Ascended Masters' Dispensations
Part II
Ascension Chamber in Serapis Bey's Retreat
" . . . Compassion is to give enlightenment."—Buddha of the Ruby Ray,
January 1, 1994

"I AM the proclaiming of the Word of your ascension.
I AM the release of the dispensation for it.
I AM the energizing of your chakras for a new thrust
of a cosmic purpose."—Jesus Christ. May 12, 1983

" . . . So let the portals of the mind be opened as I release now a sphere of purity—white fire from your own I AM Presence and from the heart of the Central Sun—unto a planet, unto a people. And the descent of this sphere of purity, individually and universally, is for the preparing of the way for the coming of the Christ consciousness. And by this action of the sacred fire supported by some among mankind's evolutions—those numbered here in this class—by that support, by that vote of confidence that there remain yet those who perceive a reality beyond, hierarchy comes forth, Alpha and Omega deliver those energies which, if accepted by mankind, can make up for the gap, the two-thousand-year gap, in the cycling forth of the Christ consciousness.

"This is our effort, this is our dispensation prior to the turning of the year: the descent of spheres of light pressing into the earth as magnets of the Central Sun. And in all who will respond, in all who will consign to the flame the portion of self that is unreal, there will be the step-up of the Christ consciousness, the purging of being of all forces of the demons and the fallen ones and the entities and the discarnates. And there will be very real, tangible opportunity for a planet and a people to put on the Christ consciousness in these remaining days.

"And so I say: In the name of the living God, let the spheres of purity descend! Come forth, O angels of Purity! Come forth, angels of deliverance! Come forth, angels of Jesus the Christ! Come forth and release the light of purity for the birth of the Manchild in the heart of each flaming son and daughter of God on Terra. This is our release. This is our commitment and our consecration of a world. And I say, mark you well, the light will prevail. The light will be the fulfillment of the glory of God from generation to generation.

"Not only yourselves, but your offspring will carry that which you accept as the sphere of light within your being. And by this dispensation, you and many among mankind who may have thought, as they ponder the coming of the golden age, that such a concept was an impossibility—by this you will know and you will see that in the twinkling of the eye of God, in the descent of light, there is possible such a transformation and a transfiguration of the body consciousness of God on earth that there can indeed be a fulfillment of those lost cycles of identity in mankind whose free will permits our intercession on their behalf.

"So be it. So it is. I AM the Elohim Purity, and I now give way to the presence of the feminine principle of Purity, the beloved Astrea.

" . . . I come, then, and I lock around each one of you who now, by your free will, request that action. I lock the circle of blue flame around the center of your being at the point of the beginning of the electronic belt, and I begin the whirlwind action of the sacred fire of the circle and sword of blue flame. And if you will accept, I have the authority of your own I AM Presence to lock around that layer of karma, that layer of record in akasha in the electronic belt that consists of a certain percent of that misqualified energy which the law has allowed, individually, that might be taken from you. Therefore, I come. My legions come. And now the action begins, the whirling action of the circle of blue flame around each one.

"Blaze forth the light of God! Blaze forth the light of the Real Self in each one! Blaze the iridescence of the pearl of the soul! Blaze forth from on high! Let light flow into being, flow into consciousness! Blaze forth the light! It is done, it is taken, and you are lighter in weight—in the weight of karma—than when you entered this place if you gave the authority to me and to my angels to perform this ritual.

"Now then, the second step. I take the sword of blue flame and I draw nigh to each individual who so accepts that sword. And I come to cut free each one of you from every tie to the astral plane, from every tie of binding habit, of fear and blame. So I come. Bolts of blue lightning from the heart of the Sun! Blaze forth! Blaze forth! Blaze forth! Blaze forth! Blaze now! Blaze the light! Blaze the light! Blaze the light! Blaze the light! Blaze the light!

"And now, an aspect of the purging of consciousness I will perform in the silence as its action is to be withheld at this time from the understanding in general of mankind. [Ten-second silence. Chant.]

"Ho! Roll back the darkness! Roll back the forces of darkness! Roll them back! Ho! Ho! Ho! Let light blaze forth now. For the exorcism of a planet and a people I lock my cosmic circle and sword of blue flame around Terra at the equator and I take that sword through the center at the point of the axis. Blaze forth the light! In the name of the Cosmic Christ, then, in this hour of the turning of cycles, let all those whose time is up be bound now on earth as in heaven.

"So let the legions of the Cosmic Christ, of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, send forth now that fire that is for the binding of those certain fallen ones whose time is come. Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! And let the action of the sphere of purity in the earth press out those who seek to hide in the dark places—the recesses of the subconscious of the planet and of the people. Bind them now! Let the angels come forth for the binding of certain of the tares that can be taken. Let them be bound in the name of Alpha, in the name of Omega. So let them be bound in bundles and put into the sacred fire in the Great Central Sun.

"Blaze forth thy flame, O Maha Chohan! Blaze forth that light. Blaze forth the energy that now is the balancing of certain forces. And so, as millions of angels and legions of light have gathered for the sacred ceremony, so there is released from the heart of God a calm, a quiet, a sense of well-being."

Elohim Purity and Astrea
December 8, 1974

" . . . Do not then stand idly by in the observation of human creation but take your stand in the invincible Presence of the authority of God and say, 'In the name of Jesus the Christ and by the all-seeing Eye of God I claim all energy misqualified for the Causal Body of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. I claim that energy for redemption, for purification and repolarization. I claim that energy for the light that it might be redistributed to the children of God through the hands of the Cosmic Virgin.'

" . . . Those Luciferians and fallen ones who preach the doctrine of equalization and the redistribution of the wealth of some to the masses pervert that law whereby the sons and daughters of God have the right to reclaim energy.

" . . . If that which you have is not based upon the law of harmony, then you see you do not have the wherewithal to retain.

"The great retainer of God-consciousness is this—and I impart to you a secret of the ages—the retainer whereby you retain all of the gifts and graces of God is the very focus of the Great Central Sun Magnet which you must consciously invoke and place within your own heart. A replica of that Magnet is bequeathed to each one of you this day. But in order to keep it it must be used according to the great balance of the scales of the Holy Spirit.

"If at any hour or moment of the day or night you lose your light through discord, the balance-scale then tips to the side of your own impending karma and you see you cannot hold the balance for cosmos—and the balance of Alpha-to-Omega energies in the focus of the Great Central Sun magnet cannot be retained.

" . . . by invocation and service and devotion keep in one side of the scale that portion of light that is sufficient to the keeping of balance, of harmony and the abundant Life within your forcefield. This is the happy way to the ascension. This is the way whereby the pain of overcoming and of the divine alchemy is dissolved.

" . . . Why do you not span the stars in your meditations and call forth the fiery energy of a thousand suns to come forth and capture humanity for the light? When you call in the name of your Christ Self ought you not to call in the name of the Christ Selves of all who inhabit this plane, and all who have ever overcome this plane, for the victory of Life? You see, by the action of the all-seeing Eye of God there is given to you that specific tool whereby you can increase and multiply and maximize your calls.

" . . . Beware of those who seek to conquer planes of Mater without the infusion of the flame of Spirit, for these are the Luciferians and the fallen ones who will come to mankind as antichrist with great miracles and . . . great manifestations of power which they have stolen from the Most High God.

"The greatest danger to the evolution of this planet is pride . . . , the belief that man can attain all things without God. If therefore there is not a great swelling of lightbearers and students of the ascended masters' Teachings in this coming year, you will see that the advances of science will sweep mankind off their feet until they think that they have no need for God, for flame, for light."

Elohim Cyclopea
December 30, 1973

"I AM the Queen of Angels and in that office I may accord you a special grace or dispensation. I ask you to think about this for seven days and then come to a conclusion as to what special grace you might ask of me. Seven days hence I shall return. I shall return for such a grace and the giving of it and such a dispensation and the giving of it.

"Thus, as you pursue the rosaries, I ask you for the first fourteen days to give the long rosary on one day and the Surrender Rosary on the next—every other day the Surrender Rosary, every other day the long rosary. And thereby when you come to knock on the door of my Heart for a grace, you shall ask for a grace, I trust, that shall enable you to become who you are, to fulfill your mission and to serve others.

"May you appeal to me, beloved, for you are the strong workers in the vineyard of my Father and, as the Son has said, 'Truly, the fields are white to the harvest but the laborers are few.' May you go forth, then. May you harvest souls and bring them home to my Heart.

"If you will enlist yourself [in the ranks of] my legions, my army of Light, I promise you blessings and graces not only in the hereafter but every day of your life. I shall come as the Divine Mother leading great armies of heaven, which you may join as you serve the Divine Mother in this calling even as Joan of Arc responded, even as you yourselves as the knights of old did go forth to slay dragons and demons, to rescue children and mothers.

"Oh yes, beloved, there is much to be done! Tighten up, then, the concentration of the good servants of this Community and of its [outer] rings that span the planet. Tighten your service, your chelaship. Yes, tighten your belt. Yes, finish all things, bring all things to fruition. For the hour and the time of the change in planetary cycles is coming.

"I seal you, then, in my Immaculate Heart. May you accept this sealing and confirm it by affirming it each day.

"Bless you, my children. Bless you, my strong sons and daughters. You are myself in the earth. Yes, you are myself. And the recitation of the Hail Mary reestablishes that reality of my Electronic Presence over you every day and hour of your life."

Mother Mary

Jesus' request that we take back the karma he has borne for us

In his Christmas Day Address, December 25, 1989, Jesus Christ said:

"You are my own, and any number of you are the one for whom I have gone after, leaving the ninety and nine . . . I have brought you through many lifetimes to this moment when you could see and know and understand . . . I have also paid the price. For in order that your spiritual senses might be quickened I, Jesus, have taken upon myself some of the stripes of your karma. Now I say to you, beloved, you are securely here. You have made the contact. You have tied yourself to my Sacred Heart . . . If you will take back that [karma] which I have borne [for you these two thousand years], for which I have paid the price, and balance it yourself and thereby grow in the stature of your Christhood, freely asking Hercules' assistance, when needed, then, you see, I may leave you as the ninety and nine and I may now go after [those] other [ones], even as many as a thousand other souls who need [me to] bear their burden . . . So you see, beloved, in the process of [doing] this so little a thing that I ask you, [for you also have the violet flame,] you are also becoming world saviours; for in a sense you are allowing me to bear another's karma. Thus you yourself do bear it, do you see?" (See 1989 PoW, vol. 32 no. 65, pp. 814-15.)

Mother Mary

A Dispensation from the Seven Archangels

"We, the Seven Archangels, have given to the Messenger a tremendously powerful asset. That asset, beloved, is a simple call, and it requires that you make that call nine times for each set of the Seven Archangels and the eighth. For instance, beloved, you would make the call to Archangel Michael nine times with the greatest fervor, intensity and fire of your being. Give it in this wise:

"Archangel Michael! Archangel Michael! Archangel Michael! Archangel Michael! Archangel Michael! Archangel Michael! Archangel Michael! Archangel Michael! Archangel Michael!

"In this way, you will see, beloved, the power of the nine on each of the Seven Rays and the Eighth. If you do this each morning and each evening, there will not only be a powerful step-up of consciousness throughout the planetary body but also many souls of light will be rescued by our Mother flames. Not only the Archangels but also the Archeiai will move with you.

"If you give these calls religiously and you do it daily, you will be serving midst the wonders of God and the angelic hosts. You will see how much of the darkness and evil that is abroad in this land and throughout the world will be stopped because you are so determined.

"The manner in which the Messenger gave this fiat was with all the fervor of her heart, her chakras and her being. That intensity, beloved, is what it takes. Thus, remember, if you want the full calling in God, if you want the full dispensation of these eight Archangels, then you must find the way to give those nine fiats to get to the very heart of the Archangels. Then you will draw down greater and greater power to keep the vigil that the Mother of the Flame keeps.

"Try it, beloved. It is a most wondrous, wondrous opportunity. It is a gift from the Archangels, from Kuan Yin and from me, Mother Mary, that we bring to you this day."

Mother Mary
and the Seven Archangels
October 11, 1997

July 1, 1992, our Father Alpha and Mother Omega gave us an unparalleled opportunity:

"So, beloved, we recruit you where you are and we say, if you truly desire to receive the training of the Gurus of Maitreya's Mystery School, we shall give it to you as never before. You must understand that neither the Masters nor the Messenger shall interfere with your life one iota unless you request it, unless you implore us and determine that you would like the direct contact and the direct disciplining and the direct love whereby you can be quickly delivered of certain elements of your lifestream that perhaps you are not even aware of yourself.

"Therefore, beloved, if you will address your letters in writing in the physical octave to me [Alpha] and to my beloved Omega and to the Messenger, stating what level of chelaship you would desire wherever you might live on earth, or whether you enter this Community as a chela, so, then, we shall begin our course. Whether at inner levels or on the outer." (1992 Pearls of Wisdom, no. 33)

"A Dispensation for the Eighties to Alter the Course of Human History by the Flame of Freedom. The Electronic Presence of the Heart of the Violet Planet Centered in the Earth—the God-Government of the Galaxies Transmitted from Sirius through the Sons and Daughters of God”

" . . . And we, therefore have received from the Cosmic Council and the Solar Logoi this dispensation whereby the God-government of the galaxies transmitted from the God Star Sirius will be transmitted through the sons and daughters of God, and all that transpire in the government of this nation shall pass through the sacred heart of our sons and daughters who have raised up the living Word. And therefore, you have but to speak your dynamic decrees, your recommendations, and your word and there will be the alteration that should come unto those who indeed wear the sacred mantle of the office of the President of the United States of America, which is indeed an office in the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood."

Archangel Zadkiel
April 4, 1980

" . . . This, then, I do as you meditate and visualize me in perfect God-control of the right functioning of your heart, extending your longevity by the healing of the heart by the Ruby Ray.

[29-second pause]

"I purge the vessels and the arteries with light, with Ruby Ray, as much as the Great Law will allow and to levels that you can adjust to.

[22-second pause]

"Now then, follow the recommendations for the strengthening and clearing of the physical heart that have come to you out of the East under the name of the macrobiotic diet. Pursue whatever healing methods are lawful, but above all remember that it is the Ruby Ray and the Ruby Ray Buddha that can give you the strengthening of the heart, the renewal of the heart, the rejuvenation of the heart.

"Call to me daily, giving the preamble of the Dhyani Buddhas before you offer your prayers. You can tie that preamble to any prayer for the healing of the physical heart in yourself and loved ones. You can use it for those undergoing open-heart surgery. And the violet flame is key, beloved. For some conditions of the heart are karmic; others are simply karmic by a lifetime of wrong diet. Thus, hardness of heart must dissolve by the Ruby Ray and the violet flame if you would have the renewal of the heart.

"Love your enemies. Do good to them who persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake. Purge yourself of all anger and all Martian energies, for the heart is the repository of these.

"Yes, beloved, take care of the heart and you will see the increase of Light and the increase of opportunity. In the past certain individuals on the spiritual path have received life extensions. This is an opportunity for any of you to make an offer to me, the Buddha of the Ruby Ray, of what you will do to sweeten the heart, to increase the love, the compassion and the charity of your heart.

"Thus call to me that I might tend your heart. For we must work together, I not alone and you not alone but the two of us together with many masterful angels who are surgeons of vast intelligence and knowledge.

"So value the violet flame and its alchemy with the Ruby Ray, then value the purging of yourself of the not-qualities, the negative qualities, and see how your heart will be the open door for Ruby Ray angels to step through the veil.

"Life is opportunity, beloved. And opportunity is given by the Lords of Karma this night to those who have served and served and served with holiness and love, devotion to the will of God and a humility that is truly rare.

"I come before each one of you simultaneously and I place my hand upon your head and I give you a pat. For one and all you are my children of the Path of the Ruby Ray, and I wish to bow to the Light within you and to thank you for your calls to the Ruby Ray. For they have stopped bullets dead in their tracks that were intended for Lightbearers and others in the earth. They have stopped malevolence and every form of darkness.

"Keep on keeping on, beloved. You are winning vast victories. Be not discouraged. Discouragement is the sharpest tool of the Devil. Banish it, know who you are, be one-pointed in your mission and let no remark or any accusation or anything at all perturb you in the least.

"What is that to thee? Follow your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

"I am with you unto your victory in the Ruby Ray octaves of Light. I salute you in the profoundest love of all divine beings who ensoul cosmos, who love you from the fount of the Divine Mother.

"Call to me the moment you need help. My legions are there instantaneously. They do not move in time and space but by shafts of light from the Infinite One."

Buddha of the Ruby Ray
January 1, 1994

" . . . Put the Teachings together in logical order so that many who are hungry will read your menus and say, 'I want this' and 'I want that.'

"Let the people understand what it is that you have to offer: even the teachings of Padma Sambhava made plain for your time through the alchemy of Saint Germain. Let them not have to make the trek here [to Royal Teton Ranch] to discover the intricacies of the Law that you have mastered, some in ten and twenty years of service. But go to them with simple yet profound truths, liberating truths that instantly, by your own empowerment from the Buddhas, cut free those who have been held and bound in the ignorance of a dead doctrine for centuries.

" . . . Compassion is to give enlightenment.

" . . . When you think of all states that you might be burdened by, is not the state of ignorance the most burdensome of all? Think of your plight when you know not the truth of being. Think of your plight when you know not the laws of the state or traffic laws. Think of your plight when you know not the simple rules of how to do this and that.

"Ignorance is surely the bane of all those who aspire to oneness with the Buddhas. And we come quickly to give wise dominion and an injection of Light to impel those who are satiated with their ignorance (and satisfied to be in that state) to suddenly awaken, truly to be the ones who are awake in the footsteps of Lord Gautama.

"Enlightenment is the greatest gift. For when you give enlightenment, you give the potential for total freedom. Therefore follow up on those souls to whom you give the enlightenment of Saint Germain's teaching. Follow up with prayers and calls that they be not led astray in the murky waters of the astral plane."

Buddha of the Ruby Ray
January 1, 1994

" . . . we the five have gone before the Lords of Karma, bowing before them to offer ourselves in their service.

"The result of this offering we have made to the Lords of Karma is that the following dispensation has been handed down: The Lords of Karma have accepted my offer to join the Karmic Board. Therefore I have become now the eighth member of that board, and my role shall be to assist those who have Light who are sincere but who have strayed from the track of reality, considering that their karma was too hard to bear.

"Even some among this worldwide Community have neglected to invoke the violet flame but rather have become incensed that they should have to bear so much karma, though it be their own. So, beloved, I would teach all who apply to me, those in this Community and throughout the earth, what they need to know to make it—all the way Home. I would teach a certain level of souls who, with my support and the support of all of us, will have the opportunity to make it whereas without that support they might not make it. This blessed dispensation, beloved, is by the grace and the gentleness of all Buddhas.

"Therefore, first and foremost, we would desire your cooperation through these days together so that you might enter in to prayer sessions focusing on the exorcism of foul spirits and demons that you have allowed to enter your consciousness by following the way which is not the true way. If you are to be liberated from your own anger, you must be delivered from the causes of anger and the entities that have swept through you as birds of prey to take up their abode in the branches of your tree of life.

"Note well, beloved, that once these birds of prey have been allowed in, it does require a greater-than-human force to eliminate them. But the first requirement is desire, the desire to be free of demons, entities and false hierarchs who come to empower you, to give you the sense of great strength, to give you the sense that you somehow have a superior mind, a superior energy and the ability to manipulate others.

"This is the beginning of the left-handed path. It begins, as I have said, when you allow into your house that which is unclean, that which is prideful, that which is the spirit of anger. Thus, you see, unless you come to your knees, confess this and literally vomit up out of your being these foul spirits, things will only go from bad to worse.

"The temptation to enter the left-handed path comes to individuals in every religious movement. There are always some who are infested with foul spirits, and the open door to those spirits is always anger and pride and the desire for power and the power to control others. And the more individuals are puffed up in this state, the more they attract to themselves false hierarchs, ghostly shadows of discarnates that now become a part of their aura, and thereby their selfhood is altered.

"To you, then, who have received so much comes this warning from the Lords of Karma and from ourselves: Be vigilant that you do not allow the false thief to come in the night to take from you the wholeness and oneness of your being in God.

"How will you know that the false one has entered? You will know because you are no longer true to yourself. You will begin to entertain false notions about the Path and the Teaching itself, seeking the shortest shortcut you can take to gain not God's power but human power.

"False hierarchs and entities play upon you with the offering of power, as they always have, but the true adepts come offering the spirit of gentleness. Gentleness is the other side of power. He who is gentle and affixed in the very heart and inner being of the gentle I AM Presence, he is the one who is in control. But it is a God-control and not a human control of the forces at large on earth who in their insanity are manipulating governments and nations in the wrong direction.

"So the warning comes, beloved, as a reminder that you have entered a very high calling, the highest path that is on the planet today. You have entered this path. You must guard the citadel of being. You must guard against the voices that mutter and peep in this ear and that ear. Surely you must guard against gossip of all kinds. You must guard the sanctity of your temple and return in profound humility to your God.

"When those who have allowed the negative elements to enter their lives and households are willing to surrender them, they will come to their knees and weep before the altar that they might return to safe haven and the protection of the Dhyani Buddhas and the Great White Brotherhood.

"Thus, to those who are willing to receive my assistance and will accept the challenge of the hour to balance a heavy karma, to those who are willing to admit that they may have been led this way or that, I say, I will help you. I will prepare you. I will show you how in profound humility and with inner strength you will master all flaws of character that are open doors to negative spirals and negative traits and you will get on with your reason for being—why you embodied in this life in the circumstances you find yourselves—and you will know that you embodied to balance your karma so that you can fulfill your mission.

"If you devote yourself to the path of karma yoga, you need not have the goal of the ascension or any goal in particular. Balancing karma is like submitting to the grades of school. You start in kindergarten and you move on. You prepare yourself for life, mastering a trade, a profession, with a tool of the hand or the mind, sharpening your skills as practice makes perfect.

"Balancing karma eliminates shackles that tie you to lower levels of the astral plane and people who are not of the Light. Balancing karma is the true means of soul liberation. Ultimately, balancing karma gives you the freedom to be who you desire to be.

"Failure to balance karma on the path of karma yoga but taking another path that may be a flash in the pan and then nothing or one of impressing many and then finding oneself bankrupt of soul and of one's own possessions—this is sidestepping the greatest opportunity for soul liberation that some of you have seen in ten thousand years.

"It is well to open your eyes and see that it is easier to yoke yourself to the oxen, to become for a season the ox that treadeth out the corn, than it is to take all the devious routes that will get you somewhere quickly and nowhere easily and cause you to increase your karma rather than decrease it.

"Karma balancing is joyous. When you serve El Morya, Saint Germain, Jesus and the splendid ones of Light who minister to you, each and every day you balance great karma. You balance karma by putting your hand to the plow of publishing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, thereby making it possible for millions on earth to benefit from the teaching that you send forth."

December 30, 1993

"What are our other options for reaching souls of light? There is satellite. There is network and cable TV. There is the radio talk-show format. There is the print medium. There is the Internet.

"Whatever format or formats you choose, do your research and take action when you are ready to meet the needs of those who respond. Make haste, for the seasons fly, the worlds are turning, and the forces of Evil are mounting.

"And if you think you have seen the end of Armageddon, I tell you, you have not! For the worst of Armageddon is yet to come. And if you think you have seen the end of cataclysm, I tell you, you have not! For the ultimate cataclysm is yet to come.

"Only divine intercession through the prayers and good works of the saints on earth can change this prophecy.

"You are the 'violet-flame saints' who deliver your violet-flame decrees to the world through your exercise of the science of the spoken Word. Because Saint Germain has placed this gift in your hands, you have the opportunity to assist in the fulfillment of the divine plan of every man, woman and child, every babe in arms!

" . . . I raise my hand and . . . I, El Morya, flash to you the blueprint of Adam Kadmon. I place that blueprint over you. I place the blueprints of the ten sefirot over you. And I say, if you can accept this dispensation, then know that in this moment you are made whole."

El Morya

"Thus, I sent the thought to the Messenger and the thought became reality through you: 'Give the call to Astrea 144 times. See, then, what will transpire in your chakras, in your world—the clearing of the mind, the healing of the soul.'

"I desire this acceleration for you personally that you might walk with your God, with your Holy Christ Self as Mediator, and find yourself, each one, no longer between the fire of God and the fire of hell itself. For it is not a comfortable place to be, beloved. Therefore, strive to enter in. Strive to enter in to the Holy of holies of your own being. Come to the place of safety—spiritual safety, the safety of the soul, and physical safety.

"I, then, recommend that you continue reciting 144 Astreas at your services. Each set of 144 will take approximately two and a half hours and will work wonders in your world for your supply, for your healing, and to strip you of any and all negative thoughts and feelings, states of consciousness, influences from discarnate entities and harmful substances that have lodged in your four lower bodies. There is nothing like Astrea's decree to raise you to a new pinnacle of vision, the vision to know which way to go."

Saint Germain
March 19, 1995

"Hear me now, for I would speak finally of that dispensation which I propose. I would speak to you, then, of the principle of the vow and why holy vows have been taken through the ages. A vow, beloved, is the victory of the oneness of the Word. A vow is more than a promise. It is more than a human word or a human contract. A vow is the pledging of one's life and being and soul to a mission or to a cause.

"Understand, then, that many of you have taken steps of commitment. In many cases, though not understood by yourselves, these commitments have been partial, where consciously or unconsciously the individual has said, 'I will keep a little part to myself.' Or the individual has said, 'I will commit an hour a week or three hours a week to this or that community cause.'

"And many have kept exactly the commitments they have made. Others have rushed forward in the emotion of the moment and the fervor of others' deeper spirituality to commit all and even to vow. Yet they have fallen by the wayside with the blowing of the strong cold wind or the enticements of the warmer winds of the south.

"Thus, beloved, I allow you to understand my heart and my life. According to the dispensation given to me, I am able to do the following—and it is to vow my life, my causal body, and my service to planet earth so long as there are those in embodiment who are capable of making the identical vow. I will not tell you in numbers how many, for in some cases one heart so infilled by the Buddha Gautama, one heart such a vessel of Maitreya, may count for many. But I will say that it is a tally of a geometry of a weight of sacred fire, an Omega balance in the earth that will allow my presence to fully and finally intercede in all these things projected upon the screen of mankind's returning karma.

"Thus, beloved, we come to understand what is the principle of a holy vow. It is a commitment to serve in a holy order as a brother or a sister, to espouse certain virtues such as poverty, chastity, obedience. A vow is an entering into God, and it is God entering in to oneself. A vow is a promise that one does not break, for one understands one has made this vow directly to his heart and in so doing has evoked from the heart of God a commensurate measure of support, even privilege, even rank in the spiritual hierarchy of the planet. In order to make a vow, one must have had the maturity of thinking through a lifetime and the meaning thereof—and whether or not one is willing to give an entire lifetime to such a cause.

"Today the breaking of vows by priests or the religious has become commonplace. They have felt justified, for they have found the established Church wanting. In the case where vows are made to human institutions or human beings, one can easily have a change of heart. But if the vow be made to the Universal God, one can change institutions [as a means of its implementation] without breaking that vow. One can take a vow to sponsor the education of the heart on a planetary scale and one can espouse that vow through every available avenue.

"Thus, you understand it is not good to make vows to the untrusty human consciousness but rather to look into the face of God or one of his ascended representatives and to know that one has the will, the disposition, and the character to enter in to such a vow.

"In the Old Testament the vow was called a covenant. It was always made by God unto his people. The essence of the covenants, broken again and again by man and not God, was his promises to love, to protect, to illumine, and to care for his own so long as they would love him by obedience, by refusing to go after other idols, including the idols of self and the fallen angels and the gods of Baal and materialism and Death itself.

"One would think that a commitment to God, in order to receive the promises, should not so often have been broken. But all covenants have been broken, beloved. Thus the plight of the world and the seed of Israel and Judah today.

"Realize, then, that Christ came to give a new covenant. And that covenant was a transfer by his Body and his Blood of the renewal of the divine spark—a regeneration. And that new covenant, beloved, does come into full manifestation by the descent of the Holy Christ Self and the fullness of Christhood in you. In other words, the covenant, which is the [contract between the parties to the] vow, is not fully enjoyed by both parties to that vow until it is claimed by both sides.

"Therefore, understand that as I come in the lineage of the prophets and as your Messengers come in the lineage of the prophets, so we bear the good tidings of the new covenant of Sanat Kumara, who gave to you for the closing months of the year the opportunity [whereby] he declared, beloved, that he would hold the balance of your karma while you performed the necessary services that required Herculean strength, tenacity of will, and truly the love of a purpose and a vision that must be held in view in order to keep on keeping on through the hours of the day and the night and in order to summon the strength from on high.

"This many have done, while others have slunk away and said, 'It is too hard. I must have this and that in my ordered life. I am not here to work through the day and the night, to neglect my family or my this or my that.' Beloved hearts, I have stood by and literally wrung my hands as I have seen cowards reborn, called 'wimps'—who are wimps, for they are spineless—fail to understand a period of sacrifice or even to comprehend that there must be a means of separating the 'humans' from the Sons of God, the goats from the sheep.

"Do you not remember how those were chosen to fight the battle, those who carried sword and armour? Blessed ones, they were told to drink of the waters of the river. And those who laid down their swords while they drank were cast aside, and those who kept their swords were chosen.

"As Morya said, we have a right to test and know the mettle of our chelas apart from the glory and the drama of an exclusive property in Malibu and a famous leader—or infamous, as they have attempted to make her and myself. We have a right to know who will survive a nuclear war among you and who will be the crybabies—and I tell you, we have discovered it!

"And there is no other word but failure for those who cannot rise to the occasion of sacrifice when the very angels of Sanat Kumara stand by with their flame in hand ready to transfer it to a heart if that heart would only cry out and say, 'O God, give me the strength to fulfill this task for Saint Germain!'

"Thus you understand my silence during which many have asked: What is Saint Germain doing with his new dispensation? When will he speak of it? Thus, beloved, I speak of it when I know that I have hearts who can be trusted and who are not here for the merry-go-round or the titillation of senses.

"Let it be known that there were outcasts in Israel and there are outcasts today. Let it be known that there are those who may still go down in ignominy preferring their satin beds and creature comforts, and there are those who will stand and still stand as my minutemen and -women of the hour.

"Thus, first of all, let the criticism of the Messenger and of the strictness of our order cease. Let it be understood that we have drawn the line in the entire Community, including in Montessori International. Let chelas come to our school. Let nonchelas be not pampered by their parents or by themselves.

"Blessed hearts, whether you are parent or Community member, do not point the finger at our decision, our discrimination, and our discernment. The battle at hand is frightful. We draw a circle of light and we demand that those who choose to be in it cease their bellyaching, cease their fantasies concerning members of the opposite sex, cease their human consciousness and recognize that in the time it took to play this piece, the 'Rakoczy March,' blessed hearts, in that short a time, you could cease to exist through a nuclear first strike.

"Now, if you desire to dally in your demanding of rights for creature comforts another round, I suggest you contemplate just how much dalliance there will be in the world that is left. And I shall not speak of it again! The discipline of Maitreya be upon you and your own woes as well! For I, Saint Germain, am not permitted to engage my vow with God with you when you have proven or prove yourselves faithless—faithless to our covenant or rule of order in this Community.

"This year has seen leaders of local study groups becoming involved in affairs with new students, both leaving the Path, thus using the energy of the altar either for psychic channeling and delivering private messages from the Masters to their little groups or for the arousing of the untransmuted baser energies. It is well-known that the Holy Ghost and the power of the Brotherhood that does go forth will indeed activate all momentums of Darkness as well as of Light. This is why we have Keepers of the Flame Lessons. This is why we have studies and disciplines. It is necessary to remember them. It is necessary to guard oneself.

"How can so great a Light as Sanat Kumara come into your midst when the very presence of the Light causes you to criticize your neighbor or to lust after another man's wife or to neglect your own family? Keepers of the Flame, be on guard!

"This is my final opportunity and I guard it well. Therefore, you also should understand that you keep the flame of Maitreya and you ought to be concerned when you observe violations of the flame and recognize that your silence on human compromise, seeking popularity, places in jeopardy the entire Community. There are none so fooled and so damned (which means judged by the Law) as those who allow human rationalization to compromise the most basic principles of our Path.

"Beloved ones, there is more than one reason for our silence during these recent months—and the inconvenience of the move has not been the entire matter. It has been because for all that has been given and gone forth there is a desire on the part of our students to appropriate the light to their private uses and to mold a new image and a new way of life for the Community that is apart from the path of chelaship which Morya has established. And not the example of the Messenger or the qualified staff has in any way deterred those who have said, 'We will do it our way. We will prove that we can take the Teachings and do it our way. We will show that these rules and principles are no longer prevailing.'

"Beloved ones, thus does begin the compromise of the founding principles of every religion. Beware of it. We know of the psychics and other religious leaders who take our teachings, our books, and our decrees and blend them with their version of an anti-Guru, anti-Christ path. So they have said, in Germany and elsewhere, 'Why can we not take the decrees and the songs and leave the rest? We do not need the Messenger. We have our own messengers and our own seers.' Thus, beloved, no graver mistake has ever been made than by those who stand neath the boot of the Soviet, only miles from the border.

"If you speak of apathy and indifference, speak, then, of somnambulance! Speak of those who sleep in their pride of intellect and of the false theologians who have come out of that nation, always destroying the spirit and confounding the innocent with their misuse of the letter.

"Blessed hearts, it is a shame to turn aside my mouthpiece. It is a shame to look at human idiosyncrasies or the pressures upon this instrument and to judge by some imagined divine standard that the Messenger does not measure up. Beloved hearts, early in her training—very early, in an hour when the burden of the bearing of world karma was too great for Mark Prophet to bear—this Messenger, by the age of twenty-three, was bearing the burden of half of the weight of planetary karma with Mark.

"We do not condemn for situations that may have occurred of burden to our Messengers in the attempt to bear this cross for you. Truly, what freedom of youth had been hers was gone in that moment when passing through Georgetown, driven by Mark, the first 10-percent weight came upon her body and she cried out and said to him, 'Mark, what has come upon me?' And so he did tell her, 'A percentage of the planetary weight.'

"Beloved hearts, when this does come upon an individual all other interests of life are surrendered—no more time for playing the piano, for painting paintings of art, for doing those things of a social nature. And even the simple joys of family must be set aside for the keeping of the flame upon the altar of humanity."

Saint Germain
January 1, 1987

I Drop a Flawless Diamond into Your Heart

"I pledge to you my love. I pledge to you my witness. I pledge to you my mantle. I will give you my love, and I will give it to every chela whom you draw into the flame. And now I take a little diamond, but a flawless diamond, and I drop it into your heart. Let it be a treasure there, a point of my attainment. Let it be my smile in your heart. Let it be there as a souvenir of Washington, as a souvenir of the mastery of the throat chakra which God gave to me in the power of the spoken Word. Let it be a souvenir of the moment when we were one in the nation's capital. Let it be a smile and a promise of another oneness—a oneness every day, if you like, a oneness at each conference, a oneness at our retreat in the etheric plane over the Rhine. And 'I think of the Bishop of Bingen in his Mouse-Tower on the Rhine.'

"Children of my heart, I am your father. I will not leave you alone; I will comfort you. But in order to be your true father, it was necessary that I take my leave of this octave to be that focal point in Spirit, that fulcrum in Spirit of which you are the counterpart in Matter, to draw you Home and to draw the earth into the heart of Mother.

"I AM in the flame. I AM in your heart forever, Lanello."

July 3, 1976

"I come, then, with this knowledge as well as this dispensation in answer to a call that was made a number of years ago by the Messenger for that selective and discriminatory judgment whereby the aversion of cataclysm may come when the darkest of lifestreams whose karma is the very cause of that cataclysm are removed.

"Understand that this can be done. And as the cycles turn and the divine astrology of the Woman clothed with the Sun does come to bear as a great boon and a grace upon all children of the Light, there is the opening of the way, then, to withdraw certain lifestreams from the earth who otherwise could not have been withdrawn; for their very death itself would have produced the imbalance and the cataclysm feared by God and man alike—in the sense of the awesomeness of Cosmic Law that should have been unleashed.

"You see, to truly take the dark ones from the planetary home, there must be the removal from that home of all of the roots of evil and karma and the interconnection of those lifestreams in a network of darkness. For they are a part of what is known as a 'beast,' which is a conglomerate, an 'amalgamate' of forces and consciousnesses that become part of a computer—a mind that has extensions [tentacles] and works simultaneously in many manifestations of individuals engaged in international organized crime, including World Communism, which is nothing but organized crime on the level of the state.

"Beloved ones of Light, I speak to you in this hour, then, that you might understand that it is not the 'death' of the seed of the wicked, but it is the removal of their momentum and the layers of their darkness and their karma that is essential. The passing from the screen of life of the body itself is of little consequence unless all that is behind it—in this case, the black sun that they have fashioned through the misuse of the Light—is also taken.

"And therefore, let us work diligently at inner levels for the binding and the judgment of the 'dweller on the threshold'—which means the entire momentum of the anti-self of these fallen ones. When that is judged and bound, then there is very little left that can operate against the good of society, save the shell itself, which [nonetheless] may become occupied by new possessing demons or by astral forces or extraterrestrial forces.

"Therefore, ultimately the individual himself must suffer that judgment. But we are not standing here in advocacy of calling for the death penalty for individuals. We are advocating the call of the judgment, which is the binding of the momentum of evil. For that momentum itself is the darkness which is used by those who have the intent to destruction. When the momentum is removed and when those of virtue fill their [own] bodies and the planetary home with Light, you see, the mouthpiece of Absolute Evil then becomes no more significant than an ant or a colony of ants.

"Beloved hearts, understand therefore that the equation is one of proportion and commeasurement. Thus, we advocate the clearing of the astral plane itself and of the worst of these forces and of the worst of the momentum, as I have said.

"Beloved ones, this is the best and highest solution that can be offered in this hour, given the state of the earth. And this is the deliberation of the Cosmic Council and of the Four and Twenty Elders and the Council of the God Star Sirius.

"Understand that we have worked many months with the Darjeeling Council and with the Council of the Royal Teton. And under the advice of Lord Gautama Buddha, Maitreya, Lord Sanat Kumara, and the Cosmic Council of Alpha and Omega, we have come to this understanding and this decision within the framework of Cosmic Law and we fully believe that with the cooperation of the wise and prudent and harmonious lifestreams such as are gathered in this activity, we may make progress in giving this dispensation and authorizing your moving forward with the speed of Light to implement these calls.

"Beloved hearts, this must be accompanied by great protection and tremendous devotion to the violet flame beginning with beloved Omri-Tas, [the Ruler of the Violet Planet, and] all the rulers of the violet planet, the 144,000 priests of the sacred fire from the violet planet, and the full powers of all beings of the seventh ray.

"The violet-flame action sweeps through and does devour with a mighty conflagration of the seventh ray the cause, effect, record, and memory of the debris that is left when a nucleus of the eye of the serpent in the core of the dweller on the threshold is bound and taken by the Mighty Elohim and the archangels."


" . . . Right here and now I ask you to still your outer self, becoming as quiet as you can in body, mind, and feelings. Then direct your attention to my All-Light form (the Electronic Presence of the Master), which I place in the atmosphere above you even as you read my words. Do me the honor of letting me give to you my own victorious consciousness over everything of this world and my feelings of joy in so doing.

"Thus it is my victorious consciousness and feeling about Life that I desire so much to give you today. I would have you have it for your constant practical use until you attain your own soul's ascension into the Light of the I AM THAT I AM. This is the same victorious consciousness and feeling I used in my final incarnation of the Word whereby I overcame the world!

"Therefore, regardless of present appearances to the contrary, please believe me when I say that this victory is possible for everyone!

"'Be still and know that I AM God' and that the I AM of me—the same yesterday and today and forever—is able to raise each one to his own Christ Self, crying, 'Abba, Father.' This Light that I pour through my words into the waiting chalice of your attention is my very Life, my very Consciousness! Take, eat, for this is my Body and my Blood. And thus I, Jesus, serve Holy Communion to my own.

"Inasmuch as I have ascended to the heart of the Master Presence of All Life (as you, too, shall one day do if you set your sights upon ascension's goal), if you accept this Master Presence that I have become and if you will accept it with my victorious consciousness and feeling that I impart to you now, you will begin to realize the promises of God for your lifestream each and every day of the rest of your life—for I, Jesus, decree it so.

"Following your initial acceptance of the Master Presence of all Life that I AM, you must give a few moments of acknowledgment daily, wherein you reconfirm your acceptance, by your own victorious consciousness and feeling, of my Master Presence with you. Then claim that Presence as your own with these powerful words that I shall affirm with you:

"Make this Call!

"By the victorious consciousness and feeling of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ and my own beloved Holy Christ Self, I AM the Resurrection and the Life of the Master Presence of All Life within me!

"And I AM giving conscious acceptance of the Light of Jesus the Christ, which is his very Life and Consciousness and which my Elder Brother is pouring into my waiting chalice now! And I accept all that HE IS, and all that I AM, yesterday and today and forever, fulfilled in my victorious overcoming—my soul's ascension in the Light of the I AM THAT I AM!

"If you will do this each day as you love all life free through my Sacred Heart, I, Jesus, promise you that my Light will constantly expand in, through and around your entire consciousness, being, and world until it has made you like me, the Master Presence of All Life.

"Remember always that the way of Victory and the way of Life is the way of the I AM! And I, Jesus, declare unto you that I AM that Way, that Truth and that Life, for I am that I AM! And so you shall be. I decree it."

Jesus Christ
Christmas 1958

" . . . Beloved hearts, I reiterate for your edification that we the ascended masters do not wait for an individual to attain human perfection or divine perfection in order to sponsor that one. Our sponsorship of an individual to any holy office or in any endeavor is not the seal of approval upon that individual's every act or word or deed, for these are not wholly predictable, even in the saints of God. And we also understand and allow for human error, human karma, and the juxtaposition of events.

"Therefore, please do not say that Saint Germain is for this person or that person, but say that Saint Germain comes with an extraordinary light of opportunity for the best of men and the most available and those who have offered themselves and have been trained and educated to perform a mighty work in this hour.

"We also sponsor those who have a certain karma—which in their desire to balance this karma, we come forth. For the karma is with our person, our flame, and dispensation misused in the past. And, therefore, we have an obligation to give opportunity to all lifestreams who desire to make good. Some do and some do not. Some fail again, and then we are no longer accountable or responsible for sponsoring these ones.

"O holy ones of God, you are counseled not to be idolaters; nor are we idolaters. We deal in the realm of the possible and the realm of the practical. And you ought to also consider, rather than reaching for absolutes, dealing with what is clearly on the horizon as the possibility of physical accomplishments as well as with individuals in embodiment who have the training and, though they may have faults or made mistakes, are ready and willing to lend a hand and to put that hand to the plow and to plow a straight furrow.

"If we do not hold against them past mistakes, please, I pray you, do not hold a wrong matrix or one of criticism or condemnation about any lifestream, for we will work and strive again and again. And most of all, do not hold such matrices about your own self. For we take you this day, January 1, 1984. As the Keeper of the Scroll does now turn the page, you have a clean, white page of opportunity on the right hand to write upon for the year. And on the left, you have the balance brought forward of the past.

"Thus, you may see on the left what has accumulated and does therefore arrive at the door of the year. But, you see, all of last year's pages have been written upon, and therefore no clean, white page did exist. Now with each writing of the new page of each day of the year—once you have passed the first page, which is a plan for the whole year—each of the daily pages will carry forward that day's karma, that day's misuse of energy to be balanced on the next if it is not taken care of on the day that it does manifest.

"Thus, the beginning of a new year is the new opportunity. And as the year passes, the accumulated weights become a greater and greater burden for each new day's opportunity to fulfill the original matrix of the 365 days that have a marked pattern of sacred fire on the right side.

"Now the right side of the page has over it, as it were, a clear page. And this clear, transparent page contains the original blueprint as it would have been had you not made karma in this life. The true page which you are able to follow shows the adjustments that have had to be made insofar as your karma of this embodiment does impinge upon the pristine matrix set for you by the Lords of Karma at the beginning of this incarnation.

"I explain this to you so that you may understand how exact is cosmic law and that you might understand a new call which I give to you. It is the call for the removal of the burdens of the karma of this life year by year. And you may name those years and dates as January 1, beginning the birth year to the present. You may also name those years as the date of your birth, year by year following on your birthday that date each year. These two cycles are key, for on both of these days there is an accounting and a rendering given.

"Now, beloved hearts, charting the cycles of the year for the planet and for your personal lifestream, you see I come to offer you the opportunity to have these rolled up as a scroll and cast into the flame. The transmutation must come not alone by the call and the call to the violet flame but also by good works and words.

"Thus, those desiring to accelerate in the balance of one-hundred percent of their karma, following in the footsteps of the masters and of your messenger, may ask for dispensations of assignments and services that you might offer to more quickly balance these hindrances to the pursuit of the geometry of the divine will and plan for your life.

"I place on record with your Christ Self an amethyst jewel for the regulation of this call so that no more than you can handle and deal with will be given to you if in a zealous moment you may call for more than is practically possible for you to achieve.

"It goes without saying that for some a more careful management of life and time and space and energy, of personal affairs, can afford one more hours to achieve more decrees and more service than you are doing. Others have truly maximized their potential and may only call to the heart of God for a new perception of how to do more, winding up old spirals that can be quickly completed (more quickly than thought) by dispensations from the heart of the Maha Chohan for the shortening of the cycles for the elect.

"Our cause is a holy one. It is about to be victorious. And my anticipation is almost like the anticipation I knew as the boy Francis Bacon—my heart full of the fire of the new science and the new era that I felt and knew in my very soul.

"Beloved ones, though we have become masters and servants of cosmos, we do remember our
childhood in this world and others. We remember our focusing and our view from the child mind. And we cherish the moment of innocence when the will of God was so clear and we knew it was so possible of accomplishment. We cherish the moment of innocence before contact with the arduous journey, the calumny and the betrayal that beset us as adults.

"Therefore, in the innocence of the child Jesus, in the fount of his new birth and purity, let us renew our own memory of the inner sense—which is true innocence. Let us renew the ancient coil and oneness. Let us remember the beginning in God and look to the ending when I think, when we have passed from the Matter cosmos, our God will allow us even a reprieve, like a nirvana, where we may be children again in cosmos, to dance and sing on the meadows of life and know once again a carefreeness when all is said and done.

"O my beloved Alpha, O my beloved Omega, I AM thy son, and I kneel in this hour in gratitude for thy presence in cosmos.

"Gratitude to thee, O God, for thy flame of liberty eternal.

"Gratitude, O God, for resurrection's sacred fires, giving impetus to renewed desires in the hearts of my own and my own beloved.

"O gratitude to thee, O wondrous Christ, O sacred innocence-holiness! fragrance! Rose of Sharon!

"Gratitude for thy blood shed and thy body which is a cosmic cross, and thyself fastened to the cross of life of every son of God.

"O Cosmic Christ in the heart of all of us, thou blessed, thou One, I, Saint Germain, offer my life again here at the altar of the Holy Grail where I am with my friends, my brothers and sisters, my compatriots, where I am welcome, O God. Now clear a place for me in the hearts of other millions, my Father.

"My Mother, let my angels' feet be welcome also as the feet of the Christ Child are welcome at the hearth and home of holy families in all the earth. May I be present for their firstborn and for their last breath. May I be with them as father in Aquarius, teaching the way of Mary, teaching the way of the Son, Jesus.

"My Father, I kneel in gratitude and I ask only that the dispensation thou hast already given me might be multiplied to my Keepers of the Flame as they are able to receive it and to multiply it by the violet flame in the center of the solar ring I have drawn round about them.

"In the holy name of freedom, I AM your son forever. In gratitude, Amen."

Saint Germain
January 1, 1984

"My New Year's dispensation, then, on behalf of the Dhyani Buddhas, is the clearing of the records and the burdens of all devotees of Light whom Sanat Kumara ordains may receive this dispensation. Thus, where it is possible you shall indeed have a clean white page upon which to write the writings of the Buddha of your heart, the Buddha of the Ruby Ray.

"May you take this opportunity of the New Year, beloved, for very few souls upon earth have this dispensation. Yet, I say those who labor long in the Father's vineyard receive their rewards not only in heaven but on earth as well.

"I AM profoundly touched by the grace of God and I bless you for the Good. I rebuke you for that which has not been the Good and I say:

"Come up higher. You are made of better stuff. Now show yourself to the Lord of the World that he might see how you have been transformed by his mighty dispensation."


"I am sent by God to you and I am sent to announce to you that seraphim must deliver increments of Light for the raising up of the planetary home ere more souls are lost in the astral plane. Apart from your preparation at this conference, many of you have prepared for years and for lifetimes. Thus, the hour does come when unless we release the Light, beloved, earth will not have the opportunity for acceleration into the golden age.

"Thus I speak to you. And I say that the Father-Mother God have directed us to deposit Light in your beings whether you are ready, whether you are not.

"It is good that many among you have fasted, for thereby the translation of your souls and of your worlds will not be so difficult. It is good that you have heeded wise diet and prepared your bodies as the temples of sacred fire of seraphim. It is good that you have walked and talked and communed with your seraphim so that you have that closeness, that proximity and are getting used to being in the fire of God.

"For we do not deposit Light within those across the face of the earth who are utterly unprepared to receive it. But those who are prepared by their love for God, for the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, have the capacity to hold Light and to hold the balance for percentages of earth’s evolutions.

"You have received dictations for a number of years in which we have transmitted increments of Light to you. This Light which I bring is the most necessary, the most needed, and it must come this day. There is a mercy in this, beloved, for it is the day of the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Thus, he, the Mediator, one with your Holy Christ Self, will assist you in internalizing this sacred fire.

"Seraphim approach now and first they place upon you the Healing Thoughtform. This Healing Thoughtform is an adjunct to the immaculate concept held for you by the blessed Mother of our Lord and your Holy Christ Self. This thoughtform, then, sustained around you each one, will bring that tuning of the lute, beloved, the tuning of the lute of your chakras and of your temple.

"Now I command the cells of your bodies:

"Be emptied of negativity, discord, disease and records of death! Be emptied! Be emptied! Be emptied!

"Thus it is done, for all life does obey the command of seraphim of God and the Captain of Seraphic Bands, who I AM. This is an assistance, beloved, so that you may internalize and receive this Light and not be found out of balance with your Holy Christ Self, nor with your etheric blueprint.

"Ho! Ho! Ho! The shafts of Light descend. For our God, Elohim, will not leave the sons and daughters of God in the earth comfortless. The sacred fire of seraphim is the comfort flame. Aye, it is the flame of the Holy Spirit.

"Be still, all the earth, the fields, the beasts, the waters, those of the elemental kingdom, for Elohim draw nigh for the shifting, for the shifting, for the shifting and alignment of being.

"Hold on to that which you shall receive, beloved. For it shall be there for thee as long as thou dost hold it and as long as thou dost revere the presence of angels who come from the Central Sun, dripping with its fires of Divine Love."

Justinius, Captain of Seraphic Bands
Easter Sunday, April 3, 1994

"Many years ago the fiat went forth from Lord Maitreya, the representative of the Cosmic Christ, that invocations offered unto Almighty God and the heavenly hosts in the name of the Christ and
in the name of the I AM Presence would be answered by the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand. This means that every invocation given in the power of the spoken Word unto the Lord, or law, of your being is multiplied by cosmic forces, and the earth receives the light impact of that call one hundred million times its original release.

"This geometric formula is also multiplied by the square of the number of individuals who come together to give invocations in the name of the I AM Presence. Whereas the individual who decrees alone (albeit all one with God the I AM Presence) has the momentum of one, and although one is indeed a majority with God, when two or three come together in the name of the Christ, the light-action of the two is squared to the momentum of four, the light-action of the three is squared to the momentum of nine, and so forth, until the light-action of the ten is squared to equal one hundred and the one hundred is squared to equal ten thousand. This is the multiplication of the Lord’s body and the geometrization of his consciousness on earth as it is in heaven.

"And so by cosmic law, chelas of the will of God and of the Ascended Masters ought not to let any thing, any one, or any circumstance deter them from coming together on a regular basis for the giving-forth of their energies in invocations and decrees to the sacred fire for the alleviation of world conditions—for the transmutation of pain and sorrow, death and dying. As those who come together each week consecrate their energies in service to the Ascended Masters, their counterparts among the angelic hosts gather to blend their voices with the unascended chelas and to multiply the momentum as below, so above.

"Those who have been a part of the group decree sessions that have been held over the years in many cities across this land and throughout the world can know with a certainty that by constancy in the flame you have kept the light momentum necessary for the holding of the balance in your communities, in your states, in your nations, and even on a world scale."

El Morya
March 9, 1975

"Will you remember then when all else fails, especially when you find that somehow there is a distortion in your mind, in your vision, in your ability to cope with life, that you instantaneously invoke in the name of Jesus the Christ the sealing of the mind with the dispensation of the emerald-teal ray?"

Lords of the Seven Rays I 1986, p. 212

"God in man is yours to commend into the arms of the Holy Spirit. Thus I commend you each one. Will you commend one another into the arms of the Holy Spirit and understand that that Holy Spirit is the immaculate image of Father/Mother God?"

Lords of the Seven Rays I
1986, p. 227

Wear a Ring You Consecrate to Saint Germain and El Morya

"Lest you forget, lest you forget, find a ring in your jewelry box. It doesn’t matter if you have worn it before. Only acknowledge to yourself and the world that from this day forward you will wear it as a sign that you have placed this ring on your hand, that you will keep it there until Saint Germain and El Morya and so many hosts of the Lord have the victory over the terrible beasts who prey upon the children, the weak, the poor, the hungry. Yes, beloved, when you look at your hands, remember to look at the ring you have chosen and remember what it means to you and remember your dedication to Saint Germain. You may silently dedicate your ring at the altar of our Church, consecrating it to the service of Saint Germain.

"We, then, from the fiery center of the sun of this system, now send a ray to your hands. Give us one finger and place on that finger that promise. Wear it as the promise, beloved, even as the Messenger wears El Morya’s ring as the promise to her long ago that he would stand by her and together they would turn around mountains upon mountains upon mountains of planetary karma."

March 26, 1997

"In the light of Alpha and Omega, I, Sanat Kumara, transfer to each one of you a most tangible coil of golden wire on which is recorded the steps and stages of your divine plan and your initiation and all that is required for the similar celebration of your soul’s union with God through me.

"I, Sanat Kumara, sponsor all assembled on this blessed day. For you have been called and you have come. And you have heard the inner calling and you have determined to let no thing stand in your way to be present on this day of the rejoicing of our divine union.

"In the name of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, I salute you and I seal you forevermore!"

Sanat Kumara

"Above all, beloved, when there is no answer or solution (or decision forthcoming) to a particular knotty problem on the world scene, at home, or in the Church, I ask you to call to my heart. For my Immaculate Heart does hold the original blueprint for every event and eventuality that could come forth out of the creation of God. It is a very strong inner blueprint, and it may be called up on the screen of the mind before you in your sanctuaries.

"This blueprint, therefore, by contrast to the state of the problem as it appears to you, will show you the distance traveled between the original will of God and that which has come down to you as the mess that mortals make of the will of God. So, beloved, as you see that which is the equation of the perfection and the imperfection, you may attempt to pull some strands and begin to weave some substance of a likeness to that blueprint.

"But in another sense you will come to understand it is important to take the whole ball of wax of human confusion and cast it into the sacred fire and the violet flame and immediately call for the replacement of that failed test or initiation with the original blueprint being clothed upon with the substance of the Body and Blood of Christ. In this way it is often accomplished ever so more quickly that you may build anew after you have torn down the old order."

Mother Mary

Mantles of the Two Witnesses

"You are also the hands and feet of the Ascended Masters. You are also the hands and feet of the Messengers. You can make the call in the name of the Two Witnesses. You should make the call by the authority of the mantle and the office and the protection of the Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood that no harm may come upon thee.

"Thus, this office of the Two Witnesses is safeguarded, and all who speak in the name of that office receive the angelic hosts who guard it as a protection of their lifestream and their service. You may also call and should call for the armour of Archangel Michael’s legions and the seraphim of God."

Jesus and Magda
December 7, 1984

In the name and by the authority of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, and my beloved Holy Christ Self, I invoke the power and authority of the mantle of the Two Witnesses to be upon me for the fulfillment of the prophecy: 'And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth and devoureth their enemies.'

I invoke the power and authority of the Faithful and True, the Word of God, out of whose mouth proceeds a living sword, that with it he should smite the Nephilim gods of the nations: and the King of kings and Lord of lords shall rule them with a rod of iron.

I invoke the power and authority of the mantles of the Messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet for strength, vision, illumination and victory to accomplish all of my spiritual goals and to overcome all unreality manifesting in my consciousness, being and world. I ask to be over-shadowed by these mantles which I have access to through my calls:

—The Mantle of the Two Witnesses

—The Mantle of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood

—The Mantle of Bishop of The Summit Lighthouse

—The Mantle of Guru

—The Mantle of the Priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek—the mantle to turn back, withstand and focus in the physical octave momentums of light equal to and greater than the forces arrayed against this body of lightbearers worldwide

—The Master of Invocation

—The Mantle of the Office of Mother of the Flame

—The Torch of Illumination

—The Mantle of Vicar of Christ

—The Crown and Office of World Mother

—The Ancient Mantle Restored—the mantle worn by the Messenger at inner levels before the world was

—The Mantle of the Lord of the World

—The Mantle for "The Safe Passage of Ye All"—the mantle of learning, illumination and self-knowledge

—The Mantle of Elohim of the Fifth Ray

—The Mantle of Healing

—The Mantle of El Morya

I call forth the mantle of my mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, the mantle of Hercules and Amazonia, and the mantles of every sponsor of my lifestream and of this movement.

I invoke the authority and empowerment of every ascended master of the Great White Brotherhood and I ask that this power be adjudicated by my Holy Christ Self and I AM Presence and multiplied by my calls and my causal body.

I also call for the protection and perfect health of our beloved Messenger Guru Ma—body, mind and soul. I thank you and I accept this done in full power according to God’s holy will. Amen.

"And now you will see that our angels who come to you are each bearing an emerald stone. You will see the emerald stone in the right hand and the jade in the left. (And thus I have also recharged the Messenger’s jade for that purpose.) You will understand, beloved, that this is the Alpha and the Omega, this is the Light that focuses healing as well as piercing initiation.

"These angels come to touch you on this occasion of our celebration of the victory of these decades in the lives of both Messengers. They come to touch you, to raise you up, and to show you that the challenges to Love in this Community must be mastered by the living flame of Truth [and] that Truth must be in defense of Divine Love even as Comfort does come in defense of Truth.

"And if you would carry a greater Light of the Brotherhood, you must be ready to bear it on each and all of the rays, and you must recognize that initiations come on a daily basis and they must
be met. For this Community must be tried by fire if it is to survive in the physical octave, and that trial by fire must come upon you. Let it be first and foremost the emerald fires that you might be realigned with Truth so that when the initiation does come, beloved, you have already been purged of those substances [of misqualified energy] which would cause you pain if you did enter the fire [while still] retaining them.

"Let the living flame of Truth prevail, for I, Raphael, have spoken! And once these angels have touched you—and for some the sensation will be as hot coals where there is transmutation needed and for some it will be as the coolness of the cool stone itself, for you have prepared the way—then let those angels go forth to those souls who can be saved, who can be received.

"Blessed hearts, they are not ready to be touched but they may receive comfort, comfort from the Holy Spirit, from Pallas Athena, from all of our bands and those of the Third Ray. Blessed ones, you are the cushion for them between that which they need, that which they cannot receive for
they have lost the Light, that which they must receive.

"Understand, beloved, such a dilemma—that our Light is too great for them to have. For if they were to have it directly from us, it should consume them. Even if you were at this moment to stand in the Great Central Sun, you also would have considerable difficulty. Thus, you see, there must be a bridging of that gap; and your aura is that bridging, the aura of Divine Love.

"The aura of Divine Love is the signal of The Summit Lighthouse that does go forth and is a beacon of hope to these souls. It is a ray, it is an energy, it is a reality! And when they feel the reality of living Love, then and only then can they recognize the false loves of all these other things to which they have been addicted and tied.

"Let your love so shine that they may see that love and know that we, the legions of Truth, have come and are coming to the rescue. And [let] those who have cursed the Divine Mother Mary, let those who have cursed even this Mother of the Flame, let those who have cursed the office of my beloved Mary also have [i.e., experience] the consuming action of the Ruby Ray and then be converted back to the inner polarity with the Divine Mother which they did violate long ago. And thus their hatred is very great for that manifestation of the Mother wherever it is found."

Archangel Raphael
April 9, 1989

"I AM the proclaiming of the Word of your ascension. I AM the release of the dispensation for it. I AM the energizing of your chakras for a new thrust of a cosmic purpose.

"If you seize it, if you do not squander it, if you take seriously the opportunity at hand, if you become strong in the Lord and in my Word, if you understand the true presence of Christ incarnate with you—you will go forth, you will conquer, and you will see how this earth will come into that golden age, as Saint Germain has said.

"I stand for the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Woman and her seed. I stand for the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Cosmic Virgin and each and every one of her sons and daughters upon earth. I, Jesus, am come with the miracle light of the Father that I would deliver to your heart in this moment."

Jesus Christ
May 12, 1983

" . . . I, Surya, seal the earth in this hour in the name of Hercules and Amazonia, in the name of Mother Mary. I AM sealing the earth in this hour in blue lightning of the Mind of God. So now let it be confirmed, affirmed, and ratified by every Keeper of the Flame. Let the will of God go forth by the call to Archangel Michael! by the call to Archangel Michael! by the call to Archangel Michael! by the call to Archangel Michael's Rosary.

"I send you forth and I commend you to the keeping of the angel of the Lord, Archangel Michael, who is the angel of your Mighty I AM Presence and God's.

'So, therefore, understand the Work of the Lord. Understand the holding and the keeping of the balance of the mighty pillars of Hercules and Amazonia. Do not forget, for this is the means and the only means, therefore, of averting World Communism, binding terrorism, turning back war and aggression, and restoring God-freedom to the body politic of the earth, to the economies of the world.

"So let there be a charging fire from your hearts! So let the Light go forth of Elohim! So it does come forth!"

October 11, 1985

A Dispensation of Golden Illumination's Flame

"Beloved ones, this dispensation descends. And it descends in the fashion of a giant vessel, a ship—one that you would liken to Noah's ark or the clipper ship of Maitreya. And it is all golden illumination's flame, almost as though it were floating out of heaven, signifying that the teaching is a vessel and the means to cross over to the higher dimensions of Gautama Buddha.

"If you could only see into the etheric octave now—and I open your eyes in the imagination, the 'eye-magic' of the inner eye—all of the hills and the valleys of the Inner Retreat and all of this property aglow as if in a perpetual golden sunset! Everything is cast in the golden hue, reminding you of that ancient yellow race that derived that coloring from their concentration on the crown chakra.

"Thus, Lanto and Confucius and the Brothers of the Golden Robe mightily celebrate the hour when they can participate and assist with me in giving that enlightenment, that education, and
that teaching that has the instantaneous power of conversion because it comes from the Holy Spirit, it comes from the Lord of the World. It restores the memory. It shows what is obvious. It clears away the brainwashing instantaneously. And the mind perceives the deception and the carefully plotted subtleties of the conspiracy of darkness. These disappear and literally melt in this golden light. Thus, we anticipate that ministering servants shall become teachers on a grand scale worldwide.

"Accompanying, therefore, the dispensation is also the wondrous presence here this night that is always there ['at the east of the garden of Eden']. So long as there is a single lifestream on earth with untransmuted karma, so long as there are fallen ones, there will always be the flaming sword that does keep the way of the Tree of Life in the center of the Garden.

"Thus, Cherubim with the flaming sword, beloved ones, are positioned not only at the East Gate of Eden but at various points throughout this property. And that sword turns every way, and it does bind and judge those who come with malintent or with lust to take the land or the light or the freedom from our bands. Realize then, beloved ones, that you may invoke the power of Cherubim and the flaming sword at any hour for the judgment and the binding of any and all who assail the cosmic purposes established here for your life."

Jesus Christ

"The strong arm of Elohim enfolds you and holds you.

"We, Heros and Amora, come in this moment to plant bricks of the ruby ray in the underworld of Death and Hell. And why do we do this? We do this because the planet has been in a process of destabilization for thousands of years, and it is urgent that we counteract this process.

"Therefore, we have chosen this day and date, June 26, 1995, to restabilize the planet not only with ruby-ray bricks but also with rods and cones made up of ruby-ray crystals. These bricks will radiate ruby-ray 'heat,' and this heat as stored energy will balance inner levels of the earth closest to the core.

"Anent this dispensation, we would tell you, beloved, that the underworld of Death and Hell is the domain of various categories of fallen angels—among them, the evil archons. The archons wage continual warfare against the souls of lightbearers and attempt to stand between them and the Divine Source, thereby preventing them from entering the kingdom of God."

Heros and Amora

"Blessed ones, without ceremony and without missing a beat of your daily responsibilities, you can breathe, [for instance,] the single fiat and the single prayer: 'Sanat Kumara, take command of the youth of the world! Take command of drug, rock music, alcohol, nicotine and sugar addictions. Sanat Kumara, bind the entire sinister force of the attack on the youth of the world!'

"But give this word in the name of Brahman, in the name I AM THAT I AM—but give this word, beloved, and I will give the word and legions of angels, millions of angels will go forth in your command. Simply be specific.

"Call, then, for the putting down of all treachery and intrigue in the field of health, of medicine, of alternative [healing methods], of chiropractic and in the denying of the people the cures that are already in existence that ought to be openly dispensed. Call, then, for the judgment of the heinous crimes of the pharmaceutical companies who sell their wares at prices far beyond what they should be and, in any case, do not [even provide] the natural cures dispensed by the Archangel Raphael, which many of you know about. Blessed ones, this is a tentacle [of a giant octopus] closing in on America with an iron grip.

"[But now I empower you to do something about it in record time:] Simply say, 'Sanat Kumara, go after the entire matter of health care for the people of this nation and every nation and bind all forces opposing their perfect health, including . . . '

"Then name [those forces and conditions blocking the health of nations, and name the individuals,] the departments of the government, the associations, [the corporations].

"Name them, beloved, and call for the [Lord's] judgment of individuals who would block the flow of Light [to the people] in the [application] of certain herbs and cures and remedies that ought to be made available to them.

"Blessed ones, you can always call for the judgment of the dweller-on-the-threshold of any segment of this society or any society; for that which is the dweller-on-the-threshold is the unreal part of the self, [the not-self]. You can always call for the descent of the Christ into that temple for the binding of the enemy of that soul—which is the dweller-on-the-threshold—for the binding of the fallen angels whose time is come and [even] for the binding of those whose time has not come, that their activities might be limited in the earth.

"Hear what I am saying to you! A one-sentence call thoughtfully worded and given as a fiat to me by name, Sanat Kumara, will result in an action of the hosts of the Lord and the armies of the Faithful and True. How can you, then, resist making that single call?

"I pray that you will not forget so great a salvation that I am offering to you. And therefore, angels of the Seven Holy Kumaras come to guard the mind from despair and depression and distraction and the forgetfulness, the forgetfulness, beloved ones, to simply offer the prayer. Lest you forget, you have many means of reminding yourself, from the string around the finger to the alarm clock, to signs posted in various places, to having the buddy system, to setting a time that you never forget and you never forsake for making those calls."

Sanat Kumara

"Some of you do not know that in previous Keeper of the Flame services, some among you received the calling of knighthood through the Messenger Mark; others received it through the Mother. These initiations have been left off in the very midst of the battle and some among the student body have earned their calling without receiving any outer approbationonly the acknowledgment of our heart.

"When a certain cloud of battle has passed, you will know who these shining ones are and we may once again transfer the new name of knighthood, which is not the inner name promised in Revelation but a name that refers to a certain virtue extolled."

Lord Maitreya

"Drink in the sun, beloved, as the Sun of your Mighty I AM Presence. Know that the showering of the light of the Son of God, [who is within] you as your Holy Christ Self, and of your I AM Presence is surely sufficient as the day’s strength to accomplish all things all the days of your life. Just remember to establish that attunement.

"And therefore place now your right thumb and first two fingers on the crown chakra and press in as hard as you can, beloved, on the crown even as you take your left hand simultaneously—the thumb and the first two fingers—and press them to the center of the chest. And know that the golden pink glow-ray is the power of the crown chakra and the heart [combined], the indomitable Power of Helios and Vesta, the indomitable Will of Helios and Vesta—the indomitable Wisdom and the indomitable Love.

"For, you see, it is not according to your say or by your words and works that Death and Hell have remained on this planet but it is because it is the kingdom of the fallen ones. And they have set up their underworld and they rise from that underworld to move against you.

"Do not allow it, for I, Helios and Vesta, place in the hand of your Holy Christ Self a mighty scepter. You may call to your Christ Self to use that scepter in the name of the Son of God, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Maitreya, Gautama, Sanat Kumara. You may call to him to use that scepter!

"And that scepter, beloved, is almost like the trident of Neptune. It is the power of the Trinity to put down the fallen ones, to put them down, beloved, and to seize from them all of the supply that they have stolen from you and from your Causal Body, often in [your] moments of ignorance and folly and of trusting those whom you should not trust.

"Beloved ones, you have a great treasure-house in your Causal Body. But I tell you, your own Holy Christ Self is reticent to unleash that substance to you for concern that you will go and misuse it again.

"And therefore enter into a trust with Portia that you might know God-Justice and all prudence and that you might know that none of the things of this world are worth spending that supply of your Causal Body on—only the things of the Spirit, only those things that contribute to your fulfillment of your divine plan, to the fulfillment of your mission upon earth [are worth it].

"And therefore know that the supply that comes forth from your Causal Body is limited, for you have placed there but a limited amount of momentum of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes on this planet. And therefore the gold of your Causal Body won, hard won by you, must be treasured as something you use only for the furtherance of the kingdom of God within your being and your own adeptship and your own God Self-mastery.

" . . . No one has harnessed the lightning. But you shall harness the lightning, for I decree it this day! And that lightning is the lightning of the Mind of God. It is blue and yellow and pink and white and purple and green. It is the fiery gold and the ruby action and the violet flame.

"Yes, there are lightnings that come from the Mind of God that you can harness to have all the energy that you need, beloved ones, to expand those chakras and to walk the earth as Gods!

" . . . Why, we are even laughing, beloved ones! We are laughing the laughter of Almighty God, who does hold these fallen ones in derision.

"And they are quaking at the thirty-third plane of hell this day. Indeed, they are quaking in the White House and in the Congress and in the Supreme Court and in every body of legislature of this nation and the world. Yes, they quake! For they exist by the sponsorship of the Hierarchy of Light and they are here [on earth] this day to know in consciousness, wherever they be upon this planet, that that sponsorship is withdrawn from them now! precisely at this moment, and mark that time! At this particular moment it is withdrawn and they are no longer sponsored by the cycles of the sun and the twelve Hierarchies of the Sun.

"They are cut off, beloved ones! And see the cosmic hosts cutting their ties to the twelve solar hierarchies. The dispensation is gone. It is done with! It is finished! They will not be able to gather one more sunbeam in the practice of mayhem against the children of the Light!

" . . . If there is something in the world you truly desire to see happen, you can offer a percentage of your Causal Body, [this] to be approved by the Lords of Karma. You may offer that, beloved. And when you do, it is as seed money, it is as a leaven. We may use it to accomplish that for which you have asked. And the good karma of that victory may return to you and multiply again that percentage you have given as an investment that you can invest again and again and increase on your investment and therefore have more and more to invest in many causes.

"Try it, beloved, for opportunity has never been so great. And those beings of the Central Sun
who determine what light can be given again and again to earth must have some collateral, and that must be an approved percentage [of your Causal Body]. It is as though you should give a pint of blood to the needy or some portion of yourself for another.

"You can spare some of your Causal Body. What portion you can spare can be determined by your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self before the Lords of Karma. Please include this request in your letters to the Karmic Board at this season of the summer solstice."


Give your personal needs and problems to El Morya. El Morya has offered us a boon to transmute our karma. He instructed us to write our burdens on a piece of paper and put it on our right knee. Next we place a wallet-size card of El Morya on top of the list, face down. Then we put our right hand over the card and list. We keep it there until we have given all of our prayers to El Morya, asking him to assist us. The messenger said: 'If we do this every day, even for two or three minutes, we will see that El Morya will never fail us. He will pick up the tab on our karma and move us along the way to our ascension. El Morya can do this for us now more than at any other time because he is ascended and fully capable of making this world spin.'

Sanat Kumara
December 31, 1996

"And therefore I charge you, beloved, in the name of the Seven Archangels, let the morning decrees be restored to the fierceness, the fire, and the faith of the Archangel Michael Rosary. For we shall descend through it, we shall act through it, and we shall overturn all opposition to that victory of the Seven Archangels, who have been the great teachers of the root races from the beginning."

Jophiel and Christine
March 26, 1989

Dispensation of the Fifteenth Rosary.

In her dictation "The Gift of a Mother's Heart: The Mystery of the Fifteenth Rosary," given March 19, 1980, at the conclusion of Summit University Winter Quarter, Mother Mary said that "the Fourteenth Rosary and all of the rosaries preceding it are preparatory initiations for the putting into the flame of the unbalanced karma, the misqualified energies of life, the unwanted substances, and all that is unreal. These rosaries are sacred keys to the initiations of Christhood whereby you, very presently and with haste, may balance fifty-one percent of your karma and remain in life the presence, lo, the living presence of your own blessed Christ Self . . .

The mystery of the Fifteenth Rosary is the mystery of the surrender of that Christ that you become. It is not an automatic surrender, for some disciples may fulfill the fourteen stations and become that Christ and yet desire to possess that Christ, to be that Christ, to enjoy that Christhood and with it to yet pursue some of the private paths which indeed may increase attainment but may not increase the path of Christhood for others.

"Thus you see that when all other surrenders are in the valleys behind you and you stand on the mount of that transfiguration and you stand in the glory of Easter morn, you recognize that from
the mount of transfiguration unto the mount of the Holy of Holies of the Resurrected Self there is a unique path to be walked. It is the surrender of that Christhood that you have attained."

See Mother Mary, 1980 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 23, no. 27, pp. 165-69; Mother Mary, April 17, 1981, "The Offering of the Rose of Sharon: The Hour of the Mother's Crucifixion with Maitreya Attended by the Avatars Lord Jesus and Lord Gautama," 1981 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24, no. 17, pp. 203-8; and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, "The Mutuality of Self-Transcendence in Mercy's Flame," Kuan Yin Opens the Door to the Golden Age, Book One (1982 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 25, Introduction), pp. 40-43.

February 26, 1988

The Heart of the Inner Retreat is as "Avalon" where chelas of El Morya retreat in summer to be healed of the blows of karmic adversity affecting body, mind and soul. And the Master himself takes refuge in this Western Shamballa—Gautama Buddha's etheric/physical retreat in the West, an extension of his retreat over the Gobi Desert, which is centered over "the Heart" of this island valley. See 1981 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24 no. 20, pp. 226, 227.

The Retreat of the Divine Mother. On December 15, 1985, Sanat Kumara announced, "The opening of the door of the temple of the Divine Mother and her Inner Retreat is also come. And this Inner Retreat, positioned now as a vast center of Light, is indeed above that 'Place Prepared'
—prepared, of course, by the Divine Mother—the entire area of the Royal Teton Ranch." See Sanat Kumara, "The Retreat of the Divine Mother at the Royal Teton Ranch," 1986 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 29, no. 10, pp. 70-72.

February 26, 1988

“I come with the determination of Alpha and Omega that you shall and will have the mighty action of our sword of blue flame—that you shall have it in physical, tangible manifestation—as a fiery focus for the protection of the light of Almighty God in America, for the protection of the divine intent of every student of the I AM throughout the world and everyone in whom there beats the threefold flame.”

Archangel Michael
July 2, 1981

"Welcome to my Heart! I come from the mountain of the LORD and I come to you as your tutor, beloved hearts. I will tutor your souls this night that you might receive Alpha and Omega having the maximum light focused in the crown chakra.

"Therefore, the legions of the Second Ray and all who are the Buddhas and the Bodhisattvas are beginning to stream to this very Heart [of the Inner Retreat], cleansed now [and being cleansed] by the rain [for the clearing] of some ancient records that must be removed. And a little at a time they are being removed, beloved, year upon year, as the light you invoke does penetrate and as elemental life do cooperate.

"Blessed ones, this preparation shall allow you to take and hold more Light—Light for the illumination of a world! For a new day has dawned and that new day, beloved, is the coming of age of many souls of Light, who will reach the point of the crown chakra as you raise up the sacred fire yourselves and hold that focus for the opening of the crown.

"Jophiel and Christine contribute mightily to the dispensation of illumination..For they do come and they do tarry, beloved, and they will saturate you in yellow fire! They will do much more if you will reconsider and reread their dictations. You will discover that they have mentioned the clearing of the planet of many conditions of ignorance and all manner of burden upon the people, but they must have your dedication to their activity."

Lord Lanto
July 5, 1992

Speaking on July 1, 1961 on behalf of the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, Lord Maitreya said:

"From this day forward, every decree that you utter shall be multiplied by the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand!

"I, Maitreya, declare that those who join together throughout the world to give dynamic decrees on behalf of humanity shall be creating a tremendous, impelling, swiftly moving acceleration that shall sweep through the earth and compel her evolutions free!

"Ten thousand-times-ten thousand equals one hundred million. Thus, every time you give a dynamic decree you are benefiting one hundred million people.

"Additionally, when you join together with others to decree, the power is multiplied by the square of the number of people present. This means, for example, that for a group of eight decreers, the power of light released is equal to eight squared—i.e., sixty-four times the power if only one person were decreeing! For a group of fifty, the power of light released is equal to fifty squared, or twenty-five hundred—and so on.

"And sixty-four multiplied by the power of the ten thousand- times-ten thousand equals 6.4 billion. Twenty-five hundred multiplied by the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand equals 250 billion. Having received such a stupendous dispensation, you together with the ascended hosts truly have the power to change the world!"

Additional dispensations for the multiplication of the violet flame.

In a dictation given April 6, 1996, at Easter Retreat 1996, following the Messenger’s return from South America, Archangel Zadkiel announced:

“We, the legions of the Seventh Ray, have called forth cosmic reinforcements from Omri-Tas of the Violet Planet. And, beloved, he has sent those reinforcements this day . . . The dispensation is nothing less than colossal. And what it means to the world, beloved, and to the incoming seventh root race cannot even be measured . . . There is a new multiplication factor by the power of the Violet Planet itself, by the power of the legions who saved that planet by invoking the violet flame. Those legions are on their way. Many have arrived. And . . . you shall have greater access to the violet flame, and your calls to the violet flame shall be multiplied by the tremendous power of the legions of the Violet Planet and of Omri-Tas.”

See also “The Highest Gift of God to the Universe,” in The Science of the Spoken Word (new edition, 11th printing), pp. 150-194; 1991 PoW, pp. 747-49; 1993 PoW, pp. 75-76; and 1994 PoW, pp. 458-59.

Saint Germain
March 7, 1996

"Let life return, then, to its central purpose. Let life return to the art and the science of Venus. Let earth and Venus now be in relation to one another as a cosmic figure eight. Let the evolutions of Venus hold the focus of the plane of Spirit. Let the evolutions of earth hold the focus of the plane of Matter and let there be the cosmic interchange ordained by Lord Maitreya and by the Ancient of Days.

"Let the light of the Venusians pass now to earth through the consecrated heart chakras of the chelas of the sacred fire in every nation. Drop by drop and interval by interval, let this energy flow, and as it flows, let it force the energies of earth through the channels of transmutation, through the heart chakra of the Planetary Christ, the Cosmic Christ and the personal Christ Self of each one.

"As these energies are transmuted, let them rise to the sphere of love, Venus, accelerating again the return of the energies of love until this acceleration creates a faster and faster movement of worlds and energies until all of the energies of earth are transmuted and displaced by the energies of love.

"Precious ones, this is the gift and the dispensation that I bring from Sanat Kumara, from the Lords of Karma, a gift from your brothers and sisters of Venus, who have petitioned the Cosmic Council that they might enter in to the work of the Lord, the Buddha and the Mother and the Christed Ones in this age."

Lady Master Venus

"It is, then, a time for transmutation when if those levels and layers of war and the intent of war and the misuse of the environment and the earth element can receive transmutation, there can be the altering, there can be the mitigation.

"These days ahead are those of great cost [to the people] and great price [to the nations]. If there be a certain action of the violet flame carried out in daily decrees by students new and old, you can reach a crescendo—even a critical mass, as it were, of violet flame—whereby I may come, then, in answer to your call not merely on the third day of the month but on other days as well.

"It will be a question of 'matching.' Whatever you put forth I will match again and that ten times,
and I will match it also by the presence of great legions from the Violet Planet.

"All those who are the servants of the Seventh Ray—the priesthood of Melchizedek and of the Violet Planet, Zadkiel and Amethyst, Elohim, Saint Germain and Portia, all those who invoke the violet flame in all of cosmos who are serving on any of the rays, including yourselves—all of these, beloved, can provide, then, an action of multiplication.

"When the events of karma are about to descend and enter the physical plane, it is too late to turn them back. This is the [cosmic moment], then, of opportunity for transmutation before these cycles are due. And due they are in the coming years of this decade, make no mistake about it."

Omri Tas

On February 26, 1988, in a dictation given in Lisbon, Portugal, Omri-Tas announced the dispensation of a violet flame reservoir positioned over central Europe:

“It is a very large reservoir of light as a sea in itself; and this [light], beloved, is there for you to invoke as a direct transfusion to all Lightbearers of Europe, Eastern Europe and the entire Soviet bloc . . . When you invoke the violet flame, it will draw forth the light of this reservoir and also maximize it, fortify it, multiply it by your own love and devotion; and therefore that light shall flow to every Lightbearer in these lands.

"And as it does flow to them it shall quicken them, it shall cut them free, it shall therefore transmute their spiritual and physical blindness as to those events coming . . . This reservoir is a certain dispensation. If those Keepers of the Flame in embodiment do not make the violet flame call daily, then this reservoir will come to be used up in its entirety, apportioned then among all Lightbearers. But if the call continues to be given, the reservoir shall be like the unfed flame. It shall not fail. It shall remain full and all that goes out of it shall be returned unto it multiplied by your call."

(See “A Reservoir of Violet Flame over Europe,” in 1988 PoW, vol. 31 no. 33, Book I, pp. 251-52.)

Omri Tas

On May 1, 1991, in Portland, Oregon, Omri-Tas announced the unprecedented dispensation of the violet flame sea of light:

“I deposit in the heart of the earth a dispensation immense of concentrated violet flame. It is an intercession of the quality of mercy. It is an intercession afforded to all those who serve the Light. And through your Holy Christ Self it shall be meted out as an unguent, as an elixir. May you drink of it in your hours of need and [in your hours of] strength and keep it replenished by new calls to the violet flame. It is a giant violet flame reservoir, as a sea of light pulsating.”

(See “A Violet Flame Sea of Light,” in 1991 PoW, vol. 34 no. 26, pp. 353-55, and no. 65, p. 742.)

Omri Tas

On July 7, 1984, in the Heart of the Inner Retreat, Omri-Tas announced the following dispensation for the multiplication of our decrees to the violet flame:

"If in all reverence, with inner attunement, a sense of yourself in your Christ Self as priest or priestess of the sacred fire, if with all your heart and deep within your heart you will take, then, fifteen minutes each day to give profound and loving invocations to the violet flame in my name (and please remember to use my name, for I am the one from whose Causal Body this dispensation comes), then we will take that offering, measure for measure as it is devoted, as it is profound and sincere, the very weight of its power and light. Therefore, by the quality of it, quality for quality, it shall be multiplied in your life ten times!"

(See “Saturate the Earth with Violet Flame!” in 1984 PoW, vol. 27 no. 50A, Book II, pp. 139-40.)

Omri Tas

" . . . Realize then that in this hour of the interchange you may call to me for the dispensation of the consuming, even by the sacred fire of the candle that is both Spirit and Matter—the consuming of that family mesmerism that has beset perhaps your own households or ancestry or those who are the flesh-and-blood relatives. These souls, blessed hearts, are a part, truly, of the mandala of the appearing of the Christ; yet they themselves have their own karma that they must pass through.

"If you would be elevated then to the point of divine Sonship, you must first and foremost accept Almighty God as Father/Mother, as Alpha and Omega. And if you will have us as your sponsoring Father and Mother as we have taken up that opportunity, so we will now place that Electronic Presence over you which will pulsate twenty-four hours a day throughout these days and the coming conference that there might be a transmutation of heartache and pain and disagreement and misunderstanding and strife that has beset the homes of the light-bearers. And this you may ask for yourself and for all light-bearers upon the planetary body in this hour.

"Now I ask that you pray fervently for this dispensation, for it is indeed the opportunity to place into the mighty flame, the flame of the sacred fire, even a certain portion, a large portion, of the family karma of this incarnation. Thus, my beloved, I give you the opportunity to kneel before your own mighty I AM Presence right where you are. [Congregation kneels.]

O sacred fire of the living Word, O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I, Mary, kneel before the Lord God Almighty, the God of Israel and of all people who bow before his name! AM THAT I AM and his incarnate Word in the Lord Sanat Kumara.

I come before the throne of grace to intercede on behalf of every child of God's heart who would make known to me in this hour or in the hour of the hearing of my word that they are desirous of this divine exchange and of the transfer of the burden of family mesmerism through the heart of the Mother of the Flame to my own heart that this burden then might be set aside, even as it is our dispensation to take it unto the garment of the messenger and of my own garment as we shall jointly hold for light-bearers this burden and this weight that so easily besets the children of the light.

Now therefore, beloved Saint Germain, beloved Portia, my own Raphael, let the cosmic cube of our sponsorship of the Piscean and Aquarian dispensations provide for the original flame of the Nativity in which you also were guardians, as above so below—the manifestation of twin flames. Therefore let these children of the light be sponsored even as Jesus was sponsored. Let them have opportunity, O God, to now receive within their hearts the Electronic Presence of the newborn Jesus Christ.

Let the replica of the Electronic Presence of the Divine Manchild of Jesus now appear, now enfold these precious lifestreams that they might know truly what it is to be held in the arms of the Father/Mother God, to come forth from the cosmic womb, to know the issue of the Cosmic Virgin, and to be infilled with the sacred fire breath.

"This is my prayer in this hour of the Christ Mass 1980. I invoke it as the descent of the light of winter solstice. And I ask that this prayer might be given each Christmas Eve and that all might reconsecrate our vow and our dispensation as the cycles turn. For truly in this advent of the little child, the little child that shall lead them, all must come to know their own individual beginnings in God and thereby remove the need to atone later in life of those conditions and circumstances that do not appear to have been their own in their earthly incarnation in this life.

"Let those who long for purity and wonder and love and for that original descent and its divine memory understand that once in the hour of your own birth in the heart of God you did come forth as the Divine One. And the divine parents with archangels and legions of light attending did celebrate your birth even as they celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem of Judea.

"Understand, blessed hearts, that this then is your hour and opportunity to invoke the celebration and the reenactment of your original birth in the original purity of God. And this matrix of the Nativity which the holy angels have built within the secret chamber of your own heart is now yours for that blessed experiencing of the fullness of the joy to the world. Take then your life and let each year be a consecration and a walk with the holy days in the life of Jesus Christ, for the contemplation of the continuity of the Word and his activities will surely bring to you that spiral that begins with the holy night of the birth of the Saviour.

"Realize that this is a most important gift of the Holy Spirit. Were it not so, the children of Israel and of Judah could not come into alignment in this age. Rise then, O children of the light, and take your seats.

" . . . I welcome you to my Immaculate Heart. May this hour commence a year when you will diligently employ the violet flame to ratify my dispensation for the transmutation of all family mesmerism. For, beloved hearts, you must also understand that the lawful answer of the boy Jesus must be your own to all interference with your path—well-meaning or otherwise: 'Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?' "

Mother Mary
December 24, 1980

Jesus' calls.

Starting on May 28, 1987, Jesus delivered a series of dictations in which he called us to the path of the ascension and to gather ten thousand Keepers of the Flame, to the path of discipleship and Christhood, and to become shepherds.

On April 19, 1987, he also called us to "take up the sword of the Spirit" against peddlers of drugs and of deceit and annihilation. (See 1987 PoW, vol. 30 no. 19, p. 196; no. 27, p. 269-76; no. 56, p. 491-98; no. 74, p. 577-82; 1988 PoW, vol. 31 no. 38, pp. 290, 291, 294, 297.)

During Jesus' October 4, 1987 dictation, when he called us "to be my disciples in the most serious effort of all of your incarnations, to recognize that in thy flesh thou shalt see God and be my Self,"

Jesus also asked us to renew our commitment to give his "Watch With Me" Jesus' Vigil of the Hours, promising: "I shall be in your midst, beloved, as you give this prayer service in my name weekly. You may give it alone, all-one with me, with the recording provided . . . It is my desire, then, that in fifty-two sessions with you, which I would like to be of ninety-minute duration (or more), you might experience such renewal and such self-transcendence at the conclusion of a single year's Watch with me that you shall indeed know that I AM come into the earth to take my own in the grand ritual of the Resurrection and the Ascension."

Jesus' Watch is part of the Wednesday evening healing service, one of the three weekly services
Serapis Bey has admonished all Keepers of the Flame to participate in without fail. Available on 93-min. audiocassette B87096, and in 44-page booklet.


Lanello's Birthday Call
from the dictation of December 24, 1979

"O my beloved, remember when your birthday comes that you have the privilege of directing to the Great Central Sun your gratitude for life. And over the crystal cord rippling into the heart fo God, send your call of joy, and joy in the Lord.

"For on your natal day you may also offer a petition to Almighty God for a certain dispensation on earth, and on that day—as on no other day in your birth year—is there the opening of the heart of God for the very special dispensation for life, providing that your prayer is always for others, that you might give a gift of God from your heart to the evolutions of earth."


The messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet gave instructions that on the day BEFORE your birthday you make a call for the binding of the dweller on the threshold that oppsed your birth.

And ON your birthday you make a call fo the binding of the dweller that you, as a champion of God, came to bind.



"Call to your Holy Christ Self to teach you how to magnify the energies of the Great Central Sun Magnet through the sounding of the OM. In addition, by alternating the sounding of the OM and your violet-flame fiats and mantras, you will see that the spiritual energies you channel into this octave are nothing less than stupendous."

Saint Germain
August 4, 1996

" . . . Out of the kindling fire I have wrought the image of the threefold flame. I have placed out of this fire the reality of trinity, of life and heartbeat. I, Padma Sambhava, Guru of the Messenger, come to you now. I place a tiny replica of the threefold flame in your heart. This is the perfect pattern of the flame as you have seen the three plumes swirling together in artist's rendition.

"This threefold flame will magnetize your threefold flame to become balanced and whole. As you move with your Holy Christ Self then you will have ever that pattern. And you may establish yourself in that pattern on behalf of every living soul that you meet. So within your heart, beloved, you may turn to the living God.

"This I bring to you that you may also understand that all ascended masters are concerned that you give worthy time and a fire of intensity to guard the heart. You would do well to reread the Roerich book Heart 1932. Contemplate the ramifications of the heart—the burden of the heart, the tension of the heart, the illness of the heart and the victory of the heart.

"I then tell you, beloved, there are enough individuals in embodiment to hold the balance for the Earth by their own threefold flames. The catch is—will you go find them? Will you teach them of the flame of the heart? Will you teach them selflessness and service? Will you teach them, beloved? So, the Earth can only be balanced and the axis righted if there be sufficient numbers to carry the flame."

Padma Sambhava
Pearl Vol. 45 No. 46

The Clearing of the Subcontinent of India

"So the seraphim gather in a mighty action of the solar ring around India in this hour. And this continent is prepared to endure and to survive in the ages to come and to be cleared—clearing the way for the descent of avatars once again.

"Therefore let the seed of the wicked be purged from this nation and let the Divine Light appear in the incoming children.

" . . . And this clearing action, beloved, is held in tow and in balance by the forces in the center of the earth and by your own threefold flame and the threefold flame of your Christ Self, which is still sustained and intensified in your heart chakra now."

October 11, 1985

In his May 13, 1987 Wesak address, Gautama Buddha read from “A Proclamation” by Alpha, which announced that “no new dispensation is forthcoming on this Wesak 1987 for the planet as a whole, but the dispensation [that is forthcoming] is a mathematical formula to each individual according to his own inner attainment . . . There is not an Ascended Master who is given a new dispensation for the saving of a planet but every Ascended Master is given a dispensation to assist the true chela of the Light.” See Gautama Buddha, “For the Alignment of a World—‘A Proclamation’ by Alpha.”

Surya Day Vigil on the 23rd of Each Month

Saint Germain said in 1996 that on the twenty-third of each month an increment of mankind's karma descends upon every unascended lifestream who is karmically tied to earth's evolutions. The gravity of this karma cannot be overestimated. The antidote is our violet-flame
decrees multiplied by our good works.

The cosmic being Surya from the God Star Sirius comes on the 23rd of each month to place his electronic presence over the planet . . . The Buddha Surya holds a great balance for the earth from the God Star and through his disciple Cuzco in the ascended-master retreat at Viti Levu in the South Pacific. The Messenger has announced that Surya will be with us for forty eight hours on the twenty-second and twenty-third of each month.

On these two days we give violet flame decrees and decree 10.13 to Beloved Surya. We sing songs to Surya and his chela Cuzco (Song 480 Beloved Surya and Cuzco and Song 481 To Surya in the Central Sun) to transmute the karmic dust of the 23rd of each month. Many Keepers of the Flame try to give 2 hours of violet flame on these days.

Further Information:

On December 23, 1996 Mother told us that if we maintain two full hours of at least 90% concentration on the violet flame or our I AM Presence during the Surya Day Vigil, we will receive the original fifteen minute dispensation of Omri-Tas and all other violet flame dispensations that Saint Germain has given. If we keep this focus, we will have achieved the equivalent of 12 hours of violet flame decrees and the transmutation of our personal karma. We will also escape the planetary karma of the Dark Cycle for the given month.


Saint Germain, August 4, 1996
The Masters and Their Retreats


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