of that and rise as straight as an arrow up, up and up in vibration, arriving at that point of the maximum attainment fulfilled from all lifetimes, arriving at that point, beloved, where you [as that one] can now know exactly what you have earned and what heaven-world you may abide in when you first step forth from the flame an Ascended Master or an Ascended Lady Master.

Angels of Serapis and Holy Justinius, seraphim of God draw nigh to you so that you can feel the comfortability, the at-home-ness of the octaves of Light and of the flame and of our retreat, as comfortable as sitting in your own living room except, beloved, all surroundings vibrate at a higher rate.

And so, you see, you are comfortable because you are artificially, as it were, raised up now in this moment of our dictation beyond the ordinary levels of Light that you are able to hold. This is being done for you by your initiator of the Fourth Ray, Serapis Bey, so that you may sense the comfortability, the homeyness of the octaves of Light that they might no longer seem strange to you and that you will see that the transition of the soul [from this world to the next] is as easy as walking through from one door to the next.

It is so. You have entered this room in a hotel of the world this night and now you find yourself in another place so vivid, so real that you can literally touch the very walls and the floors [of this outer court of the ancient temple of Luxor] as you attempt to convince yourself that perhaps it is all a dream; yet it is not a dream, for this is the reality of God. This is a mansion in the house of your Father-Mother of all Lights. This, beloved, is the place prepared.

And here does Serapis Bey deliver to you the scroll on which there is written the cycles of your mortality that must be cast into ascension’s flame and the cycles of your immortality that must replace them ere you can ascend.

Therefore know that the palace awaits and that the place below is but a temporary stopover. Make the most of it, beloved, for cycles move swiftly and Serapis Bey counts all points of the Law, tests passed or failed. And when the tallying is through, the number of points will determine where you shall arrive or shall not but perhaps return to earth [for another round when you must finally accelerate your cells and atoms of consciousness by ascension’s flame].

With all of my love I seal you in the roseate of the dawn, in the golden pink glow-ray and the white fire.

I AM Amen Bey, your brother on the Path. I bring healing through the sacred fire in your temple. I direct needlepoint rays into every cell and atom of your four lower bodies for balancing and healing.

And may you, too, come to appreciate the healing power of the seraphim of God. Do not fail to call for their entire presence to overshadow you and, as a rod of Light, to demagnetize from you the forces of Death and Hell and to return in their place the forces of Light and of heaven.

In the joy of the Spirit, I am the servant of the Light in you and of the Mother Flame, Amen Bey.

This dictation by Amen Bey was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, May 4, 1991, at the Seattle Hilton. Prior to the dictation, the Messenger delivered her lecture “Prophecy for the 1990s and Middle East Update.” (See p. 286 n. 8.) The dictations of Amen Bey, the Ascended Lady Master Clara Louise, Archangel Michael and Kuthumi are available on 90-min. audiocassette (B91080). [N.B. Throughout this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Amen Bey’s direction for clarity in the written word.]

1. The Ascended Lady Master Clara Louise is the twin flame of Amen Bey. In her final lifetime, she was embodied as Clara Louise Kieninger, who was anointed by Saint Germain as the first Mother of the Flame. Clara Louise made her ascension on October 25, 1970, and has given four dictations: October 25, 1973, and November 10, 1974, published in Ich Dien, pp. 173-88; October 25, 1975, on audiocassette B7607; April 8, 1977, on audiocassette B7722 (8-cassette album Convocation of the New Birth in the New Jerusalem).

2. See p. 168 n. 1.

3. Ashram rituals. The Ashram Notes by the Ascended Master El Morya includes six rituals designed to link “hearts worldwide in a ritual of scheduled group meditations”: The Unison Ritual; Great Central Sun Ritual: O Cosmic Christ, Thou Light of the World!; Sacred Ritual for Attunement with God’s Holy Will; Sacred Ritual for Soul Purification; Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work; and Sacred Ritual for Oneness. Ashram Notes; and Ashram Rituals, 64-page booklet. The rituals are also recorded on two audiocassettes (total time, 2 hr., A90028).

4. Rev. 7:14.

5. In a dictation given through the Messenger Mark L. Prophet on October 7, 1962, in Washington, D.C., the Ascended Master Hilarion announced: “The Messenger that stands before you has had a special anointing of the sacred fire preparatory to this address this day which has caused the very physical atoms of his body to change. And within him an action has taken place in preparation for his own ascension. Yet he shall walk among you for a time.”

6. The Maxin Light: the Unfed Fire that burned in the temple of Incal on Atlantis for five thousand years. The flame, which cast “a light of intense power,” burned in the shape of a giant spearhead, over three times the height of a tall man. See Phylos the Thibetan, A Dweller on Two Planets, pp. 131-33 in paperback (Harper and Row, 1974); pp. 136-38 in hardbound (Borden Publishing Company, 1952), available through Summit University Press. See also Elizabeth Clare Prophet, April 28, 1991, “The Golden Age of Jesus Christ on Atlantis,” on audiocassette (163 min., A91074).

Ruth Jones’ Ascension

Before she made her ascension, Ruth Jones was telling me in the hospital about how she left Virginia to come to the Summit Lighthouse. In previous years her minister had known that every once in a while she’d go to the place she called the “camp farthest out.”

The minister didn’t have any idea where she was going and nobody in her home town, where she was a Baptist Sunday school teacher, could ever figure out where Ruth Jones went. The one day the minister asked her again if she was going to the camp farthest out, and she said, “Nope, I’m going farther out.” She always thought that was so funny and she would chuckle over it in her little way.

It’s a funny thing because the people from her town and her family whom we heard from after her passing never did understand where she had gone or why. In the decade that she was with us, she simply left their plane of consciousness and went farther out.

I don’t remember whether we celebrated Ruth Jones’ ascension day this year, for hers was the first ascension of 1976, a very few days after the turn of the year. She did not make a physical ascension but she made her ascension immediately. We were all with her; our staff was with her twenty-four hours a day and, at the moment of her passing, there was such an intense light in her room that I had the entire staff and students of Summit University file through the nursing home to be in the presence of the ascension fire.

It was really a first for many people to come that close to an ascension and to be right in a room where, within minutes, an ascension had taken place.

Student: I don’t think anyone who was there could forget how beautiful the morning of the ascension service was. There was a fresh white snowfall with sunlight on it.

Mother: We saw Ruth ascending. We saw her energies ascending over the weeks that she was hospitalized. Every time we went to see her she would preach to us of God and tell us about God and about her life. She passed on of a malignant tumor of the brain, so as the tumor increased, she was less and less able to be coherent. Yet to her final words, she was preaching on God. She always said, “Love is the only way. Love is the key.”

Ruth had such a sense of obedience to Hierarchy that she absolutely would not let go of her physical body. I finally came to the realization that it was because she wanted me to release her--she was in my service and I had to release her in what I sensed was a formal ritual.

When I told her that Lanello had more important work for her to do and that I released her from my service, you could see her breathe a sigh of relief. She could now go in honor and in peace. I also told her that when she passed she would see Archangel Michael, Lanello and Mother Mary, and that Jesus and Michael were coming to cut her free.

I told her that Archangel Michael would put forth his hand and that she was to receive him, greet him and accept her liberation from her form. She took it all like a good student, listened to every word I said and then said, “Glory be.” You knew that she would do precisely as she was told.

In the hour of her passing, it happened as I had said. The Masters were standing there to receive her and they received her right into the ascension current. So right there in that room we greeted the Ascended Lady Master Ruth--right there with her form in front of us. And although her form was in a state of illness, there was an aura of light, a very intense aura of light around it.

To take the physical body with you, you have to balance one hundred percent of your karma. Ruth had celebrated her eightieth birthday and her Christ Self, in consultation with the Lords of Karma and the free will of the soul, determined the hour of the ascension.

If you see someone going through this type of terminal illness, you will notice that they become smaller and smaller and their energies appear to be going somewhere. A certain spiral sets in around the four lower bodies that is a cycling of energy back to the Source. Their energies are going back over this spiral to the white-fire core of being and a lot of energy passes to that fiery core before the moment of transition we call death.

Finally, at death, the threefold flame withdraws and all that remains is the shell that ought to be cremated. Then the physical fire assists the cells, atoms and molecules to release the energies of God that were encased in the Matter form. Around Ruth was a sacred fire, a real energy of the Holy Spirit that had enveloped her form for months before her passing. It was just like watching an ascension happen daily, right before your eyes.

In the case of people who are not devotees and who do not have the momentum of the ascension, that energy is cycling back to the white-fire core but it’s not cycling as for the ascension. They will reincarnate and will have to work out that same energy again, so it’s quite a different vibration from someone who is ascending. From the ascending one you feel the ascension current and the ascension spiral.

Student: Is it true what they say on the back of Autobiography of a Yogi about Yogananda’s body not decomposing?

Mother: As far as I know it’s true. I have no reason to question what is said.

Student: But he didn’t ascend, right?

Mother: No, he didn’t ascend because his role was to remain unascended for his further work as an unascended master.

Elizabeth C. Prophet
January 25, 1977

Summit Lighthouse Students Who Have Ascended

The first ascension of a lightbearer coming out of this organization was Persis MacDonald, the sister of Helen MacDonald. Persis ascended with 57 percent of her karma balanced.

The next individual, Clara Louise Kieninger, balanced 90 percent of her karma and made her ascension.

Beulah Haney, the Lady Beatitude, made her ascension having balanced 62 percent of her karma.

Mark Prophet made his ascension having balanced 71 percent of his karma.

Denny Cree made his ascension having balanced 68 percent of his karma. And his wife, Iva Cree, made the ascension with 53 percent of her karma balanced.

Beloved Ruth Jones made her ascension with 68 percent of her karma balanced. And her husband, Sidney Jones, balanced his karma and made his ascension with 67 percent balanced.

Leon Chagnon made his ascension having balanced 73 percent of his karma.

Florence Jeannette Miller made her ascension having balanced 65 percent of her karma.

George Lancaster made his ascension having balanced 65 percent of his karma.

Marguerite Baker made her ascension having balanced 60 percent of her karma.

Helen MacDonald made her ascension having balanced 53 percent of her karma.

Marguerite Wurtsbaugh made her ascension having balanced 54 percent of her karma.

Mary Lou Majerus, Lady Master Mary Lou, made her ascension having balanced 61 percent of her karma.

Warren Carter made his ascension having balanced 54 percent of his karma.

Alice Boscoe, Lady Master Alice, balanced 78 percent of her karma before making her ascension.

Ruth Hawkins balanced 61 percent of her karma and made her ascension.

Ruth Farnam balanced 79 percent of her karma and made her ascension.

Patricia Johnson balanced 54 percent of her karma and made her ascension.

And Carol Hedgepeth balanced 70 percent of his karma and made his ascension.

Ella Amber ascended having balanced 55 percent of her karma.

Helen Ries made the ascension having balanced 60 percent of her karma.

And Paul O’Neal made his ascension having balanced 77 percent of his karma.

El Morya
February 26, 1997

"Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture."
—Norman Vincent Peale

An Ideal Ascended-Master Family
Rearing Children on the Path

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Lanello Is the Appointed Guardian of Keepers of the Flame
When They Pass from the Screen of Life

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