The Cosmic Clock

The science of the Cosmic Clock, taught by Mother Mary
. . . is a new-age astrology that provides the scientific means of understanding
and charting the cycles of personal and planetary karma that return to us daily
as the tests and trials of the path of initiation.

"The lost perspective which mankind express as mortal density
—but which produces no joy of fresh revelation—is the result
of a combination of circumstances."—God Meru, December 11, 1966

"Be not satisfied in that state of consciousness that is somewhere between
the astral and the mental body, somewhere around the six o'clock line
[as you chart your Cosmic Clock], engulfed in a sea of indecision and self-pity
and all that self-justification. Blessed hearts, I will show you how to get rid
of self-justification. It is as simple as the nose upon your face.
Simply get rid of the (mortal) self!"—Jesus Christ, November 23, 1989

The key battle will be won, or lost, on the 1-4-7-10 lines of the clock
which are jointly termed the rose cross astrologically.
In Washington D.C. these lines are exemplified, 1-4-7-10 o'clock order,
by the Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian, Goddess of Liberty
standing over and challenging the Federal Reserve System
and the Jefferson Memorial.

"Time is opportunity to enter into perfect love to the glory of God."
—Chamuel and Charity, December 31, 1980

"The only reason for time is, so that everything
doesn't happen at once."—Albert Einstein

"Resolutions are good. Implementation is better."—Gary North

The science of the Cosmic Clock, taught by Mother Mary to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, is a new-age astrology that provides the scientific means of understanding and charting the cycles of personal and planetary karma that return to us daily as the tests and trials of the path of initiation.


The four seasons correspond to the four quadrants of the Cosmic Clock. In winter we receive the initiations of the etheric quadrant; in spring, the initiations of the mental quadrant; in summer, the initiations of the emotional quadrant; and in autumn, the initiations of the physical quadrant.

" . . . Thus, there is not only a lull but also a lulling to sleep of many. They would rather sleep than stand, face and conquer the world of self. The chelas of El Morya are not so. You are ready and prepared at all times for every eventuality. You are ready to move on the 360 degrees of the circle of life. And those points of life are indicators.

"Go to the lines of the Cosmic Clock where you have not achieved resolution. Go to the 360 degrees of the points on the circle so that every point on that Cosmic Clock becomes a strengthening presence. For thereby you will discover the unraveling of the enigmas of the moment and of past and future ages."

El Morya
April 4, 1997.

"Consider, then, each of the lines of your Cosmic Clock, each and every Master carrying a cross of light and a cross of mankind’s karma. The Ascended Masters can only carry the cross of light; it remains for the chelas to carry the cross of the perversion of that light. Understand, then, that the twelve initiations of the hierarchies of the sun are in order that some may carry the greater weight of darkness so that they may experience the greater weight of light. This is the meaning of the pursuit of higher consciousness.

"I AM come in the fiery core so that you will understand that there is a cross to be borne for Christ at the point of the Son, for the hierarchy of Aries and for me. I AM Helios, and Vesta with me
—together we are in your heart. We provide the escape for those who will volunteer to carry the weight of world karma, of the exaltation of the ego, the human ego. We provide the escape for those who are willing to walk with us as sun god and goddess, focal points of the ancient hierarchies of Mu and Atlantis.

"We say, in the hour of the testing and the travail, call to us and say, 'Helios and Vesta, I bear thy cross!' And then in that moment there will be the exchange. And for a moment the cosmic cross of white fire, which is the overcoming of cosmic beings in this way of hierarchy, will descend to your heart, and for a moment we will take the dark cross of human misqualification. And then in another moment and in the twinkling of an eye, all will be again as Above, so below."

Helios of the Sun
July 2, 1976

"Thus I ask you to consider the lines of the cosmic clock as it has been taught to you by Mother Mary and visualize the degrees (the 360 degrees arbitrarily set) as seats around the Round Table of any master that you might name. I ask you to consider, in all honesty, in introspection and self-analysis, where you would position yourself in the twelve lines of the clock and in the degrees in between, considering yourself as having the greatest mastery on that point of the entire circle.

"Perhaps you consider that the greatest gift you can lay upon the altar of God is pure love. There are four lines of love; and within those lines there are degrees of love, and those degrees signify another turn of the circle within the distance, for instance, from Aquarius to Pisces. Therefore the degrees between those two should be calculated according to slices of the circle. And then you will see how, in fact, they can be divided again by twelve, creating twelve lines—though there be ten, though there be thirty, though there be the action of the sacred fire sliced again and again."

December 24, 1980

"The freedom to be, to move and to enter in to the alchemy of my beloved Saint Germain—this is what I am speaking to you about. I counsel you to enter in to the heart of hearts of your own being, even as you transfer that love and give it liberally to all. For when you give of yourself in sacrifice, in surrender, in selflessness, and in service (which represent the four petals of your Cosmic Clock) and you give of God’s love many times over, you are transcending yourself hour by hour."

Lady Master Portia

Offices and Hierarchs of the Four Quadrants. On the path of the ruby ray, Sanat Kumara, Lord Gautama, Lord Maitreya, and Jesus Christ hold the offices of the hierarchs of the four quadrants. These offices (embodied by the Four Cosmic Forces) are noted in Ezekiel 1:10 and Revelation 4:7 as the Lion, the Calf (Ox), the Man, and the Flying Eagle.

As diagrammed on the Cosmic Clock, Lord Maitreya represents the Father on the 12 o’clock line (etheric quadrant) in the office of the Lion; Lord Gautama, the Holy Spirit on the 9 o’clock line (physical quadrant) in the office of the Calf; Jesus Christ, the Son on the 3 o’clock line (mental quadrant) in the office of the Man; and Sanat Kumara, the Divine Mother on the 6 o’clock line (emotional quadrant) in the office of the Flying Eagle.

On the Cosmic Clock, the blue-flame cross is formed by the 12/6 and 3/9 axes. The qualities of God-Power, God-Harmony, God-Reality and God-Control are charted on the Clock on the 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock lines under the solar hierarchies of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra and Aries.

12 o’clock, Capricorn, God-Power, perversions: criticism, condemnation and judgment, all black magic. 6 o’clock, Cancer, God-Harmony, perversions: indecision, self-pity, self-justification, emotional instability, all misuses of the sacred fire and perversions of the Mother Flame. 9 o’clock, Libra, God-Reality, perversions: dishonesty, intrigue, treachery. 3 o’clock, Aries, God-Control, perversions: conceit, deceit, arrogance and ego, intellectual and spiritual pride.

"Now then, beloved, when Jesus received 'the all-power of heaven and earth,' he did receive that power as attainment of a very high degree of universal Christhood in all of the seven chakras. This teaching regarding the [soul-testing on the Sixth Ray of the Piscean dispensation under Jesus Christ—which involves the 2/8 axis on the Cosmic Clock, the line of the] solar plexus, [as well as that of its counterpart on the 5/11 axis, the line of the throat chakra]—is the example of [the initiations of] one [chakra] whereby you can understand what would be the testing of the others. [And it is] this one [challenge of the God-mastery and the Christ-Peace] of [the soul through] the solar plexus [that] is necessary to [your] receiving "the all-power in heaven and earth" [which Jesus did].

"The heaven and earth of your being are your chakras above and below the heart. The only time you have the all-power of these levels is when all of your chakras are free and sealed, entity free, free of inordinate desire, free of leaks, tears, [and all] compromises [of God-Harmony]. The Light of the chakras must flow to the physical form. Let the physical form be ready. The Elohim Peace and Aloha, Uriel and Aurora, the Lord Christ, the Seven Chohans attend you for this victory."

March 25, 1989

"Now see the diagram of the twelve-pointed star around the circle and know, beloved, that the Archangels and Archeiai of whom I have spoken this day are the five, [who, with the seven,] make the twelve, and the thirteenth is Uzziel. Thus, know, beloved, that these angels have come out of the cosmic heights with their bands and they are authorized to be in the earth in response to your presence here. You may call to them as the Archangels of the five secret rays. You may visualize them and chart them on the dial of your Cosmic Clock.

"Thus, beloved, imagine the increase of Light in the earth when five additional [archangelic sets of] twin flames become a part of this activity. The multiplication, beloved, is stunning! It is a stunning geometry whereby those of the five secret rays multiply now the action of the Archangels of the seven rays, and the Seven Archangels multiply the action of the Archangels of the five secret rays.

"Know, then, beloved, that they do stand [with their divine complements], their backs to the center [of the circle], with raised swords, and they direct [the piercing light of] their swords [outward] into action now. And thus they do send light throughout the planetary home. [And the multiplication factor is Archangel Uzziel standing in the center with his twin flame; and they do magnificently embody the Presences of Alpha and Omega in that center.]

"Visualize these circles around the city. Call for the wall of fire around your city until your calls and your fervor will compel me with Saint Germain to send our Messenger to you."

Sanat Kumara
with the Seven Holy Kumaras

"Sons of God in the vanguard of the victory, I AM come to release to you the sacred science of the Mother for your embodiment of the four faces of Christ. Now study the Cosmic Clock that has been given to you by Mother Mary through the messengers. For the foundation of the building of the City Foursquare has already been laid in her outline of the four quadrants of being and in the four Persons of the Godhead to be crystallized within the soul through the alchemical elements fire, air, water, and earth.

"Now let us use this Cosmic Clock to diagram the offices of the Four Cosmic Forces: the Lion s the Father, the Calf as the Holy Spirit, the Man as the Son, and the Eagle as the Mother. Initiators of the soul under the hierarchies of Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio, they make the sign of the Ruby Cross.

"These Four Persons of Cosmic Christhood are the initiators—through Lord Maitreya, Lord Gautama, Lord Jesus, and me through the office of the Mother and the two witnesses—of the initiations foursquare on the Path of the Ruby Ray. These initiations are: the Initiation of Sacrifice under the Lion, the Initiation of Service under the Calf, the Initiation of Surrender under the Man, and the Initiation of Selflessness under the Eagle."

Sanat Kumara

"I ask you to read the Book of Revelation, for I, John, wrote down this book. It will give you an understanding of what is happening in the world today. The Messenger has taught that the verses can be placed around the Cosmic Clock and related to the meaning of each line of the Clock.

"At one point the Book of Revelation was in danger of not even being included in the scriptures. But Jesus saw to it that it was included. For it is the revelation of Jesus Christ that is in that book and not merely that of John the Beloved."

John the Beloved

" . . . Understand the timetables. Understand the cycles. For you have won many victories for us and for the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. For our part, we, with our legions, will continue to ferret out the spies and conspirators who have infiltrated the highest ranks of the government, the CIA and the FBI. And we will continue to call to the attention of the nations the spy activities that compromise the security of the United States and the Western Hemisphere.

"Therefore, we invite you to join us and our legions night and day to uncover the treachery and intrigue that follows those who risk their lives for the defense of their nations in peace and in war.

"In consideration of our work with the Cosmic Secret Service, we ask you, the representatives of the nations of the world, to invite us into your countries that you might serve with us for the protection of your citizens. Let us enter there. Let us do battle with you, for you, on behalf of your children, your sons and daughters. And call to God, Elohim, for the judgment of the fallen angels who have occupied positions of power even while they have held the nations in a stranglehold —and that, all the way back to Atlantis."

Lanello and K-17

Organs of the Human Body
Affected by the Astrological Sign One Is Born in
and/or by One's Rising Sign



PISCES—FISH—both feet

ARIES—RAM—head, face, ears, eyes

TAURUS—BULL—neck, throat, gullet

GEMINI—TWINS—arms, shoulders

LEO—LION—heart, sides, diaphagm, back

CANCER—CRAB—chest, stomach, lungs, ribs, heart

LIBRA—SCALES—navel, loins, kidneys, buttocks

VIRGO—VIRGIN—belly, intestines

SCORPIO—SCORPION—sexual organs, bladder

SAGITTARIUS—ARCHER—thighs, thigh-bones


See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, June 29, 1988, “Seminar on the Cosmic Clock: Charting the Cycles of Your Karma, Psychology and Spiritual Powers on the Cosmic Clock,” 4-audiocassette album, total 5 hr. 50 min., A88087A, $29.95 plus $2.50 postage and handling. Or order single cassette: total 89 min., $7.50 plus $2.50 postage and handling, B88088. Packet of study materials, including the color “Diagrams of the Cosmic Clock,” $2.00 plus $2.50 postage and handling, #2368 (no postage and handling fee if ordered with the album or cassette).

On June 29, 1988, during FREEDOM 1988, the Messenger conducted an all-day "Seminar on the Cosmic Clock: Charting the Cycles of Your Karma, Psychology and Spiritual Powers on the Cosmic Clock." She gave basic and advanced instruction on the Cosmic Clock, a review of Lord Maitreya's teachings on making calls on one's astrology for survival and self-mastery in the age of Aquarius, and explained how to give invocations for the transmutation of negative astrology. 4 audiocassettes, 5 hr. 50 min., A88087. Accompanying packet of study tools: Diagrams of the Cosmic Clock; work sheet with Cosmic Clock for individual charting of cycles; Traditional Astrological Information; sample Natal, Heliocentric, Progressed and Solar Return Charts; Summit University Astrology Insert and Aspect Calls; and Lord Maitreya's March 24, 1985 dictation, "Astrology for Twin Flames"; #2368. See also Elizabeth Clare Prophet, "The Cosmic Clock: Psychology for the Aquarian Man and Woman," in The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America, pp. 173-206; The ABC's of Your Psychology on the Cosmic Clock, 8-audiocassette album, 12 lectures, 12 hr., A85056.

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