The Truth Shall Set You Free

John the Revelator

"Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness
in high places."—Ephesians 6:10-18

“Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated
by all nations for My name’s sake. And then many will be offended, will betray
one another, and will hate one another. Then many false prophets will rise up
and deceive many. And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many
will grow cold.”—Matt. 24:9-12

"He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also,
and greater works than these—greater works than these—shall he do!"—John 14:12

"Work while ye have the Light."—John 9:4, 5; 12:35
"A man slandered is doubly injured—first by him who utters the calumny,
and then by him who believes it."—Herodotus

"You should punish in the same manner those who commit crimes
with those who accuse falsely."—Thucydides

"[S]ilence supports the accuser's charge?"—Sophocles
"I think that I have no difficulty in distinguishing between the true and the false,
hence I can easily perceive the degree of spiritual radiance in all its glory
pouring through their (men's) flesh forms . . . The seemingly innocent practice
of holding wrong concepts about others, of judging others, of assessing their level
of attainment or possibility is all a part of vain competition and results
in grave misunderstandings."—Master R, The Soulless One, "Judgment"

"We need to separate the chaff from the wheat in all of the world’s religions!"
Elizabeth C. Prophet

"I cite many of these examples in order to engender balance in our students
and those who would pursue the divine path. The way back to the heart of God
may have its difficulties, but I am certain that honest men will recognize
that the way away from the heart of God has many more."
—Master R., The Soulless One, "You" SU Press, 1965, 1981

"You do not need the demons and psychics who pander their wares
among the children of the Light. You need only the one God and his commandments,
fiery and burning within you."—Saint Germain, July 4, 1994

"Will you not take this Word and this teaching in fellowship and in love where there are
communities of souls who have recognized the need to come apart and to dedicate
their lives to an extraordinary devotion and an extraordinary keeping of the flame of Life?

"Though they know it not, this sacred-fire teaching is also for them. And though
their teachers perhaps may be disturbed by the descent of the Holy Spirit
and the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood, they, too, must bend the knee
before the Lord Sanat Kumara and recognize the family of God upon earth that is able
to wage this holy war of the Spirit by the science of the spoken Word—that no more
may come upon earth the massacre of the holy innocents."
—Mother Mary, December 24, 1980

"Only this supreme sacrifice can hold the balance (pay the price) for the sins (karma) of the world. In order to meet the demands of surrender on the path of the ruby ray one must have an identity to surrender. And that identity is the Son of God, and no other will be accepted. Therefore do many of the disciples when they hear this saying of the law of individual Christhood turn back and walk no more with the Lord. Having no light within them they spurn the initiation of eating his flesh and his blood—lest they should dwell in him and he in them and therefore be like him. For he said: 'He that eateth me, even he shall live by me.'

"These are they who desire the light of the Son not so that they may become the Son and offer themselves as he did—in Rome to be crucified again. O no! They have no intention whatsoever of taking up the cross of the ruby ray* and being crucified with him. They desire the light to perpetuate their own darkness and to perpetuate their own dark deeds. Beware then of those who pretend to be on the path, associating with lightbearers for the mere enjoyment of the light instead of for the sake of the dharma."

*ruby ray: ray of integration at the heart

Sanat Kumara

"It takes an intense Love to pull away from the magnetism, the very force itself, the desire in the lower octaves to go this way and that out of the Center of the Life that is green, the Life that is joy, the Life that is God, the Life that is sacred!

" . . . You must beware then when you hear coming from a friend a declaration of independence which is not a declaration to be independent in God but to go the way of outer darkness. You must beware and understand how that soul in some way or another has accepted into the subconscious levels of being some computer mechanic, some tie to the fallen ones which could even have occurred in a previous life. And it is the voice of the computer speaking while the soul, helpless, believes that voice to be the true word of his own conscience. This is happening to lightbearers in every nation."

Cyclopea and Virginia
January 3, 1982

" . . . I address my Easter message in this year unto all who call themselves Christian and unto all who set themselves in the seat of authority in the churches throughout the world that purport to represent me.

"First of all, I say to you that I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. And I have the power in heaven and on earth to commune with my own by the Holy Spirit! And as I stand and as I live, you will not set yourselves between my own and the Father and the Son.

" . . . Beloved hearts, beware the cunning of the serpents! Beware the cunning, for though they may not proclaim themselves so much in words that they are the saviour, they do proclaim it by their stance, by their political rallies, by their promises which they cannot keep.

"Look for them then in all the branches of human endeavor. Look for them in the economy and in the banking-houses. Look for them in industry. For these are the self-styled saviours of a materialistic civilization. And I tell you, in the name of God—it shall go down, it shall be judged and that which is real shall endure!"

Jesus Christ
April 11, 1982

. . . You have the Teaching; you are expected to apply it. You are expected to make the call to be shown why you do not pass every test. You are expected to apply what has been given and ask for prayer and support when you wrestle with the beast you have created that has grown much larger than yourself so that your soul feels the towering of a monster before it and must have the reinforcement of the lineage of the Great White Brotherhood.

" . . . If you do not receive from the one above you (in attainment in Hierarchy's chain) you cannot give to the one below you whose progress is utterly stopped because you yourself have stopped.

" . . . And do not create a false hierarchy in your mind, a panoply of all persons you know—some you place on the highest rung and some on the lowest in your system of judgment. And then you seek the company of those whom you think to be the important people who can somehow add to your stature."

Saint Germain
July 6, 1984

" . . . Know this, beloved, that my heart and the heart of Gautama, the heart of Mary, and the sponsors of this Church, even Saint Germain, have longed to see a tradition, an institution now be the reality of the causal body of each and every one of its members realized here below. This is the temple that shall endure and this is the Word and the Church of which I spake when I said, 'The gates of hell shall not prevail against it.'

"You must be the fulfillment of this prophecy, beloved. You must understand how corporate bodies of institutions have sealed the Lost Teaching in a casket and also sealed the souls who have drunk of that poison of orthodoxy in the same casket.

"O beloved, it is the hour for the awakening of the dead, and the dead shall rise and they shall rise in the resurrection of the Lost Teaching and the Lost Word. And they shall rise in the newness of this divine Self-awareness because those who have fought through these centuries and many tens of thousands of years against this entrenched false priesthood—who came in Lemuria, who came in Atlantis, who landed from other spheres upon this Earth—will now step forth to complete and fulfill the victory of this battle."

Jesus Christ
Freedom 1986

" . . . Beloved ones, let there not be jealousy of the son or of the daughter of God, but let all children of the Light know that as they have attained, so you may attain. This jealousy was of old responsible for the destruction of kingdoms: the jealousy of David, the jealousy of Solomon, the jealousy of Abraham and Isaac and of Jacob, the jealousy of Jesus or of John the Beloved. Those who saw the Lights of God desired to have what they had, and the black magicians sought to defeat Elijah and Elisha.

"Understand that the false prophets and false teachers have been made known. But there are also false chelas who themselves do not work for the Light but remain in that state of envy and seek only by the mind of mechanization man to determine how they may get that Light and assume it, not by legitimate means but perhaps by favor or some proximity [to those who have it].

"Beloved ones, it has gone on in the past and we are very wise to this condition [of consciousness]. And I assure you that it will get you nowhere in this activity. You must understand, beloved, that this is the activity of the Great White Brotherhood on earth; and you must realize you are dealing with Masters who have the full God-mastery of the Law.

" . . . Beloved ones, beware the power of the soft-spoken and the tender regard. For if there is not receptivity to the tender flower, the flower does withdraw. Therefore, listen with the inner ear. Do not listen for those things that you want to hear but listen for those things that are said; and understand that they are forthright, clear. [When the Messengers speak they are] not going around and around in a circle attempting to arrive at the point.

"We have selected the Master El Morya for the training of these Messengers because of his directness and God-determination to show to the Messengers themselves in a manner unparalleled the folly of all compromise, all erroneous thinking, all situations that do not lead in a straight line directly to the heart of God. You would do well to probe El Morya and his training and the manner of life and consciousness of the Messengers."

July 4, 1984

" . . . I return, then, to one of Lanello's concerns—his concern regarding the absence among you of the gift of discernment of spirits from the Holy Spirit. I remind you that we wait day upon day for you to seek and find that gift, to be willing to have that gift, to no longer close your third eye and say: 'I will not look. I do not choose to see, to know. I am comfortable in my blind ignorance.'

"You do not say such things consciously but unconsciously. And therefore, unconsciously you push away the gift of discernment of spirits.

"To know what is what and who is who and what you are dealing with is absolutely essential in these times. For charlatans come. They present their wares. And as it has been said, you have not distinguished between that which is spiritual and that which is psychic. You can be lost in the psychic so quickly, almost as if you had stepped into quicksand or into the mud that remains at low tide and were being pulled under."

Saint Germain
March 19, 1995

"For those who turn away from the light soon find that the light turns away from them, even as those who draw nigh to God find that He draws nigh to them."

Mighty Victory
August 18, 1968

" . . . I issue a stern warning to all souls who desire to be emissaries of Light: watch that you do not lend your consciousness to the false hierarchs and to the psychic emanations that they bear. Far better to be silent and to allow the light to flow through you than to release through the sacred chakra, the throat chakra, the mouthings of evil spirits who come to you as an adornment for your pride and for your ego. There is no profit to the soul in any communication other than the communication of the ascended hosts of Light, your own God Presence and your Christ Self.

"Let no man deceive you! Let no man deceive you! Let no man deceive you! Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap; for God is not mocked! (Gal. 6:7) Therefore be washed clean.

" . . . It is absolutely necessary for a group of lightbearers to hold the focus of Helios during time of cataclysm. And therefore this is more than an experiment of the Solar Hierarchies. It is a necessity, it is a cosmic dispensation. And whether or not the outer consciousness seems worthy to you I say the Christ in you is worthy to bear the Sun-center of Being. And I say that if you do not succeed in carrying the fiery Sun Presence unto the end, the time will come when there will not be enough light in Terra to hold her very atoms together, so great will be the darkness and the weeping and the gnashing of teeth." (Matt. 24:51)

July 1, 1973

" . . . Therefore pray, I tell you this day, that the Sun Presence which I bring shall expose to you those illusions [of self] that you have come to lean upon and to imagine are real."

July 4, 1984

" . . . The violet flame truly allows you to perform, as it were, a cosmic surgery—and this is never by a momentum that may be fed into the subconscious by all of the popular tape recordings that are available to you as to how you can become a better person and overcome procrastination and all manner of burdensome addictions. Blessed hearts, these tapes are for those who are computerized and do not have a threefold flame. They are for those who have merely a human personality that has built upon itself incarnation after incarnation without integration with any flame or Spirit of God.

"Therefore, all the world is gone after the latest fad in consciousness development, in the success fad that is now at hand, and it is indeed a success fad, beloved hearts. Be not trapped or entrapped. For I would tell you the cosmic secret, that every Ascended Master dictation that has ever gone forth through our Two Witnesses upon earth does contain within it the power of Elohim for the re-creation of oneself. It is not without forethought that we have released to you the Only Mark series. It is not without consideration that we have made available to you year upon year the audio- and videotapes of our dictations.

"Once you have carefully listened to them and consciously entered into that spiral and consciously made the decision to incorporate that teaching, that sacred fire, that cup of light into your being until you have willed thereby to become a manifestation of your Higher Self—when you have accomplished this and taken your notes and you thoroughly consent by conscious free will to the content, then know, beloved, that that conscious consent has involved your Holy Christ Self, your threefold flame and your I AM Presence.

"At that moment, then, you may play these tapes [continuously on an auto-reverse tape player] in your home, you may play them in a special room or even in the background, and you will be weaving, by the repetition of the sound, the Word, the rhythm and the teaching, your Deathless Solar Body. This is with a conscious cooperation and re-creation in God.

"Blessed ones, anything that comes from the human level, no matter how positive the statements are, does always embody the entire karma, electronic belt and subconscious of the individual through whom it has come. This is why we have released to you in our decrees worded cups of light, mantras out of the pure octaves of Spirit, out of the causal bodies of the Ascended Masters. The decrees, then, are the most valuable gift because they are cups of our God-attainment, of our conscious willing to be free on a certain ray through a certain chakra over a certain human or dark condition which we faced and which you now face.

"Decrees are the highest prayers on earth because they are dictated by the Ascended Masters, save for those which may come down through the Eastern tradition of the Himalayas, from Sanat Kumara or Gautama Buddha or Maitreya or the true adept and unascended Master. Beloved hearts, that which is in your decree books does become to you the access to the infinite Light. It is only by a conscious entering in to this worded mantra that you are a conscious creator with God and re-create yourself, not only in Matter as a human personality, but you are re-creating yourself fit to dwell in the octaves of Spirit, weaving that Deathless Solar Body.

"Therefore, in a time when so many come with their wares, offering you a means to attainment, mastery, success and money, personality and glory and friends, relationships and conquests in male and female activity, beloved ones, understand that you have been given and provided with all that you require to make your ascension and to do so swiftly at such time or in such an hour when you may be called, and that day no man may knoweth save the Father and the Son.

"Blessed hearts, realize, then, that those who sell their wares in the programming of consciousness do so with a tremendous momentum of knowledge of advertising, of their subliminal messages, their 'subliminal seduction,' as it has been called. This is not so with our Ascended Master activity. We lay before you a table in the wilderness, and on that table are the most magnificent fruits of paradise and all manner of meats and substances that are assimilated at all levels of being. These are offered to the wise and to those who know, to the disciples and the initiates who perceive that there must be a profound reason and purpose in all that we do and who do not miss the opportunity to enter in to that tremendous aura that does enshroud with light all those who enter in."

Omri Tas
January 1, 1988

" . . . The golden calf is the Form of the unformed Yahweh, his throne as Buddha. He rides him to the victory of the untransmuted Taurian energies of the children of Israel. The Israelites understood not the prophet’s vision of the Four Cosmic Forces—lion/calf/man/eagle. So they fashioned a calf in the image and likeness of their idolatry, sensuality, and materialism. They were the unaligned. No ruby cross fixed their identity in the heart of the ruby cube. Therefore they required a law writ in tables of stone; for by the hardness of their hearts, that stiffnecked people knew not the law written in their inward parts.

"They said, 'We wot not what is become of this Moses, the man that brought us up out of the land of Egypt. Up, Aaron, make us gods. We will worship Yahweh when we will. We do not need the Guru Moses. Besides, he is no Guru but an ordinary man like ourselves. He is no god-man. Behold, he is mere flesh and blood. We will create our own god after our own image and likeness. We will have our rituals without the Guru.

" 'What further need have we of God’s messenger, who hath left us here without word in the Sinai desert! Behold, all the congregation is holy. There is not one holier than another. We need not the Holy One of God in our midst. We will rather worship the golden calf who doeth our bidding while we dance and make merry. We will shut our ears from this Moses who would take from us the pleasures of life and our enjoyment of the sacred fire of the Father, the sacred water of the Mother, the sacred air of the Son, the sacred earth of the Holy Spirit. We will have our Mater-realization ‘materialization’ of God outside the presence of the Guru Moses.

" 'We will have our cult—our cultivation of light—without obeisance to the Person of light. We will enslave elemental life by our charms and our spells. We will have reverence only for the golden calf. And no other part of life will we reverence as the temple of the living God, save the golden calf.'

"But Aaron, the high priest, made proclamation and said, 'Tomorrow is a feast to the I AM THAT I AM.' He was an initiate of the Path of the Rose Cross. He knew the inner mystery of the calf as the archetype of the Christ, sitting on the west side of the City Foursquare. The calf, the Parvati of Shiva. Wherever there is Parvati in form, there in formlessness is Shiva. He knew, as did the children of Mu embodied in the East, that the calf is the symbol of a Matter cosmos wed to Spirit.

"But the people, oh, the people! Though they sacrificed their gold and gave it to the community, it became the unacceptable offering; for they worshiped their own sacrificial calf, as a mighty deed they had done, in the place of Yahweh. And the golden calf, through their double-minded vision, became the symbol of their rebellion against the Great Guru.

"AUM Buddha. AUM Buddha. AUM Buddha.

"And the calf remains crucified to the present hour, and Christ is nailed to the cross of idolatry, sensuality, and materialism on the west side of the City Foursquare. The calf is in the earth and the earth is in the calf and the calf is the beginning of the initiation of the hundred and forty and four thousand on the Path of the Rose Cross under the Four Cosmic Forces. For the many, this is the initiatic rung of the ladder where they left off their association with the Guru Maitreya represented in Moses."

Sanat Kumara

" . . . I do not recommend that we ostracize those who preach the lie. I recommend that we proclaim the truth and let truth reveal the reality of itself. Let them be free to sell their wares; let us be free to know the difference and the quality . . . Those who love Him keep His commandments. Those who do not and love themselves more, they go their way. And they are left alone and not interfered with by the blessed Christ or the masters, for the law of karma does deal with them . . . When men start playing God and determining what is acceptable in matters of conscience, all people should be alarmed."

Elizabeth C Prophet
July 4, 1985

"And thus one cannot even calculate how high individuals think they have come when they think they have spiritual gifts [which they do not have] and therefore consider that they are mighty above all others and look down upon them."

Maha Chohan
October 11, 1993

"When they again take up stones to stone him Jesus points to his many good works and asks, 'For which of those works do ye stone me?' Refusing to look at the evidence of the manifest Holy Spirit, they reveal themselves as materialistic theoreticians. Accusing him of blasphemy, of being a man like themselves who had not the light of God within them, these fallen ones were jealous of his Sonship. Having forfeited their own exalted estate, they were determined to perpetuate their sensual philosophy of the denial of the oneness of the Father in the Son.

" . . . Challenge them saying: 'By the ruby ray, in the name of the Almighty I AM Presence, the God Self that I AM, the beloved Christ Self that I AM, the Holy Spirit that I AM: in the name of the Four Cosmic Forces, the Eternal Lamb and the Embodied Lamb I call to the heart of Lord Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, the Saviour Jesus Christ, the twin flames of the Two Witnesses and the heart flames of the saints East and West! I challenge the person and principle, creator and creation of embodied Evil in the laggards, the fallen ones, the Watchers, the Antichrist, the seed of the Wicked One and the entire Luciferian creation!' Then lovingly, boldly and with the full authority of your Christhood, my beloved, give the Judgment Call of Jesus the Christ: 'They Shall Not Pass!' "

Sanat Kumara

"Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I AM the door of the sheep. All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them. I AM the door: by Me if any man enter in he shall be saved and shall go in and out and find pasture. The thief cometh not but for to steal and to kill and to destroy: I AM come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly. I AM the Good Shepherd and know my sheep and am known of mine. As the Father knoweth Me, even so know I the Father: And I lay down My Life for the sheep.

" . . . Those who would master the mind of God in Christ must enter by the door of the heart. Those unwilling to be consumed by Love—the price that must be paid for the mind of God
—attempt to enter the Holy of Holies by some other way. What are these other ways? My dears, even the recitation of mantras when these are devoid of Love may degenerate to autohypnosis, mental manipulation and, alas, black magic. Therefore we cannot reiterate too often the warning that not everyone who crieth 'Lord, Lord' may enter in. For the motive of the heart may contaminate the stream of consciousness and all who contact it. And the contaminated stream may not reach the Source.

"The imposters of the Path of the Rose Cross who lead the multitudes astray are the thieves
who steal the light of God through the very sheep they rob from the sheepfold. But even the light of God that is within the sheep is become the manifestation of their judgment. The true Shepherd enters in by the door of the one who holds the Office of the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and of the one, the Christ Self within, who is indeed the selfsame manifestation of that Son of God.

"The Lamb of God is 'the porter' who opens the door to the one who would embody the flame of the Good Shepherd. Once the door of the inner mysteries of the heart is opened to him then the sheep hear his voice; for his voice is become the voice of the Word of God. And he calls his disciples by the inner name, by the vibration of the soul, and he leads them out of the maelstrom of the mass consciousness and the falsehoods and falsifications of the hirelings.

"Those false Christs are indeed for hire. They are the worshipers of the beast—his carnality and his cult of idolatry. They have his image, his mark, his number and his name. Their motive is greed for the light—an ill-gotten gain. Their will is to take the light without paying the price of that all-consuming, self-consuming Love. They have come to steal the light, to kill the Word incarnate and to destroy and scatter the sheep of the Good Shepherd. But the Son of God utters the Word, the worlds tremble and the false Christs are self-consumed!"

Sanat Kumara

"Therefore the kingdom of God is taken from the oppressors who have oppressed the Word in heaven and in earth, and it is given to the ever-widening circles of devotees East and West who bring forth the fruits of the God-consciousness. And the initation of the West Gate is the initiation of the White Stone. The Stone is the sacred tone of the Lamb, the keynote of the divine plan of everyone who is of the light. And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.

" . . . And with the sounding of the Word, though the sound be unheard, the Stone of the Holy Spirit becomes the smiting stone of the terrible crystal, the destroyer of the international strongholds and their strong men. For the offenders of my people are broken by the Rock of Christ. In the name of the Rock thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel."

Sanat Kumara

"Everyone who is of the original hundred and forty and four thousand has the sacred name sealed in the third-eye vision and memory of me. Spoken in every language and the tongues of angels, it is always I AM THAT I AM. It means I AM the Trinity of the Being of God incarnate in form and formlessness, in action in Spirit and in matter, always and always in the Mother.

" . . . Every false guru would tempt you to take and eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that you might become wise as the Watchers who defected from the service of the Great Silent Watchers. No longer do they watch and wait to vest ascended master youth with living truth. Instead they watch and prey as vultures upon their prey, seeking what souls they may devour by the hour, by the hour. These vultures, fallen ones of Victorys' band, will go by the way in a dark and dreary land."

Sanat Kumara

"And thou o soul, o initiate, must remove the veils of illusion, the seals of thy karma which have effectively sealed thee from the great throne room. There are doors of pride barricaded by rebellion that effectively imprison Selfhood.

" . . . The ascended masters come with the vision of the Son of man to teach thee the way of the balancing of karma and the transmutation of energies misqualified in the lower chakras. These initiations are preparatory to the initiations of the heart. They must be submitted to. They cannot be bypassed.

"Guard thy patience and in that patience possess thy soul. For many have left the Mother the Messenger and the ascended masters for 'exalted heights' of which they fancied themselves a part, believing their way to be superior to the fundamental steps of truth: the studying of the Law, the ritual of sacred labor and the childlike sweetness which day by day becomes the ripened fruit of true manhood and true womanhood. They have counted themselves superior."

Sanat Kumara

"I say to you, beloved, beware of those who feign allegiance, surrender or sacrifice. Beware of their pitiful presence. Beware of their singed wings and their hollowed-out forms that are indeed not a chalice but haunted whited sepulchers. Beware the living dead who in the final expression of death itself seem to have the shine, the glamour that does pretend to be of the true light. These will always attempt to enter and to remain in the Community of the Holy Spirit. Having the sense, the animal sense [of self-preservation], beloved, they carefully hide behind the mask they have created and they hide behind the light invoked by the Lightbearers."

Mighty Astrea
August 15, 1987

"You do not need the demons and psychics who pander their wares among the children of the Light. You need only the one God and his commandments, fiery and burning within you."

Saint Germain
July 4, 1994

"Understand also that John the Beloved wrote down a dictation from Jesus Christ. It is in your hands: it is the Book of Revelation. And your Messenger has given you her interpretations of the verses on many occasions.

"You ought to review these interpretations. You ought to understand that the reason our Lord dictated that text to John is because it holds the keys to what you ought to be decreeing about in these last days of the Piscean age. It is also a book of psychology in that the verses, as they are charted on the Cosmic Clock by the Messenger, give you an understanding of your individual initiations and what you as a citizen of earth must face on a day-to-day basis.

"Many of the beasts and untoward manifestations identified in Revelation are in your own electronic belt, in your own uncon-scious, and you must consume them by the sacred fire. Know ye not that you can consume much misqualified energy in your electronic belt simply by raising the sacred fire of the base chakra of the Divine Mother and holding that sacred fire sure and fast at the point of the crown chakra and the third-eye center?

"Yes, beloved. The sacred fire that you sustain on the spinal altar becomes the all-consuming fire for the transmutation of the records of your karma and of the beasts that lodge on your Cosmic Clock as diagrammed on the 'kettledrum.'

"Clean out, clean out, clean out the stables, beloved! You have the power to do this. Conserve the sacred fire. Keep your beings in a yang state, slightly more yang than yin. Partake sparingly, or not at all, of those heavy meats that cause acidity and even the dulling of the brain. And know that in due course you shall experience the opening of the third eye. And what will accelerate this will be our Messenger leading you in giving the All-Seeing Eye decrees that you might receive from me through her a tremendous impetus on the Fifth Ray.

"I desire to see you work on clear seeing, beloved, because some of you do not have the gift of discernment of spirits and that is why you go here and there thinking that something is spiritual when it is psychic or thinking that something is psychic when it is spiritual.

"You must seek and find from the Holy Spirit the gift of discernment of spirits, for there are many who would enter your precincts and lure you away from your place at the altar. As scripture records, there are men who have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof and “creep into houses and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” Yes, the soul can become silly and be taken this way and that way because she does not have spiritual discernment.

"So, when you come to the end of this century and the end of the age of Pisces, you must have, above all, the gift of discernment of spirits so that on a daily basis you are able to interpret right from wrong, truth from error, the Real from the Unreal. As you mount the spiral that is coiled
about the spinal altar, you discover that it is very difficult to distinguish the Real from the Unreal,
so close is the counterfeit to the Real. It is your I AM Presence and your Holy Christ Self who will give you this understanding, this clear seeing through the Holy Spirit.

"I ask you, then, to wear blinders no more but to tear from your eyes the scales that have prevented you from clear seeing. Do this with the sacred fire and the violet flame. Do this diligently, beloved. For you cannot be on the Path and have advanced teachings and then suddenly not know who is Real and who is not Real."


"I come to you who have had doubts and fears. These have assailed you out of the darkest recesses of your own subconscious, out of the world consciousness, out of the condemnation of the fallen ones that has been once again unleashed against this activity. Blessed hearts, that is but the sign of the viciousness and its intent to destroy that vortex that can hold the light in this activity of the Great Central Sun Magnet for the ultimate victory over these fallen ones.

"Alpha has told you, and I affirm it with him—these unbenign visitors from outer space, they come to limit the consciousness and the awareness of the Word incarnate. Think of it, beloved ones! It is not natural for a people to remain in bondage and ignorance and to espouse a false doctrine and theology that is absurd on the face of it, that is ridiculous, that no child of Light would believe except for the interference twixt the threefold flame of the heart and the Mind that does mesh
with the outer mind when it is allowed to do so.

"There is interference by these rays of the fallen ones—by psychotronics, if you would call them that! And these are the forces that we deal with in answer to your call. It is the mass hypnosis and the brainwashing of a people.

"Do you wonder why there is such a loud accusation of brainwashing in the land by the so-called cults? It is because, beloved hearts, the fallen ones are attempting to turn against the children of the Light their own evil deeds. It is because it is indeed going on from inner levels and from physical focuses.

"There is a determined attempt to stultify, to hold back and stunt the growth of Light, of the individual Christ Self, in the hearts of this people. There is no other explanation why there should be such resistance to the Truth! Although many have followed it, yet many simply will not see. And their willing is not their own! Therefore, we persevere. Therefore, we come. And therefore, we are determined.

"We are determined that all who hear these words, all who are in this activity, realize that this is an activity for those who sincerely desire the ascension, who will walk the Path, who will meet its requirements—who will not in any way resist that Truth! It is not an activity for the fallen ones to hide in the skirts of the Mother, to come to the altar for light and to misuse it! It is not an activity for those who are the curious or those who, like Nicodemus, are fascinated with the teaching
—and their fascination is not love, but it is curiosity.

"Those who take the teaching as an intellectual path will not endure. I say, therefore, those of you who have concealed your own despising of the Word have been exposed by the Lord Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday! All throughout the earth have thus been exposed. Think not that you are not seen.

"Blessed hearts, I admonish you with Alpha, the time is short! And therefore, do not come to me with your mouths but with your hearts. And if your hearts are with me, then you will not continually commit those blunders that would, if they could, saw asunder the very activity which you profess
to serve! If you are with me in your heart, you will not be continually rebellious or questioning or querying, but you will take positive action for me as I have sent you forth to do.

"Let those who cannot plant their feet firmly on this Path or affirm the heart as one with the heart
of God take, then, another path. For you make karma when you remain and tarry with us and yet have ulterior motives. Better for you that you go elsewhere and make some human progress and prepare for the day when you will ultimately meet God than to pretend to be followers of the Word when you are not only its despisers but its users."

Saint Germain

"It is the purity of the soul chakra that allows for correct seeing and the impurity that brings about incorrect seeing, false prophecies and that which is deleterious to the holding of the immaculate concept for the future.

" . . . The native home of the lightbearers is the swimming in the sea of Love. How conditioned even little children have become to the cynicism which is a quality of anti-Love.

" . . . Love begins with harmony. Love begins with patience, tolerance, compassion and the determination not to cross over into unseemly conversation, not to enter into those actions that are not comforting to the holy angels and God's own people on earth.

' . . . For to understand subconscious momentums of hatred perhaps not your own but implanted there through witchcraft you must study the way of the God and Goddess Meru who hold the Love Flame for this hemisphere anchoring the light of Heros and Amora, Chamuel and Charity, the Royal Teton Retreat.

" . . . Then you must see now revealed the Sun behind the sun, as the sling is pulled back for the release of love/wisdom that is the universal power of God, His will as blueprint, as divine plan, as Great Blue Causal Body underpinning cosmos, which is the momentum behind love and wisdom to release that force into action.

" . . . Let every point of the enemy within thyself which is the absence of self-mastery become the footstool and the stepping-stone to the glory of God. For, beloved ones, there is no other enemy except the enemy within that can exercise any power over thee."

Archeia Charity
May 29, 1983

"Some have karma with the Gurus of our order, where they have left off the levels of initiation of the sacred fire for their unwillingness to perceive Light and Darkness and to understand that unless you are willing to face that confrontation head-on, there will come a place in your life where you cannot separate, neither in yourself nor in another, that which is Real and that which is unreal.

"And, beloved, this is a most dangerous state of consciousness, to consider that that which is wholly unreal within oneself is reality, and then to decide that the beautiful reality of the shining Presence of God in the Friend, the Teacher, the Messenger is in fact not real at all. This inversion of Light and Darkness is the ploy of the fallen angels. They come with their glamour and the magnetism of Darkness in the aura. And yet, beloved, they tell you this is to be desired, this is right, this is Light, this is Truth.

"Thus, mankind have had false teachers and false prophets. And for want of the standard-bearer in their midst, they have been convinced of this reversal of Truth and Error. Beloved ones, it is most difficult to undo what one has learned from childhood, either through well-meaning parents or those who were ignorant, or those teachers that have not shown what is the standard in society, blessed ones—as they misread and therefore misrepresented social forces appealing to the human and denying the individual Christhood. Moving with these social forces in systems of society without understanding whence cometh the beast and where it is taking you is most dangerous.

"The contemplation of life as simply a superior animal evolution, the seeking of governments to sustain creature comforts instead of protecting inalienable divine rightsthe right of the individual to become God—this is where the purpose of life leaves off and betrays the inner walk with the Lord God in the Garden of Eden and the first Mystery School and earlier golden ages.

" . . . Souls at inner levels see this mystical presence. And they define right action by the inner standard you carry in the flame of the heart and by your outer actions and words which proceed from the fount of the inner standard. And that fount is Christ Truth. Truth is the standard for the exercise of the nobility of the freedom of the seventh ray.

"Beloved ones, it is not always easy to define right action based on a set of laws or standards or rules. How do we define right action through all of the nuances of life, through all of the separate situations that confront us? Beloved, a most sure way to learn what is right action is to study the lives of those who have overcome, revolutionaries of the Spirit who have confronted the specters of the not-self, who have known who is Christ and who is Antichrist. And do you know, beloved ones, a high percentage of people on earth this day do not know who—and they did not know on Good Friday. And the story is told that they said, 'Give us Barabbas.'

"Whether or not that is historically true, beloved, it is so often the case that the people rally around those who carry a false banner and do not indeed keep the standard of that Christ. And why do they rally? Because the false standard requires no sacrifice, no discipline, no surrender of something in order to walk up the steps and stand with the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and to be with him at the right hand of God."

March 29, 1986

"Come to understand and know that much can be gleaned by you in this octave. And yet at this very moment, beloved, some of you have a sense that you must go here and there, whether for healing, whether for knowledge, whether for dealing with your psychology.

"I tell you, beloved, were you to be in a mystery school as unascended adepts, were you to be at the Ascension Temple of Serapis at Luxor or at the retreats of other Chohans or of the Maha Chohan, your discipline would be this: to not imbibe the things of the world and not be lured away from your goal by the passing baubles and trinkets of those who come by with their psychic wares but rather to be true to your Divine Spouse, to your I AM Presence, to your Holy Christ
Self and to the abundance of the teachings given.

"You see, beloved, Saint Germain has said that no good thing comes out of the psychic. Yet all have a soul, and psyche is the Greek word for soul. But the soul is not yet perfected. The soul is not yet immortal. And therefore the soul, though she has grace and self-knowledge, is not yet made permanent both through the ritual of becoming the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ and her Holy Christ Self and through the ritual of the ascension.

"So you see, when there do come those who are unclean (and I say “unclean” in a kind way, simply to mean that they have not bathed in the waters of Luxor or in the flame that is the violet flame of the Holy Spirit), although they may bring many truths, they also come with a multiplicity of errors and vibrations that may tie one to lower levels.

"Blessed hearts, I can move forward with many of you. I can carry you in my arm, I can lead you beside the still waters that flow as everlasting life, but I cannot compensate for your entering into lower levels of consciousness. There are many who mean well, but their path is not our path.

"Once again I say, come apart and be a separate and chosen people unto God. Be washed clean this day! This is not to say that you ought not to be studying to understand yourself. Reading the book Understanding Yourself, which I received as a dictation from Kuthumi, Lanto and Meru, is an important key.

"Know, beloved, that one must be faithful to one’s Divine Spouse. Your Divine Spouse is your inner Teacher and Holy Christ Self. Your Divine Spouse may also be any one of the Ascended Masters. Do not think, then, that there is no harm or no backsliding when you place yourself in the hands of teachers who themselves have not entered into communion with the I AM THAT I AM and therefore do not deliver their teachings from that Source.

" . . . Those who are not on the path of eternal life but desire to continue in the same old rounds of the human consciousness and its human panaceas do not walk your path. This is not to say that we are not loving toward all, that we are not kind and compassionate, but we must also draw the line.

" . . . And so I return to the topic of nondigression. Beware of delving into the psychic and psychic cures, psychic teachings, shortcuts that seem to lead you to a greater comfortability in your body or in your aura. For the only permanent change that can be wrought in you and by you is through the sacred fire of your I AM Presence. All other changes are temporary—temporary relief, as from a placebo. And then, beloved, you still find yourself trapped in the cycles of your own karma.

"Are we here to seek comfortability through psychicism? Or are we here to gain entrée through the Lord Christ and Maitreya into the mysteries of the kingdom that will give us eternal life? I say to you, beloved, Maitreya is concerned. Therefore, choose ye this day whom ye will serve. For the living God will not betray you, but the first commandment is “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

"Thus, beloved, the one God is able. But you must prove yourself as Job did prove himself. Tempted again and again by Satan, who brought calamities upon him and his household, Job would not go against God. And in the end, God returned to him all the things that Satan had taken from him.

"Remember that God allowed Satan to tempt Job. You must not run away from Satan when he tempts you but face him, challenge him, cast him out and let him know again and again that he may not ride into your household through vile movies or TV programs that you and your children should not be seeing. Although some of you still think that these are harmless, they can actually alter the development of your children’s brains and increase their aggressive tendencies by significant percentages.

"Blessed ones, cast out Satan at every hand! For the descendants of Satan are still in the earth. And as has been said, God has a right to test you, and you have a right to be tested. Therefore, do not shirk from those testings, from those difficulties, but face them! Yes, cast out the descendants of Satan that are still in the earth and return to the citadel of your oneness with Jesus Christ in your own heart of hearts.

"This movement is about to become a world movement as never before. Some are coming, some are going. I speak of staff, beloved. Some have been called by their own karma or by the astrology of the day, which is indeed difficult; but there is no astrology that is too difficult for you to overcome. Thus, Morya is rearranging his house and his household. And he is looking to those who understand the glories of the New Day."


"Those who believe the lie of procrastination of Maitreya’s Coming are also subject to various false-hierarchy teachings concerning his Person and his Path, all of which place Maitreya and the kingdom of God somewhere else than where you are. For instance, Benjamin Creme, who claims to be a representative of Maitreya, announced in May 1982 that Maitreya had entered
the modern world in 1977 and was living in the Pakistani community in southeast London.

"Creme says that Maitreya, whom he calls “the Christ,” has begun to appear publicly, speaking on world problems and his mission. He also claims that in 1988 Maitreya appeared at a church in Kenya, addressed worshipers in Swahili and performed healings; and he has even produced a purported photograph of the event. According to Creme, this Maitreya will one day identify himself in an international television broadcast in which he will communicate telepathically with
all people on earth in their own language.

"Creme teaches that Maitreya is concerned with political, economic and social problems and that he will show humanity how to 'create a civilization based on sharing, co-operation and goodwill, leading inevitably to world brotherhood.' The energies that Maitreya will release into the world, says Creme, 'will lead eventually to that desired state of fusion and synthesis which will be the keynote of the Aquarian age.'

"He says that Maitreya’s first priority is to solve the problem of world hunger and starvation by promoting the principle of sharing through the redistribution of the world’s resources as the key to salvation. According to Creme, there will be a future world government of federated independent states with the United Nations Assembly as its international legislative body.

"Creme’s premise and conclusion are erroneous. His flesh-and-blood Maitreya is not the incarnation of the Cosmic Christ; and his socialist salvation through a one-world economy runs counter to the law of the Planetary Buddha. The Ascended Masters teach what Jesus Christ, Lord Maitreya, Gautama Buddha and Sanat Kumara have all taught their disciples: 'Every man shall bear his own karmic burden,' which is to say, 'Every man shall bear his own economic burden,' even as every man shall bear the responsibility for his own Christhood and his own Buddhahood.

"The redistribution of wealth is the procrastination of the path of individual initiation leading to salvation under the lineage of Maitreya. This false guru’s brand of salvation is the same old doctrine of the Serpent in the Garden’salvation by World Socialism (that is, by the neutralization of the law of karma), which says that if you eat of the fruit of the false gurus of a one-world economy, 'Ye shall not surely die.' Yet World Socialism, also known as World Communism, is the death of the human spirit. Thus saith the Lord God.

"The teaching of the true Guru is that by the flame of Charity all noble sons and daughters of God are expected to give freely of the loaf of Christ’s Bread, even as they have freely received. Caring for the poor in body, mind and spirit is the true Dharma of all initiates of the living flame of Love, regardless of their religious label.

"We shall not surely believe that the coming of such a one as Maitreya is confined to a single flesh-and-blood body; this doctrine is calculated to put us in a state of idolatry of that one, and of ourselves as being among the privileged enlightened few who know him. We shall surely understand that as it is prophesied that the days of karmic travail shall be shortened for the elect, so we need not wait 30,000 years or 56,740,000 or 5,670,000,000 years (numbers juggled in Buddhist lore) to discover Maitreya in our midst.

"We need to separate the chaff from the wheat in all of the world’s religions!"

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"There are certain teachers in the Far East who, lacking understanding, have declared that only a 'living Master' would suffice to teach them or transfer the essence of Light. These sincere but misinformed devotees have not been taught the meaning of Life, nor do they comprehend who or what is a so-called 'living Master.'

"Surely the capacity of God to communicate with his own is not limited to a flesh-and-blood manifestation of himself! Surely the Word was made flesh to accommodate man's comprehension, not God's! Surely a Master who has walked the earth, transmitting the Word to his disciples—performed feats that defy ordinary physics, with signs following of healings, miracles, and a body of teaching that has withstood the rigorous tests of time—loses neither his life nor his mastership by stepping beyond the pale of temporal life and a body temple ill-equipped for higher octaves!

"It seems that the cherished apostle Paul covered the controversy quite well: 'But some man will say, How are the dead raised up? and with what body do they come? . . . There are also celestial bodies and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another." Rest assured, beloved, that the Life of God does not terminate when the soul of man steps forth from the body temple and exchanges its earthly garments for one more ethereal.'"

November 15, 1963

" . . . Let us not be naïve. There are those who stand in the stalls of the spiritual marts enticing souls with their wares. They appeal to the pride of the eye and the ego. They flatter the human consciousness—that same human consciousness which the real teacher will cut down as he would the brambles which choke the life of the tender rose.

"The false teachers of mankind have one motive: the subjection of the soul and the energies of the four lower bodies unto their own egos, their own human will. Like the merchants with their fine silks and multicolored designs, their motive is material gain—the subjugation of the Mother (Mater) flame. They must see to it that the soul is bound to the preferences, the likes and the dislikes, of the mortal mode of consciousness; for only thus will that soul remain subject to the false teacher and the false teaching.

" . . . Now as the first rays of the dawn of the Aquarian age flood the sky with the rays of freedom, the fulfillment of prophecy is at hand, and many who have been called to keep the flame of life with the Ancient of Days are being deceived by the alternatives to the path of freedom.

"The mystique of the false teacher is the claim of the preferred personality. It is because the human consciousness itself contains some of the elements of the false teacher that it finds itself being drawn in over and over again to the false teaching. The human ego is naturally the idolater. The human ego naturally admires itself and other human egos like itself. Instead of seeking perfection in God, it seeks to exalt the self and then proclaims: 'See, I am perfect! Look at me! Be privileged to be in my presence. I am the perfected one.' Thus the human ego in search of the guru will always latch on to another human ego that has set itself up as guru.

"Therefore, leave your ego at home when you go out in search of the teacher and let your soul unerringly, in the innocence of the Divine Mother, be magnetized to the flame that is God. And wherever that flame is enshrined, let it linger awhile and learn of the crystal qualities of truth unadulterated. While the human ego seeks the flattery of other egos and to surround itself with the paraphernalia of the psychic dabblers who intrigue the carnal mind with their sorcery and phenomena, while the hooded ones perform their rites in the light of the full moon, let the soul seek the dazzling noonday sun of its own native Christ consciousness!

"In the words of the one who sought and found the inner Christed man of the heart, you will find the key to your own Christ-identity: 'If any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ or there, believe it not . . . Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert, go not forth; behold, he is in the secret chambers, believe it not. For as the lightning cometh out of the east and shineth even unto the west, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.'

"The humility and the simplicity of our messengers is an affront to those accustomed to the pomp of the ego and of the false teachers. Our messengers have no appeal for the human personality, which often finds itself in the dilemma of the crossroads in the presence of those who silently carry the scepter of our authority. In the presence of the light of hierarchy which we have placed as a mantle upon the two witnesses, the soul is compelled to fall to the right or to the left of the divine effulgence—and it finds that the choice that was postponed is suddenly upon it. As it is written, 'The thing which I greatly feared is come upon me.'

" . . . Then there are those who would oversimplify the Path. They denounce the ascended masters who come as the three wise men to the place where the Christ is born in each individual child of God, bearing the gifts of the highest teaching, the keys to the threefold flame—gold to unlock the wisdom of the heart, frankincense the fragrance of love, and myrrh the bitterness of the discipline of the will of God. These false teachers would destroy the delicate fabric of the teaching which line by line and precept upon precept has been given for the edification of souls.

"Each precious pearl of the ascended masters releases an entire causal body of light, a matrix that even contains the formula of creation. The rose that blossoms before your eyes, simple and innocent in its beauty, has locked inside the most profound secrets of science that God himself has hidden there. And in the innocence of the rose or of the child, hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?"

Saint Germain
August 17, 1975

"For, you see, when there is about to become physical through dispensation of the Cosmic Christ the renewal of the open door whereby souls—as students of light who apprentice themselves to the Cosmic Christ—may come and go from the planes of earth to the planes of heaven and back again, this is the open door of the coming of the golden age. This is the open door of the pathway of East and West, of the bodhisattvas and the disciples.

"This being so, the planetary body, therefore, has gained a new status midst all of the planetary bodies, midst all of the evolutionary homes. For once again it may be said that Maitreya is physically present, not as it was in the first Eden but by the extension of ourselves in form through the Messenger and the Keepers of the Flame. And as you have been told, this mighty phenomenon of the ages does precede the stepping through the veil of the ascended masters
—seeing face to face their students and their students beholding them.

" . . . Beloved hearts, I tell you that those stories that have gone forth through Benjamin Creme regarding the coming of Maitreya in a certain individual are not true but of the false hierarchy. And they are designed to discredit and preempt the true coming of Maitreya in succession, as has always been in the hierarchical evolution of the ages of planet Earth.

"When I was in embodiment, I was the presence of Maitreya. As much of Maitreya as could be delivered to the people, he delivered through me. And it was a mighty work and a mighty delivery that has sustained millions these two thousand years.

"In this hour, due to my ascension and the acceleration of lightbearers, 'He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these—shall he do.'

"Thus, in the dispensation of the presence of Maitreya as the coming Buddha who has come at the dawn of the Aquarian age, you realize that the greater works expected also means that the Law expects a greater portion of Maitreya and myself to be delivered in this age through this Messenger and through the many disciples worldwide who keep the flame and in some cases
are empowered beyond that power which was held by the apostles. This, beloved ones, is due to the turning of worlds and the turning of cycles—thus, not necessarily by achievement but by the wind of the Holy Spirit in your sails, by the momentum of the Great White Brotherhood with you do you deliver the presence of Maitreya to the world.

"See, then, that Maitreya truly is more physical today than ever before since the Garden of Eden. For his withdrawal into higher octaves was due to the betrayal of the fallen angels and the acts of the fallen angels against Adam and Eve and others who were a part of that Mystery School.

"Thus, the long scenario of the fallen angels and their devilish practices against the pure and the innocent have ensued. And one by one, each must come to the divine conclusion of the Return. Each one is accountable for leaving the Mystery School, and each one is responsible for his own return and his making use of that which is available and accessible as the divine Word."

Jesus Christ

"Beloved ones, many sorts of individuals on earth have anticipated my coming. They have plotted their charts by their concept of astrology. With psychic predictions and false dictations, they have announced my presence. Some say I embodied. Some say I am embodied in London.* Some say I am dictating through this one or that one.

"I wish to tell you that I AM here in the fullness of my integrity, my Presence, my Ascended Master Light Body, and if I am to be embodied, that embodiment is the transfer of my light to the heart of the one sent.

"Your Christ Self is the one sent, and I am one with that Christ. To get to know that Christ is the daily pursuit of the magnitude of God's love, for he gave you that blessed person of your own Real Self.

"I AM the practical Buddha who has come with compassion and light and decisiveness to lead my own to a higher octave of service. I am here with the rescue flame of illumination and the mighty sword. Pictured in the hand of the Mother and not far from right, this bearing of the sword must be against the infamy of the fallen ones who thwart the plan of Confucius and Lord Lanto.

" . . . I AM Maitreya. I have sent my Messenger before my face. I do not come with fanfare, for, after all, we have always been and you have always known me and I have not left you.

"The great cosmic event anticipated is a foreshadowing and an overshadowing of an individual lifestream with my Electronic Presence. But I tell you, these ones who have falsely predicted my coming, whether in the flesh or in psychic dictations that have not originated with me, have not
known of the real meaning of the prophecy of the Messenger, who not only embodies my flame but also speaks the word of your own Christhood.

"The most important coming of the essence of my Spirit into your life is the descent of your own Christ Self. Some of you must have a new outlook and a turnaround to truly know the meaning of the Christ Mind. Others of you are so imbued with that Christed consciousness that you scarcely realize the immensity of the light you carry.

" . . . I say to you, then, when you hear of the preaching and the prophecy or the psychic prediction of the coming of Maitreya, 'Lo, here" or "Lo, there,' I bid you go to your heart and to your Christ Self and meditate there upon the Buddha who is to be realized by you.

"The Buddha may exist, but that portion of the Buddha you realize in waking consciousness in this octave is defined as the Buddha you have become in this octave. Thus, you see, if I were somewhere on a crowded street, on a highway or a large city or out in a field, manifesting in the form of a child or a student or an old man or a mother with child, you would not know me unless you had first known me through your own Christ Self.

"The importance of the appearance of the Christ at this season, then, lies in your own perception and externalization of that one. The more you perceive the coming Christ within yourself or in our presence in the dictations, and the more you glimpse the reality of the identity of the Son of God, the clearer will be the vision to you of the one sent.

"I have already disguised my representatives here and there. Some of you know them and respect them, and some of you know them and ignore them and belittle them. This is to say that your concept of Christ is way off.

"Thus, my beloved, the Messenger has remained silent and we are silent. What good would it do if I should announce to you that one among you was my representative, one you had criticized or condemned for this or for that? Either you would have to accept my word and deny your criticism and put it into the flame, or you would have to question the Messenger as the mouthpiece of my word and think in your heart that perhaps you must go elsewhere to find a true Messenger and a true avatar. So you see how idolatrous of itself is the unredeemed consciousness.

" . . . I AM Maitreya, a funny sort of fellow. I, too, look for friends who understand me. I hope you will. I hope that in your heart of hearts you can perceive me as I am. To be known and loved for who and what you are and not for who and what you are not is not only your wish but also the wish of every angel in heaven.

* One who has made this claim is Benjamin Creme, a British author-lecturer and self-proclaimed representative of Lord Maitreya. He announced on May 14, 1982, in Los Angeles, that the Cosmic Christ had entered the modern world and had taken up residence in the Pakistani
community of London. He would soon identify himself in an international radio and television broadcast in which he would communicate telepathically with all people on earth in their own language."

Lord Maitreya

"Blessed ones, it is indeed an event. And thousands upon thousands of Buddhists and other Lightbearers have waited for this opportunity of my opening of the Mystery School. Yet so few have understood the darkness of the false-hierarchy impostors who say, 'Lo, Maitreya is come here. He is come there. He is in embodiment. He is giving messages through me.' "

Lord Maitreya
December 31, 1985

"Maitreya is his name yet he is an Ascended Master and has not incarnated in this hour. Beloved ones, he is here to overshadow everyone and not any single lifestream. Therefore, claim your union with the hosts of the LORD where you are and go not after the spirits that mutter and peep
—fallen Atlanteans who will come and tell you many tales except the one that is needed, which is your deliverance from the returning karma that, I tell you, is being delivered upon all in this hour through the Four Horsemen.

" . . . Fear not, beloved. For the fallen angels who would promise deliverance through a prophecy of peace or psychicism or those aliens from other systems are only there to deter you from the true and living God who has loved you with such a fervor as to place the divine fire in your very breast."

Saint Germain

"Even on the Path, and perhaps especially on the Path, people are in an almost half-awakened state. They feel secure that they have found their teacher, found their mantra, found a means to improve their abilities. Some who have never truly embraced the disciplines of the Path use unlawful techniques for the control of self or others, such as playing cassette tapes with subliminal messages that are not audible or comprehensible, thereby programming the mind to this and that by what amounts to autohypnosis. These techniques are used to achieve the inordinate desire of self-mastery for personal gain by persons who are unwilling to bend the knee before the Law, the Teaching or the Guru.

"All kinds of techniques are packaged and offered for those who want to bypass their karma and be popular, healthy, wealthy or whatever. You can even join an Eastern cult that says if you give such-and-such mantra you can get anything you want in this world!

"So when people find these techniques of a pseudoreligious nature, they believe they have somehow beaten the game of ordinary mortals, who must suffer this and that element of their psychology or karma—until the karma for their karma-dodging descends, that is. Thus, by taking whatever detour suits their fancy, people procrastinate their reunion with God on the path of individual Christ Self-mastery. But what they are really doing is postponing the day of decision to fulfill their destiny.

"And what destiny is it? It is our fiery destiny. It is our soul’s ascent to the Mighty I AM Presence. It is the conscious engaging of our minds and hearts in the mighty work of the ages—the balancing of our karma and the slaying of the dweller-on-the-thres­hold. It is our soul fully awakened and multiplying the Word and Work of the Lord wherever we are. It is the conscious entering into the Path, and our willingness to sacrifice and surrender on a path of selfless service, our willingness to experience the pain and the bliss of all levels of our reality and our unreality as the Lord God does ordain it."

"Blessed ones, I can assure you that those of us who have ascended or are waiting the ascension from the etheric octave do move toward those of Light and pure hearts; and as we offer our prayers and angels take them to the throne of the Father, we spend all of our days helping those who have Light, who have an open heart to receive this teaching, helping you to rearrange your lives so that you can give your all for the destiny of planet earth.

"Blessed ones, I give to your heart my vibration. I reveal to you the purity of this message. You need not endless writings or channelings of fascination to the human ego. You need the most direct route to be an intercessor on behalf of humanity."

Therese of Lisieux

"[But] the false gurus are a great plague upon Europe and America, for again they have turned aside the reincarnated tribes of light of Sanat Kumara into byways of the neglect of the day-to-day affairs of their civilization. Teaching a counterfeit path of the East in the West, they have therefore deterred you from your calling to draw forth the light by the power of the name I AM THAT I AM and to direct it into the physical octave.

"The challenges of the West are physical. You have completed your incarnations in the East. You have risen to an inner oneness by the science of the AUM and the Word of Brahman in the beginning. You have reincarnated here for the final incarnation if you choose to accept it or for the final several incarnations to take the portion of your causal body and to direct it into form.

"Therefore, beloved, I attest to you, and may you know my vibration and know that my Word is true, that I have served with this beloved Messenger when she was embodied as Saint Clare and Saint Catherine. And therefore we are one in an ancient service and calling to preserve the mysteries of Christ within the Churchnot as a doctrine, for the hierarchy forbade it. Therefore we did preserve it as a fire in our hearts that burned, that none could quench, that none could turn back."

Therese of Lisieux

"Now understand that as I am El Morya and the Chief of the Darjeeling Council,I represent God-government and I counsel the nations. And I perceive in this hour the great burdens upon India. And one of the greatest burdens of this nation in this hour is what we have called the Black Brotherhood of India. Not only are they the impostors of the true Gurus and Masters, but they are the impostors in government, in the economy, in the educational institutions—they are impostors in the sense that everything they do is to oppose the divine plan of twin flames from coming into manifestation.

"Much of this comes from greed or the desire for power, even if that power is impure; the desire to control—the desire even to control individuals on the spiritual path by limiting their knowledge of the true science that comes from the God Himalaya. Thus they may entertain followers and disciples or chelas,but they may limit their knowledge of the Law and the use of the Light, telling them it is for their good, even as in the West in some circles Communion is served without the impartation of the wine of the Spirit; or the Teaching of Christ is incomplete because it stops before the Teaching of the internalization of the Word is given.

"In this case, then, the false teacher brings but a little of the Path and withholds the rest, doling it out crumb by crumb merely to keep the followers tied to himself. He, having no Light [i.e., Christ] of his own, does live upon the Light [Christ] of others. And thus these mechanisms are highly refined—the enslavement of souls by the Black Brotherhood of India drawing a dark circle around them and seeing to it that they cannot press through to the Brotherhood of Light.

"This false hierarchy, then, has come in the person of many false gurus to America, to the English-speaking nations—to Australia, the British Isles, Canada. Through the nations of the world they have come. They have taught siddhis <5> to those who have not the Spirit incarnate of the Lord Krishna. They have given initiation of mantra to those who have not surrendered their souls and hearts to God, who have not paid the requirements of the Law. And yet these false gurus, beloved ones, they do not—they do not indeed actually transfer the highest light.

"Thus a network of false hierarchs, false gurus, and false chelas is being built around the world, establishing the antithesis to the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood by promising immediate results—the results of energies in the spine or the chakras or certain powers or certain relief from suffering—all of this without the required balance of karma or the path of reunion. This, then, becomes a limitation to the divine government of India and of America, for it is the best servants and the lightbearers who, seeking the Light [the Cosmic Christ], become encumbered by and often even fascinated with the false gurus.

"Beloved ones, I counsel you, then, to know that we have given to you in the path of our Teaching that which will secure you and protect you from any idolatrous cult or association which has as its foundation the avowed determination to keep you separated from your twin flame but tied to the false guru. Thus the allegiance is mandated by these false teachers to the person of the unascended guru instead of to the Person of the Godhead and the I AM Presence.

"We warn because we have seen the going astray of lightbearers into these avenues. And it has cost them, sometimes for several embodiments, the scheduled union with the twin flame, the scheduled initiations with Maitreya. And the world itself has suffered; for these lightbearers have belonged at the very heart of their nation’s government, educational institutions, sponsorship of motherhood, and in the holding of the balance of the economies."


The false guru replaces not only the twin flame but also the individual I AM Presence and the personal Mediator and Teacher, the Holy Christ Self, and aborts the search for the Beloved by attaching the chela to himself by means of various devices such as Tantric initiations or forced raising of the Kundalini prior to the attainment of a certain self-mastery and equilibrium gained through the balancing of karma; by engaging both male and female neophytes in sexual rites, secret mantras for the supposed transfer of supernatural powers or so-called initiation, thereby engendering emotional attachment or mindless enslavement to himself; by the lure of ancient traditions, languages and lineage whereby the false guru lays claim to legitimacy by association with or descendancy from the Ascended Masters, Gautama Buddha, Maitreya and Sanat Kumara, plus physical adeptship through developed siddhis (powers), the mischievous misuse of the mantra (black magic) manipulating nature spirits into capricious control of elemental forces heaping disaster against enemies or those in disfavor or influencing the sincere, trusting student to do the bidding of the false guru; encouraging the practice of meditating on the guru’s picture together with the recitation of the guru’s ‘secret’ mantra: this practice, instead of giving Light to the chela, is the means whereby the false guru, having no Light of his own, in fact takes the Light from his chelas. The entrapments of dress, diet, airs of holiness and meditation for private peace, powers, and personal gain (including financial) without application to the goal of world service all lead to a path of selfish introspection—a counterfeit of the Path of Jesus Christ and his disciples taught by the Ascended Masters—divorcing aspirants from the mighty Work
of the ages: the saving of souls and a planet in distress through full participation in the economic and political challenges of self-government and individual economic and spiritual self-determination in God’s grand experiment in free will.

El Morya
July 5, 1985

"I make known to you this day, in as much as this is a branch of the Great White Brotherhood sponsored by the level of my office with the Seven Holy Kumaras, that in this hour there is the withdrawal of the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta from the retreat physical of Mount Shasta. This entire brotherhood, therefore, does withdraw and does transfer their forcefield and focus both in[to] the Grand Teton and in[to] another area of the Northern Rockies.

"Blessed hearts, this announcement is a sign unto you and let it be a sign unto every heart and let it be known from within. I give you, therefore, this report that you might accommodate and understand your position as the pillars in the temple of our God.

" . . . Beloved ones, those who will not bend the knee before the living Presence of Sanat Kumara throughout the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood have no part with this path or the ascension in the Light, and therefore they remain outside the courts of Maitreya's Mystery School as of old in days of Lemuria and Atlantis.

"And they would gnash their teeth and they would rush against the Lightbearers [if they could], even as in the stoning of Saint Stephen, and move against those who had the Holy Ghost, and they would claw them and would tear from them their very garments! For beloved, they have come again in the land, and they have stood apart, and they both fear and hate the Messenger and the path of the ascension.

"They claim to have it all, but I tell you they have not the wedding garment and we say unto them worldwide: Friend, how camest thou in without the wedding garment? And without that wedding garment, there is no transition to higher octaves. Though they may misuse the mantras to attract
to themselves a light and a glamour of sanctity, they have it not. Go not their way! For I tell you the false teachers in the land are many.

"I will isolate for you one false-hierarchy impostor of Lord Himalaya, that Swami Rama that does preach out of the United States and does pass his wares. This individual is corrupt and a fallen one to the very extent and boundaries of this kingdom. And therefore I say, Woe! Woe! Woe! unto this Swami Rama and all who are like him and with him, the false hierarchies out of India who have come as fallen angels, taken bodies of that blessed nation and therefore moved against her people.

"And therefore, they may use the light of the Mother to establish the siddhis and physical powers, but they have not the light of the Father, the I AM Presence, and not the sponsorship of the Great White Brotherhood. And the silly women and the silly men who have gone after them worshiping them will come to challenge the Messenger, 'Why do you not proclaim this one? Why do you not proclaim Krishnamurti? Why do you not proclaim this and that and the other one who is supposed to be the Christ of the age?'

"I tell you, go not after them, for you have the Christ in your being! You have the kingdom of God within you! You have my flame within you! You have your heart-to-heart contact with me and through me to all of the ascended hosts of the Great White Brotherhood!

"I have come for the saving of your beings of Light, and many of you have joined me as we came to planet earth long ago for the saving of these evolutions. Have you lost and forgotten your First Love? This is the hour to remember it with the full intensity and fire of your being, beloved. This is the hour to know that souls are being gobbled up by these false gurus!

"Let it come to pass, therefore, that they are exposed! they are exposed! they are exposed! as you name them now and demand the cutting free of all true Lightbearers who have been fastened to them by manipulation and, yes, by direct black magic.

"I say the hour is come for the false hierarchs, impostors of my name Sanat Kumara, to go down in the earth; and as my Son Jesus has proclaimed to you to declare their judgment, so I proclaim it this day!

"Let the word go forth from this mountain of God. Let it go forth in the name of Elijah and Elisha, in the name of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ: and therefore let that fallen one who has turned aside the path of freedom, even that Sun Myung Moon, go down! Woe! Woe! Woe!

"I say before all the false gurus of the nation, let them go down now! For the children of the Light have the right to be cut free, have the right to become Keepers of the Flame of Life of Sanat Kumara, have a right to take their stand!"

Sanat Kumara
January 2, 1988

"The grounding in the physical [octave] is like none other, and here you have the greatest
opportunity to balance karma and accrue new rings of light to the aura. Every day and every hour you can unite with Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ, who is an Ascended Master and is not in embodiment at this time, beloved, contrary to what some may say.*

"Lord Maitreya is the representative of the Cosmic Christ and with him serve Jesus and Kuthumi as World Teachers. Each and every hour that you have life and breath you can become more integrated with that Christ and take the Buddhic initiations and follow the path of the Bodhisattva. While you have breath in the physical octave immense strides can be made and the percentages of karma [you] balance are ticking off daily.

"Thus you will find, beloved, that if you are not able to fulfill the balancing of 51 percent of your karma at the conclusion of this life, you will be hard-pressed to find an opening to reembody upon a safe and sane world in a pure environment and to be able to fulfill the karma with the evolutions of this planet who must return [to the physical octave] regardless of whether earth may provide that natural purity that is intended."

* Benjamin Creme, British author, artist, and self-proclaimed representative of Maitreya, announced in May 1982 that Maitreya had entered the modern world on July 19, 1977, and was living in the Pakistani community in southeast London. According to Creme, Maitreya would identify himself in an international television broadcast in which he would communicate
telepathically with all people on earth in their own language.

In 1988 Maitreya is said to have begun to appear publicly, speaking on world problems and his mission; he reportedly appeared at a church in Kenya, addressed worshipers in Swahili, and performed healings. The Great White Brotherhood and Lord Maitreya denounce all such claims of the false hierarchy and the false-hierarchy impostors of the Cosmic Christ.

Saint Germain
May 21, 1989

"I charge you with this thought, beloved: Had the world of Christendom given to you the sense of your great God-free being and of the Christ in you and your mission to be that Christ, you and many of these [souls] would never have been moved by the lesser entities floating along the sewers of the lower octaves. It is because all Light, all dominion, all mastery is denied to you in the name of the [human] god [they have made of] Jesus Christ [that you have been moved by lesser entities]!

"They have made of him an idol while denying [you] your own Christhood, [which he proclaimed]. Therefore it is [considered] blasphemy [by the powers that be] to utter that God is in you, that you are that full expression and that you can be the refinement of that expression in short time.

"Thus you see, beloved, without the sense of the imminence of God [being manifest] in you, the imminence of that Christ being born and coming to full stature within you, you go astray seeking that Person in someone else. Thus when they say, 'Lo, Christ is here and Christ is there,' go not. For Christ is in you.

"Now then, beloved, accept that there is a shining crystal cord. It is tied to your heart. It goes back to your Great God Presence and all the way back to the Great Central Sun. You are extensions of that Central Sun upon a darkened planet. You are confident that the bond is strong.

"This is the umbilical cord between you and your Father-Mother God. Over it flows the Light/Energy/Consciousness [of Elohim]—all that you need to fulfill your mission, all that you need for perfect health. Know, then, that you are indeed extensions most beloved and that in you is the key to your destiny.

"Yes, beloved, come back to your I AM Presence. Come back to the flame in your heart! It is God, not merely a reflection of God as the metaphysicians would tell you. You are not a mere reflection of God: you are the manifestation of God! Not only are you the mirror image of that Holy Christ Self, but you are made of that “God stuff.”

"Yes, beloved, in the negative polarity of being that is in polarity with the Spirit cosmos you are your God in action every day, every hour, gaining victory, victory, victory! Your hand is the hand of God in action. Your heart contains the heartbeat of God! Your soul, once a part of that great God, has separated out and now must find her way back.

"Therefore the Teacher is come, the Teachings are with you and available, and the Path is made plain. I ask you to take twelve weeks of your life to ratify this teaching, to clear your auras; for I, Nada, would use you. I would use you as an electrode to draw to you first and foremost your own twin flame that you might know a mission that can be fulfilled together. Whether [you are] separate or apart [in this world], I desire to see that locking together [of twin flames] at inner levels [even] if outer circumstance does not permit a physical uniting in service."

Lady Nada
February 18, 1991

"So by the power of the Holy Spirit, let that full Light [of Cosmic Christhood] descend! For I AM Mary, clothed upon by the Holy Ghost in this hour. And none shall stay the hand of the Divine Woman’s judgment. None shall stay that hand!

"By my right hand, therefore, I declare the judgment of the false pastor by the authority of the Church Universal and Triumphant and the Vicar of Christ and the dispensations of the saints of the Most High God and the Mystical Body of God! Therefore, let it be that the false pastors, false priests and false rabbis—fallen ones and false teachers in Church and State—be exposed and bound this hour!

"And let first of all those who espouse a position of nihilism and spiritual and physical suicide be bound in their superstition! Let them be exposed! For they have departed from the vows of their holy office and from the trust of the people (entrusting their lives to them) by the casting of the ballot and by appointment. Therefore they may no longer represent this people. Let them be exposed by the power of Light!

"And you, the seed of Satan, you, the Church of Satan—you shall go down in this hour! You shall not claim the victory now or forever over those servants of God who have erred and strayed!

"I AM blazing the Light of the Divine Mother into the very teeth of those practitioners of voodoo, black magic, Satanism, spiritualism, and all manner of channeling of “spirits that mutter and peep!” You shall not have the day! You shall not corrupt this Holy of Holies, this nation under God!

"I AM blazing forth the power of the highest heaven in this hour. And it is sweeping through America. It is a purging Light. It is a gentle Light. It is a strong Light. And it is the Light of the Union.

"Therefore, by the single ion of Light who is I AM THAT I AM, I AM Mary. Call to me, then, for the defense of this nation, your soul, your child, your body, your mind, your heart. Call to me, for the Father has given to me a gift of excellence, a dispensation in answer to calls that could not be answered without dispensation—calls made by Keepers of the Flame and the Mother worldwide.

"I have gone to the heart of God and the one who sitteth upon the great white throne. I have discoursed with the One you also know, from whose throne you left off the serving of the Graces so long ago. I am come to tell you, dear heart, that your Father does long for your return and has asked me to tell you to tarry now for a greater resurrection, a greater glory, a greater victory
—and then to come Home."

Mother Mary
April 18, 1987

"And so you see, there are those who have formed a false hierarchy, who make up an anti-force against the legions of Mercury, and then there are those whom I myself have trained under my mantle as God Mercury. We who bear the shield and the armour of the Sun must therefore go up and down the nations of the earth and call out those who have the original communication skills, who practiced those skills in ancient times and on ancient continents and are willing to once again take the lead in the dissemination of the truth and in exposing error.

"You must come forward! For the truth must be made known by willing hearts who see the power of the press, the power of public relations, the power of the power elite who mold public opinion and control the media as they deliberately distort the truth and destroy the reputations of individuals and organizations. If things continue as they are, not even Jesus Christ when he walks the earth as an Ascended Master in his Second Coming will be portrayed for who he is and what he stands for."

Hermes Trismegistus

"Life is not to be lived for the thrill of psychedelia or egomania. It is not to be lived for the pride of self and its prowess, for this can only lead to the unraveling of the soul. To put away all of that ego strutting, to efface the self, to enter into the mighty work of the legions of the violet flame—this is what we call for. This is what we ask you to do.

"I tell you, the way of the psychic and the way of the spiritualist will take you absolutely nowhere. Much worse, it will steal what light you have stored in your deathless solar body. This body is the garment you will wear when you stand before your God to be received by your Bridegroom, your
Holy Christ Self, in the alchemical marriage. And if you do not guard this, your bridal gown, you will stand naked before your God.

"Instead of scavenging through psychic garbage, I say, let this lifetime count—for God, for country, for humanity and for your soul's victory. For in this lifetime you can render incalculable service to the world and in so doing balance mountains of personal and planetary karma to the glory of God.

" . . . My beloved friends, surely you can see what a waste of time it is to engage in such paltriness as abounds in the lower levels of psychicism. Every bouquet you give me of your violet-flame decrees and every service you render to the Ascended Masters is vital to the victory of the New Age and to the efforts of all who are making it happen, including the stupendous efforts of the members of the Darjeeling Council, quite a number of whom are in physical embodiment.

" . . . Think of all the things you have done century upon century that have not contributed one iota to the welfare of humanity. I say again, lay all these things aside! Dedicate this one life to me, and I, Saint Germain, will stand before the Lords of Karma at the conclusion of your life and plead for your ascension.

"This is my statement to you and my promise, beloved. I give it to you because I want you to succeed, I want you to have your victory and to that end I want you to balance your karma!"

Saint Germain
March 16, 1996

"Thus, we must go back to the path of true meditation and not that auto-self-hypnosis that is taught by the Maharishi and many others who come in the name of the Eastern gurus who have not the true link to the Source and are in fact false gurus and false teachers. And, I must say, they are also black magicians; for they have succeeded in securing the lifestream and harnessing it to a rote performance of an ancient ritual that comes from the Holy Kumaras and is sacred and ought not to be given for the sake of outer gain or manipulation.

"Beloved hearts, the entering in to the sacred fire is indeed a ritual and it is an initiation. Can man by himself pull himself up by his own bootstraps? It is not possible. There must be the divine intercession. And this is why we speak. And this is why the system of dictation, initiation, the washing of the waters of the human by the cleansing of the mind and the chakras does come about.

"And blessed are ye who tarry for my coming. For, beloved, truly in the eleventh hour is the victory won. Truly does Maitreya appear! Truly, there comes the one to reward those who endure and who know the reality of Jophiel and the Mind of God and the wisdom of the Buddha and the full power of Nada in the love ray as she does come the advocate, the attorney, and the counselor at the bar—at the very Court of Cosmic Justice."


"And when you feel that Holy Spirit descending upon you, beloved, again, let it not be a source of spiritual pride; and see to it that you do not run and make much ado about yourself and your spiritual path to others, therefore setting yourself up, then, as someone that is better than the rest.

"These are the secrets of God in your heart and they must be sealed there. For you see, when you make any statement about your spiritual experiences the devils also listen and the fallen angels, and the moment you claim some level of experience they come to challenge you. And in their challenge, therefore, you are obliged to face the Adversary and prove that point of the Law when in fact this initiation may not be on schedule for your lifestream.

"Thus, by too quickly assuming a spiritual mastery, you precipitate challenges for which you are not ready; and therefore these fallen ones, adepts on the left-handed path, will stand on the very step [that] you would mount and they stand and they challenge and therefore they block the way.

"‘Tis then that you run and hide beneath the wings of the Almighty in the person of Saint Michael the Archangel, and when you call to him he does defeat that one. Thus, beloved, it is like a child who taunts the wild animal and by and by the wild animal does [move to] attack him and then he runs swiftly away.

"Understand, precious hearts, the realism of the left-handed path and the antichrists in the world, for they come to precipitate initiations that are not on your timetable. They did so in the Mystery School of Eden before twin flames, therefore delivering to them the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil before this initiation should be given to them by the Great Initiator, the then representative of the Cosmic Christ.

"Therefore, beloved, once you accept the false initiation of the false gurus you may set yourself back thousands of years. Some twin flames who were in that Mystery School have not regained their position vis-à-vis Lord Maitreya which they lost in that hour when through their own spiritual pride or naïveté, as the case may be, they did accept the fruit from the Fallen One.

"Many false gurus have come forth even out of the East. And somehow the West, not having been healed or purged of that spiritual pride, have so readily accepted these talkers who come saying that they represent the lineage of unascended adepts and masters. Blessed ones, it is well to remember the counsel of your Lord: 'The kingdom of God is within you.' It is well to understand that these [gurus] of the old dispensation cannot take you where you must go in this age.

"Have you ever asked them why, if they have all of this adeptship, they have not taken the government and the economy of India under their great mastery, why they have not fed the poor and educated the masses and raised up India to a place where she might be a vessel of the true Buddha and the Cosmic Christ? If there are all these masters, then where is their proof of their love of this humanity? They will provide you with many excuses, but the true adepts of the East are beyond reach and thus you may know them when you come to the level of your Holy Christ Self and I AM Presence.

"Seek ye first this great kingdom of God and know, then, that where the Ascended Masters are and where the Messenger is, there you will see, when your eyes are purged by the fiery baptism of Jesus, always the presence of Babaji, always the presence of unascended masters of the Himalayas.

"[But] the false gurus are a great plague upon Europe and America, for again they have turned aside the reincarnated tribes of light of Sanat Kumara into byways of the neglect of the day-to-day affairs of their civilization. Teaching a counterfeit path of the East in the West, they have therefore deterred you from your calling to draw forth the light by the power of the name I AM THAT I AM and to direct it into the physical octave.

"The challenges of the West are physical. You have completed your incarnations in the East. You have risen to an inner oneness by the science of the AUM and the Word of Brahman in the beginning. You have reincarnated here for the final incarnation if you choose to accept it or for the final several incarnations to take the portion of your causal body and to direct it into form.

"Therefore, beloved, I attest to you, and may you know my vibration and know that my Word is true, that I have served with this beloved Messenger when she was embodied as Saint Clare and Saint Catherine. And therefore we are one in an ancient service and calling to preserve the mysteries of Christ within the Church—not as a doctrine, for the hierarchy forbade it. Therefore we did preserve it as a fire in our hearts that burned, that none could quench, that none could turn back."

Thérèse of Lisieux

"Saint Germain also requires those who would be true chelas of the Ascended Masters and receive his sponsorship on the spiritual path to refrain from rock music, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

"The taking of hallucinogenic drugs, such as LSD and PCP, also opens the mind and the chakras to past records and other planes. Cocaine, crack, and heroin as well as marijuana have similar mind-altering and chakra-rending effects.

"Though some people have felt that they have contacted the spiritual path through LSD or other agents, there is the danger that in taking any of the above you are dealing with unknowns, including bad trips into the astral plane and the violent opening of the chakras. Jesus described this phenomenon when he said, 'The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force.' The tearing of the astral/etheric sheath around the chakras by the taking of drugs or the practice of black magic may also create holes in the auric garment, or auric field, which can take decades or lifetimes to mend.

"So when we have the techniques of the Brotherhood East and West in the science of meditation and the spoken Word and an Ascended Master to sponsor our souls until we gain our own Buddhic or Christ-mastery, we don’t need anything else (like chemicals or magic or mind-control or autohypnosis) to assist us in getting to God. All we need is our Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, the sacred fire and all God-given spiritual endowments already sealed in our causal body. "

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"Beloved ones, I come to you with the Truth spoken by Almighty God this day. God the Father has said unto me: 'Maitreya, go forth and mediate on behalf of these souls. Tell them that there be many well-meaning souls on earth who have seen a portion of the truth, but the fallen ones have amassed their anti-power, anti-wisdom, anti-love.

" 'They have imitated the disciplines of Serapis Bey. They have imitated the culture of Paul the Venetian. They have imitated the science of Hilarion. They have imitated the ritual and the transmutation and the freedom of Saint Germain. They have imitated the God-government of El Morya. They have imitated the wisdom of the sages Lanto and Confucius. They have imitated the purity of the Mother. They have imitated the way of service of Nada.

“ 'They have set up their welfare systems as an imitation of the path of Christ unto service. They have set up their priesthood in imitation of the priesthood of Melchizedek. They have imitated all things. They have organized. They have put together vast powers and wealth to sustain their imitation of cosmic abundance and supply.

“In every area of the manifold works of my seven sons, the Chohans of the Rays, they have attempted and indeed created their counterfeit society. Therefore go forth, Maitreya. Tell the souls of light that if they are to succeed in overthrowing all of this pollution of the light of Omega, all of this pollution in the Matter sphere, all of this perversion of Mater-realization, then they must have the all-power, the all-wisdom and the all-love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost dwelling within them. Only reality, the Reality of God, can overthrow the counterfeit.

“ 'Therefore, take note that those who see the error of the fallen ones and who speak of it, who isolate it, who point it out yet have not the path of initiation under the Gurus of the age, they will not have the power to enter into the temple, into the Great Hall of China, into the Senate, into the House of Representatives, into the office of the presidents of the nations to challenge the fallen ones and their amalgamation of power and their rationale.

“ 'Therefore, speak unto them, Maitreya. Speak as I have spoken, for the Lord God has need of one thing, and that is true and faithful disciples of Christ who will endure all things unto the end. For by enduring hatred and persecution, they then become the fiery vortex of myself.

“ 'As I abide in the Central Sun, I will abide within their hearts as that all-consuming fire; and only those who have the tie to the chain of being will sustain, will withstand, will turn back, will withhold and will be on the line of the sacred fire.

“ 'Then, O my son, give them my comfort, for they will feel desolate in the awareness of the handful
of chelas who are truly the chelas of the Great White Brotherhood upon earth. Tell them of the Holy Spirit and of the comfort flame. Tell them that they must go forth and cut free souls of light whom I have planted as seed in the earth. Good seed, seed that will respond, seed that will understand by great enlightenment, the great Word of the Cosmic Christ that I have placed within you, my Son Maitreya.' ”

Lord Maitreya
December 31, 1978

" . . . It is error and the erroneous doctrines of Serpent and his seed in church and state that you must take up and expose for all to see the powerlessness of the venomous beasts and their bestiality before casting them into the sacred fire of God's all-consuming Love. Herein lies your initiation under the World Saviour and his anointed apostle. And here, by God's all-seeing Eye, is the crystallization of the City Foursquare whereby you build the true foundation of the great matter pyramid.

"This is the third of the five signs confirmed by the Word in all who obey the two commands to preach the Everlasting Gospel and to believe and be baptized. Through the third sign the fallen ones who have encamped in the matter sphere are pushed back that the sons and daughters of God might occupy the Office of True Christ and True Prophet. Serving on the fifth ray at the east gate they are commissioned by God to go before the saints (who occupy the north gate of the matter sphere) and the great multitude (who occupy the west gate of the matter sphere), leading them unto the Ascension Temple (the initiation of the eighth ray on the south gate of the matter sphere).

"Now the hour is come for the taking up of these serpents who are the fallen servants of God. For they have bound themselves together by a blood oath before Satan (it is the blood of the holy innocents) nevermore to repent of their deeds, evermore to relentlessly pursue and pretend to undo the Word and the Work of the Woman and her seed.

"Taking up serpents is the game of the chelas of the Guru Ma.

"The name 'Guru Ma' is the title of an Office and of the Mantle worn by the person or persons who hold the Mother-flame in the earth. It is a garment that has been worn before and one that will be worn again by the ever-present lineage of the ruby ray whose Mother-flame I ensoul in the Messenger and in the continuity of the Messengership which ever has been and ever shall be the contact of Hierarchy with the Lord's embodied hosts.

"Understand then the vision held in the heart of the Goddess of Liberty and of every soul holding the Eye of the Motherhood of God fixed immaculately upon the offspring of the Most High. Understand the initiate of the Mother-flame holding the sacred fire within the third eye of the children of God even as he beholds the perfected son in the Christ Self of each one.

"In the hour when Jesus Christ delivered to the other seventy this power of the Mother-flame to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the Enemy, he revealed the mystery of the science of the fifth ray of the all-seeing Eye of God:

" 'All things are delivered to me of my Father: and no man knoweth who the Son is, but the Father; and who the Father is, but the Son, and he to whom the Son will reveal him.'

"And he turned him unto his disciples, and said privately, 'Blessed are the eyes which see the things that ye see:

" 'For I tell you, that many prophets and kings have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them.'

"With this teaching Jesus, whose power derived from the Self-realized Father and Son within him, explained that all things—all substance, energy, and manifestation of both Good and Evil —are delivered to him and subject unto him by the Presence of the Father individualized within him as the I AM THAT I AM.

"He explained that no man can know who is the incarnation of the Son--the manifest light of the Christ
—whether in earth or in heaven, but through the beloved I AM Presence of the Father. Then and now it is this I AM Presence (the I AM THAT I AM symbolically noted as YHVH and called by many Yahweh, Jehovah or Lord) who reveals the Son of God (the Light of God) to the disciple—to the one Self-disciplined of the Son.

"He further explained that no one could know who the Father is, in heaven or in earth, but the one who is his Son. Only the one Self-disciplined of his own beloved Christ-Self can know his Almighty Lord—the Mighty I AM Presence. Only the living chela can identify the living Guru Maitreya. And only the true one who embodies the light of the Son can reveal to his disciples the Shekinah glory of the I AM THAT I AM, the I AM Presence who is the true Father of every child of His Light. Those who are the disciples of the Son therefore have access unto the Father.

"Knowing this, Jesus turned to the disciples of his light and said, 'Blessed are your eyes which see the things that ye see. Because ye are anointed by the all-seeing Eye of God, ye have the inner sight to know who is Christ and therefore who is Antichrist, who is the true Father Guru and therefore who is the false.'

"It is clear that although many prophets and kings have desired to see those things which the disciples were able to see, they could not see them because they had not the power of the Son of God which is conveyed only by the true path of discipleship. And what is it which the prophets and the kings have desired to see, my beloved? Why, of course it is Good and Evil in the ultimate sense rather than that relative good and evil of the gods of Hades delivered to Eve by Serpent.

"This is that power of vision conveyed by the Son of man to the initiates who tarry at the east gate. These are bound by the mission of the Two Witnesses to bear truth to the tribes of Israel and to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people—to all who can receive the arc of God's all-seeing Eye and still stand to retain that crystal-clear identity of the beloved of Christ, sealed by the sword of truth."

Sanat Kumara

" . . . Our goal is to see planet earth become, as she should be, a Violet Planet herself! And thus, Omri-Tas and all of the mighty beings of the Violet Planet are rooting for you. And that is why Alpha has come with the fourth woe. For that woe does descend for the binding of the forces of Antichrist who defile the Divine Mother in her children and in her sons and daughters.

"This judgment must come, for we cannot have the fallen ones misusing the violet flame. For every flame can be abused by black magicians on the left-handed path, and they take it not to liberate but to imprison. Thus, know this, beloved ones. And therefore, the time may come when there is a limit to the violet flame that the earth can be given [unless and] until these fallen ones are bound.

"Happy are ye who understand the concept of the mighty labors of the Elohim of God so that you can make light work and fast work of the binding of those forces of Evil who would abuse the very gifts of Saint Germain that he has [so lovingly] given [to his own; for the forces of Evil] are already abusing them, as they have abused science and technology in all manner of manifestations from the last days of Atlantis. [And, as you know, these] manifestations of the abuses of science were actually one of the major causes of the sinking of Atlantis.

"Beloved ones, have I expanded your horizons a bit? Happy are ye when ye have illumination! You may think I have brought to you the violet flame but I have brought to you the violet flame of illumination's flame!

"Now hear this. There is the violet flame of the blue ray. There is the violet flame of the yellow ray. There is the violet flame of the pink ray. There is the violet flame of the white ray. There is the violet flame of the green ray. There is the violet flame of the purple and gold ray flecked with ruby. And there is the violet flame of the Seventh Ray of the violet flame!

"Now therefore, beloved, see how the violet flame can clarify in the mind, the heart, the body and the being all of the understanding, all of the knowledge, all of the perception, all of the senses, all of the functions of the chakras. [This can happen] when they are cleansed and revivified and purified by the elixir of the violet flame. Why, you see every color more brilliantly! You see the crystal and the white fire core of each ray more brilliantly!

"So the violet flame has an aspect on each of the seven rays. And as [you invoke it and allow] it to complement the seven rays, beloved ones, you will learn more about those rays than you have ever learned by just concentrating upon those rays alone.

"The violet flame is surely the universal aura of the planet in this hour, for many angels and elementals and Keepers of the Flame have invoked it. I say, continue to invoke it! For the greatest miracles of all will come to you through this flame and through this flame combined with others.

"We have emphasized illumination, beloved, because, of course, without illumination there is simply utter darkness and the dark night of the soul and the Dark Night of the Spirit, where there is no candle.

"I bring to you-and all of the priesthood of Melchizedek who are here with me this night bring to you—candles, candles of the violet flame. The wax, or substance like it, is of the violet flame color and the flame is the violet flame color.

"Now take your candle, beloved ones. Hold it before you! Be at peace! Be a Keeper of the Flame! And go set the world on fire with violet flame!"

A Spokesman for the Delegation of the Priesthood of Melchizedek in Attendance
July 1, 1992

"Blessed ones, when people find hope and joy in the little things of life—when they even devise for themselves certain intricacies of thought that bring them nearer to our bands, whether children or adults—do not in an advanced awareness of the Path dash these precious though perhaps humble cups of hope from them. And even if they at times may hold hope focused in the wrong individual or the wrong system, we have concluded many times that rather than bring disillusionment to the soul, we would allow a little bit of error sprinkled in to preserve a way and a path that, because it embodies not only hope but Truth herself, will eventually lead that one out of the lower levels to the highest realms."

Archeia Hope
January 2, 1987

"Both in East and West there is that hypnosis, that manipulation of consciousness at sublevels by the substance of selfishness itself, by the substance of lesser wills of desire—willing for pleasure and phenomena and the psychic, willing for power and manipulation, willing for everything but the will of God which is sufficient to meet all aspects of life within the soul. "

El Morya
April 16, 1976

"Sometimes the message is that 'the little guys should not do what the big guys do.' In other words, you are simply a child of the light, and you should not be attempting to do those things that 'the important people' do—take positions of responsibility or leadership—things that the fallen angels in their pride think that only they can do. The strategy is to convince you that you are "out of your league."

Strategies of Light and Darkness
Mark and Elizabeth C. Prophet
2002. p.78

"There are many who mean well, but their path is not our path . . . As you mount the spiral that is coiled about the spinal altar you discover that it is very difficult to distinguish the real from the unreal, so close is the counterfeit to the real. It is your I AM Presence and your Holy Christ Self who will give you this understanding, this clear seeing through the Holy Spirit."

February 26, 1995

"And God will not lower into the chalice of your heart the elements of that flame until you have stood by your own light, your own determination, your own momentum! until you have stood to conquer those who would challenge you the moment you would receive that energy."

December 28, 1975

"Therefore judge righteous judgment . . . Take care of the ravening wolves within the body politic and within the governments of the nations."

God Harmony
October 7, 1989

The Book of Matthew
Chapter 23

1: Then spake Jesus to the multitude, and to his disciples,

2: Saying, The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat:

3: All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not.

4: For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.

5: But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments,

6: And love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues,

7: And greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, Rabbi, Rabbi.

8: But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.

9: And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

10: Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.

11: But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.

12: And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.

13: But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.

14: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows' houses, and for a pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation.

15: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

16: Woe unto you, ye blind guides, which say, Whosoever shall swear by the temple, it is nothing; but whosoever shall swear by the gold of the temple, he is a debtor!

17: Ye fools and blind: for whether is greater, the gold, or the temple that sanctifieth the gold?

18: And, Whosoever shall swear by the altar, it is nothing; but whosoever sweareth by the gift that is upon it, he is guilty.

19: Ye fools and blind: for whether is greater, the gift, or the altar that sanctifieth the gift?

20: Whoso therefore shall swear by the altar, sweareth by it, and by all things thereon.

21: And whoso shall swear by the temple, sweareth by it, and by him that dwelleth therein.

22: And he that shall swear by heaven, sweareth by the throne of God, and by him that sitteth thereon.

23: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.

24: Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.

25: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess.

26: Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter, that the outside of them may be clean also.

27: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness.

28: Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.

29: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous,

30: And say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets.

31: Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets.

32: Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers.

33: Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

34: Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city:

35: That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar.

36: Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation.

37: O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!

38: Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.

39: For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.


236. If we take a deodar tree—the highest and most powerful—how many marks we find on the trunk of former branches which have fallen away. This did not weaken the deodar; on the contrary the places where these branches fell off became the strongest; even steel will break against them. No Teaching is terrified at those who fall away. It knows that the lower branches must fall aside. Thus those which fall away, carried by the wind, may fulfill their designation. They may even generate new deodars. And in any case their resin will be curative. Later when set together to support the corner of a house they will join unitedly in bearing the general stress. Therefore do not be terrified at those who fall away. They cannot go far from the resin of the heart. And if you observe the mass of crossroads from Above you will even smile at the travelers who meet. When the length of the infinite Path is realized you will also apply different measures. Wandering is not terrifying—immobility alone is chilling.—El Morya, Heart 1932
"I have often expressed my sentiments, that every man, conducting himself as a good citizen, and being accountable to God alone for his religious opinions, ought to be protected in worshipping the Deity according to the dictates of his own conscience."—George Washington (letter to the General Committee of the United Baptist Churches in Virginia, May 1789) Reference: Washington's Maxims, 175.

"Time after time mankind is driven against the rocks of the horrid reality of a fallen creation. And time after time mankind must learn the hard lessons of historythe lessons that for some dangerous and awful reason we can't seem to keep in our collective memory."Hilaire Belloc

The Lure of the Psychic

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