Ascended Master El Morya
founder of the Bridge to Freedom

To Our Gracious Readers Dedicated to Love’s Service the World Around—

Our Beloved Ascended Master Godfre Speaks:

Associate with the Ascended Masters Before Your Ascension

I am grateful indeed for this opportunity to speak to all our gracious readers of the lovely Pearls of Wisdom, those very precious lifestreams who knew and loved me before my ascension as well as those who may be meeting me now for the first time. I bring to you all the loving greetings and blessings of the ascended host, which they release into your worlds through their light rays directed to you as you read these my words.

I am constantly privileged to associate and serve with this glorious ascended host. We are planning, by a tremendous release of their God-Love and Light such as your outer consciousness can scarcely imagine, a most wonderful Christmas season of blessing for you and all mankind this year. This service will assist in more quickly bringing about permanent peace on earth and the feeling of goodwill (God’s will) one to the other—everywhere! Our beloved Saint Germain has served for many, many centuries, before and since his ascension, to promote the outer manifestation of this feeling of Christ brotherhood among men.

From the etheric city that I am presently serving in with certain members of the Great White Brotherhood, we are releasing specialized rays of comfort, peace and healing for the wounds of this dear planet and her evolutions. It is such a joyous experience to be able to see, as the result of your decrees, the instantaneous manifestations of perfection brought about by the light rays we send forth to do your and our bidding, knowing that that Light of God cannot fail!

While you are yet unascended, your lovely spirits still encased in the heavier garments of flesh, I know it is more difficult for you than it is for us to feel the full glory and power of the ascended ones. Of course, this is because the humanly shadowed thoughts and feelings of fear, frustrated desires, and often bodily pain and other distresses surround the outer self and disturb the peace and poise of your being. These prevent much of your enjoyment of the abundant life that is your divine right to experience from coming into manifestation. Besides, these human conditions and conditionings take a heavy toll on your energies by drawing and holding your attention to them.

If you allow them, they live in your world off of your life, for they really have no world or life or power of volition of their own! Then, too, the beautiful, instantaneous service of the violet fire is not so apparent to you as it is to us when you call it into dynamic action to permanently transmute that which is human to make way for that which is divine.

However, if you will “keep on keeping on,” as beloved Saint Germain says, in your sincere endeavor to understand and practice the use of this merciful violet fire, you really can rise very quickly in consciousness to a state of being where you can see, hear, and associate with the ascended ones long before your actual ascension takes place. If you really desire this accomplishment enough to hold uninterrupted harmony in your feelings, we can help you to this end. For I had such experiences before my own victory was attained.

O dear hearts, could you but know that each of you is constantly held within an aura of our personal God-protection and loving care! If you consciously realize and accept this gift of our love by turning your attention to us every so often during the day, we can cause it to act more readily and powerfully for you.

There are times when I sincerely wish the great cosmic law would allow us to remove the veil of unbelief from all mankind by permitting them to have even one glimpse of the magnificent Ascended Masters and angelic realms of Light, which are so real—the exquisite colors, soul-stirring melodies, and joyous expressions of pure Divine Love that manifest there. Were each lifestream to be able to see such God-splendor even once, it should satisfy that one’s consciousness for all eternity that the will of God for all is good and that in the acceptance of and loving cooperation with his will they can be safe at last from every human bondage.

Believe me when I say to you from personal experience that the truly indescribable perfection that we enjoy is worth every effort you have ever made to serve the Light in the appearance world; it is worth every so-called sacrifice of the human you have ever made or ever will make to attain your eternal victory.

Keep yourselves in tune with your own beloved I AM Presence and with us, maintaining a consciousness of Divine Love and harmony at all times. Do not allow your attention to be side-tracked by the manifestations of this world, by the threatening and discordant appearances of error. I tell you that one day those individuals who create discord or consciously allow it to express in their worlds shall truly regret it, especially those who profess to love and serve the Light. Such individuals will spend many an hour earnestly calling on the law of forgiveness; but it may be in the etheric retreats after they have missed the opportunity to make their ascension following their soul’s transition from this earth life.

Regardless of the name of the activity through which our unascended Messengers may be serving us to the best of their ability in the world of form, those who, unfortunately, spread gossip and discord about our best servants will some day find the tremendous momentums of Light and Love from these lifestreams to be a mighty guiding beacon to show them the way Home.

Thus does the Law act, finally returning all the sheep to the one Shepherd, the glorious I AM Presence. Often the greatest Lights of this world are completely unknown to most of the humanity they so selflessly serve, their service often going unrecognized until long after they have gone to their heavenly reward.

There is really no need for you to experience distress of any kind because of the progression and expansion of God’s Light within you or the world when from time to time it becomes necessary for the ascended hosts to widen both the borders of God’s kingdom and the channels he provides to sustain such service through you. One day all shall see and know Truth as we do and they shall see that the threefold flame of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power, each plume having given its specific service, will have blended together to manifest the oneness of the source of that flame
—the white light.

Within the last twenty-five years the Great White Brotherhood has endeavored to activate and release the blue plume of the law, the faith and the God-power, perfection and protection through the Messengers, the dictations and the students of the I AM Activity, which beloved Saint Germain brought to the attention of mankind, giving me and beloved Lotus the opportunity to serve therein. Was it not the logic of the Logos itself to first bring forth the blue plume in order to lay a strong foundation in the will of God, precept by precept?

Next came the widening of the scope of that service through the dispensation of the Bridge to Freedom, whose purpose through its Messenger was to expand the golden plume of illumination by releasing much wisdom of the Law that had never come to earth before. As the threefold flame now completes its circle of divine service through the action of God’s forgiving love in that which is yet to come forth in the services and Christ-teachings of the Lighthouse of Freedom, all shall see and understand the quite natural and orderly sequence of these three expressions of the I AM knowledge.

Now I say, Beloved Mighty I AM Presence of all unascended lifestreams! Let this blazing threefold flame expand within every heart, taking its dominion in, through, and around the entire consciousness, being and world of all children of the Light, fulfilling its divine purpose of absorbing completely (and transmuting as it absorbs) into its eternal, unfailing Light—the human consciousness of limitation.

Always your Ascended Master friend and ever-loving brother of Light,



(The Ascended Master Daddy Ballard)

This instruction comes to you through the loving courtesy of the Ascended Masters’ Darjeeling, India, council of which all the ascended host are members.

Formulas for Supply: Referring to the idea of tithing mentioned last week, we all understood it to mean the putting aside rhythmically (daily, weekly, etc.) of at least ten percent of one’s income, to be applied to the sustaining and expanding of some avenue or channel of God’s Light, Love, and Truth.

Is this such a strange or unusual thing to do? At this time of harvest, does not the wise and successful farmer choose from his crops a certain amount of the very best seed that he may use it for his next rhythmic planting? To return rhythmically to the Giver of all life that which will multiply and expand his blessings throughout his creation brings tremendous increase after its kind. Do you not enjoy receiving your supply rhythmically? “[Rhythmically and] freely ye have received; [rhythmically and] freely give!” Jesus. Don’t believe us—prove us!

December 5, 1958

"Tomorrow at about three, we will be reviewing the dictation of beloved El Morya from yesterday to give you an opportunity to write a similar letter to the Divine Father specifically to Alpha and to El Morya. In that dictation, he mentioned the failure of an activity with which he had worked for about fifteen years. The records and the archives of this activity are in my possession and the striving of the masters with that group is very evident. That group was the Bridge to Freedom in its early inception, in the early fifties through the early sixties . . .

"So you'll hear the story of the Bridge tomorrow. What I would like to talk about is the inner circle in the Bridge that he was working with, with special people that were drawn together because, specifically of their Causal Bodies. They had tremendous attainment in their Causal Bodies of thousands of years of previous activities. When these people got together, it was like dynamite. It was just an explosion, a clash of wills.

"I recently read the inner, private dictations that he gave to these people, almost pleading with them to stop their bickering, and their fighting, and their egotism and their rebellion and to combine their virtues for the victory. But they would not. And so that endeavor failed and Morya lost fifteen years of working with this group of chelas and finally having to abandon them, starting all over with the Summit Lighthouse."

SU Lecture, Level I
Saint Germain-Morya Series #10
(El Morya's Dictation, September 26, 1965)
November 17, 1975, Elizabeth C. Prophet

" . . . Love includes the love of the Will of God, the love of Harmony, the love of maintaining one’s God-Control in honor before Helios and Vesta and the love of Reality that will not manufacture fantasy or phantoms or pure nonsense; nor will it allow the covering of the human by the speaking of untruths. Love, beloved, fulfills all lines of the Clock when you understand it.

"Oh yes, beloved, the foundation of this activity is Love! Love brings to the blossoms in springtime the highest manifestation and flowering. [Love brings to] the fruit of the tree and of the tree of life and of the Word of God the highest meaning of all teachings that have come forth through the I AM Activity, through Theosophy, even through the Bridge to Freedom.

"Yes, the highest truths have yet to bear their fruit by the full manifestation of Love, [which shall be in this activity]—Love that does impart them and convey such profound understanding that immediately upon hearing the teaching by one empowered with Love [all souls of Light] may attain heights of consciousness to which they have not yet reached."

Saint Germain

The Bridge to Freedom
Translation for 140 languages by ALS

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