Dark Night of the Soul and of the Spirit

Mountain of Perfection
from the first edition of the works
of Saint John of the Cross in Polish

"There is in the worst of fortune the best of chances
for a happy change."—Euripides

Newton's 'Inverse Square Law' holds that gravity—and many other things
—decreases by the square of the distance from the source.

"The darkest hour precedes the dawn of victory."—Lanello, July 3, 1976
"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities,
against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age,
against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
Therefore, take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand
in the evil day, and having done all, to stand."—Ephesians 6:12-13

"If you're going through hell, keep going. Never, never, never give up."
—Winston Churchil

"Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom."—George Smith Patton
Courage means coming of age of the heart—maturing of heart.
"When you're in a hole, stop digging."

"Lose yourself, immerse yourself in the self-givingness and the self-emptying; for that which infills you after the giving is so much greater than that which you have given. Be willing to let go, to no longer have the last word, to be silent where an argument may be brewing, to sense the inner flame and to rise above the morasses of life.

"May you go out of your way to help others, building and banking such good karma that in the day of thy adversity, in the day of the dark night of the soul, the fire that blazes, for you yourself have kindled it, shall cause there to be no night there.

"The spiritual devotees on the Path have their work cut out for them, but I stress the joy. If any man or woman think that this is a path of martyrdom, let him depart hence; for martyrdom is not the way to the kingdom of God but a true compassionate self-givingness."

Phylos the Tibetan

"Pray therefore that ye enter not into temptation in the final hours of testing and of the battle won. In those hours, when those denizens of darkness rise to stir the dust and create the fray, to opaque the vow, to ride in upon the delicate threads of your consciousness, remember the vow that was made in the beginning before the world was of the fulfillment of the Divinity of God in the humanity of man. Remember that you came forth with great courage, great determination, saying to the Lord of Hosts: 'Yea, Lord, I will go! Send me also; send me in the name of the risen Christ.' And the Lord answered and said: 'As thou wilt. So go forth, sons and daughters, sons and daughters of dominion. Go forth to challenge the night, the darkness, the discord, and the fray.'

"I seal within your hearts this day the divine memory of the divine vow. I seal it there so that at the hour of the final testing, of the battle won, the divine memory shall appear as a giant screen of Light to play again before your eyes that scene where you stood before the Most High God.

"The courage of action, the courage to do battle when all the world is set against thee, must be evoked from the very heart of hearts. And prayer without ceasing must accompany the devotee who would win over the human consciousness with all of its deception, with all of its illusion, with all of its attempts to preserve itself against the day of the appearance of the Christ. For in the hour of the Second Coming as the thief that cometh in the night, the human consciousness is dissipated; it is scattered; it is no more. That very human consciousness anticipates the coming of the great Light of the Son of God; and so it attempts by devious methods and means, by all sorts of ruses and insanities, to preserve that last straw of identity.

"Quicken the heart, quicken the mind, and quicken the determination, beloved ones, to slay the last foe! For the hour is indeed five minutes before twelve. It is the hour when the tail of the great dragon Tiamat swings as a backlash against the sons and daughters of God and against the holy innocents. It is the hour of victory for those who are ready to draw forth the Light and challenge the tail of the great dragon-the challenge of the misuse of the Sacred Fire and the tail of man's own carnality.

"Do you not perceive, precious hearts, the warning that was given to you in the thoughtform for the year? Do you not realize that this is the year of the supreme effort of the darkness to retaliate, to take its revenge upon the Divine Woman and Her Seed? Do you not realize then that the defense of the Mother Flame and of the Divine Manchild appearing in all humanity is the supreme watch of the hour? This is the watch of Christ. 'Could ye not watch with me one hour?'

"And as we are in now the final quadrant of the year, will you summon the vision of the All-Seeing Eye of God to clear the pathway before you unto the victory over all manifestations in the physical plane that are less than the perfection of Almighty God? This is the supreme moment of opportunity to challenge all spirals and cycles initiated by yourselves and by mankind in the first three quadrants in the year. There is still time, still opportunity, to say to that proud wave, 'Thus far and no farther. Halt! I challenge you in the name of the living God.'

"You see, until the spiral becomes physical, it can be reversed. That is why Jesus said to Judas, 'That which thou doest, do quickly.' For until the malice becomes tangible as the physical action, the karmic recompense cannot be meted out and the return cycles begin and a new day then commence. And so you see, all that has begun at the etheric level of the memory, at the mental plane of thought, at the feeling place of desire-all this can yet be reversed if you challenge it ere it becomes physical. I say then, it is your moment of triumph or your moment of submission. In the name of Almighty God you have the authority in the name of Jesus the Christ to challenge every cycle of negation, every spiral of darkness that is released against you like a boomerang, like a tail of a serpent, like the forces of the night.

"This is your hour of victory, blessed hearts. And I have come this morning to tell you that there are indeed many cycles that must be challenged by you if the earth is to come to the place on New Year's Eve that it can receive the opportunities and the benedictions that are contemplated by the Lords of Karma. Thus you might say it is an act of divine mercy in advance that I have been permitted to come before you this day to tell you that there are few upon the planetary body who understand the laws of God as you do, who understand the authority of the Sons and Daughters of Dominion, who call in the name of Jesus the Christ for the victory."

Mother Mary
October 13, 1972

"Therefore, we admonish you to realize that when you come to a station of the cross—or, in this case, to a line on the cosmic clock of one of the initiations of the path of the bodhisattva—and it is tough and it is difficult and it is demanding, realize that you are scaling a wall of light and you are scaling a wall of darkness, and you are there facing and encountering that initiation which must be passed. Before you is the Light; behind you is the enemy—and therefore, you must keep moving toward the Source.

" . . . Therefore, you understand, beloved hearts, the nature of the return of the Dark Cycle in Aries. The return of that karma, beloved ones, involves every conspiracy of the luciferian ones against this earth and all others. You can understand that Aries is the line of God-identity, the point of affirmation —'I AM THAT I AM'—which each and every one of you ought to make in this very moment to quiver the ethers with your God-Realization!"

Saint Germain

"If you have not dealt with the known momentums of maya of self and planet, why, then, should we open the curtain to the unknown horror of Death and Hell? This is an initiation that has been given from time to time by the Lord Jesus to the saints. Suffice it to say, beloved ones, that those who somehow in their busyness, in their day's occupations, can set aside present opportunities by a certain nebulous consciousness and absence of focalization, shall we say, and can somehow say, 'Well, if I do not ascend in this life, I will ascend in the next—blessed ones, realize what a bold statement this is!

". . . Blessed ones, you have heard it said that at the point of the balance of 51 percent of your karma there is the opportunity for the ascension. And you have heard it said that the reason this is decreed by the Lords of Karmathat you may balance the remaining 49 percent from the ascended stateis that following the balancing of the 51 percent there is the initiation of the soul's descent into Death and Hell and to the astral plane. And few have returned from that descent. So alarming was this condition, especially in the Western world, to the Lords of Karma that this dispensation was proposed and granted by the Cosmic Council.

"Beloved hearts, strange as it may seem, for the chelas of the will of God it is not so difficult to reach the point of the 51-percent balance, given that this is a son or daughter of God who has diligently striven lifetime after lifetime. Thus, it is important to be conscious when one is beyond that mark. For there are some who in descending into the astral plane to take those initiations beyond that point have in fact succumbed to a suicide of a spiritual magnitude or taken the left-handed path.

"How can this be? It is because of the strong delusion of Hell itself and all of its hordes that play upon and prey upon the untransmuted substance and the bedrock of the dweller on the threshold that does not easily give way to the sweeping winds of the Holy Spirit that have blown away the lesser debris. One cannot emphasize enough to one's chelas the intensity of this delusion nor the difficulty of the choices of right and wrong, for they seem to converge at a razor's edge where the wrong answer seems right and the right seems wrong or both seem correct.

"Blessed ones, happy is the man who arrives at that point of the balance of karma who has also diligently pursued self-mastery. You have heard it said that to balance karma does not necessarily make for attainment. At a certain point this is not true but at early stages you may literally have so much devotion to the violet flame and service that you may balance karma without attention to the detail of an accompanying self-masterya governing of those conditions which are easy to overlook, especially when there is not a Messenger or the Guru present to point them out to you.

"So, beloved, pray for vision, for enlightenment, for purity of heart; for nothing can be hidden or withheld from the pure in heart. Contemplate, then, the mystery of purity of heartguilelessness, a spontaneous championing of the true cause of all of one's fellows. Blessed ones, purity of heart is much, much more than form or mores. It is profound indeed.

"Let none construe any of my words as license to set aside the letter of the Law. For the spirit does not replace the letter but it accompanies it, as they go hand in hand. But let all construe from my words that the letter of the Law will never suffice for the entering in. For this entering is achieved by a grid which is filled with Light [emanating from your Christ consciousness] by you through the living Spirit of the Law."

El Morya

"Blessed ones, that dark night of the descent of karma must come, for if it come not you cannot endure nor the Light [of the Universal Christ consciousness] nor the Dark Night of the Spirit, [i.e., the absence of the Light], that shall come upon this planet ere the New Day shall appear.

"And for the record, may you understand that the dark night of the soul is the period when the soul does groan in travail with her own karma, and it is meet. And in that hour you have reinforcement of angels and saints, myself and Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings. It is an hour when you keep tethered to the Law; and if you do, beloved, you may be saved by the very Law that does demand [that] you right all wrong against that Law.

"Thus, beloved, this path is known, the path of karma balanced by fervent hearts who have willed, who have determined to slay inordinate desire. For by this and this alone shall you suffer calamity.

"Thus, beloved, take to heart the teachings of the Buddha, of Maitreya. And let all of thy desiring be this: to pass beyond those karmic conditions which at any moment by the condition of planetary, solar and galactic karma could sweep you from the very center of your First and Best Love.

"So having passed this dark night of the soul, as ye all have observed the Messenger pass through in the long years of this service, so you come to the hour when you must have internalized that Christ and you must be able to sustain that momentum of Christhood. [This initiation of the Cosmic Christ is called the Dark Night of the Spirit.] And this is the eclipse of the Sun of the I AM Presence. And it does come about, beloved, precisely under the conditions in which you find yourselves upon this planet: the astral sea rising, the outpouring [from the pit that is opened] and the spewing of the astral consciousness, and you here below in physical embodiment.

"And therefore, the astral plane does present that separation between the externalized self-mastery and the I AM Presence. And if there be no self-mastery for want of love of Christ and of me, your own Beloved, then in the Dark Night of the Spirit, beloved, you are cut off and it is the dark night when none may extend that hand, for your opportunity has been given to manifest a Light that never shone on land or sea.

"Thus understand, beloved, work while ye have the Light. Work on your karma! Work on your zeal! Be not satisfied with your mediocrity! Work while you have a physical hand extended to you and know that that hand is the best hand we can offer you. And therefore, by that sustaining Love you may receive that imparting and that reigniting of the Word.

"And there be some among youand do not say, 'Is it I, Lord?'who have scarcely a divine spark to sustain you. And yet you walk as the proud, as though by some prior heredity you are a favorite son, with no sense of co-measurement of the dire need of the soul to magnify the Lord, [the Mighty I AM Presence, in your members] as Mother, as Trinity in the heartto expand and fan that fire by Love and Service, looking neither to the right nor to the left but giving and giving. For the Lord, the Holy Spirit, does attend you, even your beloved Maha Chohan, to breathe upon you again the breath of life, to fan that divine spark that it burst into a Threefold Flame once again.

"Blessed ones, we speak not to cause you pain, but pain you shall have if you are not awakened! It is not the hours of service that I speak of, but the quality of heart and what does occupy the mind, what does occupy the feeling world, what are the true desires that compel you to lesser stars and to cast your anchor into the astral sea instead of into the infinite to catch a star of God’s own destiny.

"Therefore, I, Jesus, have done what I could do in the ultimate sense of my imploring, for it is to the Lightbearers, every one upon this planet, that I come this day. I come in a Divine Visitation and as I implore you, my Electronic Presence is before each and every one who does bear Light, who is of Alpha’s seed, who does have a Threefold Flame, or once had it and allowed it to go out by neglect.

"I stand before each and every one whose names have been read by the Keeper of the Scrolls there in the great throne room before me and before Alpha and Omega. And in answer to my imploring, beloved, so our Father, our Mother have sent me to you and to those upon this planet to whom the agenda of Alpha is open and all who have recourse to the Central Sun through the blessed heart of Mary, my Mother, through the heart of Kuan Yin, through the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. And I trust they also have recourse to that heart through your own blessed heart expanded as a living fire.

"Thus, observe the hierarchies of the weeks and understand the meaning of the seventy weeks as seventy hierarchies of the Sun extended from the Central Sun through time and space. Thus, they define the cycles and the cycles of initiation. Thus, they deliver to the Lightbearers the test of the ten in the seven outer rays of manifestation.

"Seventy weeks, therefore, unto each Lightbearer is given. And what is the length of time and space? No man knoweth, for the cycles are shortened for those who elect to embrace them and they are lengthened unto the agony not of the true cross of Light but of the false cross of the false crucifixion of the false Christ who is Antichrist.

"Therefore, by inordinate desire you may be impaled on a cross with Antichristbut I shall not be there. And by right desire and right reckoning of the cycles you may pass every test as though in microseconds. There is no limit to God-realization except to those who yet insist upon defining [and confining] self by laws of mortality.

"Thus, take the seventy weeks and see that you waste not time or space or energy. I tell you, so great is the opportunity that there is not one among the body of Lightbearersand I count you in that body, that Mystical Body of God on planet earthno matter what age, who could not, if he would, fulfill the mandate and the requirement of the ascension in this life.

"But, beloved, the extraordinary outreaching of the soul and the heart is something that many among you have not known or understood. And those who take their backward steps away from the Flame of the ark of the covenant blazing upon this altar, those who pursue the steps of Jungian psychology or any other means as a substitute for the living fire of Christ and my Sacred Heart, I say to you, They shall not prevail! They shall not prevail. And they are the rebellious ones and clouds without water who have forsaken the divine spark and will not bend the knee to receive another [divine spark], which I should gladly give by a simple demonstration of a measure of the ritual of devotion.

"There be some among you who since your entering this path have indeed kindled a divine spark when you had it not. All things are possible. But when you hear of the possibility of failure, you sink back into that sense of failure instead of realizing that the possibility of Victory is present whenever
it is possible to fail.

"Why, then, enter the negative assessment of oneself? Why not perceive with the inner sight? Why do you see with a flesh-and-blood consciousness and therefore curse yourself to that consciousness ad infinitum?

"Let the holy ones of God truly be more holy. For those who do have that flame must make more rather than less effort until the Light so shine in you that your eyes are as stars and your aura so powerful that none can deny that truly a path of Christhood is won; and therefore the lesser endowed take hope to follow in your footsteps.

"Cast down the idols of your flesh-and-blood consciousness, for those whom you worship are not
the living Christ. Blessed ones, worship not but adore the Light. Adore the Light and do not set on a pedestal any human being. Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures. Ye do err, sustaining the idolatry of self.

"I come for the breaking of the pitchers. I come for the breaking of the vessels that no longer serve you. I raise my staff and I say, let them be broken by the rod of fire! I, Jesus, decree it that you might come forth and stand God-free sons and daughters.

"Blessed ones, be pillars of fire in the earth! Be pillars of fire in the earth, beloved, and heed the Call! Heed the Call of Light. Do not decide why you cannot be at Glastonbury in preference to anywhere else but decide how you can be there. Decide, beloved, that Community is your protection.

"I AM walking through that land this day. For I would exorcise from it the demons that some of you have brought with you in your argumentation and your folly and your blindedness by energies that never ever should have passed through you. Let my rod through my Messenger disperse, then, all injustice, all that is dishonest, all that is unfair. Be willing to admit where you have wronged another. Settle your accounts. Do not defend your person but be true to me.

"I, Jesus, speak to you and you know of whom and whereof I speak. And therefore, there are some who should be ashamed to stand in my Presence and there are others who have kept the Flame as saints of God.

"Thus, I call you to the House of the Lord [your Mighty I AM Presence]. May you know now that Communion of my heart. May you know it, beloved.

"This is, then, the last I may offer to you of the series of dictations begun in the hour of the Call to the ascension. Thus, beloved, when the response is full, even full to that which I bring this day, I shall once again implore Alpha and Omega to assist you through the journey ahead and every step of the way.

"Keep my Flame in this Community, beloved, for I have given more of myself than you will ever know to the very presence of my Church in this place. And it shall not be bestowed upon me that I may start anew or begin again. With Almighty God [and] all saints of heaven who have gone before you, I say: in this Community we must not fail.

"Let there be not fragmentation or division, but know that your loyalty is to the Flame that burns upon the altar because the Lord God has sent to you a Messenger who is able, by his grace, to keep that Flame. And as you sustain your devotions the Flame is kept in this octave. It is a Light unto the world, beloved, and that sacred fire is your salvation in this octave.

"Now let the forces of Death and Hell rage if they will, for I shall be midst my own. And let the Love bond of Gautama Buddha allow all to prefer one another and this holy Community before all other passions, disputes, all other claims of Darkness, all other false prophets who say, 'Go here and there, for the Messenger is no longer in her temple.' I tell you, beloved, all of these most frightening claims and allegations may come, but let the true disciples of my heart who are the witnesses from the beginning unto the end of their own salvation by the grace of this dispensation keep the Flame of the ark of the covenant blazing upon this altar!

"So I shall bear you witness. So I shall bear you witness: call unto me. And all who have asked for direct chastisement or initiation or soul-testing or rebuke from the Messenger, I, Jesus, will come to you. Listen for my footstep. Know my voice and know that I shall surely make known to you those conditions of consciousness or action, those desires or projects or goals which are truly not an acceptable offering to the Holy One of God, your I AM Presence."

Jesus Christ
November 24, 1988

"The inner levels of the astral plane of this earth are not shown to you that you might retain hope for today and tomorrow, that your vision of the heaven-world might dominate your horizon, that you
might keep before you your goal of balancing 51 percent of your karma. When you reach that goal, beloved
and, oh, what a day of rejoicing it will be!—you also reach the place where you have a number of choices.

"First of all, you have the choice whether or not to embody the Light of the living Christ. If you choose not to embody the Light of the living Christ but to use the Light you have for selfish gain, then you will have entered the left-handed path and your initiators will be not the Ascended Masters but the fallen angels. This path leads to the vainglory of the world and the ultimate undoing of the soul.

"If you choose to embody the Light of the living Christ to the glory of God and not to the vainglory of the human ego, your initiators will be the Lord Jesus Christ and the Lord Maitreya with the participation of many other saints and Ascended Masters along the way. To move forward, then, on the path of your soul’s union with God, which requires your balancing the remaining 49 percent of your karma, is your next goal on the passage through earth.

"However, you may forgo balancing the full 100 percent on earth and take your ascension at the time of transition (i.e., the death of the physical body). Whatever percentage of karma you will have balanced at the hour you depart this world will be the measure of your victory. But know this: You will be required to balance the remainder of your karma from the ascended state and this karma will tie you to earth until you have completed the 100 percent.

"Some will ask, 'How could I as an Ascended Master balance karma from the ascended state?' The answer is that you as an Ascended Master could, for example, sponsor uplift movements through receptive souls in embodiment. You could inspire inventions that benefit society and tutor exceptional lifestreams in demonstrating the practical religion of the Sacred Heart. You could also intercede on behalf of those who had erred against society, that they might have the opportunity to make good.

"When you choose the high road of balancing 100 percent of your karma on earth, you must reckon with the aggressive challenges of the fallen angels who will seek to tear from you the self-mastery you gain with each new level of attainment. Knowing you will be challenged, you ought to put yourself in the mode of being in training to become Olympic champions, spiritually speaking. As you become the fullness of your Christhood day by day and as your soul enters in to the configuration, the very likeness, of the Lamb of God, set your mind in the mode of confronting the challengers to your sport on the lists of the spiritual path itself.

"So you must put yourself in training and stay in training to be a champion son or daughter of God with a will to vanquish every challenger to your Christhood. You must increase your determination and your will to attain the mark of the high calling in Christ. You must seek empowerment from the source of empowerment, your own Holy Christ Self. Your life, then, will become a competition in the highest sport of all.

"Who will win? You or your challenger? Or will you not even try but let down your guard and say, 'It’s not worth it anymoreit’s simply not worth it'?

"How many times have we heard some discouraged one say, 'It’s not worth it'? What is not worth it? Your Christhood? Is that what you are speaking ofthe inconveniences of life and the Path that do not begin and end at the Royal Teton Ranch but continue round the world and round the world and round again?

"Is it worth it or is it not, beloved, to become a God-free being and to do what it takes to get there? Is it worth it or is it not to receive a spanking today from Astrea and Purity? I direct this question to the spoiled children and the spoiled adults who have been spoiled by their parents and are now themselves petulant children complaining that the Path is too hard.

"Well, you might as well face the reality: the Path is hard and it will get harder and harder, eliminating those who have no nerve for the fight, no love for the outcome, no concern for those who suffer and might be healed if they would only make some sacrifice to put on the mantle of their Christhood.

"Blessed ones, this is an indulgent civilization! And we see that even where parents have not indulged their children, their children have definitely managed to indulge themselves! Now their children are forty and fifty and sixty and seventy years old, and yet they say, 'It is too hard!' and they desire to continue the merry-go-round of self-indulgences.

". . . You see, you either arrive at Golgotha, 'the place of the skull,' by the power of your individual Christhood, prepared for the initiation of the crucifixion, and you have your victory with your Lord on the cross, or you arrive without having attained your Christhood, wherefore though you are crucified and you go through the torment and the torture of the damned, you do not have your victory in this initiation. This was often the case in the days of Rome, when crucifixion was common as a means of capital punishment.

"And so what of that crucifixion which you witness today, such as in Bosnia-Herzegovina or in the horrible deaths that millions of people are going through? What is taking place? Well, if we consider the fate of the blessed who are not yet ready for the triumph over the Not-Self but have heaped up a mountain of good works, the record will tell that they have accomplished the balancing of much karma, much karma indeed, by their suffering on the crossand that for a purpose: 'that they might obtain a better resurrection,' as it is written.

"However, in the case of those who have not raised up the sacred fire of Jesus Christ in the temple of being through purity and good works, the dweller-on-the-threshold is in command. For they have not even tackled that dweller but have preferred to dance with it, to play ring-around-the-rosy with it, to be entertained for a time by their own macho alter ego, ultimately to be gobbled up by that very dweller."

Purity and Astrea

"When recently at the retreat on the etheric plane at Fátima your Messengers knelt before Mary and Raphael to give their Christhood to a world, they did demonstrate to you the eternal Joy, the eternal Freedom and the great abundant Light descending [which one experiences] when one can truly understand the mystery of committing one’s attainment to the liberation of other souls.

"But how is this Christhood given, beloved? How does one give one’s higher attainment that others might have the strengthening of that Light to arrive at the gate of victory in this life?

"It is given, beloved, by the very same process [that the Son of God did give his Light]increment by increment. Did not Jesus, then, give his Body and his Blood, deposited in the bread and the wine, and say, 'This do in remembrance of me'? Is this Holy Communion not the passing of the Light of Alpha and Omega [of one’s Christhood] to every soulportion by portion, week after week for a lifetime?

"Thus it is so that the sacred fire as the nectar of the Buddha of the crown chakra must be taken in minute doses; for truly it does recharge and accelerate body and mind and soul, and this requires assimilation by word and work. Know, then, O beloved, that day by day that transfer of Light is given, not all at once. It is an impossibility, for the Light itself should consume that which does not have the vessel to receive it [until the Light itself create the vessel by the soul’s assimilation of it, day by day.]

"These are things that the Great Law has taught you and spoken in your heart. These are things which our Father has determined that you need to be reminded of, that you slacken not your pace but make haste and that you find the wherewithal to do this by Loveby the Love of the Ruby Ray that is the Blood of the Universal Christ. By that Love you are able to open your being. And thus, by sacrifice you come to the realization that a sacrifice is never a self-denial except [it be] the denial of the unreal self and its unreal desires. But the white light of the Divine Mother is truly the fulfillment [of all desire] when all other vibrations are stopped; and they [can and do] cease by the devotion and the will of the devotee.

"Thus, trailing the Ruby Ray devotion of your hearts does come the white light of ascension’s currents. May you value the gift and value the instrument whereby such a Light might be stepped down and distributed, for without a physical mouthpiece and the delivery of the power of the Word this dispensation could not reach those who deserve it directly. Such is the nature of Hierarchy and the spoken Word, beloved. And though you may not understand this, believe me when I say to you that heaven must have instruments on earth as well as the [instrumentation of the] heavenly hosts.

"Now we bid you, be the instruments of the cup of the water of Life, even of the ascension current. As you become that vessel, so you may become one day the transmitter also of that Light.

"In this hour you must garner and steel what you have received. For if you lose this Light, it shall not be returned to you, and by cosmic law you may also lose the opportunity to be initiated in this manner by the presence of seraphim. Therefore it is an initiation that comes following the dictation of the Maha Chohan in this city. For, beloved, those who are of the Light have the spiritual inheritance of receiving that Light from God by the hand of seraphim through the step-down transformer in the very aura of the Messenger which we have placed there long ago.

"I, Justinius, salute you each one. I bow to the Light in each one. Whether it be a flicker of Light or a veritable conflagration, I bow to the Light as a single-drop candle flame. For I AM the instrument of God, and the Light I command, the Light I serve. I serve those who serve the Light. It is my commission, my identity and my office.

"Untold millions of seraphim are in my command, beloved. May you value their friendship forever and take heed that you compromise not the highest quality of pure Love and thereby place a barrier between yourself and their [Love] and thus not know the fullness of their cup of joy.

"The seraphim, beloved, are fiery beings who form concentric rings round the Central Sun and the Court of the Sacred Fire, and upon their rounds they do absorb that light and fire and they come truly trailing clouds of glory, processioning down the highways of cosmos in the visitation of the planetary homes to serve the sons of God, lo, the Christed ones.

"Now for the duration of my speaking they have approached gently and softly that you might become accustomed to the stepping up of their vibration. Duly prepared, then, you are about to receive that transfer of Light. I instruct you to breathe in deeply and out again. [inhalation and exhalation]

"Visualize now the seven centers of your being as being beacon lights of the white light going forth, passing through this entire county and area of this state. Thus, already as you release your own Light for the blessing and the holding of the balance of this area, the seraphim begin to replenish that Light with that which is of the quality of the Great Central Sun. It is indeed a transfusion.

"Our Body is Omega, our Blood is Alpha. Thus, as the blood is infused with the Light of Alpha, it does have a quickening and purifying effect. As the body is infused with the Light of Omega, that Light is for the building, strengthening and acceleration of the form.

"Now, beloved, cooperate as you have been taught:

"Be self-emptied. Be purged. Be infilled. Be healed.

"As you practice scientifically the path of right diet, right livelihood and occupation, right mindfulness and a spiritually exalted state, you will know day by day the meaning of the fire of the heart and how that Sacred Heart of Jesus, that Immaculate Heart of Mary might be in you the burning desirethe burning desire to ignite every soul whom you meet with your love of Christ, of the Divine Mother, of the Holy Spirit, with your love of the Father.

"For in that burning Love is the key: the key to the saturation of Light! Seek it all thy days. Win thy crown!

"I, Justinius, have spoken to your hearts. May you soon return to the heart of God in character and virtue and deeds of Love."

May 14, 1988

"Yes, beloved, loving the will of God and his law, which is truly the law of profound love and wisdom, you shall then take heart-take courage to take on the path of the dark night of the soul and the Dark Night of the Spirit. And you will become such a whirling sacred fire of diamond light as my Diamond Heart is superimposed upon you that you will literally charge through that dark night of the soul and charge through the initiations of the Dark Night of the Spirit!

"You will not languish. You will not attenuate this suffering through your karma. Nor will you suffer,
for you will have that mighty sword in hand and you will slay every foe and you will beam such a concentrated, God-controlled ray of the Seventh Ray of the violet flame through that third-eye chakra that you will see the parting of the Red Sea of your own returning karma, the parting of the Red Sea of the fallen ones! And you will march through triumphant! And you will be riding your steed and it will not be riding you. And I say it is true and you must do it! You must accelerate, for acceleration is the key!

"Go through it. Get it over with. Become the master of your life. Come to that place where I may speak through you, where I may dwell in you, where I may deliver the momentums of the highest levels of the etheric octaves through you. And therefore we together, Guru and chela one together, may pass through this earth and leave the foundations for our children and our children's children
that they might build that golden-age civilization.

"Are you with me, beloved? ['Yes!' (24-second standing ovation)]

"I say, then, beware the poisons. Beware the poisons and embrace the antidotes of the Dhyani Buddhas. Embrace the antidotes, beloved ones, for the poisons come and they poison the mind
and they poison every organ of the body. They poison the desires and the thoughts and the feelings."

El Morya

" . . . Understand also that John the Beloved wrote down a dictation from Jesus Christ. It is in your hands: it is the Book of Revelation. And your Messenger has given you her interpretations of the verses on many occasions.

"You ought to review these interpretations. You ought to understand that the reason our Lord dictated that text to John is because it holds the keys to what you ought to be decreeing about in these last days of the Piscean age. It is also a book of psychology in that the verses, as they are charted on the Cosmic Clock by the Messenger, give you an understanding of your individual initiations and what you as a citizen of earth must face on a day-to-day basis.

"Many of the beasts and untoward manifestations identified in Revelation are in your own electronic belt, in your own unconscious, and you must consume them by the sacred fire. Know ye not that you can consume much misqualified energy in your electronic belt simply by raising the sacred fire of the base chakra of the Divine Mother and holding that sacred fire sure and fast at the point of the crown chakra and the third-eye center?

"Yes, beloved. The sacred fire that you sustain on the spinal altar becomes the all-consuming fire for the transmutation of the records of your karma and of the beasts that lodge on your Cosmic Clock
as diagrammed on the 'kettledrum.'

"Clean out, clean out, clean out the stables, beloved! You have the power to do this. Conserve the sacred fire. Keep your beings in a yang state, slightly more yang than yin. Partake sparingly, or not at all, of those heavy meats that cause acidity and even the dulling of the brain. And know that in due course you shall experience the opening of the third eye. And what will accelerate this will be our Messenger leading you in giving the All-Seeing Eye decrees that you might receive from me through her a tremendous impetus on the Fifth Ray.

"I desire to see you work on clear seeing, beloved, because some of you do not have the gift of discernment of spirits and that is why you go here and there thinking that something is spiritual when it is psychic or thinking that something is psychic when it is spiritual.

"You must seek and find from the Holy Spirit the gift of discernment of spirits, for there are many who would enter your precincts and lure you away from your place at the altar. As scripture records, there are men who have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof and 'creep into houses and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.' Yes, the soul can become silly and be taken this way and that way because she does not have spiritual discernment.

"So, when you come to the end of this century and the end of the age of Pisces, you must have, above all, the gift of discernment of spirits so that on a daily basis you are able to interpret right from wrong, truth from error, the Real from the Unreal. As you mount the spiral that is coiled about the spinal altar, you discover that it is very difficult to distinguish the Real from the Unreal, so close is the counterfeit to the Real. It is your I AM Presence and your Holy Christ Self who will give you this understanding, this clear seeing through the Holy Spirit.

"I ask you, then, to wear blinders no more but to tear from your eyes the scales that have prevented you from clear seeing. Do this with the sacred fire and the violet flame. Do this diligently, beloved. For you cannot be on the Path and have advanced teachings and then suddenly not know who is Real and who is not Real.

"I urge you to close ranks, to come together, to take advantage of the early morning hours to do your decree work. In those hours the angels traverse the earth, clearing the pathways of the heavens for the new day. When you say your prayers early in the morning, before those in your time zone are even awake and not yet polluting the atmosphere with their consciousness, you can have direct contact with the angels. For thousands of years monks and nuns in their monasteries have prayed at the five o’clock hour. As you know, it is the hour of El Morya, your Guru."

February 26, 1995

" . . . Therefore, beloved, I give you the gift of my heart of a new perception of your God-reality and a new perception of the synthetic self, that you may see what is dispensable and what is indispensable in your divine/human personality, both of which must be kept until the coil reaches the point of the highest niche in the pyramid of life."

February 26, 1983

"Therefore consider not the past but enter a new age, a fiery white light, a fiery core of being, of knowingness that you can have unlimited consciousness in the Mind of God right here and now.

"Yes, I have experienced great pain and persecution in many, many lifetimes. It was for my good.
I learned many lessons. I was then able to go before my Lord Christ and know that he would see me through when great darkness should come upon me in the dark night of the soul.

"Know these things, beloved, and always remember that you are not alone nor are you exempt from these trials. So prepare, as I have said. So see through the veil. So mount the spiral of attainment. So rise to the level of your I AM Presence. Touch the hem of the garment of your I AM Presence. Walk and talk with your Holy Christ Self. Do these simple things on the homeward way.

"And above all, beloved, no matter what it takes, be a true friend to all. There is no reason to pretend. There is no reason not to give to all that which everyone must have—divine love, tremendous divine love, and loving support in time of trial. This give to the one sitting next to you and to millions of souls who cry out today for your helping hand and your love."

November 27, 1997

"Blessed ones, those who suffer, having seen so great a salvation, suffer due to nonsurrender! I tell you, you will be left to face alone that which no man or woman can face alone. Therefore come ye into Union. Come into the Community of the Spirit and offer your life without complaint.

"Blessed ones, our Messengers are not hard taskmasters. Do not fear then the loss of the fat of selfishness."

Mother Mary
May 11, 1987

Annual Final Exams
Victory Over the Dark Night of the Soul
Saint John of the Cross Saint Teresa of Avila

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