The Last Judgment, Michelangelo
Sistine Chapel, Rome

"If you cannot learn by knowing the Lord's voice for yourself,
then the hard way will have to be your teacher and I think many will lose
much of the divine potential."—Master R., The Soulless One, 'Salvation'
SU Press, 1965, 1981

"And he said unto them, Take heed what ye hear:
with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you:
and unto you that hear shall more be given."—Mark 4:24

"For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged:
and with what measure ye mete,
it shall be measured to you again."—Matthew 7:2

"When a man ceases to believe in God, he doesn't believe in nothing.
He believes in anything."—G. K. Chesterton

"Posterity—you will never know how much it has cost my generation
to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it."
—John Quincy Adams

"A loving heart is the truest wisdom."—Charles Dickens
"Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground."—Anonymous

"Let those beware who would so wrongly comprehend the divine law and let them know that from the beginning and forever the name I AM is the everlasting name of God. It is the voice of immortality, the mantram of life and the source of eternal being. Mankind’s immortality is achieved by their total identification with their own God Presence—their individualized I AM Presence—and there is no power in heaven or earth that can ever take from this blessed divine presence its power to heal and make whole the entire creation!"

Saint Germain
August 18, 1961

"This is Armageddon! Let me again make clear the words of the Christ: 'Beware when all men speak well of you, for so did their fathers to the false prophets.' As the battle intensifies in man and society wherein striving for a golden age continues, our best outposts, who strike telling blows for the Lord, shall suffer attack. Rally, then, as never before and in every way! Our banner goes before you."

El Morya
August 1, 1965

"We must admit that the desire of the Brotherhood is for everyone to obtain Christ victory, but not at any price or method; for in the kingdom of heaven particularly we say, caveat emptor—'Let the buyer beware.' The end can never justify the means, for the means of spiritual attainment are just as important as the goal.

"This is why no mere mechanistic attitude toward the obtaining of victory in life could ever be a substitute for divine grace or for the Spirit of Christ light which is intended to be the mediator for every man between the outer evolving soul personality and the immaculate creation of God, the perfect Father image, or I AM Presence of God individualized for and in each man."

Great Divine Director
January 22, 1965

"Those who would speak in tongues must beware of the forces of Antichrist that impersonate the divine tie, they can produce dangerous tremblings in the psyche which cause the separation of the four lower bodies; moreover, these forces often speak through them—not in tongues of angels, but in the language of demons. And because the aspirant is sincere, he knows not that he has been duped. Wise, then, is he who pursues the mark of the Holy Spirit as the mark of enlightened self-mastery."

Maha Chohan
August 21, 1966

"Be willing to examine truth and beware of the trends spread abroad through the media that are designed to divide and to confuse the world. 'Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father' has been defined as the visiting of the widows and the orphans and the keeping of oneself unspotted from the world."

Lord Maitreya
October 26, 1969

"Beware of darkness, for though it be an absence of light, there is another and thicker darkness which consumes the light in man because it is that darkness which has already absorbed the light and wrapped its own cloak of misqualified errors around the shallow shadows which imprison the splendor of the pure light within the dusty, moldy, centuries-old concepts of division and unsound judgment."

El Morya
January 8, 1967

"Beware, then, of those who are wolves in sheep’s clothing, who would becloud the sun of diving beauty that is the great Pentecost of communion between man and God. I refer not to sect, but to the great reality of the Spirit which can be shared by any part of life; for God is no respecter of men’s persons, but he gives his love equally, freely to all. Yet his love and his energy are not distributed to men that they might destroy, but in order for them to construct spirals of the Spirit, of positivity, and of cosmic gain. The wealth, beauty, and intelligence of the Holy Spirit are nonpareil; these virtues excel all others."

Maha Chohan
May 24, 1970

"Beware of those who by intellectual argument or religious dogma seek to destroy your beautiful faith in the gossamer-veiled protection of the angels! By his unbelief, man has failed to realize the magnificent protection that the human aura can receive from the angelic hosts. By his lack of recognition and his lack of attunement, he has allowed himself to pass through many harrowing experiences that could have been avoided by a simple cry for assistance to these beings whom God ordained from the foundation of the world to be his swift messengers of love, wisdom, and power."

July 18, 1971

"Beware the sin of complacency and of passing judgment upon the lives of others. Before allowing your thoughts and feelings to crystallize around a given concept, ask yourself this question: Is the evidence indeed conclusive, and do you possess absolute knowledge concerning the motive of the heart and karmic circumstances surrounding other lives? If so, are you able to weigh these factors better than heaven itself? Wisely did the Master speak when he said, 'Judge not, that ye be not judged.' "

August 8, 1971

"For, as it has been told in the story of Jacob and Esau, man’s spiritual birthright is mighty indeed and ought to be zealously guarded. The Divine Ego is the firstborn in every man; then comes the human ego into carnal manifestation.

"And of this men ought to beware. Esau, being the firstborn, was given the first opportunity to manifest Christ-dominion; but because victory is in spiritual election—in each man’s free-will choice —Jacob, who more eagerly pursued identification with the Divine Ego, must in honor be preferred as the elect of God. Thus to him Esau, who identified with the wants and desires of the human ego, bowed and sold his birthright. 'So the last shall be first, and the first last.

"'. . .Howbeit,' the Apostle declared: 'that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual. The first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man is the Lord from heaven.'"

February 27, 1972

"Beware, then, of the impostors of your twin flames. You have heard of the impostor of your light and your Christ Self. Well, beloved ones, the jealousy of the fallen ones for the love of twin flames is well known, and out of that jealousy there has evolved the pleasure cult, the cult of sensual thralldom whereby the fallen ones have promoted—with a mammoth energy and momentum—all of the cult of death, attempting thereby to subject twin flames to the unnecessary release and expenditure of energy whereby their life could be siphoned from them.

"These fallen ones in their jealousy, then, have gone forth to imitate your flame, your name, your image, your love, and they have been on hand to steal that light of love."

Lady Master Venus
March 12, 1978

"Beware then of those who are quick to accuse; and remember that 'the accuser of our brethren,' according to the ancient writings, 'is cast down [into the earth plane], which accused them before our God day and night.' Spiritual discrimination is a natural faculty of the soul that is attuned to the Christ Consciousness and will eventually prove the way that leads to the abundant Life and cooperation with the cosmic Hierarchy.

"The spiritual Path is wonderful! It is a manifestation of universal delight, the overflowing cup of God-happiness. Instead of critically scanning those you meet and allowing yourself to have your happiness disturbed, seek to convey a blessing upon all."

May 7, 1972

"O mankind of earth, beware! Be wary of those states of mind that seem to blame any part of Life. Have you thought why blame exists? Is it not primarily because of man’s failure to see what opportunity he has been given and because of his failure to recognize and exercise that opportunity? Is it really such a very small thing, after all, that mankind should take their energy and hold it as a jagged concept of human hatred and ill will to any part of Life? I do not think so, nor do the Karmic Lords, nor does God Himself. It is our opinion that mankind should long ago have overcome those aspects of human hatred which center on various human polarities."

Archangel Zadkiel
October 29, 1972

"Beware, then, the vibration of Styx. Beware the vibration of all of those who sing the songs of the River of Death. For they take you, my beloved, with them coursing. And the subtlety of the River of Death moving through, then, these rock stars is that the river flows downward, deeper and deeper into the canyons of the astral plane, until you arrive at the destination that was intended from the beginning of the spiral—the place of hell itself.

"Beware the River of Death, for when you enter it in the barge of life, the scenery is pleasant, the entertainment certainly entertaining at a certain level, and all things seem peaceful. And there is even a sort of bird that sings a sort of tune. All things are mimicked, including the sweet things of human life. Death itself becomes the sweet candy that is passed around on this barge of death. Blessed hearts, beware when you enter the spiral of the downward beat, for you do not know where it is taking you until you have arrived. I speak to the heart of every son of light on earth!"

Maha Chohan
and Helios and Vesta
May 2, 1982

"We have to beware of self-righteousness in marriage, of condemnation of the spouse. We have to beware of intolerance. Our spouses don’t have to be the same religion as we are. They may be very devout and holy people in their own vein. What is important is that there be harmony, and, if there are children in the family, that they see a unity of the parents, a proper and dignified representation of the Father-Mother God and not continual strife and self-degradation."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
July 5, 1982

" . . . prophecy is the very voice of God whereby those things which could come upon the earth may be known—but they are not fixed, else it be predestination. Let the Violet Flame and the Tube of Light Go before You

"Therefore, beware. Send forth the violet flame before your face every day. The pillar of fire of your tube of light is the Presence that went before the children of Israel. It must go before you. It is the ordination of God. It is the assignment of that Presence. It belongs to you! Therefore, step back gently and let the Presence of God go before you. Let Archangel Michael go before you with his hosts. Let the full power of Archangel Uriel and the Resurrection Spirit go before you, that the Holy Spirit may deliver to the peoples and the nations the true Teachings of the Universal Christ which I bore."

Jesus Christ
July 7, 1985

"Socialism then Communism becomes the answer for those who do not have the integrating principle of Life, those who once had it and then lost it for want of a continuing affirmation of God.

"Beware, then, lest the mental body or the carnal mind or even the animal mind and its instincts replace the creative Mind of God within you. Thus, we, Raphael and I, do expect, beloved, your response to beloved Alpha and Omega, first to have that diamond mind sharp and then at the point of the diamond to begin a spherical awareness within the inner brain. For there between the pineal and the pituitary glands there is an action of Alpha and Omega."

Mother Mary
July 5, 1987

"Therefore, there will always be people at your doorstep who, while pretending to be servants of God, are in reality servants of Belial. Beware of them! Beware of them! Your God is a consuming fire, consuming the lusts of those who enter the temple of the Lord not to worship but to make deals with the moneychangers who make 'my Father’s house a den of thieves,' as Jesus said.

"Clear your spiritual vision by offering dynamic decrees to the All-Seeing Eye of God so that you might recognize these moneychangers in your midst. Invite the Elohim Cyclopea to 'cast the beam out of thine eye,' and then you will see clearly 'to cast the mote out of thy brother’s eye.' Appeal to Cyclopea to assist you in transmuting a blurred seeing of the real and the unreal. Finally, implore the Holy Spirit and your Lord Jesus Christ that you might receive the gift of discernment of spirits. Pray fervently for this, beloved."

Archangel Gabriel
December 29, 1995

"Beware the money beast! Beware how it insinuates itself into your soul when you have not taken your stand against the poison of avarice or envy or greed. All things are God’s; all things shall return to God. The temple you wear is not yours; it is God’s.

"Therefore, do not covet. Do not covet. You may not be aware that you covet the wealth or the blessedness of another but, blessed ones, most people do have a layer of untransmuted covetousness that says, 'Why can’t I have all of this and all of that that my neighbor has?' Covetousness will eat away at your heart. It will eat away at the very marrow of your bones. It will make you sick. What good is the Path if you forget that you already have all of God inside of you?"

Paul the Venetian
December 30, 1994

"Thus El Morya, foreseeing many years ago this time of ages turning and intense karma descending, has called you, each and every one, has sent angels of Light to bring you to this oneness of cosmic purpose on these very dates. Beware the dates, then, and fulfill the full outline of the angels of the God Star, the Mighty Blue Eagle that is also become the symbol of this nation.

"I, Surya, seal you in this hour for that point of victory that you can yet accomplish. All that is gone before in this conference, as has been said, is the foundation. Now reap the apex, the capstone of the pyramid. Reap the crown of everlasting life, won by service rendered. Strengthen, strengthen, strengthen the universal Community of the Holy Spirit. Strengthen Community and show the world that you can be of one heart and mind and soul, not as some others who are in states of division and argumentation."

God Surya
July 2, 1994

"Beware, then, the media, the motion pictures, that which you watch on television. For that which you see you become, and you go to the place of its point of origin, sometimes descending many decades on the ladder of life, even entering the astral plane without realizing it. Thus, you must climb again the tree of life. You who have taken in the entertainment of the world, I remind you that life is short. The hours and the days are short. Come into a community of devotees—yes, devotees of the names of God."

Serapis Bey
January 1, 1995

"I stand in the name of the I AM THAT I AM And I challenge every foe, every tyrant, every woe. I say, Beware! For the light of cosmic forces dawns And you who have aligned yourselves with darkness, Beware! For this is the hour To align your consciousness with the Christ And to proclaim your separation from the fallen ones."

Mighty Victory and Archangel Michael
October 11, 1974

"Therefore, do not fall prey to their sympathies; for they would draw you into that spiral of self-destruction by the magnetic allure of their false personalities. They magnetize souls by the brilliance of their minds which they have stolen from the mind of God. Yet it is a perversion of that mind; it is the glitter of the carnal mind. Beware the tinsel of their sharpened intellects. Beware the pull of their emotions. Beware the pride of the eye and of the evil eye and of a form and a countenance which, though simulating perfection, is hollow, vain, and without the quality of a humble humanity bearing the burden of the Lord’s body.

"Beware the dragon that is wroth with the Woman, who goes forth to make war with the remnant of the seed of the Divine Mother. For this one who employed the gift of free will to choose the not-self is indeed abroad in the planes of Mater, invading the etheric, mental, emotional, and physical bodies of the planet and its people. These fallen ones continually present themselves as the saviours of mankind. These are the false prophets that come preaching the kingdom 'lo here and lo there.' "

El Morya
March 16, 1975

"I say to you, beloved, beware of those who feign allegiance, surrender, or sacrifice. Beware of their pitiful presence. Beware of their singed wings and their hollowed-out forms that are indeed not a chalice but haunted houses, whited sepulchers. Beware the living dead, who in the final expression of death itself seem to have the shine, the glamour that does pretend to be of the true light. These will always attempt to enter and remain in the Community of the Holy Spirit. Having the sense, the animal sense [of self-preservation], beloved, they carefully hide behind the mask they have created and they hide behind the light invoked by the Lightbearers."

August 15, 1987

"Beware appearances!
Beware the 'way that seemeth right.'
Relative good and evil afford no proof
Of Absolute Truth.
Only the law of just cause
Can produce the certain effect
Of the Holy Spirit
Who comes with healing in his wings."

Archeia Hope
October 19, 1975

"Beware recounting past sins to impress fellow disciples. Beware recounting those most sacred experiences that must be held between guru and chela inviolate in the silence of the All-knowing. Beware the taking of the joy of freedom’s flame and turning it to misqualification in vulgar stories and base humor that appeals to the carnal elements of the human consciousness. Feed not the vile demons with vile speech, and refrain from swearing. As Christ said, 'Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God’s throne: nor by the earth; for it is his footstool.' "

Gautama Buddha
Quietly Comes the Buddha
June 29, 1975

"Beware false humility! Beware false pride! Beware that you wear the garment of diligence, purity, and love. All things can be attained by diligence, purity, and love. Purity contains all of the wisdom of God, for that which is pure is the all-knowing mind. That which is pure contains the all-power of God, for purity is strength. 'My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure.' "

Serapis Bey
March 16, 1982

"And beware of the blind leaders of the blind who see but do not act upon that which they see. These are the hypocrites! I say, do not trust them and do not trust their vision! For they will say one thing and do another; and when they know that you trust them and have placed your trust in them, they will say anything just to maintain that trust.

"Beware then of any other mediator except the Christ. The mediator between yourself and God is your own Christ Consciousness. Therefore trust no man; but trust the office of our Messenger and the power of the spoken Word, whose vibration is of the ultimate power of truth and is found to be in agreement with the very core of your being. You may test us, precious hearts. We desire to be tested; for when you test us, you invoke us and we come!"

January 27, 1974

"But when there is the crystallization of the judgment, lo, beware of the prophecy and let not your flight be in winter. Take care, then, that you see to the saving of your souls and your families and of your integrity and of this body of God who shall preserve the Word and the teaching! I speak to you, then, as the prophets spoke of old in my name."

Archangel Uriel

"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing . . . Not every one who saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven . . . In the last days there shall come forth false prophets, deceiving and being deceived. If possible, these shall deceive the very elect."

Jesus Christ
November 20, 1966

"Let those who tamper with higher law beware, for in olden times it was this tampering that broke the lines of cosmic communication between unascended man and the Reality of God. By setting up a system of domination of self by self, men sought to establish a personal oligarchy that would require help from no one, not even from God himself. The spirits who direct such unwholesome activities will tell men first that they have the means within themselves of going directly to God, that they require no instruction or aid from anyone except the Deity himself."

August 23, 1970

"But here again, let me hasten to sound a note of warning, especially for the benefit of those who have been psychically inclined or who have a tendency, as humanity would say, to 'go off the deep end.' Beware! You are dealing with sacred creative power. Beware ! It is better for you to ask the Masters to interject their ideas for you—without necessarily defining or releasing them to your conscious mind—than for you to be carried away from the tether of the alchemical norm. The Ascended Masters are not only sane and well organized, but they are also godly and profound to the nth degree."

Saint Germain
March 15, 1970

"The ease with which some men detour others from the right Path by the subtle action of false accusation and those involvements of the human consciousness that corrupt rather than develop character is astonishing. Such activities are often found in places one would least expect, places that in the past have provided a forum of Truth for humanity. It would seem that when one goes to the oil market, one should be able to buy oil in safety and without interference.

"Yet such is frequently not the case, for men have perverted their own standards as well as the standards of others both in the marts of commerce and in the marts of religion. Thus the buyer must beware and the seeker must exercise great care in the pursuit of God lest he be destroyed by those who profess to do divine works, promising liberty while they themselves are the servants of corruption."

El Morya
May 14, 1972

"Be not fooled, then, by the praises of your own internal carnal mind that, in praising you, deceives the actuality of your point on the Path. Beware the deceptions! Beware the self-deceptions! We are angels of the sacred fire. We know the thoughts, the feelings, the levels of consciousness almost infinite in the finite form. We see how layers and layers and layers of the being of man must be defined and the dark layers extracted by fire. Only the fire of God can resolve the dilemma of the age!"

Angel of Listening Grace
January 12, 1975

"As a man soweth, so shall he reap. So beware the karmic cycles and beware the burden that you impose upon every part of life when you impose a consciousness that is less than love. Aye, this is pollution also. And a pollution of the very psyche of mankind is a festering cancer that works through the body of mankind and must be challenged and must be conquered and must be broken by the law of harmony. You can claim that law for you are that law, you were made in the image of that law, and that law is life."

Arcturus and Victoria
October 12, 1974

"We, then, today, mindful of past ages, past failures of men to appropriate their God-given gift—the divine prerogative to exercise their heavenly options—say to humanity: Beware, for the day of judgment is at hand when the gift of freedom that lies so easily before thee now will be no more! Men and women have not sacrificed for freedom; they have accepted it as a right, handed down to them from posterity to posterity."

June 28, 1970

"Beloved ones, beware! For when you reach this point on the Path [and you are given] this level of opportunity, it is not, it is not, we say, your option to make the judgment to give God’s Light to those who have shown themselves nonservants of the Light for aeons. Therefore Alpha did come and he did tell you that it is lawful for you to pray for the Lightbearers of the world and to invoke dispensations in their behalf, but he did not tell you that you could invoke the Light [on behalf of] those who misuse the Light. Beware, then, beloved ones, for if you give the Light to the dark ones, the Light will be turned off in you. For God will not allow it to flow through you to the fallen ones."

Uriel and Aurora

"Beware of the forces of Antichrist throughout the earth and be one in heart, soul and mind. Invite Krishna to Live in the Secret Chamber of Your Heart Allow Krishna to enter your temple and through his love comfort one another, love one another, bond with one another."

April 4, 1997

"Beware Nefarius Forces on the Dark Side of the Moon When the full moon was in Libra this past weekend on March 23, you gathered together and made calls around the clock in your dynamic decree service aimed at defeating the fallen angels. By your one-pointed focus, you obliterated the plot they had been waiting to hatch come the full moon. Well, beloved ones, you can count on the forces of the full moon moving in on unsuspecting souls approximately every twenty-nine days, especially the forces of the dark side of the moon who move against the lightbearers at that time.

"Thus you would do well to watch the placement of your moon in your astrological chart and understand how the full moon will interact with your natal moon and affect you personally. Yes, let the lightbearers of the world watch when the moon is at its fullest in anticipation of the uprising of the fallen angels. Bring out your troops, summon your forces, and with all of the intensity of your beings move against whoever and whatever may be working and lurking on that dark side of the moon. Tell your astronauts to explore the other side of the moon if they haven’t already done so. And ask those who have made the journey whether they have seen aliens or alien craft."

Lanello and K-17
Easter Retreat 1997

"Beware, then, that you judge not, for the Lord is the judge and through you he will proclaim the judgment. This is the razor’s edge, to know 'for judgment I AM come' and yet to leave the ultimate decision unto the Lord God to send forth light, as the sun of Helios and Vesta shines on the just and the unjust, and to know that, inherent within itself, the light will exercise the discrimination of the judgment and determine the working out of the karma of lifestreams."

January 1, 1978

"Beware, then. Beware the tempter and the archdeceivers. Beware all that assails the Love tryst of the children of the Light in the heart of the Divine Mother.

"Lo, we have sponsored the root races in the earth. We have sponsored your souls. We were there in the beginning when the Alpha unto the Omega did send forth the sounding of the Word—and the heart of thyself, lo, it was formed! And God did hold in his hand thy heart, thy threefold flame, thy endowment of the gift of eternality, that one day thou shouldst be immortal forever. The going out and the return to His heart of thy soul is a saga, beloved, and thou knowest. For the long cycles apart from the heart of the Great Central Sun have taken their toll upon you."

Archangel Chamuel
October 7, 1987

Saint Germain spoke directly to the fallen ones when he said in his Epiphany address: 'I speak directly to all of the leaders in Europe and the surrounding areas that have to do with the survival of freedom on that continent, and I say to you: If you stand in the way of representing the people and in the path of representing justice, beware. Beware, for I stand before you and I hold you accountable for failure to implement the will of God.

" . . . I fling my challenge in the very teeth of your human creation and your deviltry and your warmongering and your useless pacifism! And I say to you: You will be judged by the legions of light.'"

Saint Germain
January 6, 1982

"Beware of the terms of humanism and democratic interaction between parent and child, for this is not true to the Ascended Masters’ teachings. The interaction is with respect of the office in hierarchy of both personages—the office of parent being that of parent and teacher representing the Godhead; the office of child being that of chela and that of the heir becoming the son.

"Thus, if there is only equality in the democratic sense or the humanistic sense, we lose the sense of respect, we lose the sense of the mantle. Where there is no sense of the mantle, the mantle itself cannot be active."

God and Goddess Meru
January 6, 1985

"Beware of 'this' and 'that.' Beware of all that phenomena. Everything is out there, beloved. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all the powers of God shall be added unto you.

"Healing, then, as you understand, is most notably necessary. For those who are the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind and the burdened and who are suffocating in their own karma cannot make a turnabout and embrace the wholeness of God. They must first find wholeness in themselves and invoke that wholeness. And God through you, God through you may heal those who can be healed."

Maha Chohan
July 4, 1994

"Beware, then, the choices you make. Beware, then, the road not taken. Beware of avoiding the most difficult roads for the easy way, the broad way. As Jesus said: 'Enter ye in at the strait gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: because strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.'

"Therefore, never shirk or shun the difficult. And never be bitter that your toiling seems to be greater than another’s. You can never overdo your toiling, beloved, for in that toil you are pulling the black threads from your garment. When you shall have pulled all the black threads, you will then have a coat of many colors."

Sanat Kumara
January 2, 1994

"And so, beloved, the Work of the LORD being the Work of the Divine Mother and her hands through you, you must take care—take care in all things and beware. Beware, I say! Beware, I say! Beware, I say! of those who come in your midst who may be jealous of your Light. Beware of those who may come as plants to spy out your liberty!

"Beware, I say, in the name of the Goddess of Liberty and the Lords of Karma that you might preserve this dispensation and Teaching for all lifestreams to come in the next two thousand years! And if [you do succeed in preserving it,] beloved ones, you will see that foundation of the great religion of Almighty God become the foundation of the following cycle beyond that [of the new age of Capricorn and the Great Divine Director’s sponsorship thereof]."

March 25, 1989

"One who but a short time ago professed undying love and adoration for the activity and its Messenger—who followed him from city to city recording the Ascended Masters’ addresses on tape—has unknowingly become a 'tool' of the sinister force. She has employed an attorney and is commencing action against this organization for the recovery of a freewill love gift which originally she gave to further the work.

"She now seeks to drag before the courts if necessary those who are innocent of any harm and to discredit before men this activity. The Darjeeling Council in emergency session because of this unconscionable act, and the equally thoughtless act of one other who formerly sought to serve as a legal representative of the activity, has decided in the name of Almighty God to advise our readers, friends and the constructive people of the world of this fact—because this time we do not intend to submit to human nonsense!

"This is but a human tempest in a 'human' teapot. Let these betrayers beware and call upon the Law of Forgiveness before it is too late! Abel had Cain, Jesus had Iscariot and every age seems to produce this folly, whose purpose is only anti-Christ in character."

Lady Master Nada
February 10, 1961

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