Jesus Christ - August 6, 1978

They Shall Not Pass!
Part 1

Lo, I AM Alpha and Omega! Lo, I AM come the risen Christ, the living proof eternal of the victory of life over death–death that is unreal.

O my beloved, I come into the very midst of the circle of our oneness. Lo, I AM Jesus! Lo, I AM in the flame of the Holy Spirit within you! Bear witness unto my coming, for I AM the resurrection and the life <1> within you in this very hour if you will receive me as the Christ who lives within you ever, as the Christ who speaks throughout the vast ages by the power of the Lord’s Spirit unto the prophets of the people.

Lo, I AM come! Lo, I AM here! And therefore, let the demons and the fallen ones who would procrastinate my coming be bound! Let the doubt and fear that has been perpetrated year upon year now be bound in the very midst of the lightbearers! And let the eternal quest of the soul not be the eternal questioning of the Word incarnate. For lo, this mystery of the Lord God he would form in you, each and every one of you–every man and woman and child and babe in arm. Lo, the mystery of the Word incarnate is now and ever was and ever has been. For lo, I AM THAT I AM!

I AM the Eternal Christos! I send forth my Word as a sword of living flame. I send it into the air, into the earth, into the fire, into the water. And it shall not return unto me void! And it shall not return unto me void! And it shall not return unto me void! <2>

Therefore, let those who dabble in the black arts, who practice the practices of Satan, know that I AM the living Christ–not removed into heaven, but here upon earth I AM. And I stand within the very heart of every true follower of God who will receive me, who will in joy prepare me room. For my coming in this hour is for the judgment of those who assembled at Pharaoh’s court, even the black magicians of Egypt who would practice their death upon our messengers and our disciples north, south, east, and west.

I hurl, then, the challenge of the Cosmic Christ Lord Maitreya, the beloved guru of the incarnate Word! I hurl, then, the challenge of Lord Gautama the Buddha, who would unfurl the banner of righteousness in ye all this day! I send forth the challenge of the Virgin Mother unto those fallen ones!

So we declare: let those, then, who would move against this light of our coming in these little children, in the holy innocents, in each soul of love, as well as in our messenger hearken, then; for I speak by the authority of the Almighty. I AM his Son! By the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit which I touch within you as threefold light expands, I, Jesus, declare that those who send forth this darkness upon our chosen ones, our little ones, and our best servants receive, then, the hand of the Lords of Karma and the judgment.

Therefore know, O children of the sun, that in each twenty-four-hour cycle it is your opportunity to raise your right hand as I raise my right hand even now, to place your left hand to your heart, and to release the sacred fire of my Word for the judgment and the challenge of the black magicians upon this entire planetary body in the earth plane, in the astral plane, in the mental plane, and those who would usurp the light of the sacred fire in the etheric plane. For they have declared war against the Woman and her seed, <3> and by that malice they have determined the death of the lightbearers.

And therefore I, Jesus, place my Electronic Presence within you and upon you and my mantle for the hour when you raise your right hand and you declare within me: They shall not pass! They shall not pass! [Audience joins in.] They shall not pass! Beloved ones, let me recite my prayer, I bid you.

For the hour when you recite with me, then: They shall not pass! They shall not pass! [Audience joins in.] They shall not pass! Beloved ones, I desire to recite my prayer! Will you keep silence, then, as I speak?

I will place, then, my Electronic Presence upon you for the hour when you recite my prayer as you raise your right hand and as you place your left hand to your heart, saying: They shall not pass! They shall not pass! They shall not pass! By the authority of the cosmic cross of white fire it shall be that all that is directed against the Christ within me, within the holy innocents, within our beloved messengers, within every son and daughter of God is now turned back by the authority of Alpha and Omega, by the authority of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, by the authority of Saint Germain.

I AM THAT I AM within the center of this temple, and I declare in the fullness of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood that those who, then, practice the black arts against the Children of the Light are now bound by the hosts of the Lord; do now receive the judgment of the Lord Christ within me, within Jesus, and within every ascended master; do now receive, then, the full return–multiplied by the energy of the Cosmic Christ–of their nefarious deeds which they have practiced since the very incarnation of the Word. Lo, I AM a son of God! Lo, I AM a flame of God! Lo, I stand upon the rock <4> of the living Word and I declare with Jesus, the living Son of God: They shall not pass! They shall not pass! They shall not pass! Elohim. Elohim. Elohim. [Chant.]

By the light of the Virgin Mary, I have spoken unto you. I have given to you, then, a call which is yours to set before the altar of the living God. May it proceed from your temple each day that you may reenact the judgment of the Four and Twenty Elders before the Court of the Sacred Fire upon the God Star.

Beloved ones, you who count yourselves as initiates of the sacred mysteries of the body of Christ must understand that the prophecy that is given in the Book of Revelation for the judgment of the dragon, the beast, the false prophet, the great whore, and the Antichrist <5> is a judgment that must be reenacted and spoken daily. And that Revelation is not simply a revelation to be con­templated. It is a living Word. It is the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. And those who are the Christ incarnate, those who wear the robe of my Electronic Presence, are expected to give forth that Word for the binding of the fallen ones each and every day as they present themselves anew with their affrontry, with their boldness, with their manipulation of energy lo here, lo there–in the Congress, in the schools, midst the little children, among the aged, in the midst of the drug uses.

Beloved ones, many nefarious practices are being attempted against the children of God and many seeming manifestations that be harmless, even promising great good. I call to your attention, then, that drug which is now being experimented with and even pushed among Keepers of the Flame as a life-saving, life-prolonging drug–that GH3. We desire it not to contaminate the temple of our children, of our Keepers of the Flame. I say to you, go not <6> when they declare the coming of everlasting life by chemistry. Beloved ones, the only guarantee of life within you is the life of the living God which you espouse. Beware, then, of instruments and objects and all of those fanciful concepts and those who then purvey and sell pyramids and tell you, “If you will only have this pyramid or this instrument, it will guard you from all evil.” Beloved ones, it is the everlasting Presence of the Lord God, it is the I AM THAT I AM, it is the Saviour within you who is able and only able to give you life.

Precious ones, we deny not the science of the Great Pyramid. But the Great Pyramid is your very life, it is but the outer symbol of the great temple of your being and the resurrection flame that even now is kindled and does burn as the threefold light upon the altar of your heart. Do not mistake, then, material objects for your salvation; for one day you will be called upon by me, by the Lord Christ within you, by that Jesus who I AM, to stand alone robed in white without assistance from any other source save that light that burns upon the altar of your heart. And by that light and that light alone you, too, will prove the victory of life over death and hell.

Beloved ones, therefore do not clutter your path with all of these objects and do not run here and there. For salvation is not of flesh and blood <7> nor is it of the perfectionment of this human temple, but the perfectionment of the virtue of the soul. And therefore, take all other exercises–physical or mental–in moderation. And do not think that in any exercises–whether of yoga or of pranic breath or any other form–that you will succeed in perfecting that soul. But by virtue, by the sacred labor, by grace and good works, by faith and hope and charity you will win the path of your ascension.

Beloved ones, let all other things, then, come into balance and perspective as the minimum necessity for the sustainment of balance within the four lower bodies. This temple, then, is the temple where the mysteries of God are revealed in the hidden temple of the heart by the secret of the hidden man of the heart. <8>

O beloved ones, I stand then to heal the body of God of all superstition, to heal you of dependence upon other individuals and those who tell you you are sick and those who tell you that you are maimed and those who tell you that you are infested with dreaded diseases. Beloved ones, however well meaning they are pronouncing their judgments, and these are the curse of death. I say to you, look up and live and take only the prognostication of your own mighty I AM Presence, your own great God Self, and your Christ Self. <9> And all else take, then, at the level that it is given where it has no power to deter you but where you act wisely and with dominion observing the alchemy of the sacred fire taught to you by Saint Germain, observing the chemistry vouchsafed to you through the Lords of Karma and by the mighty arm of the healing sciences.

Beloved ones, let the psychic practices of the pendulum and all sorts of nefarious deeds be now routed from those who would be the practitioners of the healing arts. And let those who would convey the mighty flame of healing of my life know that the requirement is not more and more instruments but more and more Holy Spirit. And let those who would set themselves up to be a part of the Center for the Disciplines of Wholeness know that we set our requirements at the level of the cosmic honor flame and we will not tolerate deception, insubordination, or disobedience from any among those who have set their hand to the healing arts.

For, beloved ones, the only permanent healing that will ever come by any means must come from the white-fire core of being of the one who holds the Alpha polarity–the one who places himself in the position of the Lord Christ and the one who, then, is the recipient holding the Omega polarity. And each one has equal responsibility to hold the purity of the Holy Spirit that only the energies of the Holy Spirit be allowed to pass into the temple.

Beloved ones, therefore take care not to place yourselves in the hands of those who by handling your temples steal your light while pronouncing your illnesses. Beloved ones, go rather to the field and eat the grass of the field. Go rather to the waters, the cleansing waters of the seas. Go to the ritual of fasting. Go, then, to the ritual of prayer. Go to the mud of the earth. And discover how God himself has provided for thy healing in joy.

Without joy, beloved ones, there is no healing but only a psychic interdependence; and I will not have this psychic interdependence entering into the body of God upon earth. And therefore, let those who would walk in my footsteps using the hand to convey the current of life know that there is a price to be paid when you allow psychic energies or your human consciousness to flow forth from you. Your position is only privileged when you retain it in absolute adoration of the Trinity within.

O beloved ones, if you partake of those substances that are provided so lovingly for your healing, know that the power lies not in the substance but in the qualification of that substance within your own hand, within your own heart. Therefore when you take whether of the food or of the concentrations of the food or of the elements that are prescribed, know that first you must hold them in your right hand, placing once again your left hand to you heart and calling forth the infinite blessing of Almighty God and the charging of that substance with a concentrated light that is the specific for your healing.

So thus you may charge your water, your food, and all of which you partake. And one day, one day you will come to the place when you will not need to charge that secondary substance, for you will find that by the invocation unto the Lord Christ you will find the command “Be thou made whole!” resounding within the temple of your being, resounding within the secret chamber of your heart. But, beloved ones, when you lack that attainment you ought to have a realistic assessment of your life and not jeopardize your life or the life of your community by doing those things which only bring shame upon the teaching of the abundant life when you have neglected the glorious dispensations that have come forth for the saving of life through the hands of the Lords of Karma.

The above dictation by Jesus Christ was dictated to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet at Camelot, Malibu Canyon, California, on August 6, 1978 (12:56-1:29 p.m. PDT), available on cassette K7842.

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