on the Five Secret Rays

Fryderyk Chopin's Etude Op. 10,
No.5 in G-flat major
"Black Keys"

Five Dhyani Buddhas
Lords of the Five Secret Rays

"The Five Dhyani Buddhas are can-do Buddhas. We see the practical, we tackle that
which can be accomplished in the moment and then we move on to the more difficult,
never acknowledging that there even exists the impossible!"—Amoghasiddhi, January 2, 1994

"Thus know that we the Buddhas of the five secret rays move among you,
through you and around you. Catch us! Catch our garments.
Seek to fasten your chakras to our own. Seek to unite with us
even if it be for a moment or five minutes of the recitation
of one of our mantras."—Akshobhya, December 31, 1993

"Know that the Five Dhyani Buddhas come for a profound resolution.
It is for your resolution within yourselves. It is for the resolution of world conditions."
—Vairochana, December 30, 1993

"The violet flame is the key to the heart of the Dhyani Buddhas!
For upon that violet flame, as you make the transition from the Seventh Ray,
you do enter the secret rays and all of their power."—Ratnasambhava, July 5, 1990

"Mantra—whether in the form of Ascended Master decrees written in English
or formulas in tongues of the East—is empowerment.
But only if you know it."—Amitabha, January 2, 1994

" . . . I say to you: receive now the flow of Cosmos' secret rays which does trace the path marked by your Christ Selves today. Receive, o Earth, all that a Mother's heart may bestow: through the God and Goddess Meru and Lord Himalaya we anchor now in the currents of the mountain chains of the entire planet and the underground waters this light of world transmutation.

"I AM Vesta and I am determined now in the fiery center of Earth to release the light of Elohim to consume all forces perverting the life-force in any maner and in any chakra. I come because of the danger of the spread of the karma of these individuals who misqualify the light and the spread of disease and death because of their infamy and rebellion against the divine Mother-flame.

"Let the Mother-flame then increase within you and let your protection be commensurate with your need; for the Mother-flame is great power. I place it under the control of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva within you that it may not cause insanity or derangement or quicken anger or emotions but be kept in the very heart of fire for the release and control of the planetary home and changes that are to come.

"I come now as a bird of paradise to nestle with you; I come in many forms, beloved. See Me in everything and you will not miss Me."
January 1, 1985

"Yes, we have come. Therefore the black and the white keys, the yin and the yang and the sounding of the five symbols and syllables of Light.

" . . . For are we not as a hand, the five fingers on the hand, beloved, four plus the thumb? So we are extensions, Light-emanations, by the five secret rays of the hand of Almighty God, yes, of the hand of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and of Brahman from the Beginning. And even so, we function from those inner secret-ray spheres surrounding the Holy of Holies of the I AM THAT I AM.

" . . . Hitherto you did not have our names. Now you have our five names: Vairochana, Akshobhya, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha, Amoghasiddhi. Our names are attached to the five rays of Mighty Cosmos. And so if you will call to Cosmos and give our names at the beginning of that decree, along with the name Vajrasattva, you will know the stimulation of those five rays, those five spiritual senses, and other dimensions of your own being by which you will profit and by which others may profit.

" . . . As you know, the five poisons are: (1) ignorance, antidoted by Vairochana's
All-Pervading Wisdom of the Dharmakaya, (2) anger, hate and hate creation, antidoted by Akshobhya's Mirrorlike Wisdom, (3) spiritual, intellectual and human pride, antidoted by Ratnasambhava's Wisdom of Equality, (4) the passions—all cravings, covetousness, greed and lust—antidoted by Amitabha's Discriminating Wisdom, and (5) envy and jealousy, antidoted by Amoghasiddhi's All-Accomplishing Wisdom, the Wisdom of Perfected Action.

" . . . You see, the poisons, beloved, are the product of the misuse of the five layers, the inner sheaths of being, and the five elements. And so it is that a certain portion of the being of the individual has been devoured by the poisons, and this devouring of the inner sheaths through the partaking of the poisons is extremely dangerous.

"You may take in the poisons that are the antithesis of the qualities of the seven rays without
as great a harm as if you took in the poisons of the five secret rays. For the five secret rays are very close to the nucleus of self, and therefore the poisons penetrate the sheaths and they begin to eat away at the core identity of the individuality that is left, which may indeed be shrinking by an astral cancer that is produced by the five poisons and the sixth.

"And thus the soul must be alerted, the soul must be awakened! And that is why I say to you, use your ingenuity to awaken a soul to something better, something higher! And give that soul some lift of your mantle, some lift of your own empowerment, some lift of that which you have agreed to carry of the Light itself, which is the burden of the Lord.

"You see people today who are dying in great fear, and their bodies are weak and their minds are weak and they can scarcely think. Beloved, when a soul is weakened because the body is weak, she is surely not in a position to say:

"This day I will be the champion of the Lord!

"This day I will go out and forge my Victory!"

Vajrasattva, Spokesman
for the Five Dhyani Buddhas

"I come, then, with a certain substance of Light that is for the binding-up of the brokenhearted, that is for the ministering unto the poor, that is for the binding together of all true souls of Light who would create out of this Community the geometry of a giant honeycomb, each little hexagon filled with the elixir of the golden oil of the honeybee.

"Think of this great honeycomb! Think of the oneness, every side attached to another side. Think of how powerful is the Great White Brotherhood and the antahkarana thereof that spans the cosmos. This you are intended to be in a community of brotherly, sisterly love.

" . . . we the five have gone before the Lords of Karma, bowing before them to offer ourselves in their service.

"The result of this offering we have made to the Lords of Karma is that the following dispensation has been handed down: The Lords of Karma have accepted my offer to join the Karmic Board. Therefore I have become now the eighth member of that board, and my role shall be to assist those who have Light who are sincere but who have strayed from the track of reality, considering that their karma was too hard to bear.

"Even some among this worldwide Community have neglected to invoke the violet flame but rather have become incensed that they should have to bear so much karma, though it be their own. So, beloved, I would teach all who apply to me, those in this Community and throughout the earth, what they need to know to make it—all the way Home. I would teach a certain level of souls who, with my support and the support of all of us, will have the opportunity to make it whereas without that support they might not make it. This blessed dispensation, beloved, is by the grace and the gentleness of all Buddhas.

"Therefore, first and foremost, we would desire your cooperation through these days together so that you might enter in to prayer sessions focusing on the exorcism of foul spirits and demons that you have allowed to enter your consciousness by following the way which is not the true way. If you are to be liberated from your own anger, you must be delivered from the causes of anger and the entities that have swept through you as birds of prey to take up their abode in the branches of your tree of life.

"Note well, beloved, that once these birds of prey have been allowed in, it does require a greater-than-human force to eliminate them. But the first requirement is desire, the desire to be free of demons, entities and false hierarchs who come to empower you, to give you the sense of great strength, to give you the sense that you somehow have a superior mind, a superior energy and the ability to manipulate others.

"This is the beginning of the left-handed path. It begins, as I have said, when you allow into your house that which is unclean, that which is prideful, that which is the spirit of anger. Thus, you see, unless you come to your knees, confess this and literally vomit up out of your being these foul spirits, things will only go from bad to worse.

"The temptation to enter the left-handed path comes to individuals in every religious movement. There are always some who are infested with foul spirits, and the open door to those spirits is always anger and pride and the desire for power and the power to control others. And the more individuals are puffed up in this state, the more they attract to themselves false hierarchs, ghostly shadows of discarnates that now become a part of their aura, and thereby their selfhood is altered.

"To you, then, who have received so much comes this warning from the Lords of Karma and from ourselves: Be vigilant that you do not allow the false thief to come in the night to take from you the wholeness and oneness of your being in God.

"How will you know that the false one has entered? You will know because you are no longer true to yourself. You will begin to entertain false notions about the Path and the Teaching itself, seeking the shortest shortcut you can take to gain not God's power but human power.

"False hierarchs and entities play upon you with the offering of power, as they always have, but the true adepts come offering the spirit of gentleness. Gentleness is the other side of power. He who is gentle and affixed in the very heart and inner being of the gentle I AM Presence, he is the one who is in control. But it is a God-control and not a human control of the forces at large on earth who in their insanity are manipulating governments and nations in the wrong direction.

"So the warning comes, beloved, as a reminder that you have entered a very high calling,
the highest path that is on the planet today. You have entered this path. You must guard the citadel of being. You must guard against the voices that mutter and peep in this ear and that ear. Surely you must guard against gossip of all kinds. You must guard the sanctity of your temple and return in profound humility to your God.

"When those who have allowed the negative elements to enter their lives and households are willing to surrender them, they will come to their knees and weep before the altar that they might return to safe haven and the protection of the Dhyani Buddhas and the Great White Brotherhood.

"Thus, to those who are willing to receive my assistance and will accept the challenge of the hour to balance a heavy karma, to those who are willing to admit that they may have been led this way or that, I say, I will help you. I will prepare you. I will show you how in profound humility and with inner strength you will master all flaws of character that are open doors to negative spirals and negative traits and you will get on with your reason for being—why you embodied
in this life in the circumstances you find yourselves—and you will know that you embodied to balance your karma so that you can fulfill your mission.

"If you devote yourself to the path of karma yoga, you need not have the goal of the ascension or any goal in particular. Balancing karma is like submitting to the grades of school. You start in kindergarten and you move on. You prepare yourself for life, mastering a trade, a profession, with a tool of the hand or the mind, sharpening your skills as practice makes perfect.

"Balancing karma eliminates shackles that tie you to lower levels of the astral plane and people who are not of the Light. Balancing karma is the true means of soul liberation. Ultimately, balancing karma gives you the freedom to be who you desire to be.

"Failure to balance karma on the path of karma yoga but taking another path that may be a flash in the pan and then nothing or one of impressing many and then finding oneself bankrupt of soul and of one's own possessions-this is sidestepping the greatest opportunity for soul liberation that some of you have seen in ten thousand years.

"It is well to open your eyes and see that it is easier to yoke yourself to the oxen, to become for a season the ox that treadeth out the corn, than it is to take all the devious routes that will get you somewhere quickly and nowhere easily and cause you to increase your karma rather than decrease it.

"Karma balancing is joyous. When you serve El Morya, Saint Germain, Jesus and the splendid ones of Light who minister to you, each and every day you balance great karma. You balance karma by putting your hand to the plow of publishing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, thereby making it possible for millions on earth to benefit from the teaching that you send forth.

"Blessed ones, do you not note time and time again how the organization, the Ascended Masters, the Messengers and the chelas are pacesetters?

" . . . Remember, then, that you are here in embodiment to lock in to the spiritual path so that your soul may not be lost at the conclusion of this life. Yes, I will say it again: you are here to balance karma and to gain inner wholeness so that you will have attained to an appreciably higher level of being than that which you had achieved when you entered this life.

"That is all that we ask: that you transcend yourself once, twice and many times over and that you do not behave as spoiled children, so spoiled that you are not even willing to pick up the toys that you have left strewn here and there upon the earth-dangerous toys, karmic toys that will surely burden others unless you pick them up and put them into the all-consuming fire.

"You must be willing to clean up your mess. And if your parents did not love you enough to teach you how to clean up your mess, then I say, give yourselves a spanking. Give yourselves a good spanking, beloved ones, and decide you will no longer be the spoiled brats of the West.

"Yes, we the Dhyani Buddhas speak of those of the West who are not able to suffer even a pinprick on their little finger. We speak of them as spoiled brats.

"If you are too spoiled to sacrifice, to give of yourselves, to work hard and clean up the mess of karma you have made, well, beloved ones, I above all have great, great divine pity for you; and for this reason I have desired to assist the Lords of Karma. I do this, as you know, on behalf of the five of us and I employ the rays of the five. Therefore I am in the very heart and center of all being and I can bring those five elements to bear upon your life and your concerns.

"So, while you are in the way of healing your inner child, be good parents and do not spoil that inner child. For that child is the element of self, of soul, that can most readily unite with the Holy Christ Self and the seed of the Buddha unfolding.

"Try it, beloved ones! Try being strict with yourselves. Try following the disciplines of the Buddhas and see how quickly you will come to know your victories and how you will soon leave off the self-indulgences that have already caused you to tarry on earth too many tens of thousands of years. Take the high road, beloved. For that is the road where I shall meet you.

"And I will tell you in this hour that I could not hide from the Messenger this announcement for many days, for she did see the eighth one added to the Lords of Karma-myself. I tell you this, beloved, so that you might know that the Messenger also dwells in many octaves.

"For the love of God in you all, for the love of hierarchy and the contact with hierarchy at the nexus of the figure eight that you find in the Messenger, we are come to serve you, to raise you up and to strip you of all unnecessary fat and self-indulgence.

"Thus, the quickening is come, for it must come.

"May your quickening bear profound fruit.

"I seal you in the heart of the five. I AM Vairochana."


"Remember that on the high side of the adventure of chelaship in which you are engaged, beloved, it takes but one or two or five or ten avatars in an age to transmute and transform an entire civilization. Think of it!

"Therefore do not look at the equation of life as dreary and depressing as you see yourself up against five and a half billion lifestreams but look at it as a joyous opportunity as you see yourself one with God, having the power of the mantra and with that power the limitless Light, Energy and Consciousness of God to move mountains of darkness into the all-consuming violet flame.

"The Five Dhyani Buddhas are can-do Buddhas. We see the practical, we tackle that which can be accomplished in the moment and then we move on to the more difficult, never acknowledging that there even exists the impossible!

"So, beloved, be as we are.

"It is the gentle, free movement of those who are free of the knots of a self-righteous selfhood
to which you must aspire. When you have that freedom of not desiring recognition, you will find yourself truly, truly absorbed in the heart of God. "

"Think, then, of the five secret rays as five wisdoms. There is a color of golden wisdom for each of the Five Dhyani Buddhas. And within the spectrum of each color, be it white or blue or yellow or rose or green, you can see five aspects of that single color and therefore know gradations and tones of consciousness, nuances of beauty. You can know the detail with which the great Tibetan artists have portrayed the Buddhas and placed them on their tankas for meditation, for entering in to the precise geometric formula whereby there is unleashed to the cosmos increments of our Light and awareness.

"Those who fear reality embrace unreality. They partake of a cup of poisoned wisdom, no longer wisdom but a rancid concoction.

"Why lean upon that which has no enduring value? Only because there is a fear that one may have no enduring reality and therefore in place of it one must cling to unreality. What a pity!

"This takes place in some whose candles have been snuffed out by themselves or by others who have sent a blast of anger their way, and in return these victims have not defended the candle of the Buddha that burns on the altar. Yes, indeed, it needs a hurricane lamp to protect it.

"Protect the flame within the heart. Protect the heart that contains the flame. Protect the mind and the body, and do not go this way or that way.

"So many voices clamoring for your attention! Be not moved upon the rough seas of your
own astral body. Let your mooring be that point of the vajra, the point of the diamond, the point of the brow that is furrowed in concentration that will not be moved to outer fringes of unreality.

"Reality is the vajra, the diamond of the heart.

" . . . Know that the Dhyani Buddhas contain levels upon levels of the Causal Body of God, that we welcome you to the levels of wisdom to which you aspire. Conquer the level you are on, then aspire to the next. The assimilation of wisdom is the taking in of the precious nectar of the Buddhas, and that nectar internalized is for the watering of the thousand-petaled crown chakra.

"So the Buddhas in manifestation manifest themselves infinitely in numberless numbers everywhere. Yet those who have not reached up to touch the hem of our garments, who have not entered in to our mantras have not known the geometry of our being. These dwell far removed from the realness that we focus in every possible dimension where human life struggles to discover the meaning of existence, to discover the meaning of the human self
—only to realize that the human self is a placeholder for the Divine Self, which shall displace it.

"Oh, becoming real! It is the great call of the Great Divine Director to you. His statement 'I AM Real' tells you all—all you can possibly know and much that you cannot possibly know of just how great is the Great Blue Causal Body of the great Buddha who is the Great Divine Director.

"So, beloved, cherish each morsel of reality you internalize and assimilate daily. Cherish it, beloved. For as you do and as you savor it, so you shall become it.

" . . . Thus know that we the Buddhas of the five secret rays move among you, through you
and around you. Catch us! Catch our garments. Seek to fasten your chakras to our own. Seek to unite with us even if it be for a moment or five minutes of the recitation of one of our mantras. So know, beloved, that the infinite reality is but a finger touch away, just a finger touch away.

" . . . Purity is the antithesis of complexity.

"Thus in the simplicity of a pure heart, as a child, now enter in and let go, let go. Let go of all else but thine own reality. When you do this, you shall contain all reality of the Spirit-Matter Cosmos and all reality beyond it."


"I ask you to be certain that you secure each gain at both spiritual and human levels. Explore the terrain that you now claim as yours in the Buddhic Mind and see where you yet have weaknesses, flaws in the diamond of self.

"These can be purged and transmuted only through an enlightened awareness of self and such profound determination to be the conquering one and to complete all those commitments you have made to Divine Reality and to finish the course with that sense 'I have given my all and my best, and I know that my all and my best are an acceptable offering.'

"Do not come to the altar, beloved, saying you have given your all and your best when you have not tried, when you have not been willing to go through the deep pain of conquering the self and gaining such a momentum of the splendor of the Victorious One, your Holy Christ Self, that you truly do know what is your all and what is your best.

"I say, then, from this day forward move gently with us. Move gently into the world and know yourself as a citizen of the Great Tao, of the Great Dharmakaya, the Great Causal Body of all Buddhas as one.

"Know that it is step by step that the Path is won—not in grandiose measures, not in lunging forward and then having no foundation upon which to place one's efforts. The certain and sure footstep is the Way.

"Many are in awe of Buddhic attainment and believe that they are not even close to that attainment nor will they be for many lifetimes. This is the distance that theology has placed between the least of the disciples of the Sangha and Lord Gautama himself and even the Dhyani Buddhas. We would erase this distance today. So long as you contain a crumb of Buddhic wisdom, you have cracked the door. From Darkness to Light you may step.

"So value each crumb as a jewel. And as I have said, secure it, protect it, preserve it, build upon it, exercise it with mantra, with the fiat Vajra! With this you invoke a mighty thunderbolt from on high.

"Shun all ego-strutting! Shun ties to the denizens of the underworld who will empower you overnight and give you the glitter and glamour of success in your field.

"When you look into your heart of hearts, you must know that these successes are ephemeral and transient. They have naught to do with the true God-success gained by planting one's foot upon the rock and holding that place and not giving that place to Mara but daily maintaining the 360-degree watch of keeping the citadel of consciousness open to God.

" . . . Mantra: when you have made one or many your own, it is as though you possessed the
secret of a universal weapon that could annihilate all evil in the world while not touching a single point of good embodied by a single soul.

"How can warfare of such crudity as that which is waged upon this planet compare to the banishing effects of mantra? The simple mantras you can pen on one sheet of paper can deliver you unto enlightenment if your heart is right with the Buddhas.

"As you capture the mantra in your heart, your heart sings the mantra back to you and the mantra itself sings to you so that you hear from your innermost being the pure voice of your soul reciting that mantra. This is in no way autohypnosis. This is the power of God within you. And by accepting that power, you authorize it to enter your world through your recitation of the mantra.

" . . . Above all, whichever mantra becomes the key mantra of your life, the keystone in the arch of your being, you must make it your own and you must know its power. You must know the power of your being when you have so internalized the Word that the Word is speaking the mantra in your heart.

" . . . Err on the side of being humble and conservative and loving toward all. Read the
scriptures! Read the scriptures and every word of your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and of his apostles in the Gnostic gospels as well as in the New Testament. Read these words,
beloved, and you will see just how many laws the Saviour has laid down for your protection against unrighteousness.

"Therefore I come by the power of wisdom to banish unrighteousness, the incorrect use of the laws of God. Therefore resist temptation and know that Mara is always waiting behind the rock, behind the tree to catch you fallen asleep to insert some needlepoint of error into your very flesh that you scarcely even sense."


" . . . For do you know, beloved ones, that many spheres within spheres make up the inner secret rays of your own being? Few have contact with this level, as we have said. But when you do have that contact, when you dare to go deep within, the resolution you achieve is a Buddhic resolution, a God-resolution.

"For all actions recorded on the periphery of your Causal Body (the Dharmakaya) and all actions recorded on the body of karmic causes that is wrapped around you here below (the Nirmanakaya) are also recorded on the outer spheres of consciousness. And when you achieve divine resolution, these outer spheres come into conformity with the inner mandala of the Buddhas.

"Thus it is in order that we should begin with the within and the seed within and that we should allow the seed to open and to grow and to affect every part of being. This is a ritual that is accomplished, beloved ones, slowly, gently. There is no hurry, for it takes place in timelessness and spacelessness.

"Thus, above all, it is incumbent upon the bodhisattva to do well and it is necessary that what he does well he should do with completeness, having as a goal the rendering whole of some portion of self rather than the transformation of the entire self all at once. All of you are being transformed through your Dharmakaya even as you are transforming yourselves through discipleship measure by measure.

"We come, then, for the regrouping of your forces and to draw you into alignment with first principles and your point of origin that you might discover and fulfill the reason for your being, why you are here. Our Messenger in your midst comes to assist you to stay on course and to get back on course when you stray too far to the right or to the left.

"Thus know that until you have balance, even in the threefold flame, your perception may not be balanced. The five secret rays are a tremendous aid in your achieving balance at all levels. These will pierce impure substances, cut the Gordian knots, repolarize the behavioral patterns and replace misconceptions with right conceptions.

"In calling to the Five Dhyani Buddhas as we have taught you to do, beloved (and we have asked you to make that call to us with the preamble to 'Mighty Cosmos' Secret Rays' decree), you will discover an amazing alchemy, one that is almost indescribable! As the outer becomes more self-effacing, the inner becomes more powerful.

"I speak of your being and of your soul. When all the fire of your being infolds itself into that supreme white fire core of self, then you know the strength, the vajra, of the Buddhas. Then you need not continually push forth that strength or demonstrate it to others. For then you are pure being.

"If you think you cannot attain this, I tell you, you never will if you do not begin. And if you begin and if you work day by day with the equilateral triangle of self, you will find a deep inner empowerment that has naught to do with outer politics or rising above your fellows, ruling nations and seeing yourselves as important people.

"As you understand the principle of the Tao, which is the fount of all Buddhism, you will come to realize that there is a trinity of movement within. And you will see that the greater the internalization of that Buddhic energy, the less fanfare you need to have concerning your outer person.

"Thus, let the gentle ones go forth. Let them go forth, for these we would sponsor. Let the balanced ones seek balance in the five secret rays and in the Trinity of the heart and in the Divine Mother. The power of the three-times-three is available unto all—available unto all.

"I come, then, with a certain substance of Light that is for the binding-up of the brokenhearted, that is for the ministering unto the poor, that is for the binding together of all true souls of Light who would create out of this Community the geometry of a giant honeycomb, each little hexagon filled with the elixir of the golden oil of the honeybee.

"Think of this great honeycomb! Think of the oneness, every side attached to another side. Think of how powerful is the Great White Brotherhood and the antahkarana thereof that spans the cosmos. This you are intended to be in a community of brotherly, sisterly love.

"But some have not understood how. Some have been carrying very heavy burdens of karma that they consider too hard to bear. And therefore they have taken side streets, the way that seemed right but was not right. They have sought all kinds of cures, when the cure for the soul is the action of the secret rays multiplied by the power of the balanced threefold flame of the heart of Christ and Buddha."

December 30, 1993

"Blessed ones, understand that this is for your ultimate protection, and we have explained to you that the initiations of the five secret rays, which have succeeded those of the seven, are most difficult. For here is the place of the violation of the heart. Here are the rings of light that surround the heart and are closest to the I AM Presence, and it is these five secret rays which the fallen ones and the Watchers have violated to the utter destruction of planetary bodies.

"Blessed ones, it is not alone nuclear war but the very splitting and sawing asunder of planets themselves. This is the destruction that was wrought in those days when in the physical Matter universe the Sons of God with full Christ attainment had not descended.

"Now with the descending of the Sons of God and angels of high hierarchical position such as the Archeia Mother Mary, there has been therefore the rescue mission of the children of the Sun these two thousand years and longer. And with the walking of Enoch in the earth and with the coming of the Ancient of Days, my own mantle into the physical octave long ago, there has been intercession while our shepherds have gone forth to teach and to bring the children of the Sun into a path of individual Christhood that they might put on divine Sonship.

"This is the purpose of Maitreya's Mystery School, which we now convoke, and therefore the Lords of the Seven Rays descend this day to take their place as instructors of those who understand and must understand that you come to our halls of learning for the single purpose of Christed realization and the living incarnation of the Word. Lo, I AM THAT I AM! and I tell you the hour is now, as has been told to you.

"Let there be, therefore, the watch and the alertness of the Light. For it is not enough to bask in the Light or to give your decrees but [there must be] that supreme sense of diligence, that instinct that is ready to pounce when the fallen ones unleash a tirade of darkness out of the pits through their alien individuals, through their spacecraft. For they come suddenly as thieves in the night to tear from you the sacred love tryst and the spirit of Community; and, beloved ones, they stand apart and away, not revealing the terror of their night and their hellfire until that hour and the moment when they determine to deliver it suddenly as a blitzkrieg upon the planetary body."

Sanat Kumara
January 2, 1988

"Trust me that you must be in the earth yet not of it. Conquer self. Establish Right Livelihood. And if you do not have it as a sufficiency in your life, know that inasmuch as it is one of the requirements of the Eightfold Path of the Buddha, there is some force of the anti-Buddha within the self that you must go after. For Right Livelihood is the very nature of the Path itself, and wrong livelihood will not profit your soul nor be for the balancing of karma.

"Thus, if greed or any other vice color your motive in livelihood, you will not be accelerating on the Path. Consider, then, the requirements of the Buddha on the Eightfold Path and bring your lives into proper adjustment. Unless you can call to the Five Dhyani Buddhas and earnestly desire the removal of the five poisons, unless you can call to Cyclopea for the vision to see what poisons bring ailments to the spirit and the soul and the mind, it is difficult for me to help you."

El Morya

" . . . I say, then, beware the poisons. Beware the poisons and embrace the antidotes of the Dhyani Buddhas. Embrace the antidotes, beloved ones, for the poisons come and they poison the mind and they poison every organ of the body. They poison the desires and the thoughts and the feelings.

"Yes, beloved, the Buddhas have taught, the ancients have given the word, the texts have been written and we the Ascended Masters have brought to you the new dispensation, building on the foundations of all that is past. Know, then, that to examine the foundations and the true mysticism of the world's great religions is a must in this hour."

El Morya

" . . . if one would embody the flame of illumination, one must set and keep high standards
on the path of the Second Ray. This requires a fervor, a determination and a willingness to wrestle with what you have called 'ignorant animal magnetism.' By definition, this is the ignorance and the sloth of the dense mind that wills not to learn and therefore cannot learn.

"So all-pervading is this mentality that the Ascended Masters have categorized five poisons that infect the dense mind and that must be antidoted by the five wisdoms of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, plus a sixth poison, antidoted by the wisdom of Vajrasattva:

1. ignorance, antidoted by Vairochana’s All-Pervading Wisdom of the Dharmakaya

2. anger, hate and hate creation, antidoted by Akshobhya’s Mirrorlike Wisdom

3. spiritual, intellectual and human pride, antidoted by Ratnasambhava’s Wisdom of Equality

4. the passions—all cravings, covetousness, greed and lust—antidoted by Amitabha’s Discriminating Wisdom

5. envy and jealousy, antidoted by Amoghasiddhi’s All-Accomplishing Wisdom, the Wisdom
of Perfected Action

6. non-Will and non-Being—fear, doubt and nonbelief in God, the Great Guru—antidoted by Vajrasattva’s Wisdom of the Diamond Will of God."

Archangel Jophiel
with Christine
June 25, 1995

" . . . I say, then, beware the poisons. Beware the poisons and embrace the antidotes of the Dhyani Buddhas. Embrace the antidotes, beloved ones, for the poisons come and they poison the mind and they poison every organ of the body. They poison the desires and the thoughts and the feelings.

"Yes, beloved, the Buddhas have taught, the ancients have given the word, the texts have been written and we the Ascended Masters have brought to you the new dispensation, building on the foundations of all that is past. Know, then, that to examine the foundations and the true mysticism of the world's great religions is a must in this hour."

El Morya


Third Secret Ray 14-month cycle of Serapis Bey begins November 4, 2005.*
Third Secret Ray 14-month cycle of Serapis Bey ends January 3, 2007.*

Fourth Secret Ray 14-month cycle of Serapis Bey begins January 4, 2007.*
Fourth Secret Ray 14-month cycle of Serapis Bey ends March 3, 2008.*

Fifth Secret Ray 14-month cycle of Serapis Bey begins March 4, 2008.*
Fifth secret Ray 14-month cycle of Serapis Bey ends May 3, 2009.


* The above estimated dates of the fourteen-month cycles are tentative, as without the acting Messenger one is hardly able to be accurate in charting these cycles. Though they are meant
to cover fourteen months, historicallysince the first cycle beginning December 21, 1978 —there were several cycles, which did not last the "prescribed" 14 calendar months. One example of "irregularity" in the fourteen month cycles is, that we would have arrived at the dates only including the 21st and 20th of the given month beginning and ending consecuctive cycles.

Serapis Bey's 14-Month Cycle
January 4, 2007—March 4, 2008

Fourth Secret-Ray Sphere

On January 4 we enter the next Serapis Bey 14-month cycle. As you may recall, these cycles of initiation take us through the 7 outer spheres and the 5 secret-ray spheres of the causal body.

In the new cycle we will be initiated in the fourth secret-ray sphere, charted on the 10:30 line of the cosmic clock. The sponsor of the fourth secret ray is the Dhyani Buddha Amitabha. He transmutes the poison of the passions—all cravings, covetousness, greed and lust—into Discriminating Wisdom. This cycle continues until March 4, 2008.

Mother has explained that the five secret rays give us our most difficult and intricate initiations: "The intricacy of . . . detail, of fact, of figuring, of planning . . . it is like figuring out . . . a very complex formula in order to get through to the next level of being." She has also said that when these cycles come about there is the greatest upheaval, the greatest breaking down and building again. It is the tearing down of what has not been properly built in the seven color bands of the causal body. It is a time of sifting.

In 1987, Serapis Bey spoke of the secret-ray cycles: "Whether it be of nuclear energy, whether it be of the economy, . . . those things that come full circle in these eras have in past times not been met by victory by the majority . . . These next five years and more . . . will be of the greatest testing to the nation, to its government, and to its people . . . It is a time to be prepared, and . . . to endure—and to know a new age, a new world, a new consciousness."

Gautama Buddha, in Quietly Comes the Buddha, relates the ten perfections and their initiations to the secret rays. The perfections of the fourth secret ray are Truth (masculine aspect) and Resolution (feminine aspect). Gautama tells us: "Cultivate discernment and then you will perceive clearly what is true and what is not . . . Let truth reveal to you the reality and unreality of any given situation or point of consciousness . . . Self-reflect and self-assess your sour notes and sublime tones and what conditions in your consciousness gave rise to them . . . Truth is a catalyst for progress."

Amitabha's mantra is
Om Amitabha Hrih

The mantra for the entire 14-month cycle is I AM Alpha and Omega in the white fire core of being

For Gautama Buddha's profound teaching on the qualities and initiations of Truth and Resolution, see Quietly Comes the Buddha, chapters 11 and 12


For our monthly initiations in the 13th Ray

Serapis Bey's 14-Month Cycle
May 4, 2009 through July 3, 2010

13th Ray Cycle

New cycles always bring new opportunities! We are happy to share with you the teaching from Serapis Bey and the explanation of the 13th Ray cycle.

May 4, 2009 we enter the next Serapis Bey 14-month cycle. As you may recall, these cycles of initiation take us through the 7 outer spheres and the 5 secret-ray spheres of the causal body. Following these, we have a cycle in the 13th Ray and the 14th Ray.

In the new Serapis Bey cycle we will be initiated in the 13th Ray, which is charted on the 12:30 line of the cosmic clock. Mother has explained that when we are taking our initiations on a half-hour line, we are tested on the line before and after it. Therefore we are tested on the 12 o'clock line and the 1 o'clock line for this entire cycle.

On the 12 o'clock line the God-quality is God-power, and the perversions are criticism, condemnation, judgment and all black magic.

On the 1 o'clock line the God-quality is God-love, and the perversions are hate and hate creation, hatred, mild dislike, and all witchcraft.

Mother has explained that the cycles in the five secret rays and the 13th and 14th Rays are a summing up. During these two cycles we have the opportunity to work on overcoming all of the poisons by the wisdoms of the Five Dhyani Buddhas.

She has also told us about the importance of the mantras for these cycles. Each month, we give the mantra of the master or masters who sponsor our testing on that line of the clock. The monthly mantra is the key in the lock that gets us into the ray. And the mantra we give for the entire cycle allows us to internalize the ray.

The mantra for the entire 13th Ray cycle is
I AM Alpha and Omega in the white fire core of being

May we all pass every test with grace and compassion, with wisdom and profound devotion to the Will of God.

For a complete listing of each month's line of the clock, master and mantra, including information on the Five Dhyani Buddhas and the poisons, please go to the Handouts section of Under "Teachings," see "Serapis Bey's Cycle in the 13th Ray."

"I AM the brooding one. I give compassion and charity and all that is necessary for the soul to transcend herself. Although I give and give again, some are so disconsolate that they are
unable to receive.

"Thus I send you to the heart of the Mother of all Buddhas. We are streams of light from her heart, tributaries. You may follow the stream to her heart and on the way be purified. It is a sublime experience of letting go, of not trying to do everything for yourself but recognizing that some things are done for you by the God within, the Goddess within, by the one who dwells in the innermost parts of your being.

"Come, then. Let the Divine Mother water the seed and fear not to take the first little baby step to be the bodhisattva becoming the Buddha. Children are eager to take their steps when the time is right. So take yours.

"Take yours after you have had enough of crawling. Then come to the place where you are fearless and though you may fall down many, many times, you get up and walk and run again. Remember the security you had as a little one and know that you have that security today.

"If you try to do everything for yourself, life becomes drudgery—drudgery without trust in the Divine Being who holds you every moment of the day and the night.

"Oh, the Divine Mother! How she does seek her own!

"And we the Dhyani Buddhas have come to establish points—points of reference of the five elements of being so that in the elements you may find the synthesis of our Buddhahood and in the synthesis find the Vajrasattva. It is a cause of great rejoicing that many souls have pulled us to the lower levels of being. Thus, we are truly 'everywhere in the consciousness of God.'

"I pray, then, that you will pursue the path of wise dominion to slay the conceit of ego by the perception that equality is in the Beginning. Equality is yet available to all. What each one has
done with the gift of equality marks the measure of attainment.

"Equal opportunity, then, defines your decisions, your choices. Equal opportunity, equal time, equal light, equal air and sun-shineall these things are thine. So in the equality of the Inner Buddha, welcome all and bow to the Light within all and be the servant of that Light, as Jesus taught you.

"We, then, place our presence in the earth that there might be mutual recognition by all for all.
Many espouse this principle and they carry it through so long as they are among those whom they consider to be worthy of being their equal. But they do not observe the stature of the soul and when there come along those whom they deem to be less advanced, less accomplished, less schooled, less having their life together, so to speak, they immediately place themselves above them in intellectual, social or spiritual standing.

"So, then, there is a hierarchy of such individuals here and there centered around the ego. And these position themselves—the lowly ones beneath them, the great ones above them; and this is a state of idolatry. For to see oneself either above or below another is idolatry."

January 1, 1994

Chopin's Etudes Opus 10 mark the beginning of a modern piano school. Chopin's contemporaries—exponents of the style "brilliante," en vogue in the early 1800s—Hummel, Moscheles, Weher, and Czerny—composed complex and varied sequences of scales and arpeggios.

The technique was nonetheless rooted in a classical piano virtuosity of Mozart and Beethoven, derived from a harpsichord instrumentation of the Baroque period, pushed to its virtuoso limits of performance and playability. The pianist's hands stayed in a classic five-note position, the thumb rarely ventured onto black keys and leaps over a tenth were rare.

In the meantime piano evolved enormously, from Mozart's delicate wooden structure into one with a range audible in a large concert hall, increased carrying power and extended tonal palette. Piano was ready and waiting for the one who would crown it the "king of instruments."

From its inception, Chopin's technique offered deep sensitivity to the newly discovered piano tonal potential. Chopin was the first composer who designed a technique specifically based on the instrument's strengths, most notably reinforced sympathetic vibrations of strings and the sounding board, based upon a highly judicious use of harmonic tonal series.

Unlike his predecessors' closed chords and dense passagework, Chopin's arpeggios are wide in the bass and closed only in the treble (perfectly exemplified in the Etudes Nos. I and II), enhancing natural resonance range of the instrument.

(Tib: Gyalwa Rig.Nga)

The twelve Opus 10 etudes were written between 1829 and 1832 (completed when Chopin was only 22 years old), published in 1833. The twelve Opus 25 etudes were composed between 1832 and 1836. They are unique marvels of composition, since Chopin managed to include specific technical exercises into fully integreted, artistic musical miniatures. They are remarkable pieces of music and it is nigh impossible to consider them mere etudes.

Chopin's two sets of Etudes (Opus 10 and Opus 25) present unparalleled challenges to performing pianists. Some say that a pianist who can play all of the Etudes, can play anything. The composer set out specifically to explore extremes of keyboard virtuosity, while maintaining his customary, uniquely poetic sensitivity. Chopin's Etudes Opus 10 and 25 are still considered to be the highest achievement of his piano composition.

Opus 10 is a distillation of what made Chopin's approach unlike any other; a piano technique that ultimately differs from the dominant style of the day. His technique is very personal, created for his particular hand structure—long fingers, allowing an expanded stretch, and moving outward, towards both keyboard ends.

His technique, especially that of his early—style 'brilliante'—period, marked by the Etudes and including the Rondos, is peculiarly expansive and anchored by a thumb that is as much
at home on black keys as on the white. There is surprisingly little use of a traditional hand-over-thumb rotation for arpeggios, but rather an ingenious use of a "crawling" technique that spans the entire keyboard.

Chopin's Etudes are the most important pieces within the genre and form the basis for all future concert etudes. The Op. 10 are dedicated "A son ami," Franz Liszt. Chopin's Etude in G-flat, Op. 10, No. 5 (the so-called "Black Key" Etude) is played largely on the black piano keys. The music is fast and brilliant, with an enthralling cascading right hand effect, punctuated by rhythmic chords of the left.

Accuracy of chords of the left hand, with exquisitely designed figuration on the black keys calls for a combination of rotary action finger-technique and supple wrists. The celebrated "Black Key" etude features entirely pentatonic right hand triplets (played exclusively on black keys). How exotic it must have seemed to audiences in the 1830s!

Although Chopin considered "Black Key" Etude insignificant, posterity found it irresistible. Early in the XXth century, Leopold Godowsky transcribed it for the left hand alone and created its counterpoint combination in Op. 25, the 'Butterfly" etude.

Introduction Amitabha Buddha

Qualities Chart Dhyani Buddhas

How to Play Chopin

Chopin—the Age of Pisces
Five Secret Rays

on the Thousand-Petaled Lotus
on the Temple of the Heart

on the Five Secret Rays
Secret Chamber of the Heart
Eighth Ray Chakra

An Introduction to the Five Dhyani Buddhas and Their Mandala  

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