The Great White Brotherhood

A Pearl of Great Price—Nicholas Roerich

"Let a string of pearls be wrapped around the globe of the world. And let each pearl
be for one of you that you might carry my pearl in your heart, that you might know
its inner significance and magnificence, and that you might be reminded
that all things must ultimately be revealed."—Mother Mary

"I promise you this: Neither God nor the Great White Brotherhood will ever desert the one
who stands steadfast and makes the call. Listen well: stands steadfast and makes the call.
One must have both steadfastness of purpose and the immediate response of the call.
This is the Alpha and the Omega of your protection. We stand by it.
We obey the Law as we must also remain true to the mantle of our office."—El Morya

"If the light-bearers on Terra will valiantly pursue the power of the sun
for supplanting all powers of the moon, there will be a new dawn of life on Terra."—Kuthumi

II, iv, 21. "To construct a bridge from the spirit (of a man) to the Brotherhood was not so difficult, but to establish a normal link between the Brotherhood and the people is unspeakably difficult." —Leaves of Morya's Garden 1925
II, xi, 1. "Also, bribery deprives a man of the confidence of the Brotherhood,
because the treason of such people is great. Also, lack of compassion makes a man unfit
for achievement, because such souls are lacking in courage."
—Leaves of Morya's Garden 1925

"You may recall the occasion when pursued by a numerous enemy, Abu Bakr
—who was accompanying the prophet in his flight—trembled to think of their fate and said,
'Look at the number of enemies that is overtaking us. What shall we two do
against these heavy odds?' Without a moment's reflection the prophet rebuked
his faithful companion by saying, 'No, Abu Bakr, we are three for God is with us!'"
—Mohandas Gandhi, Young India, October 10, 1929

"And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit
upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:
And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit;
and they shall prophesy: And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth
beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke: The sun shall be turned into darkness,
and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come: And it shall
come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved."—Acts 2:17-21

"The eyes of God are upon you—motto of the Temple of Illumination."
—Lord Lanto, Septemebr 24, 1967

"With the transfer of the mantle from master to disciple comes the transfer of responsibility. The disciple pledges to carry on the mission of his master. In order for the work of the Great White Brotherhood to continue on Earth someone in embodiment must wear the mantle of Guru. Today there are very few true Gurus in embodiment who are sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood.

"The lineage of Gurus who sponsor me, and whose teaching I am pledged to teach and uphold, is a special lineage of the Great White Brotherhood."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
June 30, 1996

" . . . Think of all that preceded the very first sermon of Lord Gautama at Samath. Facing heaven and hell, dismissing the evil hosts, verifying his office and his right to be doing what he was doing, thus he came forth to reveal in simplicity actually a very complex understanding that he received in the causal body of God—the understanding of the whole world and its suffering and the nature of karma and desire and the fallen ones who incite this desire. All this he saw, much as Enoch saw it when he was taken up into the levels of heaven."

Archangel Gabriel
April 8, 1984

" . . . It is to the Great Pyramid that we direct your attention. And we reveal that the community of the Great White Brotherhood is symbolized in that manifestation and that the foundation of the pyramid that remains is awaiting the capstone.

"The capstone, then, as the all-seeing eye of God that shall not be removed from the earth, is indeed composed of the initiates of the sacred fire. And hear this, my beloved. These initiates, each one placing upon the altar the white cube of the heart, provide the building blocks of that mighty capstone. Because these intitiates have a more than ordinary oneness than all others who have built the pyramid from the foundation to its present manifestation, therefore in the manifestation of the capstone their white cubes become as one single stone, one single capstone.

"This is the mystery of the capstonethat it can never be taken apart. Though it is composed of many stones, these by the alchemy of the Great God become one single stone to hold the all-seeing eye of God.

" . . . Why do you suppose, then, that the capstone is missing? It is because, very simply: There has never manifested in this octave a body of souls unascended who could make that pledge of eternal unity, of fusion! Thus, the pyramid remains without its capstone and humanity remain without the light to guide them.

"In our octave, the real meaning of the Great White Brotherhood is that we are one. Every ascended master, every cosmic being has become the white stoneand the fusion of selfhood in God is understood far, far beyond the understanding that you now bear.

"O my beloved hearts, this longing of God for oneness is like the longing of the pyramid for its capstone. Do you understand that God has no reason to not desire the fulfillment and the union of the son and of the daughter? And when you say, 'I and my Father are one,' you must understand that the Father has already said, 'I and my Son are one.'

"And therefore, my beloved, if you dare to say, 'I and my Father are one,' you have begun to climb a ladder that reaches far into infinitybeyond the eye, beyond the understanding. And when you finish climbing that ladder you do not find, as Jack and the beanstalk, the giant that must be slain, but you find instead the capstone–and there the fusion, and there the alchemy, and there the initiation.

"For if you are truly one with the Father, then you are one with all of his Sons in manifestation. And I say to you that that oneness is oneness. And oneness is oneness, and how can you describe oneness except by your experience? I would attempt to make you understand oneness, and yet you do not know the oneness that I know.

" . . . Your conceptualization of science tells you that even in the most solid matter there are wide spaces and universes between the atoms within the molecules and between the molecules that make up substance. Therefore, you can visualize this capstone and yourself as an individual atom supporting the molecules that compose this crystalline substance, dazzling white, of this stone.

"And you can begin to realize that this fusion of your identity is nothing more than your occupation of an office in the cosmic hierarchy whereby you agree to be a fixed star in the mighty cosmos of infinity, occupying the position of your office as a sun center of teeming life, as the manifest presence of the unfed flame for millions of developing evolutions.

"Understand, then, the meaning of the capstone that is the Great White Brotherhood, the capstone that becomes the spiritual cosmos that is set upon the pyramid of the matter cosmos. Understand, then, the exalted freedom that comes from the commitment to be fused into this mighty capstone.

"Beloved ones, see how I have taken you from a limited awareness of fusion with the capstone to the unlimited awareness of cosmic freedom. Therefore, in the ultimate sense, that which appears to be not freedom is the highest freedom that God himself can know.

"Why, my beloved, God is fused to every part of his creationimprisoned, as it were, in every molecule of life which you call the Spirit/Matter cosmos, heaven and earth. Would you not say, then, that God himself is the ultimate prisoner, the greatest slave, the one bound in chains by the very free will that he has given to the creation to harness the light that is himself? And yet is not God simultaneously the being who is most free?

"Can you truly understand freedom? Dare you walk this path of freedom? Dare you be the follower of Saint Germain?

" . . . My beloved, the cycles, the rituals, the freedom must be fulfilled. And I AM Cyclopea, and I AM a teacher of science and of truth—especially this science of freedom. Thus the vision I have given to you is a vision of freedom to be the capstone."

Cyclopea and Sanat Kumara
given at Summit University
March 23, 1980

" . . . the thought of the pearl of great price for which, when he found it, a man went and sold all that he had to buy that one pearl. That pearl is the Causal Body of the Divine Mother. That pearl, created layer upon layer by the sacrifice of Her children, is the great Causal Body that you may have at your disposal, whose energies you might use if you will but call that the Causal Body of the Cosmic Virgin be released to you at any hour of the day or night that you may require wisdom, energy, love, power, healing, truth, science, and all of the virtues of the Godhead.

"Thus in order to gain the pearl of great price, there is one requirement. You must go and sell the human ego, the human consciousness. Sell it to the Sacred Fire; put it to the torch; lay it upon the altar of God. Having given all, you shall receive all. And if you give only in part, your return must only be in part. This is the Law; this is the prophecy; this is my message to you this day."

Goddess of Liberty
July 4, 1974

"In an age of great darkness it requires the sponsorship of the ascended masters with their chelas to seal a lifestream in so great a light, so great a salvation, and to keep that one protected and in balance spiritually and physically midst the pressures of planetary darkness and of the fallen ones in their spacecraft who would hold this entire planetary body hostage to the darkness of Death and Hell."

Saint Germain
July 6, 1985

"The teachings of the ascended masters incorporate the path that the mystical body of God has walked through all eternity. It is not even unique to this planetary system. It is the same descent of the soul unto the grand experiment in freedom and free will, meeting all forces that pretend to be the adversary when the only true enemy is within. And that is the ultimate knowledge: Man, know thyself and know thyself as God, and know that the only foe that can ever overcome in thy life is thine own fear or internal schism or compromise or failure to surrender truly to God.

"Is this a church? I tell you, nay, it is more. It is a movement. It is a revolution back to the fundamentals of every avatar who has launched a path of freedom, developed specifically for the lifewaves or nations or times when they have come. Thus, you find nothing peculiar about saying a Buddhist chant or a Hail Mary or an Our Father or communing with Archangel Michael or speaking to Gabriel—nothing peculiar at all. Well, it was spoken of the Hebrews that they were a peculiar people, and what was unique about them was that they knew their God."

El Morya

"Blessed ones, had it not been for the Great White Brotherhood in the earth and on the surface, this earth could have already become another Maldek, another asteroid belt—not by any particular collision, though that collision should have occurred; for earth’s vulnerability is also to those very forces colliding as in the coming of ancient planets or meteorites splitting and sawing asunder the planetary orbs.

" . . . I come to bear your burden, to relieve and deliver you, to quicken you to the realization that the snakeskins must be shed quickly and that you must know who you are in Christ.

" . . . While there is yet time, I expand and accelerate for you time, space, energy, consciousness and eternity. Thus, fulfill all things. Be prepared and be at peace.

"I AM Mary. And I AM here to stay till all these things be fulfilled in you."

Mother Mary

"So it is that one teacher among men wore a mirror around his neck, that those disciples who came to him would see themselves and realize it is always the self that the individual projects into the teacher. Such is the wisdom of the wise ones of old. Such is the wisdom of the Brotherhood."

Gautama Buddha

"Both unascended masters and Ascended Masters together with their chelas (disciples) make up the Great White Brotherhood under whose sponsorship I serve. The term “white” refers not to race, but to the white light that surrounds these saints in heaven and on earth, who are the Mystical Body of God. They are the 'great multitude' witnessed by John the Revelator, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, [who] stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands; and cried [i.e., decreed] with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb . . .

"These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. These are the saints robed in white who have ascended to the throne of God, which is the goal of life for all who have descended from God. We who gather here for this Wesak celebration are those who, by the path of discipleship following in the footsteps of Buddha and Christ, are striving to accelerate the light in our body temple that we, too, might be among the ascending ones who shall one day enter in to the Holy of holies and be received of the Lord through the ritual of the ascension."

Elizabeth C. Prophet

"Love is the reason for being of The Summit Lighthouse . . .

"Divine Love raises all to the divine ideal and the divine plan.

"Divine Love is uncompromising. Know this, beloved. It is uncompromising! Thus, many do not understand Divine Love. Many will accuse you of selfishness when it is Divine Love in all its power that you are manifesting.

"Divine Love is coming to the altar of God and directing that fire into the earth. Divine Love of the Holy Spirit, as you know from Pentecost itself, is the judgment of abortion and the abortionist, those who abort the divine plan and life in any sector of the cosmos . . .

"Divine Love is a mystery that you must find out but you will never do so by taking apart the petals of the flower. Only by allowing the flower of Divine Love to unfold in your heart will you discover its mystery, and you cannot know the mystery until you do.

" . . . This activity is the culmination of all others we have sponsored. It is intended to be the culmination of all dispensations that have gone forth in 25,800 years. It can be all that you make it, all that you will it to be, all that you desire. You are the physical matrix. You are indeed The Summit Lighthouse.

"Thus, remember that Archangel Michael did say upon the founding of this organization that this activity does have the greatest potential and endowment of any he had sponsored since he did bring Home the first root race. That is the cosmic matrix. That is the almost unlimited potential of this activity."

Saint Germain

" . . . Would you be startled, blessed heart, if you were to look up and behold the most compassionate eyes, a face of such tenderness, such mastery, such wonder of love gazing down upon you as a guardian of the ages?—as friend, as that Guru-lover of your soul who knows that by and by as you respond to the wooings of that love you also will enter into that cosmic identity, as the Mediator and the one who stands to benefit from the mediation forevermore are locked in the divine embrace and are one inseparable union.

"E pluribus unum—the sealing of a message, a communiqué that has not been heard by the American people. E pluribus unum—'one out of many.' Thus in every age Christed ones arise as a single lily—one out of many.

"A Christed one is indeed the culmination and the fruit of the collective Christ consciousness of a nation. When a nation reaches for that zenith of the light, it has earned the good karma of having a single son of God rise in its midst."

Saint Germain

" . . . The preservation of the presence of the Great White Brotherhood in the Earth is our determination, for upon that presence in the Earth of that Brotherhood does depend the entire future of a planet.

" . . . Tarry not and do not take for granted that by many years of study or by none you will so easily enter into the gates of heaven once again. For every step must be fulfilled and that which has been sown must be reaped, and that by the sacred fire with all diligence.

"I believe that the ascended hosts and our bands have made abundantly clear the options of the hour. Therefore, beloved, I can tell you that our dictations and our discussions concerning these subjects will shortly be coming to a conclusion; and therefore the lightbearers of the Earth in the future will have to read these documents and will have to know that that which has been given has been given, what has been spoken has been spoken, what has been written has been written, and it must be used and it must be implemented for the further initiations to come."

Jesus Christ
February 28, 1988

"Beloved hearts, the realization of this God-goal (re-opening the Mystery School) and the willingness of Maitreya to accept this activity and Messenger and students in sacred trust to keep the flame of the Mystery School does therefore gain for planet Earth and her evolutions a dispensation from the hierarchies of the Central Sun. For you see, when there is about to become physical through dispensation of the Cosmic Christ the renewal of the open door whereby souls—as students of light who apprentice themselves to the Cosmic Christ—may come and go from the planes of earth to the planes of heaven and back again (in consciousness, in vibration), this is the open door of the coming of the golden age."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
May 20, 1989

”You must understand, beloved that this is the activity of the Great White Brotherhood on earth; you must realize you are dealing with masters who have the full mastery of the Law. And they do not miss this irony of the human will, this stubbornness and this folly of thinking, 'I can fool the Lord. I can fool the Messenger. I can fool my Christ Self.'

"These remarks are given to you because we desire to see the purging of the four lower bodies and the community of disciples that all might come into an understanding that this is a path of love and not a path of dead ritual or the dead letter of the law though the letter of the law be vital.

"Is not a path of mimicry, by performing certain acts as though the acts themselves contained the devotion, you may come into consonance with the Truth. The devotion, the reality, the sincerity, and the Truth must be in your heart.

"And if you know there is no purity in the heart, I say meditate in the heart of your I AM Presence and call to us and we will swiftly bring to your attention the cause and core of the absence of that purity; [we will teach you the way of the Christ and The Buddha], which must truly lead you to the innocence [of soul and heart] required for the receiving of the teachings of Lord Maitreya in the Garden of Eden.

" . . . we can not abrogate the Law of the octaves, we cannot abrogate the free will of evolutions."

July 4, 1984

"When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing—they believe in anything."—G. K. Chesterton

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