Ascended Masters' Dispensations
Part I
Ascension Chamber in Serapis Bey's Retreat

" . . . every dispensation is forever as long as you will claim it again
and again and seal it in your heart."—El Morya, August 7, 1990

" . . . [therefore you need] to know each specific dispensation even as you have earnestly taken up
the dispensation of Helios for the pulling of the plug on the seed of the wicked.
[As you base your calls on past dispensations] this does assist us, beloved,
even as it assists you."—Jesus Christ, November 23, 1989

"Everyone who has received the blessings of these dispensations, everyone who continues
to read the handwriting on the wall of a prophecy that is unchanged must understand
that for the saving of a planet the Church must survive, the outer Community must survive
and you one by one as the individualization of the God-flame must survive.
And that survival is a spiritual continuity of being whose fires you must bank daily,
never taking for granted that the fire of Darjeeling will reach you in time [to save you]."
—Morya El, August 9, 1990

"[It is true that] many have teachings that were relevant centuries ago [and are still relevant, but not all; however,] they do not have the superseding, intervening dispensations [which are absolutely indispensable to your victory in this age and to the victory of planet earth in the Aquarian dispensation]."

Kuan Yin
July 1, 1988

"The thoughtform for the year 1995 is the manifest presence of the Great Central Sun. And within the sphere of the Sun you can see your Father-Mother God, beloved Alpha, beloved Omega, who represent the beginning and the ending of your cycles of going out from and coming in to the heart of the Sun.

"This manifestation of the Great Central Sun is brought to you as a dispensation to assist your passage in the dark night through which earth and her evolutions must pass. And as the darkness becomes darker because of descending karma, so you will have before you the vision of the Great Central Sun. It is brighter, far brighter than the sun of your solar system. It is a spiritual sun as well as a physical sun.

"Therefore, by meditating upon the specific point of a physical central sun, which you often associate with the God Star, Sirius, you may also look to the Sun behind the sun, that spiritual, unknowable Sun-center. And you may meditate upon Ein Sof, the unknowable, indescribable God."

Gautama Buddha
December 31, 1994

" . . . And now the age is turning and the Solar Logoi are concerned as to how the twentieth and twenty-first centuries may be outplayed. Most especially are they concerned about the potential for massive cataclysm or world war, or both. In view of these concerns they have taken a proactive stance and are awarding grants to worthy souls who will not only apply for them but also make good on them and on their commitments of service to the Great White Brotherhood.

"Therefore this is an optimum time for you to apply for and receive grants of assistance backed by certain ascended masters who may have close ties to you personally and who are willing to pledge a certain quotient of light to your cause. You may use this light to mitigate or avert what could be the descent of a harsh karma on a planetary scale."

Saint Germain
April 28, 1996

" . . . The Mighty I AM Presence has the authority and the power to instantaneously arrest and reverse any cycle and to cause a complete erasing, a disintegration of it, right back to the twelve o'clock line.

" . . . I say to you, you must demand and command it in the name of the Christ—that every single cycle of every single cell and atom within your form that is not outpicturing the perfect cycles of the Christ consciousness is now dissolved, is now arrested and turned back by the authority of your God Presence! If you will but make that invocation each morning you will find in a very short time that only the cycles of immortal Life and your divine plan fulfilled and your ascension will prevail."

Divine Director
October 10, 1971

In Reality, Only God Can Do the Things
We Have Asked You to Do
As You Self-Empty,
God Pours More of Himself into You

"The visualization of my blue belt is something you ought to take up. For if you visualize my blue belt as it was illustrated earlier in the century, you may have that blue belt to protect you from the waist to nearly the level of the feet. This mighty band of jewels is an instantaneous armour. I have chelas who never take it off.

"Blessed ones, I greet you in the power of the Great Central Sun. As you look at the rendition of my likeness, see that as I am, so you can become. I will sponsor any and all chelas who wish to give a perpetual novena to me of not less than forty calls to the Great Divine Director daily with works that measure up to that decree and those calls.

"Blessed ones, you can earn an affiliation with an ascended master. And you can compel that master to take you on by so following his path, his word, his life and what he will do for humanity that the Law simply says: 'Welcome, my son! Welcome, my daughter! Walk with me in the valleys, the hills and the high places of the snowy mountains, for you shall be my chela.'

Work for the Binding of the Dweller-on-the-Threshold

"So, beloved, the how and the why. Yesterday you gave to us a tremendous impetus for the judgment of those souls whose time was up. Today, then, I ask you to work diligently and in the same manner for the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold of those fallen angels who are at the very bottom of the pit of hell itself, as the messenger has diagrammed.

"Blessed ones, what we shall do with that is the following. We shall instantaneously bind the dweller-on-the-threshold of those individuals pointed out for us by the Four and Twenty Elders. Those dwellers will be taken from the planet. Even if those lifestreams must spend more time at that level of hell, they will not have in their sails the momentum of their dwellers any longer. This shall be the prize that you shall have to your credit if you do these calls following this dictation or, as you decide, following your evening meal if you prefer, but today for sure, beloved.

"Then we will go to those who are at the early levels of the etheric octave, those who bear their baggage with them and yet are such bright ones that they still are admitted to the first levels of the etheric octave. Therefore, we shall use your calls for the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold, for the binding of the dwellers of those souls who are impeded by their dwellers, who have no understanding of what the dweller is and cannot in any way match the chicanery or the treachery of that dweller. This will give these souls, who are otherwise spiritually inclined and desirous of moving on, the opportunity to do so.

"So you see, beloved, at both ends of the spectrum we have a reason to use your calls for the binding of those situations which I have mentioned. If you continue this work and if you continue to have your services on Friday and Saturday nights and if you are linked together, you can accomplish a tremendous good for the planet. In fact, beloved, in looking upon this nation so sponsored by my beloved son, I tell you that these calls that you share—the call for the judgment, the call for the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold, and also the reversing of the tide—these calls, beloved, will avail much in purging the earth, in delivering from those who are weak and bound and poor the heavy weight of the planet that ultimately causes an untimely passage when they ought to be up and doing and in the earth. You do make a difference, beloved. You make a tremendous difference.

Avatars and Cosmic Beings Are Coming to Earth

"I invite you as well to offer novenas to me, whether nine days or eighty-one days or any multiples of nine that you wish. I will always return to you from my causal body that substance of myself that I will deposit in your causal body whereby you can multiply the good of your causal body and have that multiplied by my own causal body."

Divine Director
October 9, 1995

" . . . I issue a stern warning to all souls who desire to be emissaries of Light: watch that you do not lend your consciousness to the false hierarchs and to the psychic emanations that they bear. Far better to be silent and to allow the light to flow through you than to release through the sacred chakra, the throat chakra, the mouthings of evil spirits who come to you as an adornment for your pride and for your ego. There is no profit to the soul in any communication other than the communication of the ascended hosts of Light, your own God Presence and your Christ Self.

"Let no man deceive you! Let no man deceive you! Let no man deceive you! Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap; for God is not mocked! (Gal. 6:7) Therefore be washed clean.

" . . . It is absolutely necessary for a group of lightbearers to hold the focus of Helios during time of cataclysm. And therefore this is more than an experiment of the Solar Hierarchies. It is a necessity, it is a cosmic dispensation. And whether or not the outer consciousness seems worthy to you I say the Christ in you is worthy to bear the Sun-center of Being. And I say that if you do not succeed in carrying the fiery Sun Presence unto the end, the time will come when there will not be enough light in Terra to hold her very atoms together, so great will be the darkness and the weeping and the gnashing of teeth." (Matt. 24:51)

July 1, 1973

" . . . Those who are able then to breathe forth this moment and always a holy prayer to their own divine Self will find the wings of cosmic harmony manifesting their light radiance, raising mankind's consciousness and sense of being into a realm where God is.

" . . . I AM the full power of that driving vision that pierces mayic gloom! I AM now and for all eternity holding that piercing vision of perfection.

" . . . And I call to you all to invoke that perfection which I AM.

"There is a sense of new direction provided from day to day whereby individuals can . . . literally lift themselves by their own bootstraps itno a cosmic rate of vibration where—as ascended masters functioning in these physical octaves—you can perform the Herculean tasks that are requirements of the moment.

" . . . I therefore say to you all that the brightness of the coming of the Holy One within the veil of your flesh must sever the connections of your psyche and being to all of its former levity and insincerity.

" . . . I therefore come to you this day to bring a new hope.

" . . . I have touched you with the coals from the altars of heaven. May you change, trasmute and breathe upon this coal until it shall fire thy souls again and again."

February 6, 1966

"Write often to me and to the Lords of Karma. Ask for dispensations when you need them, and do not be surprised when you receive them.

"If you have been on the Path for many years, renew your vows of chelaship in a letter you direct to the Karmic Board. You may address your letter personally to the Goddess of Liberty, the spokesman for the Karmic Board, or to any or all of the eight members, namely:

the Great Divine Director on the First Ray,

the Goddess of Liberty on the Second Ray,

the Ascended Lady Master Nada on the Third Ray,

the Elohim Cyclopea on the Fourth Ray,

Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth, on the Fifth Ray,

Portia, Goddess of Justice, on the Sixth Ray,

Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, on the Seventh Ray,

Vairochana, a Dhyani Buddha, recently appointed

as the eighth member, representing the Eighth Ray.

"In addition, give decree 7.29, 'Great Karmic Board,' nine times daily until the alchemy of your requested dispensation is fully manifest in the physical octave. If your request is not lawful, this will be made clear to you in the outplaying of events. You can always write again to me and to the Lords of Karma. Trust in God’s alchemy—and, as the saying goes, 'If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!'"

October 6, 1995

" . . . In the final tallying, then, of souls of light who could be counted upon—who are still standing then with Mighty Victory and Lanello, with Mother Mary and Jesus and the hosts of the Lord—it was considered by the Lords of Karma that sufficient souls of light had passed their tests to hold the chalice and the cup of light for this dispensation (for the Divine Director's plan to disseminate the Teachings through the Summit Lighthouse).

"Now it is a question then of your invocation—your invocation of light to draw forth this supply that is released from the heart of the God of Gold that is held in trust then in the white-fire core in the chambers of the Royal Teton Retreat.

" . . . Be sensible in your service then, be diligent and hearken unto the angel who stands in your midst to call you."

Saint Germain
April 24, 1977

" . . . And we hold you accountable, beloved, by mercy's flame for the Word and the Words that have already been sent . . . The admonishment has gone forth to study the Pearls of Wisdom which means not only to read but to study and organize the information and to be thoroughly acquainted with the dispensations that form a foundation for each new cycle turning. We must build upon that which we have already builded, and we build upon the cornerstone of the individual and Universal Christ Jesus—Christ in Saint Germain and El Morya and every ascended master.

" . . . Take care of all the plan of God and cherish each morsel of the Word that is for your protection."

Kuan Yin
October 9, 1983

"Understand, then, that my coming would be to announce my calling to you to place upon Maitreya’s mountain a cross to be the electrode to that cross in Medjugorje. Thus, beloved, Medjugorje, the place of the cross thirty-five feet tall—it is an electrode in the earth. And by the devotion of many I have therefore charged it with a tremendous light.

"You have known, beloved, that in many of my appearances I have required that a church be built on that place for the very reason that I desire in certain points in the earth a place that can be charged with great light by myself through the devotion of the people. This retreat is such a place. But for the building of the cross, the other callings of my Son must first be fulfilled. Yet I say to you that when these are fulfilled, the cross may be built.

"I envision it and have given that vision to the Messenger as a cross of thirty-three feet. And around the center of the cross of cement, beloved, there is a crown of twelve stars. Thus, the cross is the marking of the place where God in man meet, showing that the path of discipleship leads to the crown of everlasting Life, which is indeed the crown of twelve stars of the Woman that is given by the Divine Mother unto all who endure to the end.

"Blessed ones, the trek up Maitreya’s mountain is indeed a pilgrimage and a calling—and even the placing there of a type of structure such as a log cabin where the sound of the rosary might be heard and recited: Archangel Michael’s Rosary, my rosary, Kuan Yin’s Rosary yet to be written down. Thus, it shall become a place of perpetual prayer, thanksgiving, a point of pilgrimage where many can rally.

"Blessed hearts, we would not have you begin this sacramental building prior to your having understood that sacrifice is necessary and indeed a requirement of the obedience unto God. Obedience, beloved, begins with the alignment of oneself to the inner cross of white fire, else the outer sign and symbol cannot afford the victory but perhaps should become a substitute for the interior correction of Maitreya. Let the cross be the sign of the saints’ overcoming."

Mother Mary

"Take my book, beloved, the concentrated focus of my presence, flame and rosary in My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord! Place it in remembrance of me beneath your pillow. Know, then, that I radiate through the living Word, that I radiate, then, through the statue of myself, gold plated and given to the Mother of the Flame long ago by Catholic devotees of my heart. The weight of this statue being so great, it may not be seen by you, but I trust it shall be in place before long. For it speaks of a golden age and golden wisdom and the crown of Life.

"May you look upon that photograph of my statue which is in this book, beloved, for it was the final act of Mark Prophet and his beloved to so arrange those roses, to so have that statue photographed. When you see it, you will know that next to the position of the photographer, standing but six feet from the statue, is your own beloved Mark. And the image of Mark, though unseen, is actually impressed upon my statue in this photo. Thus in it you may have a focus of the Messenger in his ascension coil but hours before he took his leave from this plane."

Mother Mary

"The Law of Love is fulfilled. The law of transmutation is acting. And now withdraw the sacred fire jewel, for I would convey to each one a specific bit of knowledge. The Lords of Karma have granted that each individual that hears my words and hears this dictation shall receive the impartation of the radiance of beloved Holy Amethyst and myself in cosmic service to this planet to pass through the flame of your heart for a period of one hour while you are sleeping for the next twenty-four days, this flame of transmutation to assist you in understanding and building a momentum, a hunger momentum, for purification and for the expression of the natural powers of the Godhead.

"I see now, as through a veil, the veil of your human creation, that many of you have established momentums—and generated them—of limitation for yourselves. You have actually looked up to other individuals for the actual qualitative and quantitative release of universal power toward perfection that ought to have manifested in your own worlds. We speak not to condemn you but to reassure you that this need not be a continuing factor in your evolution.

"From this hour, if you will accept it, I am giving and I am conveying a mighty tidal release of infinite power, the power of forgiveness toward every part of life, that will help you on the instant to forgive individuals that formerly you have found it difficult to forgive and to forgive yourselves and to accept the infinite forgiveness of God for yourselves and for mankind in generating a period of mercy in the tides of life, manifest release so that individuals and planets in this system of worlds can be the beneficiaries of the thoughts of heaven and that intruding mercy of heaven which comes now in this age of deceit and trouble as a gift of God, a precious dripping of the divine ointment upon the stone of man's recalcination."

Archangel Zadkiel

"My coming forth to you in this hour, then, has a very special purpose. For it is in this hour that I desire to give [my gift] to my dearest friends and devotees, to those who have loved me for lifetimes, yourselves and Keepers of the Flame in the earth and Lightbearers who know this path and teaching and have embraced it.

"For my gift, beloved, does require enlightenment and the opening of the crown chakra and not only devotion—my gift, then, to you, beloved, is the gift of my Immaculate Heart.

"This heart is placed in the heart of your Holy Christ Self. And as you make your heart here below in this lower body (called the Nirmanakaya by the beloved Buddhas) the receptacle for that Immaculate Heart, purifying it and bringing into your being that aura of true holiness, you will see how the qualities of the Immaculate Heart will be woven into your own heart, how portion by portion your heart will be strengthened by the threads of my heart until one day, beloved, you may stand at my side embodying the very same heart that I do.

"This is a goal and a path and, beloved, receiving the fullness of that heart is tantamount to the goal of reunion with God in the ascension. Yet so much of it can be known and realized by you as you become the devotee of this heart.

"But I tell you, beloved, changes must occur in all of your lives. Changes must occur, beloved. And those changes can come about as you listen and listen carefully to the admonishments and the disciplines that are given through the Messenger. For it is true, beloved, that when karma blinds you, you cannot see. Therefore you must have one who sees for you and believe in that seeing until you can remove the patch from your own eye and see, then, what was seen for you through the Messenger by Maitreya, by myself, by Jesus. It is the only reason that the Messenger tarries in life, to see for you, beloved, and to deliver our fire that may strip you, if you will allow it, of that human substance that limits you, the very substance which must go.

"I remind you that your bodies are subject to the laws of chemistry and alchemy. Therefore, as the chemistry of the body goes, so is the consciousness of God that you are able to hold in the physical octave. In this hour, then, we desire to see a change of that [food] which is taken in that you might be strengthened if and when the earth does become saturated with the deadly toxins and chemicals that are not only planned but are already physical and waiting to be released by these fallen ones out of the East.

"Blessed hearts, it is an hour when an extraordinary victory can be won. I bid you not to lose sight of the Messenger and [to go] profoundly within in this hour to chart your life with goals beyond that of a physical future, [with] goals of self-transcendence whereby that physical future can be for the planet, because of you, a transfiguring initiation.

"May earth pass through the transfiguration and therefore come to the place to be endowed with the true cycle of Aquarius.

"You are the key, beloved, and God does take all of you together now, fashioning one great golden key. And you may see the beloved Father take that key and put it into a great golden door. It is a vast golden door, beloved, and when this door is opened (as there is a second adjacent door [double doors] and both swing wide) you pass through as the forerunners into a new octave.

"And all those who have become a part of the Light through you will follow after and eventually all who are assigned to [embody midst] earth’s evolution [once the fallen ones have been bound and removed and passed through the trial and fiery judgment] [will also pass through]. Thus know, beloved, that in your hand is the key, and the key to the opening of that golden door is truly the Inner Retreat.

"I, Mary, enfold you and I place around the waist of every Keeper of the Flame of this path and activity a golden cord, knots within it like the cord of Saint Francis, that you might understand that though there be an acceleration of the Path and though the golden light be upon you, though you may be robed as kings and priests unto God, the simple and basic and humble virtues of soul-chastity [purity], poverty [as selflessness, self-emptying to be filled] and obedience—these three, beloved, are truly the magnet for the threefold flame.

"Thus, because you have made your pilgrimage here and kept the flame, there has been cleared from this place certain entrenched darkness. Beloved ones, I am grateful. The faithful shall have a new line to my heart and I shall seal this light that a false hierarchy may never appropriate it."

Mother Mary

"Beloved ones of Light, as you conquer Death and Hell, so we will bring down that full momentum for the City of Light and City of Healing. And therefore, let it be so. As the chelas bear the offering, so hierarchy is empowered and commanded by me this day by the authority of my office, Sanat Kumara, to deliver the full dispensations for that healing center of Light, containing all avenues and ways beneficial to those burdened by disease of the four lower bodies—disease of the mind, the soul, and the heart.

" . . . We would place before you the mighty blueprint of that Good Samaritan Hospital there at the Inner Retreat, presenting all ways of healing, enjoining practitioners of the healing arts
—chelas who have prepared themselves and made themselves ready in the calling of the Divine Mother, who will be instruments of light and flow and the alchemy (so ably presented by so many in this very seminar) whereby matter itself of a certain molecular form and vibration and formula—charged by the power of the seven chakras and varying chakras, charged by the power of the crystal and the rainbow rays of God focused through the mighty crystal fire—might indeed now penetrate the body for the restoration, for the spinning of the chakras, for the healing of all systems.

"Beloved ones of Light, there is no limit to the path that you may walk on the fifth ray. For the fifth ray is sponsored by all hierarchs of Light as the instrumentation moving toward the Light of total freedom on planet Earth. There must be healing in all planes of being and the dissolution by the emerald ray of that which is incompatible with that fifth ray of Truth. Thus, all falsehood and falsity must be bound and the pure Light of the eternal Guru be found manifesting there!"

Sanat Kumara

"And so you see, we are calling upon the concentrated energies of light­bearers who are in America, the New Jerusalem, to lend support, to lend your causal bodies and your knowledge of the law unto those who have not that knowledge. Therefore by dispensation from my causal body I, Saint Germain, give to you each one contact with that individual lifestream for whom I call upon you to hold the balance. Beloved ones, ere this dictation has concluded those of you who have already appeared before the Lords of Karma to volunteer your service in this life will receive that tie, whether you are a baby in arms or whether you are of full maturity and waiting for the Lord’s day of your ascension.

"Understand, then, that when the tie is extended heart to heart and soul to soul you, then, make contact with the energies of immense turbulence and turmoil which are in the Middle East today. It is difficult for you to realize the intense passions and hatreds and weeping and wailing that continue even in the face of this apparent victory. But it will not be hard for you to imagine very long, for having established this tie you will begin to feel the waves and the currents of this turbulence. I call upon you to enter the stillness of your heart, to go into the secret chamber, to practice the exercises and meditations which have been graciously given to you in preparation for the hour when you would be called upon in a very deliberate and direct way to hold the balance for the Middle East which is the white-fire core of the very earth itself."

Saint Germain
November 20, 1977

"Fortunate are those who have an understanding of the Path and the teaching before they must launch out from their home star into other worlds. Fortunate are those who heed the Word of the manus—the great manus who are the sponsors of the root races—and who therefore go prepared into a dark and dying world and understand the nature, the lethal nature, of decay and its elements of disease which can reach epidemic proportions.

" . . . We have come for the release of certain momentums of light preceding and preordaining the great golden age that is to come. Blessed hearts, this is a great moment! And this is why the Class of the Archangels was convoked: that we might release, through the etheric plane into the etheric bodies of our students, certain grids and forcefields and momentums of light that will be the foundation of the golden age—if there is a responsive chord from myriad hearts and more and more among the people come into the use of the science of the spoken Word.

"This pre-dawn light is that which is a promise. It is a rainbow of a hundred thousand years ago that comes now to that point of precipitation. And therefore, with expectancy, go before the people of this planet and wait upon, with tender vigil, the oncoming light of a golden age truly descending out of the heart of Helios and Vesta. For the divine plan of a golden age upon earth does come forth out of the Great Central Sun, out of Helios and Vesta! And this is a moment and a cosmic hour of cycles turning when this light—even as a filigree veil, as a net of cosmos—can unveil inner blueprint and light.

" . . . By the magnet of the heart, by the magnet of the sun, by initiation on the path of the seventh ray, you can forge and win an intensification of light on each of the seven rays. Understand, then, that in order for a golden age to appear, we together—ascended masters and archangels, Elohim, and unascended chelas—must transcend the old order marked by decay, disintegration, dissolution spirals. We must overcome and transcend, by that golden- ratio spiral ascending and descending, the entire momentum of the Kali Yuga so that out of the dark cycle of this age there might rise a pinpoint of light, my beloved.

"And at that point of light, a seed of Cosmic Christ, the Cosmic Mother spins and weaves a garment and, lo, a star is born! And the star is you! The star is a world transcending its former state and it is a world passing through the quaking and the quivering of putting off that cycle of degeneration and death, even as the passing of the serpent out of its skin unto the higher point. And the point is always the all-seeing eye of God.

" . . . I give to you this key: that without the name, the light, or the sign of Alpha and Omega, there is not the enduring Word manifest. Thus he brought forth, out of the light, the loaves and the fishes by the sign of the cosmic cross of white fire, by the sign of Alpha and Omega. Happy are ye who seize the key and run with it."

Archangel Zadkiel
December 30, 1980

"Therefore, know that every dictation of the Ascended Masters is indeed a dispensation that allows you to bypass the karma of ignorance and go to the source of our causal body and your own to gain the enlightenment whereby you may now descend the ladder of life and conquer those elements that opposed your getting of that understanding as you might have.

"Inasmuch as the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood must pay the price for you to have a dispensation which you have not earned, the message brings with it the obligation to use the knowledge to set other parts of Life free. These other parts of Life may have a greater karma than your own and we may not be allowed to go directly to them. Thus, in giving to you we expect a return, as does the Law. And your return is to act in our stead on behalf of these lifewaves. Such is the order of hierarchy. Such is the coming of the Word.

"This is the real reason why many betray the Word or have fled from our presence. They sense the burden of the LORD. And that burden is the burden of obligation. And they say, 'We will not pay. We have done enough today. We will go thus far and no farther. Do not ask us another sacrifice or another service. Enough is enough.'

"And when you say this to a Master, beloved, he bows gracefully from you and says, 'The Law is the Law, and you yourself embody the law of your being which you have made.'"

Mother Mary
December 25, 1985

"Now see how earth changes shall also come in the twinkling of an eye. And see how the Lord Jesus with Gautama and Kuthumi have conspired to fulfill a great dream. Even as there was established a half year ago that highway of light to Lake Titicaca from the Retreat of the Divine Mother over the Royal Teton Ranch, so the same highway of light is now extended to the retreat of the Lord Jesus over Saudi Arabia and the entire Holy Land and the Middle East.

"It is expedient, beloved. For I tell you the Light must flow to hold the balance against war, and for this Light you have called through the day and the night.

" . . . The Lord’s purpose, then, is that all calls descending there should be for the fulfillment of the Saviour’s mission in you as you fulfill the necessary calling on the Sixth Ray of Ministration and Service to hold the balance and to cap the Darkness that could come forth out of the extreme anger of these lifewaves [of the Middle East and the entire Arab world]—anger against America, anger against the true Light and the true Avatars, anger against the Divine Woman, beloved.

"Therefore know that your calls are instantaneously physically manifest there by this highway of Light as though you were physically standing there. So it is also true of the dispensation to Lake Titicaca. Forget it not. For these tunnels of Light are established at great cost to heaven above and to you here below.

"That cost, then, is repaid by you as you give the calls and therefore prove the usefulness of the dispensation—and of the dispensation as a means to averting war and calamities untold. Thus it is for the mitigation of that which is projected upon the earth that we are about our Father’s business."

Lady Master Nada

"Dear hearts, the moment of the release of my own Purple Fiery Heart this day is come.
And I open now the orifice of my own being for a release to America, the world, and every true friend of my heart. I count myself fortunate to have many friends upon earth, not the least of which are yourselves.

"Blessed ones, to these friends who have stood with me—tried and true in the testings of life—I send the momentum and dispensation from the heart of Helios and Vesta for the opening of the highways for the path of Self-discovery, that my friends of light might not only know me in the silent recesses of their hearts but know me in the fullness of the face-to-face encounter with the ascended master octaves that has been our goal for so long.

"Therefore, I send forth the violet flame! Therefore, I release the violet flame! Therefore, I anchor my Purple Fiery Heart in the heart of every Keeper of the Flame where the threefold flame of Life burns, where the sacred fire is touched by Sanat Kumara, where the strengthening of the will has already been known through the precious diamond of Morya.

"There I come—and here I AM! I AM here in the fullness of the joy of regeneration. Be then regenerated in the fullness of the violet flame! Be then exalted, as God would be exalted in you and as he would lift you up, as the Saint Christopher raised up the Christ Child to bear him over the waters of life.

"So be lifted up by the buoyant manifestation of my Purple Fiery Heart! Be lifted up by the same love that I gave to our Lord Jesus. Be lifted, then, by that love of consolation, of tenderness and comfort, of joy and promise and hope!

"The vision of the New Jerusalem is on high; and the vision of all that the fallen ones propose is beneath. Let us sweep it out of the way by the rolling momentum of violet flame, as I set myself before Alpha and Omega in this hour to be the open door for the transfer of light from the heart of God to your own very fiery hearts of freedom!

"I pray that in my coming to you in these recent months, your momentum of devotion to freedom and to the violet flame has also increased. I pray that you will know that we are with you as you consider and study what are the consequences of each move you make, each decision you take to expend your life, energy, and supply in our purposes."

Saint Germain

" . . . O beloved, it is a momentous hour. Therefore, be seated in a compartment of my consciousness. I open my vast garments to you. You may climb inside one of an infinite number of pockets in the lining of my cloak and feel cozy all inside—and even take a nap while I am speaking!

"Blessed hearts, feel the warmth and the joy of this little hammock of a pocket inside the cloak of Elohim and know that I have a pocket for each and every one of you. And do you know that elves of Hercules have embroidered your name upon that pocket that is your very own private berth?

"So, beloved, I give you this which is indeed a reality, that you might know the profound comfort of Elohim, that you might have the sense of abiding in me always as I truly abide even in the center of the atom of self that you have charged with the will of God.

" . . . Certain of you who desire to be my chelas, so signify it in these twenty-four hours. For trained by Morya, enlisted by Archangel Michael, there are some whom I may receive. But you must take as your first assignment, beloved, physical balance. I am the most physical of Elohim. And therefore, you must know how strong is my strength in you in this octave. Balance, beloved, by the wheel of the Law—balance heart, head and hand, mind and feeling, physical body with etheric counterpart."

Elohim Hercules
August 9, 1987

"I call to your attention a scene in the life of Moses. Moses was empowered by the Spirit of the LORD and that Holy Spirit was upon him. And the LORD did speak to him and did say: 'Go and summon the seventy elders that you might not bear the majesty of the Holy Spirit alone and I will apportion to those seventy elders that Spirit which I have placed upon you. Thereby you will have assistance.' And so the seventy elders were called and they gathered and they each received a portion of the Holy Spirit from the mantle of Moses.

"Thus, I summon in this hour, as directed by the Lords of Karma, seventy of you to come out from among you to prepare yourselves on the path of the Holy Spirit. I trust that you who are called will not misuse your apportionment of the Holy Spirit and, most importantly, that you will recognize that evenness of temperament is a must.

"I trust that you will keep your allegiance, your faithfulness to your calling. I trust that you will come into alignment at a level that you will maintain until your victory in this life that you might be role models for those who look up to you and that you might also bear the burdens of the Messenger. This you have already been doing but now you may be empowered by one-
seventieth of the mantle so that the Messenger’s stay in the earth might be prolonged.

"As Jesus sent the other seventy to go forth to preach the gospel in his name, so God called the seventy who would share the burden of the LORD in the mantle of Moses. Think of this, beloved! There are some of you in this Community who are not far from merging with the office of the elders of the people under Moses. The office is an outline. You step into the outline, and if you wear it well, you should disappear into the outline, you and the Holy Spirit having become one.

"This is an opportunity for ministers and lay brothers and sisters alike. Consider it, beloved. For some of you, the level of achieving this is very near but it requires your attention to the details of self-mastery and a profound and inner commitment to bearing the mantle of the Lord.

"Some of you have listened well to Kuthumi, to El Morya, to Mother Mary and pursued the resolution of the issues of your psychology. Others among you have not cracked a book or attended a session where you might learn something of the mechanisms of the human psyche.

"I would tell you that if you desire to be a part of this seventy, you must get going and get into this study of the workings of your subconscious mind, entering into therapy sessions with recognized professionals who are in your midst. What a pity that some, after all this time, have not seen this endeavor as a useful and necessary adjunct to their ultimate success on the spiritual path.

"It is so important, beloved, in the moment when you are ultimately tested and your mantle is tested and your commitment and trust are tested that you should not falter and fall because you have not resolved levels of your psychology, whether known or unknown by you.

"Some cannot be known. They are of past lives and are hidden in the folds of nonmemory, inaccessible to the outer mind yet accessible through the assistance of a qualified therapist. You may feel anger, you may feel that you have a deep-seated out-of-alignment state with God, but you may not know the cause."

Maha Chohan

"Now therefore, I, Uriel-Aurora Archangel, summon the corona of the Sun and the angels of the corona of the Sun. This corona, beloved, is the literal, veritable aura of the Cosmic Christ consciousness and therefore does contain within itself the complete circle of the teachings of Christ the Lord Jesus, of Christ the Lord Maitreya, of Christ the Lord Gautama, [of] Christ the Lord Sanat Kumara. And it does contain the complete circle of the teachings of the Buddha Lord Jesus, the Buddha Lord Maitreya, the Buddha Lord Gautama, the Buddha Lord Sanat Kumara.

"Therefore know, beloved, that this corona of the Sun may be invoked by you, even as you invoke the solar ring around your-selves, around the people of Light, around the earth body. And it is for the saturation of the minds and souls and hearts with that Cosmic Christ illumination. And that illumination does take on the coloration of the golden pink glow-ray; for it does contain the love of the heart! the love of the heart! the love of the heart! the compassion and the mercy. For without charity, beloved, all of the Teaching is incomplete."

Archangel Uriel and Aurora

"This is our resolution, and to see it come to pass we must have continuous calls for the rolling back of the nefarious forces of the secret agents of the KGB and of the Communist network worldwide. We are determined, therefore, that there shall not be an alliance of international organized crime with the world totalitarian movements or any other manipulators of the people found in the Western economies. We are determined that the Herods and the Pilates of this age shall not form their alliances to defeat the sons of God.

"Therefore, we, the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood, with Keepers of the Flame, resolve that, one for one, the ascended masters will overshadow the Keepers of the Flame as never before, that their calls might be multiplied and they might be electrodes of our Electronic Presence in physical embodiment. We, the ascended masters, have determined to step through the veil through our chelas!"

Saint Germain
October 6, 1983

"And you will know the Truth of Maitreya. And you will receive the initiations individually from my heart daily if you but inscribe, then, a separate letter to me this New Year's Eve addressed to your Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, to me and to my beloved twin flame.

"Then, beloved, you may apply to become my chela, my initiate. And watch well, for I AM determined to accept almost as many who call upon me, rather to give you the initiations and let you eliminate yourselves rather than I eliminating you without giving you a clean white page in 1986 to begin anew where you left off on Lemuria.

"And I tell you, you did leave me in Lemuria and I come to claim you again! And you may determine to move forward, for I will bring you to that point of the union, whether inner or outer, of twin flames as only my office can accomplish. For it is my office that was violated by twin flames, and therefore through me you must receive that reuniting.

"Thus, beloved, understand that wherever there is the beloved presence of Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus, there I AM. There I AM as heart filled to deliver their Light, as they have taught me forever and taught also Lord Gautama and Jesus and Kuthumi and all who have come to the union of the I AM THAT I AM."

Lord Maitreya
December 31, 1985

"Blessed ones, you have heard it said that at the point of the balance of 51 percent of your karma there is the opportunity for the ascension. And you have heard it said that the reason this is decreed by the Lords of Karma—that you may balance the remaining 49 percent from the ascended state—is that following the balancing of the 51 percent there is the initiation of the soul's descent into Death and Hell and to the astral plane. And few have returned from that descent. So alarming was this condition, especially in the Western world, to the Lords of Karma that this dispensation was proposed and granted by the Cosmic Council.

"Beloved hearts, strange as it may seem, for the chelas of the will of God it is not so difficult to reach the point of the 51-percent balance, given that this is a son or daughter of God who has diligently striven lifetime after lifetime. Thus, it is important to be conscious when one is beyond that mark. For there are some who in descending into the astral plane to take those initiations beyond that point have in fact succumbed to a suicide of a spiritual magnitude or taken the left-handed path."

El Morya

"I, Saint Germain, have come to commit my love to you, to give you assistance. Please, beloved, obey the Great Cosmic Law and the law of your Mighty I AM Presence. Please be diligent in applying the teachings of the Dhyani Buddhas and all that has been given to you so that I may be allowed by the Great Law to intercede!

"All dispensations have a circumscription, beloved ones; and therefore how and when and if I may help you depends on your opening your heart to me and your understanding that indeed the Law of Love must be fulfilled. And when it is in you, beloved, I tell you we are one.

" . . . I am determined not to allow you to hide from yourself, to disguise from yourself your self- indulgence, your inattentiveness to the spiritual path even while you perform exemplary service. That spiritual path is an inner path [for the one who] does not seal off from his awareness the not-self, or the dweller[-on-the-threshold], but is willing to open the manhole and look down into its ugly face daily and to know that one has not finished the race, one is not secure till that one be bound.

" . . . All world eventualities put aside, all possibilities of cataclysm or war set aside, know this, beloved, that it is the hour of the darkness of the descent of individual karma and none is exempt from it. May you pedal and keep pedaling, beloved, that you keep ahead of that descending karma in your world. Pedal the violet flame. Pedal the blue ray and the calls to Archangel Michael and develop strength in limb and lung and mind and fiery heart."

Saint Germain

"I am Saint Germain. I come to you in this hour. I come with my heart and with a gift of the violet flame. And I say to you, hear me now! Hear me, O beloved! For there does come forth from me and my angels who have gathered, a portion of the violet flame.

"And if you will receive it, you may simply assent in your heart now and they shall come and pour this vial of violet flame into your heart for the strengthening of your heart, for the removal of all hardness of heart and nonmercy, for the expansion of the threefold flame, for the expansion of the heart chakra, for the expansion of your awareness of things you have not been aware of before, whether things from above out of the heavens or things from beneath that have been the deceptions of the fallen angels upon mankind for centuries.

"Receive my violet flame angels! Receive them, O world! For all who shall see and hear my words shall also have the opportunity to receive these angels and this dispensation of violet flame. It is an elixir, if you will, of the Holy Spirit. It is transmitted to you in this moment. Feel it now and breathe deeply that you might breathe it in and know it is become a permanent part of you and a raising of your consciousness to the age of Aquarius and all of its portents.

"Now as you daily take these little books and our other decrees to the violet flame, as you invoke that violet flame by the power of the God within you, you shall see planetary change. I call for millions to join in the call to the violet flame and the Seventh Ray! And I ask you to see the immediacy of its effect in your world for the healing of diseases of the mind, the soul and the body, for the clearing up of problems in business and in the nation. I ask you to see how that violet flame going forth from you will help all whom you meet and will support your leaders to make right choices, will enlighten the populace so that they also may properly exercise their vote.

"I am in the heart of every freedom fighter upon earth. I am in the heart of those who were defeated in Tiananmen Square because the nations did not rise up with one arm and say, 'Thus far and no farther!' to the Communist Chinese, to that government and this nation’s representative, who has preferred commerce to the liberty of the individual.

"Yes, beloved, nation by nation by nation I am in the hearts of those who have dared to strike against this Moloch of human greed, against the towers of Babylon and Assyria and of the ancient ones of Atlantis who did betray the people."

Saint Germain
April 27, 1991

"Blessed ones, those of you who are in embodiment and moving toward your ascension can do much good, for you may teach souls in their finer bodies who have misconceptions concerning the true Divine Doctrine and the true Divine Science. They may receive this teaching from you as brother or sister in the corridors of the Royal Teton Retreat after the classes that are taught by the Chohans or even by the Messengers [have adjourned]. Thus, beloved, you may comfort and console, share mighty truths that will filter through when the soul returns to the body and [that will] assist that soul in overcoming the prejudices of the intellectual mind.

" . . . There is a certain adeptship and a certain self-mastery that must be gained [by you] in this course, and I am the teacher assigned by the Darjeeling, Indian and Royal Teton Councils of the Great White Brotherhood to perform a service [of helping you achieve that goal]. I have had a great deal of success with souls who have applied themselves earnestly. And you would be amazed, beloved, how the services that you [will be able to] perform, [when you shall have successfully passed your tests,] can increase your opportunity to balance karma. Thus twenty- four hours a day you may be balancing karma by rendering service to life."

Lady Master Leto

"I show you, then, the mystery, beloved hearts, which I show the Messenger, and it is the thread. It is a filigree thread. And this thread, starting in the devotion of the heart, proceeding to the crown chakra, is now shown to extend through your I AM Presence to the Central Sun. This is what is known as the thread of contact with the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.

"Blessed hearts, the thread of contact can be broken. It is a mighty strong thread but also delicate. Therefore, see thou do it not: see thou do not blaspheme thy God or disgrace him or take his name in vain. See that thou dost control thine anger and all aggressions akin to the Martian mechanization evolutions.

"Blessed hearts, guard the thread. For as some have lost the threefold flame and the bonding to Christ, so some have lost this thread of contact. It is given to those who have attended this conference. Those who may offer their devotions through [the decrees and songs that] have been given in these five days [in King Arthur's Court] may apply and receive the same [dispensation of the thread of contact]."

El Morya

"The scars of your karma, which have also scarred the Matter cosmos, may not disappear all at once. Therefore you pursue this ritual daily. You can say: 'The Matter cosmos is a cosmos of violet fire! The Matter cosmos is the purity God desires!' You can say any of the mantras you desire. But, beloved ones, it is a glorious joy to know that when you will have fulfilled this life [and made your ascension] you will have no ties of a negative nature to anyone in the Matter cosmos but only millions of positive ties to individuals upon earth who are yet moving toward the sun of their Presence. And these individuals, by reason of having received the violet flame that you have invoked, will now owe you some karma.

"And therefore, [as an Ascended Master,] you may call upon them, you may work through them. You may ask them to receive you, perhaps to write books that you would dictate or to write music that you would direct. [There are] all sorts of things that Ascended Masters like to bring into manifestation once they are ascended and, of course, they can be heard or seen by scarcely anyone. [9-second applause]

"The violet flame will do for you what you do not know until you invoke it. And do you know what? I am not going to tell you today what the violet flame can and will do for you if you take ahold of it and, with the same fire with which this Messenger delivers to you the Word of God, you invoke it, you love it, you call to it, you draw it forth because all of your desiring is to make that violet flame physical, just as all of the desiring of this Messenger is to make our presence to you physical.

"Do you understand, beloved ones, that it is the receptacle of the Messenger that allows us to deliver such intensity by her intense love of our hearts and of God Almighty? Appreciate this, beloved ones, and be your own messenger of your own Holy Christ Self and deliver to the earth your 'dictations' of steady streams of violet flame and violet flame decrees! [23-second standing ovation]

"How we love you! How we love you! We pray you would know and feel that love as intensely as we give it and as intensely as it is felt in the heart of the Messenger. Oh, that love, beloved, should you receive an ounce of it or more, would surely be for you the resolution of all separation from God!

"Oh, give unto us, the legions of the violet flame, the Goddess of Freedom, Saint Germain and Portia, the Mighty One, the Great Divine Director, all elemental life—oh yes, beloved ones, give unto the Seventh-Ray Buddhas and Bodhisattvas an opportunity!

"Let us make it forty days. Beloved, give yourself forty days of saturation of the violet flame.

"[Direct it] into those nooks and crannies and [empty] places [that ought to be filled] and painful spots and sores and hurts and limitations, problems with the health of your children, loved ones.

"Give yourself the forty days and the forty nights of the rain of the violet flame. Trade it, beloved, for [the averting of] some future cataclysm that could come upon the earth.

"Give forty days of violet flame.

"Pick the time, beloved, but do something every day and keep to that something that we might hear you and have [your violet flame] response directed to all of us who have spoken at this conference.

"Blessed hearts, see what you can do with planet earth and yourself with the violet flame.

"See what questions will be answered, and see the sublime level of the Seventh Ray that you may rise to. And you know, you might just find that you will be able to hold that level, sustain it and thereby catapult your soul up into that secret chamber of the heart just as you desire!

"We are the ones of the sealing. Therefore we seal you, seal you in the Light of the Seven Archangels, seal you in the heart of hearts of your beloved Lanello, who comes to have a chat with you now. [15-second standing ovation]"

Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst
July 5, 1992

"May you know now, beloved, that the times are moving on and that the times are terrifying in their foreboding as that astral sea does rise and as the planetary darkness does continue to rise. May you know yourself in the center of a Maltese-cross formation!

"Now, beloved, I cannot increase, but this one last dispensation I might give to you concerning this. And it is that wherever two or three gather in my name in any city or home upon the planet, there shall be formed—and it is now being formed by my angels of Light—the outline of a Maltese cross. It is an outline only, beloved. It is an outline that can be occupied by other priests of the Order of Melchizedek and violet flame angels of the Order of Zadkiel.

"It is an outline whereby, if you will call daily to the violet flame—not missing a day, beloved—if you will give your invocations, if you will use the tapes provided by the Messenger, therefore uniting your voices with many who have gathered in the Inner Retreat, therefore drawing that Inner Retreat to your place—you will know that one by one priests of the sacred fire of the Seventh Ray will come forth to fill in the outline of the Maltese cross. And if there be no violet flame invocations, then there shall be a disintegration of the outline [and its vacating by these beings of the Seventh Ray].

"This is the dispensation allowed to me by the Cosmic Council and nothing more, beloved, and yet I consider it a great dispensation and a boon to your hearts!

"Know, then, that the only mitigation that can occur from spiritual realms into the physical whereby the prophecies you have heard can be slowed down (i.e., can be mitigated or eliminated entirely) is by the use of the sacred fire. You who have been in former lifetimes in ancient times priests and priestesses in the temples of Lemuria, in the temples of the Divine Mother, know that it is time that the intonation and the sounding of the Word be once again heard through you.

"Do not sit on the sidelines and treat this decade as a spectator sport, beloved. Unless you engage not only in this game of life but also in this Armageddon of the forces of Light and Darkness, there will not be a victory in this age.

" . . . Therefore I say to you, let the violet flame go forth! Let its sound ring! And may you know the reinforcements of the legions of Archangel Michael. May you know that these Maltese crosses [placed] in the etheric octave over the students of Light can provide them with that point of the figure-eight flow, that point of concentration of the living Christ, that point of the gathering of hosts of the Lord for the transmutation of personal karma, the karma that I announced was soon descending, as I spoke to you in 1986."

Saint Germain
May 1, 1991

"I AM your Knight Commander. I come even as I sponsored the fraternity of the Masons, the Knights Templar and those who were of old knights of the cross. Yes, beloved, I have sponsored holy orders to keep alive the flame of initiation.

"I have sponsored this Messenger and placed my mantle upon her that I might have a voice in this hour and that those who would hear my voice should know the Truth and should know that it is I who speak to you. For I have loved you for tens of thousands of years! I have called your souls to the fount of liberty! And I would not leave you comfortless and I would not leave you without the protection of the hosts of the Lord.

"Know, then, that the physical word spoken is the call that must be heard and ring true in each twenty-four-hour cycle. I implore you to heed me so that in the hour of [intended] victory you shall have it and not say to me, 'Why did we not listen to you, Saint Germain? Why did we not listen?'

"It is imperative, as nothing else you have ever heard, that you devote yourselves even for an hour or several hours a day to the action of the violet flame. I must have cups of light in concentration to bring to the Lords of Karma that I might have renewed and continuing dispensations for you."

Saint Germain
May 1, 1991

"I ask you now to receive my Electronic Presence over you. This means, beloved, that my Ascended Master Light Body is superimposed over you now if you will it, and you may retain that Presence with you so long as you can maintain your own harmony and the violet flame pulsation.

"And if you lose that harmony and lose the intensity of the violet flame, then I say call upon the law of forgiveness—call upon me, call upon me, call upon me, I say, to place it over you again! For I would give you the mightiest assistance possible that is open to me now before the ultimate turning of the cycles into the age of Aquarius.

"Beloved, I tell you this: the time will come when I will not have these dispensations. May you count the hours precious wherein you can pursue through the violet flame the bonding to your Holy Christ Self, wherein you can pursue that pillar of fire in the midst of your being. Such offerings, beloved, almost go begging on the earth today."

Saint Germain
May 1, 1991

"You live in a moment, and it is a moment of cosmic history, when by the application of the violet flame decrees you can eliminate much karma and therefore much misery in the future, when [for your neglect of this dispensation] you should have to balance that karma by the sweat of the brow in another dispensation [not so opportune] rather than through the intercession of the Holy Spirit that does come.

"Thus, my beloved, there does need to be a strengthening of the priesthood that has created this violet flame Maltese cross. Through the sustainment of this focus in this city and above it, you will find that all others that can be raised up will also be strengthened.

"I say, then, to all Keepers of the Flame of the world and to you who are my new students, whom I have drawn in that I might love you in this hour and give you of my heart: Now is the hour for the saturation of your worlds [with the violet flame]! Now I draw a mighty sphere of Light around you. Now I infill you with violet flame.

"And I remind you that certain karma of ancient Lemuria is upon most of the students who call themselves the avant-garde of the New Age, who pursue a path that is above and apart from the orthodox traditions of the world's major religions."

Saint Germain
May 1, 1991

"The evolutions of the Violet Planet draw nigh and there is the forcefield of that planet now superimposed upon planet earth. There are volunteers from that planet who have come to keep the violet flame with you and its vigil. There are others who have volunteered to come into embodiment and even those of the elemental kingdom who have volunteered to come here and serve with the Nature spirits who tend this planetary body.

"Beloved ones, you should take this as a sign of urgency and a sign of great love [on the part] of those who see and know the prophecy of the decade and desire to be with you and to provide all assistance possible. They are reinforcements. They are brothers and sisters on the Path whom you have known. They will walk with you. They will multiply your decrees. They will give a certain lightness to your bodies and spirits in an hour when world karma is becoming heavier and heavier.

"Yes, beloved, as many evolutions of as many systems of worlds who are able to provide assistance and support to those who serve Almighty God on planet earth are volunteering. May your violet flame calls produce dispensations whereby more than those of the violet planet may come to you."

Saint Germain
May 1, 1991

"May you know that by calling to me you will have access to many millions of adepts of the Seventh Ray who will help you, that it is indeed possible that this message be delivered, that the people who have the awareness will hear, will invoke the Light, will overcome. Let there not be doubt or discouragement! Fill every hour with the flame of living hope and the acknowledgment of your immortality!

"I affirm that immortality and I affirm your soul's ability to be fused with the living Christ. May you know your Saviour in the person of the Son of God, Jesus the Christ. May you know your salvation in the Christ Presence that God has given to you. And may you know that Jesus does take your hand, that Jesus does hold the hand of your Christ Self; and to bring the two together is his great desiring, that you might have that perception and that Christ-discrimination for action.

"As you give the violet flame [mantras, decrees and songs], you will transmute the blocks that exist between the soul and the living Christ of you. Long for that day! Let your souls pant for the living God, as the Psalmist wrote. May you know that it is expedient that you return to that state of Christ wholeness you once knew in prior golden-age civilizations.

" . . . I therefore, Omri-Tas, with a love and pulsation in my heart that is surely multiplied by the love that Saint Germain holds for you, stand before you and impress upon you my presence, my love and the extension of my heart as well as that of the evolutions of my planet truly for the saving of earth and the saving of a golden age.

"I appeal to you, then: Cast into the violet flame and into my aura now all doubt and fear—fear of death, fear of the future, fear of what the powers-that-be may do to you, fear to live your life through to the culmination of victory.

"I release fearlessness flame to you and I say: Do not fear death but embrace Life as the ultimate calling! And give gratitude to God that your living temple is here in the physical octave, where you can minister to life who has greater need for you than any other need that exists in the universe.

"This is the crossroads, beloved. I say: I am holding with Mighty Victory and his legions of Light the power of the matrix of victory for this earth and yourselves. Decide in this hour that you will have your victory in this day and that you will contribute that victory in a mighty way to all evolutions of earth!

"I decree it for you. Do it, beloved! For it is the only way to have the Victory. In whatever way you would express yourself in this moment to that cause, I say, let your voices be heard in heaven that we might ratify your decree! [The audience offers invocations to God and the ascended host.]

"Therefore, in this hour of the Dark Cycle turning, April 23, 1991, I deposit in the heart of the earth a dispensation immense of concentrated violet flame.

"It is an intercession of the quality of mercy. It is an intercession afforded to all those who serve the Light. And through your Holy Christ Self it shall be meted out as an unguent, as an elixir.

"May you drink of it in your hours of need and [in your hours of] strength and keep it replenished by new calls to the violet flame. It is a giant violet flame reservoir, as a sea of light pulsating.

"So know, beloved, that I could obtain this dispensation where Saint Germain could not.

"I am holding that sea of light on behalf of those who serve the Seventh Ray and who will leap into the violet flame with all those priests and priestesses of the sacred fire who are with you as well as those of the violet planet.

"I, Omri-Tas, continue to multiply the power of your decrees. Let us see what great victory can come out of the Lightbearers stationed on planet earth!

"I AM Omri-Tas and I bow to the Light that is the flame in your heart. Remember, that flame is God. [16-second standing ovation]"

May 1, 1991

"Thus, you must have short-term goals and long-term goals and you must be goal-fitted by the Ascended Master El Morya and the Lords of the Seven Rays, who invite you to their universities of the Spirit to study there nightly. Answer their call, beloved. For these temples are open and they are open not without cause. For we have in mind the very same goals that I have just stated to you.

"And if you do take their training and if you are diligent in the giving of the violet flame [decrees] and if you take, therefore, the mystery of surrender as a rosary from the heart of Mother Mary and the rosary of Archangel Michael for Armageddon, you will find yourself thoroughly engaged with the angels of Light for the defense of life on earth. Know, then, that these rosaries are given to you for your absolute God-protection and perfectionment.

". . . Therefore, beloved, I ask you, when you call for the violet flame dispensations to [be given to] their hearts, to not neglect the giving of Archangel Michael's Rosary daily [in their behalf]. Beloved, some immense sacrifice must be forthcoming from those Lightbearers of Europe who have seen the Truth and know it in their hearts! And I tell you, it is the Archangel Michael Rosary followed by calls to him, unrelenting, to the blue-lightning angels for this action of their swords of blue flame, to march up and down and left and right, east and west, north to south and up again, [for] the encirclement of these nations that they might be quickened to the awareness of what is that evil intent that is planned against them."

Saint Germain
February 27, 1988

"We come for the strengthening of the pilasters and the insertion in the earth of electrodes of blue fire. Almost as you would place toothpicks to hold together a cake or a sandwich, so we insert in the earth, through layers of subterranean disturbances and pressures, giant electrodes of the will of God thousands of feet in length, having a diameter the width of this altar [25½ ft.].

"These the Elohim and the four cosmic forces are placing throughout the planetary body for the holding steady of the earth in a time when her molecules and substances are being bombarded with discordant sound, with chemicals and pollutions, with anger and war, experimentation, abuse of every kind and the shedding of blood. These electrodes will assist, beloved, in the absorption by earth and her evolutions of the new etheric body earth received almost a year ago.

" . . . Thus, raise your hands thus [in this manner] now. Take the hand of two Ascended Masters and feel the flow of the will of God—each one a mighty bodhisattva standing staunch above you to the left, to the right. You, then, become the cradle of the V, the lowest point that has descended. And the hands you clasp complete the sign of the V of victory in this fourteen- month cycle. They pull you up and they let you down again as you serve in the lowest octaves, and draw you up again to the etheric retreats and the inner glory of the City Foursquare."

El Morya
December 29,1985

"If there is something in the world you truly desire to see happen, you can offer a percentage of your Causal Body, [this] to be approved by the Lords of Karma. You may offer that, beloved. And when you do, it is as seed money, it is as a leaven. We may use it to accomplish that for which you have asked. And the good karma of that victory may return to you and multiply again that percentage you have given as an investment that you can invest again and again and increase on your investment and therefore have more and more to invest in many causes.

"Try it, beloved, for opportunity has never been so great. And those beings of the Central Sun who determine what light can be given again and again to earth must have some collateral, and that must be an approved percentage [of your Causal Body]. It is as though you should give a pint of blood to the needy or some portion of yourself for another.

"You can spare some of your Causal Body. What portion you can spare can be determined by your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self before the Lords of Karma. Please include this request in your letters to the Karmic Board at this season of the summer solstice."


" . . . the dispensation announced by the Elohim Apollo, July 6, 1975—the release of an increment of the light of illumination 'delivered only once in ten thousand years for the elevation of consciousness and the centering of that consciousness in the crown [chakra].

" . . . Now the rod coming from the Central Sun by cosmic edict—the stepping-up of the mind of humanity! And the Solar Logoi implant that rod in consonance with the Christ Self of each one. And it is done! And mankind may, if they choose, employ the rod to enter a new era and a golden age!'"

See 'An Increment of Light from the Holy Kumaras,' in The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History, and Religion of America, p. 269-70; cassette B7526.

On October 7, 1977, Apollo announced that some who had passed certain initiations over many thousands of years now stood ready to inherit a portion of the mind of God. 'I announce to you this initiation so that you might feel the urge to quickly place your atoms and cells in alignment with God’s mind so that you, too, might receive in each successive cycle those increments that are to be given before the year 2001.' See Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 21, p. 97; cassette B7804.

El Morya

"Thus, I come, the joyful student, to announce to you the most precious dispensation which comes from Maitreya, placed upon me by him with all diligence and the same concern for the step-up of your lives. This dispensation is my assignment to work with each one of you individually for your physical health and for the healing of your psychology, that we might swiftly get to the very cause and core of physical as well as spiritual and emotional conditions that there be no more setbacks or indulgences and surely not two steps forward and one step back.

"Thus, from this hour, if you will call to me and make a determination in your heart to transcend the former self, I will tutor you both through your own heart and any messenger I may send your way. Therefore, heed the voicesnot astral but physicaland watch the course of events. And, of course, when you have the opportunity to receive my word from the messenger, know truly that I use her often to explain to you the intricacies of the blocks in consciousness. For you are so sincere and the sweetness of thy hearts is touching to the soul in a world hardened by war and abortion.

"Thus, I come in many guises. And I do acknowledge to you, beloved, that whatever else may or may not be said from the left or the right, our messenger is truly adequate and ready to demonstrate to you the path of your Christhood as we have walked it, as we have attained it.

"This is a school, truly, of hard knocks. This is a school where you will hear our gruff voice. Be of good cheer, for our bark is often worse than our bite but proves most useful in eliminating those who are so easily scared away from the fount, who seek favoritism and praise when in fact they should recognize the love of the gruff voice and know that that which is offended is the ego self, the prideful self.

"Thus, offense is a grave enemy and ought to be discarded. We use this mode, that those who belong not here may well have their offense and take it and move on their way as the 'hurt ones,' the 'bruised ones,' the 'injured ones.'

"Isn't it strange that those who call themselves men, who have gone forth, could be offended by a little woman? Beloved hearts, something is awry! Where has gone the prototype of Western man with all the strength and independence, without botheration from females? After all, are we not the Gurus? Then why allow a little woman to cause so much consternation, so much reaction, so much anger? More is the proof, then, that it is we who act, for how can a little woman perform such deeds of which she is accused?"

January 27, 1985

"Each one of you receives, then, the presence of a mighty seraphim with you unto the hour of your fulfillment of [your mission in] this lifeunless you somehow violate that presence and that tie by word or thought or action. These seraphim have rejoiced at this assignment, beloved, and they come to you with great devotion, knowing you personally and knowing you well.

"Remember, one of the gifts that the seraphim have [received from God] is [the ability] to place their Electronic Presence over you, to lock in to your entire four lower bodies and to bring about a gentle healing and spiral of wholeness, the mending of the tears in the garment, the weaving and the reweaving of the Deathless Solar Body.

"May you rejoice at such sponsorship and may there be a true change in your attitude and outlook, in what you allow to occupy your mind and your time, your space and your feeling world.

"We desire you to rise, not a single notch but three feet this night. Visualize it, beloved, and may it be so. We desire you up the spiral staircase, far out of reach of the denizens of the lower darkness.

"This is my mission in coming, beloved. My gratitude to all Keepers of the Flame who have made possible this dictation at all."

Serapis Bey
December 29, 1990

' . . . I come to you late in the cycle but not too late. I did not speak at the turning of this cycle on September 4, for had I spoken, beloved, you would have had locked in to your four lower bodies this Fourth Secret Ray. At that hour you were still as shorn lambs; and, beloved, you were not prepared to receive such an intense fire as is the Fourth Secret Ray.

"Since its wisdom is the antithesis of the passions and the misuse of the sacred fire and since you have not diligently sought the binding of the dweller[-on-the-threshold] that represents all of those momentums, it was considered [and decided] by the great Cosmic Council, who has sent me this night, to forestall the locking in of that secret ray into this body and Community.

"The hour has come, then, beloved, that if this secret-ray cycle is to bear fruit of victory and God-mastery for some among this planetary body, there must be the locking in. Hence we have called for your petitions for forgiveness and this is a conference for inner resolution.

"Blessed ones, this cycle is in the planetary body. It will work its work but some must anchor the pillar of fire that it represents. Therefore I ask you to pursue the highest calling of the Fourth Ray under my guidance, tutelage and sponsorship. I offer you sponsorship guardedly, yet I do so out of profound compassion for your state. I desire to assist you in the raising up of ascension's flame, and I desire to see you not crumble beneath the weight of this secret-ray planetary initiation.

"Ere these fourteen months have passed, beloved, you will see events outplayed in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world, and you will understand how turmoil does indeed ensue when this Fourth Secret Ray band is in play.

"Therefore, I ask that you signal our seraphim in this hour if you desire the true locking in to your chakras of this ray. I ask you not to fear or falter, yet to also be realistic.

"You who know you are faithful, you who know that you take recourse in God and that you continually stand on the battle line in this court and in your homes, accept with trust and confidence that you can bear this ray. And as you so signal that you would receive it, I shall give you then the special protection of my mantle. Yet my mantle cannot protect you from an out-of-alignment state, nor can it protect you from any karma that you should make. My mantle will give you the strength to keep your vows and to move on.

"I will tell you that locking in to this Fourth Secret Ray band will be a great assist in your overcoming of all adversaries of this Community and Church, Messenger and chelas. It is necessary for the victory. I will also tell you that to ride this ray at its crest in this hour and to continue with all diligence will allow you to arrive at a certain level of the passing of initiations that will enable you to increase your attainment and ability to draw forth supply and all that you need to go on in the fulfillment of your mission.

"Thus, it is a ray for which there is no substitute, a cycle for which you will wait again another fourteen cycles. Therefore understand, beloved, that coming into this ray in this hour is expedient if you are prepared for the challenge.

"I say it can be done! I have confidence that you can do it. But you must show forth the will, the discriminating wisdom and the love to do so. I pray, therefore, that my warning to you will not make you so timid that you will not even come forward to accept this challenge.

"A certain karma is upon the nation and the nations in this hour. I pause to contemplate it and also to contemplate what this world would be like without our chelas and Keepers of the Flame. Your decrees were never more necessary to hold the balance for those who yet need to discover this path and to do so quickly.

"Keepers of the Flame who hear my words, know that your decrees are vital for your own victory and that of the planet! Your observation of the cycles of the fourteen months is essential also.

"I ask you now to stand and be counted, [those of you] who shall receive the locking in of the Fourth Secret Ray band for the fulfillment of his mission, her mission and that of this Church.

"Holy Justinius, receive your troops! These I present to you in the persons of our beloved Keepers of the Flame. They come to receive you. They stand in honor of your seraphim legions of Light. They do not rush in as fools where angels fear to tread, but they take their stand with a realistic appraisal of earth's conditions and the forces of Darkness.

"Therefore, I, Serapis, command you, Justinius, and all hosts of the Spirit-Matter Cosmos to guard all who do stand knowing full well the challenges that lie before them! Beloved seraphim, place now your armour upon them, each one, from head to toe!

"Chelas of Serapis Bey, I call you. Receive, then, this armour and see yourselves being dressed by loving servants of the Most High God, seraphim who bow to the Light within you and will magnify that Light by your Lord, your Mighty I AM Presence.

"May you pause each day—and never be without this visualization when you invoke your tube of Light—to see, then, your seraphim attendant dressing you again from head to toe in armour of Light that will deflect from you all harm directed against the holy office you have chosen, which is to embody the Fourth Secret Ray."

Serapis Bey

In his dictation on October 10, 1971, the Great Divine Director gave the following teaching:

“The Mighty I AM Presence has the authority and the power to instantaneously arrest and reverse any cycle and to cause a complete erasing, a disintegration of it, right back to the twelve o’clock line . . . I say to you, you must demand and command it in the name of the Christ —that every single cycle of every single cell and atom within your form that is not outpicturing the perfect cycles of the Christ consciousness is now dissolved, is now arrested and turned back by the authority of your God Presence! If you will but make that invocation each morning, you will find in a very short time that only the cycles of immortal Life, and your divine plan fulfilled, and your ascension will prevail.”


"They have seen the violet flame. They have seen the blue­lightning angels exorcise the most intense, the most insidious forms of entities and demons. They have watched how Astrea and how the Seven Archangels have gone after the darkest of conditions and especially those affecting the youth.

"They are eager, beloved ones, to be sure that when they return to their denser bodies they will have a memory of all that they have been taught at the Grand Teton, that they might also have some sign and contact. Their mentors have assured them again and again that they could find the books of the Teachings in the most prominent bookstores of this nation.

"Some have lamented that they will not find translations in their own countries. And thus, there is born in their hearts, for the first time in this embodiment, a keen desire to study English and to come to America, hopeful that they will make the connection on the outer to that which they have been given within.

"We have presented the vast panorama of the Great White Brotherhood. They have seen Mighty Victory and some of his legions of Light. They have stood present before the Lords of Karma, who have given to them angel secretaries to go over their private Book of Life with them.

"Beloved ones, these are truly the best of earth's evolutions. Though not without karma, they are lovers of the Light, yet not in situations of having any advancement or prior outer knowledge of that which takes place at inner planes.

"This experiment which I have sponsored has been my answer to Saint Germain's Stump to Europe and to the Messenger's call. For the effort of this team and the delivery of the Word night after night has made a deeper and deeper etch in the crystal of Matter and in the souls of Light.

"It is truly an example of what we have taught youthat when the Word is spoken it reaches all upon earth of a similar wave­length and vibration. It is never limited to the immediate audience. And though without the amplification of satellite or modern systems of communication, yet the earth body itself records the Word, which is why the Word must be incarnate in you.

"In the physical sense the Messenger cannot be everywhere. But in the divine sense Lanello is everywhere. And you must be his instrument. Thus, at anytime, wherever you may be in life, you may come upon a soul who has attended this conclave and therefore who has the inner awareness of all of the Teaching and the Law and the specific vision of the work of the angels as they implement the calls of your very divine decrees.

"This dispensation has been made possible by many beings of Light. We have done all we could do for our part. Now we say, the particular call you may make is that these one hundred forty and four thousand and more be allowed to have the memory quickened in them of the inner planes' experience and especially that you might encounter them and give to them even a wallet-size Chart or some portion of the Teaching or a poster or anything that you might prepare that would be appropriate, that they might be drawn to that which is now a part of the immediate inner awareness—not something covered over that they knew twelve thousand years ago on Atlantis, but something they have had immediate association with."

Gautama Buddha and Saint Germain

"Therefore, I ask you not, in this hour of this Easter Sunday, to make a fervent call to me as you would now, caught up as you are in the rapture of my love, but I ask you to write down a letter of your soul to your own Christ Self when you are alone with your thoughts and with your meditation and to surely set forth in writing what it is you are willing to bear in order to be my instrument.

" . . . Realize, therefore, that I AM here in my Electronic Presence over you to now create the situation whereby though I AM ascended, I AM yet on earth. In one sense, the clock has advanced two thousand years and the new momentum of my lifestream of attainment of these years is in the earth. And in another sense, the clock has moved backward to the hours before my ascension.

"For the Presence I place with you, as I have said, is the Presence which you can bear, and it was what the apostles could bear, also. Those who could not even recognize me in the resurrected state could, of course, not receive the full glory of the ascended-master Presence which I was able eventually to convey fully to Paul.

" . . . Now understand that my placing of a Presence with you is so that you may have me with you and also that I may retain the frequency of the ascension flame. This has, therefore, a two- fold consequence. For having the power of the Presence, the Electronic Presence of my own flame with you, you receive a multiplication of your actions, of your service. You can go farther and contact more people, and I am there to assist you in sustaining the attempted setbacks or the moves against you.

"On the other hand, the power of my Presence will draw an increased level of persecution, especially if you come under the initiation of the Lamb and desire the increase. It can be magnified tenfold. Thus realize that the advantage of accelerated chelaship and initiation unto the ascension must be weighed and balanced with the increment’s light and what it will produce as an alchemy in the world today, in the world thought, in the mass consciousness vis-à-vis your lifestream."

Jesus Christ

"The vow that I have taken is to serve with this earth until the true Lightbearers are free. The vow I propose to take, having accomplished this, is to stand with all others who have accepted the transfer of the flame of freedom from our best servants. The specifics of the vow must be, then, to defeat World Communism before it defeats the West and to defeat in the West those betrayers of the Word before the very foundations of Western civilization crumble for their presence in that foundation. To this end I will answer your calls, and that is where the revolution begins."

Saint Germain

"My New Year’s dispensation, then, on behalf of the Dhyani Buddhas, is the clearing of the records and the burdens of all devotees of Light whom Sanat Kumara ordains may receive this dispensation. Thus, where it is possible you shall indeed have a clean white page upon which to write the writings of the Buddha of your heart, the Buddha of the Ruby Ray.

"May you take this opportunity of the New Year, beloved, for very few souls upon earth have this dispensation. Yet, I say those who labor long in the Father’s vineyard receive their rewards not only in heaven but on earth as well."


"To see divine resolution in your souls, beloved, is the reason I have journeyed to the Central Sun to request of the Father this dispensation [to be physically closer to my own]! For if there be not resolution with the Father-Mother God, if there be not the balance of the Father-Mother God and the sacred ritual of the sacred cosmic forces within and without, then that soul will disintegrate, will come apart, just as the atoms of the body come apart. So the lessons of life are taught for all to see who do not have the vision.

". . . I have called you to be my disciples. I have called you to go before me to be shepherds. I have called you to be the Christ. I have called you to challenge the fallen ones who attack our youth. I am gratified that you have heard the Call. I have also called for ten thousand Keepers of the Flame.

" . . . Therefore, I, Jesus, raise my scepter. It is a scepter of judgment. According to your will and as you may ratify it using my judgment call, I will bind and remove from you this day any and all conditions that you desire to [have] cast into the living flame of the Ruby Ray."

Jesus Christ

"Thus understand that I, Lanto, work with you. And I will work even more intensely with you now that you have the dispensation from the Darjeeling Council to study and to apprentice yourselves under those one hundred and forty-four council members."

Lord Lanto

"And through the direct confrontation of the seed of the Watchers there has been once again the dispensation of the Christ that comes in each two-thousand-year period; that a part of the mantle of the Great White Brotherhood therefore is yours to claim; and that the attainment of the one can become the attainment of the many to prove."

Jesus Christ
May 8, 1983

"I place a miniature portrait of myself upon the altar of the secret chamber of your heart. This portrait, beloved, is the true likeness and representation of myself. I ask you to look upon me. And as you look upon me in that framed portrait, so ask me in your heart of hearts (for that is what the secret chamber of your heart is—your heart of hearts) if you might put on some quality of freedom’s flame, some grace, some skill in diplomacy, some rejoicing, some joy. And thus, virtue by virtue and quality by quality, you may also become a part of me as I am a part of you.

"This is the message I bring to you, beloved. I would bond with you as you would bond with me, through the attributes of the mighty Seventh Ray and the dispensation of the age of Aquarius.

"Therefore this dispensation requires of you somewhat more than the dispensation of El Morya, for you must go forth and express the virtues that you perceive as part of the dispensation of the Seventh Ray. And you must build upon those virtues, and you must arrive at the place where you can lay upon the altar of my heart, in my heart of hearts, in the secret chamber of my heart, these virtues developed, these deeds accomplished, entrusting to my heart the individuals you have liberated.

"Know, beloved, and remember that the Seventh Ray includes the priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek, which is for both sons and daughters of God. Reach, then, as far as the Violet Planet, and remember the mighty attributes of the ascended and unascended lifestreams who valiantly serve the violet flame. Through my heart, and my heart ultimately receiving you, you shall have much to offer, even the moving stream of the ever-flowing violet flame.

"So receive me, beloved. I shall be with you, taking you with me. You shall be with me, taking me with you. Do this, beloved, for we are brothers and sisters on the Path. We are opening the door of the Aquarian age! And we desire to open that door to a golden age!"

Saint Germain

" . . . In the light of Alpha and Omega, I, Sanat Kumara, transfer to each one of you a most tangible coil of golden wire on which is recorded the steps and stages of your divine plan and your initiation and all that is required for the similar celebration of your soul’s union with God through me.

"I, Sanat Kumara, sponsor all assembled on this blessed day. For you have been called and you have come. And you have heard the inner calling and you have determined to let no thing stand in your way to be present on this day of the rejoicing of our divine union.

"In the name of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, I salute you and I seal you forevermore!"

Sanat Kumara

"We have spoken before of the descent of this blueprint and this manifestation, but the
descent must come through the Electronic Presence of the embodied chelas, through the magnet of their hearts, of their own I AM Presence, through their espousal of the will of God and that perfect faith that has trust that God will perform all miracles and save to the uttermost this community of Light to perform its perfect work.

"Understand that we may announce many times the descending of the Holy City and you must understand what it is: It is the etheric counterpart of that which is the divine plan for each and every city and center of Light on earth. And ultimately, superimposed upon that which is the divine plan, specific and unique for the city, there is that of the New Jerusalem itself, which is the city of Christ and his saints and which contains the divine and true etheric matrix to which the lost tribes and the Christed ones shall return.

"Let us see both manifest in every areathe local divine plan as the etheric city descending (that peculiar to that area) and that of the New Jerusalem itself. Let all realize that if there is to be any Justice on earth in any field of endeavor, it is this matrix that must be invoked and lowered into manifestation. Thus, those citizens of other cities, states, and nations may take this, my releasethey may play it and play it as often as they will and write their letters to the Four and Twenty Elders that the very same etheric matrix of the Court of the Sacred Fire might focus over their states and nations.

"I do not say what the answer will be. I am an advocate of the call and of the sword of blue flame. I am an advocate of the science of the spoken Word. I am an advocate of the power of the blue-ray chakra and what it can do to re-create the world."

Archangel Michael
February 3, 1985

"You who are scattered throughout the earth and in this activity, unto you is given tenfold opportunity to rise into that Christhood full, into that I AM Presence.

"Wherefore, no dispensation shall be forthcoming to those who have not sought a path of personal Christhood.

"Unto those who have [sought a path of personal Christhood] there is and shall be given protection, a way of Life, abundant opportunity for accelerationwith the warning begun by Gautama in this message and stated by myself:

"The fallen ones in the earth who are judged in this hour—where the Light does excel in you if you will it so and accept itshall not cease to tempt you, to engage you in all manner of Darkness, and to attempt to take you with them through the Second Death should it come to them.

"Blessed ones, the opportunity given, then, to those who have sought earnestly and achieved some measure of Christhood is this: it is a dispensation and a light that cannot, must not be lost, betrayed, misqualified or neglected. This opportunity and dispensation if lost, beloved, will cost you such a price as I shall not enumerate.

"Let those who understand the Law know that if it is not the end of the world, it is indeed the end of a cycle. And in this cycle all those for whom it is possible to ascend to God are now given that momentum, that impetus to do so.

"If the Path is followed victoriously and diligently, the fullness of the Cosmic Christ consciousness shall await you in the hour of your victorious ascension. If it is not, beloved, it shall take untold aeons of rounds and cycles to come to the place again where the karma for the loss of this Light is balanced and a new dispensation mayand I say maybe given.

"Beloved hearts, the Divine Decree has gone forth that unto them who have Light, more Light shall be added; but from them who have not, this day there is taken away that Light which they have abused and misqualified."

Gautama Buddha
May 13, 1987

"Though no new dispensation be given this Wesak to any Ascended Master for the saving of the planet, yet there is given a great dispensation to assist the true chela of the Light.

"Unto those who have sought and maintained a level of the Christ Consciousness throughout the earth and in this activity, there is given tenfold opportunity to rise 'into that Christhood full, into that I AM Presence'moreover protection, a way of Life, abundant opportunity for acceleration together with a stern warning delivered both by Lord Gautama and the Lord Alpha.

"The dispensation and the Light given 'cannot, must not be lost, betrayed, misqualified or neglected.' And to those for whom it is possible to ascend to God in this cycle, that momentum and that impetus to do so is given.

"These conclusions of the Cosmic Council delineate the Divine Decree also spoken by Jesus Christ two thousand years ago as he prophesied both the beginning and the ending of the age, the law of Alpha and Omega: Unto them who have Light, more Light shall be added; but from them who have not, this day there is taken away that Light which they have abused and misqualified.

"The earth is in the hands of the Christed ones. Therefore, the prophecy is for a victory of great magnitude for those who are of the bands of Lightaccording to the choice and the decision and the response of all Lightbearers in the earth.

"This is the same law that has been applied surely and squarely to every planet when in the past the Ascended Masters and the heavenly hosts who comprise the Great White Brotherhood no longer have had dispensation to intercede between a planetary evolution and their returning karma:

"Those in embodimenteven the chelas of the will of God who do sustain the figure-eight flow of the Guru/Chela relationship, as Above so below, with Hierarchymust take full responsibility for the outcome of planet earth.

"Please note well, beloved, that every Lightbearer who does respond to this great dispensation, which is as a mathematical formula to each individual according to his own
inner attainment, may increase through the Word and the Work and multiply the gift for new dispensations forthcoming.

"It is especially the desire of the Darjeeling, Indian, and Royal Teton Councils of the Great White Brotherhood that the direct word to the unfaithful stewards (those who have known the Great Law and the Ascended Masters' Teachings who have resisted the conversion of the living Word and who should have been turned around to face the Sun) be thoughtfully considered.

"So momentous was the statement of the Lord of the World that I quote it here:

"I, Gautama, am required and permitted to cross this line to give one final opportunity to you to come into the Light and live forevermore as God. Woe! to those who have heard our voice and who, having been called, do not answer that call but reject it."

Saint Germain
May 13, 1987

"By the authority of your I AM Presence I, Saint Germain, decree for each and every one of you your God-victory in the Light! I decree it, beloved, and I affirm it! And I tell you, the love of my heart and the shaft of light coming from me to you is such that if you will but play your part and make the Call, you shall have that victory. It is not enough that I decree it. You shall decree it also.

"But I tell you, it does give you a mighty momentum and a movement toward that victory to have an Ascended Master decree that for you. And it does give you that moment of my office as Hierarch of the Aquarian Age. For you see, I decree it for you in this age and in this cosmos that is called Aquarius."

Saint Germain
May 21, 1989

"I, Saint Germain, have been with every one of you since your birth in this life and in many preceding lifetimes. And now I call upon you to come apart and be a separate and chosen people. For I have chosen you! And now the age is turning and the Solar Logoi are concerned as to how the twentieth and twenty-first centuries may be outplayed.

"Most especially are they concerned about the potential for massive cataclysm or world war, or both. In view of these concerns, they have taken a proactive stance and are awarding grants to worthy souls who will not only apply for them but also make good on them and on their commitments of service to the Great White Brotherhood.

"Therefore this is an optimum time for you to apply for and receive grants of assistance backed by certain Ascended Masters who may have close ties to you personally and who are willing to pledge a certain quotient of light to your cause. You may use this light to mitigate or avert what could be the descent of a harsh karma on a planetary scale.

"Thus I ask that ere you close your eyes this night, you write a letter addressed to the Solar Logoi in care of the Karmic Board, requesting a specific grant of light to alleviate the plight of your nation, your neighborhood, your family. Seal this letter in an envelope and burn it.

"The angels will take your letter to the Royal Teton Retreat, where the Lords of Karma regularly convene to deliberate on the fate of humanity. This is a spiritual retreat in the heaven-world, congruent with the Grand Teton in Wyoming.

"Your letter will be read by the Lords of Karma as soon as it is delivered, and they will evaluate it and make their recommendations according to the merit of your lifestream and the merit of the grant you are requesting. They will then forward your letter to the Solar Logoi, who will make the final decision concerning your application for a grant.

"This is a major dispensation, and I urge you to take advantage of it without delay!"

Saint Germain
April 28, 1996

"Blessed hearts, I give you another key, and that key is the concentration of the mind. You have heard the Messenger teach regarding the yang mind, which is a principle in the teaching of Lao Tzu and Taoism. Understand, then, that to keep that mind focused, to keep that mind intent, you have many faculties.

"You have an inner ear. [You have] one ear that you use to listen to God and the holy angels speaking to you and [you have] another ear that you incline to the world. Yes, beloved, you
have a mind that can know God and be stayed on God while you take care of all these other
[worldly] things. I can assure you, you do not need to be an adept to be able to [be focused, to concentrate, to keep your mind stayed on God]. Do not postpone your oneness with the Mind of God and never, ever, ever again deny the power of the single fiat!

"Blessed ones, be right with God in your personal life."

Sanat Kumara
with the Seven Holy Kumaras

A Petition to Alpha and Omega
for the Illumination of All Servants of God

"O Alpha and Omega, I, the Maha Chohan, plead before the Court of the Sacred Fire for the illumination of all servants of God of this world and of all worlds of the Matter universe!

"I call for a dispensation from the Great Central Sun for the numbers of angels of the Second Ray already serving in the earth to be multiplied ten million times one hundred million! I also call for angelic reinforcements from Helios and Vesta to intensify the golden yellow sun rays in the minds and bodies of earth's children.

"I send a signal to the four corners of the Spirit-Matter Cosmos for angels of the Sun God, the Father-Mother God, Alpha and Omega, and the God and Goddess Meru to come to earth for the rescue of souls. I ask you to come to earth to enlighten this people.

"I come before thee, O Alpha and Omega, to request this dispensation on behalf of our Two Witnesses, our children, our sons and our daughters and those who keep the flame of Life, even the fire breath of the Holy Spirit.

"And I ask you who are in attendance at this conference to write your own petitions this day in support of my petition to Alpha and Omega to send angelic reinforcements who will reinforce illumination's flame in the minds and hearts of the people. Yes, ask Alpha and Omega to send them forth! For there must be enlightenment amidst this people!

"And there must be enlightenment especially for our children and teenagers, that they not enter into the folly of experimentation with recreational drugs, alcohol, nicotine and all manner of toxic substances, medications and foods (particularly all forms of sugar) that are not fit for human consumption. Indeed, enlightenment must come so that the one and the many may recognize that they must depart from all of this if they would live to fulfill their immortal destiny in the twenty-first century."

Maha Chohan
June 26, 1995

"I ask you—whatever may be your business or endeavor or your involvement in this Community
—to address letters to me in Darjeeling concerning your thoughts of what ought to be accomplished [through the Summit Lighthouse activity] and how.

"I ask you to also give calls to me in thirty-three-day cycles for action upon the contents of your letters."

El Morya

" . . . Ho! I AM Zarathustra and I choose to come gently in this moment, gently intensifying. Thus, I am causing the fiery salamanders to intensify the pressure: first of the light, then of the warmth, then of the fire itself.

"Thus, beloved, I give what Alpha and Omega have called me to give. For they have prepared you, even as the preceding ones have prepared your auras, to assimilate absolutely the most fire that can possibly be given and received. Thus, for the moment be still and contemplate the rainbow flames all about you.

[20-second pause]

"Your body elemental is enjoying a fire bath. The body elementals love the fire bath of the multicolored flames. They delight in this! They are scientists beyond your ken, beloved. They know the science of the body, they know what the flames heal and how to apply them. They not only enjoy the bath but are busy directing specific rays of the flames into specific needs of the body. They produce a well-beingness and a relaxation. They produce the harmony of the spheres.

"And now the flame forms the cosmic egg around you, an ovoid of Light. You can sustain the pattern of the flames, beloved, and magnetize them to yourself at will by using the mantra I have given you to the Mighty Threefold Flame of Life. This mantra, beloved, will call my Electronic Presence around you. It is not short, because through your giving of the mantra, whilst you are giving it, I am realigning your chakras, assisting you to balance the threefold flame at all costs and to bring God-control to every aspect of your life.

"Thus, some mantras work well as a line or two of affirmation. But when I wish to activate in you the spirals of the rainbow rays of God, then I must have this mantra. And while you give it, beloved, I can sustain the Presence. Thus, if it become a perpetual mantra in your heart, see where the increase of fire will bring you—closer to all of my chelas at inner levels and on the outer, closer indeed to the members of the priesthood of beloved Melchizedek. Thus, the mighty threefold flame of Life is the gift of God so pure!

"Into the flame now comes your own beloved seraphim, the same, the very one who was with you in the hour of your birth in the Great Central Sun. Beloved ones, this seraphim has an attachment to you and to your twin flame and desires to bring you together. This seraphim has an attachment to bringing your body and mind and soul into the health of God, the health enjoyed by seraphim.

"I would suggest you woo your seraphim and woo him to your side that he may not return to the Central Sun except according to the regular rotations and cyclings and recyclings of the seraphim from the Great Central Sun to the outer rings they form in the outermost universes [and back again].

"So, beloved, seraphim are personally devoted, as they should be, to whomever God appoints them. Inasmuch as the seraphim, as you have been told, are great healers, they use these rainbow rays now for that healing purpose.

"I AM in the white fire core of the flame. I AM in the pulsation of resurrection's flame. I AM in the action of the point of your Holy Christ Self.

"In this moment of our meditation, beloved, I AM one with your Holy Christ Self. Now look upon your Holy Christ Self and see the smiling face of Zarathustra. In this moment I am not in my fiercest mode but when you see me turn upon the forces of Antichrist, then you may tremble by the fury of the elements and the wind and the vortex of the fire, beloved. But remember, in all of this it is directed. It is directed, beloved ones, and under the God-control of myself and legions of Light.

"Therefore, while you are in this hour of assimilation of the flame, I shall perform the service now of dealing with those forces of Antichrist.

"Bind the Forces of Antichrist in the Earth!

"Ho! Mighty legions of the Light, descend!

"Ho! Mighty legions of the Light, descend!

"Ho! Mighty legions of the Light, descend!

"Take up your positions in the quadrants of the earth now. By the mighty sword of the Divine Mother, therefore bind the forces of Antichrist in the earth and in the sea, in the earth, in the earth, in the earth, in the air, in the mental plane, in the etheric octave!

"Blaze the full power of the Great Central Sun!

"Mighty legions arrayed and circles of seraphim of God, legions of the mighty fire beings of the Ruby Ray and all of the secret-ray Dhyani Buddhas, come forth now for the binding of the forces of Antichrist in the earth!

"Let all of heaven now unleash that full-gathered momentum of Elohim!

"Let the full power of God descend for the displacing in the earth, for the consuming in the earth, for the binding in the earth, for the judgment in the earth of those who are the force of Antichrist, known or unknown, embodied or disembodied!

"Let it descend now, O God! Let the fire descend as you have accorded it, as you have decreed it, as you have sent it and sent me into this very midst!

"Therefore, let the fire descend! And let the all-consuming fire deal with that consciousness and that manifestation whose time is up. And therefore, let it be bound, let it be dissolved and let it be taken now into the very heart of the Central Sun for that action of the sacred fire which is meet!

"Now the rain of fire-snow descends. ('Fire-snow,' a misnomer, but fire-snow it is.) Descend, O fire-snow! Goddess of Purity, Goddess of Light, Queen of Light, all hosts of the Fourth Ray, Astrea and Purity and all legions of Zarathustra, go forth, then!

"They are bound by the hosts of the Lord and the hosts of the Lord shall continue the binding!

"And therefore, I seal the action of the binding in the name Ahura Mazda! And I seal your temples in the flame that will not be quenched by God, will not be quenched by the Lord Christ or the Lord Buddha, will not be quenched, beloved, by your Holy Christ Self. The only one who can quench the flame is you.

"See thou do it not! See thou do it not! See thou do it not!

Salutations from all legions of Zarathustra!

O Mighty Threefold Flame of Life
by Zarathustra

O Mighty Threefold Flame of Life,
Thou gift of God so pure,
Take my thoughts and energy
And make them all secure.

Under bond of Brotherhood
And understanding fair,
Send thee forth unto my soul
The gift of holy prayer.

Communication's strands of love,
How they woo by heaven's law
A tender blessing for the good,
Releasing holy awe

That draws me near the throne of grace
To now behold thy sacred face
And without fear dispense aright
The passions of pure God-delight
Which set me free from all that's been
The sinful nature of all men.

Christ, raise me to self-mastery,
The living passion of the free.
Determination, now arise
And lift me ever to the skies!

Enfolding life and being all
With the God-command
"Amen!" that shatters human pall.

The free-no bondage holds me back;
I AM the fullness of Love's law
Supplying every lack,
And consecration in full measure
Is my will and God's own pleasure.

Saint Germain and Jesus dear,
Hold my hand with Morya's here
And let the love of Mary then
Be the wings to raise all men.

Until they all unite in Love
To serve that purpose from above
That comes to earth at any hour
Responding to the call of Power;
Send thy shining Wisdom then
That is God's love
Expanded for all men.

I thank thee and I accept this done right now with full power. I AM this done right now with full power. This is the full manifestation of the Law of Love that raises me to my eternal Victory, now and forever!

Taken from Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness, Section I. See also Heart, Head and Hand Decrees booklet.

July 1, 1992

Remember to call to Lanello and K-17 to go with his 'cosmic flashlight!'

"I will go now to Washington, D.C., and I will carry with me a cosmic flashlight. You think that I am joking. But, beloved ones, I will place a light on certain areas of the nation’s capital and in the government, and where I place my light you will see in your daily newspapers. And when you see what I have exposed, you must swiftly gather and give dynamic decrees.

"Watch the front page daily and see what I bring to light. Then you will know K-17 indeed carries a cosmic flashlight. I go then with confidence that my chelas will support that which comes to light and will do the necessary calls and decrees to remove that from the earth, to siphon it off, to bind it and see to it that it is not regurgitated.

"I will go, and other bands of angels with me, for I leave these with you as representatives and models of a service you, too, may begin to render. For, I tell you, Lanello before his ascension worked mightily with these very ones and won a point of victory for us all thereby.

"In the sweetness of our camaraderie and the friendship of old we share—we two—we draw you into the circle of our mission and our alert. For this is the hour of your alert. And we alert you. Now discover, discover the source—the why and the wherefore, the consequence and the direction.

April 1, 1983

Preparing For Important Meetings

"Yes, the undefiled love of the heart! This is the key, beloved. Therefore, do as some have done, even Pope John XXIII. The night before you meet with people on any matter offer a prayer on behalf of all who will be attending the meeting. Especially call that those points of discussion you expect to be difficult be resolved harmoniously. Call for the guardian angels! Call for the Holy Christ Self of all who are to assemble! And ask that all parties who will discuss the matter on the morrow be taken to the Retreat of the Divine Mother to review it the night before in this etheric retreat situated over the Royal Teton Ranch and America's wilderness land.

"Then, beloved, know that the Holy Christ Self (who is often referred to as the guardian angel) will overshadow and direct each one and prepare all to reach a consensus from the highest level. And when you sit down to have that meeting the next day, simply acknowledge the presence of what Emerson called the `Over-Soul'-the overshadowing of the Higher Self.

"And see how in those meetings divine resolution, human resolution, legal resolution can come about because you have made your spiritual preparations. For even before retiring you have gone before your altar and spoken to each one's Holy Christ Self and then given the calls for the enlightenment of souls and the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold (i.e., the not-self), which would deter them through pride or stubbornness from making right decisions for right action. If you anticipate having to deal with attitudes of bigotry, prejudice, persecution or racism that come from jaded minds, so invoke the violet flame the night before to consume them before they cast a spell on your meeting.

"I ask you to try this experiment among yourselves. Begin by setting your agenda and giving a copy of it to each one who will be in attendance. Then hold conclave at night at the Retreat of the Divine Mother and call to the Christ of each one to act as that one's guardian angel, to be there to instruct each one, to be the catalyst for bringing forth nothing less than stupendous ideas—inventions, intuitions, God-solutions to issues you will take up on the morrow."

Heros and Amora
April 8, 1993

The Royal Teton Retreat
Cathedral Group, Wyoming

The founders of the Royal Teton Retreat are Cosmic Beings of great majesty and power and they are the subjects of a magnificent tapestry that hangs near the entrance to the retreat. In her comments on the founders of the retreat in October 1975, Elizabeth C. Prophet said:

"These twin flames focus the action of Alpha and Omega. They are the twin flames who have the authority of the Royal Teton Retreat, which was founded for the purpose of precipitation for the entire earth. The masculine figure is the flame of Spirit, focusing tremendous power and authority to the planet. The feminine figure is the Mother Flame who, through the seven-pointed star on her heart, precipitates the action of the Christ consciousness on behalf of the children of earth.

"These two Cosmic Beings have a very important destiny in precipitation in America and they wear jewels to enhance the release of light from their chakras. This is highly important because America is the land of the Mother, and for the Mother Flame to be enshrined here we must have a flow of abundance, which is the attribute of the Mother Flame."

The Messenger then gave an invocation to the founders of the Royal Teton Retreat:

In the name of the Christ, in the name of the Holy Spirit, I call to the twin flames who founded the Royal Teton Retreat. I call forth your light upon these souls here. I call for your twin flames to anchor in their hearts and to secure their tie to their own twin flames, to secure their God consciousness of victory, of precipitation and supply.

We thank you for your presence and for your spirit. We thank you, our beoved Lanello,
Saint Germain and all who serve at the Royal Teton Retreat. We invoke your light and your presence for the concentration of the emerald, the Chinese green and the golden light, the light of wisdom and the light of precipitated gold within our auras.

In the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we thank thee.

"The Royal Teton Retreat, congruent with the Grand Teton near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is the principal retreat of the Great White Brotherhood on the North American continent. This physical/etheric retreat is an ancient focus of great light where the seven rays of the Elohim and the Archangels are enshrined.

The Lords of Karma and all members of the Great White Brotherhood frequent this gathering place. Thousands of lifestreams from every continent attend conclaves held at this reterat, journeying there in their finer bodiies through soul travel while they sleep. Here also Saint Germain and Lord Lanto with the Ascended Master Confucius (hierarch of the retreat) conduct their Universities of the Spirit courses of instrucion for studens who are pursuing the path of self-mastery.

[For a full description of the founders of the Royal Teton Retreat, see Unveiled Mysteries by Godfre Ray King, pp. 76-80], published by Saint Germain Press


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