Entertainment and Media


A Message from Kwan Yin

"Entertainment means enter-into-attainment.”Mark Prophet
“One picture is worth more than ten thousand words.”Chinese proverb
"The lessons of life are very basic. You know them well, but you are surrounded
by a society and a media that tells you the opposite of heaven’s laws
by which you ought to live. Thus you expect that which cannot be expected.
And you defy a law that you know not. And you squander an energy
that you have never understood. And you are dissatisfied
and sometimes chagrined and disappointed and sometimes angry."
Chamuel and Charity, February 14, 1986

"Let no pleasure tempt thee, no profit allure thee, no ambition corrupt thee,
no example sway thee, no persuasion move thee to do anything
which thou knowest to be evil; so thou shalt live jollily, for a good conscience
is a continual Christmas."—Benjamin Franklin

"If the Ten Commandments were not written by Moses, then they were written
by another fellow of the same name."Mark Twain

"Footfalls echo in the memory, down the passage which we did not take,
towards the door we never opened Into the rose-garden."
T. S. Eliot



" . . . I am the mother of media and of communication, for communication is at the flow of the
nexus of the figure eight and it is by the mercy of the technology of the Mother that all of this is the instrument in our hands. And I speak only figuratively; but, precious ones, if all that is to come forth across the television set is that which comes today, then personally, rather than see my children hypnotized by it, I would come in, roll up my sleeves, and do just that—throw it out the window!

"But, I say, better than that, go to the cause and core. Go to the plot behind the plot, as they say, and determine that YOU are the one who has the authority as sons and daughters of God what shall be the intake of children of Terra today! Let it be done, then."

Kwan Yin
October 6, 1977

"You see how the forces of Antichrist beset the soul, even as the soul would pull away from the messages that are beamed through the media—messages not of the light but of doom and darkness. You see how the outer mind is programmed to tune into the lower astral frequencies conveyed through the media and therefore to reject, also by programming, the frequencies that come from the etheric plane and contain an altogether different message, a message that is received by the soul and rejected by the outer mind.

"I am Mother Venus. I know the nourishment for my children. I know the requirement of the hour.
I know the meaning of tutoring the heart. I understand the craving of the heart and the soul for the love of God. I would give to you the fullness of that love, yet you are not ready to contain it."

Lady Master Venus

"Many people upon this planet, a far greater percentage than you realize, are in the astral plane and in embodiment. Far more than you realize are the undead, the living dead. Far more than you realize, beloved, are in a state of peril and imperil—imperil being defined as the violent misqualification of the light of the chakras which does place their souls in peril.

"There are souls being lost daily who are caught in the astral consciousness, fixed, 'hosed' to the television set, which does feed into them astral effluvia and does take from them light. It is a two-way hose, beloved; they receive the astral plane and their attention does give and sustain the media by what light or energy they have within their beings.

"The matter is so serious, beloved, that we have come in this hour. For it does fall upon the mantle and office of Mother of the Flame and Mother of the World and all who serve under that Divine Mother, such as ye, to make those intercessory calls both on Friday night and on Wednesday.
For the Wednesday night service is also a very intense action of the Divine Mother. And you would do well to pick up and accelerate your calls, for the emerald ray of Truth does indeed penetrate the astral plane and there is an excellency in our troops and legions working with the blue-ray, the violet, and the purple legions of Light.

"Understand, therefore, that our message and our report is this: that souls who began with a threefold flame are losing their threefold flames. They are reaching the point of [the] squandering of [the] light where that divine spark is either about to go out or has gone out already. Thus, beloved, your calls for intercession must be for the saving of the souls who once walked toward the Light and toward the Central Sun who have been beguiled."

Archangel Raphael
April 9, 1989

"Throw out that rubbish, beloved ones, and stop all diversions that take you downstream to the astral plane, that leave engrams in the mind and in the subconscious. And you would be surprised how long it takes you to remove the patterns of motion pictures and the amplification of modern so-called music. This is because the heavy emotions and the misqualified energy of the lower chakras projected through modern movies and music affect the emotional body and the soul with an intensity that is severe. And the younger your children are when you allow them to watch violence on TV and in the movies, the more damage that is done—for life."

Lady Master Nada

"They mock my shepherds of the flock who rebuke them for their pornography, for their violence, for their misuse of the light of Alpha and Omega and their exposure of the sacred fire of man and woman, publicly and on television, and their violation of the little children! This generation shall not stand but it shall pass! And I tell you, it is so."

Archangel Uriel

"Therefore I say, let this rolling momentum of violet flame from the hearts of my chelas roll back the misuse of the sacred fire in the media! For I stand to roll it back by the full momentum of my causal body. And I stand before you, determined as you are determined that there shall be a judgment and a purification and a purging of Hollywood, of the media, of the motion-picture industry; for we are tired as you are tired of this misuse of the light and sound ray from our octave.

"We are tired of the misuse of the media by the serpents. Why, that family of serpents portraying before an audience estimated even at three hundred million worldwide in that very focal point of light in Dallas—that family of serpents, even those who portray them giving forth the image of the serpent consciousness are also judged.

"Precious hearts, understand that everything is canned these days—voice tones, mannerisms, mechanization of delivery of address—and if there is departure from these norms, the individual
is beheld as a freak, perhaps some new species or whatever. Listen to the commentators, listen to CBS and hear how one parrots another and all speak with the same tones, the same pauses. The same manner of speech, down to the letter, must be mastered. And those, then, who rise in the professional fields, those who win the prizes, those who are respected are those who conform to the norms.

" . . . Blessed hearts, I could name names of individuals who have made their exit from the screen of life—even in Hollywood this very day—and their exiting symbolizes the judgment of their genre of performance which is an affront to the angelic hosts who veil their faces before such manifestations of human infamy."

Saint Germain

"Yes, think of the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, where the names of the movie stars are engraved in bronze stars in the concrete—and, with their names, all their sins and prides and fames. Pray you will not write your name in bronze or in concrete, but write the name of God within your heart and accept it now and for always."


"While absorbing the low vibrations of everything that is unreal, these couch potatoes feed these empty personas their life and light simply in the process of riveting their 'eyes' on them. So you give everything you’ve got to the TV set and what do you get? A sack of potatoes!

"And those who follow soap operas get to the place where they believe that the characters are real people. They hang on every event and eventuality, which are simply maya—products of somebody else’s fantasizing. They vicariously experience life through the TV and wind up with no real experiences in their own lives. Life is no longer real."

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"Let music not be thought of as something that does not have ultimate power. The great symphonies, the works of Beethoven, Mahler and many others—play these also perpetually in your homes, for they are upholding a certain level of vibration of molecules, of atoms and of the earth. Know, then, that music is a mighty powerful force. And just because it is so, the fallen angels, as you know, have moved in everywhere to take from children and adults alike the original purity of the sound of the Om that originated in the Word in the Beginning, the sound of the Om that calls Home to the Divine Mother all evolutions whose day and hour is come for their perfectionment."

Sanat Kumara

"The destructive energies which poured through the Beatles and entered the subconscious minds of the youth, popular though they were in the world of form, are gradually working their way to the surface, revealing their true colors and Satanic origins. These unholy emanations have drawn many young souls into the mistaken belief that the taking of drugs, the practice of witchcraft, and illicit sex can give them freedom from all imposed limitations. Instead, these indulgences have held them in bondage to the legions of darkness."

Saint Germain

"When you watch television and you place your attention upon darkness and deceit and intrigue, you give it your Life and you give it the Life of the Ascended Masters who have laid down their lives and their energies for you. Where the eye is trained there flows the Life from your God Presence. Will you boycott those forms that are tearing down the life upon this planet? I say, the boycott must begin here. You must withdraw your support of every form of activity and endeavor that is not in support of the Christ Consciousness."

Maha Chohan
July 15, 1973

Cyclopea spoke of various perversions of God-vision, such as 'subliminal programming through subliminal seduction' in advertising, marketing, art, TV, and motion pictures 'until mankind’s four lower bodies are being saturated twenty-four hours a day with the imprints of the infamy of hell itself . . . And mankind have been the unwitting, ignorant tools, being the object of manipulation of those who sell their wares.'

This 'brainwashing of the fallen ones' continues, the Elohim said, in psychopolitics and 'those
who are tying into the media and into all of the forms of communication to project into the mass consciousness the complete take-over of the planetary body by ‘the international capitalist/communist conspiracy.’ The techniques used by the fallen ones who are in positions of power have been manipulated since Freud and Jung and others “who have attempted to explain the unexplainablewhich is the subconscious mind . . .

'The subconscious mind is a vast storehouse of the wisdom of God and of knowledge of the universe,' Cyclopea said. 'A record of all that has ever contacted your lifestream is there . . . Is it any wonder, then, that this very plastic nature of the subconscious, so sensitive even to the farthest star and its emanations, should also be recording and be affected by the constant bombardments of emanations not only from the physical plane from those who are in positions of power, but also from those who are residing on the astral plane and the mental plane. Understand, then, that mankind have been made the victims of all those who are the usurpers of the all-seeing eye of God.'

The Elohim pointed out that 'all that is precipitated in Mater must flow through this nexus of consciousness, for without the vision and without the image and without the blueprint, there cannot be alchemy.' Those who practice witchcraft, black magic, and Satanism 'must manipulate the energies of the all-seeing eye of God,' Cyclopea explained. 'These are the energies of the Virgin, the Virgin Mother who sees the perfection of her children and the perfection of God and holds this immaculate vision simultaneously.

'I pour out my heart to you,' said Cyclopea. 'And I implore you to remove your children from before the television sets! You have no idea what is funneling into their subconscious. Have you not noticed that these precious children, even after a half hour or an hour of watching the television are changed in their attitude?'

October 9, 1976

"A typical example of psychism on television that draws millions into the astral plane every day, hence into the surreal world of the psychic, is the so-called soap opera. There is absolutely no redeeming value in the 'soaps.' They are a cesspool of the psychic and those who put their attention on that cesspool day in and day out will find themselves still in that cesspool after they pass from the screen of life in the change called death.

"Another example of psychism is the violence in the Saturday-morning cartoons. This violence is a horrendous desecration of the soul of the child. The makers of these cartoons have sown the wind and they shall I say, they shall reap the whirlwind of their karma for the abuse of the minds and emotional bodies of children."

El Morya

" . . . Thus, remember the phylacteries. Remember the sealing of the forehead with the names of God. Remember also the sealing of the forehead by the presence of your father Abraham. Remember purity of heart, of life, of will and especially purity of the attention on the things of God. For this purity, along with the dismissing of those things that take you to places of Darkness, is the key to your victory.

"Beware, then, the media, the motion pictures, that which you watch on television. For that which you see you become, and you go to the place of its point of origin, sometimes descending many decades on the ladder of life, even entering the astral plane without realizing it. Thus, you must climb again the tree of life.

"You who have taken in the entertainment of the world, I remind you that life is short. The hours and the days are short. Come into a community of devotees-yes, devotees of the names of God. Come in, beloved, and join my seraphim; for they embody the names and they shall accompany your singing. It shall no longer be a dream of angels but the reality of angels. I ask you to be instruments for the rapprochement of God and man in the earth.

"In the name of Alpha and Omega, who have sent me, I seal you in this hour. Do not break the seal but keep the love and draw in the reins of all untoward states of consciousness. Thus shall you know wholeness. Thus shall you lead with the World Mother all peoples of the earth who walk with God.

"I gather now all Light released at this Class of the Seven Chohans with the Maha Chohan. I seal the momentum of our dictations and your decrees in the Causal Bodies of the God and Goddess Meru."

Serapis Bey

Some Take Their TV to the Beach . . .

"If I were to point to one particular ill that may be the cause of all other ills, I would tell you that it is television."—Magda
" . . . it is as though there were termites boring into the very hearts and bones and flesh of your children as they are riveted before the TV sets."—Hilarion
"Blessed hearts, throw the TV sets out the window."—Justinius
"This mechanical clouding of man's knowing also occurs in the release of subliminal advertising through television."—The Great Divine Director
"I would to God that there would be no television for a month so that people would have to find within their own resources a certain communion and balance."—El Morya
"Turn off the television set! Turn it off, I say."—Shiva and Parvati

"Fohatic keys, blessed ones, are molecular formulae that are used for a particular release of the energies of the chakras. These energies, when coded in certain manifestations, can bring to pass in the Matter plane any form of manifestation, any intensity of the seven rays for a specific action or challenge.

"You will note that the black magicians have perverted these keys and set their perverted keys to music, played that rhythm and that music, and thereby caused enormous quantities of energy to be drained from the children of God. This you have seen and heard visually, and therefore you understand that of which I speak."

El Morya

"I have no concern as to how it's going to be done. I turn that over to the 'Do It' Committee. That's Archangel Michael and his angels. I say 'Here it is. You do it.' And that's one thing about precipitation: you can't feel that you're the doer. You have to stand here and hold the flame, but you've got to be able to delegate authority. And the whole Hierarchy of Light is waiting there to have your delegation because we are the authority in this octave. This is our earth and we can do with it what we will.

"And so we have to speak to the masters. We have to say, 'Morya: in the name of Almighty God I command that you manifest the will of God to this situation, in our educational systems, in our motion picture industry; and I demand that it take place now.'"

Elizabeth C. Prophet
January 1, 1973

"The singleness of eye signifies a singleness of purpose—one-pointed. Since this generation has had the supplement to their imagination of the various forms of the media, blessed hearts, realize that their own 'eye magic,' or inner imagination, has been correspondingly reduced. For they themselves have not had to produce images in order to see, for the images are everywhere bombarding the senses. And therefore, the gift of spiritual visualization, imagination, outpicturization of the inner patterns of the soul has been taken from the developing ones and all who have sat before the television set for decades now, being spoon-fed the images—which images block out the true image of Christ within.

". . . Beloved hearts, it is pathetic—the extent to which the youth of the world idolize their idols who have nothing to give them, who are as black suns and black holes in space. There is nothing behind them. They only suck the light of those who attend their rock festivals and engage in the smoking of marijuana and other sorts of stimulants, thereby increasing the release of light out of their chakras and then being drained by the vortex of the counter-clockwise spiral of that which is called music that comes as the noise from the center of that platform.

"Beloved hearts, this stripping of the virgins of their light at these rock festivals is one of the most heinous and devious crimes that has ever been perpetrated against humanity. And you hear the screams and the sighs, and you see the voracious behavior and the viciousness and the sensuality and the subhuman acts that are performed against individuals there; and you realize that it is occurring because of the disembodied spirits funneling through those who are their messengers out of the pit, those performing the music themselves, having become the messengers of the fallen angels or themselves being fallen angels."


" . . . Blessed ones, there are many Nephilim in power today. Among the most deadly are the Nephilim who control the motion picture industry. It is well known that they can captivate and manipulate the minds of people all over the world in a given day or week when they release their films.

"The media is the primary controlling factor that manipulates the minds of the youth in America and the world. And you had better realize that although the content of some movies is extremely violent, it is also subtle. In order for you to counteract the negative vibrations, you must give Pope Leo XIII’s prayer as often as you can.

" . . . I, Jesus, state for the record that it is my desire that you not watch motion pictures more than twice a month. It is also my desire that the videotapes you bring into your homes be quality entertainment suitable for family members of all ages.

"If you spend your evenings passing the time watching movies or television indiscriminately, you are not truly one with me, you are not truly a part of my heart, you do not truly share my sorrow on Golgotha! And you do not truly share my resurrection in glory. You do not share it, even though you think you do!

" . . . Think about this: Each time you take in a worldly motion picture, it takes you a minimum of five days to transmute it if you have a good momentum on giving your violet-flame decrees—and much longer if you don’t. For those who do not decree at all, the records of their media experiences, including rock concerts and violent films, pile up in the psyche; and the sounds and the scenes come up again and again as though they were actual life experiences.

"Who in his right mind would want to thus burden his soul?

"Select motion pictures that profile the heroes of history, the rise and fall of civilizations, the origins of the major religions of the world and a wealth of cultural material that teaches children about the world they have reincarnated into.

"Think about how many hours you devote to entertainment that does not afford you a net gain physically or spiritually. Think about how you could spend the same amount of time developing a powerful spiritual momentum on giving calls for the healing of all who mourn, all who are sick, all who are dying and fear death. The hours you spend in unproductive activity are costly, very costly! both to you and to us, as we are your sponsors.

"I speak to you out of the octaves of light and I say, wake up! It is impossible for you to imagine how difficult it is, once you leave the earth plane through the change called death, to balance karma, to advance on the Path or to make headway with your violet-flame decrees to the extent that you will be able to accelerate your reincarnation on earth. (In this scenario I am assuming that you will have made it to the etheric octave, although this is by no means guaranteed you.)"

Jesus Christ
October 8, 1995

"There are in the world today many trends which detract from the oneness of creativity: dangerous drugs that provide the youth with a temporal euphoria while consuming the delicate threads of consciousness which tether the soul to the reality of higher octaves; commercialized pornography that has replaced the classics in the bookstalls and flooded the mails, paving the way for moral decay; ragged forms of so-called music that drown out the heavenly oratorios and stupefy the sensibilities; the misuse of the sacred fire through the popularization of free love that drains the youth of the vital energies which would open the chakras and lead them into the way of Christian mysticism and the Eightfold Path of the Buddha."

Paul the Venetian
October 25, 1970

"Beware, then, the media, the motion pictures, that which you watch on television. For that which you see you become, and you go to the place of its point of origin, sometimes descending many decades on the ladder of life, even entering the astral plane without realizing it. Thus, you must climb again the tree of life.

"You who have taken in the entertainment of the world, I remind you that life is short. The hours and the days are short. Come into a community of devotees—yes, devotees of the names of God. Come in, beloved, and join my seraphim; for they embody the names and they shall accompany your singing. It shall no longer be a dream of angels but the reality of angels. I ask you to be instruments for the rapprochement of God and man in the earth."

Serapis Bey

"And because you are not alert to hear the ticking of your own clock, they have your full cooperation as you allow precious moments you could be filling with sweet Light to be devoured by your attention here, your attention there, taking in the scenes of a make-believe world and every last movie that you can rent and see lest you miss something out of the astral plane that has escaped your gaze, lest you not be in tune with the times and not conversant with all of the mountain of rubbish that is piled up in the astral bodies of the people of this world.

"I AM Astrea! Shall I continually clean up the mess daily?"

Purity and Astrea

"Recognize that the hatred of God as Mother is truly the hatred of her seed, her issue, her offspring. The fallen ones have the knowledge that in the end of the age, as Alpha is the beginning and Omega the ending, so it is the Mother who comes to judge the [seed of the Wicked One] on planet Earth.

"Therefore it is they who have desecrated her image and her body in the motion-picture industry, in advertising and in every manner possible, including the ultimate degradation of woman in the act of abortion itself, whereby the true Divine Feminine is also aborted.

" . . . We have touched upon this subject before in [the deliberations of] our councils and in our dictations. And we have said that until something is done [about all of the above], there cannot be sent to Earth those souls who would then run the risk of being lost by having so many toxins [in their bodies] and [by being exposed to] so much programming coming through television and through rock music and [other sources] as to take them far afield from their inner soul memory and cause them great inner soul trauma and grief, beloved ones."

Lady Master Venus
October 8, 1990

"Consider for a moment with me how unreal is any fiction played on television. Someone writes a script. Actors assemble themselves. They dress for their parts. They appear before the screen. There is the camera. There is the director. There are those who put together the clips of film to create the sense of continuity. What is real about it? The moment it is over, those actors live their lives—if they themselves can find a modicum of reality. What is real about the story? What is real about the sentiment or the human sympathy?

"Millions watch the day-by-day doings of those who play out their lives and their roles entirely in scenes of fiction. College students who ought to be meditating upon the light of the Royal Teton or the Cave of Symbols, on Saint Germain, on invention, on real life that can be lived so very soon in the golden age, are drawn down into these vortices of unreality—fastening their attention for a half hour, an hour, or several hours upon that which is entirely unreal and therefore entirely astral!

"That which comes forth from the astral plane is psychic, is the emanation of the very depths of darkness, even the darkest recesses of the pit and of hell itself. <14> Why, the astral plane represents the odors, the distillations, the smoke of the greater darkness of the lowest levels of the fallen ones. Thus it is a question of degrees.

"When individuals enter then into these spirals where that which is fiction has no goal or illustration of heroism or of the life that ought to be lived, no object lesson, nothing to be gained but passing through human emotion—I say, Let the children of the Light draw their children away from these scenarios! Let them realize that they are vortices drawing down a nation that ought to be rising to the heights of the epics of Homer, of the drawings of the lines of ancient civilizations, of golden ages and the story of twin flames and the story of the pilgrimage of the soul in the finding of the Guru. There are real tracks that can be followed back to God and there are authors on earth who can tap the akashic records and bring forth that which would lead the nation in upward spirals in a new appreciation of the Real Self.

"This is more serious than you think, beloved hearts. For most of you have no part with these scenarios. But I tell you, it is serious in America. It is serious in India where the motion pictures continually draw down the light of the Kundalini in the maudlin sen­ti­mentality, in more and more of the Western tradition of less and less clothing, more and more exposure of the misuses of the sacred fire, therefore tearing the veil of the temple of the Holy of Holies where the light of Alpha and Omega meet in the very heart of the soul.

"Precious ones, let us consider then that illumination has been pressed out by the white fire of the Mother flame. Let us consider that we are after the souls of Light who have been put upon by the fallen ones. Let us consider that they employ every means—from sports to the soaps—to engage the attention of the masses of the people.

" . . . Therefore guard the temple. Guard the temple doors! Guard your being! guard your heart! Guard the Teaching, let it live! And let this flame of wisdom be wrapped and enfolded daily by the blue lightning of divine Love from the heart of the legions of archangel Michael."

Lord Lanto
April 15, 1981

Zlo dokonane
przez Alfreda Hitchcocka

(Alfred Hitchcock's
Disservice to Mankind)

Great Divine Director
E.C. Prophet, 28 lutego 1965
The Mechanization Concept
Copyright © 1965
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Grozba czarnej magii
i zaklec

(Threat of Black Magic
and Witchcraft)

Lord Lanto
E.C. Prophet, 10 sierpnia 1969
Understanding Yourself
Copyright © 1969
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Oczysc Hollywood
i srodki przekazu

(Clean Hollywood
and the media)

Saint Germain
E.C. Prophet, 22 listopada 1980
Camelot, USA
Copyright © 1980
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

niewinnosci dzieci
przez Hollywood

(Violation of the Little Chldren
by Hollywood)

Archangel Uriel
E.C. Prophet, 8 kwietnia 1982
Camelot, USA
Copyright © 1982
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

duchowej sciezki

of the Spiritual Path)

E.C. Prophet, 11 kwietnia 1993
Royal Teton Retreat, Montana
Copyright © 1993
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Nazwiska, grzechy i duma
slawnych aktorow

(Names, Sins and Fame
of the Famous Artists)

E.C. Prophet, 3 kwietnia 1994
Royal Teton Retreat, Montana
Copyright © 1994
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Zyc lub nie zyc
w swiecie fantazji

(To Live or Not to Live
in the World of Fantasy

E.C. Prophet, 26 lutego 1995
Royal Teton Retreat, Montana
Copyright © 1995
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.

Astralne filmy
(Astral Movies)

Heros and Amora
Elohim of the Third Ray
E.C. Prophet, 26 czerwca 1995
Heart of the Inner Retreat
Royal Teton Retreat, Montana
Copyright © 1995
The Summit Lighthouse
All rights reserved.


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