Criticism, Condemnation and Judgment
Perversions of Power, part IV

" . . . thirsty travelers ought not to spurn a cup of cold water simply because
the tin cup in which it is delivered has an imperfection in it."—Saint Germain

"I say, let not one chela judge another chela! For you do not know
when a brother or a sister that you criticize may have volunteered to carry
your karma because he or she saw that your burden was too hard to bear."
—Lanello, October 6, 1995

"Whenever you point your finger at someone, three others
are pointing at you."—Mark L. Prophet

"How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct."—Benjamin Disraeli
"Men will always be mad, and those who think they can cure them
are the maddest of all."—Voltaire

"The best reply to a bad idea is a better idea,
not mindless violence."—Milton's 'Areopagitica'

"That which would divide the body of God on earth, that which would classify certain believers as 'evil,' that which would deny fellowship to them as brethren and spread the poison of gossip and deceit is always of malicious intent—if not in the person of the purveyor of such teachings, then in the spirit that controls the person."

Jesus Christ:
'Universal Prayer'
Prayer and Meditation, 1978, p. 35

"Let us realize, then, that it takes time to hate, it takes time to gossip, it takes time to lose the energy of the sacred fire in dissolute living! And all of this time is the absence of the filling of hallowed space with the striving for excellence, in one way or another, according to the freewill expression of the heart of the individuals. Therefore you can sum up all of the perversions and the misuses of love as energy misspent because of the misuse of time."

Chamuel and Charity

" . . . It is dangerous however to be critical of another or of his concepts, for only the individual can apprehend, through the screen of his own being, his world and the cosmos beyond.

"When you realize the meaning of interpreting life for yourself you will see how utterly impossible it is for you to perform this for another, inasmuch as the average person cannot successfully enter the consciousness of another lifestream nor accurately assess his complete thought and feeling processes.

"This by the grace of God we are able to do; and the Karmic Board, in connection with the impersonally Christed Selves of all mankind, is able to mediate."

Saint Germain
Studies in Alchemy
'Commanding Consciousness'

" . . . Because energy is most impersonal, like seeks like; and it is the union of shadowed substance with shadowed substance that causes a densification and strengthening of these nefarious forces.

" . . . You see, precious ones, it does not matter through whom the misqualification occurs upon Earth. The fact that it does occur at all is a threat to all mankind embodied here.

" . . . Let all see that in these current releases of the Brotherhood the great giant sweep of a beam of intense light energy—calculated not to snare the consciousness of mankind with mere petty dramas or sequences which may tickle the ear or provide passing entertainment—but rather to release the mighty soul-searching beam of Cosmic Christ discrimination into the affairs of men that total freedom may manifest and great divine friendships be formed based on the solid bedrock of divinity. Only then can we weld together the spiritual body upon the planet.

"So long as minute dissensions and divisions occur, so long as individuals set up themselves and their human standards as criteria and judge the children of God upon Earth, so long as men fall directly into the traps that are set for them seeking to bring about malicious gossip against our greatest outposts, the world will still be in some peril."

Master R
February 28, 1965

" . . . Some of us become so weighted down by the inordinate sense of sin in our life, because in the presence of that sin we do not dare to lift our heads or challenge error or darkness where we find it. We think that because we have erred we may correct no one else because of their error."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
Strategies of Light and Darkness Summit Lighthouse Library, 2002, p. 29

"You must not allow gossip, misunderstanding or personal idiosyncrasies to stand between you and your service. We do not need splintered groups, fragmented or fractioned energies. We need a body of devotees all for one and one for all."

El Morya: The Chela
and the Path, p. 69

"The necessity for the repetition of lessons is not always understood by schoolchildren. They cannot understand that when they think they know something they must rehearse it again. There is a certain satiation of the soul that must come about through the spiritual light and fire, the reinforcement of the fibers of inner being."

Sanat Kumara
December 15, 1985

"[We must know that] when the force is so moving you to destroy yourself or your peace or your work or your livelihood or your family or your entire reason for being so that you can feel that bombardment assailing the mind and the body with all intensity, you can stand fast and still stand and say, 'Let the fiat of my Lord be with me!' and know that God is where you are and be still and be not moved and not speak but hold your peace while the forces rage and you make the call silently within your heart for them to be dispelled.

"Blessed ones, when there is a fury of [the forces of] hell attacking you, it is wise not to speak until you can speak in total God-control, lest they begin to speak through you."

Sanat Kumara

"As we prepare to surrender these fears into the flame, we need to be mindful of what we are putting into the flame and how the flame will work. A prayer full of generalities will not work because you will have failed to take responsibility for your own substance. Some people cannot admit that they are wrong now or have ever been wrong, so when they confess, they just say, 'O God, forgive me for all my sins.' That is an irresponsible confession, as it does not contain enlightenment.

"God cannot vaguely come down with a surgeon’s knife and remove a vague tumor in your astral body. Therefore the most important sins to confess are the individual sins that you cannot talk to anybody about because they are so terrible. Of course, they are not that terrible, but the devil has you convinced that they are.

"If you do not talk to anybody about them, including God, you will never get over the sense of guilt, for when you can’t get something out of your system, that record in your electronic belt becomes an anti-sun. Then more fear, more guilt begins to revolve around it, as the sinister force rubs it in through the demons and discarnates who plague you in the night and tell you over and over again what a miserable sinner you are.

"If you are not able to name a sin, perhaps you have noticed in your character avarice, greed or possessiveness toward material things, based, of course, on the fear of not having them in the past. In this way, a sense of the records of the past will come through even if you do not have specific recollections.

"You can confess the sin of avarice, for example, and ask for it to be cleansed through all previous incarnations. Then you can systematically visualize the twelve stations of the Cosmic Clock in your mind. Starting at the twelve o’clock line, you can confess the sins of condemnation and criticism and judgment of other parts of life that you remember, and then confess the sins you don’t remember but that you sense you may have a momentum of in your consciousness.

"Obviously, criticism denotes fear, for fear of your own incompleteness makes you criticize another part of life. Thus you can find fear on every one of these twelve lines and it’s a very interesting exercise to do. Following your confession of the specific sins that come to mind, you can then make a general prayer for the sins you cannot remember, because your Christ Self remembers, with the help of the recording angels who see what is recorded in the cells.

" . . . Remember those elements of self-doubt or guilt that plague you in the night or come to you when, as a child of light, you are under the burden of world condemnation. Like Johnny one-note, they hammer away on the same note.

"Even loved ones, people in your familyGod bless them and forgive them, for they know not what they doas well as those around us in life, whether as employees or friends, seem to delight in telling us what’s wrong with us. Some people will always say, 'The trouble with you is . . . ' and on they will go like a broken record, but it may last for ten or twenty years.

"You will never be able to get over what the trouble with you is, because it’s almost a rebellious reaction by the person telling you, for it’s a karmic interchange. You can go somewhere you’ve never been and a new friend will start complaining about you for the very same thing. So it wasn’t unique to the person who began the complaint but it is now unique to you because you’re carrying that record in your aura. The demons travel with you. They will hop on somebody else’s back and mouth their mouthings against you.

"Now that does not mean that you are wholly innocent. You may be receiving a message from angels of light or your Christ Self that you refused to hear from the Guru centuries ago. Your best friends may be telling you what you need to know and refuse to hear, and you still refuse to correct your ways.

"Therefore we should always listen to our accusers and find out whether there is any merit to what they say. Either it’s a lie fabricated out of the whole cloth and we are innocent, or the lie that’s being told may have some foundation in fact somewhere in our present existence or in a past one. If it is true, it doesn’t matter who speaks it. We must deal with that cutting sword because the object of our purging and self-purification is to become part of the sword of truth and to be on the cutting edge of truthto be able to stand the truth whether it’s hurtful, whether it’s hateful or whether it seems to destroy the entire base of our identity.

" . . . When you are in confession and you are with God, God is in command and you are in command. You are saying, 'I recognize this sin. I want to put it on the altar and I never want to pick it up again.' You don’t respond to the tormentors of Job. You respond to your own conscience, your own inner teacher, your Christ Self, and so it’s a healthy assessment.

"Once you have confessed your sins to Almighty God, once you believe in his perfect love, then you can say to all your accusers, all the demons of the night, all the fallen ones, 'You have no power over me. I have confessed that sin. I have laid it upon the altar of the Almighty. It is no longer part of me, for I have forsaken it. I have received forgiveness. God has transmuted my sin and fulfilled his promise given to Israel, I will remember their sin no more.’

"God has promised to forget our sins in this era. This is his promise to the children of God, and this is why in the old days people used to refer to the violet flame as the forgetfulness flame. Eventually somebody said, “Well, God can’t forget, so we can’t call the flame the forgetfulness flame,” but believe it or not, they were actually calling it that when I came into the activity!

"Nevertheless, it is the means whereby our sins are forgotten. They are erased from the memory body of our cells and ultimately when we ascend, they will be erased from the memory body of the universe. So, 'I will remember their sins no more' is an accurate statement.

" . . . I have to give you one more point about mechanization man. They have an absence of love, an inability to love, for they live by human sympathy. Corollary to the inability to love is the inability to forgive and forget. You will find in mechanization man or in individuals who have forsaken the threefold flame and been cut off from God that they will never, ever forget your sins.

"As long as you live they will tell you about the terrible thing you did to them ten or twenty years ago. It’s the most amazing thing. You have long ago accelerated into the light. You have sent billowing love throughout the cosmos, and you meet someone you once knew and they’re still as angry as they were twenty years ago. They are still carrying around their unwillingness to forget.

"Without love, there is no forgiveness. Without forgiveness there’s no ability to forget. When people hold something against you year in, year out, or nations carry on their vendettas century after century, continually engaging in wars, you are seeing either a race of mechanization man, individual mechanized man, or those who have been cut off from the Source because they have literally murdered God in their own temple.

"People put out the flame of life by their hate and hate creation. Although they are cut off, they continue to exist in the physical dimension because the physical forcefield continues; life continues because of its decay rate, its disintegration factor. I am suspicious of people who don’t forgive and forget. If you look a little further, you will find it is because they don’t truly love. They are dangerous peopledangerous in private life and public life. This is a bit of wisdom that comes from years of experience and from years of having God teach me to observe characteristics through those experiences.

"The force will not forget, but our God forgets. Therefore you also have a responsibility to forget. What stops us from forgetting? Our own fear. If we don’t root out the fear in our cells and in our electronic belt, it remains the focal point of our guilty memory of the deeds that were a manifestation of sin. Therefore, I must declare to you in the presence of Portia and Pallas Athena today that if you refuse to forget and continue to fear, you will be indulging in sin."

Invocation before Confession

In the name of the beloved Mighty I AM Presence of all life, in the name of the beloved Holy Christ Self, we come to the altar of confession, O God. In the name of the living Saviour Jesus Christ, we come to confess our sins by our love of God, who first loved us and established within our temple the threefold flame of life upon the altar of being, who sent forth the beloved Christ Self to be the mediator and the propitiation for our human karma.

We bow before thy living flame. We invoke fearlessness flame. Blaze forth within this temple and in every cell, beloved Ray-O-Light. Legions of fearlessness flame, enter every living cell of this temple. Bind now those centers of fear. Blaze forth the light of God that never fails.

By the authority of Christ within me, I say, bind fear. Bind its cause and core. Bind the moment of its inception in my life. Cast out death. Cast out strife. Cast out doubt and fear. Mighty I AM Presence, send forth thy ray of love, for this my command made in the name of my own Christ Self is made in perfect love for thee.

I would prepare thy temple, O living Word. I call forth the whirling spiral of the Central Sun of love from the very heart of the secret love star. I call for the mighty action of Surya and Cuzco. I stand upon this very forcefield at the altar of my confession. I ask for the light of God that never fails to descend now into my temple. Purge now every vortex of fear. I surrender it, O God. Let thy living flame of love pour through me as the mighty River of Life.

Angelic hosts of the Lord, come forth. Mighty secret love star, I call forth the whirlwind action of the sacred fire, the whirling Central Sun of Almighty God. I call for the whirling action of the Sun behind the sun of my own heart flame, and of every living cell within my temple.

Lo, I AM the action of the sacred fire! Lo, I AM the presence of the Lord Christ! Lo, I AM the soul that rises to be one with this Christ Self even as I bow before the altar and place upon this altar of sacred fire all misqualified energy!

In the name of the living Word, I call forth the light of God that never fails. I confess each act of fear and sin, known or unknown. I take responsibility for each and every act, thought, word and feeling that has ever passed through my chakras. I take full responsibility for them and I denounce the misuse of the living Word. I cast it into the sacred fire. I give unto the Lord now this substance and by the very fervor of love of my heart, lo, I make contact. Lo, I arc the flame of my fire unto God, even as the flame of God’s fire has arced unto me.

Lo, I am the completion now of this mighty flow of sacred fire! Lo, I am the light of God that never fails. I come before the throne of Almighty God. I bow before the throne of grace. I understand, O God, that without love, there is no forgiveness or forgetting of sin. Therefore, O God, I bring to the altar the gift of love, my perfect love, which is thy perfect love for every part of thee, for brother and sister, for every part of life everywhere.

This, my offering of perfect love, is the foundation of my call, my prayer, my affirmation and my decree for love’s forgiveness. Therefore, let perfect love magnetize the flame of forgiveness within every living cell. Let forgiveness erase and break the spell of fear and doubt and death.

Lord God Almighty, I surrender. I surrender the momentum of my human creation. Let the violet flame come into my life step-by-step and hour by hour until I am free. When I am free, let me serve to set all life free with thy message of living truth, of love perfected in love. And when I have served to set life free, then, let me ascend to thee, O God. Let me ascend to thee. Amen.

Elizabeth C. Prophet
November 20, 1980

Criticism of the Staff in the Mystery School

"Now, I find within this staff that there are some who have come here with what they think to be unusual abilities of an intellectual nature or of a technical nature. And they have considered themselves more qualified than our servants who wear the mantle of chela or of the Holy Christ Self. And therefore, they have taken it upon themselves to correct or criticize their department heads or those who have gone before them in the devotions, the decrees, and the contributions that have kept the very flame of this organization until the new ones could arrive.

"Blessed ones, when you challenge those who wear the mantle of staff, in this manner of criticism, you are impugning, therefore, the office of Messenger, who has given the assignments, as well as of the Darjeeling Council. And I counsel you today that you are moving in treacherous waters to allow yourselves to be so seized by the conceit and pride of the carnal mind when, in fact, you have known from the beginning why you were coming to this mystery school—for the very defeat of that mind and to become the humble servant and chela at the altar of Serapis, at the altar of Christ, being willing to take the first and necessary steps of putting on the mantle of student. Thus, I will shortly speak with those who have retained that propensity to be critical of this staff."

El Morya

"Blessed hearts, I therefore ask you in the name of the Great Divine Director, when you take your place in this court each Friday night, [seated] as though [you were each one] directly at the altar of God, that you determine to go after and to slay the world beast of [the] condemnation of the Lightbearers of the earth, [of] the ascending ones and the children of the Light who are truly tossed and tumbled in the turmoil [and] in the traducing of their lifestreams by the fallen ones. For they are not meet to the chicanery and the subtlety of these fallen ones.

"Thus, beloved, I say to you, let us clear the twelve o’clock line for the Lightbearers! Let us this day determine that if we are to be in physical manifestation by these sixteen sapphire points of light of my Victory celebration this day, we must have a smooth passageway through the etheric bodies of these Lightbearers. We must together determine to clear that line of God-Power and clear that passageway!

"For from the center of the circle through the Holy Christ Flame through the I AM Presence there does descend to each individual one, first through the etheric body, the God-Power, the God-Love, and the God-Mastery. And in that etheric body, beloved, there is the record and memory of their existence in higher octaves, even in the golden-age cities of Light, even in etheric temples.

"Let us together, then, work and work the works of God for the clearing of those lines in ourselves and in those recruits who are ready, truly ready to embrace the Path! Let us clear, then, on a regular basis all opposition to the [flame of the] Great Divine Director, all opposition to [his initiations of] God-Power [which he gives to the chelas of the will of God]. Let us get rid of it once and for all in this Community! Let us bless and bless and bless one another and let us support one another.

"And let that word criticism, that word condemnation, that word judgment be something that is no longer a part of your vocabulary or feeling world! Let it be exorcised, beloved, by the power of Astrea; for it is always black magic, always malice, [and it] always returns to the sender with sickness, disease, disintegration and death. You cannot escape [the karma for] the arrows, the black arrows of the mind, sent forth almost unconsciously as there is that critical carnal mind surveying the scene and tearing down instead of building up.

"Beloved ones, to heal the Mystical Body of God in the earth, to heal the Keepers of the Flame of this condition and conditioning is my purpose this day! And I go before El Morya, for if you are to heal this condition, beloved ones, it will serve in an amazing way to move him toward that moment of being unbenched. And I tell you, beloved, we as twin flames and you as twin flames with your own do stand side by side with the beloved El Morya. And you ought to see the legions of angels who stand with him!

"Yet the spoken Word must be accomplished. Yet the inner purification must be accomplished. And therefore in the very process of clearing the etheric body there is the clearing of the space for the will of God to descend and [for] that mighty chalice that is desired [to be perfected], even the crystal chalice [of God Self awareness] that does become the Holy Grail.

"As the Great Divine Director is the sponsor of El Morya and Saint Germain, let us approach, thenas we seal the twelve o’clock line and the crown chakra with the fullness of the blue-ray will of Godthat [one o’clock] line of Aquarius and that line of the soul, even the seat-of-the-soul chakra.

"That soul being wed to God is what we are about and what we have been about since my ascension and long before. Beloved ones, until that wedding take place the soul is in danger, the soul is not safe, the soul is subject to the levels of Death and Hell that register in the astral plane but that are built, mind you, out of the misuse of the sacred fire in the etheric body.

"Let the memory bodies of the chelas of the will of God throughout the world be cleansed! Hear me, O chelas of El Morya! For imagine [what lightness and brightness there will be] when that etheric body is cleared [and] all others [will] therefore reflect it and will be able to receive that Divine Image clearly. [That this may take place] let the soul herself [ensconced in] the seat-of-the-soul [chakra] desire to wear the bridal garment, be rid of self-hatred and mild dislike of the self-disapproval of the self.

"Beloved hearts, let the soul desire in the desiring of God to enter into the worthiness of being the bride of the Eternal Onelo, of Christ! lo, of Saint Germain, the Hierarch of Aquarius! lo, of the I AM Presence! Blessed ones, the desiring to be wed to Truth, to the Christ Self, must come upon one in a mighty way [in order for you to be able] to reject the [temptation of] going after other gods.

" ' . . . This day I AM begotten of the Lord! This day I have come forth out of the will of God, out of that divine direction of Alpha and Omega, out of Elohim! This day I will be wed to my Holy Christ Self. This day I AM wed to the heart of Saint Germain and Portia. This day I give the cup of my solar awareness unto Morya, for I know of none other who has so cared so much for me to deliver me from the oppressions, the depressions, and the [self-addictions that lead to the] annihilation of self.'

"Blessed hearts, you must find the ultimate reason for denying criticism, condemnation, and judgment [entrée into your mindfor denying] the dislike of the self of others and [the dislike] of oneself [entrée into your feeling world]. You must find greater reasons outside of yourselves and outside of one another and outside of those things that you allow to come upon you[yes, greater reasons to espouse the Truth, the whole I AM Truth, and nothing but the Truth]!

"You must have an expanded awareness of earth’s evolutions and an expanded awareness of God! And that God within you that is contained, beloved, must expand from within until this expanding balloon of consciousness becoming larger and larger causes the specks upon the surface to disappear.

"Blessed hearts, the Great Divine Director, Saint Germain and Jesus Christ call youcall you to dedicate yourselves to the clearing of this etheric body. Therefore you see on the line of God-Mastery, the two o’clock line of Pisces, how Jesus the Master has offered you all that could be offered until you [answer the Call he sent forth] in his dictations of the past several years.

" . . . The etheric holds the matrix of all misuse of the sacred fire, all black magic, all witchcraft, all records of Death and even records of Hell. Thus, when this body becomes truly the light body, the heavenly body of the saints, you have more than 25 percent of oneself that is in attunement with, vibrating at the same chord with, the etheric octave where there is the golden age, where there are the etheric cities and retreats of Light, where there is the Holy City.

"Thus cleared, beloved, this etheric body, which is the envelope of the soul’s journeying, becomes [a tunnel, a clear passageway to octaves of light. It becomes] a chalice. It becomes one with the Deathless Solar Body that is woven [through the process of soul purification at all levels], for the Deathless Solar Body does consist of the sacred fire that is of the etheric ‘gossamer’ substance [of Cosmic Christ purity].

"Understand, beloved, that to clear this body you must be aligned with the forces of Archangel Michael and his legions."


"The end of the human race will be that it will eventually
die of civilization."—Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it."
—Dale Carnegie

"Heaven is not disdainful of honest men’s search for truth, but we know that people are prone to be overly critical of those whose simplest thoughts they cannot yet understand. Human sophistry and wit do not of themselves produce a passport that leads to higher dimensions and accurate perceptions. On the contrary, many have excommunicated themselves from a movement of definite spiritual progress before they could take root or refuge in an onward moving company of spiritual devotees. Surely this must pinpoint for the perceptive how very vital it is that men shall be as little children, trusting in the Infinite One and in the wisdom of heaven itself to perform judgment upon men whose hypocrisy they eschew.

"There is no need, blessed ones, for men to be constantly engaged in a witch-hunt, while they yet seek to find their way back home. Again and again individuals, steeped in tradition or in traditional concepts, attend one of our services only to turn away from the great opportunity which is given to them. For ere the door can be opened toward the light or valid explanations given, they have decided in their minds that the appearance of those who represent us or the expressions of their mouths are not pleasing to them. Arbiters of their own confusion are they, laying hold upon decaying substance and proclaiming it as real, while turning away from the
real and the banner of freedom without ever knowing what its true value is.

"If there is, then, any admonishment that I would give to humanity in these troubled times it is: Be not hasty of judgment. I admit that some things are self-evident and cast their shadows before them, but truth is often subtly concealed beneath a crude exterior or a manifestation that belies its great content."

Saint Germain

"We ask the students to understand that gaining control of the soul (of the energies composing one’s identity pattern) is one of the most essential functions of alchemy and that this control is gained through surrender and through humility. When the Christ entered the Holy City riding upon 'a colt, the foal of an ass,' as we mentioned in our last lesson, his mien was one of utter humility; yet he was crowned by God and man with the highest honors.

"And so it is essential that we develop in the students those same Christlike qualities that will make them pillars in the temple of God that cannot be moved by human emotions, no matter what their guise: criticism, condemnation, judgment, self-pity, gossip, treachery, tyranny, or human deceit. The alchemist must be oblivious to all human conduct yet not unaware of worldly thought to the point where he plays the fop. To him the fulfillment of the fiat 'Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves!' is the order of every day.

"But we are concerned with the sinews of mission, and the mission is freedom for all. If we would have freedom be the joy of all, then we must give freedom to all, for then none can exclude freedom from us. It is therefore to the passions of freedom that our experiments in alchemy must be dedicated. We must rise to emotional control; for when God said, 'Take dominion over the earth!' He meant individual dominion over one’s energies, consciousness, and one’s four lower bodies.

"Collective dominion comes about when the contributing spirit of the group, the nation, the planet —recognizing all that it has received from life—joyously offers itself and all that it has received to the Great Spirit of life. At that point, man the individual and man the collective unit ponder the enrichment of the Real Self and the true mystical identity of the group through the increase of individual talents. These gifts of God, when multiplied, are like stars in the firmament of being that glow in the grand design of universal destiny.

"When man becomes one with God, he realizes that he truly is God. This is not blasphemy, but the fruit of total surrender. The return gift of Life’s own identity, as God gives himself to his son, is far greater than the token sacrifice of mortality left on the altar by the beloved son. Nevertheless, it is typical of the Deity to be the Great Giver and thus to precipitate the highest alchemical manifestation—the prism of the Christ consciousness. This must be and always is the reward for the relinquishment of human error and the full realization of the divine life in every man."

Saint Germain
March 29, 1970

"The dark ones will never cease their deception by condemnation. They will pick you apart as the crows of the night. And they will continue to pick, year in, year out, until you decide to cast them out. Let it be now! Let this be your birthday gift to one born in Capricorn. Let all of it go into the flame and be free! See how much lighter you feel when you love yourself! God loves you, so begin by loving yourself! And when you love yourself free, you will see God standing where you are–God living, God burning, God consuming, God loving all parts of life free.

"Let love be more than a smile. Let the smile be the effect of a cause, a burning in your heart to convey a fire. Let your motto be Start a Fire! Start a fire with Maitreya! Start a fire that will never, never be put out. Start it now in your heart and see it leaping! I can see it leaping across this land to hearts and homes who have never been touched by the fiery destiny of the soul.

" . . . When you have sufficiently loved yourself to consume the jagged edges of your self-analysis, your self-hypnosis, your self-deprecation, then turn around and love those around you. Criticism is an absence of love. Strife and discord, cruelty and pettinessall of these things belie the flame of love. The bickering and the argumentation, the gossip and the evil spirits that flirt with those on the fringe of the movementthese are the absence of love. And those who are not able to sustain a momentum of glorying in the law and in the power of the spoken Word, these suffer the dread disease of selfishness, where there is no love. And that selfishness leads to death and to decay of the human soul.

"And therefore let the softness, the kindness, the concern, the caring, the politeness, the tender regard for one another as you would regard the ascended hosts, be your way today and every day which follows unto the hour of your ascension. Consider yourselves the mystical body of Christ. Love one another each moment as you would love him as he is taken down from the cross and cared for by the holy ones. Be unto one another lovers of Christ, lovers of his body and his soul, lovers of his sorrow and his triumph.

" 'Learn to love to do well, and you shall.' Let mediocrity be expelled from this organization as a manifestation of selfishness! Let the desire for perfection be seen as the work of love! Let the desire to serve be seen as the work of love! Let the desire to pray be seen as the work of love!

"And so my gift to you this night is the gift of all of the love of my heart. I give it unto you that it might be filled and renewed and again exalted that I might give it again. And so I give it all, and I ascend into the heart of God to gain the allness of his love for the imparting of that love again and again and again.

"As I have shared with you my love and my heart’s plea this night, I bid you: Go and do likewise. I ask you to embrace one another in the fond embrace of the love of Christ, that you might sense that you are one in body, one in soul, one in mind. And I ask you to impart the fire of your heart, to let it leap. And therefore, bear one another’s burden. Bear one another’s burden."

December 24, 1975

"But be assured of this, beloved: those whose hearts are of stone, those who enter into a spirit of condemnation of our best servants, these will not believe though you may prance and dance all the day for them. They only hold up the faults of the Lightbearers that they might have an excuse as to why they will never bend the knee before Sanat Kumara or the Ancient of Days or the Christ of their own being.

"Let it be known, then, that the miracle is you and is in your heart as a threefold flame and divine spark. The miracle is that a path foreknown can be walked by you in this hour.

"My angels come for the transmutation of doubt and fear. Recognize this, beloved, that all doubt and fear is of oneself [and of] one’s relationship to God and to the Divine Father-Mother. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is doubt. Thus, one’s state of consciousness and attainment, mastery or absence thereof, is reflective of one’s own state of being.

"Embrace Life, beloved, and Life shall embrace thee.

"Now, my emphasis as I tutor your souls is in the development of the heart as a fiery furnace and vortex of transmutation, a place where the threefold flame is balanced and where one can extend the borders of being and love to enfold so many who suffer.

"Think upon these words of the bodhisattva vow, fearless compassion! Ah, what a state of mind to be in perpetually! Fearlessness to give of the fount of one’s being, to extend compassion instead of criticism and backbiting, to give such flood tides of love as to fill in the chinks and cracks of another’s shortcomings. Fearless compassion means one no longer fears to lose oneself or to loose oneself to become such a grid for the light to pass through that the Infinite One never ceases to be the compassionate one through you.

"Is this not, then, the face and the posture of the Buddha, our beloved Gautama? Is it not, beloved, that Presence of the Divine One?

"O fearlessness flame, dissolve, then, all reticence to be and to embrace the will to be! Fearlessness flame, sweep through those who are a part of my band of disciples and let each one know how the rings of the aura multiply as lines of compassion, [even] as rings upon a tree denote the ageless wisdom that accrues to one’s Tree of Life—as a destiny, as a continuity of the extension of the branches of being until all of life might know that in the earth God has planted a seed and a seedling has come forth and a tree has matured: It has become a great tree. It is thyself, beloved, one and one and one again, trees of the forest of God where angels pray."

Saint Germain
April 16, 1988

"Inasmuch as you have accepted me as your Guru, I take the liberty of focusing a point of acceleration within your four lower bodies. Beloved, you cannot undo this point without exerting extreme effort. And—just in case you are wondering—you are fully capable of holding onto and sustaining this coil of energy, this point of light, if you will it so.

"This is a step-up in evolution for all souls who will fully and finally cast into the sacred fire their ancient momentums of criticism, condemnation and judgment, gossip and all manner of human nonsense.

"Over the years I have pleaded with you. Yes, I have pleaded with you. I have cajoled you. I have given you of the very substance of my heart. Now I say: There is no room for dalliance when the future of a planet and her evolutions is at stake. You don’t have any time to waste.

"Fulfill your mission here or elsewhere. But do not forget that this is the place. Maitreya’s Mystery School is your soul’s launching pad (as the Messenger calls it), from which you will one day soar to the Sun of your Mighty I AM Presence. Yes, beloved, your ascent to God will be your point of victory.

"Go out and resolve your karma if you must. Go out and learn what you must learn. But know that I, Morya, may not be here forever and a day, nor can any other Ascended Master promise you that. For cycles turn, and this is the meaning of “the shutting of the gate” and “the opening of the gate."

” . . . Beloved, I have much to say. But I am come chiefly to deliver in you a fire that will devour your human selfishness, your human indulgence and your human nonsense! These three enemies cause me to place my hands over my ears and cry, Halt! Halt! I will hear none of this foolish chatter! Get on with the saving of a world if you intend to one day be an Ascended Master."

El Morya
November 28, 1996

"What can be added to the happiness of a man who is in health,
out of debt, and has a clear conscience?"—Adam Smith

"Enemies do man more good than harm. They point out to us our faults;
they put us upon our guard; and help us to live more correctly.
The best men have always had their share of envy and malice of the foolish
and wicked, and a man has therefore some reason to be ashamed of himself
when he meets with none of it. My good friend Rev. Whitefield once said,
When I am on the road and see boys in a field pelting a tree, though I am
too far off to know what tree it is, I conclude it has fruit on it."
—Benjamin Franklin, The Compleated Autobiography
compiled and edited by Mark Skousen

"Thus, I come with [the attribute of] God-Power at my command, for I have long ago passed the initiation whereby the all-power of heaven and earth was given unto me. [And so this initiation] is given unto the Sons of God one by one as they prove their competence and their trustworthiness in dealing with the power of God. [For that power is] the might of the will of God and the ultimate might of faith itself, the might of the spoken Word.

"Yes, beloved, this is a year, as you have been taught and heard from the lips of the Messenger, once and for all to conquer ignorance, to conquer all seeds of criticism, condemnationand judgment. And to do this you must be rid of all self-condemnation, all putting down of the self and a certain [low-grade] angriness at [various] levels of the garment of being.

"Yes, criticism, condemnation and judgment may be based on envy and jealousy or the desire for revenge. Whatever it is [based on], beloved hearts, this is the Evil, the Absolute Evil that you must root out as the archetypal pattern [of nihilism] in the unconscious.

"When you are delivered, then, of this [misqualified] substance [because you deliver yourself of the nasty habit of criticizing, condemning and judging others]and you deliver God from these vibrations that you have been imposing upon himyou shall truly know a new God-mastery. And this is that which we seek for you, for in so many [other] ways you are developing God-mastery in your field of service and in your professions.

"Well, beloved ones, we consider you to be career sons and daughters of God and we desire to ratify your calling, even as you choose to ratify your calling. Therefore, know well how quickly there can come to you blessings and the opening of a reservoir of genius and creativity whereby you may surely fulfill your highest destiny."

Great Divine Director
January 3, 1993

"I am Portia, your advocate before the Court of the Sacred Fire, before the courts of the world, and before the court of public opinion. And I speak to all devotees in all new-age movements, in all paths and teachings that go beyond the orthodoxy of the major world religions.

"Beloved hearts, the forces of darkness would splinter and divide you. You must understand the union of Light of the avantgarde of the age and be not so mindful or critical of separate ideas with which you differ. It matters not, beloved ones, if you do not agree on every point of the Path and Teaching and Way. What matters, beloved hearts, is that you see the union of those who are climbing the highest mountain and that you realize that when all arrive at the Summit of Being all will understand and know the Law of the One.

"What is important in this hour is that there be a worldwide awareness of the oneness of those seekers after Truth and that their union be based on the principle of Truth and common survival. For if there be separation, you will see then how here and there the smaller groups are cast down, as those who fear the coming of the new wave of Light do organize to put down by every means anyone who goes forth with a message of the coming revolution of Light.

" . . . Therefore let there be the dividing of the way. And let the Lightbearers of the world unite in the name of freedom! in the name of the flame of freedom of my beloved Saint Germain! who is truly the champion of every seeker everywhere regardless of any erroneous concepts or burdens that may separate that one from the fullness of the blazing reality of the noonday sun of his I AM Presence. For Saint Germain takes everyone’s hand and leads that one nearer and nearer to the Light as he is willing and able.

"Therefore, beloved hearts, please do not interfere with the trek and the momentum and the rhythm of new Lightbearers on the Path. Let them take his cup as they are able while you keep the flame in joy and love. Be free, then, of criticism and see how the ground swell of those who are the liberated souls in the world will make their voice count not only in religion but in the governments of the nations, will take their stand and see the way through to the holding of the balance for the economies—and in this nation especially. And the sacred fire infolding itself
must collapse the old structures and build upon the foundation of the white cube and the stone of the masterbuilders."

Lady Master Portia
November 17, 1985

"Now in the heart of Helios and Vesta, by Love’s wisdom and Wisdom’s love there is stripped from you small-mindedness, pettiness, self-limitation, the demons of prejudice, want, fear, poverty consciousness, all those belittling, self-intimidating conditions. These extend to gossip, backbiting, criticism of others, all of the chattering of the human nonsense. We have desired to strip from you that which most detracts in your own behavior patterns from your dignity of selfhood in and as God.

"God in you is the one God. There are not gods many. Seeing, then, your expression of Him you ought to cry out in awe, 'What hath God wrought! Multiple manifestations of Himself! Yet He is
the All and the One.' This is the nature of Elohim—all-encompassing Light. Now you know, beloved, that it is within our own auras that both you and the sun are suspended."

Apollo and Lumina
July 5, 1987

"I come, then, to empower you who are able to receive the empowerment of Elohim because of your preparedness. Preparedness is the key when you welcome Elohim, beloved.

"I would give you energy of emerald light for your use in healing any state of consciousness that may be troubling you. But you must first heal yourself of criticism, condemnation—gossip! Heal yourself of judging others. Heal yourself of putting down another just so you can elevate yourself. Heal yourself, beloved, and enter the glorious resurrection fires of Easter.

"This is the time to transcend yourself over and over and over again. This is the time for self-transcendence through the flame of the transfiguration, the flame of the resurrection, the flame of the ascension. Yes, take full opportunity to pray profoundly that angels of God might clear impure records of the mind, and know that the sacred fire of Christ’s resurrection is able to consume so much that you have been wrestling with.

"Wrestle no more! For with Elohim, Archangels and the Lord Jesus Christ you shall know in these five days a transformation you have not known in years. Accept it! Receive it! Kneel at your bedside this night in fervent prayer that you might resolve your conflicts, whether with God, Elohim, Archangel, Messenger, friend or foe.

"It is time to know, beloved, that all that matters is your victory in the mighty spheres of Light. Draw down the spheres of your Causal Body through fervent devotion to your beloved I AM Presence. Let the Presence drape flowing robes of light around you.

"Have the courage to stand in the presence of God’s perfection and power and omniscience. Have the courage to pull down your Holy Christ Self. Do not shun the walk with your True Self, but walk and talk as though you were on the road to Emmaus with the Lord Christ, who is forever the King of your own kingdom."

April 12, 1995

"We would love to see large numbers of individuals become saints. We would love to see all men become saints in manifestation. The surest and quickest way for this to come about is to cease all criticism, all condemnation, all gossip—all of the things that we have told you can never produce perfection.

"I would love to bring you today a great message of moving inspiration. I would like to speak of some of the great spiritual laws. But at the present hour it remains a cosmic necessity that I speak about the lessons you have long been taught, because the mankind of earth unfortunately are still not practicing the knowledge that has been given to them through the centuries by the great Masters and Teachers of Wisdom.

"Therefore, I choose to take my time today to reiterate, to repeat, to stress the same lessons
that have been stressed by all the Masters in the past: The need for absolute devotion to God; the need for toleration and kindness to one another; the need to look for all the good and benign qualities in one another; the need to hold the balance, to keep your flame steady and to remain undisturbed when the forces of the elements rage around you.

"Conditions that disturb you, blessed ones, are not the result of any individual human action. In almost every case, [what disturbs you] is the result of a momentum builded in the past by either yourself or by another. It is the result of accumulations and vortices used by the sinister force, in much the same manner as a tornado, to move across the face of life where happiness is, to bring a disturbing condition there."

Sanat Kumara
January 1, 1961

"I have already disguised my representatives here and there. Some of you know them and respect them, and some of you know them and ignore them and belittle them. This is to say that your concept of Christ is way off.

"Thus, my beloved, the Messenger has remained silent and we are silent. What good would it do if I should announce to you that one among you was my representative, one you had criticized or condemned for this or for that? Either you would have to accept my word and deny your criticism and put it into the flame, or you would have to question the Messenger as the mouthpiece of my word and think in your heart that perhaps you must go elsewhere to find a true Messenger and a true avatar. So you see how idolatrous of itself is the unredeemed consciousness.

"We do not wish to make your path any more difficult for you than you have already made it for yourself. I give you, then, a simple lesson this night. First of all, you have all seen the Christ and not known him. Secondly, you ought to look for the Christ in all people. But when you recognize that light of the Christ in a special virtue and service of a chela of the will of God, do not worship it, do not give preferential treatment to that one, do not enter into idolatry . . . "

Lord Maitreya
January 2, 1983

"You cannot conform unto the path of the Teaching unless you yourself would be re-created in God. You cannot keep the old self and yet have the new. This is the folly of those who are imprisoned by the intellect and will imprison all whom they meet and all whom they teach and all to whom they would impart even the path of the Ascended Masters.

"Yes, beloved, you cannot take the Path and fashion an intellectual posture and in your pride consider that you have thought better than the Hierarchy of Light as to how to walk this path or how to relate to the Messenger or the Ascended Masters or to one another.

"Therefore, know that the fall is the failure to challenge the momentums of criticism, condemnation and judgment. And these momentums, beloved, are a cast of the mind that is so insidious that often the individual is no longer aware that with every glance and gaze and examination of others there is that note of analysis and criticism. This is death unto the soul of the individual who retains it and death unto the little ones who should be so unfortunate as to come under the gaze and mien of such an one.

" . . . And you should not flee this court but run to it and know that day by day you are overcoming. You are overcoming, beloved! Each and every one of you is overcoming. But you must see that you move against those momentums of ancient pride that reek to such an extent that the angels must wear gas masks, as it were, to be free from the offense of the stench of the purging of that unconscious and the subconscious levels of being and of the carnal mind. Such it is, beloved. It is a pollution of your being.

"And you must be free from these toxins of ancient times and be willing to see yourself in need of total reformation. And that reformation is called 'conversion,' and it is the turning around of your being and it is the acceleration of the atoms until they throw off so much darkness that you pass through the dark night of the soul and the Dark Night of the Spirit and all seems darkness to you.

"And in that very hour you must remember the word and the teaching of Saint John of the Cross, Saint Teresa of Avila. Yes, beloved, they are come again unto you. And you must hear your ministers and hear the word of your preachers and know that those who have borne the Light in your defense and have championed your cause in past ages do come again and they themselves have moved against all infamy and calumny and gossip against their lifestreams. And that is a part of the purging of the earth.

"And if the saints do not stand in the earth, beloved, how will the little ones who are the shorn lambs stand in the earth? If the saints do not rise, beloved, into a higher calling, how will any survive 'so great salvation'? We ask it, beloved."

God and Goddess Meru
June 30, 1991

To A Beautiful Person

If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.

If He had a wallet, your photo would be in it.

He sends you flowers every spring.

He sends you a sunrise every morning.

Whenever you want to talk, He listens.

He can live anywhere in the universe, but He chose
your heart.

Face it friend, He is crazy about you!

God didn't promise days without pain, laughter
without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears,
and light for the way.

"God in you is able! But do not, I pray you, adorn the human self, which the mortal is. As the grass, it is here today and gone tomorrow, and the mighty fire and the wind sweep through and it is no more.

"Beloved ones, the course of perfecting the human is not the way. It is not the way of overcoming. Thus, if you are not interested in perfecting the human, you can just right now drop that pride in your human self! Just drop it on the floor as an old garment! Beloved ones, it is as an oily, torn undershirt that you have worn too long. Do you not see, it does not matter? You are real God-free beings—divine beings now! You are immortal, and all else is illusion! Will you accept it? ['Yes!']

"Beloved hearts, the components are there in the dictations, the decree book, the Keepers of the Flame lessons. But, as it always is, the more vast the compendium of knowledge, the greater the requirement of the teacher to organize. Thus, I point to the Count-to-Nine Decree. The 'Count-to-Nine' given in the full fire of your heart enables you to regain the command of your auric forcefield that has been impinged upon, pressed upon, penetrated, invaded.

"Thus, understand: sometimes when you suddenly feel a dis­tur­banceyou are taken aback, you have a shock or a sudden reaction to the actions of injustice of anotherone of the reasons you momentarily lose your balance is because the normal flow of the aura has been disturbed,
as though you would suddenly agitate the waters.

"Now, your aura is your sanctuary, and it is the sanctity of your God flame. Thus, before answering the demands of the carnal mind-the questioning, the praying for favors, or whateverreestablish yourself. Speak quietly, softly, and slowly. For in this way you will not engage into yourself the anger, the impet­u­os­ity, the upsetness of anyone around you.

"You speak as I am speaking now: from the heartfrom the seat of the heart, the point of the Buddha. You speak loud enough, in the sense of being strong and firm, so that the breath and the voice are not sinking like a shrinking violet of fear. You speak strong enough and firm enough and peaceful enough and powerful enough so that God may use your voice to still your own aura
and the agitation or the fear or the excitement of another.

"Be the calm presence in a vortex of calamity and activity, beloved hearts, and learn the way of the power, the immense power of peace itself. Thus, beloved ones, you ought to know by heart the Count-to-Nine Decree. You ought to realize that in a situation of upsetness it is necessary to take some deep breaths. For in the presence of anxiety, the heart begins to palpitate and people begin to breathe in a short-breath manner, thus adding to the absence of control.

"You take a deep breath, you release it, you go to the heart, and you give no instantaneous answers, yes or nono instantaneous reactions or solutionsbut quietly turn within. There are many ways of handling this. If someone is ferocious like a mad dog, you may say, "Wait one minute, please. I shall return momentarily." [applause]

" . . . Often it is a matter of stance. How do you hold yourself? Are you in readiness for the next delivery of God or thrust of the sinister force, or are you, as they say these days, 'laid-back?' If you slouch, if you are laid-back, wide open, lounging around-the TV set is on, the ads are bombarding their rock beat, the cat is meowing, the dog is barking, the children are screaming, the phone is ringing—how do you expect, then, to keep your cool? It is a setup, but you have allowed it.

" . . . Well, beloved ones, do not point the finger at those who are the self-sacrificing ones, for you know not the karma they balance or the assignment from inner levels. They have read the record of their life and they know what it will take to overcome and be victorious. And they are also a signpost to allow you to see that there is a sainthood to be pursued. And when you see the humble chela you may imitate the Christ in that one but not become attached to the outer personality."

Saint Germain

"I come that the rough places might be made plain, the rough places about each one. Often we are not aware of the rough places, for we are rough-hewn and "that is just the way we are," or so we say.

"I come, then, for the exquisite outpicturing of your immortal design. I come to affirm it, not to deny it, as others of this world may do. I come to affirm that blueprint that is whole and that is holy.

Forgive and Forgive Again

"Oh, let there be the binding of the sense of sin and of the condemnation upon those who stray from the law. Have I not forgiven theeforgiven thee and forgiven thee again and again?
And have I not admonished you to forgive seventy times seven?

"I say, seven hundred, seven thousand times seven give the cup of mercy, give the cup of forgiveness, and discover an astounding transmutation of your own karma and of the wrongs that you have carried with you for so long because you have condemned yourself, criticized yourself and therefore felt that you could not rise again. Thus, as you forgive others their trespasses, you yourself are forgiven.

Who is it that does point the finger?
Let him who is without sin first cast the stone

"Thus I spoke to the accusers of Magdalene. And this day in the arms of God, she is ascended. She is victorious. And yet, beloved, is it not so that the condemnation of the world is still upon woman-woman who is used and abused?

"And in the very heart of my knights of the flame present here, my sons, is there not also the chalice of the Divine Mother? And are you not also defenders of the Divine Mother?

" . . . Blessed hearts, these are subtleties. We speak of prejudice against this Church or against this or that race, but do we know (and I speak for you as I am one of you) when we are unlawfully prejudiced against others? Do we automatically define this group and that group, these others and those others?

"To be prejudiced in general against a group, a certain level of society, a certain type of individual or those of a certain nation means that each time you meet someone of that collective group you already have the door of your mind closed and you do not open the door.

"I say, if you would be rid of prejudice practiced against this Church and your path, you must be rid of prejudice within yourselvesyou must be rid of the tendency of the carnal mind to be prejudiced in favor of itself. You must dig deep and discover whether when seeing individuals of this or that class you feel prejudiced against them because they are too rich or too poor, educated or uneducated, or because they are this or they are that.

"Blessed ones, the human mind works in an insidious way. It is so insidious that you do not even know it is insidious. Pause for a moment and review the Law: You can be rid of the negatives that are practiced against you only by going deep within and determining that you will have the love that I have for all souls, which transcends the earthly garmentwhether black or white or yellow or red-the background, the accent, the genes or the IQ of this or that one.

"Search your souls. If you do not have a transcendent love for all people that comes from seeking and finding me in the threefold flame of their hearts, then you may yet retain insidious prejudices because you behold the outer man and not the inner man of the heart.

"You can be certain that you are rid of your prejudices only if you systematically go through your vocabulary and your attitudes, only if you sift your thoughts, including your superiority and inferiority complexes. Yes, where do you position yourself? And do you judge others from that
position? Do you define your identity in society by your membership in this exclusive group or that exclusive group?

"There is pride, even spiritual pride, in some who have the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and therefore feel that they are better than others. This is most unfortunate, for hearts of gold are everywhere in the earth and they are where you would least expect to find them.

"You who have the gift of the discernment of spirits always know when you have found the rare Lightbearer. You know by the light of the eye, by the quality of the voice, by the givingness of the heart and by the waters of Life flowing freely from the chakras.

"This is not to say that you look down upon those who do not have the light of the eye or of the aura. But it is to say that at the very moment when by sheer mindless, unthinking habit you would be prejudiced against those whom you deem to be of lesser attainment on the Path, you turn to the beautiful face of my Father Maitreya and you remember his eternal kindness and his eternal compassion. And your heart then overflows with love for a soul, any soul, for here is God encased in mortal form.

"I ask you this day to take a scorepad and to recall the kindnesses and the unkindnesses you have extended toward others. Note the incidents and put two check marks for each kindness and one check mark for each unkindness. In this way you can periodically review the quality of your interchanges with others. This is important.

" . . . The fact remains that I am the Lord and the Saviour of every lifestream upon earth, even those whom you would consider to be of the seed of the Wicked One or of the fallen angels or mechanization man, et cetera. Beloved hearts, there is no prejudice when you come before the Lords of Karma. The seven members of the Karmic Board, with Vairochana the newly appointed eighth member, do not regard you with jaded eye as they administer Divine Justice.

"Understand, then, that inasmuch as God has given life to a soul, that soul shall have salvation through me, shall have my support until the Lord God himself declares that the hour of the final judgment of that one is come. It is only then that I let go of my service to set that lifestream free.

" . . . Power can be a dangerous thing, especially when you retain the sin of prejudice. With a prejudiced mind, you will judge unrighteous judgment; you will abuse power and therefore you will be judged and the karma of your unrighteousness will descend.

"Know, then, beloved, that to be a good shepherd is to give the word of kindness and compassion again and again. Whether you journey to lower levels of the astral plane with Archangel Michael or to the highest levels of the etheric plane, remember to give kindness to all. For you never know when those who have strayed far from the center of being, under the influence of black magicians and fallen angels, will melt by the tenderness of your heart that says, 'No matter how filthy or dark this one has become or how great his wrongs have been, I will give the word of kindness.'

"Think of the mother who in desperation took the life of her two little boys. How the nation is disgusted with this mother. Severe crimes are being committed every day in every nation. Shall we toss this one or that one onto the rubbish heap and say, 'This one is no longer worthy of kindness or compassion. His sins are too great?'

"No, we shall not, beloved. For one day that one who receives kindness and compassion, together with the violet flame of the Holy Spirit, may surely be converted to the real and living Christ, who I AM. And I do not exclude souls from my Church or ministry based on human prejudice or on the darkness of their deeds.

" . . . How will you know when you meet someone who is of the Evil One and when you meet someone who is of God? For either one may be serving in an official capacity of meting out judgments, making laws and directing the course of justice.

"You will know one from the other, as I have said, by the gift of discernment of spirits. And you will, of course, carve your words to fit the occasion; but a simple seed of truth planted is enough, beloved, to turn around a lifestream, to turn one who is of a negative polarity to a positive polarity of hope and of joy.

"I ask you not to forsake any—any who are sent to you, any who come your way, any who knock
at your door begging for the bread of Life. I ask you to remember that in the ups and downs of the sine wave of your many lifetimes you have been prince and pauper, priest and philosopher-king, sultan and slave."

Jesus Christ

"So, there is a side of the nature that is fragile, there is a side of the nature that is strong. And again, beloved, it is relative, so that you know not when you are weak and you know not when you are strong.

"Thus, the Ascended Masters do come and we do dote over you, but we do not indulge you. And we are fierce in challenging you when you allow yourselves to express the not-self. This cannot go unnoticed. This cannot go without discipline. This deserves the cosmic spanking because all of you know better and all of you are capable of doing better.

"And therefore when you vent that anger of the dweller on occasion, you must understand, beloved, that you do so knowingly and willingly and that you do so because you have not taken the precautions day by day to gain that mastery over the beast."


"Blessed ones, feed the poor. Clothe their souls. Adorn the mind with the wisdom and the practical know-how of their daily livelihood. Set an example. Teach the children. Let them not be lost! When serving the public good and the order, there must be no discrimination between the ranks of those who have much or less karma or this or that. When you are a public servant—and you are all public servants—then your Lord is the Christ of every man. ['Judge not lest ye be judged.']

"And I remind you that the Great Teacher said, 'The servant is not greater than his lord.' Thus, remember in humility that you are not greater than the Christ, even the Christ Self that might be far above the evildoer. Serve that Christ! Cast your anchor into the heart of that Christ and pull that Christ down and raise that soul up and let the marriage [of that soul and her Lord take place because you have interceded in Mercy's name]!

"Much can be accomplished by visualization as you visualize this happening to millions of the disenfranchised, millions of those who do not know what it means to have a piece of the pie of the American dream. If you give them no hope, it means you give them no anchor, no anchor to cast into the bedrock of their own God-Reality.

"Pray, then, for there is not one of you here tonight who in some embodiment past has not been at the very bottom of the heap, [at the lowest rung] of society's ladder. And there you should have remained had it not been for someone who had compassion and more, who when looking upon you had to have hope, belovedhope of a greater vision of what you could become than even you yourself had for yourself. If someone had not had compassion and hope for you, hope that is conviction, a conviction that inspires one to act and to do something for the poor wretch lying in the gutter somewherenamely youhad such a one not come to your aid, you should not have risen in that life and if not in that life, then perhaps not in a series of lives.

"I will tell you the secret prayer of the Messenger, who continually praises God in Morya, who did pick her up as an orphan waif sometime, somewhere in the depths of the astral plane. Thus, beloved, understand how you may share in the prayer of Teresa of Avila, [which is also the prayer of the Messenger]: 'I, a poor sinner, I, a poor sinner, am not worthy of thee, my Lord, and yet I serve and I pray.'

"See yourself, then, truly as that orphan. For are you not an orphan until the day and the hour when someone, perhaps some great one of the adepts, does take you and turn you around and set you on a course straight for the highest star? Does anyone here still think that he has done this of himself? ['No.']

"It is well to remember that, beloved. For all have been wretched, all have been the downtrodden, all have been under [the boot of] civilizations, empires [that have been run as] absolute dictatorships.

"Who did come and rescue you?

"So it was Sanat Kumara, Saint Germain, the Holy One of God. Yes, beloved. Yes, beloved, remember these things when you see the peoples of this nation, the masses of humanity and so many who are under tyrants and helpless before oncoming armies, famines, droughts and the hopelessness of no change for the future. Think of those incarcerated across the nations of the earth.

"I say this to all of you, for I give you the consciousness of the Buddha, and I want you to know that that portion that I give to you is the sensitivity to the pain of those who are not as well-off as you are. And when I speak of being well-off, I speak of the riches of the Spirit and the direct contact you have with the Ascended Masters and Almighty God if you exercise it.

"Do you not know that some have indeed silenced the voice of conscience, snuffed out the threefold flame and have no momentum of contact with God? Yet somewhere deep inside there is a point of kindness, a point of goodness and the desire to be somebody who can accomplish something, who might ultimately do something for someone else. Have mercy. Have the quality
of mercy within you. Be merciful toward life. For as God has forgiven you your sins, so know that the gift is given to you to extend that forgiveness to life.

"And the disciples were given that gift: 'Whosoever sins ye remit, they are remitted; whosoever sins ye retain, they are retained.' This is given to the true disciple, who has that Christ Flame burning brightly and has developed the sword of discrimination, cleaving asunder the Real from the Unreal and understanding when it is necessary for a man, a woman, a child to bear their karma and when, in their heart of hearts, it is not necessary for them to carry it longer."

Gautama Buddha

" . . . you can systematically visualize the twelve stations of the Cosmic Clock in your mind. Starting at the twelve o'clock line, you can confess the sins of condemnation and criticism and judgment of other parts of life that you remember, and then confess the sins you don't remember but that you sense you may have a momentum of in your consciousness.

"Obviously, criticism denotes fear, for fear of your own incompleteness makes you criticize another part of life. Thus you can find fear on every one of these twelve lines and it's a very interesting exercise to do. Following your confession of the specific sins that come to mind, you can then make a general prayer for the sins you cannot remember, because your Christ Self remembers, with the help of the recording angels who see what is recorded in the cells.

"The Catholic Church instituted confession to help the soul unburden itself of the points of sin
that through guilt had become anti-suns in the electronic belt. Today, because we do not go to confession, repent of our sins and then transmute those sins, the collective accumulation of fear and guilt has resulted in an age of psychiatry and a time of great inner disturbance.

"All over the world, people are disturbed because the day of judgment is nigh It is a fixed star, and we are getting closer and closer to it. Everybody senses that they are moving toward a day of reckoning when they will stand face-to-face with the Mighty I AM Presence. Therefore every day that passes in which their sins are not confessed, put into the violet flame and then the temple purged by love, there is an increase of fear.

"The fear in the cells grows because it gathers more of itself. Those anti-suns within the temple become a vortex that collects astral substance. When you start with one point of fear, by its very turning, by its very magnetism, it draws to itself the identical vibration from the astral plane.

"Now you understand the basis of human sympathy, sympathetic attractions and sympathetic relationships. People with the same kinds of fear are attracted to one another, associate with one another, hang around together, and usually wind up spending their lives together. It is most

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"Tomorrow at about three, we will be reviewing the dictation of beloved El Morya from yesterday to give you an opportunity to write a similar letter to the Divine Father specifically to Alpha and to El Morya. In that dictation, he mentioned the failure of an activity with which he had worked for about fifteen years. The records and the archives of this activity are in my possession and the striving of the masters with that group is very evident. That group was the Bridge to Freedom in its early inception, in the early fifties through the early sixties . . .

"So you'll hear the story of the Bridge tomorrow. What I would like to talk about is the inner circle in the Bridge that he was working with, with special people that were drawn together because, specifically of their Causal Bodies. They had tremendous attainment in their Causal Bodies of thousands of years of previous activities. When these people got together, it was like dynamite. It was just an explosion, a clash of wills.

"I recently read the inner, private dictations that he gave to these people, almost pleading with them to stop their bickering, and their fighting, and their egotism and their rebellion and to combine their virtues for the victory. But they would not. And so that endeavor failed and Morya lost fifteen years of working with this group of chelas and finally having to abandon them, starting all over with the Summit Lighthouse."

SU Lecture, Level I
Saint Germain-Morya Series No. 10
(El Morya's Dictation, September 26, 1965)
November 17, 1975, Elizabeth C. Prophet

"As you rise in consciousness you will discover, that those needs which you require in one plane of consciousness are not necessarily those which you required in former times when your body was vibrating at a more dense rate of vibration.

"A propos of this subject, I would caution all, then, not to condemn their fellowmen for their habits of eating or of living. For all are not at the same place of vibration. even though all maybe in the physical octave, and each one must find the manifestation of the Holy Comforter at that point in the dimension, the time sequence, where he himself is manifesting.

"Do you realize that all men do not manifest at the same place in consciousness? And this means that the actual chemistries of their bodies, their emotional bodies too, are not vibrating at the same place. But because this manifestation is within one spectrum, you continue to see and converse and commingle with these individuals; yet in reality they are not all manifesting at your own rate of vibration.

"You must, then, learn not to condemn, not to criticize, but to understand that here is a flower that is unfolding in another garden of the consciousness of God, in one of his many mansions."

Beloved Father Enoch April 5, 1969

“Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

Matt. 7:1-5
See also John 8:7

“But I say unto you that whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire. Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee, leave there thy gift before the altar and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother and then come and offer thy gift.”

Matt. 5:22-24 See also
Matt. 12:36, 37; 25:41-46

"Whenever you point your finger at someone, three others are pointing at you."

Mark Prophet, Discourses
on Cosmic Law, audio B88154

Resentment: The Most Sinful Act
You Can Commit against the Law

"So you see, beloved, some of you have not stepped forward and said, "I can be this chalice of the Holy Spirit. I have taken my lessons from the Mother this summer, and I recognize that I must come into a love alignment with all people. I must forgive all and I must understand that if I find it difficult to forgive this one and that one for grievous wrongs, I can call for the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold of those who have wronged me, thereby rendering them a great service, and I can forgive their souls. In the words of Jesus, I can say, 'Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.'

"Some have blamed God for the karmic circumstances of their lives. If you are among them, I ask you to call upon the law of forgiveness for having so cast the blame for your karma on your heavenly Father. And then I ask you to forgive God for the circumstances of your life, for you know full well that your karma is your karma. I ask you to forgive the Ascended Masters. I ask you to forgive the Archangels. I ask you to forgive the Messenger. I ask you to forgive one another and yourselves and, in so doing, to say: 'Father, forgive me, for I knew not what I did.'

"Many have done unto Jesus Christ in a state of ignorance what they would not do to him in an enlightened state. And I tell you, beloved, there are still many among you who do those things that you know you should not do. And you do not do them ignorantly but you do them knowingly, simply because you will not say die to the resentment, to the hostility, to this and that shadowed form that lurks in your body temple, that lurks in the garments of your etheric, mental or astral sheath.

"Where do you think the cancers come from?

"Where do you think the diseases come from?

"You throw off all disease when you internalize the Light. Nothing can harm you. But I tell you, beloved, when you internalize resentment, when you internalize that ragged, jagged energy that ties up and blocks the flow of Light within you, then you are certainly a candidate for diseases that may very well take you out of embodiment.

"It is absolutely imperative, beloved, that you let go of all sense of criticism, condemnation and judgment, of being incensed that this or that wrong has been done unto you. I tell you, beloved, if you do not do this, it would be better for you to go out from the Great White Brotherhood and separate yourselves from it. For not to forgive, not to make things right with a brother, a sister, with this one or that one could produce the greatest setback to your victory and to your participating in our program at Darjeeling for members-in-training under our Council.

"Think of this, beloved. Some of you have allowed lingering resentments to go unchecked. This is notably the most sinful act that can be committed by one who knows the Law. I desire you to consider in this hour just what is your responsibility in light of your knowledge of the Law. Once you have that knowledge and you know the truth and you are no longer ignorant, you have far heavier karma in allowing resentments to smolder than when you were totally ignorant, even in this life.

"So you see, beloved, some of you do not recognize that the great wisdom imparted to you through the Messenger by the members of our bands does place upon you a major responsibility to change your life, change your consciousness, to turn around and shed the cocoon of the old self, become Light and let that Light propel you into a service of joy and love whereby you find fulfillment in yourselves and facilitate the fulfillment of others.

" . . . This conference is a major turning point. For I have come. I AM El Morya. I speak to you. And inasmuch as I have spoken, I do not wish to see any not heed my word. For, beloved ones, the Karmic Board is strict with us, very strict. And when we receive a dispensation to speak to you and you do not heed the words of that dictation as a dispensation granted in your behalf, then at a future date when I or other Masters go back to the Karmic Board requesting to deliver a dictation, the Lords of Karma say, 'Not until the students of long standing and even the new students will put into practice that which we have given, for we will not give a teaching that is not used.

" . . . For whatever your dissatisfactions are, they are not the fault of God, of Morya, of the Messenger, of this or that brother or sister or spouse.

"Beloved ones, your problems are your own. They are the fruit of your tree of life. Make your peace with them. Cast out the bad fruit and harvest the good, but do not blame others for your fateful fruit. For you will waste a lifetime pointing the finger at this one and that one instead of pointing it at yourselves-and furthermore, you will lose my Electronic Presence with you.

" . . . I urge you and I plead with you to hear me as you have never heard me before, to listen to my voice in the depths of your souls, to make your peace with all people as if the morrow were your ascension day or the day of your transition. Beloved hearts, make your peace with God and walk the earth as living saviours. That is the calling."

El Morya
October 8, 1994

" . . . Above all things you might pray for from the Holy Kumaras, pray for the cosmic honor flame. And measure all actions, all musings of the mind by the honor that was the signet of your Thomas Becket, your Thomas More, whom you honor as your Chief and Counselor.

" . . . Without your word as your honor, without your actions as your honor, how can you walk the straight and narrow path wherein you commit wrong toward none but good toward all?

" . . . When you speak in honor, when you do not repeat gossip, when you do not engage in criticism, condemnation and judgment, especially during the cycle of Capricorn, you will see how you liberate yourself to enter in to the cosmic honor flame, which is a positive attribute of the sign of Capricorn. It is a high honor. And out of honor come the blessings of the Great Divine Director, whose Great Blue Causal Body amplifies the God-Power of the Capricorn hierarchy.

"Have you thought when you make your major choices in life that there is one right choice and a thousand other options? What leads you to the right choice? It is honor, beloved, honor in daily decisions. And if sometime you may tarnish your honor, you can polish it again by right action and a profound humility, calling upon the law of forgiveness so that you might be given another opportunity to perform not one but many righteous deeds."

Sanat Kumara

Criticism, Condemnation and Judgment
part I

Criticism, Condemnation and Judgment
part II

Criticism, Condemnation and Judgment
part III

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