The Roman Catholic Church

"How is man saved? Through emulating Jesus
or through worshiping him?"Archangel Uriel

"True religion is simple, compassionate, deep and it does connect the soul
to God directly. May you stand on that conviction and live
to fulfill your fiery destiny!"Phylos the Tibetan

"Indeed, until the rule of law afforded common people protection
against wanton murder, the Church resorted to any means
it deemed necessary to maintain its citadel of power."
Uriel and Aurora, March 27, 1997

"So let there be the judgment of the core of evil in all those
who allow themselves to usurp the mandate of the people, whether
appointed official or those elected who assume powers they do not have
for they are not God-ordained."Gautama Buddha, July 3, 1993

" . . . the Lord Jesus Christ has turned from the Vatican and established
his flame in our midst."Elizabeth C. Prophet, October 1, 1983

"Indeed, until the rule of law afforded common people protection
against wanton murder, the (Christian/Vatican) Church resorted to any means
it deemed necessary to maintain its citadel of power."Uriel and Aurora

" . . . the Roman Church is not protected; having defiled itself, having failed
to perpetuate the true teachings of Jesus Christ and to publish the record
of his eighteen years in the East that the youth of the world might follow
his example, having failed to outline a viable path of sainthood along the lines
of the Eastern bodhisattva ideal or the application in daily life of the sacred
mysteries taught by Messengers as these were given to them by Jesus,
the present leadership has lost its dispensation."
A Document from the Darjeeling Council

"Therefore pray, I tell you this day, that the Sun Presence which I bring
shall expose to you those illusions [of self] that you have come to lean upon
and to imagine are real."Helios, July 4, 1984

"I do like your Christ, I do not like your Christians.
Christians are so unlike your Christ!"Mahatma Gandhi [1869-1948]

"Chivalry might be called the baptism of Feudalism.
It was an attempt to bring the justice and even the logic of the Catholic creed
into a military system which already existed."G. K. Chesterton

" . . . Do you realize how many of the tribes and races of the earth have gone before you to bring about your incarnation, your combination of genes, your being who you are this day? I tell you, you as a community have in the aggregate almost the full representation of the tribes of the earth, as you come from every nation. Thus we find here a 'united nations' that is spiritual. You make up a spiritual unity of nations that truly comes forth from the Sun, S-U-N. And from the heart of that Great Central Sun, as rays of light, truly you have descended.

"You have come to earth to contribute your know-how to the world community in the area of your specialization. But you have come for ultimate reasons. You have come to fulfill a divine plan that began long, long ago. Thus, opportunity has never been greater in this nation to set causes on their courses, their right courses, and to set at naught those vile deeds that come through the abuse of power.

"Yes, I speak of the abuse of power. Neglect not its exorcism from your own being, for you unwittingly abuse even your own soul by silencing that soul when that soul would give you intimations of which way to turn and which way to go.

"The abuse of power in government is not absent from this nation. You have seen it again and again. I sit in the seat of Shamballa in the heart of the lotus and in the hearts of all, and I say:

"The Lords of Karma do pronounce their judgment this day upon the persecutors of the members of the David Koresh commune who perished in Waco, Texas. So let the judgment descend upon those who have contrived to wipe out a portion of life in their refusal to acknowledge the deep things of God and the right of the soul to err, even the right to follow one who is not a true teacher. For the individual has a right to trial and error, to know freedom of conscience, and to make his choices.

" . . . You must realize, beloved, that it is the fragmentation of the bodies of religion in the earth that does allow this abuse of power. I speak, then, to all of you as my children. I speak sternly. You must set aside your doctrinal differences. There is no boat of doctrine that will get you anywhere; there is only the prajna boat, the boat of Wisdom and of Love that will see you through to Home port.

" . . . Do not ask anyone what his religion is. But ask him if he will join the fight for the victory of Divine Love in the earth and for the victory of Divine Union in heaven. Ask him if he will join the ranks of the Lord’s hosts to overturn these fallen angels who have made mincemeat of the children of God for centuries; for they have divided and conquered and in their casuistry they have in fact divided the whole Body of God.

"I come, then, to deliver a cosmic spanking unto all who have allowed themselves to be separated one from the other through their self-righteousness in matters of religious doctrine. This is not the teaching of the saviours who have come from God. It is not the teaching, above all, of Jesus Christ, and it is not the teaching of Gautama Buddha.

"I AM here this day and I ask you to purge yourselves of your inner schisms, for thereby you will purge yourselves of outer divisions that divide and conquer. Accept one another for what you are today as you move together, striving for a better tomorrow.

" . . . Mind my words, beloved. Be keen and alert, and do not fail to pray. For I AM Gautama Buddha, a very practical sort of fellow, and I move here and there in my many manifestations. I am out and about in the earth. I am at all times accessible to you, for I meditate and commune with all life in action."

Gautama Buddha

" . . . Blessed hearts, even those institutions greatly revered, such as the Catholic Church itself, must come under the scrutiny of the heavenly octave. And one must not retain the idolatrous consciousness that merely because a dispensation was given that therefore the human mind itself is invulnerable or cannot become [vulnerable], then, corroded and corrupted by vice entering therein.

"It is the Church itself as the universal Mystical Body of God that stands in all ages in all time and space gainst which the gates of hell shall not prevail. But human institutions rise and fall. And when a human institution is no longer a vehicle for the ongoing cycles of the Eternal One, then we must find another chalice—yea, not only find it but raise it up, forge it, create it and then, fashioning the most noble crystal chalice, pour into it the new wine that will not be taken by the old bottles of an orthodoxy that has been corrupted by the machinations of those very fallen ones of whom you have spoken this day.

"The entering in, then, into the company of the saints of this false doctrine and dogma must be perceived not as that which is the [Teaching of the] eternal Hierarchy nor the descent of the divine revelation [of the Holy Ghost] nor of the apostolic commission of my very own Son. But, blessed hearts, realize that it is upon the Rock of the individual Christ Self [of every member of the Mystical Body of God] and not upon the flesh-and-blood consciousness of Peter or of his successor that the rising or the falling of the Church must rest. Would we, then, place something so divine as the institution in heaven and on earth of the Mystical Body of God in the fragile chalice of the human will or human frailty? I tell you nay!

"The Rock of the Church lives today in the hearts of those who are its true saints both within and without its ranks East and West and even those who may be devotees of Zarathustra or of the Lord Confucius. For that [Body] which consists of the true and the faithful ones of God is [truly that Universal Church which maintains] oneness [in the Spirit] with the Lord [Jesus] Christ [and the saints in heaven]. And that name, the name of the living Saviour, as the rose by any other name that smells as sweet, must be perceived as something vastly more cosmic and universal than the mere manifestation of [the Christ by] a single individual, even though that individual [be the World Saviour and his] name be Jesus.

"Understand that the Christ of Jesus is greater than the man or manifestation but is the universal Presence of the Son of God—his own divine identity appearing and reappearing in the avatars of all ages. Understand [that] it is the quality of the heart’s devotion and the [one-pointedness of souls] and the penetration of that [Christ] Light [within their spirits] that comprises the Universal Church. And therefore let us be free even of the idolatry of an institution, as some have entered into the idolatry of the Lord Christ—which is to say, looking after the very limited matrix of definitions prescribed by a doctrine that was not truly dictated by him nor received by the Holy Spirit but rather construed [by a false hierarchy who] in their fear of the loss of [members sought to control them by fear through a false doctrine and dogma].

"And those appointed to be shepherds of my sheep therefore must not contrive doctrines out of fear and then justify the end by the means or the means by the end. For these justifications result in corruption, in self-deception, and ultimately the withdrawal of the mighty Truth of reincarnation, of [the] preexistence [of the soul], of the law of karma, and of the fall of the angels and the raising up of the saints, whose hour is come to judge those very [fallen] angels who have been their overlords for many, many ages.

"Therefore, let the Church be understood as the white cube that is at the very heart and base of the threefold flame of Life. Let the individual recognize himself as the living Church. For not a cathedral nor an institution but a heart that beats one with the heart of God, this is my definition of Church. And this is the altar where I worship the one God—the altar of the heart that beats in the living Son in embodiment, the altar where the supreme sacrifice of self is day by day making its mark for the victory of the total Body of God.

"Such a sacrifice is not too great for me to ask of you because it is not too great for you to make. For you have already come this far to pursue that point of Reality. You have already said, 'I will give all that I AM to discover the grain of Truth, the single grain which when assimilated will result in my own instantaneous cosmic awareness of self.'

"Yes, this grain of Light is the [nucleus] of [the] seed atom of the soul. Yes, this point of Light is available! And that sudden realization of inner Godhood can come to you when the fetters of the outer coils and conditions of life are cast aside. Because you stand fearless! Because you know the Lord thy God liveth! Because you know there is an inner design and matrix and there is a point of identity that will endure beyond the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and of Babylon the Great and of all of the fallen ones and the seed of the wicked! [Because] you know that the real identity of self within you shall endure and [therefore] you cleave to the Rock—the Rock that is higher than the I that affirms the Rock!"

Mother Mary
August 15, 1981

"And this is why the churches are empty all over the world: because there is not a new awareness and a moving forward with the age of those who represent the various world religions. There must be a renewal and a reinfusion and a resurrection and a sense of the regenerative mind of the Buddha, for instance, who surely has progressed over twenty-five hundred years—and of Jesus Christ, who in two thousand years has become more and more and more of that Universal Christ.

"Thus, the universe is progressive and unfolding and ongoing. Thus, you also are more today, I dare say, than we found you twenty-five hundred years ago! And none of you would want to go back to that point. And therefore, do not hold back the World Teachers ascended, but recognize that you must follow in the wake of the very journey and pilgrimage which they lead across the heavens and through the stars. And if you lose the wake, you will not have the momentum of their forging of the trail and when you finally decide to follow after them, you will have to cut afresh through the jungles of maya and the astral illusions.

"Understand, then, it is important to keep up with your Teacher. It is important to move when the Guru moves! It is important to let go of the old fantasies of self and selfhood when they are to be let go of. When we give dispensations of healing, it means there is a dispensation and it is a moment when you can accelerate in rejuvenation, because this is what is important to the Lords of Karma and this is the opening to heaven’s gate in this hour."

God and Goddess Meru
January 6, 1985

"Blessed ones, the so-called Catholic view of Mother Mary is not the Ascended Master reality and you must come to understand this. As beautiful and divine as the Blessed Mother is in this tradition, you can see in her a more universal and cosmic manifestation that does represent so many facets of the Universal Woman, even the Woman clothed with the Sun, even my Mary.

"Blessed hearts, therefore Mary does descend with me and with our legions even into the astral plane. And she does speak as a very stern mother, even as Kali herself, to rebuke those who are there who have not listened to their teachers and who are the rebellious ones. Do you think they treat her any better than she is treated in this world by those outside of the circle of Catholicism? In some cases, I tell you nay. But for the sake of the souls who are entrapped by the fallen ones she does preach, I do preach, and so do our legions.

"Do you understand, beloved? You preach the Truth when you see, or perhaps do not see, that a soul of Light is trapped by the sophists, by the fallen ones in their faulty reasoning and their misuse of the divine Logos in logic and debate. Thus, beloved, you preach to them, but it is the soul that is in awe of their mechanized brilliance that you have come to deliver. Thus it is well to know how to defeat these fallen ones by the sword of Truth.

"Therefore, let that sword proceed out of the mouth of the Two Witnesses and out of the mouths of all who follow them witnessing unto the eternal Truth. For the divine office of the Two Witnesses must one day be passed to their chelas and disciples, each one wearing that mantle. And the mantle is worn by twin flames, beloved, witnessing unto Alpha and Omega and all of the teaching, for it is the Law and the order of Hierarchy that all must move on in that course and dispensation.

"Therefore see well that the initiations of those Two Witnesses must be taken upon yourselves. And it is well to do so small increment by small increment daily as you call to be taken to our retreat, in addition to the retreats of the Chohans, [to] that retreat over Fátima, to understand what is the calling of the Two Witnesses."

Archangel Raphael
April 9, 1989

"You must understand that on earth and in karmic conditions and circumstances there are, in fact, some situations to which there are no solutions. This is a very important truth, beloved. Consider well what I have just said: I have said there are some situations for which there are no solutions.

"The present order of the Roman Church—its corruption, its travesty against my Son and his Teaching, its compromise with World Communism which bespeaks some plot or conspiracy as has been suggested—surely, beloved, must show that the old order must be replaced by the new. Yet there is no resolution to that old order because of free will, because of entrenched forces, and because of such a horrendous karma on the part of this institution that it is as though it would be better to let it go bankrupt and dissolve rather than to have a new set of lifestreams and saints take on the Church and with it take on a karma that is not even theirs."

Mother Mary

"The Gnostics did not agree with the early Church Fathers and ecclesiastics who had vested the sole authority for teaching and preaching in the hands of the clerics.

" . . . Most of their works have not survived. Why is this so? Because the early Church Fathers, threatened by the popularity of a teaching that challenged the orthodox position, condemned the Gnostics and banned their works. What they were condemning was freedom of religion and the Spirit of Liberty we receive by Christ that sets the captive soul free."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
The Enemy Within, ch. 5
S.U. Press, 2004, pp. 81-2

"Blessed ones, the betrayers in the Roman Church of the true patriots of Poland must hang
their heads in shame before the Lords of Karma this day. The compromisers in the Protestant movement must also know that they receive the judgment of the Lord Christ. Let all those who —by neglect, fear, sympathy, or their own evil hearts—protect and give place to the murderous ones sent by the Soviets know that they shall not pass, that the Law is just, that God is just, and that Jesus does act in this hour to protect his little ones from the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

"I assure you as I, Saint Germain, live, these oppressors of the faithful shall not pass! And they shall retain upon their hands the blood of the holy innocents whom they have slain. And it shall be required of them this day and in the day of judgment to come. And not one jot or tittle of the misuse of the sacred fire by these fallen angels in embodiment shall pass. As they have withheld mercy, so mercy shall be withheld from them. And I speak it in the physical octave. And the violet flame does make it physical this day."

Saint Germain

"Thus I come before you with my chastening rod concerning the conference of Catholic prelates in the United States that has come forward against the necessary defense of this nation, and accusing of immorality any act of war that must be taken in defense of the individual and the nation.

"This statement, which is at odds with the administration of this nation under the guidance of Saint Germain, is one more point of division in the body of God in America. And I cite and I expose the serpents wearing the cloth and the garment of the Church who have no understanding whatsoever of the strength of peace or the dharma of the soul to defend the integrity of Christ within that person and within that nation!

"I tell you, until Armageddon is through and the final judgment and the binding of the fallen ones is o’er, it is necessary to understand the spiritual warfare against spiritual forces of evil, principalities and powers of fallen angels, and spiritual wickedness in high places.

"And therefore, what amounts almost to a doctrine of pacifism, what amounts to a denial of the active force of the Woman in this world to defend the Manchild, must be judged by the right hand of the Mother that I AM and of the Son of God and of the Christ within you. For these individuals may influence untold millions to move against the full power of Alpha and Omega in the true active and true passive roles.

"I might say that these individuals who have partaken in this document and the signing thereof have not the least idea of who is The Faithful and True and The Word who leads the armies of heaven against the fallen ones. And if they had the slightest perception of prophecy itself and of the binding of the tares who are the seed of the Evil One, they would recognize that God has already necessitated war itself as an act of the vengeance of Our God against the original perpetrators of murder, death, and the lie, who are the fallen angels.

"And until they be bound and judged, this war must continue. And all of the hosts of the Lord and Light must engage in it by a profound understanding of the strategy of peace and of defense and of the armor of the Lord—which begins with faith and truth and righteousness and the tube of light and the science of the spoken Word and ultimately, we pray, will never, never, never have to use nuclear weapons in order to bring about peace on earth! For this is our will. [applause]

"We do not desire to see the trampling of foreign armies upon the Holy City, the Holy City which is the very design and destiny of the United States of America. We do not desire to see foreign armies on the city of Jerusalem in Israel. We do not desire to see the destruction and loss of life. For this, beloved ones, need not come to pass.

"I desire and command my soldiers of the cross, El Morya’s trail blazers, and beloved Saint Germain’s freedom-fighters to recognize that there is a warfare that can be fought and that has been extolled and pronounced to you by the Brotherhood, and it is the one whereby the sons of God control the purse strings of the nations and of the world!

" . . . For there is no greater danger to the people of this nation than the loss of personal contact with the Holy Christ Self. This continues at such an alarming rate through the use of drugs and through the manufacture of noise, ground out by grinding mills of noise out of the very pit itself —from rock to every other type of noise—that the lifewaves of this America are not focusing clearly, by the Mind of God and the all-seeing eye, to focus upon this very nucleus of the money beast, which is the third eye, the very point that David hit when he slew Goliath.

"Realize, then, that the money beast itself is behind all war. And it is greed to increase money that causes the Western nations to supply armaments and all manner of defensive as well as offensive weapons, mounting a huge spiral around the world.

"It is the money beast that causes the feeding of technology, of grain, et cetera, et cetera, throughout the planetary body. And that greed has its origin in the fallen angels and the Watchers themselves who long ago lusted after the light of the people of God. And this lusting after the light is the lusting after their abundance, their supply, their energy, their life-force, and all of the seven chakras which are points of God’s consciousness.

"Therefore, lust and greed must be bound, and the planetary dweller on the threshold of the beast and the number and the name of that beast!

" . . . America still is the exemplar nation, still under the grace and dispensation of Almighty God. Let not past sins of this nation create an aura of guilt, confusion, loss of vision of its destiny. But rather, let the people of America rise up and overthrow that self-condemnation and enter anew into the propagation of the faith in the principles of American freedom, in her Constitution, and all for which she has stood in the defense of the rights of individuals."

Mother Mary
April 21, 1987

"Therefore, O beloved, as you have come out of the churches and will also return unto them, I desire to speak to you on the state and the mission of the Church today. May you be seated in communion with the Holy Ghost.

"The purpose of Church, ekklesia, the 'community of the called-out ones,' is [for Lightbearers] to be called out from society to keep the pillars of faith and of hope and of charity. The Church is the place where souls can ascend to a higher plane of communion because priest or priestess at the altar does keep a flame that does become a magnet whereby the soul can rise week upon week back to her Source.

"The Church must elevate. It must not degrade. It must not seek popularity and to move to the level of the descent of the light [in the populace]. Let there then be an understanding that the Church has always been the avenue for the soul to reach out for holiness, to be sanctified, to receive the Body and Blood of our Lord. The Church is the open door whereby those who would may move toward sainthood.

"Let it be understood that there are many secular institutions, that there are many places for social activity, but the Church has come down from the traditions of the ancient temples of God where a living flame did burn upon the altar, where the flame was tended by devotions, by hymns and prayers and mantras, sustaining, then, upon its altar in this physical octave some portion of the Spirit above.

"The harmony of the spheres held in body temple must be for the protection of all communicants of God upon earth. As sound is the very means of creation, so sound itself must reflect the heavenly sound and not the sounds of Death and Hell. Therefore let rock music and its rhythm and all forms of perversion of music be removed from the churches! They are not of a design that can hold the highest light of the living Christ. Not only do they cause the degeneration of the Light of the Divine Mother in the temple but they also cause the descent of the soul into lower vibration."


"I come with this scepter of the Shepherd’s crook that is my Son’s and I tell you that the Mother flame in the Church must be restored fully. I tell you, beloved, that even in his life the apostle Peter never completed the assignments given to him by Jesus, neither when he was with him following the resurrection nor after Jesus’ ascension—to the present hour.

"The incompleteness of that mission is reflected in the incompleteness and the corruption of the mission of the Church. And by “corruption” I mean the decaythe very quality of it being capable of being decayed or corroded. This also does apply to actual corruption, as you would use the term, within the hierarchy.

"Blessed ones, do you not find it strange that the original Vicar of Christ, Peter, was married and yet all others who followed have been given the law of celibacy? Do you understand, beloved, that the rabbis who came before were married and are to this hour? And do you understand that the nature of wholeness found in the balance of Alpha and Omega is a security and a protection to the path of spirituality when complementary ones may serve together in holy matrimony?

"You find, then, that where the spiritual teaching as practiced in the Far East is not a part of the goal of celibacy, the end of that celibacy is far more heinous than the lawful marriage that is also ordained for those clergy outside of the Roman Church. Thus, today homosexuality is rampant in the Church with high percentages of my priests so engaged. The misuse of the sacred fire, unlawfully [according to the laws of God], does place those priests outside of their vows, outside of a sense of personal dignity and truly outside of the holiness of the altar.

"These burdens upon the religious in holy orders have, as you know, in times long ago resulted in pregnancies and often the abortion or the death [killing] of the child at birth in an attempt to conceal and remove the evidence of the infraction of that code of ethics and conduct.

"Blessed hearts, it is good to place before oneself goals and self-discipline. Even the path of celibacy may be put on by married couples for a season of devotion, fasting and prayer. These cycles, then, of conjugal love side by side with an acceleration of the marriage to the living Christ can therefore allow the individual to be balanced, to retain dignity, to know the beauty of family life yet not to be deprived of the priesthood of holy orders."

Mother Mary

"Blessed ones, I remind you that this is not the Roman Catholic church nor the Protestant church nor the Jewish synagogue, neither mosque nor temple nor Hindu shrine. This is the Great White Brotherhood and the Church Universal and Triumphant! Do not equate former paths as sufficient in the hour of testing. They will fail you, each and every one. Do not attempt to combine the old ways, nor pour the new wine of the Everlasting Gospel into old bottles.

"There is much too much to do in the exercises of the spoken Word and the Teaching than to have nostalgia for the old ways. Those old ways can draw you into the astral plane at the moment when you must rise above all the Death and Hell that is celebrated in one form or another by the religious of every movementnot that it was the founding principle but that religion and religious form has degenerated into the combining of the sympathy of death, the fatalism of death, and even the beauty of death with the original release of Light wherein there was no death at all."

El Morya

"Why was the fire withdrawn [from the altars of organized religion]? Because the priests, the rabbis, the ministers did not offer an acceptable Grail. It was not a question of discrimination. Nor do we have particular interest in being iconoclasts to tear down and destroy beliefs and belief systems, but rather we would divest people of a false doctrine because it is a deterrent to the presentation of the Grail.

"We would rather have a beggar who understands the principle of the descent of the Word and the avatarthe simple devotion of the Hindu before the Principle, and the figure of the Principle, of the Godheadthan these whited sepulchres full of dead men’s bones, that we might simply pour a morsel of devotion through that soul and hold the balance for a nation!"

May 6, 1984

"Blessed ones, the nonacceptance of my appearances here and elsewhere early when they are given is already the indication of the nonacceptance, the nondesiring of individuals, prelates within the hierarchy of orthodoxy, who are concerned lest in the purity of the heart of a child, as in the child Samuel, they should be exposed and their evil deeds revealed.

"Thus, it is they who consider that my tears are for earth and my children. I tell you, beloved, I also weep for Jerusalem as the archetypal sound of every city, of the Vatican, and the Establishment where there is not even a vestment or a vestiture of a semblance of the true identity of my Son in their midst. Yet by my love for the hearts of a people my flame does burn on, for I am faithful to my own.

"Therefore, midst a structure that is corrupt, midst individuals whose corruption does mount all the way to their disobedience to my word given through the hearts of these three children, I come. I come, beloved, and therefore you may understand how those who are among the heavenly hosts become bound on earth, for the princes of this world hold sway. And though they control the structures and though in some cases they limit the unfoldment of the flower of the soul, yet they cannot steal from Jesus the true hearts that are his.

"How necessary, then, it was for the Angel of Peace to teach the children true prayer. How grateful you must be, then, that your Messenger-angel is visible to you, teaching you how to pray, teaching you how to move with the winds of Aquarius as the Holy Spirit does infill you. I come in this hour, then, truly able to anchor in this place the spirit of the New Age that is neither allowed nor permitted entrée into the vessel of the Holy Church."

Mother Mary

"Blessed hearts, the Fátima message has not changed. You must understand this. Though I have dictated [on my] desire to turn it around and in some areas there has been a mitigation, what is the true cause of this prophecy continuing is that those to whom it has been given, those who have occupied the chair of Peter, these have chosen not to relate it to the heads of state of free nations. They have chosen not to call congresses of the faithful across all lines of religious belief to warn, to organize, to summon and to rally the forces of freedom worldwide from the beginning to defeat the ugly beast of World Communism. And thus it has grown and it has become a planetary dragon.

"Blessed ones, you must understand just how profound is my grief in this hour that there has not been one representing my Son in the Church of Rome who would rally the people to defend, even by paying with the price of their lives, the flame of freedom in their hearts and in the earth —not one who has dared to give his life without fear of the consequences since 1917 when I did foretell even the coming of the greater war which has passed as World War II. This, too, could have been averted.

"But I tell you, beloved, those who are not the sons of God in the earth who occupy bodies of men, these are such evil devils, I cannot even tell you, and their corruption has reached all the way to the levels of Protestantism and even our own church, the Roman Catholic Church. Blessed ones, realize that the infamy of their lust against little children, against babes, against every part of life and their desecration of me as I am in the body of all women of the world is beyond hell itself.

"Therefore, beloved, it is certainly a truth that in this age my Son will not allow these deprivations of the Light [of the Divine Mother] in the earth to continue. Know, then, beloved, that the hour is long past that this judgment should have taken place. But for the faithful who have given the rosary, but for yourselves whose calls have been powerful and an immense barrier to the acceleration of World Communism, all these things should have already come to pass."

Mother Mary

Nonacceptance of Mother Mary’s appearances at Fátima and Medjugorje

The six appearances of Mother Mary to the three shepherd children—Lucia, 10, Francisco, 9, and Jacinta, 7—in Fátima, Portugal, between May and October 1917 were at first met with disbelief. Lucia’s mother, the most skeptical among the families of the children, wanted her daughter to publicly recant what she considered to be a hoax. She scolded Lucia harshly and treated her with scorn in an effort to get the child to admit she was lying. She was not converted until she witnessed the miracle Mother Mary predicted would occur during her final visitation on October 13, 1917, known as 'the miracle of the sun.'

The parish priest, after questioning Lucia about the first two visitations, thought the apparitions might be the work of the devil. Despite the increasing number of pilgrims who came daily to visit Cova da Iria (the site of the apparitions) or to be present during the apparitions, the ecclesiastical authorities remained reserved and aloof; the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon went so far as to forbid the clergy from taking part in any of the events. Journalists employed by the revolutionary government in Portugal, which had persecuted the Church since coming to power in 1910, ridiculed the apparitions, claimed that they were an organized plot to incite the people against the government, and encouraged the civil authorities to intervene.

On August 13, the date set for Mother Mary’s fourth appearance, Arturo de Oliveira Santos, administrator of the district of Fátima, kidnapped the children and took them to his house in Ourém where they were interrogated and imprisoned. Enraged by their refusal to divulge the secret message that they had received during the July visitation, Santos locked them in the public jail and threatened to have them boiled in oil. He had the children led separately to their supposed death as each one was told that the child who had been led out previously had already gone to his death.

The children remained unshakable during this persecution and on August 15 the administrator returned them to their homes. Although the children did not expect to see the Blessed Virgin until the following month, she appeared to them on August 19 at Valhinos, a field about a mile from Fátima, where they were tending their sheep. Five years after the apparitions, the Bishop of Leiria-Fátima appointed a commission to study the Fátima apparitions. In 1930, after a seven-year investigation, he confirmed the apparitions of the Blessed Mother in a pastoral letter and said they were worthy of belief by the faithful. (The bishop, as the pope’s representative, is empowered to investigate apparitions.)

Mother Mary’s almost daily appearances to six youths in the small village of Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, since June 25, 1981, have also been met with skepticism and persecution. The seers, who ranged in age from 10 to 16 when the apparitions began, have been interrogated by authorities of the Yugoslavian Communist government and the Catholic Church. At one point the local police detained the youths, told them to recant, and threatened to have them committed to a mental asylum.

The parish pastor and other priests at first doubted the authenticity of the apparitions, causing one of the seers, Ivanka Ivankovic, to remark, 'The only ones who do not believe us are the priests and the police!' The youths have been subjected to medical, psychological and psychiatric examinations to determine if their behavior is being caused by drugs, hypnosis or other factors, and they have also been closely examined while in the state of ecstasy during the Blessed Mother’s visitations. Bishop Zanic of Mostar, the diocese where Medjugorje is located, has openly voiced his doubt about the apparitions, declaring, 'The phenomenon at Medjugorje will be the greatest shame of the Church in the twentieth century.'

One can say that these are hallucinations, illusions, hypnosis or lies.” In 1986 the commission he impaneled to investigate the apparitions reached a similar conclusion. Vatican officials, however, not satisfied with that investigation, have instructed the Church hierarchy in Yugoslavia to undertake a second one in order to determine if the visions are worthy of belief. That commission has not yet reached a conclusion.

The Communist government, alarmed at the religious revival that was taking place and the huge crowds of people who gathered at the place of the apparitions (a hillside overlooking Medjugorje), took repressive measures. Several priests and sisters were arrested and from August 1981 to May 1983 police forbade anyone to visit the place of the apparitions and all religious services outside the church were banned. From August 1981 to January 1982, the appearances took place at various sites, such as fields, woods, and the homes of the youths as well as many other homes in the village. Since January 12, 1982, the Blessed Mother has appeared in the rectory, the sacristy, and the choir loft of the parish church. Although the apparitions have not been authenticated by the Church, as many as 50,000 people reportedly visit Medjugorje on holy days.

Mother Mary

"Therefore, understand, beloved, that we who have given our Light for the victory of this institution are forced to step on the outside, even as Mother Mary has done to deliver her message of the age through these Messengers, although she does continue to speak to those children within the Church wherever they may be reached. Beloved ones, the teaching of the New Age has come forth and it has not been received by this hierarchy. Yet, understand that the people themselves are destined to be the Light of the true Church, which is the temple of man.

" . . . There are saints in heaven, numberless numbers, and those not yet ascended waiting in the etheric octave. Many of these have graduated out of the Church and yet did not make their full ascension because they lacked the knowledge and use of the violet flame and the gift of the science of the spoken Word.

"Beloved, I direct you, then, to the deliberation of all of our hearts who have sought again and again to bring this Truth into the Church. We say to you that a Body of Light upon earth is needed immediately in order to stay the hand of world destruction! Many of you are acquainted, then, with the prophecies of Fátima and of Medjugorje and need not have these rehearsed to you.
The days are growing short that this prophecy may be turned around and transmuted.

" . . . Thus, we who have waited long can wait no longer for the Church to receive a teaching, to send it forth and to use it! Obeloved, the power has been in their hands and many years ago they could have taken the mystery of the Chart of the I AM Presence and placed it upon every altar. I tell you, beloved, we have wept at inner levels. And the cause for the tears on the statues of Mother Mary are for the sorrow in her heart that the release of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain has not turned the world around and prepared the way for the entering in of a golden age.

" . . . Blessed hearts, I tell you, the hour is perilous indeed! Let it be that you remember that the “great war” has been prophesied at both Fátima and Medjugorje. Let it be mitigated, let it be consumed!"

Therese of Lisieux

"And therefore I move with the Messenger, giving my strength and support from the higher octaves; and from the ascended level I may also gladly use her outreach to call my own, my sisters and brothers, the religious, the priests, the brothers, the devotees of holy Church who do not understand the schism within that has to do with interior corruption and uncleanness and the violation of the sacred fire and the psyche by the introduction of all manner of modern techniques, whether of self-hypnosis, hypnosis or psychology and all manner of deviations practiced by the priests themselves.

"Blessed hearts, the corruption is rampant and rife. Therefore, know that when Mother Mary did appear at Knock, she did come standing outside of the Church and not within. When she did appear at Fátima and [now] at Medjugorje in Yugoslavia, again it [was and] is to the pure heart of the child outside of the edifice.

" . . . Know, then, beloved, that the Church can no longer contain the Mystical Body of God and yet there is great fear among those who are yet trapped within its walls—who fear to disassociate themselves, for they know in their hearts that once this Church had the dispensation of Christ.

"Know, then, beloved, that these require courage and a path and you also require courage and a path. Therefore the Father has anointed me with angels that he has given to me as my very own bands to come to you and to assist you and to plead this cause: that these holy ones of God within the Church, whose very light and blood are the sustenance thereof [and who] are also being devoured by it, [might be set free from their captivity in answer to your calls].

"Therefore, these are candidates for the ascension who will not realize that ascension at the end of this age as is their cosmic timetable, for they are not given the violet flame or the ancient mysteries preserved by early Christians as the true faith of our Lord, today called Gnosticism. The Gnosticism that has been discovered in this 'library in a jar' at Nag Hammadi in 1945 is certainly not the final word, is certainly not the perfected doctrine, but the elements within it reveal clearly that which was banned as heresy by the Church Fathers; and by their banning of this true teaching of Jesus, they have denied our Lord's doctrine to all the faithful these seventeen hundred years or more.

"Know, then, beloved, that Christ has indeed long ago been put out of this Church and that Christ resides only in the pure hearts of those who are within it, and some of these pure hearts have risen to the position of pope and high office and some have been the humble of no particular stature.Therefore they in their hearts of fire rather than through an organization or a doctrine
have kept alive the true Presence of Jesus [on earth and, coincidentally, within the Church].

" . . . Know, then, beloved, that there is a mission to be performed and there are souls to be cut free who fear that if they sever their allegiance to an earthly institution their souls will experience eternal damnation in hellfire. Blessed hearts, this fear is ungodly and I would tell you I have personally witnessed it in my own life and as I move through the religious and among them this day. Their fear is so great that it is a question of whether they must reincarnate outside the Church if they are ever to be delivered of that fear of this false hierarchy.

"Know, then, beloved, that were the power of the teaching to be received by them, could this message be preached throughout the world in the churches, there could indeed be the rallying of millions to the heart of Mother Mary and Saint Joseph and those who are truly in a position under God to do something about the world problems. You understand, then, the tear in our eye and the weeping Madonnas for the very fact that all of the ingredients, the knowledge, the teaching, the intercession-all of this is present for a world's salvation. And the blind leaders of the blind have denied it again as they denied it on Atlantis, on Lemuria and in other civilizations that have passed away.

"This is not only a problem of a year or a decade. It is a problem of the culmination of twelve thousand years of spiritual evolution since the sinking of Atlantis, and therefore in ten-thousand-year cycles is an opportunity given for a people again to transcend themselves. Thus, the denial of this age [of the enlightenment of the Christ of Pisces] to the millions who are of the Light on this planet can set back the course of planetary evolution as much as another ten thousand years."

Therese of Lisieux

"What a pity that Christianity has been watered down to a milksop religion where the individual has no recourse to a real life-giving interchange with his innate divinity and with the ascended hosts of the Lord. To this day the Church continues to flunk the one-question exam that was central to the fourth-century Arian controversy: How is man saved? Through emulating Jesus or through worshiping him?

"The Church’s idolatrous position disenfranchises the believer, who, to remain loyal, has had to swallow the edicts of prelates, who have codified hundreds of years of controversy in self-serving anathemas.

"Starting with Emperor Constantine’s imposition of the Nicene Creed at the First Council of Nicaea in 325 and on to Emperor Justinian’s Fifth General Council of the Church in 553, the liberating, empowering implications of reincarnation and direct access to the indwelling Christ have been expunged from the Christian path.

"Indeed, until the rule of law afforded common people protection against wanton murder, the Church resorted to any means it deemed necessary to maintain its citadel of power. The genocidal extermination of the thirteenth-century Cathars in southern France is but one chapter in the history of the Church that has caused many an angel to weep throughout centuries of ecclesiastical infamy.

"And so today official Church doctrine offers no recourse to souls without moorings, adrift in samsara. Yet the saving of souls and civilization, even the planet itself, requires a very personal living interchange with the Presence of God. And so we, Uriel and Aurora, offer this communion; for this is our mission.

"Where, then, are the people who can understand this mission? They are here. You are this people! Come forward, blessed ones. Come with the hosts of the Lord!

"When people hear the message of reincarnation, they rejoice with new hope. For they understand that they may be given another opportunity to make up for some great failure that they might have accidentally or knowingly gotten themselves into. What a pity it is to pass from the screen of life knowing you have left a cause undone because of some fragmenting of your being that you were not able to pull together into a harmonious focus."

Archangel Uriel

"The role of the freedom fighter is to champion the right of the individual soul to climb the ladder of being, to champion the right of the soul to be nourished by the truth and to not have that truth banned and its adherents burned at the stake or massacred, as they have been in the past because their definition of Jesus Christ’s teachings was not Rome’s definition.

"Those were terrible times and many of you were there, and you gave your lives to a cause that you believed in and would not renounce. No, you would not renounce your vegetarianism or your strict beliefs in reincarnation and karma or your understanding of the path of the Guru-chela relationship or your knowledge of Gnosticism as it embraced even the teachings of Gautama Buddha."


Religious persecutions since the time of Jesus. Christian groups persecuted in the early centuries by the Roman Catholic Church included the Gnostics (second century), Arians (fourth century) and Pelagians (fifth century). During the Middle Ages, the Albigenses (Cathars) and Waldenses were the primary targets (eleventh to mid-fourteenth centuries). In 1208, Pope Innocent III inaugurated the Albigensian Crusade, sending Christian soldiers to stamp out the Albigenses in southern France.

Fifteen thousand were killed in one battle. In 1245, after the 10-month siege at Montségur, more than 200 were burned alive. By the end of the 40-year crusade, almost a half million people had been massacred. In 1231, Pope Gregory IX also formally instituted the papal Inquisition, aimed primarily at the Albigenses and Waldenses. In 1478, Pope Sixtus IV authorized the Spanish Inquisition, which targeted Jews, Moors, and Muslims who had converted to Christianity but
were suspected of having relapsed into their original faiths.

Saint Germain

"What has happened to the 'Church Militant' on earth that does defend Life when Death and Hell move against the souls of a people? Where, then, are today's saints? They are outside of its walls, I tell you, for the true saints have long ago recognized that these walls cannot contain nor house my Great Causal Body.

"And therefore, I must in protest come again to overturn the money changers in the temple. These are they who conspire with world movements of totalitarianism, who enter into compromise, and challenge and deny the true path of individual soul freedom and the rightful inheritance of every son of God to walk and talk with me and to commune with me as I walked and talked with my disciples for many years, even many years after my resurrection. For I did remain upon earth and the Gnostic text Pistis Sophia does bear witness to this even as does the Church Father Irenaeus, commenting that I was teaching well into the [fiftieth year.
And it was so.]

" . . . Each one who does follow me does become that Christ and this is the message written down by my apostles, such as Thomas and Philip and Mary Magdalene, that has either been lost or suppressed."

Jesus Christ

"But the Communist hordes came and the fertile brain of Karl Marx expounded the philosophy of the damned that would ignore karmic law, the law of recompense that justly conveys to each lifestream the fruit of his own labors. Thus men sought to legislate against heaven and to provide in the world a form of social salvation—housing for bodies, food for bodies, dialectical materialism for minds, side by side with invective, maldesign, and social unrest which were intended to destroy the matrix of the invisible world, to destroy man's rights to spiritual freedom, to force him into a smothering state wherein the social order would take complete dominion over his life.

"Instead of being rid of this blight, the world today is even more steeped in it. The dogmas of Communism have invaded the Church as the powers of darkness have sought to spread a web of confusion over the minds of men, thus, in the name of brotherhood, to deprive them of their freedom."

Saint Germain

"You will not stand at the pulpit, neither in the congregation of the righteous, with impurity and deny my resurrection or my ascension or my presence here!

"You will not deny my delivery unto John on Patmos of the revelation that is for my saints in this hour!

"You will not take from my own the invincible Christ-reality which the Father and the Son have placed in their hearts. And you will not stand between them and their God, even the Mighty I AM Presence!

"Therefore is the judgment come again upon the wolves in sheep’s clothing who tear from my very heart, and from my very life-essence, souls entering into the path of communion, of oneness, of direct discipleship with my heart unto the ascension.

"And I speak to the hierarchy of Rome. I speak to the hierarchies of all who have set themselves to represent me!

"Why do you warm yourselves on the fires of the soldiers and the politicians and the powers that be and the seed of the wicked?

"Do you take your example from Peter? Truth is truth where it is found! Error is error where it is found! And therefore, the cowardice to side in with the side that is popular or in power does not merit the authority of my heart nor the dispensation of this age!

"Therefore, you who hold concert with the powers of world communism and socialism and those who are part of the money beast worldwide and the international bankers, who keep afloat the sinking ship of world communism—you who call yourselves Christians, you are judged this day! I have no part with thee, for you do not represent me.

"You who are the prelates of the Church, you who profess to sing unto my glory and do not lead the worldwide crusade against abortion, the Lord will hold you in derision! And when those Watchers are judged, those fallen ones, you will be judged with them, for you have not represented the Christ nor have you dared to be crucified with me.

" . . . This day, then, is the decree gone forth and is the dispensation given that those who do not speak truth from the pulpits are bypassed, are cut down! And they shall not prosper until they bend the knee and recognize the ever-living presence of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ and of every son of heaven with me who has partaken of this glory, having walked the same path that I walk.

"You, then, who make an idol of me, you who worship an idol and refuse to allow my heart to be one with the heart of my own: Begone then! Get thee hence! For you will see even the crumbling of your temple, as there was not one stone left in the crumbling of the temple of Jerusalem!"

Jesus Christ

". . . Thus, my beloved hearts of Light, let there be transmutation, let there be the challenge of the lie, and let there be the bringing up of children who do not seek in socialism a way to dodge karmic responsibility and the responsibility of the internalization of the Word. See how the lie of socialism has already affected the Church and its doctrine in the West. See how that false dependancy upon one son of God has abnegated the entire necessity for each individual to work out his own salvation.

"I tell you, it is the diabolical doctrines that continue to be upheld and espoused by the Church of Rome and by the protesting movements that have opened the door to a political philosophy of socialism. And whereas at one time there was a horror against socialism by those within the Church, they have moved in a subtle rebellion closer and closer to the ideologies of Marx, until in this very hour there is the proclaiming of the virtues of the system of socialism by the Pope himself, who therefore reveals himself as no true friend of the christed ones or of this Messenger.

"Therefore you may understand, beloved ones, why we have positioned the true Vicar of Christ outside of the entire established churches of the planet, that you might receive freely our Word uncontaminated, uncircumscribed, unlimited, unproscripted by anyone else's human opinion, whatever that may be.


"In the name of the Karmic Board I reveal to you that there has been a repression and supression of truth on the part of those in Rome for many centuries and the full knowledge of the Light of Christ in the individual has been withheld. It is not a question of total ignorance, but of politics. And therefore, an envy goes forth as never before as, at inner levels, the false hierarchy of Jesus Christ moves against the body of his servants who know that they are sons of God, that they will be resurrected with him fully, who know that they will ascend. Blessed hearts—it is this very presence of this band united in love that has the world force to turn back the entire momentum of this single lie that has perverted every other area of human understanding.


"Now, beloved ones, the proclammation on socialism by the Pope himself stands to affect ninety-three million faithful hearts. And what about Catholicism in America, as representatives of that movement move against the defense of this nation? And now the Pope himself engages in an attack against capitalism and the free enterprise system. It is an economic denial of the path of Christhood made in the name of Jesus Christ and in the name of the Holy Sea.

"Can you imagine what confusion and what betrayal of the people of Poland and every nation that is enslaved under the world communism by this mouthpiece that spouts the ignorance of a consciousness not aligned with the very source where it should be? These things burden the hearts of the Lords of Karma, I tell you. And our comfort is derived that here is yet the spark of love and freedom that can correct all of this, roll it back and light a world.

"And I tell you, the legions of Light who are in our service are determined to work through you and assist you as never before because you are willing to stand against every movement of the power elite entrenched in church and state worldwide.


"A house divided against itself cannot stand. And therefore I predict that as you make the call and huddle close to the flame of comfort of the love of the Maha Chohan, as you allow no wedges to enter this body but seal your tryst and pact of love, and as one body worldwide, give the call for the exposure of the Roman Catholic Church, that you will see . . . "

Lady Master Nada
July 4, 1983

"In the hour when Jesus pleaded to Peter, representing the hierarchy of the Church for the two-thousand-year cycle to come—when he pleaded, 'Feed my lambs!' for the third time, he had the vision of the whole world for the whole two-thousand-year period. He foresaw the hour when the Church itself would abandon the feeding of the children of the light with the true and profound mysteries of the Almighty. He saw them bereft of pure leaders, and begged that the organization of the Church should respond to these little ones!

"Can you imagine the burden of his heart, knowing that in the face of the lie of the Serpent (proclaiming the economic, political, and atheistic philosophy of World Communism), these little ones would not have the certain defense of the knowledge of the path of the ascension, nor would they have tasted the meat, even the pure meat of the Spirit, which fed Christ and was
preferable to him than that which is offered from the tables of the world or even from the disciples?

"Dear ones, the Lord Christ came to proclaim the documentation of cosmic law in the defense
of these little ones! And yet it has been taken from them. As blessed as some and many leaders are in the established Church, it was therefore necessary to establish the Omega counterpart of the Church, playing the role of the Alpha flame and now the Omega flame.

"The integral action of the Church Universal and Triumphant is the anchoring of the lost Word and the missing link in each individual's chain of identity. Even so, the Blessed Mother has inspired some here and there in that Church, that they might have the warning of those things which may come to pass, if the dedication to the Mother flame and the Mother heart is not

"You can understand that the white fire of the fourth ray is the very presence of the power and the purity and the love of the Mother. This white fire is the cosmic force of the Woman clothed with the Sun that is yours to direct, as a fiery flame, into the conditions of the anti-war of the fallen ones—white fire covering the earth as white-fire snow, white-fire snow from the heart of an ancient civilization where Greenland now is. And in the interior of the earth, in the etheric octave, blessed ones, the white-fire snow is a blanket that prevents activity of the fallen ones, purifies the earth, and gives protection to the saints."

Elohim Purity and Astrea

"You must realize that this is no ordinary activity, but it is the dispensation of the Great White Brotherhood. And any and all changes that have occurred and shall occur will occur through this effort and this momentum. For we cannot have a fire here and there and elsewhere on the planet. We must have certain conditions met before we can even intercede in a community or an organization, and one of those conditions is the active use of the violet flame. And another is allegiance to the Mighty I AM Presence and Saint Germain. And another is a living, breathing, vital messenger to convey our immediate cycles and dispensations.

"Thus, beloved hearts, though some communities may meet one of the requirements, there are none others that meet all of these requirements. And thus, it would be well for those who are in those other activities to realize that this is not an age for separation and separateness! And as you seek dispensations from God in whatever name you pronounce to be his, these dispensations are limited to your own confinement and the boundaries of organizational karma, which you must learn to understand does exist and is conditioned by the scope of the purpose of the organization and its members—and each individual member increases that karma.

"And, you see, if there is no balancing by violet flame, increase in numbers can only increase the weight. And therefore, the unwieldiness, for instance, of the Roman Catholic Church renders it not an instrument of the ongoing delivery of the Word by the Great White Brotherhood. For there is no discrimination, there is no setting aside of those lifestreams who have disobeyed the laws of God, but the Church has become a canopy for all manner of evolutions and treachery and intrigue within the highest levels of the Vatican itself."

Goddess of Liberty
July 1, 1982

"Blessed hearts of Light, I appeal to you, for you have been assembled from all areas of the world. You come from all nations. You sit together in Love—Jew and Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, those who have been atheist, those who have been Moslem. You are all here in this very congregation! And through your hearts I direct Light now back to the congregations and the nations out of which you have come forth in the true understanding of the I AM Race and of America, where all differences and shades ought to disappear in the mighty torch of the Goddess of Liberty and her initiation of your heart by the threefold flame.

"Therefore I say, let bigotry and fanaticism and religious persecution and bondage cease in America this day! For these are the very seeds that beget hatred that begets terrorist activities and violence. You, then, who decry the actions of those beyond this nation must clean your own households and now embrace the mighty flame of tolerance and compassion.

"Let love abide. Let love abide for the Eternal One who has sent his prophets and saints, who has sent the Lord into your midst. And agree to agree together on the Truth itself. All men can and should agree on the foundation of Truth that life is sacred. When life ceases to be sacred, then all sins proceed there­ from—abortion and maligning, desecration, molestation.

"O beloved, archangels have vowed before the Great Central Sun in this twenty­four-hour cycle to go forth, to work through whoever shall work with us and call upon us. We are here and we are determined. And we know that the Dark Cycles can be turned by those who exercise their free will in the science of the spoken Word and enlist the company of angels.

"O children of the Sun, remember, in every world religion the angels have been eclipsed and therefore you have been stripped of your intercessors. These are your companions, your brothers, your sisters, your servants.

"We are in your midst. We are sent to perform this work. We can do the job! We are trained! We are professionals! We know how to bind the demons! Only call in the name of God I AM THAT I AM, in the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and stand fast and behold the salvation of your God! Stand fast and see the healing of the nations and the fall of tyrants!

"It shall come to pass! It shall be! I have spoken it in the name of God and Jesus Christ, in the name of your heart flames, in the name of these little ones. It is spoken and the Word goes forth. It is the Word of Christ. And this Word shall not return unto him void. In the flame of Peace, know I AM THAT I AM."

Archangel Uriel

"Today the breaking of vows by priests or the religious has become commonplace. They have felt justified, for they have found the established Church wanting. In the case where vows are made to human institutions or human beings, one can easily have a change of heart. But if the vow be made to the Universal God, one can change institutions [as a means of its implementation] without breaking that vow. One can take a vow to sponsor the education of the heart on a planetary scale and one can espouse that vow through every available avenue.

" . . . Blessed ones, we all, I included, have passed through many periods in the human consciousness in many embodiments for which we have no pride. And when we look at these moments, we are grateful for the Holy Spirit, the violet flame, and those who have sponsored us. Thus, if there were to be held against me or you all of the foibles and mistakes of all past lives, there would be no salvation.

"Now, the Christian viewpoint would have it, beloved, that inasmuch as the grace of God is greater than all of these it is possible to achieve salvation by confessing the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as one's Saviour. Thus salvation has become much like the drugs that are taken today—take a little pill and the pain goes away and you are saved from the crucifixion.

"I speak, then, beloved, of a false theology built on half-truths, a false political system built on half-truths. And those who think they are wise, prating about—they go here and there and they draw false conclusions from false premises and they lead all astray."

Saint Germain

The Vatican-Moscow Treaty, the outcome of secret negotiations between the Holy See and the Kremlin in Metz, France in 1962. Cardinal Tisserant, Pope John XXIII's own representative, met with Archbishop Nikodim, the Kremlin spokesman, who at the time was head of the department of the external relations of the Russian Orthodox Church. At this meeting, the Vatican promised not to attack the people or the communist regime of Russia at Vatican II. This agreement enabled Russian Orthodox observers to attend the Council.

This existence of the Vatican-Moscow Treaty explains a great deal. It explains why the petition of more than 200 bishops from 46 countries to discuss communism during Vatican II was blocked. It also explains why the petition of the Spanish and Portuguese bishops to consecrate Russia at the Council was also refused.

This treaty has perpetuated a "communism-friendly" negotiating style amongst the Catholic hierarchy that has, for the most part, silenced the Church from effectively speaking out against the atrocities of this godless and ruthless system. In 1990, the KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn warned of this mistaken attitude:

"The Vatican should reverse its mistaken support for the renew of the communist regimes . . . It fails to understand the greater apparent official tolerance of religion . . . is accompanied by a secret drive to increase Party and KGB penetration of the Catholic and other churches and to use agents therein for political and strategic purpose . . . "

" . . . Therefore, where I weep, I weep for many reasons. I weep for ignorance. I weep for hardness of heart. I weep for the decadence of some priests and other religious. Yes, beloved, I weep for conditions within and without the Church, for I bear the Immaculate Heart for all religions and for all peoples. I weep for the souls that will be lost. I weep for those who do not even have the enlightenment or the love to give the rosary in the understanding of the mighty grid of light that is formed [around them and the planet] by [the giving of the rosary—and that is reinforced each time they give it]."

Mother Mary

" . . . No Christ or Buddha is in embodiment, they say, therefore darkness covers the land. But this darkness is circumstantial: it occurs not because Christ or Buddha has not yet come but because people are either too dense to be aware of the indwelling presence of Christ or Buddha or, out of self-ignorance, they deny the present possibility of God coming into their temple.

" . . . We shall not surely believe that the coming of such a one as Maitreya is confined to a single flesh-and-blood body. This doctrine is calculated to put us in a state of idolatry to that one and of ourselves as being among the privileged enlightened few who know him.

" . . . Have we come to this sacrifice (of anchoring the Royal Teton Ranch for Maitreya) so that the true religion of the divine Mother—as taught by all of her Sons, including Gautama, Maitreya and Jesus--could be on earth, only to be fooled by the prevailing misconceptions of the world's religions that are coming along in this dark cycle of the Kali Yuga?

" . . . We must slay the dragons that—if we did not take our stand against the not-Self—would assail the purity of disciples and their right to become the bodhisattva. As such the mantra is our bridge to soul freedom and the light in the Summit beacon that illumines our way across the astral sea (samsara).

" . . . Today things have gone so far awry that often church doctrine and dogma itself is heresy, whereas those who challenge its falsity by their witness to the truth of the One Sent, the messenger of God who bore the original revelation to Earth, are labeled heretics! Heresy as I see it is the inability to hold to first principles on the part of those who no longer have contact with the lawgivers, prophets and avatars, the Christed and Buddhic ones."

Elizabeth C. Prophet: 'Lord Maitreya: The Coming Buddha Who Has Come'

"The harmony of the spheres held in body temple must be for the protection of all communicants of God upon earth. As sound is the very means of creation, so sound itself must reflect the heavenly sound and not the sounds of Death and Hell . . . There is vast compromise at all levels of the churches today. Where a standard is held society may rise; where standards are levelled all shall go the way of the downward spiral of civilization."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
April 26, 1991

"The Gnostics did not agree with the early Church Fathers and ecclesiastics who had vested the sole authority for teaching and preaching in the hands of the clerics.

" . . . Most of their works have not survived. Why is this so? Because the early Church Fathers, threatened by the popularity of a teaching that challenged the orthodox position, condemned the Gnostics and banned their works. What they were condemning was freedom of religion and the Spirit of Liberty we receive by Christ that sets the captive soul free."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
The Enemy Within, S.U. Press 2004, pp. 81-2.

" . . . They (the early Church Fathers in condemning Gnostics) were denying freedom to pursue the quest. They were denying the freedom of the soul's intimate, personal and individual relationship with Jesus Christ, with the archangels and with the saints in heaven. Thus orthodoxy becomes the denial of individual spiritual freedom, both in the centuries following Jesus and today."
Elizabeth C Prophet
The Enemy Within, ch. 5
S.U. Press, 2004, p. 82

" . . . Consider well what I have just said: I have said there are some situations for which there are no solutions. The present order of the Roman Church—its corruption, its travesty against my Son and his Teaching, its compromise with World Communism which bespeaks some plot or conspiracy as has been suggested—surely, beloved, must show that the old order must be replaced by the new. Yet there is no resolution to that old order because of free will, because of entrenched forces and because of such a horrendous karma on the part of this institution that it is as though it would be better to let it go bankrupt and dissolve rather than to have a new set of lifestreams and saints take on the Church and with it take on a karma that is not even theirs."

Mother Mary

World Affairs Brief Jan 12, 2007

As SMH.COM.AU reported, "The newly appointed archbishop of Warsaw [Stanislaw Wielgus] has admitted he had worked with the communist-era secret services, upping pressure on him to resign in a row which has embarrassed the church in overwhelmingly Catholic Poland." This high profile resignation also prompted one other "former" Communist priest, Janusz Bielanski, chief priest at Wawel Cathedral in Krakow, to resign as well. How many others are there?

Keep in mind, that these same charges were leveled in past years at the now-deceased Polish Pope John Paul II (when he was Cardinal Wojtyla). My sources in Europe are sure that not only did Wojtyla collaborate with the Communist government, but that he knowingly undermined the independence of the Catholic Church and purged anti-Communist clerics from high leadership.

"This is the goal of true religion: it is the binding of the soul to God in freedom"—Saint Germain, "Message to America and the People of Earth" in Prayer and Meditation, 1978, p. 166
"The Modern world is full of the old Christian virtues gone mad. The virtues have gone mad because they have been isolated from each other and are wandering alone. Thus some scientists care for truth; but their truth is pitiless. And thus some humanitarians care only for pity;
but their pity is often untruthful."—G.K. Chesterton

Good heavens: Vatican rehabilitating Galileo  

In God's Name
by David Yallop
In God's Name

Communism and Its Origins
Translation for 140 languages by ALS

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