Beloved Saint Germain - November 1st, 1981

The Inevitable Encounter
Keepers of the Flame Will Make the Difference

Messenger and Chelas:

“God help us. Saint Germain, hear our call and answer!”

Beloved chelas of my heart, hear my call and answer! I have answered yours. Will you not answer mine? [“Yes!”] I have answered you instantaneously. Will you not answer me likewise? [“Yes!”]

You thought that I would take time to answer. Perish the thought! I would not let you leave my mantle nor my messenger without my Word this day. Therefore, stay. Be seated. For I have somewhat to add to this dimension of our release.

Yes, we are God-determined. Yes, our causal body has flowed in this very hour. And we are here to tell you of our devotion to your hearts and of our perception of a certain acceleration since our experiment in alchemy of this harvest conference. For the sine wave to the sun has been rippled by hearts who have contemplated, and not that alone — aye, who have actually determined to rise upon the sine wave to the sun!

I would tell you that even the slightest movement toward a greater God-mastery that you have evinced has already begun to change the course of things and the world order. We came, we of the ascended hosts, to plead for greater God-mastery. And many have heeded our Word to forestall impetuous irritation, unthinking action. Many of you have taken to heart our lecture on ‘imperil’ and you have said, “Yes, I can demonstrate my attainment.” <1>

You have heard the sealing words of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, whose bouquet of ruby roses with that of Clara Louise have reminded you of your own sainthood. <2> You have taken heart.

Therefore I come to pray with you, to serve you Holy Communion, and to give you my heart’s affection for trying to be better. I must show you how you have been better at the same time that you have perceived, perhaps, more faults. Praise God, they are not faults in the earth body herself but in the astral body of your own temples, and therefore these fissures can be filled in more easily with the violet flame.

Do not respond to the sudden impetus to guilt all over again when the light exposes more that can be overcome! After all, we have exposed the levels of your attainment. May we not, then, be privileged to expose a few more faults without your falling into the trap of guilt and shame?

I think we may. I think we shall.

The wind of the Holy Spirit blows with a great fury of intensity, even exposing prematurely the smoke screens of the fallen ones. They are fallacious — to the core. Fear them not! For in so doing, you give them even an increment of power.

You may kiss the ground upon which the enemy walks, but it is not necessary to kiss the enemy. Let him have his just deserts. And thank God that you have been tested and tried and survived what appeared to be an onslaught but which is, in reality, not much more than the same old mess of pottage.

Dear hearts, in this late hour I trust that none of you will sell your birthright for anything! — promised or not. Those who do are to be pitied.

Those who bear false witness against our best servants must also bear it before the high tribunal of the Karmic Board and the Four and Twenty Elders. And their witness shall be heard and is being heard day by day! And by their word, they are self-justified but condemned of the Law itself, which indeed has no choice but to be the Law. <3>

I trust you have understood more of the alchemy of world politics and that you will realize: If the messenger be an ant, you can afford to heed him. I encourage you once again to be more informed and to realize that there are truly voices abroad in the land who may not agree with you in all you do and say and think but with whom you may agree in some of that which they aver.

There are hearts which yet linger in my Cave of Symbols. There are hearts who are inclined to Truth à la the Pallas Athena. There are hearts inclined to freedom whom we tutor, and therefore we find a clear fount and a running stream.

I ask you to pray for all those who have perceived freedom <4> and understand her defense. Wherever there is an aperture of light, a pinprick, let us bore a hole. Let us expand it! Let more light flow. Wherever there is opportunity of inspiration and unity, let hearts unite here and there on this or that subject.

Let us tell our fellow servants on the Path that they are to be commended and much appreciated for their word of wisdom that inspires us in our own way and in our own path. Thus, we build bridges into society. And thus, the thread of the garment of the World Mother is seen as a golden thread that unites all lives and hallows one-by-one in the wedding garment that truly must become the swaddling garment of the newborn babe in Christ.

I trust that you are more than newborn babes and, as you have walked the holy days of Jesus Christ through his birth and infancy, that you will approach this Christmastide in his Christhood of thirty-two years — the Christmas before the hour of the ascension.

Let every Christ Mass and every day of your life become the Christmas before your ascension. In the full maturity of the one becoming the totality of God, I say, Go forth to conquer.

I come with the inspiration that is due you; for many, many have not wearied in well doing or in the affirmation of the Word. Your dynamic decrees are fuel for the fires that burn on the altar of the world’s millions who cry out for peace and freedom. Their heart flames are kept burning. They do not flicker, for the oil freely flows from your own chakras.

Blessed hearts, conditions once again are tightening in my own Poland and yours. And what is it but fear. The Nephilim fear the oncoming light. Let us neutralize the fear. Let us deliver to them their own anesthesia that they would deliver to the children of the light. Yes! Let them be paralyzed by their own fear. They have spawned it. It belongs to them. Let it be rolled back! Let the fallen ones be paralyzed while the light-bearers move on.

Be on guard, then. For, beloved, economic conditions in Poland are such that the people must demonstrate for freedom! Economic conditions of the would-be world empire of the Soviet Union are not good. They cannot forever be supplied by the Nephilim whose coffers also are running out. They cannot be sustained by the betrayers in the midst of world capitalism.

And so you see, for their very survival, by and by the people themselves within these countries will arise. And then there is the fear. And then there is the contemplated confrontation.

You must understand — as you understand it in your own heart — that they, too, must say, “We will survive as we are. There is a flame that burns in our hearts. We must survive with this flame intact!”

It may appear to be not the better part of wisdom to continue. But, you see, for some there is no choice. They have naught to go back to.

These are fervent seventh-ray people. They have come to earth with the charge of Sanat Kumara to maintain the light of freedom. Voluntarily they went under the enslavement of the Soviet boot for the very purpose of proving that free hearts will never say die.

Blessed ones, it may be calculated that the Communist government of the USSR cannot tolerate further encroachments upon their entire mechanism, but it may also be said that the light-bearers of the world will not tolerate further encroachment upon their heart flames! The immovable object and the Rock of Christ—do not close your eyes to the inevitable encounter.

Remember, I said, remember the Place of Great Encounters. At the Inner Retreat we would have souls of light meet their God Presence face-to-face with the message of their mission. We would see them return to the lines that are drawn in their respective nations where there is another place of encounters — and it is the great encounter with the Nephilim themselves.

Blessed hearts, you yourselves must consider the philosophical equation of life. You must admit there is a line that you yourself must draw beyond which you do not allow the enemy to pass. Others are drawing this line in the physical, while Americans yet have a day to consider it philosophically.

Thus understand that much prayer is needed! I recall you to the rosary that is unfailing — because the Blessed Virgin is unfailing. I recall you to the violet flame. I recall you to the great truth that there is a line where light and darkness must meet. And the line may very well be the line of the people of Poland because, in this hour, they are the most daring and intrepid chelas of my heart.

Realize the great truth, then — and do not close your eyes, do not close your eyes!—that there are people upon earth, namely the Polish people, who will prove to the world, as Jesus Christ did, that it is better for some to give a public example of the crucifixion than for all to go down beneath the boot of World Communism.

Whether or not they are required to pay this price and make this sacrifice, to a large extent depends upon the people and the government of this nation. Like it or not, believe it or not, beloved hearts of living fire, it is true.

And you know that the fallen ones of this nation have already declared that they would not interfere in a Soviet invasion of Poland, therefore declaring the defeat and the deafening thunder upon the face of this earth that the armies of light-bearers that have been assembled by the Nephilim will not be used in the defense of light but only in the defense of the bastions of their power bases.

Consider the realities of power politics: that in some areas, it is nothing but the alignment of forces of these ancient rivals. Consider, then, that the bearers of light must consider their strategy.

Precious hearts of living flame, you have the best and the most efficient strategy in the entire world. Your only failure possible is to fail to use it.

But, I say, once you have wielded the science of the spoken Word, take up the pen and write! Write to those who represent you. Demand they give an accounting! Write out of your own heart and your own Word.

Take up, then, the alliance, nation by nation. Take up the garland of the rosary composed of hands outstretched and hands clasped heart-to-heart. Take the hands of little children. Hold them to your heart and let them know that your heart beats for freedom in their name!

Blessed ones of light, when you know a solution, decree for it specifically. There is a certain comparison between “nebulous” and “neutralist.” The neutralist is nebulous in his ideas of life and death, war and peace, integrity and its defense.

Let not the ‘cloud’ <5> that you invoke from my heart and the heart of God become a presence of nebulousness, whereby you are so engulfed in the cloud of Yahweh that you fail to see the handwriting on the sidewalk, on the billboards, and in the very heart of life itself.

There are solutions. Let us be attentive to the details of world history in this hour. Let us be more aware. And let us realize that this is the moment to move on Europe.

This is the moment for European chelas to realize that they are on stage and that they must multiply their numbers, for we must hold the fort in America with our chelas here. There are scarcely reinforcements to send you. Therefore, you must create bricks without straw. <6> You must create those rocks of Christhood. You must go forth and carve them out. And we will be with you, and we will send reinforcements when we can.

This battle must be won! And it shall be won — if you will it so! For all the hosts of the Lord are with you today in their declaration and proclamation of this day as the All Saints’ Day of the Most High God.

I AM the living witness. I AM here in the full fury of my great causal body of light. I AM here in the Presence that I AM. And I AM here to deliver to you the message of the Darjeeling Council. And you have heard it spoken from my heart and the heart of Morya and Lanello through this messenger.

Therefore, hear it now through me, I say! And know that there is an ascendancy of light. And your arcing of the light to the God Star Sirius is a most necessary part of our endeavor. Let us hear that call. Let us hear the number 10.13 ring through the sanctuaries of the world! <7> Let it be heard, O witnesses to my flame of Truth. For I know the meshing of the light of the God Star with your hearts and I know what it can do. I know the meaning of defeat and I know the victory of the Inner Retreat.

Let us assess our victories. Let us see where the line is drawn. Let us understand where the fallen ones seek to find the point of vulnerability. It is always where they have sought it before: through malicious gossip, through finding the betrayer, through finding the one who would betray again Saint Thomas More as before.

There is always one and some who, for name and fame, should become the betrayers of the community of the Holy Spirit. Let them have their day, for they are being tested — even as we are tested and you are tested.

For the testings of Life continue — even in the ascended octave. And our ingenuity is always tested, as the rising of the sun brings a new day of ascension, of expansion, of acceleration, and of a mighty, mighty fervor to do again, all over again, the victory of yesterday — to do it better! to do it for more parts of life, and to increase the God consciousness and eliminate all strife.

Therefore, watch their ploys. Watch the magnitude of their determination to ram the very sides of the good ship, Lord Maitreya’s. Blessed hearts, one day he will reveal to you the name of his good ship, and therefore I will not read it to you where it is painted on its side.

O infinite hearts of infinite fire, I AM in the infusing light of world freedom. I AM in the light of this sanctuary of the Holy Grail. I AM the raising of that cup of the Grail, and I AM the raising of the communion cup. For I would share with you the body and the blood of the living Christ. I would show to you how the communion of the saints is the communion of Alpha and Omega.

I would show to you the sign of the monstrance that shows to you that in yourself the body of the living Christ is present, and that in the living witness, in the incarnate Word, is that light of the body and the blood. And therefore it is broken again and again as it is shared, as it is the will of God.

I would have you realize that the Word that is spoken that is our Word is the distillation of the light of Alpha and Omega. It is your soul nourishment. It is all that you need to go forth, week by week. Do not compromise it. Do not shorten it. Do not excuse yourselves from being in the flame when the flame is breathed forth and comes forth as tongues of fire from out the mouth of the two witnesses.

Understand that “this is my body which is broken for you.” The very body of God on earth is the testimony that we are one. And therefore, in the ritual of Holy Communion — which is the teaching and preaching of the Word and the blessing of the Sacrament itself — there is the transfer of light.

I AM the living Sacrament, saith the Lord. I AM Saint Germain. Therefore I say, so is the messenger the living Sacrament. Be ye partakers of this Word, of this flesh and this blood. And therefore know that the living witness is the living Christ. And in the transfer of that light, your Christhood can be born, is born, must be claimed, must be lived, must be activated ere it can be ratified unto eternal Life.

Accept then my proffered gift — the gift of my own heart this day. And know that all saints upon earth can rise and take dominion over the enemy of my people. They can! they will! they shall! — when they ratify the will of God.

Be it unto you to teach the nations how to ratify God’s will on earth as it is in heaven. And may the flame of the Mother go before you to inspire you and give you hope always.

Our Father who art in heaven, Lord God Almighty — I, Saint Germain, Sanctus Germanus, desiring to be a holy brother on earth, take my post at the altar of the Holy Grail, there to invoke the blessing of the Sacrament.

Let the bread and the wine be charged now with thy light. Let my heart, O God, amplify this light, that each one might go forth — in thy name and in my own—victors over Death and Hell, conquerors of every enemy of freedom.

I, Saint Germain, beseech the intercession of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin. May the Lord God Almighty this day, through his servants everywhere, bless his chosen and his saints, that Good might triumph and evil be no more.

I stand and still stand in defense of my little ones and the stalwart. This I do, O God, in thy name I AM THAT I AM.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and in the name of the Mother, Amen.

Let the light of Alpha and Omega be transferred from heaven to earth, from Spirit to Matter. Let every saint of the Most High God in the earth receive the impetus to Life and its eternality, to the resurrection and its permanence in all hearts, to the Mother flame and her victory in this hour.

I, Saint Germain, stand in the way with the Lord Christ and the Lord Buddha and the Blessed Virgin, as there is infilling into the Matter cosmos this Holy Communion — as above, so below.

This is my body which is broken for you.

The call of earth has been heard in heaven. The call of heaven has been heard upon earth. Even so, Lord Jesus Christ, come quickly into these hearts. For the fusion is nigh, and the alchemical union is to our own.

By the authority of the living Word, I, Saint Germain, stand in the very midst of my very own faithful to minister unto my flock. For the flame of oneness, I AM come.

Come to my Purple Fiery Heart, O ye blessed of my heart, and come in the name of all who may not be physically present this day. For I serve you — and through you I serve every freedom-fighter, every lover of Liberty, and all who have ever given life unto the cause of living Truth. Come before me as representatives of the saints in earth and in heaven. [Holy Communion is served through the messenger for forty-two minutes as the master continues to speak.]

I AM sending to all nations of the earth — through these temples of light — my message of freedom, my message of mercy. Be radiating pillars of mercy flame. Be myself. Be the brightness of Opportunity’s eye that smiles to those who count themselves among the hopeless and the fearful and do not know that our God is nigh. Go and be the flame of our Gautama and our bodhisattva Kuan Yin.

I, Saint Germain, touch you fervently — as near to your hearts as I dare come until you also mount another spire on the sine wave.

This is real, my chelas, and life is real. It is worth living. And it will not steal from you the truth of being. Life is real. Invoke its reality.

My blessed hearts, I would have you be, then, myself — as I would be God in action. I yet summon you to a new and higher day of your own God-mastery.

I continue speaking, for I love thee. I love thy soul. I love thy will to be the perfect love of God....

You may not remember, but I remember. I remember the fields of battle where you have chosen to give and give again. And you have retained the lily-white of those moments, the fleur-de-lis of my heart. I also remember the battlefields where you have declined to raise the right hand of God in defense of Truth. Thus I AM come to give to you renewed opportunity to make two million right decisions before the hour of your own Godhood. <8>

Be not startled that I AM near. You ought to be startled in those hours when you think that I do not hear or see the exceptions to the law that you allow. Thus, rejoice in my presence and be glad. And when you are alone, maintain your joy, that no man through sin may take thy crown.... <9>

Children of the light, I AM here to impress upon you that nearness of love must continue always and always. The appreciation of our love, held in high esteem, will guide you in every right decision....

As you expect — and it is true — that I uphold you in all purity before the Karmic Board, so, I pray, uphold me in all purity before the world. This is our agreement, I remind you. You have yearned to have an advocate in the courts of heaven, and so you do. And I have yearned to have an advocate in the courts of the world, and so I have you!

This is the nature of our agreement, and it is ever thus: God has need of man, man has need of God. And God’s emissaries — such are we together — have need of each other....

Savor, then, the body and blood of Christ. Savor every morsel of our Word. This I give to thee is more than token, sign, or symbol. Yet it must remain archetypical of the teaching itself, which is true Sacrament as the Person of God who comes in the Person of the teaching.

Remember to savor our Word. The Word must not go forth from this altar or this mouthpiece as though it were somehow unimportant. The Word is Life. And though you may think you have heard it many times over, you also drink water each day and eat the same foods again and again. Recognizing that your body temples do not tire of the sameness of good nutrients, also recognize that your souls do not tire of hearing the Word.

Though the senses may pall and the discarnates themselves may cry out in exasperation against the Word, yet the soul hungers and thirsts after righteousness and truth. And if perchance you think you have enough, I pray, take in for another day and give — give and give again your cup to overflowing — to those who have not heard and to those who have not drunk.

There is such a thing as storing truth in the cisterns of the aura, of having the wells full of crystal water when, on the parched desert, it is not you who thirst but the traveler on the way. Provisions I give to you for yourself not alone but for thee and thy other self. Perhaps the one in need is thine own twin flame or the lost child of another life whose sorrow in parting you yet bear.

All hurts of soul can be healed, blessed hearts, if you will allow us to heal them. Many of the scars that require healing must come through sharing love, through coming together again with those you have not met for many a lifetime. Thus we give and give again so that you have much to give to those who have so very little.

I myself enjoy the wondrous releases of seraphim who never tire in the “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty...” even as they chant “Thou art holy in manifestation in God and man.” <10> Angel feet above thy heads reveal another octave where there is sacred labor of angelic friends who continue in the dissertation of the Word as they tutor newborn babes and elementals, devas of the nature kingdom, the timbrel and the dance and the sacred instruments of those who know how to send their melodies from heaven to create in you a sacred leaven. The leaven of music is also a healing light. The sacred labor, the dynamic decree, the music, the art — all expressions so needed by the soul.

Would you become a living fountain, my son? Would you become the living Word? Do you not know that I give to you the seed for a living fountain that shall not cease to flow? This is the only gift that God can give — a gift of light and crystal water, a gift of Christhood, of Tree of Life. But to give, you must receive. And to receive, you must give and give again.

Fortunate indeed are you who come when I am unannounced. For down the centuries, many have come only when they have heard some blessing was in store. Not that you would so suppose that you would not receive an outpouring of light when our messenger is here, but only your souls could tell the hour and the day when in this century I would come to serve Communion in God’s way.

The sign of the cross I write upon your hearts. This cross is a crystal cross, a crystal fire, and a crystal sword — all in one. I pray you, exercise the power of the crystal cross and remember the meaning of the crystallization of the God flame.

I feed you the living Word.

I AM the living Word of freedom....

You see, I am still speaking so that you will understand that the living Word is always with you, though it be not audible. And therefore, you will quicken the pulse of your own self-mastery in the realization of the continuity of the Word.

A taste of heaven is my desire for thee — and therefore an increase in integrity. The Word is our honor. Let us not consider compromise....

Our Heavenly Father, I pray at the altar of the saints with fervent heart. I pray for the alchemy of Life....

O Divine Alchemist, let there be transmutation in these hearts....

Angels of the fires of transmutation, come into these hearts who will receive thee and give thee room. [Communion is concluded.]

Out of the light of my heart, I reveal to you the mystery of Life. Be it believed or not, the Blessed Sacrament that I have transferred to you does contain that mystery. Thus it is ever unto the soul — enveloped in the love of God and out of purest love—to decode the ciphers of the infinite Word.

May the ciphers of my own person bless you as you become—one and all—alchemists, turning the fires of world freedom.

The right hand of Almighty God be upon you, as it is upon me, forever.

This dictation by Saint Germain was delivered to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet at Camelot on All Saints’ Day, November 1, 1981.

1. Refers to Imperil: A Commanding Danger! What It Is—What It Does—and What You Can Do About It, 2-cassette album A8174.
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4. Preceding this dictation, the messenger delivered a sermon on European neutralism which included commentary on an editorial by Leon Wieseltier, “There Is No Morality in European Neutrality” (Los Angeles Times “Opinion,” 1 November 1981). Mother remarked that the editorial came “from the Gemini mind of Morya and from the heart of Saint Germain.”
5. Refers to the ‘cloud’ of infinite energy—an “electronic vibratory action of vital, moving, ineffable light” which, although present everywhere, can be magnetized and amplified to penetrate and hallow space wherever it expands. The cloud can be used therapeutically for the healing of the nations and the soul of a planet. See The Creation of the Cloud by Saint Germain and Meditations on the Alchemy of Constructive Change and the Control of the Aura by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 2-cassette album A8063; and Saint Germain, Intermediate Studies in Alchemy, pp. 38-87, paperback.
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7. Refers to decree 10.13, “Beloved Surya.” See Prayers, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.
8. Saint Germain has said that he made two million right decisions during hundreds of thousands of years of service on behalf of earth and her evolutions prior to his ascension 1684..
9. Rev. 3:11
10 . The “four beasts” (Four Cosmic Forces) “full of eyes” of Elohim (openings unto the Great Central Sun) “rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty....” See Rev. 4:8; Sanat Kumara, April 22, 1979, “The Opening of the Seventh Seal,” in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 22, p. 92. Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus, Dominus Deus Sabaoth (“Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of hosts”) is the prayer which prefaces the Canon of the Roman Catholic Mass. “...Thou art holy in manifestation in man”—from a dictation by God Harmony.

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