Criticism, Condemnation and Judgment
Perversions of Power, part I

"if you will remember sins committed against you by another, I can only say,
God pity you, for you contain the seeds of your old age and your demise. I say,
God pity you who have not known me or the violet flame!"Saint Germain

"Be willing to let go, to no longer have the last word, to be silent
where the argument may be brewing, to sense the inner flame
and to rise above the morases of life."—Phylos the Tibetan

"Blessed ones, the only condition that will stand between you and your ascension
in this life is your failure to transmute your condemnation of any and every part of life.
This is the requirement of the Law and of your entering into the grace
and mercy of Almighty God this day."—Beloved Justina

"If you come to the altar and you are not able to forgive this one or that one,
if you come to the altar retaining the sting of criticism or condemnation
or judgment that you have suffered from another or that you have put on another,
I say, you are not able to take the first step on the Path."—Saint Germain

"All condemnation must cease—all vilification and division."—Cyclopea, July 5, 1986
"The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail
instead of his tongue."—Anonymous

" . . . you must love unconditionally the soul that is in the state of overcoming and leave to God the chastening rod, the preparation of the soul, the leading of the soul."

Cyclopea and Virginia
October 6, 1990

"No matter where you are or what you are doing you cannot escape the inevitable law of congruency. If you allow yourself to become angered, willful, rebellious or entangled in the threads of maya, then so long as you sustain that vibration by your free will, you are one with and you reinforce the consciousness of all others who are similarly preoccupied with the mists of mortality. And the soul's apparatus to be a distributing center for light is used to proliferate the energy veil, and the light that is in thee is darkness."

Djwal Kul
October 13, 1974

"This letter is dictated to all who feel the need to give vent to that which they call "constructive criticism":

"As Lord of the First Ray, I have had considerable experience down through the centuries with this form of energy. Let it be reiterated that thought requires energy. And when it takes the form of judgment of another's acts, it is always an open door for the forces of negation to flow through the necessary rupture that results in the aura of the critic.

"As the light ray surcharged with criticism pierces the aura of the one transmitting the energy and aims directly at the one criticized, the tiny aperture that was created to release the arrow forms a rent in the critic's own tube of light. In turn, this opening permits an inflow either of subtle seeds of doubt and mistrust of the motives of the one criticized (and this is somewhat a moot point since it is usually these qualities that are at the root of criticism in the first place) or of a blatant manifestation of vagabond, tarry substance that is overwhelming even to the critic himself.

"All of this energy, then, must be thrust aside and expurgated from the aura of the critic, for it is most uncomfortable. In a desire to expel this unwanted substance from the aura, the individual spews out through the aperture he has made in his own tube of lightwhere the not-so-radiant beam of criticism has passeda flow of this substance that follows the trajectory of the arrow of criticism to the target mark of the one criticized.

"Let me point out, then, that this often develops into a form of spiritual warfare whereby the innocent become victims of a far greater measure of negatively qualified energy than was ever the intention of the originator thereof when the thought was first spawned in the brain and feelings of that individual.

"It cannot be denied that the subtle serpentine-like qualities of this type of energy usually find justification in the ego of the one sending them out, so that in truth a form of self- righteousness and self-justification is assumed by the critic, somewhat in the mode portrayed by Mark Antony, who stated, 'I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.'

"I remind you, then, of Saint Peter's words, 'If the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?' When condemnation and judgment arise in human consciousness, it must always be recognized that the one who is the target of the energy also has a divine Presence as well as access to our octave of light. This is especially true if the individual is linked with us through some form of ordained service, such as a position of spiritual responsibility to the earth and its people.

"Although we admit that many of our servants have not always expressed the fullness of that perfection which we wish for them, we must also declare that many of us, before we were ascended, did make and mirror many minor errors for which the great Law in its mercy and tranquility did allow until in time, as experience patterns unfolded, we did come to a pure self-adjustment of our own accord. This always follows if the heart be pure and the motive divinely appointed.

"Do you think, O mankind who would assert some form of criticism of mankind's dress or outer wearing of apparel, that this is a mountain to stand in the way of the service of the Christ?

"Do you think that men's stereotyped social ideas concerning what is a right action for a religious service are binding upon the divine appointee for all time?

"How could progress ever manifest if no one were able to institute change, innovation or new approaches, especially if that one be appointed by God to do so?

Let Critics Consider Whether the Fault Lies within Themselves

"Let them consider, when they do not derive the satisfactions they expect from religious service, whether the fault lies within themselves and their own consciousness, and then I think they will not be so ready to subvert others to their nefarious modes of criticism or to sustain a molehill concept until it becomes a mountain of negated affliction in their worlds.

"Now, I am seriously considering the suspending of two individuals (who have been outwardly associated with this activity for a few years) for a prescribed period of weeks or months in order to allow them time to ponder the great privilege that has been theirs, so that they may decide whether or not they wish to continue to submit themselves unto rule as authority derived from us.

" . . . I would point out at the suggestion of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, that when individuals enter into a state of criticism they begin to encircle themselves with a tower of masonry, for each stone of criticism that they make becomes situated around about themselves. And the more their attention is placed upon it in concentration and sustaining that feeling over a period of months, perhaps even a year or longer, the more mortar is supplied to bind the bricks of criticism together and the higher the tower rises. By and by,
this invisible but powerful tower becomes a landmark on the horizon, readily apparent to some but often not recognized even by the builder himself."

El Morya

"And so you see, beloved ones, God sends all kinds of lifewaves to earth. The children of God would be wise, then, not to continue to condemn or criticize the villains of the past or the villains of the present but to realize that this is one of the subtleties of the fallen ones. For if you can find someone whom you think has greater error or evil than you have, then the fallen ones enable you to keep your attention constantly upon that one, thereby establishing yourself as superior.

"Therefore you walk the earth, saying, 'So-and-so is wicked. I would never enter into such wickedness.' And by this statement you bind yourself to the eventual confrontation in which you will have to choose precisely between light and darkness in the identical situation, given the identical weight that is upon that individual.

"Therefore unwittingly, by your condemnation you sometimes invoke upon your own head a mountain of karma that is held by that individual, and then you must hold the balance until you yourself can pass the test for which you are condemning that individual.

"Is it any wonder that those who have light sometimes fall suddenly from the Path and all others wonder?

"Beloved hearts, it is written clearly in the Book of Life, 'Call no man fool.' When you call another a fool, instantly all of the fallen ones who are upon that individual, making him like unto a fool, are now upon you, together with that one's own momentum. And when you have spent many years invoking the violet flame and being on the Path, you are clearly unaccustomed to the sudden influx into your life of so much density.

"Beware, then, that you judge not, for the Lord is the judge and through you he will proclaim the judgment. This is the razor's edge, to know 'for judgment I AM come' and yet to leave
the ultimate decision unto the Lord God to send forth light, as the sun of Helios and Vesta shines on the just and the unjust, and to know that, inherent within itself, the light will exercise the discrimination of the judgment and determine the working out of the karma of lifestreams.

"This is why in the coming revolution in higher consciousness, beloved hearts, it is for you to bring enlightenment and it is for people to eliminate, by the vote and by their voice, the evil that is principle and the evil that becomes personified by choice, the free-will choice of the individual.

"When you decide that an individual is aligned with evil and that that individual must be removed from office by legal and lawful means, you do not have to enter into spirals of condemnation or judgment. You may be at the fine point of discrimination of the mind of God. You may pronounce the truth, pronounce the word, give forth the light but never enter into the condemnation that is pure hatred and that is entirely apart from the judgment of God.

"Beloved ones, you know in your heart when you misqualify energy. I caution you: many of you who are old souls are yet on earth because you have allowed yourselves to be entangled with the laggards and the fallen ones by your criticism, condemnation and judgment of those fallen ones.

"And as I look into your faces and the faces of many lightbearers upon earth, I see the very same individuals whom I left aeons ago, when I entered into the Great Silence to commune with the Mother Flame of Victory. Now I come forth and still you have not disentangled yourselves from that constant criticism of parts of life.

"Now, I say, I AM releasing a tremendous orb of illumination so that not only my word but my love and my heart and my concern for you will penetrate your being, your mind and your soul so that this company of lightbearers may be free of the perversion of God-power and therefore be free to ensoul the consciousness of the Great Divine Director, the Lords of Karma and the Cosmic Council, who come very close to earth in this hour to release that judgment, which is the Lord's.

"Precious ones, do not be confused, but meditate upon divine direction and you will know the difference in the flow of energy within yourself. You will have a heightened awareness of the wicked and their evil-doings and God will increase your awareness and your knowledge proportionately as he sees that you will not be tempted to once again entangle yourselves with these fallen ones by fanaticism or by any form of criticism.

"Beloved ones, you will notice that I have not even mentioned the criticism of one
lightbearer by another. I should hope that by this time I should not have to speak in this vein. Nevertheless, I mention it because some, by their own insecurity on the Path and in the Law, contain those subtle vibrations.

"Beware, then, those of you who are placed in positions of responsibility within our community. As you receive discipline from the Messengers and the Ascended Masters, do not let your receipt of that discipline become a reaction to those who are under you and who are charged to your care. Do not, in your smarting over that discipline, turn to condemn other souls.

"Understand that first you must resolve your own path of discipleship and then, in the resolution of the alchemy of your initiation, once again you become a clear pane of glass so that others serving with you may have the like benefit of the loving chastisement that you received.

"Beloved ones, in the world, people take out upon their animals the karma of interaction with one another that is belittling, and you will see that when people smart from their own returning karma, they are brutal with their household pets and with any form of life.

"Getting even, then, with Hierarchy personally or with Hierarchy as your returning karma will not suffice. It will place you once again in the vise of a perpetual turning of karmic energies, whereby you will not escape into the great sphere of the ascension flame that is promised for those who accept in this hour the absolute forgiveness of Eve.

"Now, stand in the presence of your own Christ Self. [Congregation stands.] Go within your heart, confess your misqualification of the feminine ray and the masculine ray and say:

"O Lord, I confess my sin this day.
[Congregation repeats each line after Justina.]
I call on the law of forgiveness
And I accept thy law and thy forgiveness now.
I desire and I accept my redemption on the Path,
In the name of Jesus Christ,
In the name of Saint Germain,
In the name of Mother Mary,
In the name of Gautama Buddha.
And therefore, I accept my worth as a son, a daughter of God.
And therefore I accept the forgiveness of Eve
And I seize the torch that is passed to her this day
For my own victory in the ascension in the light.
And I will ascend in the redeemed Mother Flame in this life.

"Blessed ones, the only condition that will stand between you and your ascension in this life is your failure to transmute your condemnation of any and every part of life. This is the requirement of the Law and of your entering into the grace and mercy of Almighty God this day. [highlighted by webmaster]

"I trust, then, that you will ponder my Word and be reminded thereof, for many avatars who have gone before have counseled, 'Judge not, that ye be not judged.' I have been permitted to give you greater revelation on this teaching in this hour. Take it to heart and see how the assimilation of this teaching will be the opening for the manifestation of Saint Germain's purple fiery heart and will be the dissolving of every last vestige of your own hardness of heart.

"Hardness of heart is the crystallization of judgment in the heart chakra, which has shortened the span of men's lives, shortened the days of their creativity and caused them to pass from the screen of life by the failure of the heart muscle. Beloved ones, when the heart chakra becomes over-filled with hardness of heart, the threefold flame withdraws.

"Thus, it is hardness of heart in many cases, not other ailments, that results in the transition from life of individuals who require many more years of service to the cross and to the crown in order to enter in to the halls of God to go no more out.

"I AM Justina, the Justice of God in the Alpha current of Victory. Bless you, my eternal love."

Beloved Justina

"Now go be. Go be that God without compromise. Do not be concerned with those who look for flaws, for even the flaws are God’s energy. And you may tell those who have perceived a flaw, 'By and by I will transmute that flaw, and when I do you will not see me any longer!' For you see, the one who sees the flaw will not see the Christ that you become. Tsk, tsk. What a pity, what a pity."

Gautama Buddha

Over the years the Elohim Peace and Aloha have given many tips to help us keep peace.
I'd like to give you ten of these tips.

1. Make the best of things.

This takes a very upbeat attitude. When working with others, make the best of each situation. Peace and Aloha have said, "We cannot guarantee perfect people anywhere . . . .Do not lament another' s shortcomings, but by the flame of peace supply the difference!" Supply the difference that someone you are working with may not have a talent for, an energy for, a desire for. Make up the difference. Make the best of things.

'Give of your heart and see how the blossoms of peace spring forth in the hearts of [others] . . . Serve the Christ in them and see how [positively] they will respond.'

2. Write down the situations of nonresolution in your day planners.

This can be knotty, because every time you open your day planner, you're going to see the lists of nonresolution and you're going to want to get rid of those things. And therefore, you have to come to resolution with whomever you do not already have resolution. Use your day planner 'to write down those situations of nonresolution in your life.' 'Wherever there is a heart that daily does note in his [preferred] planner such nonresolutions and does determine to achieve resolution within himself and with others by sunset, there is a heart who rests in the heart of the Prince of Peace.' And that is a wonderful blessing.

So I wrote a mantra for myself that you can also use: 'In the name of my mighty I AM Presence, I rest in the heart of the Prince of Peace.'

"Rejoice to check off each day that you have said, 'Peace, be still! Peace, be still! Peace,
be still and know that I AM God!' or when you can say at the end of that day, 'Truly I have not allowed an incorrect vibration to emanate from this place of the sun (the solar-plexus chakra).'

Let us give the "Peace, be still" mantra very quickly:

Peace, be still! Peace, be still! Peace, be still and know that I AM God!

Peace, be still! Peace, be still! Peace, be still and know that I AM God!

Peace, be still! Peace, be still! Peace, be still and know that I AM God!

Who are you talking to when you say that? You're talking to your feeling world. You're talking to something that's in your carnal mind. You' re talking to something in yourself that is not whole, that is not at peace. And you are commanding your atoms, cells and electrons, the organs of your body and your four lower bodies to be still and stop complaining and stop constantly nagging and saying, 'Give me this. Give me that. I want this. I want that.' You are
in the peace-commanding presence of your Holy Christ Self and you are the authority over all elements of your lower self through Christ.

3. Forgive and ask to be forgiven.

Peace and Aloha say, 'Forgive and ask to be forgiven even when you think you are not in the wrong. Do this because you live by the Master's code of forgiveness. Do it to give another the opportunity to do the same.' Perhaps you know that someone else may need to be forgiven or to forgive. By bringing up the subject and being the first to express it, you make it very easy for another to apologize or to be forgiven.

4. Remember your vow.

'Remember your determination and even your vow, if you have made it, that you will not be moved from the God-centeredness of love and peace, come what may, even in trifling matters. For have not trifling matters ignited world wars?'

5. Seek daily resolution by giving the violet flame.

Peace and Aloha said: 'Seek daily resolution. Put everything into the violet flame! . . . Examine the rightness of your heart daily to be certain that you have not left frayed edges in any relationship, that you have not abruptly parted from someone without resolution, that you have not left any matter hanging, such as a simple disagreement or discourtesy.' Examine your heart. Sometimes people have the idea that the heart is perfect. The heart needs perfecting just as every other chakra needs perfecting. When we want to give love to someone, we call to our Holy Christ Self to send the love of the Sacred Heart of our Holy Christ Self to that person.

We must not assume that our hearts are pure. I think it is a misconception when people in the New Age movement say, 'I'm speaking from my heart' and automatically assume 'My heart is pure and therefore you can trust what I'm saying.'

We have to purify all of our being, including our heart. The heart is very burdened with its envy, with its jealousy, with its anger. All kinds of vibrations are in people's hearts, as well as sluggishness from a lifetime of wrong eating. And the fat that covers over the heart is also a block to the flow.

So when we send blessings to people, let us remember to send blessings from our Holy Christ Self and our I AM Presence. And let us continue our daily use of Saint Germain's Heart Meditations that we might perfect our hearts.

6. Be humble.

This is a wonderful state of being, the state of being humble and of having humility. 'Be humble before your God. Don't be a know-it-all but . . . have a sense of holiness in the presence of one another's Christ Self and a sense of the holiness of the flame that burns in the heart of the one that sits next to you.' When we say, 'Be humble,' the corollary is 'Judge not.' When we judge others, we are engaging in pride.

7. Forsake harshness.

Peace said, 'Forsake the jagged ways, the abrupt motions, the absence of grace and the harshness and the cruelty of the word idly spoken, for all of these are an offense to Elohim.'

8. Do not chatter or criticize. 'Take some moments each day to celebrate the vibration of soundlessness.' 'Take a vow of silence from senseless chattering.' Do not engage in criticism and backbiting.

9. Make your body a chalice for lightevery cell, every organ, the etheric, mental, desire and physical bodies.

Peace said that we should make every molecule of our body a chalice for light. 'Solve the chemistry of being here below and the biochemistry . . . You are made of points of light . . . Seek the divine harmony . . . of all atoms and cells . . . and all organs in your being with one another and with the etheric matrix . . . Find that equilibrium . . . .Become alchemists of your own temple. See how much more of God you can hold within the chakras, organs and all the components of being.'

10. Keep the peace with one another.

Peace said, 'Receive the gentle rebuke from anyone of this community when you abandon your point of peace.'

Elizabeth C. Prophet
April 13, 1995

"So call upon our Electronic Presence! Call upon us that that sword of the sacred Word shall divide the Real from the Unreal as it goes forth out of your mouth according to your dynamic decree! And therefore, rid your mouths of gossip, calumny and condemnation, of words of anger or dislike. For then there do come out of your mouths not that two-edged sword but frogs that leap, costing you time and karma. And remember, as I have said, all things come to an end—the opportunity to do good and the opportunity to do evil."

Jesus Christ
November 22, 1990

"Doubtless criticism was originally benignant, pointing out the beauties
of a work rather than its defects. The passions of men have made it malignant,
as a bad heart of Procreates turned the bed, the symbol of repose,
into an instrument of torture."—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Beloved ones, the tendency to criticize abides in mankind and causes mankind to criticize themselves. And, I tell you, when man criticizes himself, it does not take long before he decides he is guiltless and that someone else is guilty. And this propensity on the part of men to transfer their criticism for their own failures to others is so strong that it is like a snowball rolling downhill gathering momentum, until after awhile lifestreams do not seem able to control their emotions at all but in absolute human viciousness and unfairness act as judge and jury to one another, convicting one another of conditions for which they often stand blameless in the eyes of God.

"I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, all mankind's criticism ought to cease. It does not matter whom you are criticizing; you are criticizing part of God. And if the individual is acting in accordance with the law of human control, then I tell you, by criticizing him you will only be pulling him down into a greater degree of degradation. If instead you exalt the God within yourself and the God within that individual, you will raise him up.

"I call this to your attention today because it is essentially the factor of criticism that is responsible for the condition in your land at the present moment. [highlighted by webmaster] The assassination of your president is, in one sense, a direct action of criticism that flowed through many, many minds generating and fomenting tremendous hatred. It takes as its focus one who is susceptible and then that individual carries out the nefarious act of the many. The thought processes of the many are carried out by the one.

"Individuals then point their finger at that one and say, 'Behold, what a despicable man!'
And yet, beloved ones, this was also done in the case of [Judas] Iscariot; for mankind, to the present hour, point their finger at Iscariot and say of him, 'He is a despicable betrayer of good and of the Christ.'

"I tell you, beloved ones, man ought to recognize his right to improve. Those who believe in reembodiment and who affirm that people do return to the screen of life to right the wrongs they have done and to continue in progressively outpicturing their God-design must recognize, in all fairness, that men and women do improve. Death itself is no seal upon their improvement nor a guarantee that they will improve in the next embodiment, neither is the passing of a day; and yet it can be, for a day can dawn when an individual sheds from his consciousness the cocoon of ignorance and rises into the virtue of righteousness.

"Therefore it behooves each lifestream to recognize that the power of criticism is one of negation, which tears down and destroys, as Saint Germain has told you, all that is noble and good in the one doing [the criticizing]. When you recognize that you can exalt men by praising the God within them, you will then be taking a mighty step forward that will raise
the entire earth.

"I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, very few in the various religious activities and political groups of the world today are aware that this is so. They do not know; they only see that the wind blows by its action upon material objects. They feel the wind passing by, but they do not know from whence it came or whither it goes.

"I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, you are most fortunate to have this knowledge and to understand these laws. Mankind today does not understand that the issuing forth of wrong thoughts from the multitudes is a destructive activity that causes them to reap a harvest of destruction across the land and darkens the very sky with violence and hate. Mankind does not understand that by amplifying the power of good and the power of spiritual attainment for all, they conversely and righteously give the world a thrust forward, which is able to exalt mankind en masse into the victory of their ascension.

" . . . I would like to call to your attention that all of the thorns of life that manifest in Nature today are the result of Nature's absorption of mankind's discordant thoughts and feelings. These discordant thoughts and feelings have set brother against brother and nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom. These discordant thoughts and feelings have set religions against one another that ought to be a part of one vast brotherhood. Doctrinal tenets, divisions and all manner of evil have flooded forth in a competitive spirit among the various groups intended to manifest wholeness and unity.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the political scene and the religious scene are a gnawing frustration to the mankind of earth. Those whose hearts are dedicated to the principles of cosmic unity, of oneness upon earth as it is in heaven, sometimes find that this frustration becomes an obsession. I would like, therefore, to urge men to shed this feeling, for it will not in any way further their ends or bring about harmony of hearts. If men are to have harmony of hearts, it will be because they have readied themselves for the divine advance.

" . . . I would like to point out to you that I have come with a measure of instructive data. I am bringing forth a certain amount of spiritual information on points of the Law this day that is invaluable to students who are interested in the deeper points of the Law and who may gain a greater understanding of their own mission through our instruction.

"You see, beloved ones, many yet upon this planet (and, I'm sorry to say, some among the students) have not been able to accept the reality of their ascension. They have not yet accepted the possibility of their victory. They are far too deeply immersed in their sense of inadequacy because they are wedded to their outer self and have not yet relinquished their hold upon it. They have not yet accepted the wonderful radiance of their divine design. They have not yet accepted the fullness of that which God holds for them. They have not seen through his eyes but only through their own eyes.

" . . . Mankind and America must behold this oneness out of many. They must recognize
that this land must be made great by their endeavor. It is not enough for them to read the record of those who have marched from coast to coast in exploration and achievement; it is necessary for each one to find his victory within the borders of his own kingdom.

"The people of America must unite as never before to throw off the yoke of tyranny and communism. The threat continues; the decrees and calls of the students have born fruit, yet it is not enough. The tide must rise higher and higher in opposition to all that is so completely opposed to the light of God.

"The nations devoted to the glory of God, the nations who desire to have leaders who are God-imbued men shall certainly advance and move forward, but it is necessary that they guard as never before the citadel of their own being and the citadel of their national security.

"Mankind cannot afford any longer to be complacent. They cannot afford to look back lest they become a pillar of salt on the world scene."I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, all Saint Germain has worked for and served [to accomplish] on behalf of freedom is at stake, and it is at stake for you and for posterity. Beloved ones, you would not wish to awaken to the bleakness of that day on which you were denied your freedom, I am sure. Therefore I urge all to acknowledge the great power of Liberty and Liberty's portion, for Mother Liberty stands today as the Mother of the World.

"She stands today holding in her hand not only the great book of the Law, the Law of Life that I AM, but she stands with one hand to bind up the wounds of the world, to heal those who are ill in body and mind, to confer substance upon those who lack substance, to bring the flame of illumination to those who are ignorant, to carry the great torch of freedom to every corner of the globe and to assert the dominion of the Lord over the whole earth.

"This is the law of Liberty. This is the Law of our planet. May it be the Law of your planet."

Sanat Kumara
December 1, 1963

"The Darjeeling Council is well aware of the transcendent classes we can have with yet unascended beings right here in our retreat when we can get people to forget their pettiness, which often resembles little sharp bramble bushes at the foot of God's lovely trees, which themselves stretch hopeful arms of the Spirit toward their own Mighty I AM Presence radiant in the air above. As long as you hate "one of these my brethren" you are doing that hating to your own Christ Self and there is no power in the universe that can
alter you spiritual accountability for this act!

" . . . I urge people everywhere to cease gnawing at one another's imperfections (even as rodents on cheese) and to settle down to the kind of behavior which will move you into an orbit like our own where God dwells. Then, of course, your presence at our sacred conclaves will be most welcome! Otherwise, some of you would come at night when your physical body sleeps, with selfishness which is so dampening as to almost extinguish the radiance in our outer ante­chamber! After all, whether good or naughty, you are a part of God, and when you misuse his power it must be counteractedwhich does require energy better used to heal the innocent!"

El Morya
February 24, 1961

"For illustrative purposes imagine a scale or ruler 24 inches long. Divide this in half and mark the symbol zero (0) at the center. Consider everything to the left of the zero symbol (12 inches) as negative, everything to the right (12 inches) as positive. Now try to realize that most people's feelings fluctuate in an area 3 inches left and 3 inches right on this imaginary scale, alternating between periods of some disappointment and some happiness. Bear in mind that all emotions or feelings which are positive can have negative counterparts. Love sometimes begins with mild affection, intensifying to love and yet still deeper love.

"In its negative aspects, the same attention which expresses as love falls from mild dislike, which Saint Germain has told you is a form of hate, to the most intense negative feelings. Jealousy is but the opposite of admiration of another's accomplishment. Just as there is no such true condition as 'hot' or 'cold'—but rather only 'temperature' which is always relative to the person, place or condition—so feelings are nothing else than qualities or rates of vibration! It is true that all 'left of zero' is unreal; that all 'right' of it is a rising manifestation of the expanding yet evolving power of infinite love!

"As this is pure truth, would it not be well then to determine to watch the feelings using your consciousness and find your freedom and God liberty by never permitting the scale to fall below the 'zero line?' This I consciously did, using as a guard the statement 'I AM the resurrection and the life' in order to counteract the pull of the human octave.

"Now, concerning those who slip. Remember that a pendulum will 'swing' to the same degree left that it has moved to the right—unless controlled. Thus the true disciple who is often subject to more than ordinary pressure while rising in light closer to God's heart must consciously set the guard so as to refuse absolutely the power of moving or swinging into a negative condition. Let such chelas create a mental and spiritual backstop of invincible light substance to hold the kinetic energies which 'rebound' from their 'flight into the heights!' "

Jesus Christ
July 8, 1960

"When you stand unmoved before injustice and unkind words, you give free flow to that dark energy to be consumed by the love action of your heart. But when you react and enter into strife or resentment or revenge with the one who has become the mouthpiece of darkness, then you leave the forcefield of light. You leave the center of the cross and you separate yourself from the Holy of holies to become enmeshed once again in the karma of the mass consciousness. Then perhaps you share the karma of the one who has been the mouthpiece of destruction.

"I think that those who are the mouthpiece of injustice are our greatest friends because
they deliver us into the hands of the Judge, of Almighty God. They become the instruments
for us to pass the test of the crucifixion and the glorification through the resurrection. Therefore, the true meaning of loving our enemies becomes clear: We love those who bring us our greatest tests.

"How else can we rise? Do we desire to be in an ivory tower, an incubator or forever on a mountaintop retreating from the world?"

Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Sermon "Imitation of Christ" p.1

"If ten men stand before you pointing a finger of accusation, you will know that this is the impersonal mass consciousness attempting to personify itself through individuals, and attempting to take you out of the center of your Christ-awareness. Jesus said, 'Judge not that ye be not judged.' Who of us can then judge the accuser? How do we know when the accuser is sent from God or when he is sent from Satan?sent from God as the instrument of our chastisement, from Satan as the point to tear us from our God-awareness.

"How can we judge? How can we truly know what is the motivating factor in another? How can we truly judge ourselves? Only if we try to do well and then try to do better and better each day.

"To judge another is to take a great risk, for whatever accusation or judgment we mete out, we must bear the energy of that concept. Do we judge someone to be a thief or a liar? Then we have to transmute the burden of the world momentums of the thief and the liar."

Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Sermon "Imitation of Christ"p.2

"The subtle influence of riptides of human feeling on mankind is underestimated by the conscious minds of the students. When in the tenacious grip of vicious forces, people often think they are the authors of their own 'confusions.' This ignorance opens the door to more negative and sinister energy which hinders the natural protective action of their own Holy Christ Selves! When individuals are later restored to harmony, the energies of their thoughts and feelings seized upon by the vortices are already spent and, as in the wake of a storm, the havoc of imperfection often persists for centuries! Thus in a moment of indiscretion does mankind sometimes wipe out spiritual accomplishments dearly won.

"This loss of precious energy would be wholly unnecessary if individuals would take the time to stand guard and not permit themselves to be used by aught but the blessed power, love and wisdom of the great cosmic light. How can people be the great exemplars they are intended to become unless they are impervious to the onslaught of riptides from the psychic plane.

"Now, it is never too late to mend the broken walls of light if the students will only accept that their own guard is one of God-design, God-intent and Ascended Master love. O, how great is the love that stands guard automatically and deflects literally tons of discordant energy from our chelas every day! The blessed law demands, however, that a small portion of this discordant energy—which all men have had a part in creating or sustaining—must at first be divided and apportioned equally to all men for the sake of universal requalification.

"However, sometimes illumined and dedicated chelas receive a larger share of this simply because their greater understanding and use of the violet transmuting flame enables them to better handle these forces on behalf of their lesser-trained brethren. This activity is ever
a voluntary labor of love and each chela should rejoice when this opportunity to serve is given.

"One never knows how much constructive good is accomplished when one's calm inner peace remains undisturbed albeit legions of discord rage against the fortress of being. Like sentinels, the mankind of earth must learn the governing of their own energies. This discipline will guard the sacred shrine of man's oneness with God. A citadel which is protected by vigilant love becomes a tower of strength to the chatelain. It is true that our chelas often encounter more problems than those who may be less qualified to handle them, but at inner levels many volunteered to assist our Brotherhood. If, when this energy is directed at you, rebellion occurs in your feeling world, the karmic accountability incurred is greater than average!"

January 19, 1962

"Now I will tell you that as a master of invocation on Atlantis, I was shown by my great mentor how the invocation of Light and the release of fohat could dissolve not only astral impurities and thoughtforms and records in the subconscious of a planet but also lethal weapons already physical and their effects of mass destruction. Thus you have been told that the concentrated energy of the violet flame could dissolve incoming warheads.

"Now know this, beloved: to develop adeptship as you are developing it, to know that you are on a path of God Self-mastery in the mastery of the Word for the dissolution with Lord Shiva of those things that never should have been on the astral plane [is gratifying indeed; for] in this service you are [in the process of] removing one-quarter of the manifestation of substance, of karma, and of all manner of unclean and foul things. In this course [at Maitreya's Mystery School], therefore, the goal is to arrive at the place where you can stand between humanity and grave physical danger, even in the deliveries of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

" . . . The masters of invocation who have taught me, and taught me the release of Light, have shown that each side of the Great Pyramid [of self] must be mastered and each quadrant of Matter must become the target of your sendings of violet flame. To be able to dissolve records at the etheric level, to be able to dissolve phobias, fixations in the astral body, in the emotions, to be able to dissolve prejudices in the mind, this, beloved ones, is essential.

" . . . Unfortunately, some among mankind—sheerly through ignorance-seek to find a flaw in Our Thoughts and Our released Ideas. Now, the human mind can be very tricky and stubborn. If individuals determine that they are going to find a flaw or contradiction in Our Words, be assured that they will. I regret that such are moved by their own ignorance and desire for self-righteousness but I cannot be moved to undue concern for them. One day they will humbly seek Truth.

"However, I am concerned for the sincere and would therefore mention the law of opposites, i.e. thesis and antithesis; for some who consider an Ascended-Master postulation or thesis do not take this law into account nor understand that in the great balance of God's Wisdom and Love of Wisdom there is always the necessary manifestation of antithesis to be reckoned with. This law functions in the human reasoning process and, when it comes 'full circle' in the individual's experience, supports Truth and exposes error. The seekers for fallacy can always find a false answer in the very system of human logic which will support or justify their own ends according to the premise taken, but Divine Truth stands as a Sun of Love to melt the most brittle and frigid human concepts."

October 5, 1989

"Therefore, resist this type of an attack of evil until it flees from you and returns like a boomerang to the one sending it out. The result is that the inrush of misqualified energy, turned back upon itself, is self-destroyed.

"Care must ever be exercised, in dealing with such aggressive mental suggestion, to practice Christ-discrimination and to keep a sincere heart. Those whose nature is not yet fully illumined are sometimes incensed in ignorance or influenced by limited knowledge to direct wrongly qualified energy against their own brethren, thinking they do God a service.

"This ignorant yet malicious practice can manifest as militant evil or even in psychic murder. The resultant misqualified energy is thus made available to the sinister force,
which uses it to tempt the devout in diverse ways by means of intense, almost hypnotic thought projections of fear and of hate and hate creation and its counterpart, insanity.

"The light energy used to sustain such malignant and malefic error, even by well-meaning individuals, becomes nevertheless perverted and inverted into darkness within them. Thus, I warned the abusers of God's power with the words: If the Light that is in thee be (misqualified) darkness, how great is that darkness!

"This grave darkness covering the spiritual senses and densifying the chakras prevents the individual so engaged in misqualifying the light from seeing the mote in his own eye and the need to remove it. And this clouded state of unknowing begets the wider sin of projecting one's subconscious criticism, condemnation, and judgment upon the unsuspecting."

Jesus Christ
November 16, 1962

"When a shining son stands before the Father charged with hope and the beauty of the dawn as he prepares to descend to the planet and its people, there is present what may almost be called an innocent naiveté that saturates the spirits even of the indomitable ones. These individuals who go forth into the world of form do not fully comprehend the nature of the vicious lions they will face, the wolves in sheep's clothing and those who will trample upon their every effort. Nor are they aware of the incalculably unjust manner in which mankind will measure the fruit of their lives from concealed levels of the judges' own ungodly state.

"It is no wonder, then, that the Master Jesus uttered those poignant words in Gethsemane, 'Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.' Yet on the morrow he said, 'Weep not for me, ye daughters of Jerusalem, but weep for yourselves, and for your children.' The cycles of humanity's incarnations continue and dead error is born again and again, never to come to life until it comes to God's truth.

" . . . We who advocated the Divine Theosophia (the Theosophical Order), we who brought forth in hope the first workings of spiritualism (through Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and others) in order to establish hope in the hearts of men for a better world to come, we have watched as degradation and misuse of principle have altered our purposes, and there has come to pass a sad state of affairs wherein trenchant forces of darkness have misused the divine principle."

August 13, 1967

"The withholding of the kind word, the withholding of forgiveness, the withholding of information that is needed, the withholding of a helping hand, all these things show the blocks that are there from karma, from fear, from records of death, from whatever line of the Clock you may find yourself positioned on.

"So, blessed ones, as you continually prime the pump on the path of the Bodhisattva ideal, you find that you are pumping greater and greater rivers of life that flow forth from you, and you can truly embrace many with your helpfulness and become the divine helper.

"There are those, beloved, who have this flow in reverse. They have somehow found the means whereby they act as suction cups and, [in order to have a flow of energy in their own worlds, they] suck the light from others and allow this to circulate through themselves to their own adornment, their own satisfaction, their own life; for they have not had the heart to develop their own sun center [in their heart chakra] as a source [for the transmission of the universal energy to their bodies].

"Beware such individuals, beloved, for they also move among spiritual communities and they are there only to suck the light, to create a counterclockwise spiral that is a false and pseudo self and identity. These individuals become enangered, therefore, when they are threatened with the thought that they may be cut off from the Lightbearers by some means or another.

" . . . Only the proud attempt to scale the wall, fail, fall back, give up and say, 'It wasn’t worth the effort anyway. It wasn’t worth the effort anyway.' Then there are those who are so proud that they do not even deign to try, beloved, for fear that their peers or those whom they deem lesser than themselves will watch them fail. They are so afraid of failure that they do not even take a step. This is the only despicable consciousness I know. There is nothing despicable about the chela who tries and falls and gets up and [tries and] falls and tries again."

Serapis Bey

"You shall neutralize the five spiritual poisons and the sixth by the wisdoms of the Five Dhyani Buddhas and Vajrasattva. Thus shall you seek and find the way of soul liberation by the following method:

"By overcoming the poison of ignorance through Vairochana's All-Pervading Wisdom of the Dharmakaya;

"By overcoming the poison of anger and hate and hate creation through Akshobhya's Mirrorlike Wisdom;

"By overcoming the poison of spiritual, intellectual and human pride through Ratnasambhava's Wisdom of Equality;

"By overcoming the poison of the passions—all cravings, covetousness, greed and lust
—through Amitabha's Discriminating Wisdom;

"By overcoming the poison of envy and jealousy through Amoghasiddhi's All-Accomplishing Wisdom, the Wisdom of Perfected Action;

"By overcoming the poison of non-Will and non-Being—fear, doubt and nonbelief in God,
the Great Guru—through Vajrasattva's Wisdom of the Diamond Will of God.

"Many years ago the Blessed Mother dictated to the Messenger the Fourteenth Rosary, entitled 'The Mystery of Surrender.' It is a surrender to God, to his Divine Love and to his Law. It is a surrender to your Mighty I AM Presence and to your Holy Christ Self. And it is a surrender to the threefold flame that burns on the altar of the secret chamber of your heart.

"I tell you, beloved, when it comes down to the soul's surrender to God, it is often the dividing of the way. As Jesus said, 'Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.'

"To surrender or not to surrender: whichever you decide, it will be the dividing of the way between the Real and the Unreal. There are many defiant ones who move about the earth
a law unto themselves. They are not about to bend the knee, confess the living Christ or embrace the living God. They preen their feathers and strut about, all the while exulting in their sense of superiority."

Chamuel and Charity
Vol. 40 No. 3, January 19, 1997

"Thus, every man shall be consumed by his own consciousness of the sacred fire, and he who has turned it to destroy others shall be consumed by his own destructive intent. It is done. Whatever a man shall do with the fruit of his prayer against life must return to him tenfold, for he has taken the light of the altar of God and turned it to destruction.

"God is not mocked on planet earth, for God has representatives in every nation who will not succumb to the abuse of his power in his name. By these who live in the cosmic honor flame and will not compromise the Law of Love, there is yet a divine standard in the earth.

"Happy are ye who remember the divine standard. Judge not lest ye be judged. Do good to them who curse you and despitefully use you. Send forth the Ruby Ray that the all-consuming fire of God, that the Shekinah glory consume all unlike itself. Stand, thyself, in the eye of the vortex of Elohim of Peace I AM THAT I AM."

Elohim Peace
Vol. 31 No. 45, July 27, 1988

"In truth, when men understand the ritual of forgiveness and the ritual of honor, they will understand that as they reach out from their hearts to enfold one whom they meet with true and unbiased love, there flows from their hearts to that one an energy of upliftment that in contacting the receptive heart is raised exponentially into higher dimensions until, by the power of the square root, the cosmic cube glows within that energy and amplifies it by love. This positively charged energy then returns to the sender, assuring him that the blessings he will reap for the joy he has released to another will be a permanent part of his world forever....

"We urge, then, upon all an understanding of the ritual of the heart. When an individual does some bit of harm to you, precious ones, whether it be mischievous or intentional, you who are the wise ones will immediately seize upon the opportunity to forgive him.

"For when the essence of forgiveness is released from your heart, not only does it create a passion for freedom in the erring one but it intensifies remorse in his heart, thereby bringing him to the feet of his own divinity. Thus he is able once again to laugh at the wind and the wave and the seasons and the buffetings of life and understand that all is a chastening to unfold his soul's reality.

"Do you see, then, gracious ones, that courtesy as an expression of forgiveness and affection between hearts is a spiritual activity that brings about great soul expansion, which is intended to bring every man from serfdom to a state of lordship where he is the master of his world?

"Yet we sometimes look askance, even from our octave, at those individuals who have
long been under our tutelage and our radiation who upon receipt of some trivial offense immediately begin to send out a vibration of great resentment against the one who performs this offense against their lifestreams.

"Quite frequently there is a mounting of intense reactionary resentment; this creates a great karma for the student of Ascended Master law, who ought to know better. And through the rupture that is thereby created in the emotional body, there is a pressing in from the sinister force of disturbing vibrations that not only flow through the aura and lifestream of the one who has taken offense but also puncture the peace and harmony of the supposed offender.

"Do you not see, then, by contrast what a gracious thing the ritual of forgiveness can be? And O how wonderful it would be if our students would truly understand the law of forgiveness! It is a sweet gift from the heart of God and one that people ought to welcome into their worlds so that they may freely give it to others, even as they have freely received it.

"Whenever someone does something that is not to your liking, precious ones, this is your great opportunity. This is your opportunity to say, "I will use God's energy and love to erase one more blight upon the universe! I will see to it that the blackboard of life becomes a radiant screen of white perfection, and I will put my perfection-patterns into manifestation. For these patterns are from the Father, and I am the Son representing the Father and I must show forth Light and not Darkness."

"Don't you think it a bit strange, gracious ones, that from time to time people insist upon doing just the opposite? With their mouths they attempt to draw near to God as they speak and prattle of brotherly love; but when the moment of testing comes they are the first ones to rise up and say, 'Vengeance is mine!' What a mockery this makes of 'pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father.'

"Let us, then, seek not after lust or luster but let us seek after the perfectionment of life. The perfectionment of life lives within you. It is quite natural to draw light from within your heart and send it out into the world. This is the virtue that creates the seamless garment. Do you realize that your tube of light is the seamless garment of the Christ? Do you realize when you call forth from God the perfection of his light-radiance to surround you that you are weaving the seamless garment around yourself?

"Precious ones, I want you all to understand tonight that the moment that you have in your thought and feeling world resentment against any individual or any group of individuals on earth, you are immediately sending forth through the qualification of your energy the substance which will create a boomerang that will bring to your doorstep a great deal of unhappiness.

"You do not wish to reap the fruit of unhappiness, do you? Then I am certain you will understand that even if you do not always feel like forgiving, it is that discretion which is the better part, in fact the best part, of valor."

Saint Germain
July 4, 1968

"I would speak of the problem of relative good and relative evil as molding factors in the human environment and as imitators of the polarity of Alpha and Omega in the Absolute. Actually, relative good and evil are a perversion of the plus and the minus of the Matter sphere. For you see, my beloved, as we have explained before, the whole of Alpha contains the plus, the minus of Spirit while the whole of Omega contains the plus, the minus of Matter. These two wholes in alignment as two spheres, one above the other, are seen as a figure eight. And the figure eight marks the flow of energy from Alpha to Omega, from Omega to Alpha.

"Souls who are aligned as the expression of the negative polarity of Omega always reflect the golden pink glow-ray of Wisdom/Love, Love/Wisdom. They stand in Matter, reflecting the light of the sun unto a universe. They are the salt of the earth and the light of the world, a city (a citadel of consciousness, Alpha to Omega) that is set on an hill of the Holy of Holies and cannot be hid.

"It is the hill of Higher Consciousness in whose mastery they sustain a vibration of light
—whose velocity never descends below that of the Cosmic Christ. For the Cosmic Christ, in the Person of Jesus Christ and their own Christ Self, is also the perfect blending of the Love/Wisdom of the Logos.

"When the velocity of energy moving from Alpha to Omega, as the plus/minus within the Matter sphere of the soul, begins to decelerate by the subtle intrusions of error and the laws of limitation, the soul loses its momentum in Matter. It is no longer qualified with enough energy and light to be in polarity with the Absolute. Hence it is no longer ‘qualified’ to be the passive Omega of the active Alpha. It drops the ball and loses the rhythm of life—no Alpha thrust, no Omega return. And the game is over.

"Now it’s to another field and another team of players. Now the forcefield is no longer Omega, the absolute counterpart of Alpha. Now the soul enters the human scene with its scenarios of relative good and evil where, one and all, the players have ‘dropped the ball’
of Mother light and entered into the twilight duality of personalities and their idolatries.

"Here the light that has become a darkness of sorts is interchanged person to person, and the people-to-people exchange of a quasi-wisdom and a quasi-love stimulates the human consciousness as it simulates the divine, but does not admit, because it cannot, the golden pink glow-ray of far-off worlds.

"Relative good cannot approximate Absolute Good nor can it contain it. It is part and parcel of the same energy of the energy veil which yesterday was evil, today is good, and tomorrow again will be evil.

"Relative good is in polarity with relative evil. It is the other side of the coin—now the active, now the passive, but always the same low-frequency vibration that can be no more, no less than the limits of its own self-expression until the self is no longer that self but through Christ has become the Great Self.

"Relative good and evil personified in the alignment of human polarities to the right and to the left, now active, now passive, are indeed the salt which has lost its savour which the Great Teacher said was 'thenceforth good for nothing but to be cast out and to be trodden under foot of men.'

"The soul need not light a candle and put it under a bushel, and men and women need not remain in the valleys of mediocrity. No God has ever condemned them to an eternal damnation of relativity. Yet there they abide playing ring around the rosy, a pocket full of posies, then the ashes—the ashes of vain repetitions and relativities—and they all fall down: down the spiral of vibrations that, lower and lower, year by year, are more and more self-convinced that Truth is here.

"There is no Truth there where role swapping of you-be-me and me-be-you remains but an imitation of the great ingress and egress of light in souls who have kept that light because they remain electrodes of the Great Central Sun, following his injunction 'Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.'

"We see an aggressive human goodness posing as the antithesis of an aggressive human badness, as human do-gooders propose to save the earth by humanitarian schemes but somehow never arrive at the solution of their own human pollution. As human evil is a mockery of human goodness, so human goodness cloaks an underlying passivity to human evil while mocking the Absolute Good of the Person of God in the Christ immanence of his true sons and daughters.

"The Lord God sends his judgment upon the ‘good’ people of earth who masquerade as his sons and daughters. Wearing robes of righteousness they come, pretenders to the throne of grace, imitators of the way of peace. Promising salvation, they stand side by side with the wicked themselves and are even worse. For they say they are good while denying the Good of the Son of God, cursing his Body and his Blood in each of his little ones.

"While those who do evil know they do evil and are identified clearly as such, those who do good—resisting not the devil but passively receiving his deified evil and his idolatry of the energy veil—are, in fact, the negative polarity of the evildoers posing in the Personality of Good.

"Those who allow evil, passively tolerating social injustice, outrage upon outrage that
defies the dignity of God in man and woman and child—these are the very ones who are responsible for evil in its inception. For without the passive receiver, the aggressors of evil could not anchor their dark deeds in the earth.

"Thus the Lord God assigns this day the greater guilt to the children of God who have descended to a relative goodness and are therefore entirely responsible for the intrusion of the fallen ones as the aggressors who have invaded the earth, nation by nation from East to West, in the plus/minus karmic configuration of the international capitalist/communist conspiracy.

"Woe to you! is the denunciation of the Lord God this day, for it is the so-called good people of the earth who have stood by for the stoning of the martyrs, century by century. And oft, how oft, it was the do-gooders turned inside out who became the evildoers, thus revealing that the passive receiver of evil often becomes the aggressor as plus becomes minus and minus becomes plus in the valley of relativity.

"He who is humanly good today can be humanly bad tomorrow. And as James was God-taught to write, “a double minded—‘relatively minded’—man is unstable in all his ways.”

"How often the friend who is the friend of human goodness and the foe of human evil will be on this side and that from year to year and lifetime to lifetime. They come, posing as disciples of Christ. They know where the power is and, by their masquerades of human vice and virtue, move when expediency requires from sinner to saint and back again—a puzzlement to the children of light whose one desire is to know the Self as God."

Archangel Gabriel

"We seek the remolding of consciousness, of self-awareness. For [unless this be the goal of chelaship] the habit patterns of human consciousness would endure far beyond the day of the transmutation of the very actions which established the human patterns in the beginning. It is as though one had utterly transmuted all of the noxious poisons of the weed of the field but had not put to the torch the weed itself. And as the tree has grown crooked and gnarled, so may the individual be, at the astral level.

"Blessed ones, the violet flame can penetrate bone substance itself to render supple again all of thy body and inner being to be remolded in the fullness of the stature of Christ!

"You are not creatures, prisoners of habit, but you must know this. You must see it and you must not let the enemy take a victory when you know you have put behind you momentums of the past that are no longer a part of you. Do not let individuals in this or previous lifetimes get the victory over you as you retain the residual momentums of reaction to those circumstances when you knew not the fullness of the Law."

Omri Tas

"When you consider sympathizing with the criminal elementwith those who abuse life and do so repeatedly lifetime after lifetime, those who mentally contort the wisdom of God, distort it and use a false logic whereby they affirm that the ends justify the means, et cetera, with those who pervert the chakras and twist and try the very patience of the saints
blessed ones, do not do it!

"Do not sympathize with them! For I tell you, they have had the mercy of God aeon upon aeon upon aeon. And I tell you, there have been more Ascended Masters, Lady Masters and Gods and Goddesses made by their extension of mercy to the fallen ones than in any other way!

" . . . Therefore be just and let the word of Divine Justice and human justice go forth from you, beloved ones, and not a word of judgment or condemnation or criticism.

"Therefore, invoke your beloved Portia, Great One of the Aquarian Age, blessed Goddess of Opportunity. Allow her, then, to raise you up in the flame of God-Justice to be those pillars of Justice in the land, taking the side of the poor, the oppressed, the helpless, the homeless who have none to champion their cause save politicians who would make a name for themselves and use them rather than support them.

"Blessed hearts, Uriel is an angel who will do absolutely everything you call upon him to do.
I am that one who listens day and night. Sometimes I must recline in a space where I wait for someone to make the call for the binding of the horrendous injustices upon this planet!
I tell you, it is an absolute defamation of the living God and the living Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha and all whom I serve that these injustices go unchecked in the courts of the world!

"Therefore I tell you, there is a higher court where matters are adjudicated swiftly and finally and the karma does descend. Therefore be healed of any sense of injustice about anything in you, outside of you or in the land or in the world. Simply invoke the Lords of Karma and remember, Uriel is waiting to be called into action!"

Archangel Uriel
and Aurora

"Thus, we the Archangel and Archeia of the Fifth Ray summon you to purify your third eye. This will enhance the transmutation of many layers of misuses of the Fifth Ray such as impure seeing of others or having a jaded view of life, or even using the 'evil eye.' This includes the hideous practice of criticism, condemnation and judgment of others—a sure way to pile up karma and never get off the wheel of rebirth.

"As devotees of Saint Germain accelerate the transmutation of their karma through the fiery action of the violet flame, once again the healing abilities of the Archangels may be made known to the world. And through stalwart souls of the Fourth Ray, the Lords of Karma may give you cures for serious diseases that have not been released simply because mankind have not learned how to balance their karma by applying the scrubbing action of the white fire of the white ray as well as the violet flame to mankind's problems, small and great.

"And so we say, 'Is anything too hard for the Lord? For Saint Germain? For the angels of the Violet Flame?' Our answer rings clear! No! Nothing is too hard for the Lord and his servant-sons and -daughters, for Saint Germain or for the angels of the violet flame. Therefore enter in, beloved, and know that there is a way to victory and that you can most certainly have that victory."

Archangel Raphael
and Mother Mary

"May you recognize what power is restored illumination. May you recognize what you lost when you lost it and the great gift you now have for having regained a portion of it—[the increment of Light] that is sufficient for you to multiply [illumination] by the action of your own heart flame.

"So great a loss for so great a time ought to make you contemplate, beloved, and determine in all discipline registering upon your life that you will indeed make [your own] application for the sealing of the crown chakra that it may nevermore again, by the grace of God, ever tie in to the fallen ones by even the slightest expression by you of any criticism, condemnation or judgment of any part of life and especially not of any part of the Great White Brotherhood.

"So as Gautama Buddha so carefully gave to you his message on the law of chelaship
and the Guru-chela relationship through the heart of Sanat Kumara, may you realize as you review the content of these days together that all that has been spoken and exercised of the Word and learned, all facts and figures, all that has been said is designed to enable you to avoid various types of pitfalls within and without upon the planet, that you might not lose the glory of the golden day of your ascension and that you might, in recognition of the dangers on the planet in this hour, secure the bastions of your cosmic consciousness through Maitreya's oneness and through him [the oneness of] all those of the spherical
body of the Second Ray."

Mighty Victory

Call to Lanello to Descend the Spiral Staircase

I call now to my beloved Lanello, my mentor of the Spirit. I call to El Morya, Archangel Michael and the Lords of Karma, my own Holy Christ Self and I AM Presence and all who assist me on my way.

Take me now, O holy ones of God, down the spiral staircase into the depths of the subconscious, the electronic belt, the astral plane and the unconscious. Take me there, O God! With covering cherubim guide my feet, guide my heart and mind.

Therefore I ask for the armour of seraphim and Archangel Michael and the helmet and shield of the Lord and the sword of blue flame. And I ask to be guided by the Maha Chohan as to what I may be delivered of, and I would perform that exorcism under the living Christ Jesus, my Lord.

I call, then, that day by day for thirty-three days I shall achieve the undoing of those substances that dwell within me that will not speed me on my way to a glorious God-freedom that I seek but will only hold me back.

And therefore, O God, I surrender that portion of myself that helps neither you nor me. And
I ask that I might be cut free from all individuals that I have ever been a part of where the will of God dictates that I ought to be cut free. And I ask to help those I may help and to remain tied to those with whom I [should remain tied according to the will of God]. And I call for the balancing of all karma by the violet flame.

It is my deep desire, O Mighty I AM Presence, that I might be delivered of excess baggage now, that I might become a better servant of the Lord Sanat Kumara and that I might be free to help othersfree of the schisms in my own psyche, free of all encumbrances [of the human consciousness], so that I need not withhold the perfect gift to anyone, friend or foe or stranger, who does knock at my door.

I commend this prayer to the heart of God for adjudication. And I pray for the dividing of the way of the Real and the Unreal within myself that Victory might have his day through me.

As a humble pilgrim on life's way, I seal my prayer this day, O God. God, help me! God, help me! God, help me.


"Men, to act with vigour and effect, must have time to mature measures, and judgment and experience, as to the best method of applying them. They must not be hurried on to their conclusions by the passions, or the fears of the multitude. They must deliberate, as well as resolve."—Joseph Story (Commentaries on the Constitution, 6 January 1833) Reference: Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 224.
Criticism, Condemnation and Judgment
part III

Criticism, Condemnation and Judgment
part IV

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