Beloved Saint Germain - July 31, 1981


Saint Germain’s Address to
the Devotees of Freedom on the European Continent
July 31, 1981, Holland

“Light-Bearers of the World, Unite!”

For the Spirit of an Age and for the Child of My Heart...
A New and Final Opportunity to Form the Ring of Light

I come, not for these alone but for the spirit of an age and for the child of my heart. My voice has not been heard upon this continent for well-nigh a century and more, for in this physical octave my messenger has not gone before my face to deliver my Word until the hour of your coming. And now the proving and the reproof!

For, beloved, there is an army of night arrayed against the victors of the Light. And those who take up the garment of the flesh and march in the physical domain must realize that, if one is to stand against ten thousand and ten-thousand-times-ten-thousand, he must then have the mighty force of Serapis Bey and the sense of discipline, as it has been said—that flame of the military that does inspire the swift movement of the piercing white sword Excalibur.

Therefore did the Initiator Lord Maitreya come to Washington, D.C., in 1961, twenty years ago, to deliver that dispensation of the ten-thousand-times-ten-thousand <1> whereby each and every decree uttered in the full power and voice of the spoken Word would be multiplied by this power of the ten-thousand-times-ten-thousand, that you yourselves might realize that the majority of God is with you and that that Light is able to swallow up the darkness of ten-thousand-times-ten-thousand arrayed against the Light.

I have sent my messenger to this conference for the anchoring of a flame for Europe—my own causal body, my own Electronic Presence, here in the physical octave and sealed in your heart for that hour when you yourself become a part of the blazing reality of the noonday of my own God Self.

I would impart to those who are the devotees of freedom upon this continent a new opportunity—as it is a final opportunity—to form a ring of light, a union indivisible, indispensable to our Cause. I come, then, in the darkest hour of world history when the light of the noonday sun, as the light of your own Mighty I AM Presence, burns most brightly as opportunity for victory. Therefore I compel you to a greater vigilance, a greater self-discipline, and a sense of realism in dealing with that which is the Real Self, the great God Self of all as the great advocate of freedom, and in dealing with the enemy in thy midst.

Blessed hearts of light, you know me and my vibration as Saint Germain—and so I am. I am greatly desirous of forming a nucleus of light, of hearts who understand the Cause and who have a realistic sense of all that is pitted against that Cause.

Blessed hearts, we are here for the invocation of the Word to resound through the messenger in this octave, for the clearing of those records on the astral plane of the misuse of light of all the hosts that arrayed behind Adolf Hitler and all who were with him in the physical octave. This false hierarchy and the black magicians with it remain to be bound. And therefore, we come for the clearing of the records of war, bloodshed, and the opening of the chakras of the sons of God whereby the very essence of the light of their own Christed Self has flowed upon this continent to be vampirized by the fallen ones.

They have come in the name of this and that tyrant. But, blessed hearts, where is the union, where is the fruit of their conquest, where is the light that ought to shine from every nation, from every heart, from every head of state? With or without the royal houses, there has been corruption, there has been the betrayal of the people, and there has been—until this very retreat—a sense of division.

Now you have received the Spirit of Lanello and of Godfre and of the Goddess of Liberty. Now you have understood a bit of the union of the I AM Race of which you are a part. Now let us impart this to light-bearers throughout Europe, and let there be a lessening of the consciousness of division.

It is division that we deplore, not necessarily the boundaries of the nations that signify group karma—even as the states of the union signify the same—but, blessed hearts, it is the animosity, the self-sufficiency, the smug pride of those of this or that nation saying: “We are the inheritors of the Light. We are the chosen ones.”

Understand, then, that through the consciousness of Jacob there did enter among the twelve sons a certain rivalry, a certain chicanery, even a tendency toward deception. And therefore, that division, that competitiveness, and finally that betrayal of the son of light, even Joseph who was sold into Egypt, <2> does prevail to the present hour in these nations of Europe. Therefore, let that Angel of Unity <3> come forth and display the piercing light of the ensign Union! And let all leave their separatism and let all come out from behind those walls of pride and “Remember ye are brethren!” <4> Ye are of the seed of Sanat Kumara.

I impress this light of union, in the name of the I AM THAT I AM, in the heart of every light-bearer in Europe in the very deepest prayer and hope of my being that there will be a rallying to the banner of freedom and that you will forsake the former pride and the former state of ego self-awareness and replace it all for the joy in the presence of the Lord that does fill his house and the holy temple of his sons and daughters!

May you mount to the very height of your own I AM God Presence! May you rise in the fullness of the resurrection flame and perceive the light of victory! May you go to the mountain, the flaming mountain of Horeb, <5> and there greet Sanat Kumara and there find that living flame planted by my own Guru, the Great Divine Director, and the Archangel Jophiel and the hosts of the Lord that is a rallying point for the victory of this continent! <6>

I adjure you, then, to beware of the antichrist <7> that lurks within thine own members as the untransmuted human creation. I adjure you, then, to consider that the light that you have received and the joy and even the healing of your souls and bodies is because of the mantle and the forcefield of the Great White Brotherhood and the circle we have drawn about this retreat. I wish to tell you that when you go forth [on] the various paths from this center to your homelands, to your place of service, it will require the great summoning of cosmic forces to sustain this flame midst the darkness.

Commeasurement is the word of El Morya—the ability to take stock and to measure your own forces and will, your love and your determination, against the backdrop of the enemy’s determination to destroy all of that, and you in the process.

You must have that love—that love that has the courage to be <8> —when all around you that hatred of the black magicians and that envy of your Light would put out the flame that I have ignited within you. For I come to sponsor you, I come to bless you, I come to seal! you—but also to remind you that you are not yet the sharpened sword Excalibur that El Morya may wield in his right hand. You are not yet that very fine-tuned instrument of Lord Maitreya and the Faithful and True marching with the armies of heaven. <9> Therefore, let there be a diligence.

Make haste, I say—all of you—to Camelot. Let it become the first priority to be there with Kuan Yin this fall. <10> For, I tell you, of all qualities that are required by Europe in this hour, it is, of course, the quality of mercy, the unguent of violet flame, and the opening of the violet-flame retreats of the entire Great White Brotherhood that will, I tell you, occur during the twelve-week dispensation of her presence.

This promises to be a mighty swelling of the violet flame through planet Earth as we maintain at Camelot a twenty-four-hour vigil of the violet flame during the presence of Kuan Yin! We would seal her in her own native light. We would make her comfortable, that she will not take flight. And therefore, we would re-create the very forcefield of the Temple of Mercy at Peking that all of the nations of the earth might feel that flow of light, and the chelas from the respective nations might, therefore, dip into that flame of mercy and take back to their homeland the only solution to the world’s problems—indeed, the universal solvent that is the violet transmuting flame—from the very Mother of Mercy, the one who extends to light-bearers and light-bearers alone the full opportunity for repentance, for forgiveness, for atonement, and for holy communion.

My blessed hearts of light, realize how much the Karmic Board itself has put itself on the line, that you might come forward and take the banner of Sanat Kumara and hold it unto the victory. In this hour the Karmic Board, seven in number, have gone before the Four and Twenty Elders and before Alpha and Omega to request dispensations of the staying action of the hand of God, that the children of the light might be cut free and make that contact with the violet flame.

Blessed hearts, it is a most unusual occurrence. For we, the ascended masters and the chohans of the rays, are the ones who go before the Karmic Board for dispensations. And by the actions of the Keepers of the Flame and those who continue to make the call to the violet flame worldwide, this Karmic Board has determined to move with Gautama Buddha for the dispensation of light that will secure the absolute safety and passage to the Inner Retreat of every soul of light who is destined to ascend, who is of the Light, who is of the very soul of the archangel’s heart.

Blessed ones, there is a great pulsing in the heart of Archangel Michael as I speak to you, for he himself has made many sacrifices for the staying of the action of war against this continent. And his legions of light march on the borders of the totalitarian state, there to guard the proliferation of the fallen ones and their seed of darkness.

I say, forces of freedom in Europe, rally! Rally around the banner of freedom and recognize that the Aquarian age and the great wave of Almighty God is come upon you!

O Britannia, hear our call and now rise up to the Word of God! Throw off the yoke that has bound you! Throw off the yoke of the Nephilim that have surrounded you and the infiltrators in your midst! Throw off the yoke of the oppression out of the very depths of hell through rock and witchcraft and drugs and black magic!

O Keepers of the Flame in Ireland and in England, Scotland, and Wales, I appeal to you to mount with a fervor and a holy light for the saving of the souls who themselves will outplay a role in the deliverance of the European continent.

Each and every nation—bearing the banner of Sanat Kumara, marching to the center, marching to that focus of that mighty flame in Europe—must play its role unique and a part of the heart of the World Mother. You are cherished, one and all. And none shall be denied save they themselves deny the great God Self—the I AM THAT I AM.

Light-Bearers of the World, Unite!

The cry goes forth from the heart of my own beloved Portia. We would not come in such a manifestation of God-determination were it not that the hour is so late.

You notice, then, that with the movement of the messenger and family across the margent of the earth, there is the upheaval and the roaring and the rolling of the earth as again in Iran there is earthquake, <11> there is loss of thousands of lives, and there is still the God-determination of the Karmic Board to stay the hand of that ultimate world cataclysm.

Blessed hearts, this is the reality of the hour. And I hold the cup of life in my hand that you might witness to the trembling of the cup.

Why is there a trembling of the cup? It is not my hand, blessed hearts. It is the seismic activity in the very earth body itself that is sensitized in the liquid light, even the elixir that I hold as the symbol of eternal life, that you yourselves will one day drink thereof and live forevermore.

Having fulfilled the law of love, you shall be made whole! And my promise to every one of you is this: that if you espouse this cause of freedom in Europe, in America, and at the Inner Retreat, I will stand by you and I will afford you every opportunity of our twin flames to balance your karma and to make your ascension.

This is my commitment to every chela who will hear this dictation! You who will strive to publish and preach the Word, no matter what your karma, I will stand as your advocate before the Karmic Board! I will take from my causal body. And I promise you that every thing that the Great Law will allow will be done in your behalf!

And I tell you, precious ones, there are some here (and in other places where there is a gathering of Keepers of the Flame) that could not make their ascension in this life without this extra intercession on my part and without the extra effort on their own part to see, with the all-seeing eye of God, the handwriting on the wall and to act and to act now to deliver the light-bearers into that place of safety!

You have been with me in other eras of upheaval and revolution and world war and local wars in this and past ages. You have witnessed the crumbling of civilization and the burying of Pompeii. I have stood. I have held out a hand. Sometimes you have responded. Sometimes you have not known me and you have turned aside. And therefore, I have sponsored you again and again, for I have believed in your hearts!

Hear me! For I am Saint Germain! I am your Brother. And my dispensation in this coming is a dispensation for your very life and its continuity and for your very embodiment. And I have stood with you and I have promised you that I would come, I would gather you, I would collect you into my very heart and I would tell you face-to-face the hour when there must be no hesitation, no turning back, no further doubt of your own God-reality, and no dallying with less than the high standard of discipline of Serapis Bey and El Morya.

Let all listen to my admonishment, whether you consider yourself a student of long-standing or a babe that is borne in the arms of the Mother in this very hour. For all of you are precious indeed, if you will understand how precious is the Threefold Flame of Life that beats your heart and how precious is opportunity!

Why, in this very century, in one hour the people did dance and play and pipe their tunes; and in the next hour the armies were marching to take over their nations, their homes, their businesses, their possessions, and even their very souls—if they could.

Blessed hearts, I say to you, be prepared. And have compassion for all who have yet to glimpse of the holy light that you have glimpsed. Heed well what I tell you through the Mother, for she has walked the path—stone by stone—of the preparation, of the initiation. She reads the heart as I read the heart and will tell you what you need—if your pride will allow you to hear it!

Do not, then, trifle or argue with a discipline ever so small that seems unnecessary. If it were not necessary, we would not speak it! For, you see, we have a war that must be won. We cannot dally with minutia, but we must deal with the flaws in the steel that will later cause the chinks and the corrosion in the armor of the soul. Sometimes they are very small, but the slightest fracture in that sword or in that armor will make our warrior vulnerable to the intrusion of that which is anti-Life.

Therefore, we summon stalwart hearts who understand the need for wholeness and the need for the purging, the need to come into alignment and be brave. Brave hearts, faithful ones, you who are true to the calling of truth: Prove it, I say. And understand that the need of El Morya and Maitreya is for you accelerated to that utmost, that utmost Self that is the offering upon the altar of God!

Do you suppose that we propose to save Europe with this ragged band of devotees, this motley crew, I say? Nay and Yea! For we propose to summon you to your highest Self—to mold you, to meld you into one flaming banner of the World Mother, to make you one mighty heart gainst which all of the black hearts of Europe cannot stand and will not stand!

I am Merlin as well. I have advised the kings of all ages—and, as Samuel, I have anointed them. I desire to anoint you, but first I desire to enfire you and see how that fire will melt the wax of all that is unnecessary, superfluous. I desire that fire to melt and melt and melt until the emerging image is the fullness of your own Christhood!

It is not so very far away! For we live in an age of miracles. This is the Aquarian age, after all. And you remember that I am known as the Master of Alchemy and the miracle of transmutation itself. Therefore, indeed!—let time and space disappear.

There may be many who have worked, lo, many a year in the Father’s vineyard. Yet, in the hour of the coming of the lord of the vineyard, there is unto those who have just only begun to serve the same wage, the same reward. <12> And that reward cannot be earned, for it is the grace of Almighty God. Let us pray to Him.

Will you not kneel with me. Will you not remember the figure of George Washington kneeling in prayer. Will you not remember that the heartfelt prayer unto Almighty God serves mightily to turn the tide of the battle.

Therefore, O Lord God Almighty, Lord of Hosts, Sanat Kumara, legions of the mighty archangels, I address the entire company of saints and I stand before the living God.

I, Saint Germain, kneel upon this soil in the very heart of Europe and I pray to Almighty God for the deliverance of all of these nations and of the Isles. I pray for the deliverance of the souls of light.

I pray to Almighty God for his will to implement the swift and sudden destruction of the armies of the fallen ones and all of their mass mechanization turned against the Light.

I AM standing in the very heart of the Cosmic Christ. And I raise my hand. And I turn back the tide of World Communism and all of the armies of the Soviet Union and all who are of malintent and all who support the fallen ones upon this earth.

I, Saint Germain, plead before Alpha and Omega for intercession because of these dedicated hearts, because some have answered my call, some have stood and withstood all!

Therefore, I present to Alpha these hearts. Let their names be written, one and all. For they have bothered to come to Amsterdam. They have troubled themselves to move themselves, to expend from their pockets, to be here in commemoration of my flame. Let it be known that I, Saint Germain, am grateful where there are those who inconvenience themselves to be physically present when called.

Therefore, by my light and by my leave, I ask a special protection for those who are with me now, those who have understood the meaning of the messenger and the need for the support of the one who becomes the physical focus for every ascended master of the Great White Brotherhood—the understanding then, O Lord, of the acceleration and deceleration of her forcefield that heart and mind and body must withstand in order to be at once in heaven and on earth.

I pray, too, for every Keeper of the Flame and these who represent the youth of the world who have also inconvenienced themselves to be present to focus my secret rays and those of Rex and Nada and Bob and Pearl, who form a mighty chain of light for the ascended master youth of the I AM Race.

I offer a prayer for enlightenment, for vision, for freedom from the oppression of the astral plane unto these youth and all throughout America, Europe, and every nation upon earth that will hear the Word, feel the vibration of our light rays, and respond.

Lord God of Hosts: Save the light and the people of light! Save that which can be saved and deliver the remnant unto my heart!

I plead, then, for intercession through the Blessed Virgin unto the Cosmic Virgin, Omega. I plead before Almighty God in the name of all of the saints who have striven with this stiffnecked generation! I plead to Almighty God to once and for all give unto the seed of Sanat Kumara that opportunity to bend the knee, to choose God—to choose Life and live!

I, therefore, send the ray of my heart for the stripping of the covering over of pride and rebellion, entrenched materialism, greed, and the death vibration. Therefore, beloved hearts, the ray does go forth from Alpha and Omega in response—instantaneous response—to my heart’s call. And during the very giving of this dictation, there is a stripping action that does go forth to this European continent whereby, if contacted upon this continent and in the Isles, the souls of light have the ability and the responsibility to respond.

I deliver it, then, in the name of God. I speak to you of his sacred name and of your own sacred mission in God’s name!

By the light of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I seal this my prayer and the answer of God in the heart of the Great Central Sun. May it continue to pulsate and increase and reverberate, that not one of these little ones should be lost.

O Great Divine Director, now enfold me and these souls of light in thy heart that we may pursue the great divine plan for this continent from your causal body of light.

(Will you not take your places.)

Let there be now the attention given to organization of this company, nation by nation. Let there be the attention to the stumping of Europe and the British Isles. And let every light-bearer be given the opportunity to hear my voice and my plea for freedom and for the Union.

I bid you determine a twelve-month cycle and a twelve-month plan. I desire you to look at your hands, your heart, your ability, your background and determine what is your offering to scour, literally scour your nation in search of souls of light!

If you have made effort, then I say, let it be made again tenfold! And if you have made it tenfold, then let it be made again ten times tenfold.

Blessed hearts, we will not leave any stone unturned until the light-bearers are contacted. You will never know how many angels and ascended masters pledged to see to it that you found this Path! And you may know by the circumstances of your own discovery how angels had to contrive the meeting and the chain of events that would bring together a heart with a heart.

Contact! Contact! And by it my Purple Fiery Heart will flow through you and your encounter will be, truly, a union and a reunion with hearts you have known so long. Some of you will find your true family and your true love and your brothers and sisters. You never know what personal blessing will come to you when you go out in search of the Christed One.

Become pilgrims, mendicants—if necessary. Be as Saint Francis. ‘Go and sell all that thou hast’ <13> and move on the highway of God.

I do not recommend impracticality and a failure to deal with the responsibilities of family and calling in life, but I heartily recommend sacrifice and the commitment of all free time to this Cause.

You never know when the life you save may be the life of your own lost child from a previous life or one that you dearly tried to reach but could no longer touch when the flood of Atlantis came and the continent sank. Some of you have been separated from loved ones that long! And through the dispensation of the flame of the Great Divine Director, you now may reach out and once again clasp the hand of a compatriot and a companion on the path of life, one with whom you served in the temples of Atlantis.

Yes, there are many here. But they are locked in their own economic groups, societies, with the false gurus. Everywhere and in every compartment you can name, they are there. And therefore, the light of your heart must know, must sense, must be as a magnet that can tell when there is a light-bearer within a given city block, a given area of land. And you may meditate upon the Buddha and make the call until you stand face-to-face with a shining one.

Do not mistake the glassy-eyed, voracious, and talkative ones who may be ever so forceful in their human personalities but are not light-bearers. They shine with a reflected light of your own aura and you mistake them for light-bearers. Look, then, for the shining ones who shine from within and are not merely the apple polishers who polish the apple of self that it may shine in the light of your own countenance.

There are those who come to the light, for they are drowning—they are sinking in the darkness, and they feel the self-extinguishment of the final judgment. Therefore they, too, will come. And they are no part of this community. For they are the ones who are filled with dead men’s bones, <14> even the discarnates, yet they would create their vortex in our midst.

Judge righteous judgment and learn the discernment of the heart.

When and where will you learn it? You will advance upon the path of discrimination at Camelot and Summit University. And if you cannot afford that tuition this fall, then come and be a servant of God and serve and be a worker in the community just to be there when Kuan Yin is there.

I will send you and send you again, back to the place of your own karma, round and round the world. And we will spin this planetary home until she is spinning in the violet flame and elemental life rejoice and there is a singing of elementals in the violet singing flame as they, too, rejoice in the hour of your own resurrection.

I will be in the heart of the Mother in the cities appointed for her pilgrimage. I will plant my flame where she makes the call as I make the call with her. I will clear the way by angels of light for a new freedom and for a new birth so that you will stump those cities and towns wheresoever I send my messenger before you.

As Jesus Christ sent his disciples wheresoever he would come, <15> so now let there be the reversal of roles. Let the Christed One clear the way for the pilgrims of peace and freedom and enlightenment. <16> I tell you, of all the hordes of night and all of the manifestation of World Communism—they have no power before your outstretched hand! For you release the light of the Buddha and the Christ when you raise the right hand of Almighty God and understand yourself as the instrument of the judgment.

I say: Turn back the armies and the hordes of night by the right hand of the Son of God! And, behold! Those who present themselves as the most powerful in all the world will crumble before your very eyes, if you understand the true meaning of the sacred sword.

I am in the living Word of Maitreya. By your devotion and some of saints you know not, I am able to roll back a skin of darkness from off this continent. And you will notice a new brightness, an inner brightness. You will notice one layer less of density. And I must confess that you also may remove succeeding layers by your rolling momentum of light.

Learn, then, the geometry of the decrees. Learn the cosmic puzzle of the cosmic cube. Learn the law of karma and the law of cycles. Learn how to move in with your calls to Astrea, and then the violet flame, and then the reversing of the tide and the judgment call—and again and again!

Learn how to take the rapier thrust! Learn how to be swordsmen. Learn how the very precise movement of the Word and the calculation of the energy will produce through you those instantaneous calls that will take care of that substance, on contact with your aura.

Blessed hearts, angelic hosts gather. They have come to stay, to be with you, to accompany you, to teach you, to guard and to protect. For we have the commeasurement of the enemy until you may rise from holy innocence to the wisdom of the more mature disciple on the Path.

In the great joy of the Great Divine Director, whose flame is planted upon this soil, I announce to you that—according to your plan twelvemonth and your fulfillment of it, according to your summoning of forces in this octave of more and more chelas—the opportunity is given, and may be ratified by your own word and deed, for the drawing together again in Europe in a twelvemonth of all of those who would participate in her deliverance.

And in that hour, if your alchemy is complete and if God be willing through the Great Divine Director, I will take you to the physical place of the location of the implanting of that mighty flame. For though it is etheric, it has a physical focus and counterpart known to the messenger. Therefore, I await your acceleration and the hour when you determine to make that pilgrimage with her to the site of the implanting of the banner of the nations.

Thus, the sevenfold light burns on! And while it is a dispensation, it is your personal opportunity for victory.

Hail to Mighty Victory and Legions of Light who have gathered and espoused our Cause! Hail to the Keeper of the Flame, the Maha Chohan, the Representative of the Holy Spirit who does fan the fires of hearts united!

We sing a hymn to freedom and to peace. Let us sing together to our Sanat Kumara “Lord God of Hosts.” [Audience sings hymn 169. <17> ]

Light of the Great Central Sun, I, Saint Germain, seal these hearts in the greater love of freedom to which I have dedicated my heart these aeons. Light of the Great Central Sun, seal them in the fervor of my heart’s love for freedom! Seal them now, that they might pursue all that thou hast given unto me!

Light of the Great Central Sun, let them feel the heat of the pressure of thy love—thy love for the deliverance of the divine family of God upon earth.

May it be so, O Lord. I decree it. And I stand until thy Word through me is fulfilled in these.

This dictation by Saint Germain was delivered to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet during The Dawning of Your God Consciousness, July 31, 1981, in Ellecom, Holland.

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9. Rev. 19:11-16.
10 . Refers to Summit University fall quarter 1981, sponsored by Kuan Yin, representing the Karmic Board.
11 . On July 28, 1981, an earthquake measuring 6.5 and 7.5 on the Richter Scale shook Iran’s southeastern province of Kerman. Death toll estimated 1,500; 1,400 hospitalized.
12 . Matt. 20:1-16.
13 . Matt. 19:21; Luke 18:22.
14 . Matt. 23:27.
15 . Luke 10:1.
16 . The messenger and family toured Germany and Austria and made the calls directed by Saint Germain for the clearing of planetary records of the Nephilim gods and their war machines and the centuries-old oppression of the people of Light by the fallen ones. It was a God-victorious mission supported by European Keepers of the Flame and the worldwide fraternity of light-bearers. Immediately following the work of the messenger and the Call, on August 8 torrential rain and thunderstorm activity flooded and cleansed East and West Germany by nature’s own transmittal of the transmutative sacred fires. Local news reports described the rain as the worst in over 100 years.
17 . “Lord God of Hosts” is included on cassette album Harpstrings of Lemuria: An Ultra-Dimensional Sound by Excelsior, B7964, side III.

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