The Holy Grail

Vision of the Holy Grail
" . . . if 'flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God,'
and they cannot, even as 'corruption doth not inherit incorruption,' how, then,
can the natural man become the spiritual man? How can you, the living soul,
become you, the quickening spirit? It is the mystery of the Holy Grail.
It is the mystery of the Incarnation."—Sanat Kumara

"And what is the Grail? Have you not heard? Have you not remembered?
It is the Ray, or Son, of God who is Alpha’s seed (yes, Abraham’s seed)
who is always the Incarnation of Light. GRAIL (God’s Ray as Alpha’s Son Incarnating Light).
This Son from God, this sun of the Sun, is the only vessel that can contain the mystery
of the Body and the Blood. This Son is the Grail whom ye quest and find
only when ye become it by my Spirit."—Sanat Kumara

"This is an age of the turning of worlds. It is an age of the turning of cycles. It is an age when, in the darkest cycle of the Kali Yuga, we attend the descent of the greatest Light of the Great White Brotherhood. And this activity itself is bringing forth that great Light. And you see that great Light!

"And the imminence of the greater Light is always here and always subject unto the bowl—who are the receivers [the chalice] in this hour, as you are indeed one Holy Grail. All lightbearers upon earth and Keepers of the Flame do form that Holy Grail and are facets of its crystal."

April 6, 1985

"Blessed ones, the mysteries I have taught have been banned and denounced as heresy, and therefore you are as shorn lambs today, having accepted the orthodox lie of sin and condemnation. Therefore upon the hour and the brink of an age of destiny when the dark powers of this world are determined to make war and to destroy and to take this entire continent, I say to you, because they have not passed on to you the great teaching of my heart, therefore the true shepherds are not raised up. Thus the wolves in sheep's clothing in Church and State have effectively taken from my own the great Truth of the ages."

Jesus Christ
February 28, 1988

"Thus, my beloved, though God take in his hands the loaf, it is given to God by your free will and in your surrender. And as you give that Christ consciousness to him and he does break the bread of life, you live in the joy of the threefold unfed flame everywhere—in the hearts of little children, of those who are aging according to this world’s cycles of time and space, in the hearts of families, in the hearts of elementals and angels. You even live in the unfed flame of ascended masters and cosmic beings. You transcend the stairway of life, moving in and out of the octaves of heaven and earth. For truly, by the gift of the grace of God of your own Selfhood, you have become one with all life in the deepest sense of the word.

"This is the mystery of the Holy Grail—how the Grail can be one and yet duplicates of that Grail, your own Electronic Presence, fragments of its crystal, might live and grow and multiply God consciousness in every part of life whom God has ordained."

Moher Mary

"The issue of blood which troubled the woman for many years ere she touched the hem of Christ's garment symbolizes the issuing forth of man' s life-energy in wasted years of fruitless existence. The drying up of the 'fountain of blood. through the healing power of the living Christ symbolizes the redirection of Light flowing from the fount of energy, the Mighty I AM Presence, into the chalice of individuality. The Light, skillfully redirected by the Master Physician, restored the 'woman' (symbolizing the feminine nature of the receptive soul) to her original reason for being: evermore to be a Holy Grail of infinite capacity.

"Upon feeling the regenerative powers of the Christ, the errant knight of the outer self seeks to drink the cup of true Being and to pursue that Light which has never shone on land or sea, for it is the internal nature of all things which has never been profaned by the grossness of outer expression. It is this Light which maketh all things whole, whose shining gleams forth from the Grail and exhorts the lesser radiance to become the greater.

"No loss is ever the portion of that one who, desiring not to abide in the aloneness of outer self-expression, unites with the all-oneness of God. Supreme questing-fulfillment beholds in hope the day-to-day challenge to keep on keeping on—assuredly to find in time and space the priceless, eternal treasure of Being."

December 6, 1963

"With the Advent of the Holy Spirit descending into the forcefield of Man's consciousness, that consciousness becomes a tabernacle—chalice, fitted to receive many bequests of Heaven. The Communion Cup of the Master Jesus, the long-sought, and supposedly long-lost, Holy Grail, is itself symbolical of the renaissance of Cosmic Virtue and Purity impregnated within the consciousness and forcefield of the individual monad by the Advent of Cosmic Oneness whereby the middle wall separating God and Man is torn aside forever by the inrushing currents of the Holy Spirit."

Maha Chohan
November 20, 1964

"Some of you are aware of the fact that I was embodied as Arthur, king of the Britons, and that I shared with Lancelot and Guenevere the dream of the Knights of the Round Table and the quest for the Holy Grail. Some of you know that Merlin, the court magician, was a living embodiment of Saint Germain, who held the flame of prophet, counselor, and alchemist during my reign. Now let it be known that Camelot was a dream of the lowering from the etheric plane into the physical, as one of the Father's many mansions, of a nucleus of Lightbearers, representatives of the twelve tribes of Israel and the true Israelites whose pledge is also to the Christ and to the flame of reality in all that is real.

"And let it be known that the Messenger Mark was my chela in Lancelot and that my beloved Queen Guenevere was his twin flame, your own Elizabeth whose Mother's heart now belongs to the world. Let it be known that that triangle of mutual love which we shared focused the Trinity of Father, Son, and Bride of Holy Spirit and that the oneness which we pledged and our devotion to the crystal light and the goblet of our Lord is renewed each day as we partake, as above so below, of the communion cup of life. And the three dots which are the Mark of Morya in devotion to the Mother are the sign of our thrust for a purpose and of Camelot come again.

" . . . Chelas who remember the flame at Camelot, chelas who understand the need to maintain the thread of contact with hierarchy and the continuity of the unfoldment of the plan century by century, will run with the call of Camelot and the response that only love can give, "To you I give my all!"

"Keepers of the Flame, onward in the search for the Holy Grail! With the banner of the World Mother, the heart of the Knight Invincible, the shield of Archangel Michael, and the sword Excalibur, we shall not fail!"

El Morya
April 6, 1975

"Therefore by this flow of the River of Life, by the mighty Word through you, by the speaking of the Lord, you are cleansed and baptized and made whole by the water of the Word of John, by the fire of the Word of Jesus. This is the baptism of the age.

"Therefore I say, Drink of the cup of the mysteries of the Holy Grail until you become that cup. And hear the hearing of the Word until you become that Word. And place thy head upon the breast of the Lord Jesus until your heart become his heart—a sacred heart, a flaming fire that will not be put out but that will consume all unlike itself, all that is the hardness of heart of the evil ones.

"They are the seed of the wicked. Let them be rebuked for their immorality, their pornography, their abuse of children, their manipulation of the law, their amassing of wealth, their oppression of the people nation by nation. Let them be rebuked by the stern word of the many prophets whom we send forth—by the Spirit of the Lord.

"Beloved hearts of light, I speak to you in a mighty message. It is not a plea. It is not an imploring. It is a command unto you of the Lord God Almighty. And it is recorded in the Book of Life that I, Uriel, have come to Camelot on this very day, this day of the Lord's victory. I have come this day, July 6, 1980.

"I stand in the presence of the Lord. I deliver my witness of his sacred fire and his all-consuming wrathful Presence ready to descend as the judgment upon the seed of the wicked as you open your mouth and speak! And therefore the Lord will not hold you guiltless if you slink away from my Word and do not obey the command, even the command of your own mighty I AM Presence.

" . . . O my beloved, these aborters of Life will surely pay. And they are paying the price. And I come with a message of acceleration.

"The Lord God is content to annihilate time and space. And where time and space are not, I say, the fallen ones cannot, do not appear. Therefore be the light of Infinity, for Infinity itself cancels out the not-self, the unreal self, of the finite realm.

" . . . Understand this mystery of the Holy Grail: Thy Holy Grail is Infinite—even the chalice, even the flame, even the fullness of thy Identity. Therefore naught can stand in the presence of the Lord this day!

"Thus you see, my beloved, that until within the secret chamber of your heart the light of Infinity cancels out the prison bars of time and space, not until that occurrence can the days be shortened for the elect or the wicked be brought to immediate judgment.

"Thus the Lord has spoken out of the temple of the tabernacle: Thus far and no farther. Thus far and no farther!"

Archangel Uriel

" . . . Truly the history of the Holy Grail is a living history. It is a pageant and an epic. Surely it is, beloved ones, the power of the epic life of a Christ, lived through many centuries and incarnations. Thus, the history of the Grail is the history of each one’s path in the internalization of the Word. And the gleams of the Grail, as the chalice of old, become to you, beloved hearts, an awareness of your portion of the cup until ye also may drink of the whole.

"Therefore, in the mystical body of God we find outlined the paths of many. And I stress this day the word eternal that you might have fired within the mind, within the memory called the subconscious mind, the recognition of your own eternal nature—eternal with God, one with the beginning, one in Elohim.

"Therefore think, in this hour, of eternity not so much as the future, but as an origin and what seems as past according to the reckoning of time and space. For the very foundations of your life and being have come through millions of cycles of your manifestation, always to the one end
—to walk this earth or other worlds as a vessel for the Godhead.

"Therefore, it is a moment and an hour to consider the meaning of that Grail, as Jesus did indeed hang physically from a physical cross in order to transmit a message that might never be lost: that the power of the resurrection is greater than all of the rulers of this world who would crucify the Christ in you or nail even the very soul, if they could, in impalement upon a wooden cross.

"Dear hearts of light, not the crucifixion but the eternal Truth that they had no power to kill him, to destroy him, to deter him. Not their crucifixion, but the full power of the resurrection itself—this is the lesson, a lesson of an attempt failed to destroy the living God on earth. Having so failed, it shall never succeed.

"Therefore, let purity be the sign of the celebration of Good Friday when the Son of God is eternally free from the seed of the wicked. And the sign of his Presence one with that cross is the sign truly: Now is the judgment of the prince of this world. Indeed, now is the hour of the glorification of the Father within the Son. For they have failed [the rulers of this world], and they know it. And the light supreme of Sanat Kumara, who comes in the figure of the Woman, must be as the eternal Virgin with us, the eternal light of Mary—the eternal light of your soul emerging!

"Understand, then, that the gift and the quest of the Grail, the history and the identification therewith, are all for the purpose of allowing the eternal light of the Word to deal with dark and darkening conditions whereby, beloved hearts, it is seen that though there be attempts against this nation—both in the air and in the sea and on the land—though they try again to crucify the representatives of Light and the sons of Ephraim and Manasseh, all attempts to crucify and destroy are put to naught by the eternal Word with us.

"I AM Gabriel. I come with great confidence and power in the will of God and the ability to implement that will. You will hear of the directing of fire against an American plane by Soviet MiGs, and you will understand that everywhere on earth this day there is once again the attempt to put back upon the cross the sons of God and the seed of the Woman.

"I, Gabriel, am at that cross! And I will not allow it. I place my very Presence as a shield of light! And I speak that you may know that there are the avenging ones who usurp [in the planes of relativity] the avenging sword of the archangel—if they could. But they cannot [in the absolute sense].

"And therefore, they move against even the very decrees of the Word that have been sent forth as missiles of light which do not err to bind the astral debris and consciousness and hordes that reinforce a world consciousness of tyranny and totalitarianism equal to and greater than that of the Roman Empire or of Babylon, Assyria, or of ancient China.

"Beloved hearts of the wind, of the fire, of the sword and the water, hearts of the body and blood of Christ, I AM the friend of all. Indeed, I AM your friend of light as Mother has proclaimed. Will you not be my friend in this hour and join me in a sacred friendship, a divine relationship of trust, mutual service together? ['Yes!']—and a oneness as brothers, as sisters on the Path, as family members.

"As you return, beloved hearts, to the company and bands of your origin—angelic hosts—so you have descended from our folds also, many of you. And others have come from Archangel Michael or Jophiel or Zadkiel. And you have taken up, therefore, by the very fact of your incarnation, the path of discipleship, the path of the bodhisattva taught to you by beloved Kuan Yin just beyond the veil, whose Mother presence of mercy, the essence of distilled light of the Buddha, so tenderly desires to clear the veils and to open the way for the perfect image of the Holy Grail before you.

"Even so, it was in this hour that the veil that hung in the temple was rent in twain that the soul might perceive the true high priest as the living Word of Christ and the Christ Self of each one.

"I, Gabriel, therefore stand with Kuan Yin and Lord Gautama, with the very sacred heart of Jesus, for the rending of the veil whereby your soul might, with purity of gaze and mien, know face-to-face the Person of the Comforter in your own Christ Self.

"Blessed hearts of the living Word, the direct apprehension of the mysteries and of the living Light, the sure understanding of the mathematics, the equation itself of initiation, does bring to you by the power of the universal Mother that discipleship which is joyous, which is as a hart leaping in the sacred fire of the rite of spring.

"Beloved ones, there is joy in this path as no other joy you have ever known. And if there be burdens, and if there be seemingly untoward sacrifices, let me tell you, it is always because of ignorance of the Path itself, ignorance of the way of God. If this be the Path, beloved hearts
—and come now, let us reason together, saith the Lord—to the golden age and to a way of life that restores Eden, verily I ask you, how can the Path that leads to perfect joy be without that joy?

"If that which you are about is the regaining of paradise—and paradise is oneness with God and the angels and the perfect love and the innocence and the resources and all that life affords in the ongoing challenge of being, where there is no more sorrow or crying or sadness or death or rebellion against the Godhead—then, beloved hearts, is it not enough even to have the anticipation of that joy restored as you move on the road of life?

"But, beloved ones, joy in your heart this day is not in the anticipating alone, for God has brought you much joy! Let no man take, therefore, thy crown of joy or thy memory of thy youth in the warmth of the Mother sun. O delight in the law of thy being! Delight in facing even the resistance of night and astral plane to the oncoming Light of thy Self being born, created anew in God!

"Beloved ones, there is joy in conquering! There is joy in defeating the enemy that lurks within the garments. Whether it be the enemy of greed, whether it be the enemy of overindulgence in food as gluttony, whether it be the enemy of selfishness or blindness—there is a joy in conquering. There is a joy self-fulfilling in becoming all that you are. And therefore, God has given you a sword and the power of the Word and a mighty heart and the pink rose as a remembrance of thy first love—love for the Father and the smile of thy Mother in the innocence of new birth.

"I AM Gabriel. And as you know, the poetry of my heart, the love of my very Spirit becomes sharper than the two-edged sword when dealing in the conditions of this world. I would tell you that by the power of Almighty God this day, the decision—as dispensation unto you—is given to summon legions of angels and armies of the Lord, once and for all to bind and put down the eternal round of nonsense that has been going on for centuries—of political feuds and power struggles and wars and skirmishes and takeovers and intrigues and murders.

"Beloved hearts of light, in the eternal Self that you are, now take an overview of earth’s history. Look now, and gaze upon the centuries since the departure from Eden and see the repetitious cycles of human infamy! Why, one can predict (almost when half asleep) what is the next maneuver of the power elite as they move with such a limited repertoire of schemes, even of takeover.

"Delight, therefore, this day in the law of thy being as the power of the cosmic cross of white fire. Delight in Alpha and Omega with you and the power of God, by the life-essence, which is released in commemoration of this divine event as the inner temple and true initiation of Jesus Christ, whereby the life and the momentum of the Saviour is his gift to all who are his disciples.

"Receive, then, the Holy Ghost as the essence of his body and his blood. And with it slay, therefore, every facet of unreality! For to many who do not see or know or understand, beloved hearts, the conditions of this world seem very real. They must have reinforcement of the fire that is yours as you stand at the foot of the cross and perceive the crown of thy life everlasting, and world karma cast into the lake of fire, and the entire future set before you—when Death and Hell are no more and the inhabitants thereof have ceased to breathe the very breath of the Holy Ghost, which they have denied and brought upon themselves, therefore, the annihilation of identity.

"Beloved ones, these things will come to pass in a twinkling of the eye. And though [even if] the legend be not true concerning Joseph of Arimathea imprisoned, know this, beloved heart: that with the Grail (chalice) and with the infilling of it with the light of Alpha and Omega, you will pass through the most arduous-seeming and burdensome-appearing initiations, truly as in a state of ecstasy and the bliss of the Buddha.

"This is the gift of a community Above and below. This is the sign of the true city, the etheric city Los Angeles, from which this physical city derives its name. This is the sign of the New Jerusalem. This is the sign of the appearing of thy God. And this bliss, beloved hearts, will carry you through the hours when you must yet, beloved hearts, use the science of the Word for the conclusion of the judgment of this World Communism already crumbling from within, already disintegrating and yet appearing to have the strength, in its mockery of the Word, to take over the planet.

"See that in the unbelief of this system it is not so! See that the very unreality believed in does not become the overcoming of the saints who know better and therefore truly ought to do better in the invocation of the Word."

Archangel Gabriel
April 20, 1984

Vision of the Holy Grail

" . . . Blessed ones, there is a formula for the building of this retreat. There is a center place in the cathedral and in that place there is a flame that burns. And [coming] out from that center focus are rings upon rings upon rings. These rings have markings on them of positions —positions that are open to be taken up by specifically called, chosen and appointed lifestreams.

"As you see these many rings that go out almost infinitely from the cathedral floor you find then that some [devotees] have come to occupy their places and some have not. Some have occupied them for a time and left. It is like the Table Round, beloved. The Table Round was filled, the positions ordained. And yet all of a sudden many did decide to go to quest the Holy Grail when the Grail was not for all. And though King Arthur warned that that would be the destruction of mighty Camelot of old, yet they left. And only a few, a very few, did actually have some form of contact with the Grail—Parsifal, Galahad, Bors and Launcelot, beloved.

"Yet all was lost, for those whose time had not come for this initiation determined to go out to find—what? The Grail would not be revealed to them for many lifetimes hence, even unto the present hour. And yet [some of] the same ones depart this place—depart the place, beloved, where the Holy Grail could [finally] become a reality unto them."

Lord Lanto
August 23, 1992

"Mass movements of peoples are at hand; for famine, for war, for earthquake in divers places causes people to be dislocated and relocated. This movement moves on, not escaping the oncoming tide of world karma but greeting it in the very teeth. Having swords of flame, you thrust them forward, you take them again! And you remember one, Galahad, who on Pentecost, lo, four hundred fifty years and some after the life lived by Jesus, did also seize, according to legend, a sword from a stone floating in the water and thereby was self-proclaimed as the one who would sit in the perilous seat—the seat [whose occupant] would hold the balance for the Christ incarnate as chief disciple.

"So his name was written and so he was the son of Launcelot. So he came, the Son of the Father, in a mission of Christhood. He saw the Grail because he himself was seen and known of the Grail. Others sought after it and they sought their own sense of the Grail, a personal sense of freedom, the way that they were wont to go. Each one's conception of the Grail was his very own, almost an anthropomorphic image of God himself.

"You remember, according to the legend, that it was Gawain who betrayed King Arthur. For without subjecting his vow to his king he pronounced the vow within the great hall and therefore made it binding that he would go forth in quest of the Holy Grail. And others bound their vows, hundred fifty and more, and therefore the king did weep and the queen did weep and prophesied correctly that they would not find the Grail and that Camelot would come to naught.

"It was an idolatrous sense of self and of the Grail itself and therefore the witness of the Sangreal was not to them. It was, of course, given again and again. The few worthy knights, Parsifal and Bors, beheld it also. But, precious hearts, those who went after that which they themselves did not contain, those who were not called to behold the immaculate vessel—they, precious hearts, deserted the mighty work of the ages and failed to acknowledge in king and in queen the very presence of the Grail itself.

"Why, the Community of the Holy Spirit is Grail and every individual within it is Grail! And therefore I come to find all the house of the Lord assembled each year in this hour at their appointed rounds, the rounds and places where they are to fulfill its inner Light.

"I come to warn, then, of the forces of unrest and intrusion and also of the confusing of the mind as to the higher purpose of the keeping of the flame of Life where you are. The Body of God must have the savor of its salt. And the concentrated alchemy of Lightbearers is for the victory of all people and all nations.

" . . . Soul of great Light, soul in the vale of decision, recognize the aeons of thy life that have been spent in challenging the Fallen One! Do not, then, respond to the tempter that would cause you to flee from the house of the Mother after the phantoms and illusions that would even destroy Camelot if they could, but they cannot.

"Soul of Light, consider well the choice to integrate with the central flame or to disengage supposedly for an hour, a week, or a year. But can you tell? Do you not fear your God truly when the arcing of the return will come, once you have set a momentum of going out?

"Has this not all been played out before? Has it not already been that you have gone forth as the prodigal son, squandered an inheritance and returned the beggar, only to be received again and perhaps again by the Father and the Mother, whose love is boundless but is not enduring, as Mercy is not enduring unto the rejection of itself, even by the children of the Light?

"Mercy endures forever, Love endures forever in the hearts of those who are committed to that Mercy and to that Love. When one goes forth from the home of the Divine Parent, one thereby withdraws [one's] Mercy and Love [from] that parent, yet [the] all-enfoldingness of the Father-Mother God does seal that portion of Mercy and Love that is the inheritance lawful of each prodigal son.

"I, therefore, call to task and call Home each and every prodigal son who by some fantasy of fallen one is self-deceived perhaps to believe that somewhere else is the greater Grail of freedom than in the heart of one's own Christ Self!

"The day of Pentecost let us celebrate not the going out, not the betrayal of a Gawain, but the return to the hearth of the one who holds the Grail and keeps it for all the rest.

"Is not that Galahad the sign of each one's own Divine Appearing, the sign of each one's own divine Sonship? Is not the true knight the one who will also rescue the soul as feminine potential and raise her up and see ignited the oneness of that blessed union? Is Galahad not the archetype of Christ himself, yet so young, yet so new at all the tasks and lists of Camelot?

"Let us remember Mother Mary and her love. Let us also remember her need and her crucifixion. Let us remember the meaning of Pentecost to evolutions here and beyond in all lifewaves! Is it not the ratification on Whitsuntide of the Wesak of the Buddha, the ascension of a Christ? Is it not the culmination of the meaning of resurrection?

"O fire that I AM, I AM come intensely burning! I AM in your heart as Holy Spirit! Soul of Light, I exorcise demons that have invaded the soul out of the very depths of hell with all of their hellish vibrations.

"I AM the Holy Spirit. Thy Mother has called! Unless you withdraw the authority of thy Mother to act within thy life, I must answer, I must deliver, I must liberate each living son of Light!

"I AM grateful to be called, O blessed hearts! Will you not also call me, as I AM come to start a fire, to ignite a world—your world, and through it all worlds?

"I tell you of one who walked the path of Buddha. He walked that path seeking for the Light of Mother. A thousand years ago, ten thousand years ago while maintaining a form of discipleship he walked that path but kept himself unto himself, but yet was a servant of God. He kept a wife along the road of life. It was not the true wife; it was not the First Love of the Divine Mother.

"But, by and by, after many years there came that representative of the Mother and, lo, in the moment and the hour of the Divine Appearing, so very, very long ago it was, he left the lesser conception of the feminine for the higher and therefore in surrendering the imperfect matrix of his own soul was able to embrace the fullness of the Divine One.

"Thus the devotee of Buddha as son of Light learned the internalization of the Mother Flame and for that did come again to return to life in the service of the Buddha and the Mother. The crisscrossings, the interpatterns woven of life, teach the soul that, fragment by fragment, there is a refraction within one's own being until there is a perfect mirroring of that which is to be.

"Sometimes, beloved ones, the imperfect conception of spouse may be one's own inner imperfect conception of one's soul. The absence of surrendering a portion of oneself may result in the outpicturing of the unsurrendered self as husband or wife within this or that incarnation. This occurs lovingly by the impersonal law of karma, that you may see juxtaposed against the reality within yourself that which is not surrendered and therefore that which is magnified and magnetized, not only in one but several and sometimes many manifes­tations of human relationships.

"Find the point of absence of surrender within oneself and you will find points within those who perhaps are not true friends of Light but detractors of your own life's calling. Find the enemy within yourself and let it pass into the flame as an unwanted idol and you will find idolatrous relationships in your life dissolving and new relationships, based upon the living Word, forming. Then you will find yourself in happiness in the Community of the Holy Spirit and you will walk out of a dream of a former state. And once you have awakened from that dream it will be as though it never was.

"Do not despair, then, what thy karma has brought unto thee, but be more concerned as to the causes behind that karma. Look for them within the walls and linings of self. Be willing to be detached and to detach them from the within. Be willing to see the idols as tin soldiers marching from thyself—mechanization man, ideas of idolatry that have no part with the single idea of the image in which thou art made the perfect Christ.

"Most blessed of the Light, I seal you in the dove of the Holy Spirit. I seal every one gathered on this day in honor of our witness and our Messengers, partaking of our dictations and our Light, pronouncing the holy Word. I AM there in the midst! I release my fire! And my message is unto you a most personal awakening and quickening that you might have and be more of myself as the internalization of the Holy Spirit and all that I AM."

Maha Chohan
June 7, 1981

"Camelot . . . to me, is an experience of many thousands of years of coming to understand the strategies of light and darkness and how the dear children of God upon earth have been fooled by the archdeceivers. I feel that in all of the experiences that we have had together, this is the one teaching, the sword itself, the two-edged sword of light and darkness, that comes to us by the hand of God, which is ours—and I might say ours alone—because we have seen and lived through so many eras, so many revolutions."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
July 4, 1978

The Holy Grail

"I am the Holy Grail. I now unveil that Holy Grail and hold it high, as one glimpse is all that you may be given until you have accelerated into higher dimensions of purity's flame.

"O Holy Grail, magnetize Mother Light, as I, Maitreya, hold the forcefield now for the raising of resurrection's flame, preparing for the raising of Mother Light and Kundalini's sacred fire.

"Now angels have veiled once more the Grail and you, my beloved, have received the spear as surgeon's sword of living Christ. Only thus, by initiation in the person of the Guru, may you have transferred to you the living light of resurrection.

"Thus, I bid you come again when I will come again in another retreat to fulfill the ongoing initiations of your path to Christhood and your quest for your very own personal resurrection. The mysteries of Maitreya the Mother will be held in the inner sanctuary of the Grail and of your heart. These we may not send forth. Let all who would receive them come, then, to our retreat."

Lord Maitreya

"Many a knight has sought the Holy Grail, but according to legend, none save Galahad, Percival, Bors and Launcelot saw it. Among the four, only Galahad entered into full communion with the Holy Cup. Those who failed in their quest were oblivious to the reality that the Grail lies dormant within each one until he quickens it by activating the threefold flame on the altar of his heart."

Lanello and K-17

"The inroads to the bottomless pit are widening. The records of Ancient Lemuria are surfacing and the breezes of Easter Island sway the youth, wooing them back to records they must consume by violet flame else repeat the ancient consequences: the murder of the Divine Mother—and this time of themselves. For 'whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.' For is not the Divine Mother also within her offspring?

"Let us join forces with Elohim Arcturus and Victoria, the Priesthood of Melchizedek, the Order of Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, Omri-Tas and his legions to ply the violet flame, layer upon layer, transmuting as we go and elevating the ancient civilizations of the Pacific to their original pristine purity.

"For the dark records filed in the canyons of the deep still hide the motive and the means whereby the Divine Mother's flame was snuffed out. And her children still follow her as they seek to find her midst the palm trees while she woos them to the Pacific and the once formidable gods of Easter Island."

Lanello and K-17

"Hail, therefore, sons and daughters of the Most High God! May the Christ Self and the soul of every compatriot of Light hear my word and my call! For my call is the call of the Ancient of Days. And the Ancient of Days does demand answer this day of the stalwart, of the noble and the true, and of the leaders of the race.

"Therefore, by cosmic dispensation there is connected to my heart the heart of every potential bearer of the cup, everyone who has sought the Holy Grail, everyone who may bear on behalf
of humanity the strength, the foresight, and the leadership for that point of victory that is the point of the leader in leading the hosts of the Lord and the mighty birds that fly and the children of the Most High God! For the one at the point of the V is the one who is the leader of the armies that follow in the formation of the V of Alpha and Omega.

"Therefore, in the victory of the Light placed vertically in your midst and in the mighty V placed horizontally in your midst, so understand now the meeting of worlds, the right angle of worlds, and the coming together of mighty star of Victory as above so below, in the name of Almighty God!"

Saint Germain
December 5, 1982

"Blessed ones, you have to be on top of what is happening in your world, from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind to the unconscious mind. What is happening now is parading before you, even before your very eyes. Even so, the past is prologue and the future is yet to be unveiled. What, then, are the possibilities that are before you—possibilities that you can take advantage of to accelerate your union with God and the Ascended Masters?

"Yes, possibilities are just waiting to be acted upon. That is the meaning of positive precipitation. But there is also a negative connotation connected with precipitation. For evil can precipitate through nations and through people who are not in alignment with God, Elohim.

" . . . In consideration of our work with the Cosmic Secret Service, we ask you, the representatives of the nations of the world, to invite us into your countries that you might serve with us for the protection of your citizens. Let us enter there. Let us do battle with you, for you, on behalf of your children, your sons and daughters. And call to God, Elohim, for the judgment of the fallen angels who have occupied positions of power even while they have held the nations in a stranglehold—and that, all the way back to Atlantis."

Lanello and K-17

"In the name of the Holy Grail that I AM, I place now in the etheric octave over this Heart the true and living focus of the Holy Grail quested by all knights of Camelot, meditated upon in the immaculate heart by all ladies of the flame. I place it here as a shining light, a brilliant focus that none will miss [seeing] in their finer bodies. And it in itself is the magnet of my body and my blood. It is the magnet of the teaching and the great mystery of the flame in the bowlSpirit infiring, enlivening, and breathing the breath of Life upon Matter.

"So may you be, may you do, may you go forth in my name and in the remembrance of my sweet caress as I place my hand upon your cheek, each one, and you remember how much I have loved thee."

Jesus Christ

"And let that word criticism, that word condemnation, that word judgment be something that is no longer a part of your vocabulary or feeling world! Let it be exorcised, beloved, by the power of Astrea; for it is always black magic, always malice, [and it] always returns to the sender with sickness, disease, disintegration and death. You cannot escape [the karma for] the arrows, the black arrows of the mind, sent forth almost unconsciously as there is that critical carnal mind surveying the scene and tearing down instead of building up.

"Beloved ones, to heal the Mystical Body of God in the earth, to heal the Keepers of the Flame of this condition and conditioning is my purpose this day! And I go before El Morya, for if you are to heal this condition, beloved ones, it will serve in an amazing way to move him toward that moment of being unbenched. And I tell you, beloved, we as twin flames and you as twin flames with your own do stand side by side with the beloved El Morya. And you ought to see the legions of angels who stand with him!

"Yet the spoken Word must be accomplished. Yet the inner purification must be accomplished. And therefore in the very process of clearing the etheric body there is the clearing of the space for the will of God to descend and [for] that mighty chalice that is desired [to be perfected], even the crystal chalice [of God Self awareness] that does become the Holy Grail."


"The power of the cup of Life, the power, then, of the chalice of thy being, is the living Grail. And this Grail may be used again for the transfer of the wine and the power of the life-essence of Jesus, and even of the Christ within you, for healing—moreover, for the turning back of that darkness and malintent of World Communism born not only of fear, but of revenge and of jealousy of the Christed nation.

"I portray to you this evening figures of saints and pilgrims, bodhisattvas and Buddhas, and of the Lord of the World all meditating on this one awareness, drawing from the Godhead, calling to the very heart of Nirvana for still other Buddhas to come forth for one concerted purpose
—and that is, beloved hearts, the staying by the hand of Almighty God, through the upraised hand of the living Saint Issa and the living Gautama, of the entire momentum of World Communism and its sympathizers."

Padma Sambhava
April 19, 1984

"Beloved hearts, this is the dilemma. But I tell you from the heart of beloved El Morya this day that he reminds all that everyone must be tested and everyone has already had a prior understanding of the One Sent, the Avatar, the Christ, and the children of the Sun; for this has been repeated civilization after civilization. Thus, the test that is presented through the dark ones is to hear the lie and to pass through the lie and therefore be able to enter through the doorway of Truth.

"This is the initiation which each and every one of you has had before arriving to this very Holy Grail. You have had to discount this and that—whether gossip or calumny or false theology or misinterpretation of scripture. You have had to walk by the faith of the heart, by the certain knowing of the inner self, and to disregard outer things that have been played against your minds aggressively to deter you from the perfect Path."

Archangel Michael
February 3, 1985

"The convergence of the light of the I AM Presence and the soul in the heart results in the Christ incarnate. And this is what Jesus has done. He has not only taught us the name and its power but he has become it in manifestation, for there is no power so great as the power of example.

" 'I have manifested thy name . . . ' to whom? To the men which thou gavest me out of the world
—not to everyone, but those which thou hast sent to me.

" 'Thine they were, and thou gavest them me; and they have kept thy Word.' It is a report card for the disciples. They have kept thy Word. They have kept it in their hearts. It is a successful mission, Lord. I can take my leave of this plane, for the Work is finished and it will live.

" 'I have given them the words which thou gavest me; they have received them, and they have known that I came out of thee; they have believed that thou didst send me.' These are necessary steps in the transformation of consciousness from the Saviour in Pisces—the Avatara who is the Christ for us all, bearing our sins and healing our souls so that we, too, may become a fitting chalice for the Word—to the individual Light-bearer of Aquarius—soul upon soul.

"Now we come to the point of realization that our own Grail chalice can contain the Light of Christ and that God will send the Light in fulfillment of Jeremiah’s prophecy, and The Lord Our Righteousness, the Lord our beloved Christ Self, will manifest in the temple of being. It is so because the Saviour of our souls has gone before us to carry our burden of karma until we could bear his burden of Light—his Word, his I AM THAT I AM.

"This is the knowledge he came to seal. And if it were not sealed, he could not take his leave and his mission would be in vain. And all of the steps we celebrate—the Last Supper, the crucifixion, the resurrection, and the ascension—these would not be understood. The disciples would not be capable of duplicating these steps if they had not also received the teaching whereby the seeming miracle is explained as the natural order of the Spiritual Man.

"Jesus, then, makes his very important distinction that he makes in several other places: an evolution of the world and an evolution of God. He declares, 'I am from above,' but when speaking to the Pharisees, he says, 'You are from beneath, you are of this world. I am not of this world.'

"' . . . As thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world.' In other words, he has delivered to us the same path—not compromised, not watered down, not diluted, not made simpler for more simple minds. Jesus has sent us into the world to experience all of its unreality and its Reality.

"And in the day when we become surfeited and tired of that old unreality, we embrace the Real, we know the difference, and we have that God-determination to say yes and no, yea and nay, and take a firm stand. And thus we build our integrated personality in God by those right affirmations and denials.

" 'For their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the Truth.' Jesus, the Son of man, sought his own sanctification through the crucifixion, through the fastening of himself to the Father and the Son, so that in the process of his own sanctification, we might be sanctified.

"And this process of sanctification (which means being made holy) delivers to us the protection of the holiness of God. He knew we would require it, and therefore he went through the same ritual to illustrate what is the nature of the Son of man, how he does appear when he is sanctified.

" . . . There is only one thing incomplete about the love of the Father and the Son, and that is that it intensifies the desire in us to have the whole world experience that same love. And therefore our love is only complete day by day when we can give it away and bring another
into that same communion that cannot be described, cannot be demonstrated, can only be experienced oneself and then known."

Elizabeth C. Prophet

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