Walt Disney for a Chela

Walt Disney
Inspired by boundless optimism Walt Disney was an innovative animator
and one of the most famous motion picture producers in the world.

David Low, the late British political cartoonist, called Disney
"the most significant figure in graphic arts since Leonardo DaVinci."
"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."—Walt Disney
"I have a great love for animals and laughter."—Walt Disney, 1965

"Some of you are fond of the artistic work of Walt Disney, who was also inspired by the Brotherhood to teach the ever new truths of Life to the children of the world. Many children have no knowledge of the cosmic honor flame, of fairies and angels and Masters, except through the films of Walt Disney. *

"Now has come an era when we desire to make films depicting the Ascended Masters’ retreats, depicting the facets of the Law, the movement of the Flame, the lives of the elementals. We desire to show on screen before all mankind how the violet flame works in the elemental kingdom, how these little creatures respond to the calls. We desire to show how an individual invoking the flame
of illumination at one point on the planetary body can cause an entire spiral of ideas and ideational patterns to flow into the minds of one or several or hundreds of individuals who are seeking knowledge at another point on the earth."

* [Webmaster's note: The Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth C. Prophet informed her chelas that films and other products created by the Disney company after Walt Disney's passing in 1966 have not been sponsored by the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood due to their ever-intensifying astral and violent content, as well as graphics.]

Archeia Christine

" . . . I am somewhat reminded of the work of one of your cartoonists, when he externalized the pattern that has amused the children, of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. And he said, 'Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go!' Once again I say to you, 'To work we go!'

"And so you must roll up your sleeves. You must forget that which is past, for after all, the past is indeed prologue. But you must recognize that there is a future expanse before you—a future that can be as beautiful as you will to make it."

El Morya
August 7, 1958

Dopey Dazzling

"The Life of God is present in the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms and throughout the unseen world of Nature spirits—a kingdom teeming with ‘elemental’ life, the happy chatter of elves and fairies, gnomes at work (though not always whistling!), sylphs arranging clouds and tumbling in the winds, undines splashing in the waves and salamanders dancing in fiery rings of rainbow rays.

"So great a weight of mankind’s karma do they bear that the gnomes themselves take on man’s ways, becoming grumpy, grouchy until a sweet teacher appears (like the blessed Mother in the guise of Snow White) to lead them gently up the scale of their earthly evolution under their hierarchs, Virgo and Pelleur, the masterful beings who maintain the balance of forces in the earth. The gnomes serve in the physical plane just beyond the veil (spectrum) of ordinary sight. Here they are called the earth elementals. Sometimes you catch sight of them out of the corner of your eye —then think you must have imagined it!"

November 15, 1953

Walt Disney with the Mouse

Walt posed with some of his creations
after he received an Honorary Masters of Arts Degree
from Harvard University in 1936


"Be certain when your children watch television or a movie or a cartoon that you explain to them what is real and what is not real. Explain that what they see on film is a creation of someone’s
mind, conceived more often than not with the goal of making money. Let your children learn early to recognize and analyze the commercialism and violence that are paraded before their eyes and the third eye.

"At a very young age children know the difference between black and white, good and bad. Let their consciences develop. Let their Inner Christ Presence develop. And always help them distinguish between what is ultimately and eternally real and what is not real but ephemeral and only a part of the passing scene. When you train your children to know Reality, they will lean upon that Reality in God long after you have passed beyond the veil and transcended this earth."

Lady Master Nada Rayborn


"Think about this: Each time you take in a worldly motion picture, it takes you a minimum of five days to transmute it if you have a good momentum on giving your violet-flame decrees—and much longer if you don’t. For those who do not decree at all, the records of their media experiences, including rock concerts and violent films, pile up in the psyche; and the sounds and the scenes come up again and again as though they were actual life experiences.

"Who in his right mind would want to thus burden his soul?

"Select motion pictures that profile the heroes of history, the rise and fall of civilizations, the origins of the major religions of the world and a wealth of cultural material that teaches children about the world they have reincarnated into.

"Think about how many hours you devote to entertainment that does not afford you a net gain physically or spiritually. Think about how you could spend the same amount of time developing a powerful spiritual momentum on giving calls for the healing of all who mourn, all who are sick, all who are dying and fear death. The hours you spend in unproductive activity are costly, very costly! both to you and to us, as we are your sponsors."

Jesus Christ


"Do you see, beloved ones, how slowly the indoctrination [of the fallen ones] takes over the mind through the big cities, through the motion picture industry parading [their agenda] before the youth day after day, film after film of the misuse of the sacred fire and the letting go of the Light in violence, in promiscuity, in all manners of hatred and murder that is portrayed?

"Beloved ones, the replaying [of] these subjects engenders in the youth the sense that 'everyone is doing it, so we should do it also to be in style,' whether it is swearing, whether it is engaging in a sullenness or a cynicism, whether it is attachment to material things, whether it is the beautification of the flesh form. Almost as in the days of primitive man has this [trend] taken on such a dark, dark cast . . .

"Beloved ones, to bear this Light you must keep it in your chakras. You must not squander it; you must not misuse it. And always the force comes along to taunt you in very, very unimportant ways, so unimportant that you are [caught] off guard, misqualifying energy in irritation, argumentation, idle chatter [and] gossip, and [in] entertaining all manner of delusions that come through the entertainment industry."



"Some of you are familiar with the creation of 'Fantasia' and you realize that in the closing scenes thereof, with the tolling of the great bell, the victory of the planetary body and all elemental life upon
it is manifested. Well, let me tell you, precious ones, that when the plan of God has come to full fruition upon this planetary body there will be no heart in pain anywhere upon earth and this includes not only those tangibly and visibly manifest in forms of flesh but also those who have left the physical body and remain in the so-called astral realms; for these shall be cut free, one and all. It also includes elemental life who have for so long served mankind and served their every need with the utmost diligence and yet have received, in many cases, scarcely one iota of gratitude for all of their services."

Archangel Gabriel
March 22, 1964

"The beings you call gnomes, whose image has been dwarfed in the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and other fairy tales, actually range in size from three-inch-high elves playing in the grasses, to the three-foot dwarfs, all the way to the hierarchies of the mountains who attend the Great Hall of the Mountain King and Queen glimpsed by Grieg and portrayed in his musical tribute to the special gnomes of Norway and the Norsemen.

"There are giants in the elemental kingdom of the earth. These are powerful beings who wield the fire of atom and molecule and hold the balance for the continents through cataclysm, flood, and fire. This evolution was created by Elohim to sustain the platform for the great experiment in free will ordained by God unto his children whom he sent forth into the planetary systems to be fruitful in the Christ consciousness and to multiply the manifestation of God in their offspring and in the works of their hands."

Virgo and Pelleur
April 6, 1980

"The ugly patterns of the purveyors of darkness seem to be of an almost infinite variety—for there appears to be a total freedom of expression in the astral sea of 'Alice in Wonderland.’ True freedom, however, is to be found only in the endless manifestations of reality, albeit in their present limited consciousness mankind are unable to tap the one Source of creative power. The difference is primarily the contrast of life and vibrancy with death and decay. The former is always to be preferred; for death itself is a transfixion in matter, and by cosmic law the energies so qualified must be freed from their imperfect molds and returned to the heart of God for requalification."

[Lewis Carroll was among the first to puncture the astral envelope. 'Through the looking glass' came a panoply of astral personalities that have since been followed by a host of others, perverting the true image of the Christ in the innocent consciousness of children.]

Paul the Venetian
October 25, 1970

A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're fast asleep.
In dreams you lose your heartaches.
Whatever you wish for, you keep.

Have faith in your dreams and someday.
Your rainbow will come smiling through.
No matter how your heart is grieving,
If you keep on believing,
the dream that you wish will come true.

"The soul, while existing in the 'Godhead,' unconscious of human miscreation or unhappiness, is wholly identified with God, but this fact is not apparent to the waking consciousness of the individual “id” whose life in form is the opportunity of a 'Cinderella' seeking to become a 'Princess' of consciousness in the kingdom of God! The glass slipper which the prince, symbolizing the higher self, holds, seeking to find and fit the foot of true identity, is the crystal clear matrix of divine reality which knows not the density of the pumpkin coach, mice and lizard kingdom of human creation.

"The reality of life has become the fairy tale, and strange mortal concepts of human creation have been made real by the lens of human consciousness."

El Morya
September 13, 1963

"This invisible glory, which is brought to you weekly as the tangible offering of the ascended masters, is the most serious and gracious gift of Life that man could ever have—aside from the original momentums of his great God Self which lie dormant within every son of God.

"These momentums of personal glory await the kiss of the 'Prince of the Realm' who will bring the 'Sleeping Beauty' of the divine Self into manifestation and quicken in you every good thing in order that all that has been dormant and inactive may be safely raised up in the service of the king (the mighty I AM Presence) for your own freedom’s sake."

Serapis Bey
September 13, 1963


"If you could imagine that inharmony would produce sudden holes in your pantaloons, in your skirts, in your blouses, and all of a sudden, like magic, like Pinocchio, because you’d been inharmonious, your garments should be tattered and full of holes and everything spill out and fall, for nothing could be held, you should think how embarrassed you would be—or if you were indeed Pinocchio and your nose would grow and grow when you were out of alignment with Truth. And finally, in the very end, by discipline and faithfulness and truthfulness, to be rewarded with a real heart, to become a real boy (the son of God, the threefold flame appears!).

"The story of Pinocchio is the story of those who lost the threefold flame or of those who may even be occupying bodies bereft of the divine spark, diligently in the service of the sons of God. Those who may have lost the substance of soul regain it by the path of the imitation of Christ.

"Do as Christ would do, and you will magnetize Christ in your heart. Do as Buddha would do, and even though you have a flame, it will increase tenfold. And where you are, God will be—if you live
in his honor and love."

Lady Master Nada

"You all remember the story of Pinocchio—a path of initiation of the winning of a heart. Thus, blessed ones, who can measure the heart of any soul or of a man? For only God does know. The wise assume that the heart requires the burning lamp. The wise assume that not knowledge alone but a fervent devotion harnessed to a love star is needed—and then, of course, the will to be: the will of the tiny grasses and forget-me-nots and many wildflowers, the will in every life. You find that will in the heart of everypart of life that beats with a cosmic heart, with the Central Sun."

El Morya
August 25, 1982

"Remember the story of Sleeping Beauty. Each time the innocence of love is veiled in flesh, each time the Mother flame is born anew in Mater preparing to unite with the knight champion of the Holy Spirit, there appears on the scene, lurking in the shadows, the representative of the great whore who comes to poison that rosy-cheeked innocence."

Archeia Charity
October 5, 1975


"Yet that illustrious figure, that man of sorrows who held the nation together during the dark hours of the Civil War—President Abraham Lincoln—did solemnly warn that if this nation should ever be destroyed, it would be from within."

['Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln,' Walt Disney.]

August 4, 1968

"Blessed ones, there are devils in the schoolhouses of America programming children to that which ought not to be. There are devils in the motion-picture industry programming youth to the bravado of the fallen angels, to the daredevil life and the devil-may-care attitude."

God and Goddess Meru
April 19, 1987

Sleeping Beauty

Wondrous to see . . . Glorious to hear . . . A magnificent motion picture!


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The very first feature-length animated film from Disney is an outstanding piece of the cinema. Not short on music, fun or drama, 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' is not only one of the best animated films ever, it is one of the greatest movies made.



Disney's Truest Masterpiece—Man Is In The Forest!



The One . . . The Only . . . The FABULOUS . . . Mrs. Jumbo wishes for a baby, but when the stork finally delivers, the baby has a distinctive enhancement—gigantic ears.



For anyone who has ever wished upon a star. A living puppet, with the help of a cricket as his conscience, must prove himself worthy to become a real boy.


Lady and the Tramp

Outstanding Love Story. The romantic tale of a sheltered uptown Cocker Spaniel dog and a streetwise downtown Mutt.


One Hundred and One Dalmatians

Pongo and Perdita have a litter of fifteen puppies. Cruella De Vil takes a fancy to the pups and wants to get hold of them, as well as more pups, to make herself a lovely dalmatian skin coat . . .


Jungle Book

Magnificent Disney Classic! This is the 1967 entertaining and groovy animated masterpiece from Disney inspired by Rudyard Kipling's novel, the animation is good for it's time and the songs are just fantastic.



Walt Disney's Technicolor FEATURE triumph. A collection of animated interpretations of great works of classical music. To be viewed with major provisos . . .


Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

In a presentation entitled, 'Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln,' the moving model of Abraham Lincoln stands, speaks, and gestures to the audience.


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