Criticism, Condemnation and Judgment
Perversions of Power, part III

"Therefore I break the boundaries of limitation! I shatter the old matrices of mortality!
Remember that you are God's!"—Helios

"Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by fear of punishment and the other by arts of love.
Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent
than power derived from fear of punishment."—Mahatma Gandhi

"I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

"Chelas whose white-hot heat has become lukewarm or cold, I say to you, welcome to my heart!
I AM Morya. I watch over you! I move with you! Let me in and let go of whatever it is that disturbs you concerning this path, this Messenger, this Community, this organization!

"What is that to thee? All of this human condition shall go into the flame.

"What ought to concern you is whether the servants of God are determined to try and try and try again, whether they are determined to correct mistakes and rise, whether they are true chelas not whether they are perfect mannequins, not whether they are robots of some kind of a false
perfection but whether they have a heart of gold and of fire and can manifest that heart in the very presence of the human condition, which ye all have! And the human condition is the condition
of imperfection. It is a given.

"Judge not by the condition of anyone's human. Look further to the depths of the soul and make allowances for moments when anyone may be tired, may utter the thoughtless remark or forget something that is important.

"We understand these things! We have moved in this world. Those who expect perfect human beings and will not join any organization or be a part of any group endeavor until they find perfect people are in danger of losing their souls, for they are idolaters. Therefore we let the petticoat of the Messenger show that you might see that none is perfect in the human condition and that you might perceive beyond the petticoat the perfection of the Presence of God and know the difference.

"Let us have balance, beloved, and let your minds not be overcome with the energy veil of judgment! For I tell you, unless you let go of your judgment of anyone on the Path, yet retain your Christ-discrimination to hold the balance for anyone's weaknessesunless you let go of judgment, I will tell you what will come upon you: The fires of hell themselves will be unleashed to you in your own judgment!

"This is truth, beloved, for judgment is a weighty matter. Thus you find the teaching of Jesus Christ, 'Judge not lest ye be judged. For with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured unto you again!'

"I have written on the momentum of criticism, condemnation and judgment. Beware of its subtlety in your mind! Beware of its subtlety in your pride! Walk in another's moccasins, literally, beloved. If you are critical of someone, take on yourself the penance. Ask that one's Holy Christ Self and the Lords of Karma to give you that one's moccasins for twenty-four hours. See how you feel bearing that one's karma and burden. See how you come to know what striving [your brothers and sisters] may have in their hearts that you do not see whereby they accomplish their daily tasks against odds you know not of and conditions in the body that try them.

"Yes, beloved, I suggest if you are of the bent of the carnal mind that does continually judge others, that you cease it at once, else I shall have to remove you from my community of chelas. For all who hold this vibration maintain a direct tie to hell and that hell will one day rise up in them. And how will they cast it down when they have created the conditions whereby this hell should overtake them?

"Ye are at the altar of God! Know it and do not trifle with the fire that has come to you, for the initiation of fire ye must pass through. Pass through it, then, and do not allow your consciousness to be in a place where this fire shall burn you; for the fire shall try your work of what sort it is. Expect that initiation day by day and maintain the stillness of the peace of God through your champion Archangel Uriel.

"These are my words to the wise and the ignorant.

"May all benefit.

"I send you forth to conquer planet earth and I expect you to accomplish the task!" [47-second standing ovation]

El Morya
July 7, 1991

"Let us begin, then, at the beginning. For the Lord of the First Ray does teach to refrain from all criticism, condemnation, and judgment. Yet, when individuals choose, they will criticize the director of their group or their teaching center or someone put in charge of a committee.

"They do not consider it criticism but only 'constructive suggestion,' while the one criticized is bowed down with that condemnation and therefore not able to perform his best. His performance may indeed become worse and worse while others, their voices becoming shrill and dissonant, will continue to cry out in condemnation. This often occurs where the best servants do their best and can do no more, for life or breath is not available to them, as they have already given their all.

"In some areas these servants might well be God-tutored and shown a better way by those who think they know better, and sometimes do, but have not drawn that full measure of devotion from the very fountain of the heart to fill their own cup and then give to drink of that brother who is servant in our retreat.

"I would say this then: that it is high time that those who think they know better come then and
join and give their service willingly, and realize that whatever the office that you aspire toward whether teacher or minister or any other level of professional esteem within this activityyou must come and begin at the beginning and become the servant of all. And resist not, then, that service, nor expect others to do for you what only you may do for yourselves.

"Now, there is from time to time created, by the absence of love or a true acceleration on the Path, a schism between those serving on our staff and those serving in the field. This, however, is not created by the devotees themselves who are the tireless ones but often by those who are offended in themselves when they see such servants and cannot themselves bring themselves
to give that measure of service! Therefore, they must find fault with our staff, concluding they are fanatical or impersonal or too solemn or too busy to give them the time of conversation.

"Well, perhaps their busyness is a path of initiation that ought to be tried out. And perhaps their labor is long and hard-spent because they also need reinforcements. But they would never ask for help in that task. They themselves understand that the calling must be from the heart and there must be the response of the heart.

" . . . And therefore, adults who have become sophisticated in other areas are sometimes more difficult to train and discipline, especially in our retreat of the third ray, because they cannot believe that they do not have the attainment that they think they have.

"They cannot believe that they do not have the ability to assess their own position on the Path or their own vibration, that they do not know the difference between criticism that is utterly destructive and that careful analysis and constructive contribution that ought to be given from the wisdom and compassion of the heart. Therefore, you see, we have those even of professional standards that expect to be received on the basis of the training of the outer mind when, in fact, they must begin with Jesus, before the hierophant of Luxor, at the very first steps of application.

" . . . For I assure you that none enter heaven without passing through the most arduous disciplines, ranging from the petal pink of the love ray to the intensity that reaches finally the piercing, almost sharpness, of the ruby ray which, when the sacrifice is not forthcoming, must enter in and strip from the disciple who calls himself disciple those things which, my beloved, ought not to be.

"Let charity, then, and givingness be without dissimulation. And let us realize that pride itself, pride in one’s own ability to direct and correct others, is the first condition that must go before the ascended masters and before their chelas."

Paul the Venetian

"Concerning offenses, the question has often been asked, 'Shall I forgive my brother indefinitely for continuing wrongs against me?' When I spoke in Judaea and Galilee on this subject, my answer recorded in the Gospels was all-embracing, taking into account every situation—both the sin of foreknowledge and the sin of ignorance. The timeless message 'Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do' and 'Forgive them even seventy times seven' is plainly uttered, and yet much understanding is needed on the matter.

"The best way to forgive others is first to forgive oneself for all errors and then to expand this forgiveness infinitely to all. Be sure to cover every circumstance, make no exceptions. If God be a flaming fire and all of his offspring divine sparks, why should not one spark forgive another, no matter how much the sacred fire may have been misused?

"True, one requires special wisdom in the solving of certain problems—and, whereas forgiveness is in order, one ought to wisely avoid exposing oneself unnecessarily to the dangers inherent within human vanity. Yet love must and will prevail when the Presence is wholly relied upon.

"Now, not everyone has or holds the same balance of love, wisdom, and power. Some have an excess of one and much lack of the others. For example, if men lack wisdom, no matter how much they may love, their well-intended acts may seem to go amiss. If they lack power, no matter how wise and loving they may be, their good may not be far-reaching to the mark or as effective as they would like it to be. If they lack love, no matter how much wisdom and power are manifesting, they may find that their acts are oft aborted, their energies rendered partially or wholly useless to the great cosmic purposes.

"Find your balance, then, in a triangle of perfection, a holy trinity which produces the most intense action of all three within the heart of man and the heart of creation. Here the great wisdom of the discriminating Holy Christ Self calls upon the mighty light rays of the Presence to draw forth and focus the God-power which in itself is invincible.

"Here the all-loving heart of the Presence seals the balanced flame of wisdom and power in a penetrating sheath of divine love which can never be requalified with human nonsense or avarice. Free, then, from deceit, the threefold flame represents, as beloved Morya so often says, 'a thrust for a purpose.' (Let all who deny purpose in creation take heed!)

"Certainly, then, no cosmic teacher of Truth should be unduly criticized. I do not say that their fruits should fall far from the parent tree; yet remember, it is easy to see in others the very same qualities that are acting in one's own world. Even when I manifested perfection, some wise men (intellectually wise) and some quite devout men (religiously devoted) saw me as possessed
with an evil spirit and profane.

"All who would teach men the Great Law of God must even in this day be prepared to suffer some misunderstanding and false accusation. If there is no cause to bring this to pass, the sinister force will try to manufacture one and, having so done, will begin to fabricate its chain of lies. If there be even the slightest cause, this unrighteous force (mentally aggressive and seething with malice) proceeds to distort and twist facts by gossip so as to disturb as many people as possible and thus prevent the saints from carrying on their great mission and service of love to Life.

"Take heart and be diligent! Be wise to this deception—hold the faith. The life of the Light is, above all, transcendent and worthy of any suffering or inconvenience for the sake of my name, I AM.

"After two thousand years of Christianity, the clamor and confusion centering around 'What must I do to be saved?' still rages, and seekers for more light often become so engrossed in the search that the goal itself is lost sight of.

"Beloved ones, your ascension is your goal! It is that simple. If all the energy you have ever misqualified by misusing Life's precious substance is requalified and transmuted by the violet fire of freedom's love and by forgiveness in action, what then can prevent your ascension or the attainment of your goal? Yet your own Presence alone knows the day and the hour when it shall occur.

" . . . I am grateful, therefore, for those who are both honest and humble enough to admit to mistakes, yet zealous and hardy enough to submit to human criticism by going forth to do the best they can to serve in the Father's vineyard. Many of those who suffer the most severe criticism shall go further to attain their victory than man may think.

"Their heart's right motive and prayerful attitude, seen and heard at higher levels, will in due course attract a higher state of perfection until at last they attain the cosmic consciousness of the immortals—though their critics remain sidetracked and bound in limitation and self-created confusion. Yet we would have none thus fail. Let all be vigilant!"

Jesus Christ
November 25, 1960

"Criticism is a disease that does not produce the fruit of rightful striving. It is lawless and destructive in its base intent and drags down the soul of the individual who submits to it. Thus the admonishment 'Judge not lest ye be judged' went forth.

"We are aware of the fact that the godless societies criticize the flaws of those nations that are outside of their fold whom they would overpower. We understand their methods of boring from within, of hiding behind legitimate facades, and deceiving the people. We urge, then, in view of the awful plots that have been hatched to overthrow the forces of freedom in the world, that every lover of freedom will heed our warning in his prayers, in his contacts, and in the renewal of his faith.

"Jesus said long ago, 'They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick.' The sickness of the nations must be healed, the shield of righteousness must be used, the sword of the Spirit must be employed, and every magnificent action that man can take must be taken for the preservation of right values. The proper education of the masses must be accelerated and the protection of freedom must be carried on to the fullest extent of the law. Armageddon is at hand. The forces of destruction, with their godless philosophy, and the sweet, spiritual powers of the world to come are locked in a deadly embrace.

"It is never a question of outcome, insofar as the power of right is concerned; but the battle can be lost in the realm of the individual-in the militant and vicious individual who, in the name of social justice, can excuse a conduct that tarnishes the image of justice and produces only the fruit of misery, never of order and peace. Knowing, therefore, that the little children who are incoming will be victims of man's dangerous defections from just action, we urge that this activity of light be expanded more and more.

"A strengthening of the bonds of devotion to the preservation of God's dream for America and the world is in order. For the ascended masters, in far-off retreats and far-off worlds, are watching as the struggles of mankind go on, hoping and calling forth an avalanche of light to awaken men before it is too late.

"Understand, then, O men of earth, that eternal vigilance is the price that you must pay if you are to preserve liberty upon the earth. Oh, act before it is too late! As a cosmic mother, I speak."

Goddess of Liberty
April 27, 1969

"The children of the light have a most awesome responsibility. Theirs is to portray the universal divine life. They are expected to provide the power of a better example. The crafty world often sees the students of the light as though they, too, were crafty. Hence there is a tendency on the part of the world to suspect everyone who is engaged in spiritual deliverance.

"I think it well that the chelas of the light understand that they cannot please the world nor can
they prevent the world from false judgment. It should be borne in mind that albeit men have left the field of divinity and denied their reality, they are still utilizing divine power to perform their darkened work. When they pass false judgment upon the sons of the light, the white-fire core of the energy which they use obediently follows the pattern that has been imposed upon it (in this case false judgment), thereby creating arrows of outrageous fortune which are slung at the children of the light.

"In addition, this activity of criticism, even when unspoken, depletes the supply of light of the ones so engaged; for the flow of the mind is also the flow of God's energy which is thus channeled through the attention into a dangerous and unworthy matrix for which they must one day give account.

"The protection of your tube of light, vigilance in consciousness, adherence to the laws of true being, and faithfulness in all things will help you to expand the flame of freedom in your being and to obtain your victory over human deceit and misjudgment. The children of the light must not fear the children of the dark. The energy which they use is of this world. The great Master Jesus came up against this very thing in his discourse with Pilate. When Pilate reminded him that he had the power to release him or to retain him, the Christ said unto him, 'Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above.'

"The children of the light should rejoice in their own great God Presence and in the freedom which this Presence brings to them. They must not dissipate the energies of their freedom in overconcern with the antics of the disparaging ones. Neither should the true follower of God allow himself to be cast aside from the spiritual path by a wayward brother who may appear to be a child of light but whose actions may be questionable.

"Remember, blessed ones, until you are ascended and free it is still possible for you in an unguarded moment to make mistakes in your human self. While the Presence of God who lives in every son of heaven always knows the correct and perfect thing to do, unfortunately many of the chelas of the light neglect to make their application and to hold that attunement with their Presence which would give them their freedom.

" . . . Down through the centuries we have observed that human opinion and a sense of personal righteousness have deterred individuals from the spiritual path. What difference does it make, blessed ones, if individuals think that you are funny or just a little bit foolish? Suppose they consider that you have been duped by erroneous concepts? Does it really matter what they think, seeing that most of them are changing their minds all of the time and are themselves scarcely free from some form of error?

" . . . Long ago Saint Paul said that men should believe a lie and be damned. The meaning of the word damned is condemned; therefore, the end result of individuals believing a lie about others or themselves is ultimate condemnation all the way around. For whatever is held in consciousness about lifeany part of itor one's associates is eventually outpictured in one's own world. This is the law, blessed ones. It functions unerringly and no one is excluded, for the law is impersonal. God is no respecter of persons.

"Your freedom comes not by criticism, condemnation, or judgment nor does it come by exalting yourselves above your fellowmen by your own personal opinions. Your freedom comes by humble recognition of the Magnificat—'He hath put down the mighty from their seats, and exalted them of low degree.' "

Saint Germain
July 7, 1968

"Take care, then, beloved, that you are able to disassociate the anger directed against you from the anger that comes from within. Learn to separate the two and to deal with them judiciously and dispassionately. Step aside from these momentums that are now surfacing. Enter in to your

"This is truly not a time for the indulgence of human whim. The whims of many boil down to a self- pity that appears as sorrow. But the sorrow of millions is that they cannot have their fleshpots and also their God consciousness, that they cannot become Christ and him crucified and give that Christ to a world and yet revel in the sensual pleasures they have indulged in for thousands of years.

"Some whose time has come to exercise right choice for the path of Christhood are angry because that time has come. And thereby they stand to lose what they have gained from positive momentums of service offered in this and previous lifetimes. Choices must be made based upon reality. And I know of no greater God-Reality than that which is unveiled by the All-Seeing Eye of God.

"The grinding in the earth of the hoofbeats of the Four Horsemen and the grinding of the teeth where the teeth are set on edge are among the signs of perilous times, especially for devotees on the Path. I cannot underscore too sharply that these are times when there is the moment of choosing—day by day. It is impossible to sit on the fence. And in the moment of the acceleration of world karma and the tightening of the coils of personal karma people exercise their choices in desperation, and great mistakes can be made by great miscalculations, both of the cycles of opportunity and of the concluding of the cycles of opportunity.

" . . . If you are not ready to let go of the not-self, then I say, beloved ones, you shall know sorrow. You shall know profound sorrow. Therefore, make right choices . . . You must prepare for the descent of planetary karma and know that it does increase. And this is an hour and a season when there is a cycle of returning karma such as has not been seen in 25,800 years.

"Returning karma when received with a good attitude brings out the very best in everyone. Watch how it tests the mettle of the soul and brings to the surface the very worst elements of being, that each one might be initiated and establish his own Real Identity. Thus early on we gave you the advice to pursue the taking apart and the putting together again of the components of the psyche, to study your own psychology and to raise up your soul as you nurture your child within. All these things we have pointed out for good reason."

April 7, 1993

"You must see [to it], then, that the dweller-on-the-threshold within you is bound and that all substance of hatred of the Mother in the unconscious is consumed, which means, beloved, that there must be no strife or argumentation or harsh words or dissonance between any of you. For it is the breaking of a mother's heart and it is your 'ignore-ance' of your own Divine Mother, your own human mothers and the office of Mother.

"In deference to the Mother, her children do not squabble and grumble and come into conflict one with the other. Therefore know, beloved, that you will have to settle these problems that you bring upon yourselves, for we will not allow the Messenger to be taken to the level of settling the problems of squabbling children.

"You must get along with one another and work together and rise above the pettiness and the smallness of the mind. You must recognize that it is a major challenge to be in two worlds, and that is the challenge that the one who holds the office of Messenger must accept in order to have that mantle.

"It is a stressful situation upon the body. And when you as Chelas with a capital C agree to be the manifestation of your Morya, you will take on some of that very same stress. To bear the burden of the Lord of the Chohan of the First Ray by asking to be his representative and the vessel for that Ascended Master to step through the veil, beloved ones, [is a sacrifice that is not without commensurate reward].

"When you know the presence of the lower self and the presence of an Ascended Master in the same place, you will come to understand that this is no small challenge. And you will recognize that the harmony of your being with that Master and with that presence does bring great Light to the Earth. But the greater the Light, the greater the opposition to that Light."

Lady Master Venus
October 8, 1990

"Count not, therefore, the cycles of time and space. For the Lord ’s coming is not known by any but by the Father and the Son, and the Father in the Son, and the Father and the Son in the soul of light! And therefore, each individual will give testimony of the binding of the dweller on the threshold of the false-hierarchy impostor of his own office. And each one will give testimony in his own life of the binding of the dweller on the threshold of the beast whose name is Blasphemy, of the Antichrist, and of the accuser of the brethren which accused them before our God day and night.

"See then how Christ in you is the hope of glory and the binding of that beast! See then how I have pronounced the Word in this hour of the Christ Self of every son of God on earth. And it shall come to pass. And you will see it, and you will note that the new day of the filling of the earth with the glory of the Lord is nigh. And you will live to see a great glory upon earth—even as you will pass through that travail that leads to the peace of God in your heart forever and forever.

" . . . Therefore, bind then those who perpetrate the lie and the deception of their doubt and fear and their own anxiety and their own revenge and their own desire to gain a net gain against the victory of the Word! Bind then the entire momentum of the infamy of the fallen ones, and replace it now with a flame of God-mastery, which therefore in itself (as the Holy Spirit of my causal body) does judge those who persist in pitting themselves against the great logic of the Word, who persist in their unbelief. Beloved ones, the testimony of my life and that of ascended masters throughout cosmos and that of Almighty God before everyone in embodiment is so abundant, so redundant, so miraculous, so entirely full of the light of the Spirit that there is no one upon this planetary body who has any further excuse to doubt the living Word and the living Presence of God.

"And therefore, I, Jesus, bring the judgment of doubt and unbelief in this hour, and I cast it out as the poison of the seed of Serpent and as a nasty indulgence of those who ought to be fulfilling cosmic purpose! I cast it out this night, and I cast it out on the morrow. And on the third day, I say, those who retain it shall be bound and judged themselves as though they themselves were the dweller itself. For those who align themselves with the planetary momentum of fear and doubt and nonbelief in my own Christhood now have been served notice by my own Father, by the Lord God Almighty, that the prophecy of the damnation unto those who do not believe in that Christ is upon them. And that prophecy of damnation must come to pass, and it must come to pass in the concluding shadows of the Piscean age, preparatory to the manifestation of the full-orbed manifestation of the light of Aquarius through the heart of beloved Saint Germain.

"Understand the meaning of my Word! Understand that these things are coming to pass and these prophecies are not forever moved into the future, but they are at hand. And this is the Day of the Lord ’s Vengeance, this is the day of the tribulation! And this is the day of the falling from the heaven of those hierarchies that have occupied their positions too long. And therefore, they are bound and they are cast down! And those who have misrepresented the hierarchy in the office of the Son and the stellar bodies now find themselves removed and the true light-bearers rise. Why, even in this community of the Holy Spirit, you find yourselves rising into positions of your own Christhood—because of the wickedness of the fallen ones (and its presence) no longer here. Therefore, they are removed.

" . . . I, Jesus, standing before the altar of the Most High God in the Great Central Sun, raise my right hand and deliver to the Almighty and to his people the full-gathered momentum of my ascension flame, multiplied by the two-thousand-year dispensation of my ascension, on this day and date in this year of Our Lord, 1983—that momentum of power for the judgment then of the betrayer of the Great White Brotherhood, that betrayer as an office held by many fallen ones throughout the galaxies. Both the betrayer and the office receive the judgment now—the betrayer of the witnesses, of the messengers, of the avatars, of their apostles and disciples, of the prophets and the holy ones of all centuries and planetary bodies and galaxies.

"I, Jesus, take now the full-gathered momentum of the portion of my lifestream as the ascension current, and I deliver it by my right hand. For the Father has appointed the judgment unto the Son. By my right hand, I deliver that judgment now upon the office and the person of the betrayer of the Great White Brotherhood and its representatives on earth and in heaven—namely, this Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet; namely, the Messenger Mark L. Prophet and all messengers from the very foundation of the systems of worlds who have gone forth and been sent as a part of the angelic evolution of the Most High God to rescue the children of the light from the betrayer and from the momentum of the betrayal held in that office.

"Therefore, it is the judgment of Almighty God in my heart that they shall no longer pass the threshold of the living Word of Truth. They shall be bound, they shall be cast out, and they shall be judged! In the name of the cosmic cross of white fire which I now place at the very feet of every son of God, I likewise pronounce the authority of my ascension in the announcement of the ascension in the Light of certain sons of God who have prepared themselves for this hour.

"Therefore, though it may come to pass in the decades or decades hence, so it is sealed!
And it is sealed by the momentum of my light. For with the judgment of the betrayer, so the sons of light rise. And I AM the resurrection and the life of every son of God. And I AM the resurrection unto the damnation of the sons of perdition who will no longer and no more go out to tempt or to torment the seed of light! I, Jesus, have spoken. And I have responded to the Lord God Almighty this night—to beloved Alpha, to beloved Omega, who have sent forth the call which I have then answered, even as I have sent the call which they have answered. And therefore, I and my Father are one. I and my Mother are one.

"I seal this fiat of my heart. I seal it this day and date, this twelfth of May, for I AM in the victorious golden cycle of the New Day. I seal it in the earth! I seal it in the astral belt! I seal it in the mental belt! I seal it in the etheric belt! And there is nowhere that the Fallen One may hide! For I AM Jesus the Christ, and I will pursue unto the finish everyone who raises his head against the living Truth throughout all cosmos. And I AM the multiplication of my Electronic Presence, worlds without end! And you will see the coming of the New Day. As I AM THAT I AM on the earth and in the heavens, so I AM Alpha and Omega. I AM the beginning and the ending and the Amen!"

Jesus Christ
May 12, 1983

Knowledge of that Power which Will Transmute

To Those Who Are Ready to Leave Their Misconceptions at the Gate of the Kingdom:

The coercions of the world have exactly the power humanity gives to them. Is it not written in the sacred scriptures that God will suffer man to be tempted above that he is able, but will with every temptation also make a way of escape?

Whereas man, then, has often created a God made in his own image and ignored the holy mandate of freedom to express the magnificent reality of his own God Self, man can still, if he wills it so, on any given day of his life shift his polarity from the point of bondage to that of dynamic freedom.

Some concepts are so little that they flit across the wind as fireflies in a swamp; but, whatever their size, it must be recognized that men’s ideas and even their imaginations are either stripes of bondage or joybursts of true freedom that, like white-fire magic, cut across lines of force and old encrusted momentums to give human beings the joy of the magnificent God-concept of what freedom really is.

How unfortunate it is that men will listen to the blaring idiocies of the unillumined, of the ill- mannered whose cacophony is heard the world around. The vain diatribes of accusation and subtle intellectual rhetoric which continue to divide the world, the drivel of human sophistication and sophistry, these are not true culture, not can they give to the God-seeker a sense of his infinite beauty.

During my lifetime as Francis Bacon, when the Shakespearean plays were released, embodying at times those cloud-capped ideas of the Spirit, and then again entering into the arrows and slings of outrageous fortune, I delivered to the world both censure and praise
—praise for the beauty to be found in the soul which God planted there in bejeweled splendor and blame for the old 'follow-the-leader' concepts whereby men of fear write their own epitaphs in infamy. These do not consider the native qualities of divinity as gifts of worth, but follow instead those decadent concepts which reveal them as men who stand for nothing save feathering their own nests.

We admire the brave men and women of freedom who have thought first not of self but of God- good for humanity, whose faith, reaching toward the stars, has perceived with clarity the need to act at special times and not to create senseless delays. If freedom ever needed friends, it is now! And I cannot think but that the members of the Karmic Board—recognizing the dauntless qualities of some who, seizing the opportunities at hand, act in God’s name to uphold the banner of truth—have also pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor on behalf of that reality for which embodied souls hunger and thirst.

This desire for reality that lingers in the hearts of men brings me, then, to a necessary explanation of Matter and Spirit. One of the most subtle devices of the powers of evil that has been used to deceive good and true men in the past is the false logic, fashioned in word- pictures, that portrays Matter as though it were God’s enemy and Spirit as though it were his best friend. True, 'God is a Spirit;' but it is also recorded, 'Try the spirits whether they are of God. Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God.'

This statement denotes that it is necessary for the consciousness of the Christ—the immaculate consciousness of the Christos—to enter into the heart of every spirit, that it might be crowned with the love of the only begotten Son of the Father, full of grace and truth. Let us point out that Matter may likewise be endowed by the Spirit of the Christ, and that good and evil cannot be conveniently categorized as ‘Spirit’ and ‘Matter’; for these must be examined in the light of their inherent qualification to determine whether they are enshrined by the consciousness of truth or error.

Some schools of metaphysics teach the condemnation of Matter, which in reality was born of the Spirit and is but a relatively lower vibration of that Spirit, capable of being raised by the transmutative powers of the Holy Spirit into pure light. What man requires, then, is not a simple formula or system of affirmation and denial to disprove the existence of the material universe
—as though by mere thought he could alter the creation—but the knowledge of that power which will transmute the frozen energies of the world, whether dense or ethereal, into light and love and truth. When this is accomplished, then freedom is born and radiates from within both Matter and Spirit.

Let men see the role of the violet flame as it culls out of the consciousness, out of the vital bodies and out of the whole being of man every human subtlety, every retrogressive tendency and completely nullifies the coercions of the man of the world. What a great blessing it is when spiritual freedom comes to the soul, when the holy monad has infused into him not only the soul-life that has traveled from body to body but also the miraculous attunement that makes man one with the Father, one with the principle that is embodied by all but is expressed to its fullest in so few.

Expansion and progress go hand in hand. He who expands the light of freedom within himself is a part of the vanguard of cosmic progress, not only for the planet but also for the universe. And, as the swelling billows roll, the tides of time and eternity passing in review before the screen of mortal consciousness, the Infinite bides his time and extends his canopy of awareness over all. This infinite Spirit of God that broods over the waters governs also the ultimate destiny of man.

Matter is not the culprit but the clay that must be molded. It is human pride on the one hand and a sense of groveling in the dust on the other, it is condemnation, judgment, and criticism reinforced by fear which play their roles in hindering the soul from the expansions God envisions for all. But, regardless of the seeds of confusion that have been scattered in the fields of true religion concerning the polarity of Matter and Spirit, I am confident that we are evolving a new breed of spiritual avatars, even now, through the activities of the Brotherhood. For we are showing forth the meaning of freedom as freedom has not been revealed before.

Freedom is in the soul, seedlike and dormant, and but awaits the nourishment of the attention, the acceptance of the consciousness, the pulsing joy of awareness. It leads man onward out of decrepitude and age into vitality and amazement; for the love of God that passeth understanding, that conveyeth ultimate destiny to all, will not be moved in its great onrush toward freedom. Freedom soars and carries with it into the ethereal realms of light and loveliness even material substance, chaining nothing, but changing all things into untethered progress tethered
to reality. For, although man must be free, he must also be willingly bound to the highest.

The Gloria in Excelsis Deo that will bring true peace on earth is in the soul. It was planted in the garden of the heart by the Almighty. In him and in the Spirit of truth that he is, is the unfoldment of loveliness and high adventure. Life is not meant to be a vale of trial, but a veil of triumph wherein the Spirit of Christ-truth, perceiving the blueprint of universal reality, seizes the luminous orb of destiny and casts down the despairs of life as it raises the banner of freedom within the souls of men.

Fiery destiny, unveil thyself
And show the higher way of God!
Fiery destiny, unveil thyself
For man is not a clod!
Fiery destiny, unveil thyself
Infuse the soul with God!


Saint Germain
July 5, 1970

Love is like a great magnet. It is the magnet of the heart. Those who yield to the nature of the heart without the guidance of reason are often emotionally warped, and they do not understand the perfect balance of love manifest in the triune nature of God. Naturally, love is manifest in love; but love is also manifest in wisdom and in power. Unless it be included in these other aspects of the Trinity, man does not walk in that balanced consciousness of the Christ which enables him to retain his harmony with Life.

Harmony comes about because man is truly imbued with the love-nature of God. But how easy
it is to confuse human loves and desires with divine love! Once divine love is understood as the great givingness of God that is also mindful of every precept of cosmic law, try as he will, man realizes that he can no longer function from the plane of human desire and human opinion and still be in harmony with the law of infinite Love.

The reason for this is quite simple. Human desires and human opinions are fluctuating, whereas true love is constant and even-flowing. Man, as a child, mimics the life-patterns of his elders; yet because of his soul’s lack of development and his karma that is periodically harvested as the fruit of former lives, his instincts are often not in keeping with divine grace.

Whenever a man is persuaded to move against divine grace, against the prompting of the inner voice, to commit those acts that are in violation of cosmic harmony, he is creating an etching upon his soul that will remain not only for his current life but also for the term of his individuality, until one day he finally comes face to face with the law of sinof inharmonywhich he created “within his members” and which he therefore must balance. This is why man in the lower aspects of his nature is admonished to be mindful of God; and, because man in the higher aspects of his nature is made in the Image of God, he must one day face the results of his own sowings ere he can return to that Image.

Tiny seeds of doubt and distrust sprout just as well under the present burden of world thought as seeds of faith and inspiration. There are times that, in all cosmic honesty, because of man’s affinities with the world and his carnal desires, it is the opinion of many in heavenly places that it is easier for him to become the victim of his own evil tendencies than it is for him to drink the cup of his own innate goodness. But, beloved ones, just because in the past you have created in darkness, there is no reason to continue sowing seeds of shadow that you will reap in the future!

Let all realize that “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” is a cosmic fiat which was never abrogated either by the words or the works of Christ Jesus. He himself declared, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” Yet so many are eager for an excuse for their actions. If the excuse please their own minds, they somehow forget that which is pleasing to the Mind of God, that which has been made plain in his commandments, in the teachings of the prophets, and in the example of the avatars.

Contrary to the law of divine love, people throughout the world criticize and condemn those who are not so much guilty of evil deeds as they are the victims of other people’s careless remarks and their prattle about things they little understand. Thus Saint Germain has frequently admonished the Keepers of the Flame to refrain from criticism, condemnation, and judgment, which always snare the very ones who are engaged in these dark doings. He counseled instead that they should call forth divine love daily on behalf of all and especially in the administration of their affairs.

Now, divine love is not always obvious. Sometimes it is but a feeling in the heart. How foolish are they who judge without knowing what really is in the heart of another, for so often their judgments are unfounded save in the mass creation of darkness that spreads as an infectious plague amongst the people, causing them to eye one another suspiciously and to doubt the integrity of the inner man.

Let us replace distrust in the world order with confidence in the good inherent in man, with faith in the God who has placed it there, and with that unity of God and man exemplified in the mission of beloved Jesus. Let the children of darkness continue in their condemnation of the children of the Light; by divine decree they shall reap that which they have sown! Let the children of the Light continue to build the constructive spirals of the Spirit that tower over all; by divine decree they shall also reap that which they have sown.

To lean upon the compassion of our Lord, to draw close to his humility, and then to trace the great divine strength God has placed in one’s own character, magnifying His good in allthis is the way of salvation that clearly directs man to higher spheres of thought and feeling. Unless he pursue the quality of infinite grace, bestowed upon man because he has learned to love, he will find himself the victim of an entirely different qualityone lacking in the graciousness of the Holy Spirit which enables the individual to sense and fill the needs of others.

Pliability of the spirit is the fashion of the Christ. Compassion for men’s ignorance goes hand
in hand with that sternness of the Law which compelled the Christ to speak fervently to his disciples, “What, could ye not watch with me one hour?” We often marvel at the great fountain of devotion within the hearts of many, but we also admonish that no reed of bitterness should ever be allowed to creep into man’s world to separate him from the grace of God and from the sheepfold of the Ascended Masters. How futile it is that the very ones who are harnessed to their own changing personalities will allow the personalities of others to become the objects of their ridicule and scorn. Truly the Master’s way has always been “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

Those who know what they do and why they do it are the advanced disciples of our Lord. I gladly call them brother, for they lean as I did upon the bosom of the Master. The idealizing of the Masters requires more than the mental imaging of their physical appearance or making a pilgrimage to the places where they walked. Those who would be close to the Masters should realize that their universal consciousness is wherever you are. We are here and we are there, and we yearn to convey without further delay the marvelous God-feeling that we have for Life! Never sanctioning abortions of Life, we recommend that mankind walk circumspectly with God and understand the meaning of Being itself.

Through the gates of birth and death pass many souls. All were intended to move in pathways of divine love. Other habitations not of God’s creation have come into being only because man has provided thought-fields and force-fields of his own unrealities without understanding or invoking the actualities of divine grace. If men would only create themselves in the Image of God, in the Image of Love, rather than spend their time creating a God made after their own likeness, they would soon discover for themselves how Love can literally sweep into all their activities until darkness would no longer be without Light, but would disappear in the sunburst of the reality of Cosmic Love.

Devotedly, I AM

John the Beloved
April 4, 1971

"I tell you that all of man’s creativity is a manifestation of God’s creativity which, through diligence and application, man has earned the right to share. It is the all-power of God that has created the magnificent qualities and opportunities to master the physical universe that are inherent within Light itself. For He has placed them there, right within the spectrum of Light, color, and frequency. They hold His secrets which mankind gradually wrest from the Hand of the Universal, but which will surely return to the Universal unused unless people begin to understand more about the grand purposes that are not only inherent in Life but can also be perceived even in the world of Matter on the periphery of the universal intelligence and intent.

"I AM Zadkiel. I am concerned with man’s correct use of the magnificent power of the violet spectrum. This is my forte. It represents man’s power to forgive others and to receive forgiveness from them. It represents mankind’s power to be forgiven by God for errors they have made and also to drop their accusative sense that seems almost to indict the Godhead Himself for having sought to give them in the gift of Life the gift of Himself.

"O mankind of earth, beware! Be wary of those states of mind that seem to blame any part of Life. Have you thought why blame exists? Is it not primarily because of man’s failure to see what opportunity he has been given and because of his failure to recognize and exercise that opportunity? Is it really such a very small thing, after all, that mankind should take their energy and hold it as a jagged concept of human hatred and ill will to any part of Life? I do not think so, nor do the Karmic Lords, nor does God Himself.

"It is our opinion that mankind should long ago have overcome those aspects of human hatred which center on various human polarities. After all, in their ignorance individuals do embrace certain aspects of politics, religion, scienceyea, and of their own life. Holding to different poles of Reality and unreality, who among mankind today possesses the ability to discern good and evil, which is a fruit not of the Tree of Life, but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

"That sense of good which includes the sense of evil has always driven mankind from Eden. The preference for a knowledge of relative good rather than the knowledge of absolute Good has always denied mankind the opportunity to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life and to live forever as a Cosmic Being. Through man’s sense of limitation, through his criticism, condemnation, and judgment of others, he has denied to himself the right to be godlike; and thus he has allowed himself to fall asleep unto his Father and to fall into the selfsame pits that humanity have fallen into throughout the millenniums.

"It has never been God’s will to deny the abundant Life to any of His children. Through the consciousness of the living Christ by whom all things were created, man has been liberally endowed with the anointing of the Holy Spirit which, had he accepted it, would long ago have removed from him those impediments that have irked his consciousness along the way and prevented him from manifesting harmony and perfection in the physical domain.

"Today, through the use of the violet transmuting flame, through man’s awareness of the inborn Christ that stands victoriously enshrined in Life but is denied by embodied humanity, the world can at last welcome the perfection of the New Age, the Golden Age of Truth, like unto the Golden Age of Pericles, that shall come once again to those who look for it.

"And the early stirrings of that age of victory shall be found in those forward-looking hearts that are willing to make a break with a past that has never fulfilled either their dreams or the dreams of God. These look to a future in which the kingdom of heaven can become a realitynot because they witness Christ in the garb of their own human opinions of how He ought to manifest and with what body He ought to appear, but because they are willing to accept Him and to 'see Him as He is.'

"With this sense of victory and hope as the year comes to a close, holding the portent of the beautiful holiday season before man’s childheart, I urge upon all that inward participation with cosmic law, and especially with the law of love, which shall create a balm of forgiveness not only for those who need the quality of mercy and have it not, but also for one’s own advancement. That forgiveness may be extended to all parts of the world as a cosmic laver in which all may bathe is my prayer, for I assure you that it is not above the service of an Archangel to pray.

"I hold near and dear the redemption of humanity through their understanding of the power of the violet transmuting flamenot only through its use, but also through man’s individual awareness of its tremendous action and power as a part of that spectrum of Light which is so important to mankind although they do not see it in all of its ramifications.

"I AM Zadkiel. My retreat over Cuba continues to be active. It is a focus of the violet transmuting flame that long ago drew Christopher Columbus to the shores of what you call America. Today my legions are still actively drawing the souls of mankind to the higher realms above our island; and we shall ultimately restore freedom and justice to all in the physical octave. We shall enhance the power of freedom in every country upon this earth until the family of nations, the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ.

"I, Zadkiel, in the name of the living God, have spoken.

"Abundantly for the expansion of the violet flame in all nations . . . "

October 29, 1972

"For me to say that the churches of the world have not over the centuries involved themselves or allowed themselves to be involved in the activities of human greed and injustice would be sheer falsehood. In my Son’s name, in my name, and in the name of Heaven acts have been committed again and again which are a perversity of the Spirit, which have denied bread to the hungry while erecting altars of gold and silver. Yet in the eyes of Heaven there is some justification for the adorning of the temples of God and the honoring of the hosts of heaven with the abundance of God that the matrix of His supply might be expanded for all upon the altar of the Lord.

"Therefore, in dividing the word of righteousness men must understand that condemnation of any act of man must be tempered not only by justice and mercy, but also by the higher criticism of the Divine Logos. Men must love God above all things. For in loving God first, they will come to love all things, all men, all the adornments of nature and the graces of life, both seen and unseen, as the manifestation of God; and they will be free of the desire to covet. Hence, wise is the man who does not judge his neighbor but understands the nature of service to his God, to his home, to his church, and to his fellowmen.

"By spreading abroad the sense of the abundance of God as attainable by every man'but my God shall supply all your need'each man is imbued with the fire of sacred trust whereby he sees the world as an abode of usefulness where dwell the Spirit of God and the spirit of usefulness and the harmony of the artisans that can work together and spread the balm of the true kingdom everywhere.

"Let perish from your mind, then, the thoughts of darkness, of greed, and the condemnation of human greed. For by the illuminating sense that gives to each one the true knowledge of the right attitudes of the spiritual thoughts that are the thoughts of Christ, man can at last ascend in consciousness to the place where true Christhood does manifest.

"Devotedly, I AM"

Mother Mary
August 20, 1972

"One of the great tragedies that has occurred in connection with mankind’s search for God is that religious men and women have allowed the unfortunate spirit of condemnation, criticism, and judgment to occupy the platform of their mind and emotions. Whereas they may seek to justify their denunciation of one another, saying that it is a matter of theological dogma, actually it is often a matter of spiritual pride; moreover, they are beset with that negative magnetism which allows spirits of diversity to use their consciousness rather than the one Spirit of God.

"Quite frequently the charges they bring to bear upon one another involve the very things which they themselves are doing, while those whom they accuse may be wholly innocent. Judgment is never wise. Unfortunately, those who practice it are usually karmically guilty of attempting to destroy, either directly or indirectly, the reputation of those whom they fear or of those of whom they are jealous. Sometimes they act in good faith but in poor judgment.

"Wise is the disciple at any point upon the spiritual Path who remains unmoved by those condemnation techniques which are actually extensions of the powers of darkness, moving at times even through those who have performed spiritual utterances or who have achieved a reputation as a spiritual teacher.

"The enemy, in the process of separating man from God, utilizes the most devious methods. The human personality is always involved. Beware then of those who are quick to accuse; and remember that “the accuser of our brethren,” according to the ancient writings, 'is cast down [into the earth plane], which accused them before our God day and night.'

"Spiritual discrimination is a natural faculty of the soul that is attuned to the Christ Consciousness and will eventually prove the way that leads to the abundant Life and cooperation with the cosmic Hierarchy. The spiritual Path is wonderful! It is a manifestation of universal delight, the overflowing cup of God-happiness.

"Instead of critically scanning those you meet and allowing yourself to have your happiness disturbed, seek to convey a blessing upon all. Greet all with the love of the God Flame that is within and proceed, if you can, to let that Flame work the change in mankind that is wholly constructive. If, however, the peace and the love which you send to others in the name of The Brotherhood is rejected by them, your energy will return to you and you will find that peace and love manifesting within your own soul as they proceed to set up the matrices of those tests which will one day show them the error of their ways.

"Be not unduly concerned over those who seek to make you uncomfortable or to disturb the peace of your soul. Know that the laws of God are inexorable; they cannot be broken. Each violation must one day be adjusted. Just see to it, beloved ones, that the peace of a right attitude
not that of self-righteousness, but that of divine righteousnessremains upon your heart’s altar, a flame that no human emotion can quench, a spark of universal joy that spreads the panacea of cosmic healing everywhere throughout the universe.

"I AM and I remain the advocate of that peace which governs the emotional tides of life and manifests the victory of the Christ,"

May 7, 1972

"Consider all the beauty of life which can be. Perceive this as pure gold. All causes of unhappiness, every vibration of discord, fear, doubt, suspicion, condemnation, criticism, judgment, self-righteousness, and all negative traits are part of either the human mold or the mowlde which must be purged as dross before purity can so regenerate a lifestream as to enable the individual to partake of the waters of life freely.

"It is not enough that men come to drink when the invitation from higher sources has gone forth. They must make new skins to retain the new wine of infinite goodness and purpose. This is spiritual alchemy; and wise are they who first master it in themselves before attempting to govern the elements in others or in nature, for thus is karma justified by wisdom and rendered benign."

Saint Germain
Alchemy, Chapter 3

" . . . I bow to the flame that burns on the altar of your heart. By love and love alone you shall conquer.

"Be not moved when surrounded by those who do not bear the flame of Christ’s love in their hearts, for they shall not prevail. Do not engage in argument or criticism, condemnation and judgment. Do not engage in gossip. For by so doing you may sooner or later lose your soul. Instead, seal your lips and simply say in your heart: 'Peace, be still and know that I AM God.'

"And so, my beloved friends, with fond hope for the future, and with memories of our past together, I seal you in this hour. Rest assured, I shall return to deliver my dictations to you in future visits of the Messenger if you prepare the way for her coming."

Saint Germain
March 10,1996

" . . . Therefore resolve this day to establish resolution with your Inner Christ and do not assume that you automatically have it! For the standards of the Christ must be the measure of the Christ and the measure of a man or a woman as to what Christhood each one can contain.

"Do not, therefore, set for your Holy Christ Self, for your Messenger or for this entire Mystery School your human standards of what ought to be and what ought not to be. I tell you what ought to be and is, and that is the descent of the Lord God himself in hours when you know it not.

"The Lord God, even Alpha and Omega, comes as the proverbial thief in the night for the testing of souls at any hour. And these tests must be passed at the level of Christhood, not at the level
of the human consciousness of compromise that says: 'This is our standard. This is our human standard and it is right, and we will have our own code of honor among ourselves.' And yet it is a tarnished honor, beloved ones.

"God has a right to test you, to love you, to chasten you, to teach you, to draw back the curtain of pride and allow you to see what is puffed up by your own ego or what is trumped up by the flattery of other egos. All of this exposure of the ego is a parting of successive veils of self- ignorance. And veils are parted and veils are parted again until you see the naked soul face to face and the inner heart, the inner spirit, the inner essence and what about each of these is real.

"You know that you have a high percentage of water in the chemical makeup of your physical body. Take away the water and what is left? Is there salt that is worth its savor? Is there a mind that can cogitate beyond the frame of the human brain? Is there identity that can hold the flaming torch of Peace and not be moved?

"Do not think in your human pride, beloved, that by some years on the Path in this life somehow you have reached the level where you can judge what Hierarchy ought to be, what angels ought to do, what Masters ought to do as you call upon them, as though you could adjudicate all matters of the organization of the Great White Brotherhood.

"Understand that all who serve the Brotherhood anywhere on earth or in the mystery schools are here for good reason, some to finish up unfinished business and some to balance their karma for the betrayal of mystery school upon mystery school, which has necessitated their taking the grade again and again.

"I say, to receive the power of Peace, to continue to walk the walk of the pilgrim of Peace, be humble before your God. Don’t be a know-it-all but come to a lawful reverence for those things that ought to be revered. Have a sense of holiness in the presence of one another’s Christ Self and a sense of the holiness of the flame that burns in the heart of the one that sits next to you, before you, behind you. Have a sense of awe of the temple of God and help those who do not keep their temples clean or their minds in the correct geometry of God.

" . . .For if by free will people choose war and choose to engage in the warlike energies of the Nephilim in daily conversation that grates in the not-so-great subtleties of criticism of this and criticism of that and backbiting against this and backbiting against that, even against the Gurus
we have sent, then not even all the legions of Peace from the entire Spirit-Matter Cosmos could quench the hellfires of war upon this earth.

" . . . the resolution you can have every day at sunset is that you resolve with your God that you will not allow this difficulty, this argument, this disagreement, this war going on in your life to in any way come between you and your God or between you and the God-flame within another. And therefore you seal the schism in the sacred fire of God, in the blue lightning of God and you pursue the path whereby you look to meet each soul halfway, you look for ways to compromise, you look to achieve mutual understanding, you look to give mercy freely and to restore an injured soul to equilibrium and to a point of personal dignity.

"Forgive and ask to be forgiven even when you think you are not in the wrong. Do this because you live by the Master's code of forgiveness. Do it to give another the opportunity to do the same, and do it with sincerity. For there are many actions you may take in life wherein you may truly say to yourself that you will not know until you have ascended into the kingdom of God whether or not such and such an action was a compromise of the Law or was a manifestation of a love so great that you were willing to make karma to save another soul, to heal another soul even though you knew at the time that you were crossing the line of the laws of society and perhaps even the laws of God.

"There are complicated issues in the lives of all people and complex decisions that everyone is confronted with in a lifetime. What is important is this-that no matter what takes place, you make your resolution with your Christ Self, with El Morya, with your God and with the lineage of the Lord
Sanat Kumara, by which you are personally and individually sponsored." . . . Yes, beloved, this is a planet of war.

"When have there not been the Nephilim wars upon earth?

"When have there not been family feuds, rivaling clans, gang warfare and rivaling political factions? Why, even heads of states and nations have had those who oppose them brutally murdered.

"War must cease if a golden age of Aquarius is to come. We say, begin with yourselves and use the Lord's mantra of peace and his mighty shield for the guarding of the solar plexus. Rejoice to check off each day that you have said, 'Peace, be still! Peace, be still! Peace, be still and know that I AM God!' or when you can say at the end of that day, 'Truly I have not allowed an incorrect vibration to emanate from this place of the sun (the solar-plexus chakra), which is the place of the golden sun of Peace.'

"Onward, Lightbearers of this age! Onward! My teaching is for your refinement of soul and mind and heart.

"Depart, then! Depart, then! Depart, then, from nests of gossip and unseemly conversation. Rather be with Mary, your Mother. Rather be in her heart and know that through that Immaculate Heart all things shall be fulfilled in Cosmic Christ Peace."

Peace and Aloha
April 8, 1993

"Those who have irresponsibly used alchemical techniques, whether in ignorance or with the intent of bringing harm to other lifestreams, have in fact brought about great harm to themselves. Others who harbor feelings of criticism, jealousy, and irritation concerning the actions and accomplishments of friend or foe may create just as much harm as those whose malice is intended. Gossip itself is one of the most deadly forms of black magic and can bring about the physical death of its victims.

"Seeing that all harm eventually returns to the one sending it forth, would it not be well for all true alchemists to take the vow of harmlessness, at the same time recognizing that the defense of truth and freedom sometimes necessitates making a choice between the lesser of evils?

"I urge, then, that all understand the need to magnetize the grand design of God for all parts of life. Naturally, everyone cannot be expected to be in sympathy with your aims. After all, on the great ladder of souls ascending progressively (hopefully toward the light of purpose), there are many levels of attainment.

"None should condemn those of lesser understanding or do aught except to emulate those of greater understanding. Above all, do not be jealous of those who may be more successful than you in their application of the science of intermediate alchemy. Remember that it is practice that makes perfect, that it is motive that transfigures design, that it is beauty that transfixes the soul."

Saint Germain
March 22, 1970

"Little does the beginning alchemist realize the need for a spiritual alliance. If men are critical of the appearance of oppositional aspects in religious endeavor such as struggles among the brethren, their ungodly attitudes, their criticism, condemnation, and judgment of one another, let them realize that that which is below is not the product of that which is Above, but remains a part of human creation which is no real part of God.

"It is to genuine spiritual brotherhood, then, that we would direct your attention, for the alchemist who seeks but his own unfoldment can never manifest aught but a relatively weak potential. Those who ally themselves with the Brotherhood of Light are utilizing the functional power of the Great Alchemist not as a mighty ocean pouring through a narrow inlet, but as the great ocean roaring to the perfection of itself. Thus in all true striving, the hand, aware of the head, blesses the feet that march in progress toward an appointed goal.

"Freedom, then, is a name and a game, but the stakes are very high. The Great Alchemist demands absolute obedience from every adherent and from all who would practice the game of victorious becoming."

Saint Germain
February 22, 1970

"Aggressive mental suggestion is the germ warfare of the fallen ones. You must hold up the shield of the archangels and wield the sword of the Spirit to deflect the arrows of their outrageous consciousness. And they are raging in the stalls of the astral, like the Devil, that roaring lion, seeking whom they may devour.

"The fallen ones are organized. They have taken the consciousness of love, which is the very order of a cosmos, and perverted it to their own use. They have organized a warfare of the Spirit, projecting their vials of astral microbes, astral viruses, deadly toxins which they would inject into the mental and emotional bodies of mankind through that which we have called aggressive mental suggestion.

"You can identify this energy. You can know it well. For at any moment of the day or night when you feel waves of irritation and mild dislike and a separation from brothers and sisters on the Path through barbs of criticism and waves of anxiety and nervous tension and you feel your energies seized with a certain dislike for this or that individual or an action of intense condemnation or judgment of a co-servant who works side by side with you in the field of the Lord, know that the Devil has sent his angels, even Satan who has deceived the whole world.

"And though he be bound for a thousand years by Michael the Archangel of the Lord, who 'cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more,' his angels enter into combat with the sons and daughters of God. This is Armageddon. This is the warfare of the Spirit 'against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.'

"You must be alert; for where there is gossip and where there is the maligning of the image of the Mother or her children, where there is the tearing-down of the activities of those who are servingno matter how imperfectlythe cause of the Brotherhood, know that there are the fallen ones lurking in your midst to destroy the works of God on earth.

"Hearken not to their counsel! Hearken to the Lord. Do not respond to their turbulence, their riptide of emotional energy which they unleash at the feet of the children of the light! Do you not know, O blessed ones, how they gather the clouds of darkness and the grids and forcefields of mankind’s hatred and concentrate the misqualified energies of an entire city or a nation against one soul who is taking his stand for the light of truth?"

Archangel Chamuel
September 28, 1975

"You may live your life in a straitjacket if you pursue perfection at the human level and be so
unpleasant and so impossible [to live with] as to find that no one would ever want to follow in your footsteps. And yet that [idolatrous] tendency lingers even when chelas are not aware that they have it.

"Let us say, beloved, that the mark of one who has this [bent] in his psychology to manifest human perfection is the mark of spiritual pride. It is also the mark of one who engages in excessive self-condemnation, which by and by becomes the condemnation of others. And so you see, beloved, that expectation that one should be a human god is antithetical to the path of Maitreya.

"I ask you to look at this so that you may shed the snakeskin that some have brought of their inheritances from various nations around the world where this consciousness is so prevalent as to be ingrained, and we find that people do not even realize that this [tendency] has been instilled in them by the Nephilim gods themselves [as genetic tares sown among the genetic wheat].

"And so, beloved, imperfections are always with the saints. It is not that you mourn them but that you are reminded that the human has the propensity to err, that the human is an imperfect vessel for the perfection of the Christ and that the imperfections that linger on the path of sainthood are not so vastly important to the spiritual overseers of the planet as they may be to yourselves. Blessed ones, there is the perfecting of the heart and the soul and the mind that is often neglected by those who have vanity and spiritual pride and continually expect the human flesh-and-blood person to be that perfect model and role model of the chela.

"I do not say these things by way of exonerating any from indulgence in human consciousness that is dangerous to themselves and that does set a bad example, especially to children and new students. I do say, beloved, that you should strive diligently to root out those things that you suppose would not be pleasing to your Christ Self.

"But to measure oneself on the Path one should look to one's heart capacity to love one another, one's heart capacity to be compassionate and merciful, to be profoundly understanding of the burdens of another, to be able to give that love in the purest sense [that] is such a strong holding of the immaculate concept that people are healed by the very gaze, by the very flow of light [passing from your Presence to that] one [for whom you keep the flame of Divine Love].

"Blessed hearts, many who come to this Community are perhaps "diamonds in the rough" who have not had the perfect tutoring [of the soul] or the background in all of the proper manners and behavior. Some have had [a] fragmented development of the psyche in childhood and [they] have a difficult time in dealing with that which is in the subconscious that they do not understand at all. Some do not even know when they need counseling or when it is necessary to have therapy."

Mother Mary
August 14, 1989

"Thus I say, heal and be healed of the sinful sense and the record of sin, and go and sin no more! And use the mantra of the healing of sin as taught to you by Jesus. I speak of the judgment call; for by calling forth the judgment, with Christ-discrimination, of the wrongful ways of oneself or another, one places therefore [between oneself and all negative human karma] the power of Christ for the binding and the exorcism and the casting out of that [specific] wrong [and all wrong in general], thus liberating the individual [and many] to be free from the enslavement of sin and sin-enslaving demons and discarnates.

"The judgment call, therefore, is not a call of condemnation but of liberation of all people. Thus we judge the unreal and cast it out. It is no more and we are free to embrace."

Arcturus and Victoria
July 1, 1984

"Blessed hearts, the Messenger does bear a great burden of Light from those of us who keep the Mother Flame. And she has not in any way turned back or denied the intensity of our presence that we place over and through her body, for she knows that the Divine Mother must be manifest physically.

"You must see [to it], then, that the dweller-on-the-threshold within you is bound and that all substance of hatred of the Mother in the unconscious is consumed, which means, beloved, that there must be no strife or argumentation or harsh words or dissonance between any of you. For it is the breaking of a mother’s heart and it is your “ignore-ance” of your own Divine Mother, your own human mothers and the office of Mother.

"In deference to the Mother, her children do not squabble and grumble and come into conflict one with the other. Therefore know, beloved, that you will have to settle these problems that you bring upon yourselves, for we will not allow the Messenger to be taken to the level of settling the problems of squabbling children.

"You must get along with one another and work together and rise above the pettiness and the smallness of the mind. You must recognize that it is a major challenge to be in two worlds, and that is the challenge that the one who holds the office of Messenger must accept in order to have that mantle.

"It is a stressful situation upon the body. And when you as Chelas with a capital C agree to be the manifestation of your Morya, you will take on some of that very same stress. To bear the burden of the Lord of the Chohan of the First Ray by asking to be his representative and the vessel for that Ascended Master to step through the veil, beloved ones, [is a sacrifice that is not without commensurate reward].

"When you know the presence of the lower self and the presence of an Ascended Master in the same place, you will come to understand that this is no small challenge. And you will recognize that the harmony of your being with that Master and with that presence does bring great Light to the Earth. But the greater the Light, the greater the opposition to that Light."

Lady Master Venus
October 8, 1990

"[N]or did I believe until lately, . . . that I should be accused of being the enemy of one Nation, and subject to the influence of another; and to prove it, that every act of my administration would be tortured, and the grossest, and most insidious mis-representations of them be made (by giving one side only of a subject, and that too in such exaggerated and indecent terms as could scarcely be applied to a Nero; a notorious defaulter; or even to a common pick-pocket)." George Washington

Criticism, Condemnation and Judgment
part I

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part II

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part IV

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