Beloved Mother Mary - December 24, 1981

The Next Step

Wakeful are the shepherds who keep watch with their flocks by night. I come to address the shepherds, followers of my sons Jesus and Kuthumi. I come to call the shepherds whose crook is the sign of the raising up of the Mother light.

Gentle hearts, watchful hearts, you who know and understand the long night of humanity’s ignorance of my own flame and that of the living bread which came down from heaven, <1> I summon you as your very own mother. For I have been your mother also—sometimes physically and always mother of your heart, for the weaving of the Diamond Heart and its physical vehicle is yet the service of my angels.

We weave the Immaculate Heart that the image of Christ might be placed in the crèche, there in the secret chamber of your heart, so that when you are born once more to this world, the image, the immaculate concept, the purity of the One Sent <2> is ever present, sounding the sound that is the call of the sheep of consciousness—every atom of thy being a sheep following the shepherd matrix of the immaculate geometry of the Lord Christ. Millions of sheep comprise thy being.

Son of heaven, son of Light, expand now awareness! Come rise up with me as we keep our midnight watch over planet Earth! See how small is the sphere. Why, even the infant child may hold it in his hand as you yourselves stand with the sons of God to behold this tiny sphere yet trembling. For the hour of the birth of Christ is nigh.

Shepherds of the Lord God, shepherds sent to call his people to his own sheepfold, I come that the path of the Mother flame might be made plain and that you might understand the responsibility of your office as Keepers of the Flame.

It is now physical in your hands. <3> Your life is also physical. And it does matter that you maintain the physical vigil for Camelot, for the Inner Retreat, and for the fulfillment of all that must come to pass as the Person of the Mother appears more clearly to thy sight.

After all, it is not that I am here or that the messenger is here in the Person of the Mother. What counts is your vision of the Mother. And this has somewhat to do with your own Selfhood. The only Mother you can really see is the Mother that you can be.

From within, the echoing sound of my voice must surely summon the elements of thyself who have heard the Word of Kuan Yin to minister to the poor. <4> And surely the poorest of the poor are the poor in spirit! We are not so concerned with the poor in matter, for my son said: The poor ye have with you always. <5> Yet it is not fit that they do not have food or clothing, warmth, shelter, and education of the Light for their children.

Thus, the banner of Maitreya waves. You can see it high in the atmosphere as we stand together. The banner of the Lord of the World and of the Lord Jesus Christ. These are seen as standards while the battle cry is heard on earth and while giants among men, even the sons of God, stand in Poland—the figure of a man, the Son of man himself.

How can we think of anything else? One thing else we must think of and that is how to—how to transmit the teaching of the science of the spoken Word so that those who are the brave ones on the battle lines of the world may also have the sword invincible, even as they have the bread and eat thereof to live forever in Him.

Think what a mighty army will come forth on this earth when the sine wave of the revolutionaries of the Spirit—that sine wave passing through my heart, through the heart of the messenger, to your own—does deliver through our magazine the message that is so needed in this hour: the wielding of the sacred Word! It is the path of Mother, East and West. Cut through! Cut through! Cut through! my beloved.

See how the star of Saint Germain shines brightly! See how Saint Germain himself has had his own coup in the defection of the ambassador from Poland to the United States. <6>

The unveiling of the Christmas surprise—
A fervent heart of freedom in disguise!
The one, he came telling the party line
But within, a shepherd of the sheep.

O blessed ones, he is not a hireling! <7>
But he will stand and still stand
Even to rebuke the Nephilim leaders of this land
Who, while wallowing in sympathy for a cause,
Do not muster the fire of heart!
For they have it not.
Do not expect it!

We are long mothers of the race—
You and I.
We understand face-to-face
And within our eye
Who are the fiery ones,
Who are Purity’s sons,
Who are the ones
Who will deliver the Word
And who will not.

We do not wait for the hollowed-out ones
To speak the Word of Sanat Kumara.
Do you not think it would be a desecration indeed
For them to carry the victory and the day?
And yet, I say,
If it were possible
Of those very stones
God would raise up the living Christ.
But it is not. <8>
Therefore, there is a mystery
In the alchemy of the Word on earth.
Hear it well as I tell, blessed hearts.

God who forms and re-forms
Does give opportunity in this hour
For the highest fabrication
Of the Person of the Lord.
This weaving of Selfhood can afford
To take numerous incarnations.
For much is at stake
And God would have the individual son purified,
All chiseled out of the Rock—of crystal.

When you make your debut on the stage as Christed one, dear heart, remember: God wants the fullness. He wants the fullness of your highest potential.

Again and again, the vessel has been broken, that the higher archetype might appear! Would you want any less? [“No.”] Would you offer any less? [“No.”] Would you expect God to receive any less than your perfected Self? [“No.”] Then see how all the worth is in the striving.

Remember the principle of the teaching and the path of the Mother: Not alone in the goal but in the ritual of attaining the goal is the diamond forged, is the lesson appreciated, is the teacher loved!

Cherish the ritual of the becoming! Be not farsighted ones, looking only to the distant hill where the cross is raised for a Christ to be crucified by your own name! Do not be the nearsighted ones, looking so much upon the self that you do not see the next step—clearly the most practical step—of your own Christhood.

It is not here in nonaction. It is not on the distant hill! It is in the very next step! And over that step you see the Star.

You need not tilt your heads backward to see your own Star of Bethlehem. Look up. For it is always over the point of action and the nexus of God’s will for you! It is not in your yesterdays. Look not back to Sodom. <9> And it will never appear in the stars of your future.

How important is the testing of yourself. Do you measure carefully, day by day, that next step? Or do you trip and fall because you look too far ahead, too far back, or too far into the pool of lesser self?

Realize, then, the practical nature of the Christed ones in action. I tell you, the people of Poland are not looking into the distance to preserve their lives or fortunes or sacred honor! They do not make their decisions (as the Western powers do) for the preservation of their banks and investments before they decide to exercise sanctions against the root of all evil in the Soviet Union!

They are not concerned of the distant future, for they have believed the Word of Christ: Take no thought what ye shall eat, what ye shall drink. Nor do they take any thought for their life or what they shall speak in the face of their oppressors! <10>

They see the next step!
And they know it cannot be a backward step.
Therefore, they draw the line.
One step forward.
And when they have taken the step—
One step forward—
Then they draw the next line.
And they defend each successive line!
And this is how the victory is won!
Every bad habit is thus overcome!
Every success is guaranteed.
For when the focus of your All-Seeing Eye
Is on that next step,
You will pass every test!
You will win every war!
You will have commeasurement!
You will understand what is in store!

Let tomorrow take care of itself—because tomorrow is a fiery coil released out of today’s step. And as you take the step, you the surefooted ones, you also look up and see a vast panorama of the divine plan. You look to the hills and the mountains. The divine plan is there. It is in the Eye of God, reflected on the lens on your own consciousness.

See, then, that the Word is to externalize the vision rather than to sit in confusion or derision—to try to plan what is ahead when that which is ahead is already there. Is already there! Do you not understand you—the reality of you now? You coexist in the distant past and in the distant future!

The concept, then, that God himself has ordained the plan has naught to do with the denial of free will. For you are that God! You already have lived your futures as you have lived your pasts, for you are spherical beings!

Now in the physical dimension you are weaving the pattern, by the design of the Mother’s embroidery, of that which you have already experienced in the future, represented by the etheric octave where your soul even now does dwell. Yes, you have fashioned, by your free will, far more than you can know or hold in store! For the finite vehicle is designed to take care of the next step.

This day is the day of the chalice! In peace, in confidence, see it as a blessed matrix for the perfect externalization of the Mother’s embroidery. On the other side, see how tangled and entangled the threads become when today you live the yesterdays you should have lived before or dream of tomorrows and waste the precious sands that turn to liquid gold.

Ah, they have invented glass out of sand and fire and water. But they will also see the precipitation of other compounds just as easily synthesized. And these will come forth out of the Cave of Symbols <11> when the sons of God have gotten the victory over the beast of human greed—human greed to have all things at once instead of the inner contentment to have the victory of the now in the Now!

Do not plan your victories
But pluck them in the fields of life
As flowers that appear
To the right and left
And center of your path.

God has planned,
Ordained your victories.
Pluck them well, I say!
For along the way
You will meet the Christ
And only the bouquet of victory
Will suffice.

Now see and understand the integrity of the inevitable encounter. <12> You have been so busy keeping the flame for Poland, holding the line, placing your light bodies there, <13> that perhaps you have not stopped in the way and said to yourself: What would I do if I were the miner or the one keeping the shipyard or the factory? What would I do? Would I allow my freedom to be taken and therefore lost for all the world and all my brothers and sisters? Or would I do exactly the same?

Some of you thought Archangel Michael’s statement “I AM for the Union” <14> was for you and your private understanding alone. He spoke of Solidarity! He spoke early of it. He spoke of the union of those who hold in their hearts the sacred labor of the Mother in Poland.

I, too, am for the Union—for the union of hearts in the ethic of work! Overthrowing the impostors of this sacred labor is the only way a world will be forged and won. The misrepresentatives of the people in the Communist parties, in the Politburo, and even in some labor unions of the West have no part with the true shepherds.

I say to you with the intensity of determination: Go to the workers of America with my message and with the teachings of the ascended masters. For their day will come! And they will be the ones who will stand to defeat the Nephilim gods in this nation!

Do not tarry any longer. Go to the workers! For they are already invaded, in their unions, by the representatives of the beast of the international capitalist/communist conspiracy. Build now a mighty movement becoming the Manchild after the pattern of the saints of Poland! Do not neglect this labor.

Understand that it is the humble people who work the land and build and toil in the factories who are the very foundation of life. Many of them have been stripped of a proper American education. Some do not know how to read because of the playing with their minds by the fallen ones and the humanists.

I say: Rescue them! Educate them! Love them! They will know you. And do not be caught up to impress the proud and the high and the mighty who glad-hand the little people and stab them in the back.

Dear hearts, it is necessary at times to interact at all echelons of life and with all individuals with equanimity and poise. And this is not playing the part of the hypocrite. Why, even in a card game there is a logical sequence of the playing of the hand—and you do not play all your cards at once. Neither does the Chief in Darjeeling nor my son.

There is a wisdom in the heart of the pope and even an understanding not revealed. Holding the balance at the physical octave is another matter from holding the balance spiritually. Here in this sanctuary we can afford to be outspoken, for we know to whom we speak. Understand the levels of life and measure the commitment by the fire of the heart.

Take, then, the lesson of Poland as an archetypal pattern for every nation upon earth. For every nation, the United States not excluded, must pass through this very fiery trial. <15> The labor unions must be purged, the economy and the government must be purged—not in the fashion of Joseph Stalin, but in the fashion of the sacred fire.

Let the purges, then, be of hearts! And let there be the circumcision of hearts <16> of America. For the day of the fierceness and the wrath of The Word of God is yet to come. <17> I pray you will be ready and you will have prepared this people, as the people of Poland have been prepared through my own heart and their devotion to it.

You who come from all the nations, you who responded to Saint Germain to be here with Kuan Yin, <18> I say to you and all whom you represent: You are here in this season for a purpose, so that your nation might be represented, in this very hour, for its protection against the inroads of Communism and its support from the West.

Why, do you think that Armand Hammer <19> has not already been called before the Karmic Board? I tell you, he has. And everyone who has betrayed the economy and the technology of America is judged, before the transition.

Blessed hearts, the fierceness of Almighty God cannot be measured by you. It is present! And, I tell you, God will have the recompense! And my son Jesus Christ will speak to you on this in the morning in the light of the noonday sun of your own I AM Presence.

I AM the Mother keeping the watch in the midnight hour for the birth of the Son of God. And the son of the Mother is also born in the midnight hour. This is the dark night of the Kali Yuga and you hold out a light—and a son of God sees his way because you do.

Herein is the faith and the patience of saints <20> —believing on the Word, keeping the flame of the Word, and knowing that every decree that goes forth within these walls and wherever you are, O my blessed, will have its full fulfillment. The Lord will keep his promises.

Clean the trumpets! Shine them! For when you speak, it must be the clear clarion call to which angels may respond and give answer and transfer to the altar of the tabernacle of the temple the witness of your prayer.

The righteous Branch <21> is the green branch, my beloved.

Here we gather together in total communion. I extinguish distance twixt here and the hearts of the Polish people. Time is not. And we are suspended. I AM for the reunion of your hearts with this tribe of the seed of Sanat Kumara. At inner levels, you embrace in each twenty-four-hour period.

Do you know why they have acted and do you know why they have won their gains this year? It is their confidence that you keep the flame worldwide. They know it, for they are one at the altar of God with you in etheric levels.

Encouraged by the fire of freedom that you extend, they are willing, and gladly, to pay the price that must be paid for your Inner Retreat, for your freedom. They see in you the open door in this life and their own future incarnations. They are content to play their part in the externalization of the glorious divine plan. These are your members! <22> They sacrifice for you personally. They know your faces. They believe in America. They are Keepers of the Flame.

The walls part.
The heavens descend.
The worlds turn.
Earth will be changed.
And the hearts of Light are one.

I AM Mary. I would recite the rosary from the writings of John with you, that we might pray through the midnight hour of the Kali Yuga in the heart of Omega. [A Child’s Rosary to Mother Mary from I John 1:1-2:11. <23> ]

In the deep desiring of my heart, I have desired to partake with you of the rosary of the Cosmic Virgin. Did you know that I also pray the rosary daily and perpetually as my adoration unto the Omega Light and Her Person? Thus, there is a transfer when you say to me, “Hail Mary, full of grace.” And the words are simultaneous. And I say, “Hail Mother Ray, Omega Light and Person.”

Now in the re-creation of time and space for the purpose of outplaying the daily dharma, let us be quickened in this sanctuary to all needs of the hour, passing through time and space to the commeasurement of concurrent spherical being and awareness.

In this sense, then, I return to Poland where I keep the vigil for the coming of the Three Wise Men at the Feast of Epiphany. <24> My image in Poland arcs with my image in Mexico City <25> —and all other shrines that I have blessed increase the light of the Mother flame in the earth.

Now, as you have kept the vigil with me, I desire to share with you the cup of Christmas cheer. Will you fetch your refreshments and return here, that we might commune together before I take my leave and journey to the east of Europe where my sons are gathered and my daughters keep the vigil.

Remember, then, how we have said the midnight mass together. This rosary, in the union, is the people’s mass. And the priest within your heart officiates at the high altar while the birth of Christ appearing is your soul’s soaring to the sun.

May your Star appear brightly, O my beloved. May it be midst the people who work with heart and head and hand.

I AM for the union. And I AM for the reunion of the union.

Come then, let us sing to a favorite son the song of the “Greensleeves” <26> as we rejoice. For there is indeed cause for rejoicing.

Rejoice. Rejoice. For the Child is born.

This dictation by Mother Mary was delivered to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1981, at Camelot.

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19 . According to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Armand Hammer, the 83-year-old billionaire chairman of Occidental Petroleum and personal friend of Lenin and Brezhnev, is responsible for laying the foundation for the alliance between Soviet Communist leaders and the Western capitalists. Dr. Hammer inaugurated U.S.-Soviet trade with a grain trade in 1921 and has conducted business with the Soviets ever since. On April 12, 1973, he completed the largest business deal negotiated under détente involving a 20-year, $20-billion exchange of fertilizer chemicals with the USSR, which some specialists say will accelerate the depletion of U.S. phosphate reserves to the point where this important agricultural mineral will be in short supply, forcing farmers to rely on sources abroad. See Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, “America: You Must Think About the World,” AFL-CIO, Washington, D.C., 30 June 1975; Lee Smith, “Armand Hammer and the Phosphate Puzzle,” Fortune, 7 April 1980, pp. 48-51.
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25 . Refers to the portrait of Our Lady of Czestochowa, national symbol of Poland, and to the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, enshrined at her basilica in Mexico City. The fifth- or sixth-century painting of ‘the Queen of Poland’ is one of the world’s oldest portraits of the Virgin and Child. It is believed to have been painted by St. Luke on the top of a cypress table. Legend has it that the table, built by St. Joseph, was used by the Holy Family in Nazareth. It is also believed that Mother Mary sat for the portrait at the request of early Christians. The life-size image of the Virgin of Guadalupe was miraculously impressed upon the tilma (cloak) of Juan Diego, a humble Indian to whom the Virgin appeared in 1531.
26 . “Greensleeves” is the keynote of the ascended master Lanello, whose birthday in his final incarnation as the Messenger Mark L. Prophet was December 24, 1918.

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