O astrologii
na sciezce wniebowstapienia
Trzej krolowie przybywaja do Betlejem w doskonalym momencie historii swiata
“Znaki astrologii to znaki inicjacji."—Gautama Budda, 27 listopada, 1988

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"Czy wazna jest astrologia dla studenta Mistrzow Wniebowstapionych? Ne tylko astrologia wypadkow swiata lecz rowniez naszego prywatnego zycia."

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Gdy nadszedl czas urodzin Jezusa Chrystusa, awatera Wieku Ryb, trzej krolowie, zamieszkali setki kilometrow od miejsca urodzenia Jezusa, byli juz w drodze do Betlejem.

Wszyscy trzej, astrologowie z zamilowania i krolowie z woli Boga, to obecnie Wniebowstapieni Mistrzowie—El Morya, Kuthumi i Djwal Khul.

Dzieki ich wiedzy astrologicznej byli oni w stanie nakreslic wspolrzedne czasu i przestrzeni, narodzin Syna Boga. I przybyli oni tam w kilka dni po narodzeniu Jezusa, z darami i blogoslawienstwem ich cial kauzalnych.

My, studenci Mistrzow Wniebowstapionych mamy podobne cele w naszym zyciu, dazac ku wniebowstapieniu i nakreslajac mape naszego obecnego zycia.

Astrologia pomoze nam w tym celu i celach, jak rowniez poprze nasze zmagania z oporami i trudami na sciezce wniebowstapienia.

To dowod madrosci i doroslosci serca, jesli szukamy pomocy madrych i wysoko wykwalifikowanych astrologow na drodze zycia.

Poprzez nakreslenie mapy naszego unikalnego momentu i miejsca narodzin, pomoga nam oni/one zgromadzic zapas wiedzy i mozliwosci planowania, na dobre i na zle, co zapisane jest w naszych 'gwiazdach.'


Z miloscia i pokora, w Chrystusie,



"In delivering the prophecy of the Lord, I look to astrology for corroboration. By astrology it is possible to chart the time and manner in which persons, institutions, nations and planets receive their karma and their initiations. Every sign of the zodiac and every planet is an initiator and can play the role of guru in our life.

"It is not our astrology that creates us but it is we who create our astrology. That’s why we could have 10 people in this room all born at the same time and the same place—in other words, with identical birth charts—and yet every one of them would be different.

"Our astrology at birth has encoded within it the sum of karma that the Lords of Karma have decreed we will face in this life. And when karma returns we are tested. How will we meet it? Will we collapse and fold up, or will we decide to face it and conquer it? Each individual will respond to his astrology, hence his karma, according to the psychology of personality developed through many embodiments.

"If we look at astrology as a psychic prediction that is final, then we might as well believe in predestination and accept that we are hapless victims of our fate. Not so the sons and daughters of God. We see our astrology, our karma and our initiations as challenges to be relished. We run to greet them. When we see potentially negative configurations in our charts, we rise to the occasion and to the altar. We call to God and we direct his Light into that point of vulnerability within ourselves.

"What we think of as “bad” astrology really indicates our own karmic vulnerability. It tells us that we will be vulnerable to a particular transit and the momentums it will deposit on our doorstep on a day and hour that can be foreknown. And the Ascended Masters tell us that unless we reinforce the Light in our chakras and give our violet flame decrees to transmute that returning karma which the transit portends, we will suffer loss.

"All of the planets in this solar system have a collective unconscious, a collective momentum of the negatives that their evolutions have brought forth. They also have a collective Higher Consciousness, which consists of the positive momentums that their evolutions have brought forth. This is true of stars and more distant energy sources as well. So when we reap good karma and bad karma, both are multiplied by the energy field of the planets as they are configured in our astrological charts.

" . . . Today the Four Horsemen are riding up and down the nation. In fact, they’re globe-trotting. They are about to deliver a physical karma to a people who are physically unprepared. At the subconscious level the souls of the people know this. So the depression of their own subconscious sets in and they say: 'We’re not ready for this. We can’t handle it. How are we going to deal with it?'

"The chelas of the Ascended Masters deal with it by calling to the Holy Spirit for the violet flame and then directing it into those troublesome conditions of consciousness and the planetary sense of foreboding. We call to the legions of Light to bind that astral force of depression. We call to the Seven Archangels for divine intercession and we sing to them.

"And through this calling upon the name of the Lord, I AM THAT I AM, as the prophet Joel said, we are delivered. And we see a clearing of the depression and a lifting of the weight so that we can truly deal with the challenges of the physical karma that the Four Horsemen deliver. But tackling this misqualified substance on a planetary scale is no small challenge.

" . . . The February 1988 Capricorn conjunction marked the beginning of a period of economic contraction that could be even more severe than the Great Depression. The earliest sign of this Capricorn cycle was the great stock market crash of October 19, 1987. We have now entered a period of economic downturn during which the era of financial expansion related to oil and international finance has come to a halt and national economies have started and will continue to contract.

"There are a number of things we can expect in the years following this conjunction in Capricorn. Nations will become conservative and reactionary, there will be massive debt liquidation, the real price of commodities will fall and a pessimistic mood will sweep the earth. A crash in the real estate market is likely.

"The potential for war is great and the United States government will be in danger of being destroyed or reformed beyond recognition. In the United States we could either see revolution or a collapse into fascist repression. We can also expect major cataclysm.

" . . . I am telling you what could happen if there occurred an unrestrained release of the karma that these astrological configurations portend. But these conditions can be mitigated if the Lightbearers call forth the Light and sustain it. When we do our work and hold our prayer vigils worldwide, we can see a lessening of the effects of these astrological portents. [highlighted by webmaster]

"You have to realize that your God Presence is able to change the entire planet through you. You must not feel puny and decide that your mantras do not have an effect. They have a stupendous effect. You are a multiplier of God’s Light that flows through your chakras.

" . . . The Dark Cycle also amplifies the conjunction of Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn that was at its tightest on February 22 to 23, 1988. (Students of the Cosmic Clock will be interested to note that the conjunction took place at the beginning of the 10 o’clock month of the Dark Cycle in Cancer.)

"The chart for April 23, 1969, the beginning of the Dark Cycle, is characterized by not one but two Fingers of God (fig. 9). The appearance of one Finger of God is infrequent. The appearance of two is rare. A Finger of God (also called a Yod) is formed when two planets that are sextile (60 degrees apart) are both quincunx (150 degrees apart from) a third planet. They form an acute, fingerlike isosceles triangle in space.

"The more prominent of the two Fingers of God dominates this chart. It contains six planets, including the Sun and all of the outer planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This Finger of God is formed by a conjunction of Saturn at 29 degrees Aries and the Sun at 2 degrees Taurus quincunx Neptune at 28 degrees Scorpio and also quincunx a rare Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto conjunction—Pluto at 22 degrees Virgo, Jupiter at 27 degrees Virgo and Uranus at 0 degrees Libra. It points to the karmic necessity for self-sacrificing, innovative spiritual solutions and activity in a practical mode in the spheres of government, the economy, social institutions and agriculture. [highlighted by webmaster]

"The second Finger of God is formed by a sextile of Mercury at 17 degrees Taurus to the Moon at 12 degrees Cancer, both quincunx Mars at 16 degrees Sagittarius. This shows the potential for a periodic eruption of wars and battles due to anger, resentment and unconscious aggressive forces. [highlighted by webmaster]

"This chart does not have any planets in Capricorn. But the Dark Cycle itself, like all cycles, starts on the 12 o’clock line in the sign of Capricorn and progresses around the Cosmic Clock from the Capricorn point of origin.

On March 25, 1989, Surya said:

"'You are given to understand that the Dark Cycles that are appearing are a conclusion of ages of the return of karma; and this karma is becoming physical. And therefore as you go from the Dark Cycle of April 23, 1989, to April 23, 1990 and 1991, you will be seeing a greater physical manifestation of that which is now predominantly in the astral plane, although there be much in the physical octave that is the returning karma of thousands of years.'

" . . . Let us look at the astrology of war. There are three major astrological indexes of peace and war that have accurately predicted positive periods of harmony, growth, optimism and peace as well as negative periods of destabilization, disruption and decay. In the late 1980s and early 1990s these indexes will be in the depths of their negative cycle, indicating conflict of the magnitude of past world wars.

"The indexes were discovered by French astrologers Henri-Joseph Gouchon and Claude Ganeau based on the zodiacal proximity of the five outer planets, Jupiter through Pluto.

"As astrologer Charles Harvey explains, Gouchon 'found that by calculating the total angular separation between each of the pairs of the outer planets' (Jupiter-Saturn, Jupiter-Uranus, etc.) on an annual basis 'and then plotting the results on a graph, the resulting curve showed a striking correspondence with the main periods of international crisis and, most impressively, major and sustained ‘lows’ for the period 1914-18 and 1944-45.'

"Astrologer Andre Barbault called this the 'Cyclical Index.' The Korean War, the Suez Crisis and the Vietnam War also correspond with a negative slope on the graph. Ganeau developed two variations of the Cyclical Index, the 'Index of Cyclic Equilibrium' and the 'Index of Cyclical Variation.'

"In February 1988, as part of the larger Capricorn configuration, Saturn and Uranus formed a conjunction at 0 degrees Capricorn. Historically, Saturn-Uranus conjunctions, squares and oppositions have heralded war, even without the presence of other complicating factors.

"Since we are discussing war on planet earth in the twentieth century, we must consider the astrological charts of the two largest players on the world stage—the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

"Many astrologers believe the United States was born on July 4, 1776. This would give the nation a Cancer Sun. The Ascended Master El Morya explained to me that the United States was conceived at 5:13 p.m. local mean time (LMT) on July 4, 1776, the moment of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and that she was born at 1:30 p.m. LMT on April 30, 1789, when George Washington was inaugurated and the federal government first assumed its formal powers. Thus the Sun in the U.S. conceptional chart is at 13 degrees 19 minutes Cancer, and the Sun in the U.S. birth chart is at 10 degrees 46 minutes Taurus.

"El Morya also revealed that the Soviet Union was born at 3 p.m. Eastern European time (EET), November 7, 1917, when Lenin proclaimed to the Petersburg Soviet, 'Now begins a new era in the history of Russia, and this third Russian revolution must finally lead to the victory of Socialism.' The Soviet Sun is at 14 degrees 33’ Scorpio.

"The U.S. natal Sun at 10 degrees 46 minutes Taurus and the Soviet natal Sun at 14 degrees 33’ Scorpio are in polarity. In astrological terms they form an opposition, which can show either union and cooperation or separation and conflict. Since this polarity involves the nations’ Suns (which represent the national identity and leadership), it shows that at times the United States and the Soviet Union are cooperative and at other times not. In general, however, the superpowers are likely to be cooperating and competing, at once friends and enemies.

"Pressure on the superpowers has increased since Pluto began its transit between 12 degrees and 18 degrees Scorpio in January 1988. Between then and October 1991, Pluto makes three exact conjunctions with the Soviet Sun opposed the U.S. Sun . Since Pluto takes 248 years to orbit the Sun, this is the first time in the history of the Soviet Union that this configuration has taken place. Pluto transits of this sort are associated with the outbreak of wars and with mortal challenges other than war.

" . . . We are at the start of a new age. Astrologers have had a hard time trying to decide when the age of Aquarius began or will begin. Although most estimates are fairly close to the year 2000, they range from 1762 through 3550.

"On January 1, 1989, at 5:57 p.m. mountain standard time (MST), Archangel Michael gave us the key to the new beginnings of the age of Aquarius. He said: 'We move into the New Age today. Today, I say, is the first and most important step. Today is the step of the resolution for the next 2,000 years. Blessed hearts, this is the springboard to eternity and you will require every step to be the right step and the direct step.'

"This is the conceptional chart for the age of Aquarius: its Sun is at 11 degrees 37 minutes Capricorn, its Ascendant is at 25 degrees 47 minutes Cancer and its Moon is at 14 degrees 3 minutes Scorpio. Although it doesn’t have any planets in Aquarius (fig. 17), it has a total of five planets in Capricorn: Uranus at 1 degree Capricorn, Saturn at 5 degrees Capricorn and Neptune at 9 degrees Capricorn are conjoined the Sun at 11 degrees Capricorn. And Mercury is at 28 degrees Capricorn.

"This chart’s natal Sun at 11 degrees 37 minutes Capricorn is close to an axis formed by two important fixed stars, Sirius at 13 degrees Cancer and Vega at 15 degrees Capricorn. What does this tell us? Capricorn represents the Father, or the yang; and Cancer represents the Mother, or the yin. Sirius represents the Father and Vega represents the Mother. This axis shows that before the Aquarian age can lock into the physical octave, the axis of planet earth must be righted. The hierarchy of Aquarius requires all to come into alignment with this line of the Father-Mother principle, or the divine Tao.

"Since the Aquarian age takes its first and most important 'pre-dawn' step, which is resolution, with five planets in Capricorn, it takes its thrust from Capricorn. The intense cluster of Capricorn planets anchors the Aquarian influences and the unbalanced karma from the age of Pisces and other previous cycles. In other words, we do not approach the age of Aquarius with a clean white page. We bring with us the residue of unbalanced karma.

"The Capricorn planets in this chart also resonate with and amplify the essential characteristics of the Capricorn conjunction of February 1988. As the conceptional chart of an age, this January 1, 1989 chart can be compared to the conceptional chart of a person who has a great mission and a great opportunity but who during gestation must first settle his accounts and come into alignment with the God Star. The God Star is another name for Sirius, which, as I said, holds a key position in this chart.

"Aquarius is destined to be an age of economic, political, social and spiritual freedom as well as an age of technological innovation. This is due to the unique characteristics of the sign of Aquarius and its ruling planet, Uranus, which convey the impulse for freedom, individuality and innovation while at the same time ruling group and community affairs.

"But it is not at all certain that the golden age will ever become physical. What we say and do here on earth in our lifetime may determine whether the golden age of Aquarius will become a reality.

"I ask you to share with me today the sense of accountability and responsibility that I have,
and that I believe all citizens of the world must have, for which way the planetary evolution will go and whether or not there will ever be an Aquarian age of freedom, peace and enlightenment. I would like you to know that that question hangs in the balance today before the Four and Twenty Elders. At this moment the Darkness upon earth has become so great that
it is not known if the next 2,000 years can be a golden age or if anything thereafter can be a golden age.

"Nevertheless, it is the divine plan for the age of Aquarius to be a golden age. And it is the freewill option of those of us in embodiment to outpicture that divine plan while we yet have life and breath and hope and opportunity. If it were not the divine plan, we wouldn’t even have a hope of a chance, or a breath of a prayer, to bring it about. But the divine plan does exist as an etheric matrix, a pattern hanging just above our heads, waiting to be lowered.

"But where are the vessels? Where are the instruments? Where are those millions of souls who were supposed to have embodied in the last 20 years to usher in the golden age? I’ll tell you where they are. They were aborted and their life mission along with them. And today 22,000,000 of them are waiting in the wings on the etheric plane for another opportunity to play their parts on stage seven of planet earth.

"Abortion is another plot that the fallen ones have put upon us. And therefore the very lifestreams that were being sent to earth to help bring in the New Age of Aquarius are not in embodiment today. They have been denied life in the name of 'freedom of choice.' This is the mass deception that has been put upon men and women todaythat life in the womb is not Life.

"Abortion is the desecration of desecrations of all centuries. It is the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place where it ought not, which is one of the signs that precedes the Second Coming of Christ.

"This is the holocaust of our time that has made us America the vulnerable.

" . . . Astrological portents of great good are not automatic. They are not predestined any more than negative karma is predestined. The key is that we have to work the works of God and make those portents a reality where we are.

"The fallen ones also read astrology. And when they see a blessing from God coming they move in and they try to nip it in the bud, to dash the cup from our lips before we are able to drink that elixir.

"So we need to call for the protection of these portents of great good, of the Christ manifesting en masse in the people of a planet under the aegis of the Woman clothed with the Sun and her Divine Manchild.

"We must look at both sides of astrology and recognize that free will and our presence in embodiment are the factors that determine whether the Good or the Evil will triumph."

Elizabeth C. Prophet
May 21, 1989

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