Beethoven the Initiate

Ludvig van Beethoven

“My kingdom is the air. Just like the wind, tones whirl around and so often
eddy in my soul. I never wrote noisy music, for my instrumental works
need an orchestra of about sixty good musicians and I am convinced
that only such a number can bring out the quickly changing
gradations in performance.”—Ludvig van Beethoven

"If anyone has conducted a Beethoven performance
and then doesn't have to go to an osteopath,
then there's something wrong."—Simon Rattle, British Conductor

" . . . the symphony of the elementals, set forth by the hand of nine of the Elohim who delivered to Beethoven the nine symphonies of life. Will you not hear within them the power of the three-times-three, the threefold flame in the heart of the angels, in the heart of the sons and daughters of God, now waiting to be delivered into the heart of the beings of the elements?

[These] "servants of God in nature have not forgot the flame of Camelot. They have waited, waited these long centuries when Merlin might bring forth his New Atlantis, and when the beloved Saint Francis might appear once again, and when Morya might summon those souls of light to bring forth the inner key to God-government in the earth."

April 22, 1979

"Depravity is no longer an isolated condition—not since the breaking through of the astral plane of the drug culture, multiplied many times over by the rock beat. I would remind you that for the protection of the very souls of the people, there is needed in your home an instrument to play perpetually the music of Beethoven.

"It is in the nine symphonies that you will find the power of the three-times-three to neutralize
the rock beat that is continually playing on this planet, gaining momentum on the air­ways from satellite, through television and radio, on stereo systems, in headsets, vibrating through the very marrow of the bones of the people as newer and more perfected forms of technology allow these sounds to resonate to the very core of the cell.

"Blessed hearts, I tell you, it is so. Even the nucleus of the cell, that has been sealed by a certain sealing of the flame there, is now penetrated by the sound itself. And thus, you see, where you are, wherever you are upon earth, even if you are not within ear of the sound of the rock beat, most likely it is playing through your body through the very waves and currents of the earth."

Archangel Michael

"The vision is ultimate Truth. The vision is that measure of God the soul has been accorded in grace; and the soul who truly sees the portion apportioned unto him knows that the geometry, when translated into the Matter sphere, will of itself defend itself, preserve itself, perpetuate itself, as the music of Beethoven, chela of the Great Divine Director, reveals.

" . . . What does it matter if his name was Beethoven? His vibration is the light of victory, freedom and joy! Victory is his flame! Victory is that vibration! You can be it too. You can choose to be that flame if you will. Or you can sit and still wonder who you are, who I am, who anyone is."

Mighty Victory

"Surely I AM come. And the sign of Victory and the movement of Light is heard in this music that is of the Ancient of Days, that is of Elohim—a gift of God to earth through that messenger of music, Beethoven.

" . . . Beloved heart, I direct your attention to this music. For it was present in the very electric field of the prophet Jeremiah. Though never written down, the spirit of freedom and liberty was at the very heart of the evolution of God consciousness midst this Hebrew seed of Light that had come, that had embodied in many centuries for the furtherance of the Elohimic consciousness of God in earth."


"Thus in the sounding of sound again, there is stimulus in the chakras, there is the opening of the mind. And then there is one who is deaf but who does hear the sound of octaves beyond octaves and does write and write and write down the music of the centuries."

Gautama Buddha

"You have heard the 'Victory Symphony' and I tell you that victory, beloved, is the fanfare of our presence. And this music has been given to Beethoven by ourselves that you might have the spirit of victory in sound.

"I say, play it and play it again and play it every day until you have victory in every way in your personhood, in your church, in this nation and in this planet. And play it, beloved, in this court when you shout your fiats of the judgment, that victory might come shining through. And see that victory descending as a mighty V that parts all darkness, which can no longer coagulate—no, beloved!

"Let the full power of the 'Victory Symphony' descend into your very midst and let it be the power of that music which does amplify the sounding of your word and the sounding of our light in your heart!"


"Let there be the restoration of music in every home, and let the classics build the inner code of life. Let it re-create the DNA chain. And by the power of the nine symphonies of Beethoven and much that should be known in the cell level of every lifestream, let the portals of Venus open once again. And let the culture of hell that has gone forth on this planet be utterly consumed by the living flame of Love, by the path of the ruby ray. Let earth be so bathed in the radiance of Love as to consume that which is gross, degenerating, causing decay and loss of life."

Lady Master Venus

"Thus, as I now place around and through and in your aura the Light-emanations of the angels of Victory, I bid you meditate upon the 'Victory Symphony.'

[Excerpt from 'Wellington’s Victory, or the Battle of Vittoria,' Opus 91 by Beethoven is played.]

"I have addressed you in the power of Victory, and in the transfer of that power I have come. Take this portion of my address you have already heard as a lesson in the vibration of the power of Victory and what acceleration is required as in the launching of a rocket, as the thrust of the heart to drive through in the Victory of every holy purpose.

"If anything is worthwhile doing, beloved hearts, it must be done with this power of Victory. And unless it is worthwhile it ought not to be engaged in or to engage your energy or your life or your attention . . .

" . . . Now then, when you hear the “Victory Symphony” you hear the balance of Victory in the threefold flame. You hear Victory’s power. You feel Victory’s love. And you also are called as from far beyond the veil by Victory’s wisdom."

Mighty Victory

"I send forth the holy breath.

"In silence receive it.

"In silence now meditate.

"Now receive my energy through the concluding music of this dictation. It will vibrate through your cells as you follow the strains of the music."

[finale from the fourth movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is played]

Gautama Buddha

"As you listen, my beloved, to the cadences of the music [a musical meditation from Beethoven’s Symphony no. 7 in A major, op. 92, fourth movement.], you hear another anthem of the free. The repetition of the theme in joy and in acceleration is understood by the free to be the repetition of the mantra whereby the beats of the hours and the days and the years must reconfirm in this Matter vessel the true freedom of the soul.

"I AM the power of light that makes you right.

"I AM the power of light that makes you right.

"I AM the power of light that makes you right.

"The fiat of the I AM is a descent, a continuous stream of spheres of light—each one itself a world of love, each one containing the very necessary I AM affirmation for the confirmation of your liberty in this hour.

"This I would teach you: that as you are one with the inner Guru, the Christ Self, and communing under your own vine and fig tree, you must begin to generate the mantra of the Word of Love —the mantra that affirms the very next point of attainment, the very next step, until you come to the place where you no longer think and exercise deliberation in taking that step, anymore than you would in merely walking down the street. It becomes the response. The thought before the act is already contained in the act in the state of descending—right, left, right, left.

"And thus, you see, there is an I AM affirmation for the next step that you see on your path—a door that must be opened by your hand, a step that must be taken.

"Therefore, in the motion of the descent of the spheres of light, there is also the mantra, the I AM affirmation that affirms that right step just before the moment the step is taken and also congruent with that step. And therefore, when you listen to the music of Beethoven, you hear a thousand million cadences of the rhythm of your heart pronouncing the I AM Be-ness, the I AM affirmation that 'I AM the fullness of perfect love in this act, in this. To the right, to the left—I go, I move, forward marching!' "

Paul the Venetian

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