Dark CycleDamage Control

"Where there are no physical defenses, beloved, it must be the hearts of those of freedom
who are so intense and whose intensity does attract so many angels that the hosts of darkness
truly fear to carry out their Armageddon."—Goddess of Liberty, 2 July, 1988

340, 561. "Some will dismember, but we shall unite
because the theory of focus is found in unity . . .
The evolutionary step of understanding the heart
has to begin in the days of Armageddon,
as the sole salvation of humanity."—El Morya, 'Heart' 1932

"We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise.
We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst."—C.S. Lewis

"Fine art of damage control—not a booboo, not a scratch—it requires surgery, lifesaving gear."
"But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.
For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man
beholding his natural face in a glass:
For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth
what manner of man he was." (James 1:22-24)

" . . . When the Karmic Lords release a spiral of karma of the magnitude we are seeing, the entire Nature kingdom plays a part in its descent, which is always according to the law of cycles. And it is the law of cycles that is illustrated in our work with the Cosmic Clock.

"In this capacity the elementals have been the foremost instruments of the karmic return of mankind’s discord. The earliest memory we have of this phenomenon, which some have likened to Atlas shrugging, is the sinking of the continent of Lemuria beneath the Pacific 50,000 years ago for the karma of the abuse of the sacred fire by priests and priestesses at the altars of God.

"The theme was a war of the gods, who misused atomic energyhurling and heaping destruction upon one another from one end of the continent to the other until cataclysm destroyed that continent by fire. I myself remember seeing Lemuria break up in flames. Then, of course, there was the sinking of Atlantis 11,500 years ago, described as the Noachian deluge. And history records cataclysm on a smaller scale, as in the sudden burying of Pompeii and Herculaneum by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in a.d. 79.

"The rise in hostilities in the Middle East was a key factor in the decision by the Lords of Karma to begin the Dark Cycle on April 23, 1969. There has been no real period of peace in the Middle East since Israel declared its independence at midnight on May 14, 1948. Many of the world’s current economic, political and military problems are rooted in ancient strife revisited by the evolutions embodied in the Middle East. It goes back to the time of Sumer and beyond to their planets of origin.

"This strife has been ongoing in that piece of territory for 10,000 years and more. Some of the lifewaves who are a part of that strife have reincarnated again and again to deal with the karma of past struggles. Theirs are ancient animosities that antedate their current modes of consciousness.

"The Dark Cycle of the accelerated return of mankind’s karma was scheduled to begin January 18, 1969, but by a dispensation from Lord Gautama Buddha it was postponed. On January 19, 1969, Gautama Buddha warned that 'the warlike manifestations currently being exercised in the Holy Land represent to us the most dangerous single factor that is calculated to plunge mankind headlong into a holocaust of planetary destructivity.'

"This is because if these battles had escalated, the United States would have taken the side of Israel and the Soviet Union would have taken the side of the Arab states, beginning a global war based on the karmic records of their animosities.

"On April 22, 1969, U Thant, secretary-general of the United Nations, said that Israel and Egypt were in 'a virtual state of active war' and that the UN cease-fire had become 'totally ineffective
in the Suez Canal sector.'

"The following day, April 23, Egypt formally repudiated the cease-fire and the Dark Cycle began. Its purpose: to let the karma descend and therefore diminish the destructive capacity of both sides, thus controlling the damage. And the Dark Cycle is exactly that, damage control.

"But the period of a Dark Cycle does not eliminate free will. And people have to work to do better in order to do better.

"There are laggard evolutions on the planet today who despite their heavy karma have figured out how to outwit the odds, dodge their karma and use the Dark Cycle to their ends: they wage war, manage both sides of the conflict, and use the chaos to rearrange the territory so that their net gain is more power, money and control over the people and the planetary resources. And the Lightbearers have less, and less, and less each time the formula is reapplied.

"Call it faith, call it vitality, call it the will to live, call it the religion of tomorrow morning,
call it the immortality of man, call it whatever you wish; it is the thing that explains
why man survives all things and why there is no such thing as a pessimist."—G.K. Chesterton

"The courage we desire and prize is not the courage to die decently
but to live manfully."—Thomas Carlyle

". . . In order to save us for our own path of personal Christhood, Jesus took upon himself the sins of the world as much as the Great Law would allow, and he has borne the karma that has been descending these 2,000 years with the continuous ride of the Four Horsemen around the Cosmic Clock. At the conclusion of his life he stood as the Mediator, the avatar, which means the God-man, or incarnation of God, even as he stood as the Ascended Master. And Jesus bore that portion of karma until April 23, 1969.

"On that day and date this dispensation and grace for the planet came to a conclusion. Mankind began to know what it meant to have no Mediator. Now it was up to those in embodiment to be the mediators, to be Christed ones, to be the saints and the faithful, either inside or outside of world religion, to intercede by words and deeds and fervent prayer. Yes, to invoke the violet flame and to keep the Flame of Life alive.

"However, Jesus did retain the further dispensation to bear the karma of those individuals who embodied the Christ. To the extent that a person embodies the Christ, Jesus can bear that one’s sins. Jesus also has a dispensation to assist certain of those who have the potential to embody the Christ, even though they may not have brought any significant portion of their Christhood into manifestation.

"By April 23, 1969, the people of earth had had 40 years to take up the teachings of the Ascended Masters, to know their Mighty I AM Presence and to develop a momentum on giving violet flame decrees. Saint Germain originally released this dispensation of the violet flame through Guy and Edna Ballard, who founded the I AM Activity in 1932. At one time their members numbered in the hundreds of thousands, if not in the millions.

"It was Saint Germain’s hope to provide the people of earth with the necessary impetus and acceleration to bring in the Golden Age of Aquarius. Working with Jesus at the conclusion of the Piscean age, Saint Germain came as the hierarch of the Aquarian age to deliver to the children of the Light the grace of the outer knowledge of the violet flame and its specific application in the transmutation of world karma."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
May 21, 1989

"Thus, there is a spiritual warfare engaged against the souls of Light. And there is a physical warfare against the temples, the minds, the bodies, the hearts with which the soul is integrated. Therefore, beloved ones, note well that the original declaration of war against this very nation and the youth of the world occurred on a similar occasion, December 31, 1959. * On this occasion, there was the moving into position of certain individuals incarnated among the youth for their betrayal through the upsetting of the mighty rhythm of the flame of peace—those groups known as the Beatles, those individuals who were also their counterparts in the Rolling Stones, and all who followed after them.

"That very position astrologically in the stars of the heavens was the turning point diametrically for the moment of the conception of individuality in the Cosmic Christ, through the teachings of the Divine Mother, as they were brought forth in that hour through the Three Wise Men who, under the leadership of El Morya, sponsored the prophet of the decades, your own beloved Lanello, to give those teachings of the Great White Brotherhood that would enable the youth of this nation and the world to bring forth their own individuality in Christ. But the false prophets appeared. And by the intense sound and perverted rhythm of their energies, they involved decades now of youth in the culture that comes out of the pit—the rock music, the drugs, and the ensuing rebellion that has channeled forth the entire rebellion of the fallen ones who are seated comfortably in the lower levels, the uttermost levels of the astral plane."

* On December 31, 1959, astrological configurations based on the conceptual chart for the U.S. indicated a period of extremely stern testing, including a strong potential for war and a challenge to individual identity. On this same date, the North Vietnamese government under Ho Chi Minh adopted a Communist constitution and called for the reunification of Vietnam, marking the beginning of active infiltration of the South by North Vietnamese. This led to further U.S. commitment of troops in 1964 to aid the South in their fight against Communism.

In December 1959, the Beatles (then called the Quarrymen) were playing in a small backstreet club in Liverpool, England; the Rolling Stones (Blues Incorporated) made their debut in London in March 1962. In February 1964, the Beatles (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr) conducted their first rock concert tour of the U.S., making two landmark appearances on 'The Ed Sullivan Show.' The Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Charles Watts, Bill Wyman, Keith Richards, Mick Taylor, Ron Wood), nicknamed 'Satan’s Jesters,' followed with their own U.S. tour the same year. The Beatles and the Stones ignited the counterculture revolution of the sixties with their advocacy of drugs, sex, and social protest.

Elohim Peace and Aloha
and Arcturus and Victoria
and the Keeper of the Scrolls
April 4, 1982

"Have you considered when and how the Dark Cycle might come to an end? Have you considered as the Karmic Board has considered whether that return of mankind’s karma could be turned off even as it was turned on? We have considered such questions, beloved hearts.

"One would think even as a beginning student on the Path that mankind should show some merit, some concern, some willingness to take responsibility for Light misqualified in previous ages. In some corners of earth it has been so. But in more than 90 percent of the people there have been gradations of rebellion [against] and discontent with the wheel [of the Law] that turns and is spent of its vessels of karma [that is] being outpoured cyclically day by day throughout the year
of the Lord’s appointing.

"Thus there is great, great hope among some quarters and a lessening of hope among others. These considerations before the Karmic Board have brought forth a number of deliberations. The Great Divine Director has affirmed in his wisdom that mankind at least ought to experience a cycle of fourteen, following, though they know it not [in their outer minds’ awareness], the fourteen stations of the cross of Christ and of the Woman and her seed. And many have been bowed down with their crosses of karma when their crosses could have been Light, borne collectively by Ruby Ray angels and white-fire devotees.

"Thus, the Goddess of Liberty has spoken and has brought to the attention of all that some records which have not even been touched or unleashed would yet remain if but [one] fourteen-[year] cycle [of returning karma such as you are now experiencing in the yearly Dark Cycles] were to be given. [If this were to be the decision and the dispensation of the Twenty-Four Elders, i.e., to postpone the present Dark Cycle with its annual accelerated release of karma to earth’s evolutions,] therefore at some later date, perhaps just when a golden age might peep through the dark clouds, the children of earth would [once] again have to face the even greater darkness [of the unredeemed portions of the Dark Cycle which they had not faced under the current plan and schedules].

"Thus, what is the great wisdom of the law of the Four and Twenty Elders and of the Council of the Fourteen who govern the destiny of the I AM Race of Sanat Kumara in the earth? Blessed hearts, some who are the very determined spokesmen for the determined disciples know very well that the pure in heart, the diligent, and the sincere would rather pay all their debts than have some remaining, would rather not have a reprieve but continue to work the works of the Word while they have the Light incarnate. Unto these, then, consideration is given in their own manifestations of the cycles of the solar hierarchies.

"Thus, unto these who have stated their presence and who truly have the strength, the will, and the purity of God-determination, the decree has gone forth: So long as they are steadfast and strong and willing, let them be chosen to bear personally of their own personal momentums of karma [as well as] those portions of the Dark Cycle [which are] of their own karmic record until the last farthing be paid and every jot and tittle of the Law [of karma] is fulfilled. And therefore it is possible in a series of cycles of fourteen [years] for you to come to grips with all elements contained within what you have called the electronic belt as [it is] the container [in and of the sub­ conscious] of [karmic] cycles unfulfilled.

"Blessed hearts, the vials of the last plagues are poured out individually by the mighty Archangels as a path of initiation to every initiate on the path of Sanat Kumara in this and
other circles throughout the planetary body. These vials represent the yearly descent of karma accelerated in this age of the Kali Yuga. As long as these individuals are determined to fulfill the law of cycles of their inner being, so it shall continue.

" . . . There are no exceptions to the law of the ascension or the balancing of karma.

"Though many in heaven may plead as advocates before God the Father, your own soul, beloved heart, must give the testimony whereupon the final decision rests. We have given you this witness and the revelation of previous incarnations, of sublimation of misqualified energy in holy purpose by the Messenger so that you could trace her footsteps, so that you could be now devotee in holy order and [now] sponsor [of] a family—simple servants, kings and queens, riests and priestesses, wearing your robes, playing your roles, and realizing that in each of these sections of life, in each of these apportionments there has been karma balanced and of course some karma made.

"By studying, then, the dealings with all conditions common to planet earth and seeing how this Messenger has dealt with them, you can do the same. The story of this life as you know it, and
as in some cases you do not, is the story of one who could overcome by knowledge, obedience, and love of the Law."

Serapis Bey

"We of the ascended Hierarchy are taking stern measures to expose to the American people all that threatens their liberty—but your cooperation is essential. As you know, the call must come forth from your octave in order for the answer to be given from ours. We need your help in the coming days more than ever before. You need to do your part so that we can do our part now to effect a smooth transition into the Golden Age. There is no turning back of the cycles of Light nor of the release of mankind’s karma which occurred on April 23, 1973, marking the beginning of the fourth year of the Dark Cycle.

"Today mankind are being called upon to choose between Light and darkness. Let the Keepers of the Flame affirm the right and invoke the Light. Thus the choices shall be held up before the world, the way be made plain, and the betrayers of the Christ be exposed."

May 20, 1973

" . . . I direct your attention to the Dark Cycle of mankind’s returning karma which, according to the Great Divine Director, officially began on April 23, 1969. A Dark Cycle is a period when the Great Law mandates that mankind’s cumulative negative karma be unleashed upon him according to his deeds.

"Had it not been for the avatar Jesus Christ stepping in to mitigate the karma of 25,800 years in the tradition of the adepts of the East (as Lord Maitreya, Gautama Buddha and Sanat Kumara had borne this karma before him) that karma would have descended in full at the beginning of the Piscean age. But because Jesus chose to take embodiment and to fulfill his mission, this karma was mitigated by percentages and allowed to descend in a series of cycles that would last throughout the age.

"It is the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (see Rev. 6) who are delivering mankind’s negative karma of the past 25,800 years. They began their ride in the year a.d. 2 and they will end it in the year 2002. They ride in a counterclockwise spiral through the twelve signs of the zodiac. Each turn of the spiral has a lesser radius and therefore takes less time than the last. The first turn of the spiral took 365 years and the last will take twelve years.

"As the Four Horsemen move through time, they deliver the karma mankind has created in each of the four planes of the material cosmos: etheric, mental, astral and physical. In the year a.d. 2, the Four Horsemen began delivering the karma mankind created in the etheric plane. In 1307 they began delivering the karma mankind created in the mental plane. On April 23, 1969, they began delivering the karma mankind created on the astral plane. And on April 23, 1990, they began delivering the karma mankind created in the physical plane.

"Those who faithfully give three hours or more of violet-flame decrees on the twenty-third of each month specifically for the transmutation of their personal karma shall clean escape their personal karma of the Dark Cycle for the given month.

"Those who faithfully give nine hours or more of violet-flame decrees on the twenty-third of each month specifically for the transmutation of planetary karma shall clean escape the planetary karma of the Dark Cycle for the given month.

"This, my beloved, is an unheard-of dispensation! Come hell or high water, as they say, do not allow anyone or anything to stand in the way of your oneness with me on the twenty-third of each month until the hour of your ascension!"

Saint Germain
March 23, 1996

" . . . You will know an era of darkness, yet that darkness will not last forever. But that darkness must come until there is the consuming, by the power of Elohim, of all that never should have been. These are the days when records of war, of suicide, of drugs and of all those things that have taken the children of the world out of the way must be cast into the sacred fire.

"Know this, beloved, for Mother Mary has declared it. The day of Darkness will come upon you, and then the day of Light shall shine as the noon day sun. And ultimately you will know that you have passed through those days that have lasted for thousands upon thousands of years."

Saint Germain
July 5, 1998

"Therefore, the trends toward misqualification must be challenged at the same time that they are being reckoned with as karmic factors by those who are determined to override man’s density and to bring into manifestation the long-awaited kingdom. Have men failed in the past? Then the record of that failure is a magnet to draw them down, and strong counteracting forces must be kindled. The power of heaven must be reharnessed and men must turn from darkness toward the light. There is, then, a purpose for spiritual alchemy.

"But before I go into it enough to enable you to draw forth greater measures of cosmic energy and to learn how to qualify this energy correctly, I must show the relevance of this study to the present age. The destructive energies which poured through the Beatles and entered the subconscious minds of the youth, popular though they were in the world of form, are gradually working their way to the surface, revealing their true colors and Satanic origins. These unholy emanations have drawn many young souls into the mistaken belief that the taking of drugs, the practice of witchcraft, and illicit sex can give them freedom from all imposed limitations. Instead, these indulgences have held them in bondage to the legions of darkness."

Saint Germain
February 22, 1970

" . . . So this is 'the farce of the ages:' people have looked at the Caesars—the fallen ones in their positions of power—and they have worshipped them. They have followed their ordinances and their laws in preference to God's law. The result is that they have lost the contact.

" . . . To restate this: we see that we have lost the contact in two ways. One by looking at Caesar instead of God. Two, by not exercising the spoken (pristine) word to invoke the angelic host. The power of the spoken word then fell into disuse; and when that occurred the power waned, for it has to do with a momentum (of energy offered daily to the light forces on high so that they may intercede in this Earth-plane daily, according to the laws of free will and divine intercession)."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
January 8,1979

The Dark Cycle

The Dark Cycle of the return of mankind’s karma began on April 23, 1969, following the 'half a time' announced by Gautama Buddha on December 31, 1968. The Dark Cycle is a period when mankind’s misqualified energy, held in abeyance for many centuries, is being released for balance in this period of transition from the Piscean age into the Aquarian cycle.

With the dispensation of Jesus Christ, the Piscean Conqueror, came the setting aside of a vast quantity of human karma. By his sacrifice and victory, the entire planetary weight of human misqualification was lifted, giving the evolutions of earth the opportunity to realize the fullness of their own Christ-reality. As this two-thousand-year cycle draws to a close, the ‘sins’ of the world borne by the Saviour Jesus Christ—world karma held in abeyance by the grace and mercy of the Law—are being returned to mankind that they may also be overcomers of sin, disease, and death.

Bearing their own burden of personal and planetary karma, they now have the opportunity to apply the teachings of the ascended masters in redeeming those energies misused in past cycles and to fulfill the requirements of the ascension on the path of discipleship under Jesus Christ, who said: “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” (John 14:12)

November 5, 1966

“Yet it is not the will of God or the ascended masters to permit the downfall of society or of the world of form, but we want you to know that the accumulation and accretion has risen higher than ever before in history. In fact, it was only seventy-five percent this high when the decision was made to overthrow in the time of Noah the civilizations then existing . . .

“Conditions in the world today have reached a point where the Karmic Board has withdrawn all restraint from the beings of the elements. This means that the mankind of earth today do not know from one minute to the next just what the elementals will do. At first this may seem to you to be a very strange activity, but it is a decision that is based upon the preservation of eternal values as weighed against temporal values which have themselves decayed.

“I shall clarify. The life of mankind, the temporal life, must be laid down. The reason for its tenure, en toto, is that men should find God. Men are so immersed in materialism and in the pursuit of darkness that they are not finding God. The calls and prayers of the students of light to protect the coastal region of this land and to protect Europe and to protect other parts of the world have been heeded by the cosmic Karmic Board, and mankind have actually been benefited by the calls of the righteous men upon this planet.

“But now has come the time, precious ones, when they man call and the Board cannot answer. For a certain period of time a dispensation has been granted at the request, the righteous request, of both the Darjeeling and Indian Council for the will of God to be made known. And the will of God has clearly delineated that if the present course is to be pursued, the entire planet would of necessity be blotted out of the planetary chain and those righteous individuals who are here be removed to other evolutions.

"Inasmuch as there remains one shred of hope for mankind (that when the forces of elemental life are unleashed, and when certain destructive elements in mankind are released and unleashed without restraint), that mankind may then awaken and decide for themselves that they will cancel out the product of their own corrupted imaginations, we have recommended that this shall occur for the sake of mankind and for the preservation of their immortal soul and the preservation of immortal value.

“Therefore, we sound forth tonight the edict that unless mankind shall change and correct and mend some of the terrible flaws now existent in society, certainly the elementals will be unable to hold back the tide of human creation which now stands behind them, held in the name of cosmic mercy. Do not be surprised nor affrighted by that which comes forth, then, upon the earth; and if you wish to give your energies to try to stop it, that is your privilege, but I think that what the Karmic Board would like to have you do shall now be made known to you.

“We desire that those who have formerly given their energies for the protection of mankind and for the holding back of cataclysmic action shall now turn their total attention upon the masquerades which mankind have put around themselves, the human creation which they have builded around themselves to protect themselves against spiritual power. We desire that you shall call for the walls of Jericho of human creation to fall down. We desire that you shall call for mankind to become illumined to the spiritual power that is now rising today to great cosmic heights upon this planet and is responsible for many conditions which mankind do not understand. Because mankind are not accepting that spiritual power but are rejecting it, it is breaking out in all sorts of disturbances upon this planet.

“When you call therefore solemnly to Almighty God for a removal of the cause and core of mankind’s recalcitrant and rebellious attitude to the Spirit of Almighty God, you will be doing the specific thing which we have decided now should be done. It is not essential to stop the action of cataclysm or world disturbances; it is rather to call for an awakening of mankind (which is really putting the horse before the cart, blessed ones) and will produce, if mankind will accept it, their deliverance from the karmic retribution which otherwise will descend upon them. This is inevitable; you cannot stop it! The only way you can stop it is by mankind’s acceptance of the law. It is the law of Love . . .

“Did not the Word sound forth of old, ‘Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth when thy years fail not?’ (Ecclesiastes 12:1) Then know that the power of the Karmic Board is a wise decision. I personally voted for it, and I would vote for it again. And we have the backing not only of the mankind upon this planet, but of other systems of worlds that we have consulted. And great cosmic emissaries of light have come out to us from the Pleiades; and a petition was presented to Alpha and Omega by Helios and Vesta which demanded action because of mankind’s ignorance of the law . . .

“This is a solemn moment, and I am calling this to your attention so that you will recognize that there is something that you can do, and that is to continue to call for the awakening of mankind. Let these signs appear! Let these signs manifest! Do not try to stop them! Let them come because they represent hope to the world! They represent hope for mankind’s awakening.

“All of the evolutions of the earth now in embodiment, blessed ones, would in less than one hundred years have practically disappeared from the screen of life. Therefore, you see what is really important on this great cosmic cusp, when the age of Aquarius is breaking forth into the world of form, is to have a spiritual awakening as never before sweep across this planet. We have tried it by divine love. We have poured divine love from our octave in such measure as you will never know until you are ascended, yet that love has not been received to stir but a small segment of the population.

“What then are we to do, to permit this generation to perish? To permit its progeny to worsen? To permit corruption to increase? To permit distortion to expand? I think not.”

October 15, 1967

“And we today say to you with this clear note of warning from the very center of the flame of golden illumination here at Lake Titicaca in which we see the reflection of the whole world order, that unless contemporary man within one year shall make some great attempt to harness the forces of heaven which we pledge to do—letting you know today that we will engage by the teeth of our intentions the teeth of your intentions—unless men shall heed this warning, the Dark Cycle shall begin January 18, 1969.”

December 31, 1967

“We are determined—the ladies of heaven, the Karmic Board, and the angelic hosts—as we stand by mankind, to give every assistance possible before the approach of the time when it may be possible that the Dark Cycle shall descend upon mankind. This may not be necessary if mankind turn and face the light. But if they do not, we are ready and we are preparing for the time when you individually will be held accountable to hold the balance for this planet. This time is coming soon and, as in the parable of the wise virgins, keep your lamps trimmed, beloved ones; for you will need every erg of energy that is given unto you; you will need it in that time.”

April 12, 1968

“I want you to know, then, that the International Resource Conference is planned to be an enormous activity of light for this planet to prevent the Dark Cycle from beginning . . . ”

December 30, 1968

“Whereas we have said that the Dark Cycle will start on January 18, 1969, unless mankind does something to reverse it, we are this day mindful of the tremendous gift of your love that you have given throughout this class and we are hopeful that something can be done to stay the hand of that activity of destructivity and to replace it by a constructive momentum that will sweep the world with the torch of God’s love.”

"We can forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."—Plato

"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong."Voltaire [François Marie Arouet] (1694-1778)
"Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new."Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)
"The friend in my adversity I shall always cherish most. I can better trust those who helped to relieve the gloom of my dark hours than those who are so ready to enjoy with me the sunshine
of my prosperity."Ulysses S. Grant
"A nation is not worthy to be saved if, in the hour of its fate, it will not gather up all its jewels of manhood and life, and go down into the conflict, however bloody and doubtful, resolved on measureless ruin or complete success."James Garfield
"The nation's honor is dearer than the nation's comfort; yes, than the nation's life itself." Woodrow Wilson

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