Harmony Is Power

Dhyani Buddhas

"Kindness in words creates confidence, kindness in thinking
creates profoundness, kindness in feeling creates love."—Lao Tzu

"Harmony begins with the heart. Harmony is the light of the Mother
negating the spirals of disintegration throughout the planes of Mater."
—Lord Maitreya, December 14, 1975

"Anybody can become angry, that is easy; but to be angry with the right person,
and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose,
and in the right way, that is not within everybody's power,
that is not easy."—Aristotle

"He who guards his lips guards his soul."—Proverbs 13:3
"Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed.
Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.
There is nothing more potent than thought. Deed follows word and word follows thought.
The world is the result of a mighty thought and where the thought is mighty and pure
the result is always mighty and pure."—Mahatma Gandhi, 'Harijan,' April 24, 1937

"A universal peace, it is to be feared, is in the catalogue of events,
which will never exist but in the imaginations of visionary philosophers,
or in the breasts of benevolent enthusiasts."—James Madison

“If he’s inharmonious, if he’s in a state of condemnation
or any human vibration . . . that has to be dealt with
before you can consider whether the person has a good or bad point
because inharmony is 100% error, 100% wrong.”—Elizabeth C. Prophet

"Many may recall that several years ago (early 1960s) a major air disaster was occasioned
because one of the motors of the plane set up what we may term an off-center vibration
which was transmitted to the motor on the other side of the plane.
This acted as an amplifier of the epicentric vibration, and then in turn transmitted it back
to the originating source where it was again built up and transmitted to the other side
until the plane literally came apart from the action of vibration."
—Master R, The Soulless One, 'Harmony' SU Press, 1965, 1981

"Glow, glow—Harmony, glow
Sing, sing—Harmony, sing!
Guard the flow, let the Word go forth lovingly.
Blaze, blaze—Harmony, blaze
Raise, raise—Harmony, raise
Sing, sing—Harmony, sing!
Guard the flow, let the Word go forth lovingly."
—'To the God of Harmony', Hymn 467
Church Universal and Triumphant Book of Hymns and Songs

"For you see, all these things that I have brought are yours to keep only as you keep and guard the flame of harmony.

"If you could imagine that inharmony would produce sudden holes in your pantaloons, in your skirts, in your blouses, and all of a sudden, like magic, like Pinocchio, because you’d been inharmonious, your garments should be tattered and full of holes and everything spill out and fall, for nothing could be held, you should think how embarrassed you would be—or if you were indeed Pinocchio and your nose would grow and grow when you were out of alignment with Truth. And finally, in the very end, by discipline and faithfulness and truthfulness, to be rewarded with a real heart, to become a real boy (the son of God, the threefold flame appears!).

"The story of Pinocchio is the story of those who lost the threefold flame or of those who may even be occupying bodies bereft of the divine spark, diligently in the service of the sons of God. Those who may have lost the substance of soul regain it by the path of the imitation of Christ.

" . . . Don’t try to be harmonious, for you can just as easily be inharmonious. Determine to be God-harmony and then your harmony cannot be lost! For God is the harmony of Godhood where you are, and it is the divine harmony that will keep. But the human harmony can always be broken by its converse state of human inharmony.

"Is that not a mighty key this day from God Harmony to all who have striven and lost their harmony? [“Yes!”]—all who have striven and lost their harmony at one time or another?

"It is like trying to be humanly good. You can just as easily fall into the trap of being humanly bad. But when you determine to be God-good, then the very goodness of God protects that goodness and seals you in that goodness; and therefore, you are caught up in the spirit of the Lord’s goodness. And if you will simply be faithful and true, he will hold you and not let you go out of the way, unless you insist by a perverseness of the spirit which you yourself must overcome with his help again and the help of the Helper.

" . . . And I AM determined by that God-flame and not of my own human will—I AM determined by the power of God in me—to be that God-harmony forever and forever, and I will slay everyone who is determined within my members to take that harmony from me! I will slay every past momentum, every identity apart from that God-momentum.

"Whatever the virtue you determine to be as God in action, the entire planetary force of anti-virtue will be at your door on the morrow. Thus, beloved ones, you make your determination and you say, 'I will it by the grace of God! I will do this thing by the grace of God!' What is the grace of God? The grace of God is the Guru/chela relationship. The grace of God is the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood with you! The grace of God is his gracious presence.

"And therefore, you are saying by the power of the Godhead in every manifestation, 'I will be God-harmony!' And when you say it that way, the anti-forces of harmony that come as barking dogs in the night will be met by the entire force of the legions of God Harmony who will defend your right to be God-harmony as long as you continue to also defend that God where you are.

"This is a commitment of the Godhead unto you. Twelve manner of fruits on the Tree of Life
—select any one and make it the point of your victory.

"May I recommend that you be God-harmony? Slay the beast of inharmony, center yourself in the Lord of the World, in the heart of Shamballa. And, my beloved, in that power, begin to pluck the fruits of the Tree of Life—to eat them, to assimilate that fruit of Maitreya’s consciousness that you might live forever."


"Be wise. Choose the flame of God-Harmony and know it contains all others. For the definition of Harmony is the harmonization of all rays of God. And therefore this flame of Harmony is white fire, but the melody of rainbow rays and secret rays is often played across it as an angel would run her hands over the harp or zither or other instruments of heaven.

"In this, then, you will see that God-Harmony is the Power, Wisdom and Love to defeat every enemy of the Buddha, the Sangha, the Dharma, the Mother and each and every bodhisattva and child of Light, each chela and disciple and servant of God.

"Breathe in the flame of Harmony. The outbreath of Harmony, beloved, is peace at last. Surrender unto Harmony. Know true resolution. Know the Honor Flame. Know the bliss, O the bliss that passes every possible pleasure of the senses and sensations of this world!

"O the bliss of God! O the bliss of God! I woo you to the heart of the Mother, as bliss is the nectar that opens the crown chakra, as bliss is the elixir that quickens and balances the physical and spiritual heart. O beloved, true bliss is Harmony. True bliss is Harmony.

" . . . Since inharmony comes through the mouth before it is physically manifest, [and through the emotional body before it comes through the mouth,] I suggest you practice silence when you know that that which you will speak will be discordant. Hold your Peace! Hold your Peace! Hold your Peace! And thereby hold your Harmony. Hold your Harmony. Hold your Harmony.

"And, beloved, resolve this problem that boils in the pot of the belly. Go to another location. Move yourself physically, for this is most important in fulfilling this test. When you are beset by projections or you are bursting with anger toward someone, say, 'Excuse me, but I must be elsewhere for some moments and I will return.' If possible, place yourself at a distance of miles, but at least go where you can find your peace in God and remember the steps of the Path and give your 'Count-to-Nine Decree.' And when you have that Peace and that Harmony and that Love in your heart, come back to the scene and pour these upon the troubled waters.

"Blessed hearts, when you have this victory and you have held that tongue and you have rechanneled that Light of the Mother that the force would channel into anger, you will look at the situation that has thereby been resolved and you will walk away and you will laugh and you will laugh and you will laugh until they may nickname you the 'Laughing Buddha!' For you will be so happy, happy, happy that you have gotten the victory over these things that have beset you for centuries and that have given you a karma of centuries.

"O to have the victory over self in such God Self-mastery! And to know that in having that victory you have defeated all of the armies of the Goliath of the Nephilim spacecraft, et cetera, et cetera!

"O beloved, think of it! Think of such a victory that causes them to receive back upon themselves their own anger. And they become enraged. And their rage multiplies their anger and thus they are self-consumed. And the Ruby Ray does its work, and you have not been touched at all. You did not fall. You gained your points and you need not step backwards down the ladder. You will continue to ascend Jacob’s ladder across a cosmos itself.

"I bid you welcome to the plane of perpetual joy. May you know this—that by your love and your calls we five have come closer to earth than in many thousands of years. And truly you have brought the delight of illumination’s golden flame for the quickening, the rebirth and the resurrection of the true path of Buddhism and of Lord Gautama, Lord Maitreya [and] Lord Dipamkara, our Sanat Kumara.

"Now then, beloved, espouse the noble cause of Love and Love’s Harmony and see what twinkling miracles will manifest, which are not miracles at all but the miracle of your determined God Self-mastery."

July 5, 1990

"We watch and wait because we must observe each precious chela for a period of twenty-four months—twenty-four months. Yes, for two years you must not allow yourselves to become enangered, to enter into the criticism, condemnation or unjust judgment of others, or to pass on the latest gossip. You see, beloved, we must know that you will come into balance and stay in balance with right diet, right action, consistent prayer. For twenty-four months sustain this, beloved."
Jesus Christ

" . . . Let us meet in caucus and say to one another.
'Let us have one plan, and let us go with that plan, and let us go with it big time. Let us do that. Let us not have little groups here and little groups there, thinking they know what to do when you have to have MasterMind consciousness that you are going to transform not only a nation but a world.'

"This is a global situation and nothing less, so you must think globally and you must realize that
if war truly comes it will not come alone to the United States . . . This is a pivotal moment. This is it beloved. There will never be a greater moment, a greater opportunity to solve the problems of Earth and to win stripes for your ascension . . . "

Saint Germain
January 1, 1997

"I am touching each one now with the points of the five elements on certain points of the body that correspond to the secret-ray chakras.

"And I am quickening those points in those who have shown themselves to be responsible with the energies of God and who have not succumbed, no matter what the provocation or the seeming justification—have not succumbed, I say—to releasing anger as a means of alchemical change. For there is no such thing, beloved.

"The alchemical change that you desire comes through love and through your coming to the altar of God and desiring resolution, confessing your sins to God alone and showing your remorse by the reformation of your life.

"This is the way, beloved.

"This is the way to empowerment.

"It is the only way.

"God does not entrust his powers to those whom he does not test. He will test you right and left and up and down and over and over again until you show that you are not moved by circumstances or by accusations, true or false.

"So, I say to one and all: In the God-center of the Buddha of the Ruby Ray, who yet maintains a focus on this ranch in the mountain you have named Himalaya, call to us at any hour of the day or night for assistance in challenging whatever conflict, whatever calamity you see coming over the horizon."

"The teachings you have, all that has come through the Holy Spirit from the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings, do give you the opportunity for such self-mastery. But you must take the opportunity as an exercise of free will, as an exercise of commitment to your own Inner God and not to another, as an exercise that shows your recognition that he who would desire the manifestations of the siddhis, the powers, must begin to be self-disciplined.

"The disciplining of the mind can be found in the practice of meditation. The disciplining of the emotions must be found in interaction with others. There is no more certain way to gain mastery of the emotions than to have to mingle with people from all walks of life and to always prefer to impart the flame of love and of charity toward those who do not have the flame of harmony.

"The choice is always there—to be pulled into the morasses, the cesspools, vortices, quicksands of negativity or to shun them. And always remember the words of your Lord: 'What is that to thee? Follow thou me.' In other words, forget it. Let it go. Do not become further engaged as you see your energies escalating and, with the escalation, the loss of your God-control."

Maha Chohan

"Yes, unto you who trust in my name and who stay upon your mighty I AM Presence when confronted by the Adversary who would confound and contend with thee—yes, unto you who do not quench my Spirit by disobedience to my law, I will convey the tongue of the learned, the seven holy Kumaras, and I will give to you the new tongue whereby you shall, my beloved, deliver to the evolutions of the seven rays and to all evolutions of earth the true teachings of the Lord Christ of every ascended master.

"This is my promise, beloved, and these are the conditions of my promise to you. They are not hard to bear. Do not err. Follow me, and I will carry you by the sound of the Word to the Void and back again so that you may have and know that commeasurement of life: you, the soul on earth, intoning the Word, the same Word that is spoken simultaneously in the center of the Central Sun of the God Star Sirius."

Sanat Kumara

"This earth is hanging in the balance—the balance scales of Libra—in the destiny of America. The Mighty Blue Eagle from Sirius carries those balance scales in his beak, and they are balanced as long as lightbearers are sufficient to offset the darkness. But when the darkness becomes greater than the light invoked, then the balance scales are tipped; and then America can no longer hold the balance of power of world freedom on earth.

"It is only the lightbearers and the decreers who have kept that scale balanced. I warn you that every discord, every irritation, every mood energy of entities, every manipulation that you allow to pass through you to cause a stone of stumbling in another's pathway, can very well tip that balance. You dare not trifle with inharmony."

Saint Germain
November 20, 1977

"O God, yet I be in this condition of limitation, bowed down in my body and being, yet I call to you for Mercy: Heal me of all inharmony and diseases. I will to be harmonious Love forever.

"O God, by thy Mercy Flame, transmute and consume in me the records of dark deeds that have cut me off from the full waking awareness of the totality of my mind in God."

Serapis Bey
December 28, 1985

" . . . Our chelas must present a united front to the world. Our chelas must show that the knowledge of ascended master law leads to love, unity and above all a caring and compassion for one another. Chelas must be living proof that ascended master law meets every need —human and divine.

"Remember this and listen well: if you can't get along with or serve your fellowman or your fellow chela on the path, then you won't get along with or serve the ascended masters. And so we withdraw from those who call themselves chelas but who fail in their service to and with each other."

El Morya, The Chela and the Path
'Chelas Garnering a Thrust
for a Purpose,' chapter 9

"Beloved ones, this insensitivity to the inner Christ is a sign of the denial of the sacred heart under the hierarchy of Leo. When the ingratitude is not cleared then, beloved, you see a new kind of density—a coldness that does not open its heart to the living Word and the living Christ in mercy. Ingratitude then silences the senses of the soul and makes one nonreceptive to the I AM Presence.

" . . . Therefore let the discordant ones know that I have seen your discord and I am displeased that in this hour of the great mercy of God and the tremendous givingness of the Darjeeling Council in the deliverance of this Church through the chelas (: ones surrendered to the higher purpose) and through the hosts of heaven—'you in gratitude have not kept' the flame and (have not) denied that criticism, condemnation and judgment that has been very apparent at the Royal Teton Ranch in recent months."

Mighty Victory
July 20, 1986

"Speak when you are angry, and you will make the best speech you will ever regret."—Ambrose Bierce

"He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city" Proverbs 16.32.

The Principle
of the Abundant Life
of Prosperity

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