Beloved Ray-O-Light - December 28, 1975

Keep Moving!
Fearlessness Flame for Personal and Planetary Initiations in 1976

Hearken, you who would be conquerors of time and space! Hearken unto the word of the Ray-O-Light, for the ray of God’s light contains within itself the spirals of light and sound and of the Logos.

Hearken, you who would be conquerors of every doubt and fear! I come to project your consciousness into the new year and to show you how the cycles of initiation, which are upon you even now as the skeins of God’s consciousness, must be overcome by the light of fearlessness flame.

Hearken, for the precision of God-mastery is yours for the willing, for the listening, for the taking.

When you walk the path of self-mastery, you must have the precision of an artist, the timing of a piano concerto. You must have within you the sense of the flow of spirals of the great antahkarana of Life and the intricate weavings of the mind of God. You must become one with the mathematics of cosmos.

It is not necessary that the outer mind comprehend this mathematics but only that the soul surrender unto the Law, and then it is filled with that Law. For in the process of surrender, the soul has made the Law the master of life, and to that master the soul will stand or fall. Therefore, let the Law be the action of fearlessness flame, for there are many momentums of the Dark Cycle, momentums of the past, of vast ages, the remnant and the residue of the Piscean conqueror, the misqualification of his light and his teaching.

You who would build the foundation of the future for the Aquarian civilization that is to be built on Terra, you must go before mankind as the lifewave preparing the way by dissolving, in the action of the chemical ray, all substance of death, all records of death, all doubt and fear and separation from the one Source.

You stand in time and space. Before you is the great highway of life. And there will be times when you will feel yourself as in a snowstorm, with your staff that is the teaching to guide you on your way. And in the robes of the pilgrim, you will move against the wind and the storm, scarcely able to see a foot before you. And you will press on, making, as it were, scarcely little progress on that path.

And there will be days when the storm will cease, and there will be a calm and you will see the rays of the sun. And once again the rains will come, the lightning and the thunder will be heard, and the crackling of the storm.

Each step you advance, you advance by the action of fearlessness. That fear which you must conquer is the conglomerate of your own human consciousness amplified by the fallen ones who live by fear not love.

Press on, chelas of the light. This is your initiation in 1976. For the fallen ones who have come disguised as followers of the Prince of Peace come saturated with the entities of doubt and fear and pride and tyranny! They come to thwart the release of the light–the high frequencies of the Buddha, of the Kumaras, of Maitreya, of the World Mother. They come to release their smoke screen.

And you will find that men will be trembling in outer darkness, and the fear that shall come upon them is the fear of the last days. And in their fear, they will rise up to defend their position, the false position which has no tenure in the mind of God.

You will see, then, ere the vanquishing of all evil on the planetary body, the rising of the tide of fear. And inasmuch as the children of God know not how to combat that fear–know not the name of Ray-O-Light or the mighty action of fearlessness flame–I call to the devotees of the Great White Brotherhood to invoke fearlessness flame, that you might preserve your sanity from the vanity and the profanity of the fallen ones who assail you and would tear from you your own Christ-mastery.

This is the path which Christ walked. He cast out fear as the demons, as the palsied one. <1> He cast out fear of death and want. He cast it out in every form and lived to prove the Law of Excellence and of Love.

You must fulfill the life of the Piscean conqueror ere you can fulfill your divine plan in Aquarius. And the majority among you will not be allowed to take your ascension until you have fulfilled your divine plan in Aquarius, and the fulfillment of the divine plan is a necessary requirement of your ascension.

And so you say, “I am caught. There is no escape! I must do this and this and this and this, and how will I do it all? It is too vast for me, for I do not have the understanding of the illumined ones.” Fear not, I say, for God in you is the overcomer. Let God be fearlessness flame and you will discover who is the overcomer that you desire to be. You will discover who is desiring to be the overcomer within you.

Would you like to know how I inherited fearlessness flame? I tell you, I was also embodied in Mater. I also walked the path of initiation, and when I came to that place where all of the demons of the night and the fallen ones assailed me to take from me my own blessed Christ awareness, I knelt in prayer. I called out to God as God gave to me the awareness of these hordes of darkness in their array. And I tell you, the discarnates that assail the holy innocence of the devotees number in the millions, and as vultures they come to attack the soul–the soul that is about to be set free in the ritual of overcoming.

God showed me the horror of the night and of the fallen ones, and I cried out to him in my prayer and I said, “O God, you are greater than all of this, your flame and your light able to consume the darkness!” And I called to God for the specific action of the Christ consciousness that I knew must exist; for no thing, no shadowed one could occupy time and space without God providing the counterpoint of light, of freedom! And I called forth the dissolving action of the light of the Christ. I called forth the ray that I knew would dissolve all that would assail me in the hour of my victory.

And I would point out to you that in that moment I faced, as you will face in the moment of your overcoming, the entire momentum of fear on that planetary body, fear of evolutions without attainment, fear of the fallen ones of the second death and of the judgment. And all of that fear upon me as the clouds of the night. Yet I concentrated on the faith in the element of grace that was able to counteract that darkness.

By that faith in the ultimate existence in God of the element to counteract fear, I received, after many, many hours of prayer, the vision of fearlessness flame descending out of the great God Star as a pencil-light across the sky descending. And I gazed and I saw and, lo, the descending of that fire came unto me–to the very place where I knelt in prayer. And as that ray descended, I saw the components of the inner light. I saw something of the chemistry of God. I saw elemental beings ensouling that ray. I saw the piercing white light and the action of the emerald ray, piercing all of that darkness!

And, lo, as the ray descended, I saw the dissolution of worlds of fear and doubt and all separation from God. And in the place where darkness was, I saw, lo, angels, hosts of light, and I heard the music of the spheres carried in fearlessness flame. And as the ray descended, it burst as a fire around me and I was enveloped in that fire, that fearlessness flame! And it burned through me and through my soul and through my chakras and through my four lower bodies, and it burned until I became that flame.

And I surrendered all vestiges of lesser awareness outside of the Great God Flame, and I saw that God called me to be the fullness of that flame to many lifewaves. I saw that God placed upon me the greatest initiation of fear, that I might receive the greatest blessing of its antidote. In order that I might carry that fire and be worthy to carry it, I must needs first perceive all that would oppose that fire, that I might give answer unto the Lord whether I would stand fast to focus that flame in the face of all that would oppose it until the ultimate consummation of the planes of Mater.

You see, precious ones, whatever virtue you invoke from the heart of God, you must first slay the darkness that will assail that virtue. And God will not lower into the chalice of your heart the elements of that flame until you have stood by your own light, your own determination, your own momentum!– until you have stood to conquer those who would challenge you the moment you would receive that energy.

God is not an unwise investor of energy. He does not place in your hand that which you have proven yourself incapable of defending, else God himself would be bankrupt. And therefore, the testing, therefore the Path, therefore initiation.

Do not listen unto those who tell you that the moment they came upon the path of the ascended masters, this and that calamity befell them. Do not listen to their complaints. Do not listen to their justification and their self-pity.

But listen to me, for I will tell you that when you enter the Path and you begin to call forth the light of God, that light will come forth as a strong energy. It will penetrate your being and the vast canyons of your subconscious. It will penetrate. It will cause to be ejected from your subconscious those very elements that are incompatible with the light.

And you will find yourself as the disciple moving in the storm, unable to see before you, and the hail and the snow. Then you will realize: This is not from without, it is from within! I will conquer, for I know that God possesses the antidote to all darkness in my world.

I will have the courage to conquer! I will not shrink as the coward. I will not be the will-o’-the-wisp and allow myself to be blown hither and yon. I will take my stand. I will be firm and resolute! And I will pray and I will fast and I will commune with my God until he provides the fullness of that response which will be the healing, the regeneration, and the liberation of my soul!

This is what it takes to be a Piscean conqueror. It takes sticking to that work, that work of the ages. And just at the moment when all other mortals would give up, that is the moment to press on. And you will find, when you press on, that suddenly, when the Lord comes into the habitation of your being, the storm will cease and you will say, “Was it only sound effects? Did I imagine myself in a movie set? Was it all unreal?”–so quickly does the darkness vanish!

And you will recognize that only thinking makes darkness real, for all that is of the darkness is the figment of the imagination of the fallen ones. And when you accept it in your life, you and only you give it life. And when you withdraw that power by the action of the mind of God and the flame of God, it ceases to exist where you are.

In the name of the Christ, I say: Cast out fear that paralyzes creativity, that will stop the flow of light in your being! Cast out the demons of fear and the fallen ones! Cast them out with their evil mouthings. Recognize that they have no power in the face of the Christ.

So then, when you enter the Path, it is not the unreal path of euphoria, of dancing merrily in the fields of daisies. It is the Path where for every virtue you invoke, you must first cast out the counterfeit vice and then be found worthy to receive and contain that virtue–not a virtue that is won by human effort, but a virtue that is the gift of the indwelling Holy Spirit, virtue that comes by reason of the magnetization of the God flame.

By calling forth the Great Central Sun Magnet and the light of the Christ within your heart and within all of your chakras, so continue to magnetize light. For the ultimate end of your magnetization of the light will be the bursting forth, the explosion within you that will consume that darkness in the twinkling of the eye of God! And lo, the Son of God will come quickly into your being, and you will experience the rebirth as a vital, living fire–as the result of initiation, not as the result of the illusion and the magnetism of the entities that invade the holiest places, the temples and the churches, with their death matrix, with their energies which they use to cover over the light of the Virgin.

Let us see, then, how fearlessness flame will dissolve the patterns of death and all that opposes the rising of the feminine ray within you! Let us see how fearlessness flame will clear all energies of chaos and confusion, all betrayal, all blasphemy against the flame of Life!

Let us see how, by fearlessness flame, you will espouse the Mother of the World, how you will walk with her as she will come to you! And as Omega and Mary and Kuan Yin and Portia will release the light of the Womanhood of God, you will see the liberation of your soul, and you will find this body of devotees one in that flame of the Mother that is the unification of all life.

I stand before you, witnessing unto the proof of living Truth! I AM an ascended being. I AM what you, every one, can become. I lower my vibration to the point where in your soul you can perceive me, where in your very chakras you behold me face-to-face.

I intensify the action of your third-eye chakra. I AM the authority of fearlessness flame in the white fire core in the emerald ray of the fearlessness flame and I release it into the third-eye chakra of each one! And I intensify your perception of the light of God and of the overcomers.

Look up and behold! Behold the hosts of the Lord! See the conquerors! See the overcomers! See who have watched with the Lamb and who have overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of their testimony! <2> See what is real in heaven and in earth. See what is real within you. I demand the exposure of all unreality within the chelas who have the courage to stand and face and conquer the darkness of the Dweller on the Threshold!

Do you know what courage is? Do you know what long-suffering is? Do you know what it is to hold out against the fallen ones and to stand, to stand trial before the tribunal of the world and to let cosmic justice vanquish all lies against your soul?

If you do not know it now, you will know it one day; for this, too, is the path of initiation. And every Christed one who has gone before you who has faced the condemnation of the world and withstood the liar and his lie has had restored to him the all-power in heaven and in earth that was given to Jesus the Christ. <3> You can overcome because God is in you–not because you have any element sufficient unto itself, but only because God is in you and because you choose in this hour to liberate the energy of God!

Hearts of freedom, I need not tell you of the dire conditions of Terra. You can see. You know what is coming upon this land and upon the world. You are not blind.

But this I would tell you: The mastery of the cycles of personal and planetary karma is a question of timing, ultimate timing. And the question of the timing is the question of the choosing. When you delay your choice to be a conqueror, to cast out fear, you delay the action of the Law in yourself and in all mankind. And you lose ground for yourself and for Terra, and it cannot be regained.

Fearlessness flame is a ray of action. It liberates you from the sloth of self-pity and all indulgence and your justification of all human argument. Fearlessness flame is for men and women of action. Get off your seats! Stand, I say, and be men and women of action! For in fearlessness flame you will conquer the spirals of deception that have invaded your world, that tell you you are something that you are not!

If you would ride with the armies of heaven and with the Faithful and True, you must have this scepter and this sword of fearlessness flame. You must pierce the night and be on with it! You must ride your steed and swiftly cross the land! You must sound the warning and release the Word of God! You have not the time or space to tarry with these discarnates, these fallen ones who would delay and delay and delay until they have you on the brink of the chasm and you have no recourse. This is their plot! This is their ploy. And they have used it for centuries. Be wise, I say.

Here is the key, then, to overcoming that fear that stiffens the corpse itself, that fear that stiffens the flow of Life–the fear that ultimately is the death of self-awareness. The key is to keep on moving!

When you find yourself in a snowstorm or a blizzard, you will not curl up on the side of the road, for you know instinctively you will freeze to death. You keep moving. This is the key to the conquering of all fear. Keep moving! Keep active! Move through the elements, move through the mirage of fear! Pierce! it with your sword and discover the island in the sun, the place of light, the Garden of Eden.

I say, take the key of Ray-O-Light. Men and women of action, use the emerald ray to precipitate the plan of the Great White Brotherhood and keep moving. Keep moving in the light, toward the light, and let not a single shadow cross your path that you do not dissolve by the action of the Christ light within you.

It can be done. It has been done by all the hosts of the Lord who are encamped about you to intensify your awareness of the path of initiation. I bear witness, and I ask you this day: Will you bear witness unto the Truth with me? [“Yes!”]

So, I say, let it be a vow for the new year. Let it be a resolution that becomes a revolution of light! Let it be an initiation of a new birth for America and Terra!

With this nucleus of light-bearers, with this nucleus I can create a world revolution. I promise you that I can, and I enlist you in the legions of fearlessness flame. And they have come with me. They stand behind me, and there are ten thousand in this legion–one of my legions which can be invoked by you!

Now these ten thousand are kneeling before you. They carry the shield of faith in the left hand and the sword of righteousness in the right. They are dressed in white with robes of emerald green. They kneel before you because they give allegiance to the Christ within you. They acknowledge the Christ as the authority to command them into action. They kneel to receive the command of your Christ consciousness to go forth into Terra this night to bind the fallen ones. Will you give them the authority of your Christ consciousness to do so? [“Yes!”]

In the name of the living Christ, I charge you, legions of fearlessness flame, to receive the approbation and the command of these sons and daughters of God who, in the I AM THAT I AM, are the authority for the Light on Terra! I command you to go forth, to cast out fear and doubt, to cast out death and disease, to cast out the fallen ones who have used these elements against the children of light in all past ages! So be it. In the flame of the Holy Spirit, go forth and do the bidding of the Christed ones!

They are swift to run, precious hearts. They are already on their way. They are angels of action.

Now, I say, will you ever dare entertain fear? [“No!”] Will you ever dare entertain doubt? [“No!”] You have seen the vision of those who will come forth in an instant when you breathe a whisper: O God, O fearlessness flame, legions of Ray-O-Light, come forth! And suddenly you will find yourself encamped about with their light, and you will stand and behold the glory of God as they cast out all unreality and clear the way for the coming of the son, the daughter of God!

Now, I say, would you not feel just a little bit sheepish to ever again entertain fear? [“Yes.”] So, then, I have succeeded in my mission in coming. I have conveyed to you the momentum of my love for fearlessness, for I see how fearlessness liberates the creative power of the cosmos! I have seen what a world can be without fear. I have seen the glistening of the crystals of the mind of God, the creativity, the divine art and the culture. I have seen what life can be when life is free of doubt and fear and death!

So, O God, O God Almighty, let these be the electrodes that convey to Terra the new birth in fearlessness flame! This is my prayer before the Lords of Karma during this conclave at the Royal Teton. This is my petition. Will you sign your name to my petition? [“Yes!”]

So be it. Let it be done, and let the Lords of Karma know that on Terra souls of light are of one mind with souls ascended who are a part of our legions. So, by your vote, may the Lords of Karma swiftly release the action of fire that will roll back fear in the government, fear in the economy, fear in the world philosophies of politics, of religion, of socialism, of democracy, of every form of government.

Let all of the fear that makes mankind bound to the carnal mind–let it be rolled back! And as it is rolled back, let us celebrate the birth of a nation, the birth of freedom without fear! Let it be routed from the churches and the schools. Let it be routed from the cities and the plains. Let it be routed from every consciousness. Let mankind be free! O God, let it come forth!

I pray that you will be apprised of the action of the Lords of Karma upon our petition.

I salute you! I seal you! And I bid you adieu in fearlessness flame.

Strip Us of All Doubt and Fear

Beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, O thou beloved immortal victorious threefold flame of eternal truth within my heart, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, beloved Saint Germain, beloved El Morya, beloved Jesus the Christ, beloved Mother Mary, beloved great God Obedience, beloved Archangel Michael, beloved Cyclopea, Great Silent Watcher, beloved Amerissis, Goddess of Light, beloved Great Divine Director, mighty Hercules and Arcturus, Ascended Master Cuzco, beloved Ray-O-Light, beloved mighty Astrea, the cosmic being Victory, beloved Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life–fire, air, water, and earth!

In the name of the Presence of God which I AM and through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me which I am consciously qualifying with the fearlessness flame, I decree:

Strip us of all doubt and fear,(3x)
Beloved great I AM.
Strip us of all doubt and fear,(3x)
Flood us with oceans of fearlessness flame.
Strip us of all doubt and fear,(3x)
Remove each human cause and core.
Strip us of all doubt and fear,(3x)
Give us faith never known before.
Strip us of all doubt and fear,(3x)
Give violet-ray freedom to all today.
Strip us of all doubt and fear,(3x)
In Victory’s light sustain our might.
Strip us of all doubt and fear,(3x)
By cosmic I AM fire, manifest thy desire.
Strip us of all doubt and fear,(3x)
Command the earth now free.
Strip us of all doubt and fear,(3x)
Ascend us all to thee.

And in full faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest (3x) right here and now with full power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the light and free! Beloved I AM, beloved I AM, beloved I AM!

Note: Whenever appropriate, you may replace the word “doubt” with “death.”

1. Mark 5:1-15; 9:17-27; 2:3-12; Matt. 8:5-13, 16.
2. “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” Rev. 12:11.
3. “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” Matt. 28:18.

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