Cataclysm by the Ocean Waters and Air

"The sun became as dark as black cloth, and the moon became as red
as blood. Then the stars of the sky fell to the earth like green figs falling
from trees shaken by mighty winds.

"The first angel blew his trumpet. Hail and fire, mixed with blood, came
pouring down on the earth. A third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees,
and every blade of green grass.

"Then the second angel blew his trumpet. Something that looked like a huge
mountain on fire was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea was turned into blood,
a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third
of the ships were destroyed.

"Then the third angel blew his trumpet. A large star, burning like a torch,
dropped from the sky and fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs
of water . . . A third of the water turned bitter, and many people
died from drinking the water, because it had turned bitter."
—The Book of Revelation

"The computers in the retreat of the Ascended Master Cuzco and the data
available through the retreats and outposts of Neptune and Luara reveal
with mathematical certainty that unless the sons of God rise up
in defense of elemental life and the integrity of the earth body,
certain cataclysm will not be averted."—Neptune and Luara
" . . . One and all have seen strange happenings in the earth, whether it be East or West,
whether it be at the equator or beyond, there has been fire and flood and death and famine.
So you see what it means to come to the end of a cycle."—El Morya,

"So know, beloved, that you have come to this earth on a mission. Use the key.
Unlock the prison house of souls . . . by finding new ways to lead the soul
to that interior point of the mind where the seed of Buddha is sealed."
—Neptune and Luara, October 7, 1993

"God would rather sink a continent to chastise one chela
than create a golden age in objection
to the free will of the individual."—Elizabeth C. Prophet

"Work as if you were to live 100 Years,
Pray as if you were to die To-morrow."—Benjamin Franklin

"What concerns me is the lack of reasonable preparedness on the part
of the general public. (Many) Americans are wholly unprepared for a disaster
of any description. They have not stocked emergency supplies . . .
Wake up, America!"—Marsha Evans, Pres. of American Red Cross

[Jesus] saith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.

But the men marveled, saying, What manner of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him!

Matthew 8: 26-27

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me [Jesus the Christ], the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

John 14:12

"I Place a Key in Your Hand—Unlock Your Own Prison Cell"

Undines Sacrifice So We May Have Balance in Our Bodies

"The undines have not immortal life, save those who have reached the levels of adeptship and have bonded to Christ and therefore have received a flame.

" . . . Those [undines], then, who have that flame lead other undines. And there is such a great necessity for violet flame for these elementals, since they serve tirelessly, unceasingly, sacrificially that mankind might continue its course, that people might yet have life, that they might yet have the necessary balance of food, of water, of elements in their bodies that there might yet be a resonance between humanity and the Christ consciousness.

"The balance, then, of the elements in the four lower bodies and in the psyche is something that elemental life must be concerned about—and they are so directed by their hierarchs.

Elementals Getting Free from Oppression

"These blessed servants, then, serve without a threefold flame and yet almost as though they had that flame. Yet they cannot be empowered with that flame until the sons and daughters of God rise up and bind the black magicians and the fallen ones who abuse elemental life. As you see the abuse of animal life as well as human life on earth, you understand that the elementals must rise and accelerate to a new level of being before they can be entrusted with a threefold flame.

"And therefore, the hierarchs of these kingdoms and many in our service do supply that very element. We supply the threefold flame on behalf of those who serve and those who are coming out from under the oppression of the fallen ones.

Cataclysms to Wash, Purify Continents for Dispensations

"Think of the pollutions of the rivers of the earth, of the waters under the earth and of the seas in our time. Think then again of the rising and sinking of continents, of cataclysms, of the misuse of nuclear energy and of all forms of toxic wastes that have been dumped in the planetary body, necessitating cataclysm for the washing of the continents, for the purification, for the restoration, for the bringing in of new dispensations of a new era.

"It is for [this] reason of pollution, at least it is a major reason, that there is cataclysm in the earth at all. For life cannot continue, else we shall have aberrations.

" . . . Take the key, beloved. The key embodies the Path, the teaching and all that you know from ancient times as far back as Sirius. Some of you go back a long, long way, beloved. Thus, you have the key. And the key to the kingdom is love. The key to the kingdom is sacrifice. The key to the kingdom is surrender to God, the fearlessness to turn over your very own soul to Almighty God and trust him with it while you work out that karma.

"Use the key, beloved, for at subterranean levels and at the very basements of the oceans and under the oceans and beneath the beds of the oceans there is elemental life—there are undines and salamanders, sylphs and gnomes. Yes, beloved hearts, the sons and daughters of God hold that key, for I have given it to you this night."

Neptune and Luara
October 7, 1993

"Beloved ones, the first line of attack of the fallen ones is to use mankind’s karma against them in this very flow of energy, in the flow of the wheels of commerce, the distribution of food, of energy, electricity, water, and all that is necessary for day-to-day life. As you have seen in periods of blackout or of untoward weather conditions, these services are easily disrupted and with that disruption not many days need pass before chaos, starvation, and mass epidemic. Beloved ones, civilization itself is held upon the tenuous thread of the ability of the individual to sustain the contact with the inner light, for those in embodiment who hold the reins of power in these areas of service
do not have the actual attainment to meet the opposition that is leveled against those strongholds that are the service of the people.

"Beloved ones, the second line of attack that is so serious against the lightbearers of every nation is the manipulation of karma, world karma, by the fallen ones in weather conditions and in cataclysm. Some of these fallen ones are in embodiment and some of them have learned to manipulate weather; others are in the astral plane who are misusing that energy that has already been misqualified by mankind. And thus elemental life are the victims of the practice of black magic, sorcery, and witchcraft by those demons who are the impostors of the hierarchy of the Holy Spirit.

"Understand, then, that between the attack upon the economy and of the balance of forces in nature, this is the line which you must hold, this is where light must be placed, this is where electrodes must be actually inserted by your conscious calls in the etheric, mental, emotional, and physical belts of the earth."

Lord Shiva

"The earth is in a state of anxiety. See that it come not upon thee in the night, coming into thy temple unbeknownst to thee during sleep.

"Where does the anxiety come from? Whence does it emanate? It comes from the devils who fear and tremble, for they shall be bound by the archangels and their time is short and they do go about seeking whom they may devour. They would devour unsuspecting souls, and thus you must defend your life with the fullness of that which you are.

"Beloved ones, we live, unfortunately, on a planet and in a plane where there is yet evil and the energy veil, and it is the accumulation of the unreal consciousness of mankind for centuries forming an astral sea and a darkness of this age.

" . . . Be steadfast then. Fear not. Faint not. Complain not. But realize that whatever is at hand is there for thy God-mastery. The mastery of self to be unmovable—learn this from the path of the Buddha in the precious book Quietly Comes the Buddha.

"Thy soul is intended to ascend to the place of the Buddha, to be that Buddha in form! You must not wait for a postponement until you pass from the screen of life to begin to take hold of those momentums.

" . . . This is the hour of the return of the science of the Mother from the ancient temples of Lemuria. Understand that when this science became misused in the last days of Atlantis and Lemuria, that misuse of that energy caused all forms of creations—animal forms, crossbreeding of the human and the animal, and the desecration of life [i.e., human life as well as the life-force of the base-of-the-spine (Mother) chakra].

"Thus the Flood came, and thus it was to remove from the earth the manifestations and creations of the seed of the wicked, who took the Light and practiced their black magic on the left-handed path and therefore enslaved souls in grotesque bodies. And the Lord God Almighty raised his right hand, and that right hand was the descent of the judgment.

"Take heed, beloved ones, for the miscreations of humanity today are legion, and they are seen on the astral plane and there is a spilling over into the physical plane. You must see to it that these are driven back—these miscreations that begin in the mind then manifest as microbes, as virus, as all manner of plague and disease.

"For one cannot create in hatred without wrecking havoc with the entire evolutionary chain of life. And thus, when there is the killing of innocent life, such as the killing of the whales or the mighty manifestations of God in all races—human, animal, elemental—there comes a karma great indeed upon earth's people.

"You must understand that the taking of life in the act of abortion—whether it be the child in the womb or the abortion through hatred or condemnation or the denial of opportunity—is a very heavy karma that is planetarywide. Some of your burdens are this momentum, this disgrace of the
records of the death of the holy innocents. As this is tolerated nation by nation and increased, you understand, each one bears some burden for the planetary sin as a whole."

Mother Mary
December 2, 1984

"Let the sacred fire go before you and be your protection, for these events of nature, of cataclysm in individual lives are indeed the forestalling of greater cataclysm as, one by one, individuals face the karma of centuries. And therefore because some individuals lawfully are required to pay the full price there is then a purging in the earth and there is a buying of time for greater opportunity for those who remain in this octave.

"Realize then that we pursue the staying of cataclysm on two fronts. The saturation of the earth
body by the violet flame cannot be underestimated. There has been a tremendous increase of service to the earth by your momentum of violet flame and also by the very fact that we are using the ascension flame placed in the heart of Mother many months ago as a funnel of light whereby mass accumulations of human karma may go through this funnel of light and be transmuted and therefore deliver the earth of momentums of centuries of human karma.

"This in itself is a very delicate process and can take place because, by the grace of God, I could secure the grant for this balance of karma. For only a karma-free being could have this quantity of mankind’s karma pass through and still retain the physical heart and physical body."

Saint Germain

"Would to God that the murderers of the mighty whales might know the majesty of the mind of God and Mother flame anchored in these blessed elemental beings who command the seven seas and are the transmitters of cosmic light and cosmic rays unto all life abiding on planet Earth. Would to God that mere mortals could behold undines who gather at the scene of the 'cold-blooded' harpoon murder of the blessed creatures whose guileless bodies without sin radiate the love of the Holy Spirit to all other life-forms inhabiting the sea and the land.

"In the very midst of the massacre of Life, the blessed undines who are the initiates of the sacred
fire temples of the deep are to be heard chanting the song of Moses and the Lamb:

"Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty;
Just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints.
Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name?
For thou only art holy:
For all nations shall come and worship before thee;
For thy judgments are made manifest.

"They also invoke the judgment of their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ upon the wayward sons of Belial who know very well "what they do" as they are the very instruments of planetary chaos undermining to the very depths of the sea the balance of the planetary ecosystem upon which the children of the light so depend.

"We are Neptune and Luara. We survey the plight of the seas and their pollution through man's insensitivity to Life in its most elementary and complex forms. Well-meaning souls, members of world bodies working at international levels seek to restrain the dumping into the sea of sewage, industrial waste, chemicals, pesticides, and oil—all of which place an enormous burden upon the beings of purity, both physical and etheric, whose home is the sea. They tend God's sea garden. They are the caretakers of a once pristine paradise that is rapidly becoming known as a paradise lost.

"We are the spokesmen for the undines who are the conscious collaborators with men and angels for the survival of the waters of the earth. These servants of God and man in the water element rise to the surface of consciousness and demand to be heard. They have signed a petition which I now read, a warning to the inhabitants of Terra:

"Unless by the flame of the Holy Spirit the children of the sun, nation by nation, will mount as one for the healing of the waters, identifying with the person of the Flying Eagle who is our sponsor and our initiator, even the Lord Sanat Kumara, life on earth must be severely curtailed or abruptly brought to an end.

"Without the sea and its many life-supporting functions making possible the control of climate, rainfall, oxygenation, and the very evolution of life itself, earth can no longer be considered viable as an ecosystem or an evolutionary platform for its present lifewaves.

"O mankind of earth, begin at the very beginning. For out of the fountains of the deep, life has sprung forth and to the very mouth of these fountains we daily return to give gratitude for the waters of Life.

"Now, therefore, we the undersigned representing the councils of the undines petition all who count themselves as the keepers of the flame of Life upon earth to summon the resources and the intercession of hosts of the Lord in cooperation with those most vitally concerned with earth's pollutions—all of which eventually come home to the sea.

"We ask that you shall understand that inasmuch as the sea represents the interchange of fire and water that there be a two-pronged attack upon the anti-Mother forces which daily assault the life-giving waters of her cosmic womb.

"Let the sacred-fire action of the violet flame restore the natural flow of Spirit and Spirit's fire to provide the alchemy of transmutation within the seas, without which there can be no return to balance. And then let scientists, futurists, students, and concerned citizens en masse rise up to defend the purity and power, the light and the jeweled crystal, the beauty and the bounty of our eternal sea that kisses the sky at the horizon line and provides the children of earth with vistas of eternity.

" . . . Even as the salamanders, sylphs, and gnomes have said, 'We will bear all that we can bear' —so we say, Let us carry the maximum burden of darkness that Light may be revealed. And to our hierarchs, the sons and daughters of God upon earth, we appeal for intercession and the education of the people by wisdom's flame that the purification of the waters of the waters might be parallel with the purification of their sacred fires.

"The computers in the retreat of the Ascended Master Cuzco and the data available through the retreats and outposts of Neptune and Luara reveal with mathematical certainty that unless the sons of God rise up in defense of elemental life and the integrity of the earth body, certain cataclysm will not be averted."

Neptune and Luara

"The four lower bodies of man do relate to the so-called four planes of Matter serviced by cosmic forces focusing through the lesser evolved beings of Nature. In fact, you may be interested to know that the elementals were also created by Elohim to serve the sons and daughters of God as they, too, master the earth sciences and take dominion in space (both inner and outer) and in time.

"As man seeks to conquer his world in the sea of waters and in the sea of light, in the vibrations of subatomic and supersonic realms by way of proving his God-control of the universe step by step in all facets of the four kingdoms, unbeknownst to his outer awareness he is cooperating with elementals who have kept things under control for millions of years.

" . . . The water elementals, portrayed in the elusive but enchanting mermaids, have inspired many a tale of romance between the human and elemental evolutions. 'Crossing over' from the elemental to the human kingdom is a known phenomenon. It is a door that has opened and been shut again to allow, in certain isolated cases, a particularly precious elemental of virtue and attainment to move on in the scale of evolution through the family of humanity, ultimately to acquire the divine spark.

"More frequently, elementals cross over to the animal kingdom, accelerating evolution by serving man through the highly intelligent species, such as elephants, whales, porpoises, and even particularly loving and responsive dogs or horses.

"The race memory of such occurrences goes back to the mists of Lemuria and Atlantis and is held today as legend or fairy tale, myth or make-believe by those whose lives would be too turned around to suit their pace or personal self-esteem, were they to take seriously this 'sub-level' of a lifewave, perceived at subconscious levels but denied everywhere except in the play of a midsummer night's dream.

"Nevertheless, the serious work of the undines moves on as the oceans and the rivers and the lakes, streams and rivulets and raindrops all play a part in the formation and re-formation of the body of our planet and of man, utterly dependent upon the elementals.

"The undines, who also laugh and play in the waves and waterfalls, lovingly follow the example of their hierarchs. Neptune is the king of the deep and his consort, Luara, is mother of tides, governing cycles of fertility and the water element as it affects the emotional body (known as the water, feeling, or desire body) and the communications of mankind's joy, grief, guilt, anger, and love through the astral plane, strongly influencing the collective unconscious of the race.

" . . . Mammals of the sea, fish, seals, and penguins are not excluded from a very wonderful intelligence, and further study by sensitive scientists will reveal a marvelous attunement, through the heart of all Life, everywhere in the Nature kingdom. Entomologists never cease to be amazed at the wonders of the ant; and the goad of the wise man 'Go to the ant, thou sluggard . . . ' indicates that man has a great deal to learn from the veritable mysteries of Nature.

"All this lovely creation imbued with a portion of the Divine Intelligence is deemed the 'footstool kingdom' of God and was originally placed under the dominion of man as the manifestation of God. Through contaminating vibrations of cruelty, Nature has absorbed human imperfection. The savage qualities of jungle beasts are considered animalistic, whereas in reality, when the truth of life is known and the record of akasha and the planetary aura is accurately read, it will be learned that animal as well as elemental life originally absorbed their gross and sometimes grotesque outpicturings from mankind.

"Savagery, cannibalism, violence, revenge, and killing originated in mankind's lowest evolutionary descent and were transmitted directly by vibration (here proving that the power of example can also be the worst teacher) to the subspecies. Therefore, the animal magnetism in humans—often sub-animal, wreaking a devilish wrath—must be redeemed (i.e., transmuted by the violet flame) in the process of freeing the planet.

"This you can begin to effect right now by fervent calls for the action of the circle and sword of blue flame of Astrea, the universal Mother figure functioning at the level of Elohim (personified in the East as Kali) who cuts free her children evolving in every kingdom from the imposed evil matrix of the vengeful fallen angels. The violet fire that flows from your determined, heartfelt decrees literally lifts the pall of human consciousness from all elemental life. It is integral to the reclamation of Nature's beauty.

" . . . Through the radiation of kindness, joy, and gratitude, all Nature will ultimately attain a pristine state of Edenic perfection where 'the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, the leopard with the kid, the calf and the young lion together . . . 'The law of the savage jungle will be abrogated by Christ-power, and those men so fortunate as to remain upon this planet will be living Christs. Through their ntercession, all elementals will be set free from confinement to the temporary animal forms. The radiation of divine Love rising to a pulsation of great power will instantaneously sever and dissolve the connection of the evolved elementals with the self-limiting animal matrix and consciousness."

November 15, 1963

"And so, who will bear the burden of mankind's density? Mankind have not acknowledged these servitors of the four quadrants who have borne their infirmities, their karmic weight, their hatreds and their fears for centuries. I say, the tables are turned and mankind must bear their own burden! The energies sent forth by mankind in discord shall no longer be borne in their full intensity by the beings of the elements, but shall return to man-to each one individually sending forth that energy.

"And thus the elementals are freed of a portion of the weight of human consciousness, and mankind themselves must bear the burden or bear it not. For if they cannot bear the burden, then their own karma will fall upon them and they will cry out to the mountains 'Fall upon us!' And so the mountains of their karma shall be released, and they shall be no more.

"There is only one alternative to the mercy of the elemental kingdom that has borne mankind's weight and been oppressed; and that alternative is that mankind invoke the fires of the Holy Spirit and the violet flame to consume their own sins before they are inundated by the mighty tides of Life and they find themselves naked and bereft upon the shores. Have you heard the mighty winds of the Holy Spirit? The action of nature in these days is the action of a nature imbued with the power of the secret rays to throw off mankind's discord."

Maha Chohan
July 15, 1973

"Therefore, I choose to take my time today to reiterate, to repeat, to stress the same lessons that have been stressed by all the Masters in the past: The need for absolute devotion to God; the need for toleration and kindness to one another; the need to look for all the good and benign qualities in one another; the need to hold the balance, to keep your flame steady and to remain undisturbed when the forces of the elements rage around you.

"Conditions that disturb you, blessed ones, are not the result of any individual human action. In almost every case, [what disturbs you] is the result of a momentum builded in the past by either yourself or by another. It is the result of accumulations and vortices used by the sinister force, in much the same manner as a tornado, to move across the face of life where happiness is, to bring a disturbing condition there."

Sanat Kumara
January 1, 1961

"You see, the inner mastery of the heart has to do with the inner mastery of the desire body, for the flow of fire in the heart corresponds to the flow of water in the desire body.

"When these energies are correctly harnessed, there is conformity to the life universal, the life triumphant, over the flow of the Buddha and the Mother and the figure-eight pattern, whereby the soul yet unascended may have the full use within the desire body of the momentum of the sea, using its mighty power to draw forth the sacred fire of the etheric body and to be a reflector and an injector of the currents of life in all planes of Matter.

"I live, then, in the mastery of the flow. As Jesus consciously demonstrated the law of fire becoming water and water becoming fire by walking upon the water, so I come to teach you the way of the avatars that you might understand that it is at the point of the nexus of the heart, in the cosmic interval itself, that sacred fire is translated into waterpower.

"In the fullness of the expression of that waterpower, as God desiring to be God within you, the upward movement returns to the heart again after cycling through the planes of Matter. And once again in the cosmic interval, waterpower is translated into sacred fire to flow through the etheric body in the octaves of Spirit.

"Moment by moment, then, your Christ Self does govern this alchemical transformation. Right there within the heart chamber is the mighty manifestation of the alchemist’s focus, the focus of the cosmic transformer. Moment by moment, then, the currents idle in the cosmic interval—the pause, the delicate pause in three-quarter time, after the first beat, before the second and the third.

"The accent on the first beat is the opportunity for the threefold flame to be expressed by the soul’s attunement with the cosmic interval. Therefore, you count one, two, three; one, two, three, and you do not count one, two, three; one, two, three. That particular count is the mechanization of the glorious freedom of three-quarter time.

"Therefore, as you perform the ritual of the waltz or the invocation to the violet flame or the meditation upon the heart, remember that that rhythm is the means whereby every soul encased in Matter form can have a split-second experience of cosmic consciousness in the cosmic interval. Is this not a wondrous revelation for your meditation, precious hearts? ['Yes!']"

Lady Master Venus

"Most blessed hearts who are a part of my own, know that I have dedicated all of my life to your infillment with the Holy Spirit. Therefore I am called the Maha Chohan. I come and I AM one in Spirit with Lanello, who to you is a sort of saviour and even that saviour who has drawn your soul out of the morasses of life to fulfill a greater portion of your selfhood.

"It is his mantle that descends on this Pentecost to the upreached hands, the outstretched arms of true devotees of the love of God. Who may know what sacrifice of what portion of the self may result in the most majestic and the most humble manifestation of the Word? Who can know how the little things and the great propel one, because one has left them all behind? It is a moment for universal awareness. It is a moment for universal contemplation.

"Mass movements of peoples are at hand; for famine, for war, for earthquake in divers places causes people to be dislocated and relocated. This movement moves on, not escaping the oncoming tide of world karma but greeting it in the very teeth. Having swords of flame, you thrust them forward, you take them again!"

Maha Chohan
June 7, 1981

"And I AM come to declare to you this day that the Word has gone forth and the Watchers have declared their intransigence. And so they are set, one against the other—Argentina and Britain, the Soviet Union against the people of light worldwide, the Afghans, and those in the Middle East who set themselves one against the other and will stop at nothing—no thing to defend their cause!

"These are they who would plunge the earth into chaos and old night, into anarchy and into war! And, I tell you, the judgment of the nations is upon you. And you ought to recognize it and be prepared and understand that the untimely weather is also the fulfillment of the word of the judgment of the messengers of God that abortion and the abortionist are judged!

"And that nation and that people who will tolerate the murder of the Almighty in his own—that nation shall suffer cataclysm. And who will say where it shall manifest, whether in a spring blizzard or in the economy or in the households where brother is set against brother and there is the divisive force because the karma of their own hatred of the Christ has descended in their midst.

"And therefore, you see the nations angry and you see argu­men­ta­tion and you see arrogance at the root of enmity. And you see the pride of the fallen ones as they will not say die but rather take with them an entire evolution of Light!

"I sound the warning and I tell you there will be collapse of certain systems of the economy and the monetary systems of the earth! I tell you there will be that collapse. And you will wander in the streets, wondering where you will derive your next sustenance, if you do not find yourselves prepared.

" . . . Let there be the girding up of the light-bearers and let them understand that the generation of the wicked must pass! It shall pass because, with all of the preaching of the Word, they yet mock my ministers of the Holy Spirit. They mock my shepherds of the flock who rebuke them for their pornography, for their violence, for their misuse of the light of Alpha and Omega and their exposure of the sacred fire of man and woman, publicly and on television, and their violation of the little children! This generation shall not stand but it shall pass! And I tell you, it is so.

"And you must understand the judgment is of the soul. And you must realize that there is the mist and there is the crystal; and so long as there is the holding back of the judgment of God in the level of the mist, then there is time and yet time. But when there is the crystallization of the judgment, lo, beware of the prophecy and let not your flight be in winter.

" . . . Therefore, when they cry, 'Peace! Peace!' and there is no peace—beware! And when they declare their safety in their systems and in their banking-houses —beware! And when they declare their safety in all outer things and take counsel together —beware! For the Lord shall break them in pieces! He shall hold them in derision.

" . . . I, Uriel, have spoken to you this day and I speak and I still speak! And therefore, you will not turn back this judgment by wishful thinking. [highlighted by webmaster]

"Therefore, align yourself and become the ensign, become the root of Jesse, and assemble yourselves. For the highway of God is provided unto the remnant. Therefore, there is a way out. And the way out is the mighty River of Life descending from your own Mighty I AM Presence!"

Archangel Uriel

" . . . We must give you those knotty problems that we also faced. We must place before you even a conundrum, as it were, or a Chinese puzzle. When no answer seems to be the answer, you must find the way through-you must find the loophole.

"You must understand that on earth and in karmic conditions and circumstances there are, in fact, some situations to which there are no solutions. This is a very important truth, beloved. Consider
well what I have just said: I have said there are some situations for which there are no solutions.

" . . . Thus, when individuals buy into businesses that are about to go bankrupt, they must take on the debts if that bankruptcy is indeed to be avoided. Therefore understand, beloved, that in the case of this life, this planet and system of worlds, the action of the Holy Spirit, the action of Shiva, has provided a recourse: The Destroyer (or the Dissolver, or Transmuter) must simply take the clay pot, break the vessel and let that clay go back to the Divine Potter and be remolded anew, fully stripped of its old pattern and energy, ready now to be formed in a higher matrix.

"Another example of a situation to which there is no solution is life itself. Individuals come to the end of their karmic round with threescore and ten or more or less. At that point in life the body may suffer disease and old age, have expended its light, and have no further endowment or opportunity for the cycle. The resolution to a nonsolution is to break the mold, allow the soul to fly from the prison house of matter and have the opportunity to begin anew in a new temple.

"So it is true with outworn houses and buildings. Along come the wreckers. Many are glad yet many protest, for they are attached to the past. They desire to see neither themselves pass away nor the old order nor the old institutions nor the body itself. And they do not easily give in to Death or the Death Angel.

"I come, then, with this teaching that you might wax wise and philosophical concerning what Saint Germain has instructed you on-to deal in the realm of the possible. This teaching was given in the Washington, D.C., Teaching Center on the occasion of the downing of this [KAL] plane where all were destroyed. Beloved ones, to expect the impossible or the improbable that is not in the realm of the practical nor in the givens of mankind's free will is to be out of touch with reality and what decrees can accomplish and what they cannot.

"Miracles are indeed a fulfillment of cosmic law and not an exception, and they come about because of the graces that are stored in the causal body of those involved. Thus, miracles do happen but every miracle is in the framework of that which is possible and according to the Divine Plan and the Law itself.

"Intercession comes, then, through the sponsorship of Lightbearers. And when Lightbearers consider the world, they must not impute to the world the purity of motive or the faithfulness or even the desire for attainment or a golden age that lodges in their own hearts. This is one of the most important lessons that I must teach to my children and sons and daughters as they newly take up life on earth.

"It takes some time to realize that most of the world does not share your zeal for heavenly things or the abstentions from the fun and frolicking that most people engage in. And therefore, a life that is full of the joy and bliss of heaven, the communion of saints, has no appeal to those who must have the noise and raucousness of this planet."

Mother Mary

"By resurrection’s flame not only was the stone rolled away but, beloved, boulders were cleaved asunder, the mountains moved, the thunder and the lightning descended; and that which was mortal was set aside as Jesus walked the earth to complete his life span and service, fully the embodiment of the Spirit of the Resurrection. The blessed one, as the Son of man, did demonstrate what must be demonstrated [by the evolutions of] the planet in this hour.

"Thus, beloved, [know that] such unpreparedness [as you see on the part of the vast majority of the people of earth] for the resurrection experience may itself be the cause of cataclysm or war or turmoil or disease outcropping when resurrection’s fires [are released]. Understand that the non-preparedness of a humanity at the conclusion of 25,800 years of cycles of the coming of the uddhas and the Bodhisattvas must now be dealt with. It is not that calamity may not be postponed. It is that the resurrection may not be postponed! And the Second Coming of Maitreya and of Jesus Christ will be in the hearts of all.

"Blessed ones, the resurrection cannot save that which does not present itself [vibrationally] as the equivalency of the resurrection. You must provide the negative polarity, the Omega, [for the positive polarity, the Alpha,] of the resurrection flame and thus you will be fused to Christ when that resurrection fire does descend."

Gautama Buddha

“My retreat [the Sacred Retreat of the Blue Flame, in Fiji], then, is concerned with such matters as planetary cataclysm, its possibility, its prevention, with the straightening of the axis of the earth, with climatic conditions and with the evolutions of souls migrating from one continent to another in order to gain awareness of all of the facts of the Christ consciousness in preparation for mastery.”

Dec. 23, 1973

"I tell you, then, that the greatest single factor opposing the readjustment of the cycles of the weather in this nation is, as Zadkiel has told you, the manifestation of abortion. I ask staff members to join with the students to put together all the comments of the Masters and the Messengers on abortion, to assemble them, to edit them and to determine their accuracy so that a book can be printed with this message.

"Thus you will not be found wanting before the Lords of Karma and before the faces of the little ones who are passing from the screen of life daily. This book, thrust into the marts and marketplaces of the world, will be the foretaste of the rain that must surely come for the balance of the weather. This is the key to the readjustment of cycles."


"In many cases, because of my office among the seven Elohim, I am the only representative of the Godhead who may stand between mankind and their returning karma. And therefore I say, wherever there is cataclysm or flood or fire or storm or drought, I ask you to call unto me that I may intercede with the great power that God has given me on behalf of elemental life and draw them into the harmony of my being and stay the earthquake and stay the flood where the Lords of Karma grant that mercy may manifest."

Elohim Hercules
January 27, 1974

Tsunami—How It Happened in 2004 . . .

On December 23, 1973, Cuzco said that his retreat "is concerned with such matters
as planetary cataclysm, its possibility, its prevention, with the straightening
of the axis of the earth, with climatic conditions and with the evolutions
of souls migrating from one continent to another in order to gain awareness
of all of the facets of the Christ consciousness in preparation for mastery.

"As I stand in my retreat, cosmic instruments available to me enable me to perceive
the aura of any individual lifestream walking the earth at any place, at any hour
of the day or night. For it is my responsibility to determine whether the energy,
the weight of darkness, released through the aura of the individual increases
the total karmic weight of a planet, andthereby increases the possibility
of cataclysm . . .

"I come to show you that the preservation of a planet, a people, of lifewaves
and root races is most scientific and is carried on by the Ascended Masters
for this one purpose—to preserve the opportunity for evolution. For, you see,
if the planet earth were destroyed it would take thousands, tens of thousands
of years for your souls to complete their evolution on other planetary homes
amongst other lifewaves at different levels of evolution. Therefore, Hierarchy
is concerned with the preservation of the platform of planet earth."

"The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected
on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right,
which Heaven itself has ordained."—George Washington

154. "And the world cataclysm is only the result of transgression against Hierarchy.
Transgression against Hierarchy means the shattering of all causality, all lawful effects." —El Morya, Hierarchy 1931

Some people worry, others prepare!

"God will not fail to the level of the etheric, and God is really not concerned about a golden age between the etheric and the physical planes. He will not bring in that golden age just for the sake of proving that his Word is right and that his Word does not fail.

"God would rather sink a continent to chastise one chela than create a golden age in objection to the free will of the individual. He wants us to have the ultimate experience and experimentation with our individual free will. He wants us to know what we do to ourselves when we destroy ourselves with nuclear weapons or with anything else. He wants us to learn everything that there is to learn about being God in this octave.

"God has no attachment to a golden age per se. He is unattached, desireless. He has only one desire, that you become God. But he will not impose that desire upon you, he will give you the opportunity to choose to fulfill his desire.

"That is the explanation for the occurrence of calamity and cataclysm. People cannot understand why God lets suffering happen, yet it is because he values the life of your soul and the integrity of his commitment to you, his covenant of free will, more than he values the end result. In the Buddha's teaching this is called non-attachment to the fruit of action.

"God is more interested in the ritual of life as you live it than in the final outcome. If he were more interested in the final outcome, he would have created differently. He would have made a perfect physical universe with perfect people in it. But the only way you can get perfect people is by creating robots.

"Then the thread of contact becomes not that which gives life to a free independent monad. No, then the thread of contact is the string of a puppeteer. You, the puppet, do exactly what the puppeteer-god says. If God were attached to having a golden age peopled with physically perfect beings, the only way he could make it happen would be to deny them free will and just bring it all about.

"Of course, God himself would be extremely bored in such an exercise, just as you would be bored. And the vibration of boredom causes the death of souls in a communist or socialist state because everything is done for them. It's total boredom. What is there to live for?"

Teachings of the Cosmic Christ

"Therefore, I, Gautama, I who understand so much how the vision of the elementals can affect world conditions, ask you to pray to Cyclopea for the divine image and the divine vision of the all-seeing eye of God, of the golden age and the City Foursquare and the Temple Beautiful to be given to every elemental.

"And if you will place upon your walls and in your homes pictures of majestic beauty and of light and scenes of paradise, you will find that elementals will gather to meditate upon these focuses of light and will go forth to outpicture peace and the purification of the elements—of the seas and the earth and the air. And with some cooperation of hearts of light, there will be a cleaning up of the environment and of pollution.

"But you understand, even in this area there is the momentum of the anti-Buddha forces who pollute the environment and go unchallenged and unchecked, as there is corruption even at the top levels of the government in the misuse and misappropriation of funds where they should be applied immediately to remove the most dangerous hazards to health of the people (not only of this nation but of every nation upon earth) and for the binding and the judgment of those individuals who persist in violating the beauty of elemental life in all of its pristine glory.

"I refer to the majestic whales, to the mighty beasts that must be held as a manifestation of the Holy Ghost and understood, that when life is held sacred in these wonderful beings of light, then, beloved hearts, that life will be transformed by your own Christhood and your own resurrection flame.

"As a matter of fact, the manifestation of the Lord Jesus Christ with the children of God who have the threefold flame now has also imparted new hope to elemental life. And there has been communicated to one and all a new sense of freedom.

"And therefore, I, Gautama Buddha, pronounce therefore the binding and the breaking of the curse of the black magicians over certain beings of the elements who have been held imprisoned and therefore not been able to perform their perfect work for keeping this planetary body a beautiful and safe place for the sons of God.

"We also call from our level, beloved hearts, as we do engage in fervent prayer for the judgment of the fallen ones who make life miserable for the embodied angels, for elementals (especially those imprisoned), and for the children of God on earth. Our prayers ascend and gather momentum by your own, even as the reverse is true. And therefore, we together, as co-members and joint members of the Great White Brotherhood, do indeed make our impact with the Four and Twenty Elders, the Great Central Sun, and the Holy Kumaras.

"Truly, earth is an experiment in this sector of the solar system and the solar system within the galaxy. And therefore, many eyes are upon this planet—and more eyes than you can truly realize are upon the Messenger and the chelas. For the decisions you make day by day truly show the strength of our God and our Brotherhood. And therefore, we are grateful for you, each one, as you are capable servants, each in your own way.

"Understand that truly we appreciate professional excellence assisting us to make the presentation of the golden teachings of the golden age more and more palatable to the world, more and more understandable. Our gratitude goes out to every heart who has inclined itself now to this activity, who has understood the need, and who has come even to spell the burden upon our co-workers who have labored long to produce a work that might quicken, awaken, and enliven souls of light."

Gautama Buddha

"I want you to have the sense that the golden age is imminent and that no matter who they are, no matter how high is their position of power in the United States or the Soviet Union or China or any nation, no matter how evil they are, the agents of the world conspiracy of darkness and the evil force they represent in this galaxy (and beyond this galaxy to many other galaxies, to the whole Matter cosmos) can be and are being defeated by the dynamic decree of the Word today.

"And this is the amazing realization of the chela on the path of the Great White Brotherhood: that we are revolutionaries of the Spirit, that the revolution is in full swing and we must not let ourselves be defeated by distractions and diversions.

"It's like the story that a teacher told me before I ever met Mark Prophet of how those who used to go out in their whaling ships distracted the whales from overturning those ships. They'd throw out big barrels and let them float on the sea. And the whales who were being harpooned would come and attack the barrels. They'd wear themselves out attacking the barrels until they were exhausted and were then easily taken by man, their predator.

" . . . So if we do not focus on the issues that must be dealt with and driven back until they are totally driven back, if we let ourselves get nebulous, give sessions of Astrea's 10.14 decree, give sessions of calls to Archangel Michael and the violet flame, but do not demand in a certain area that this certain bill in Congress or this certain move by the Soviets or this certain move in our government be dealt with by the hosts of the Lord, if we do not keep on top of it and become experts on it and watch it every day and watch the effect our decrees have on it, then we are not recognizing the power of God that is in our hands.

"Now, some of you are doing well—you're researching, you're bringing to the attention of others certain conditions. And you focus on this and you focus on that and that's great. But what I am saying is that the whole movement, the whole planet together as one on each given weekend should be focusing on a certain issue or a certain two or three issues and we should be pouring our hearts
out on that issue as if our lives depended upon it.

" . . . By what favor did Almighty God allow us to be born here? Was it because we are better than
all of these people? I don't think so. I think it's because we demanded an opportunity and that we ourselves may have a very ancient and intricate karma that we needed a chance to balance.

"And God said, 'OK, instead of going through all of this war and torture in the nations that are angry, I'll send you to the free world and to America and I'll lead you to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and I will give you the key whereby you can help the others. Whereas, by the decree of your karma, you might have been there in outer darkness, you may come and be here in the Light. And instead of going through that, you can make the calls for your brothers and sisters who are going through it. And you can atone for all these past embodiments and win your ascension in the process.'

" . . . For every one of us sitting here and sitting in our sanctuaries throughout the world today, there are at least ten thousand people who are crying out to God, to Jesus, and to that Universal Christ and that Christ Self of us and saying, 'Help us. Where is justice? Where is God? Why are we being left to suffer in this manner? Why doesn't God help us? Why doesn't America help us?'

" . . . Keepers of the Flame, you must go after them! Whatever the cost, you have to be willing to pay the price. Because somebody upstairs has already paid it for you. And that's why you're in the United States of America in this activity today. And if you do the job right as you have been taught and give the calls to Archangel Michael from his rosary, your families will grow in Light's joy and not be overcome but confidently victorious.

" . . . Nothing is worth the loss of this planet. But more terrible than the loss of the planet is to sit somewhere in some kingdom, some retreat, some level of Light, and to know that because we did not do our part that planet was lost. And we will have to go on and prove on some other planet, some other system, this defeat of the sinister force.

"I cannot imagine a fate more terrible than arriving on the other side of the octave and knowing that I did not take full advantage of having had a physical body, having had the Inner Retreat, having had you, having had an organization, having had the powerthe real power of Godand not having wielded it, not having mobilized the planet, not having mobilized the Keepers of the Flame to this one-pointedness.

"We are an armya tremendous army of Light. We are Maitreya's troops. The Revelation of Jesus to Saint John says hethe Faithful and True who is called The Wordwins the war with his legions. We are those legions! And our counterparts are the saints in heaven, and they need usthey need our voice."

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"Now out of the Light of the Central Sun I release the golden cycle of the sun, and its release in this hour is timed according to the cycles of the Great Causal Body. Therefore, beloved, prepare to receive that cycle as it descends to earth. Thus, be seated that I may speak to you of its portent.

"The golden cycle of the sun is a release of Light out of the very sphere of the golden light of the crown chakra. Thus, it does come for the increase of the Power, the Wisdom and the Love of the mind. Therefore, let the Holy Trinity be also ensconced in that Mind of God in you.

"This is a spiral, beloved, that shall affect all evolutions of the Matter cosmos according to the cycle of their individual worlds and planes. The cycle therefore lends itself to the cycle already commenced by the individual initiate.

"Inasmuch as you have heard a great deal about the path of the initiate and the chela, know that it is to the purpose [of your fulfillment of this path] that certain dispensations are forthcoming in this decade. They are concurrent with the dark cycles of karma but they are the light cycles of the Causal Bodies of the saints. And these light cycles, like unto the golden cycle of the Great Central Sun, converge; and those who are ready and those who are prepared, even as those who did receive the planting of the seed in the chalice prepared, they shall know a great boon of Light.

"For as darkness comes forth to be balanced [i.e., transmuted], so light does come forth. As a man soweth, so shall he also reap. Therefore now is the hour, and continuing, to reap the golden cycle of the sun of your Causal Body that you have sown into the various planes of the universe in all of your sowings since you left the Great Central Sun with your twin flame.

"Thus, it is the hour of the reward of the prophets and of the saints and of those who have come as the messengers and the instruments of God, and that release of Light shall be an empowerment that they themselves have generated. Thus you have access, as of this day, to certain cycles, specifically golden cycles of the sun of your own Presence that have returned to you by the good works that you have sent out.

"I AM Saint Germain. I, then, come as the facilitator of this process. For I place my violet flame between the soul [and Causal Body of the one] who is servant on the Seventh Ray with Melchizedek, king of Salem and priest of the Most High God, with Zarathustra, with Lord Zadkiel, with the Elohim Arcturus and Victoria, with my own mentor, the Great Divine Director.

"You who have served the Seventh Ray in the temples of Lemuria and Atlantis and other planetary homes even as far [away] as the Violet Planet, you now have that boon of the violet flame that I may multiply. I multiply your portion and increase it. And therefore between your soul and your Causal Body is violet flame; and by and through that violet flame, the golden cycle of the Great Central Sun and of your Causal Body can quicken the crown chakra, can quicken your soul and quicken your entire manifestation.

"It is up to you, beloved. [Because it is you, the individual, who determines what you can receive.] It is the individual lodestone. It is the individual momentum. By your momentum, by your fruits, by all that you bring to this table prepared in the wilderness, so shall you receive.

"As though it were awards night, beloved, so there does come to you opportunity—opportunity according to cycles. These cycles are foreordained in the beginning of the manvantara, in the beginning of the outbreath of God. Thus, in the inbreath all cycles return to the point of beginning, which is also the point of ending.

"Now I say, beloved, there are portents, [some] that are positive, such as the handwriting in the skies [portending] the coming of avatars and Christed ones to be born under the auspicious astrology of Pluto exceeding its outer ring and moving toward the center [of the solar system] within the orbit of Neptune. So you see, beloved, there is that Light. And as there is that crossing, so there can be the crossing over of Lightbearers of tremendous dimension whose Causal Bodies coincide with the golden cycle of the sun.

"Therefore look to the hour of the Divine Manchild appearing in many a babe and in the Christ Self of you. Look to the Divine Mother within you, each one, to give birth to that Christ consciousness. Look to yourself to increase in devotions to the Divine Mother that you might ever be her presence within the earth.

"Yes, beloved, unto the beginning and the ending of ages there is the coming of great avatars. Whether they shall succeed in this era depends upon the vigilance of all Lightbearers, in the first instance, as they call for the binding of Antichrist that does oppress and oppose these children and, secondly, in the very protection of the children themselves.

"It was a period of great darkness when the word did go forth from the mouth of Isaiah concerning the prophecy of the coming of the child. The child that was to come was a child in that era and in succeeding centuries leading unto the culmination of the birth of the avatar Jesus Christ.

"I, therefore, make known to you this unleashing of the golden cycle of the sun as opportunity for you individually to bring forth fruits from your Causal Body that have not been accessible to you in this
life nor in previous lifetimes lest you should misuse them or squander that treasure.

"Now the hour is come to those who have some degree of self-discipline, who have grown wiser by many mistakes and many right decisions. In that point of wisdom may you cherish, then, that treasure from your own Causal Body and cherish even more [the fact] that from the Great Central Sun there can be released to you these positive momentums of a cosmos.

"I, Saint Germain, come to you, then, not alone for the inauguration of this spiral, as it has been appointed to me by God to so inaugurate it, but I come also as the figure of the prophet in the land.

"I also come grateful for the readings given by the Messenger, for the facts presented, grateful that these may reach some numbers through avenues open to you. For, beloved, in order for me to quicken minds and hearts with the truth, there must be some trickling [of the facts] into those minds and heartsfacts that provide knowledge as coordinates [already present] in their minds so that they might understand the truth when they hear it.

" . . . I speak to you, then, of the dispensations of the violet flame announced by Omri-Tas and me. These dispensations you have used, though not to the utmost or the ultimate. Therefore you have gained what has been gained, and in a personal sense some have made marked progress. On the other hand, beloved, there is such a layered effect of deceit across the nations of the world that it will take much, much more effort on your parts to transmute that deception as it grinds out from the mills of those who have become the world’s masters of deceit.

"I will add, then, to the statements of the Messenger that there is much, much more that is hidden that must be revealed. Your calls to Cyclopea can bring this information [before the public], and the facts [we have] at hand [can be made known].

" . . . It is not an insurmountable problem, this prognostication of war between the superpowers. It is surmountable, but you have to know that it is surmountable. You have to know that the [positive good] of all of the Causal Bodies of the Light Beings of a cosmos may combine together in answer to your call to change the course of what might, [as of this date,] still appear upon the screen of life.

"Do not think that the challenge of this war is beyond the ability of the Great White Brotherhood, for I tell you it is not. But unless you get in the driver’s seat and see yourself as ableand God in you as ableand see the power of God as greater than all of that might arrayed against the Light of freedom upon earth, it will not come to pass that this prophecy shall be turned aside.

"You must lock in to the posture that you are in God and God is in you and that you are one (for you are his offspring), that Christ the mediator is the mediator twixt your soul and God and that the violet flame consumes all that is unlike his presence.

"I want you to tackle this problem as though it were a neighborhood squabble, for in the entire cosmos this potential war is a neighborhood squabble.

"Do not misunderstand me, beloved one. The lethal nature of nuclear weapons and those weapons that continue to be built by the Soviet Union is beyond that which the earth has seen in hundreds of thousands of years. Beloved ones, [the war that is contemplated] can be a horrendous calamity that changes the face of the entire planet. Or it can be won by careful planning.

"The combination of minds that lead this nation includes cowards, deniers, moles [from other systemswe call them ‘enemy aliens’] who are unknown to themselves as moles, and those who, [although they] have many layers of awareness, are yet [willing to take] the ultimate gamble. Yes, beloved, the leadership is not strong, but the people themselves have the karma of this poor leadership. Poor leadership, beloved, is a betrayal in itself and yet many who serve you have long been the betrayers of my lifestream and my flame of freedom and my path of initiation.

"Therefore, beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing! Beware of forces of Antichrist that move against the flowering of the Christ consciousness in America! At levels of their being they know, beloved, that the reign of peace under Jesus Christ and the power of a golden age and the perpetuation of this Path and Teaching can only lead to the eventual liberation of every soul of Light and servant of God upon this planet and to the judgment of those who serve the powers of Darkness.

"Since they also serve the powers of Darkness, it is in their interest to preserve chaos and holocaust and war. For by the perpetuation of war, there is the cutting off of the avenue of communication of the Teachings, the lost teachings of Jesus Christ, and what they can mean in the personal life of the individual.

"Why, beloved ones, do you know that there are many lifestreams upon earth who couldin another decade and another and another, even in the thirty-three-year spiral that is begun for The Summit Lighthouseif they had this Teaching today, actually enter in to that Christhood and be bonded to their Holy Christ Self?

"You are living in a time and in an age when many thousands and even millions of people are on the brink of discovering that personal path of Christhood, both within at inner levels and by the contact of this Messenger and Teaching. Thus you see, beloved, for that reason [alone] it is in the interest of the powers of Death and Hell, both those on the astral plane and those in physical embodiment, to stop the very course of civilization and its communication of the word of Jesus Christ, to stop it at any and all costs."

Saint Germain
October 14, 1991

Use the Violet Flame Tapes for Elemental Life
May You Retain One Priest or Priestess from the Violet Planet:

"May you be grateful to work with elementals, for these elementals are . . . jumping up and down and so happy that you now have the tapes that you can use [to bless and heal them]. Teach these songs to children and tell them about the elementals. Tell them about the angels . . .

" The power of the resurrection flame is mighty and therefore on these tapes you weave it with the violet flame. And the weaving of the resurrection flame with the violet flame shall give new impetus to billions upon billions upon billions of elementals . . .

"And you shall see change! You shall see change.

" . . . Visualize the oceans as violet flame oceans
and all of the waters, even the water that you drink, beloved. Let it become blessed by your hands, left and right, left underneath and right above, as you bless that water and call for it to become your violet flame elixir. See the violet flame purging the mind and emptying your cells of those substances that you should never have partaken of in the first place . . .

"One hundred and forty-four thousand priests of the sacred fire from the Violet Planet have accompanied me for this thirty-three-day sojourn. May you know that we intend to make our mark and to make a difference in the quality of life on earth.

'We anticipate and look forward to your fullest cooperation. We desire to see you and the Lightbearers and Keepers of the Flame of the earth be able to retain the presence of one such priest or priestess of the violet flame of the Seventh Ray, to be able to retain it after the thirty-three days of our presence here. This is an experiment. If you cooperate and take full advantage of it, we shall be able to immediately build upon it and increase and multiply again in the next thirty-three-day cycle.

'It might be well for you to put on paper what is your daily pledge to the violet flame and then signify at the end of thirty-three days how you have accomplished it."

October 14, 1991

" . . . beloved, as you may be aware, there are types of viruses that are being discovered in the earth today that are so lethal that they can destroy the population of an entire city. This, then, is another of my grave concerns. For while we plant the Tree of Life at this Mystery School and on this ranch, while we raise up in you sons and daughters of God ready to stand on the threshold of eternal life and to enter into eternal life at the conclusion of this embodiment, we see that there is such great darkness in the earth as to potentially eclipse the great good that the Great White Brotherhood is able to accomplish through you and all Lightbearers of the world.

"Thus, seek protection early. And know, beloved, that because of the unpredictability of the human consciousness, if the planetary plot of fallen ones in their germ warfare is not exposed and dealt with, no one (including the Ascended Masters) will be able to say just when or where this deadly warfare will be unleashed.

"Following is the thoughtform I would give you for your visualization. Visualize the circle and sword
of Astrea encircling viruses that cannot be seen except under a microscope. Visualize billions times billions of the Electronic Presence of Astrea around them. And use your Astrea decrees henceforth to encircle all kinds of evil life forms that have been planted in the earth, that have survived the sinking of continents and cataclysms and yet remain, and others, beloved
and this is what I wish you to knowthat have been deposited in the earth recently.

" . . . I sound the alarm this day. You ought to be alarmed and you ought to realize that the power of the sacred fire that is in your hand, if you will make use of it daily, can turn around and consume these foul viruses in the earth. But this planetary clearance must be done by those who are initiates."

February 26, 1995

"The undines have not immortal life, save those who have reached the levels of adeptship and have bonded to Christ and therefore have received a flame . . . .

"Those [undines], then, who have that flame lead other undines. And there is such a great necessity for violet flame for these elementals, since they serve tirelessly, unceasingly, sacrificially that mankind might continue its course, that people might yet have life, that they might yet have the necessary balance of food, of water, of elements in their bodies that there might yet be a resonance between humanity and the Christ consciousness. The balance, then, of the elements in the four lower bodies and in the psyche is something that elemental life must be concerned aboutand they are so directed by their hierarchs.

"These blessed servants, then, serve without a threefold flame and yet almost as though they had that flame. Yet they cannot be empowered with that flame until the sons and daughters of God rise up and bind the black magicians and the fallen ones who abuse elemental life. As you see the abuse of animal life as well as human life on earth, you understand that the elementals must rise and accelerate to a new level of being before they can be entrusted with a threefold flame. And therefore, the hierarchs of these kingdoms and many in our service do supply that very element. We supply the threefold flame on behalf of those who serve and those who are coming out from under the oppression of the fallen ones.

"Think of the pollutions of the rivers of the earth, of the waters under the earth and of the seas in our time. Think then again of the rising and sinking of continents, of cataclysms, of the misuse of nuclear energy and of all forms of toxic wastes that have been dumped in the planetary body, necessitating cataclysm for the washing of the continents, for the purification, for the restoration, for the bringing in of new dispensations of a new era.

"It is for [this] reason of pollution, at least it is a major reason, that there is cataclysm in the earth at all. For life cannot continue, else we shall have aberrations."

Neptune and Luara
October 7, 1993

New Orleans and the surrounding area was an open door to much darkness that has entered America. It gave birth to the blues and jazz and was the entry point of marijuana into the United States. Some roots of rock music are found there. New Orleans is also a focus of practices in black magic and voodoo.

Before the disaster of hurricane Katrina in August 2005 and hurricane Rita in September 2005, the city was known as a center for gambling, drinking and degenerate partying. Southern Decadence started thirty-four years ago as a simple going-away party. As a top gay Labor Day Weekend destination, it evolved into one of America's major annual events.

One of the largest celebrations in New Orleans, it has become known as the "Gay Mardi Gras."
With over 100,000 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender participants in 2004, homosexuals annually gathered there for their reunion. Meltdown Dance Party upstairs at The Bourbon Pub/Parade was the climax party of the weekend, presented in association with Bad Boy Club Montreal as an official Black and Blue Weekend pre-party.

The economic impact of this single annual event on the city of New Orleans was estimated to be in excess of $95 million. Mayor Ray Nagin recognized its importance with an Official Proclamation to welcome the event. Offshore were numerous gambling casinos. The governments of Louisiana and Mississippi have lost $500,000 a day in tax revenues from the now-missing gambling industry.

The New Orleans mindset: "Let the good times roll!" (yes, that really is the state motto of Louisiana) might need to be re-evaluated. Meanwhile, no streetcars, including Desire, are running in New Orleans. If you are/were a resident of New Orleans, are you, as Blanche Debois claimed to be, very adaptable to circumstances?

"Hurricanes, tornados and other adverse weather are the outpicturing by the elementals of mankind’s out-of-control emotions. Earth changes, hurricanes, storms, tidal waves, and destruction of life that we see on the news also show us that people are not processing their karma; so that karma comes upon them through nature.

"Black magicians, both in and out of embodiment, are directly responsible for the hurricanes that beat upon the Atlantic coast. The beings of the elements of earth, air, fire and water are imprisoned by the black magicians in focuses of furious hatred that are programmed to out-picture as hurricane, flood, fire and tornado. For centuries the fallen ones have been using the elementals against mankind. The consciousness and conscious manipulation of energy of the fallen ones are transferred to elemental life. This process perverts the Holy Spirit.

"Most hurricanes originate from the ocean off the coast of Africa and then move west to the Caribbean. They derive from the momentum of hatred of the Light that has been focused there in the Caribbean and Africa since the decline of Atlantis. In the Caribbean islands are ancient records of extreme cruelty, malpractice, human and animal sacrifice, superstition and darkness. Also rebellion against God through Communism always causes the elementals to cease to serve the people.

"Realize then that you are not dealing with a hurricane per se, but you are dealing with the forces behind the hurricane—forces of antichrist, extreme hatred and jealousy of the Christ (especially the Christ consciousness of the nation America), anger toward the light and misuse of sexual energy that comes from the voodoo ceremonies, black magic, witchcraft and satanic rituals that originate
in the Caribbean, chiefly from Haiti and ultimately from the jungles of Africa. These are often mplified through similar voodoo rituals in Louisiana and other parts of America. This energy upsets the elementals and snowballs, gathering more of its kind.

"In fact Mark Prophet several times described the annual hurricanes arising from the Southern Caribbean as a 'giant bowling ball' rolling down the corridor from Haiti to Florida. The elementals are waiting to carry out the commands of the sons and daughters of God. The messengers teach that through prayer and dynamic decrees we are often able to deflect and to pull off this energy, and drain off the effluvia before it infects elemental life further. Indeed the calls and decrees of Keepers of the Flame have turned back and dissolved hurricanes, tornadoes and storms:

1. Call to the hierarchs of the Elements and use the supporting decrees of the First Ray and of Astrea.

2. Use the violet flame to transmute the karmic causes of cataclysm brewing just beneath the surface of everyday life before it further breaks out with violence in the physical plane.

3. Ask the Great Divine Director to arrest the spiral of the hurricane or storm.

4. Use the words of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, who said, “Peace be still” to the water and the air element and calm the sea and the storm.

5. Use the all-seeing eye and the decree to Cyclopea to penetrate the density of mankind’s impure thoughts and feelings which creates the dense tarry-black misqualified substance, clogging the body of the earth.

6. Appeal to Lord Gautama Buddha, the Maha Chohan, Lords of Karma and the Four and Twenty Elders, who give the orders as to how the descent of karma shall be outplayed by elemental life.

7. Call to the fiery salamanders and other beings of Light to consume the anger and hatred.

8. Call for the clearing of the darkness and the binding of the black magicians at all levels of being who are behind the hurricanes.

9. Commit all your calls to the will of God.

"Having done your best, do not be burdened if there are instances where it is not possible to abate the storm. In working with storms and cataclysm, it is of the utmost importance to call for the will of God because we don't know if, on this occasion, it is necessary for mankind to experience some kind of cataclysm in order to work out their karma. Call always for the will of God and for the clearing of darkness, but if our calls are not answered in the way that we expect and the hurricane hits, remember even the Lords of Karma do not interfere with mankind's karma and the Masters cannot always stand between man and the law of return of karma.

"So we do all that we can, we make the calls and then we say 'Thy will be done.' Sometimes the tremendous rains may be to clear for the coming of the Mother Flame. Sometimes God’s merciful hand may act through the elementals to produce severe storms and hurricanes to prevent worse calamities, even the averting of war or foreign invasion. Hurricanes and earthquakes are also a measure of karma descending and of the transmutation of that karma."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
October 9, 1998

"By the power of the Godhead it is stripped from you, and you may no longer abuse that power of the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Rays. You may no longer misuse the Light of the Trinity and the power of the threefold flame!

"You may not take the Light of the Woman and her seed! You may not take the Light of the ascension flame in all manner of child abuse and the raping of the woman and all of the misuse of the sacred fire in homosexuality that is rampant on this planetary body and will bring upon the individual and the societies who allow it that judgment that fell upon Sodom and Gomorrah!

"And it will not be turned back! And you will see cataclysm descend upon those cities that have made themselves a haven for those who pervert the Light of the sacred fire. And the Law has not changed, and this is not fanaticism; it is the fervor of Almighty God!

"I say to you, you who are the ones who break the laws of God, this is the fervor of God to save your souls and to call you back from your wickedness and your vileness and your abuse of the Godhead. For you shall not pass! For I stand in the earth—and not I alone, for God is with me. And where I stand is the Electronic Presence of my God. There is the fire of Saint Germain! There is the protection of the Great White Brotherhood! There is Archangel Michael!

"And I AM the voice of Elohim! And I speak into the very teeth of Darkness and those who are corrupting the minds of the youth and all people of the planet through the media, through the motion picture industry and their displayal of those things on the screen which ought not to be revealed, for these activities [between man and woman are sealed] in the secret chamber of the heart.

"And therefore I deplore and decry that violence on the screen! I deplore that misuse of the sacred fire and the exposing of the bodies of man and woman in every form and posture, which is not meet for an Elohim to describe."

Elohim Cyclopea
June 3, 1984

"Hear now the Word of the Lord. The hour has come when darkness and confusion must recede as the manifestation of the Christ Light appears to all. Lo, I come with power and glory. Lo, I come! Lo, I come with clouds, and every eye shall see Meyea, even those which pierced Me. And then shall men also know that not only do those pierce Me who pierced My Son Christ Jesus, but also those who have pierced My purposes by denying them. Having lived, then, in sundry times and various manifestations according to the rituals of the flesh, they continue so to do and fail to recognize the power and preeminence of the spirit of faith that is within their hearts and the power and grace of the world to come.

"And therefore I will bring a great earthquake to pass upon this world; and the world shall find, with the presence of this earthquake, that I the Lord God live! And behold, it shall come to pass that many shall perish; for they have not heard My Word. Behold, the wickedness of mankind today is as the wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah; and behold, I shall shake the pillars of the earth. And surely, saith the Lord, an earthquake shall come, and no man shall be able to stop it or to stay it! For behold, My wrath is kindled against mankind’s continual involvement in human discord and inharmony and their failure to acknowledge the power of God which is in the heavens above and also upon the earth beneath and in the waters and underneath the earth.

"Behold, I AM the Lord thy God; and surely this thing shall be. And it shall be in My season and in My time as I shall direct it. And it shall be as a result of mankind’s own karmic justice which they have established. The patterns that they have brought forth shall also come upon them. And surely I the Lord God will visit this earth, and it shall come to pass; and I the Lord have spoken it! Behold, the time when men’s hearts are failing for fear has come upon the earth. And behold, it shall intensify; for yea, they have deserved it. Yea, they have surfeited themselves. They have thought to glorify themselves and exalt themselves unto the mountains; and behold, the hour of My appearing is at hand. Behold, I shall surely visit the family of nations, and I shall render unto all according to their just deserts."

December 10, 1972

"The sacred fire has been distorted through the misuse of sex, and sacred music has been aborted through the introduction of astral and voodoo rhythms. The new moralities of the people must be seen for what they are—simply the old and sordid outworkings of Sodom and Gomorrah come again. Children are taught to pay homage to personalities, and thus they follow after rock ‘n’ roll idols who themselves are the victims of the demons of darkness. The brutal noises of these pied pipers jar the fine sensibilities of the soul and destroy the inner electronic machinery that would enable the youth to attune with the Spirit of God and to decipher the tongues of angels."

Saint Germain
Intermediate Studies
in Alchemy, chapter III

"If you would live in the flaming presence of love, be prepared to deal with the fallen ones who have misused this sacred fire to create all manner of ugliness and distortion of the divine arts and of the music of the spheres to turn man and woman upside down and inside out in acts of perverted sex and misuses of the sacred fire. And they have caused the judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah to be upon this generation who have replaced reverence for life with the murder of the avatars and of the Divine Mother."

Archangel Chamuel
Vials of the Seven Last Plagues, chapter V

"To those who would know the freedom of the soul, I say, listen well! For there is a price that must be paid for that freedom. It is the surrender of your idols, of your idolatry, and of your submission to the idolatrous generation.

" . . . And let my people return to the sanctity of the sacred ritual of the exchange of the sacred fire between enlightened man and woman who have come before the altar of God to consecrate their union for the bringing forth of the lightbearers. And let the young who ought to be maturing in the ways of the Christ be freed from the luciferian perversions of life’s sacred energies, from the incorrect use of the sacred fire in sex, from premarital exchanges, and from perverted practices that issue from the degenerate spirals of Sodom and Gomorrah."

Djwal Kul
November 10, 1974

"Come forth, Mighty Victory! Anoint those souls of Light who will go forth in America to counteract the feminist revolt against the living God, [yes, to counteract] the fallen ones who would raise up the perversion of the life-force and declare it to be the norm of life and therefore by that very act set the seal upon America of the internal destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

"Let these fallen ones be exposed! Let the Truth be heard! And let the lambs of God now put on the mantle of the Lamb. Let the sacred sword of Jeremiah be in your hand! And let us defeat these individuals who spread abroad [their] lies, who infiltrate families and the home, mothers and fathers, children and [the halls of] education, bringing forth their godless philosophy of the Nephilim in this age, called 'humanism' to give it that sense of innocuousness. For who in defending humanism could possibly be against human beings? And, after all, is not the age one of human rights?"

Lord Maitreya
July 19, 1981

" . . . Mark Prophet said in one of his lectures which is on tape (you may have heard it) that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by nuclear energy. And he said, 'And I am not going to say any more.' So he didn’t go into the whole story, but he knew that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by nuclear energy."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
October 20, 1985

"And because of swearing, taking the name of the Lord God, YHVH, ELOHIM, in vanity and in profanity and thereby invoking devils out of the bottomless pit, the land of the Mother and elemental life mourneth; and the pleasant places, the chakras of their virgin consciousness, are dried up and the course of energy flow within them is evil, and their life-force is not used rightly. And there is wickedness in the house of the Lord.

"Therefore in the year of their visitation, in the cycle of the return of their karma, I will bring the energy veil of the Dark Cycle upon them. The prophets of Samaria have prophesied unto Baal and caused my people Israel to err in the desecration of the life-force in lasciviousness before the altars of Baal.

"The prophets of Jerusalem commit adultery and walk in lies. They strengthen the hands of evildoers, supporting their love of money and the pleasure cult; they rebuke them not, and none doeth return from his wickedness. They are become as the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah. They have undone the paths of light within the Holy of holies, undoing the light of Alpha and Omega."

Sanat Kumara
The Opening of the Seventh
Seal, December 9, 1979

"And what of the angels who came to the house of Lot and entered into the house while the children of Sodom “encompassed the house around?” What of those beings who, by spiritual power, caused blindness to come upon the [men of Sodom] and did lead Lot out of unrighteous Sodom?

[They] did carry him high up and out of danger while the atomic substance of the atmosphere was ignited by the Word of these great Master Presences who came forth from the Karmic Board to render judgment in the name of God to the cities of the plain, Sodom and Gomorrah. What of them?

They were manifestations of the One . . ."

Mighty Victory
March 27, 1967

" . . . if you expect cataclysm, even if cataclysm may not come, you might not prefer to be at sea level.

"It is well to be prepared. And one should not feel foolish if one's preparedness was for naught.

"It must be done, beloved, even if it be an exercise in itself, even if the exercise produces such a neutralization of the sense of war that war does not happen at all.

"Call for your mighty I AM Presence to descend over you, especially in moments of severe crisis, such as earth changes and lesser manifestations. When you do this, beloved, God will answer. And if you have been a decent chela, an honourable chela, a loving chela, you will feel your I AM Presence around you.

"Think of this, beloved: if God has taken you thus far, will he not take you all the way?

"You who have walked the path of light will know an extraordinary protection . . . fear not.

"Not all people will be at the right place in the right time, but you shall be if you commune with Saint Germain daily.

" . . . when many who are of the light hold the balance for an area, your very bodies of light, your causal bodies themselves, will be a major stabilizing factor. Remember this, beloved, for cataclysm in the world in its totality or in segments of areas is not always necessary and in many instances can be easily mitigated because you are at peace in yourself and you can send forth light rays."

Casimir Poseidon
December 29, 1996

In Christian tradition, Archangel Gabriel, whose name means “God is my strength” or “man of God,” is the angel of annunciation and revelation—
sometimes referred to as the Angel of the Incarnation or the Angel of Consolation. In the Old Testament, he is the messenger sent by God to reveal to Daniel the meaning of his visions (Dan. 8;15, 16; 9:21, 22).

In the New Testament, he foretells to Zacharias the birth of John the Baptist (Luke 1:11-21) and announces to the Virgin Mary the birth of Jesus (Luke 1:26-38). To Zacharias he reveals “I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God” (Luke 1:19).

In Jewish legend and apocryphal teaching, Gabriel is one of the four angels who stand at the four sides of God’s throne, guarding the four parts of the world; he is considered to be the angel who dealt destruction to Sodom and Gomorrah and to Sennecherib’s hosts. In I Enoch 20:7, Gabriel is described as “one of the holy angels who presides over paradise, and over the cherubim”; in I Enoch 40:9, he is the one “who presides over all that is powerful.”

According to Islam, Gabriel (Jibril) is the angelic being who dictated the Koran to Mohammed. In rabbinic literature, Gabriel is the prince of justice. To Origen (De Principiis), he was the angel of war, and to Longfellow (The Golden Legend, early editions), the Angel of the Moon (the one who places the moon beneath the feet, i.e., dominion, of the Blessed Virgin) who brings man the gift of hope.

According to the court testimony of Joan of Arc, it was Gabriel who inspired her to seek the aid of the king of France. In ascended master teaching, Archangel Gabriel and his divine complement, Archeia Hope, serve on the fourth (white) ray of purity; they maintain an etheric retreat located between Sacramento and Mount Shasta, California.


"Can it be, that Providence has not connected the permanent felicity of a Nation with its virtue? The experiment, at least, is recommended by every sentiment which ennobles human Nature."George Washington (Farewell Address, 19 September 1796) Reference: George Washington: A Collection, W.B. Allen, ed. (522)

"I find no warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution, and I do not believe that the power and the duty of the General Government ought to be extended to the relief of individual suffering which is in no manner properly related to the public service or benefit . . . The friendliness and charity of our countrymen can always be relied upon to relieve their fellow citizens in misfortune. This has been repeatedly and quite lately demonstrated. Federal aid in such cases encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the Government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character, while it prevents the indulgence among our people of that kindly sentiment and conduct which strengthens the bonds of a common brotherhood."—President Grover Cleveland

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