Beloved Zarathustra - March 31st, 1985

Palm Sunday 1985
The Mission of a Living Flame
The Triumphal Entry of the Buddha of the Ruby Ray

Beloved of the Light, I descend in the flame of Ahura Mazda. I come in this hour—Zarathustra. I appear to you out of the living flame of sacred fire and out of the tradition of all saints of the Most High to discover the symbol of their Divinity not only in the living Flame, but in the Sun behind the sun—to know the living God.

The Messenger’s Translation by Fire

I appear in the hour of the translation by fire of the Messenger. And I consecrate her life to the mission of a living flame that does blaze a trail in the name of Saint Germain until all who are called by God have heard the message and this Gospel is preached in every nation.

Thus understand the fire infolding itself. Understand the long history of your Messengers who have come after those of us who brought the teaching of the avatars in past ages.

The Religion of the Sacred Fire Delivered to the People of Persia

Thus, this Woman of the Sun came after me to secure the teachings of Ahura Mazda, who is Sanat Kumara, transferred to the people of Persia <1> —who in ancient times were a people of Light but who have been supplanted in this hour by a people of Darkness, warring and making war in the name of Allah rather than making peace in the pure Spirit of Sanat Kumara.

And their karma is upon them!

And you understand that their leaders who have come forth sending Iran to war with Iraq in this day have caused them to be decimated and have brought bloodshed upon that land once consecrated to the consummate Light.

And in the hour of our coming, your Messenger also, as a queen in that day, promoted our teaching and accepted our emissary, the Archangel Gabriel, who came to inspire upon those monarchs, the king and queen, the necessity to promulgate a teach­ing whereby the people should understand the unity of Good and the all-power of Good to defeat the hosts of Darkness.

We brought a message of Armageddon. And thus, that message not having been kept to this day, we see this people devoured by their own karma, their own laggard consciousness, and the devouring of their very souls by the insanity from the infestation of demons.

Observe, then, how those in the Middle East have tapped into the violence out of the pits of Death and Hell. And thus, Archangel Michael has already come to you with the message of your own individual mission to become a chela of the Archangel <2> and therefore to be enlisted in the ranks of the legions of blue lightning to go forth while your bodies sleep at night for the binding of those denizens in the pit <3> who themselves hold a focus of Darkness for the aggressive activities of those in embodiment.

I come, then, to report to you that much has been ac­com­plished already at inner levels as chelas of El Morya have been accepted in the ranks of the Archangel. And I assure you that as you press on and remember the words of Archangel Michael of the necessity for that perpetual marathon and the understand­ing of the forces abroad in the land in this year, <4> you will see that every protection of heaven will be upon you through every trial until you, with Maitreya in that mighty clipper ship, shall find yourselves united in this community of the Holy Spirit in such a strength and unity and purity of heart that the true message of all of the Ascended Masters of the Brotherhood shall be known upon the face of the earth!

The Spiritual Unity of Nations
and the Building of Mighty Victory’s Temple

And all who are of the Light will see the Light and know the Light. And the strength of the spiritual unity of nations will shine in the living Sun.

As the living Sun does shine, then, you can anticipate that through this SUN activity one day Mighty Victory’s temple shall be built. <5> And it is up to you to ratify the proposal of Almighty God and the Brotherhood as to the building of this temple and the consecration of your own living temple to Victory’s flame. For when this people shall have realized the inner victory, then the temple outside that is made with hands be­comes the inevitable expression of the God-mastery in the flame of Victory’s love.

The Buddha of the Ruby Ray Consumes the Forces of Anti-Victory

Thus, I come to consecrate you in Victory’s flame to the victory spiral from the base to the crown, to the pure love of the ruby ray that you might know that truly our God in your midst is a consuming ruby fire. Thus, the Buddha of the Ruby Ray does appear in the sky and make known to you that the support from that level of the octaves of heaven is unto you in this hour for the consuming of the forces of anti-Victory that are bent upon the ruination of the rising Sun of these little ones.

And these forces are determined to create chaos and world confusion and cataclysm and war. But they shall not pass when one Christed one is raised up to become a central sun, that ye all might also know the living Truth as the necessity of the hour.

Pallas Athena Defends the Community against All Enemies

Walk, then, as children of Truth, as initiates of Pallas Athena and the sword and the shield of Truth. And know the meaning and the power of Truth to defend the individual and the community against all enemies whose case must be founded upon error or the lie or the murderous intent. Let them then be judged for the motivation of the heart. And by their own fruits let the Law act.

Run to Greet the Blessed Saint Francis

We come, then, for the deliverance of the faithful from the self-conceived notions of limitation and remind you again of Kuthumi’s promise, as he has received the dispensation to counsel you in matters of personal psychology and health. <6> This Master, the World Teacher with Jesus, does indeed have a mantle from Omega to assist you personally.

If you could comprehend the vastness of the Mind of God in Kuthumi and his ability to deliver you from age-old phobias and fixa­tions, you would hasten to run to greet the blessed Saint Francis who, himself now in the ascended state, has long left behind him that self-condemnation for the failure of the Fran­cis­can brothers.

Thus understand that in the hour of the crucifixion the saints have taken upon themselves that world condemnation for the failure of those whom they have led when they have not fulfilled the fullness of the path that was vouchsafed to them by the original founder. But in the hour of the resurrection they leave behind all that. Thus, the Ascended Masters progress. Thus, their chelas may also pass through the gate from the via dolorosa to the victorious golden Light of the Sun.

The Good Friday Message of Forgiveness
for the Raising of the Planet into the Golden Age

Blessed hearts, the fire infolding itself is surely the greatest shield. Comprehend, then, the message of Good Friday as world forgiveness. <7> I preach to you a message of forgiveness that you may consider under the heading of enlightened self-interest. But I see far beyond that side benefit to a universal momentum of Light that is for the raising of the planet into the golden age.

Consider, then, the absence of forgiveness, for instance, in this people of Iran and Iraq, whose original seed has been lost in the intermingling of the rebels against God and the laggard races. Understand that the reason for the war in each and every instance, the reason for terrorism and the killing of brother by brother in Lebanon is due to the absence of forgiveness and grace.

Beloved hearts, understand this message of living fire. Under­stand the message of the God flame. Realize, then, that forgiveness as a quality of the heart benefits the forgiver more than the forgiven. For when you forgive, you deliver yourself of the burden of holding within yourself the image of the one to whom you have given the power to hurt or destroy or maim or in any way offend your very own self.

Do you understand, then, that when you fail to forgive you cannot overcome within yourself the scar, the wound, the limi­tation, the psychological problem that was the result of the encounter of discord that resulted in nonforgiveness?

Thus, nonforgiveness as hardness of heart, beloved ones, is an activity that does bind your souls. You may not remember the hour and the day when you denied grace to any part of Life, when you took offense and erected a wall and said, “No more will I associate with this person!” From that moment on, that person that you have denied or failed to forgive has become one of your many gods. Another would be the carnal mind or the ego itself. For the soul in her purity robed in white has no blot or stain of nonforgiveness upon her garment.

This is why the beginning of the path of Jesus of Nazareth is seen in the changing of the water into wine. It is the forgive­ness of the water of human consciousness that fails to act with propriety, with respect, or all due patience or politeness or in any manner or way that you deem proper, especially in regard to yourself.

Thus, the corollary in understanding the binding nature of nonforgiveness is the understanding of the principle of taking offense. He who can be offended by the acts of any man or woman or child is truly one who will be forever limited by his own offense.

Thus, beloved hearts, it is the eve of an hour of the consummate union of Christ in God. In this Passion Week you may fast and pray and come to the understanding that the meaning of Good Friday is the glorious gift of forgiveness of the violet flame. It is important to sort out what is known by the conscious mind and send oceans of mercy to every part of Life.

And then ask the Lord Christ within you to follow the tracks of the hidden ties, the tangle of roots of the subconscious that lead to other gnarled roots beneath the soil in the collective unconscious of the earth.

You Can Be Free Only As You Free All Life

Then understand that you can be free only as you free all Life. And this freedom is a freeing in the very solar plexus, in the feeling world, whereby you no longer separate yourself from any part of Life and you see all Life as only God: God in manifestation, God as Christ, God as Krishna, as Vishnu—Brahma, Shiva, as the Universal Mother.

The Mystery of Self as the Latticework of Light

Think of this, beloved: the Messenger herself would not survive in the giving of her body over and over a thousand times a thousand to the hearts who come for healing except she long ago learned the lesson from Mother Mary to understand herself simply as a latticework of Light through which the sacred ener­gies of heaven flow. Thus, not identifying as the Giver but only as the instrument, the exhaustless, pure stream of the Source never fails to meet the demand of the hour.

This is the great mystery you must learn—you who would be healers and ministers and instruments of grace. To be the latticework means that there is nothing left to be forgiven, to forgive for, in oneself or in anyone on earth. But the stream of the love ruby ray, the stream of Light pouring through is a blessing to oneself and to all who have sinned and come short of the mark. <8>

Beloved, understand that forgiveness, a tributary of Light through your chakras, does not obviate the necessity for the wrongdoer to balance his karma, make his peace with God, and also learn the higher calling of the way of forgive­ness.

America’s Sponsorship by the Great White Brotherhood

Do you understand the difference between the people of the United States of America and of all other lands? This people consecrated by Saint Germain and Jesus Christ have therefore been given that initiation of the threefold flame of the heart by the Goddess of Liberty.

And you will find, no matter what the exception to the rule you may observe, that collectively as a people the charity of the heart of the American people and the ability to forgive and forget is greater than that of any other nation. And therefore, they are least beset by the burden of forcefields of black magicians manip­ulating the nation and the undergirdings of the psyche.

Beloved ones, you can always think of exceptions, but remem­ber there is no nation that is free of the intermingling of the seed of the tares among the wheat. I speak of the wheat in this nation. It is a developed wheat, a developed seed of Christ, because of the intercession of the Great White Brotherhood. When you travel abroad, you will see the absence of this, and especially you will discover their nonforgiveness of America herself.

The Vulnerability of the Nonforgiving State

Beloved hearts, there are people who have a national consciousness of hatred of America that has been programmed and indoctrinated in them, but only because of their vulnerability. Their vulnerability not to forgive this nation for whatever wrongs committed, real or imagined, must therefore be exposed. And the vulnerability of an individual to fail to forgive another is the vulnerability of the absence of forgiveness of oneself or even the recognition of the necessity to confess before the living Christ, the Holy Christ Self, and to ask for forgiveness.

The people, then, who are convinced that they are right, who do not know Christ the Mediator, whose pride exceeds all desiring for grace, have thus not understood that the threading of the eye of the needle of the soul unto the Cosmic Christ consciousness is in the act of forgiveness.

O blessed hearts, it may be difficult for you to understand the vengeance that is held in the hearts, generation after gen­er­a­tion, by some of the peoples of the Middle East who will destroy the third and fourth generation for crimes committed fifty years ago or a century ago. Yet they still seek to kill those who are of this or that tribe or family.

Now understand that this has caused division in all the nations of the earth—within the nations and in their ability to unite to stand for the principles of Christ.

If ever, then, there is an initiative in this nation to stand for the people of Poland or to stand for the people of Korea or of Taiwan or for the oppressed, you will find that the children of the Light who desire to stand for freedom nation by nation are overcome by the fallen ones in leadership positions who refuse in any way to compromise the business-as-usual concept of the economy and international trade for a principle that must be fought for and won for the protection of life.

The Answer Lies with the Individual

The answer lies, as always, with the individual. This is the message of every avatar, that has been proclaimed by that one and then disseminated by those who have come afterward with a great desire for the preservation of the teaching. You are counted among those who have served together with the Messengers to hold fast the pure principles of Truth. And you have been taught the lessons, whether or not you have ultimately learned them, that the only Truth that will ever survive is the Truth that is internalized in the heart and the soul and the mind and the being of that one individual.

As great revolutionaries, single-minded in heart and pur­pose, have turned the tides of nations, as communities have held the Light in the darkest hours of the earth, so in this moment know that the Great White Brotherhood yet looks to this com­munity to hold back the tide of laggard evolutions before the incoming Light of each one’s Christed presence that shall shine as the sun, become the Central Sun Magnet focus in the earth, and truly hold the balance against that karma which is return­ing upon the earth.

The Anointing of the Messenger and Keepers of the Flame

Therefore, let us begin with the individual. Let the Messenger be clothed upon with the fire of Zarathustra as I place my pres­ence with her to go forth to meet those who have prepared their trial, their accusations, their false witness, their calumny and gossip—all this for the purposes of God that shall be revealed.

For shall we neglect so great a salvation or an opportunity to stand for that Truth?

Thus, though the human may be vulnerable, the Divine is not. Stand steadfast in your own pure Divinity. Affirm it for one an­other. And let the people of God rally close to our repre­sen­ta­tive that this activity and Church and nation unto God might go forward in all the holy purposes ordained.

Courage of the heart is a rare gift in this day. And you yourselves have seen that that quality was essential to your staying power, even in this service here. Courage is the sign of the coming of age of the heart. The age of the heart is truly the age of the descent of the Messiah within you, even the Second Coming of Christ.

I, Zarathustra, anoint you. And with me always is Melchiz­edek and Oromasis and Diana, who lead the fiery salamanders and adepts of the sacred fire for the cleansing of the earth.

Your Friday Night Ascension Service
The Order of the Golden Lily under the Goddess of Liberty

I would direct your attention to the fact that in this hour many pass from the screen of life in war or through famine and disease. Your Friday night service, the Order of the Golden Lily, under the Goddess of Liberty and dedicated to the ascension, was also instigated at the request of the Lords of Karma because of the great necessity for the weekly clearance of the planetary body of discarnates—those who pass from the screen of life whose astral sheath and lower bodies are yet earthbound.

In order for us to make progress in the Light, there must be the binding of these discarnates. There must be the calls made for the directing of these souls of Light by the power of the mighty archangels to the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.

Let the earth, the astral plane, the mental belt, and the etheric body therefore be cleared utterly and completely, week by week, so that when the day dawns on Saturday the forces of freedom may march unencumbered and uninhibited by yesterday’s responsibility, having to become the cleanup committee to clear the way of this astral debris and therefore not being able to function purely in the defense of freedom and for the rescue of souls of Light on earth.

Blessed ones, there is a time and a place for all who pass from the screen of life. Some must be taken to the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood and some there are whose time is up who must face the Final Judgment. Some prepare for reincarnation in the retreats on the etheric plane. Some pass through the mystery of the ascension in the Light after many weeks or months under the tutelage of Serapis Bey and others.

Understand that the calls given in the service on Friday evening are for each one to be in his proper place and for the remaining families and relatives to be delivered of their grief and mourning and their burden by the attachment to the discarnate and departed one, who himself or herself is not free to move on in spiritual evolution under the emotional pull of remaining family members.

Cremation, the Lawful Means for the Disposal of the Remains

Beloved hearts, there is much superstition concerning the passing of loved ones on this planet. And many cling to them, and therefore the progression of earthly and spiritual cycles does not accelerate as it should in the Aquarian age.

I remind you—as a spokesman of the sacred fire as God, the con­sum­ing fire who revealed Himself to Moses—that cremation is the lawful means of disposing of the remains of the lifestream who has passed from this octave, thereby accelerating and has­tening the return of the entire consciousness that exists within the body cells to that one’s Christ Self and I AM Presence for purification.

Blessed hearts, it is very difficult for those whose bodies are interred to afterwards perform the necessary rituals at inner levels to liberate their light and consciousness from that earth focus.

Soul Liberation from the Planes of Earth through the Sacred Fire

It is important that there be forthcoming in the revolution in Higher Conscious­ness a true understanding of the sacred fire as the nexus of the figure eight through which all must pass. Thus, the trial by fire <9> comes in the physical, the mental, the emotional, the etheric bodies. And all must pass through that sacred fire. That which is placed in the flame, then, is liberated to return to the Great Central Sun of the I AM Presence to be recharged and sent forth for the new birth of that soul.

The consuming of the physical body has its corresponding effect upon the astral body that is demagnetized even by the physical fire. Thus it hastens the disintegration of the astral sheath that may wander about as a discarnate, disconnected and yet affecting others with a heavy sense of oppression and emotion. This is especially true in the case of suicide, beloved ones, because the one who has committed suicide, being close to earth and earthbound, may influence other members of the family and relatives [or those of similar vibration and wavelength] to also commit suicide.

Teenage Suicide—No Life Purpose without the Path

Today there is a rash of suicide among the teenagers of this nation, and it is because the discarnates and the disembodied souls are not removed. The sheaths of the individual, the four lower bodies, must therefore be bound and the soul itself taken to the etheric octave to be given instruction concerning the laws of suicide—which are that the individual who commits suicide must immediately reembody to face and conquer all of the afflictions from which it thought it was escaping.

Beloved hearts, the children of this nation are taking suicide as an out because they see no purpose in life—because they have not been given the path of Jesus Christ to go to the highest mountains of the Himalayas, to find their reason for being, and to be of some value and service to their community. <10> What they are being taught today does not give them the value of their spiritual beings, their divine beings, but only of themselves as humans. And no one can live and value himself as a human and survive in this age.

One’s survival depends upon one’s acknowledgment of oneself as a fiery, spiritual being, truly a Spirit-spark and a continuum that has always lived in the past and shall always live in the future—except by free will that one choose to cancel out the self through the denial of the Light and the God and the Truth in that very place of identity.

Pray for the Protection of Youth from the Choice for Suicide

Beloved ones, I ask you to pray for the youth of America and of Canada in this hour and to understand that they must be protected from making that choice for suicide, both by the binding of the suicide entity <11> and by the clearing of the discarnates of those who have recently committed suicide who wander about attempting to make those who are in embodiment join them. And this is the nature of sympathy on the astral plane: Those who are confined to it desire to have others join them.

Blessed hearts, this is a very serious matter. And it has affected some who are close to you whom you know about; and others of you have been affected, for you have lost friends of Light and children from previous lives, not even being aware that this is a national epidemic in this hour. <12>

Thus, I tell you that never before has the Friday evening service been so important, because there is such a fury of action (through the efforts of Archangel Michael, his legions and chelas) of the descent of the white fire for the cleaning out of the pits. And there is much debris and much clearing of the planet Earth that can take place through calls to Astrea and the violet flame.

I speak also of the necessity to call for the binding of those whose time is up or who are actually devils in embodiment, when they pass from the screen of life. Their aim immediately when they are disembodied is to find a niche somewhere where they may reembody, and so they go to those vibrating at the lowest level of evolution. They seek those, then, who may be about to con­ceive children and they attempt to pry their way into that con­ception and into that body.

Thus it does come to pass that those who could be taken for the judgment to the Court of the Sacred Fire, whose time is up, who have no reason to be in embodiment, do actually reembody because those parents upon earth who have no protection for their auras or for their bodies are actually invaded by these disem­bodied spirits. And this is a great burden to the Lords of Karma.

The Judgment Calls for the Clearing of Entities and Records

The Judgment Call that is given (decree 20.07), the blessing of Helios and Vesta (decree 20.12), the raising of the right hand of the Cosmic Virgin through Mother Mary (decree 56.02) <13> is an instantaneous call that can fulfill its mission and purpose and the purpose of the Friday night service by your attendance thereto.

And I speak to all Keepers of the Flame on the planet, that you might understand that the progress of your nations depends upon the clearing of the records of the astral plane of recent wars, bloodshed, torture, terrorism, and all manner of burdens that have befallen your societies. These can be cleared.

And the Friday night service with Serapis Bey and Astrea, the Goddess of Purity, the Queen of Light, the Goddess of Light, the mighty seraphim of God and all who serve on the fourth ray is such a quickening and so essential and will so advance your own disciplines in the path of the ascension that I would say, “If you knew, you would do better.”

If you could see the blessing of the sacred-fire service as the apex and the climax of the week, you would know how that service may lend itself also to the con­centra­tion on areas of your choice that have been spoken of, such as the rock music and the drugs affecting and plaguing the nations.

These are aided and abetted by the discarnate entities and the devils themselves, as you know. And therefore they can go to judgment with a fierce determination on Friday evening. I ask you in the name of Ahura Mazda, I ask you in the name of the Holy Kumaras that when you attend this service you shall wear white; and therefore understand that that service com­memorates the day and the hour of the victory of your own ascension.

Let Us Celebrate the Victory of Your Ascension
and the Victory of the Sacred Fire in the Messenger

Blessed hearts, let us celebrate that victory. Let us celebrate the victory of the sacred fire in the Messenger, in the organization, and in the Church to stand before the accusers who accuse you, each and every one, before our God day and night. <14> We are determined that this era shall pass and that the New Day and the new dawn of universal understanding of Saint Germain and his teaching shall come to pass.

By the grace of God, we have a Messenger who is also so determined. By the grace of God, we have chelas worldwide who are also so determined, who have seen so much of the Godhead that nothing, nothing that has come from the depths beneath or anywhere has been able to stop them in their absolute one-pointed service to declare Saint Germain to the world, to give the message of his violet flame, and to not be put back or tempted or swayed to compromise their mission.

I Stand for Saint Germain This Day

Beloved hearts, I stand for Saint Germain this day. I AM Zarathustra. I lay my crowns and attainment and sacred fire before him and before all who are his Keepers of the Flame. I tell you, beloved hearts, my heart is determined that this Master shall not suffer setback any longer by condemnation or by media or in any form, but that his chelas and his activity, his books and his teaching shall be known throughout the continents.

I urge you, then, to have a plan and a program for the translation of his works into foreign languages, that the people of the earth might be acquainted with his face and image and message and therefore live and be at peace and come to understand that they truly must overturn not only World Communism but all the powers that be in the West who are the cause of the support of that system, who feed it with their technology, their wealth, their subsidies.

Angels of Zarathustra Clear the Way to Shamballa

Blessed hearts, I am determined by the sacred fire that not one of you shall be left without the anointing of the sacred fire of my angels. The angels of Zarathustra are devotees of Ahura Mazda. They bow before the Light of Sanat Kumara and exist only to clear the way for your arrival at the gate of Shamballa. Thus you are here in the physical. May your path in the inner octaves of Light be clear. For though you may be within inches of the kingdom of God physically, unless you have accelerated spiritually, you will miss the calling and the entering in through the nexus.

The Crown of Victory

Thus unto the capstone I dedicate your souls. And I place the crown of victory, then, upon the head of the Messenger that you might know that in the individual is the sign by which all may conquer. May you earn that crown of victory and illumination and know that I, the Lord God, in the I AM THAT I AM and where I AM as Zarathustra, have come for the deliverance of this valley, this community, and every Keeper of the Flame of Sanat Kumara worldwide.

May you face the Sun of your Mighty I AM Presence and live. Call unto me, then, for I am self-appointed and received by God to go before you until the last obstruction is consumed in the ruby ray.

Peace, beloved, for This Too Shall Pass!

This dictation by Zarathustra was delivered through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Palm Sunday, March 31, 1985, at the Royal Teton Ranch, North, in the Paradise Valley south of Livingston, Montana. The Messenger’s Palm Sunday Sermon on the Path of the Ministering Servant: “If Any Man Serve Me, Him Will My Father Honor” (taken from Matthew 20:17-34; 21:1-17 and John 11:47-57; 12:23-26) preceded the dictation. Dictation and sermon available on one cassette (B85072).

1. Zarathustra (Gr. Zoroaster), born in ancient Persia c. 600 B.C., was the Messenger of Ahura Mazda ‘Wise Lord’ or ‘Lord who bestows intelligence’ (the Ancient of Days, known in the East as Sanat Kumara and Kärttikeya). Beginning at age 30, Zarathustra received a series of miraculous visions. His soul was led in ecstatic meditation into the presence of Ahura Mazda and the company of archangels, who instructed him in his mission as a prophet and initiated him into the sublime spiritual secrets of an emerging new religion. After ten years of prophesying, Zarathustra received the inspiration to convert King Vishtaspa, ruler of the vast Persian Empire. Ancient texts record that Ahura Mazda sent three archangels—Vohu Manah, Asha Vahishta, and the Propitious Fire—as witnesses to the court of King Vishtaspa and his queen, Hutaosa. The archangels appeared as effulgent knights in full armor, riding on horseback, radiating a blinding light and the sound of thunder. The monarchs embraced the faith, providing the platform for wide promulgation of the word of the Lord and the teachings of the sacred fire.
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5. In his June 3, 1960, Pearl of Wisdom (vol. 3, no. 23, p. 3), El Morya announced: “A mighty Temple of Victory is to be built in this nation for all mankind, dedicated to the Presence of Almighty God! It shall be called ‘I AM’ the Temple of Life’s Victory”—the “first temple of the Great White Brotherhood known to the outer world since Atlantean days.”
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