O cyklach i czasach
czesc II

Cykle Serapisa Bey

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"Nie ma potrzeby komplikowac Boskie prawo. Kosmiczne prawo jest miloscia w czynie. Kosmiczna milosc jest prawem w czynie. Kosmiczna milosc i prawo sa twa wiara, twa nadzeja, twa radoscia."

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Odnosnie naszych inicjacji na 13tym promieniu

Czternasto-miesieczny cykl Serapisa Bey
od 4 maja, 2009 do 3 lipca, 2010

Cykl 13go promienia

Nowe cykle zawsze przynosza ze soba nowe okazje w naszym zyciu!

Oto wyjasnienie cyklu Serapisa Bey na 13tym promieniu:

4 maja 2009 wkraczamy w nastepny okres 14-miesiecznego cyklu Serapisa Bey. Jak pamietamy z pierwszej czesci listu o tych cyklach, te inicjacje prowadza nas poprzez siedem zewnetrznych sfer i piec sfer sekretnych promieni kauzalnego/przyczynowego ciala.

Po nich nastepuja cykle 13go i 14-go promienia.

W tym nowym okresie i cyklu Serapisa Bey inicjowani jestesmy na 13tym promieniu na 12.30 linii kosmicznego zegara.

Wyslanniczka Wielkiego Bialego Braterstwa Elizabeth C. Prophet wytlumaczyla, ze gdy poddani jestesmy inicjacjom na pol-godzinnym cyklu zegara kosmicznwgo, nasze testy obejmuja dwa promienie; ten poprzedzajacy godzine i ten, ktory nastepuje po godzinie.

Zatem testowani jestesmy na poziomie godziny 12.00, jak i na poziomie 1.00 godziny.

Poziom godziny 12.00 to cykl i Boska potega, a jej perwersje to krytyka, posadzenie, osadzenie, osad i wszelka czarna magia.

Poziom godziny 1.00 to Boska milosc, a jej perwersje to nienawisc, wszelka zwiazana z nienawiscia energia, niechec jak i wszelka czarna magia.

Mistrzowie wyjasnili nam, ze cykle pieciu sekretnych promieni, jak i 13go i 14-go promienia, sa podsumowaniem.

Podczas tych dwu cykli mamy okazje pracowac nad tranasmutacja wszelkich trucizn uzywajac madrosc Pieciu Dyani Buddow.

Elizabeth C. Prophet rowniez wyjasnila nam wage mantr tych dwu cyklow.

Kazdego miesiaca odmawiamy mantre mistrza lub mistrzow, ktorzy popieraja testownie nas na danej linii zegara.

Miesieczna mantra jest kluczem w zamku, ktory otwiera nas w kierunku promienia. A mantra na caly cykl pozwala nam zinternalizowac promien.

Mantra calego 13go promienia to:

JAM JEST Alfa i Omega w centrum bialego ognia bytu.

Niech Bog da nam laske zdania wszelkich naszych egzaminow z wdziekiem i miloscia, z madrowscia i glebokim poswieceniem do Woli Boga!


Z miloscia i pokora w Chrystusie,



The five poisons and the sixth, which must be antidoted by the five wisdoms of the Five Dhyani Buddhas and the wisdom of Vajrasattva:

1. Ignorance, antidoted by Vairochana’s All-Pervading Wisdom of the Dharmakaya.

2. Anger, hate and hate creation, antidoted by Akshobhya’s Mirrorlike Wisdom.

3. Spiritual, intellectual and human pride, antidoted by Ratnasambhava’s Wisdom of Equality.

4. The passions—all cravings, covetousness, greed and lust—antidoted by Amitabha’s Discriminating Wisdom.

5. Envy and jealousy, antidoted by Amoghasiddhi’s All-Accomplishing Wisdom, the Wisdom of Perfected Action.

6. Non-Will and non-Being–fear, doubt and nonbelief in God, the Great Guru—antidoted by Vajrasattva’s Wisdom of the Diamond Will of God.

For a complete listing of each month's line of the clock, master and mantra, including information on the Five Dhyani Buddhas and the poisons, please go to the Handouts section of www.TSL.org. Under "Teachings," see "Serapis Bey's Cycle in the 13th Ray."

After seven successive 14-month cycles of initiation through the seven outer spheres of the Causal Body (white through blue), Serapis Bey announced on February 28, 1987, the inauguration of the first of five 14-month cycles in the five secret rays. The 14-month cycle in the sphere of the Second Secret Ray began April 25, 1988; the 14-month cycle in the sphere of the Third Secret Ray was initiated on July 4, 1989.

Serapis Bey has explained that the goal of each 14-month cycle is for you as a disciple of Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha to pass through the 14 stations of the Aquarian cross of the Woman and her seed (Rev. 12:4, 5, 17). The 14 stations of the Aquarian cross provide a path of initiation for the Divine Mother and her sons and daughters that is parallel to the 14 stations of the Piscean cross fulfilled by Jesus. The stations signify the 14 events that occurred in Jesus’ life during his Passion on Good Friday from 1. Jesus is condemned to death to 14. Jesus is laid in the sepulchre. They represent not only the testings and trials of the chelas of the Ascended Masters but also the personal and planetary karma that Lightbearers are bearing in their bodies in this transition from the 2,000-year dispensation of Pisces to Aquarius.

In order to deal scientifically with these challenges, which come to us daily, students of the Ascended Masters chart the 14 stations on the Cosmic Clock according to the principles of cosmic astrology taught to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet by Mother Mary. Thus, each month during Serapis Bey’s 14-month cycle, the chela is working on one of the 14 stations corresponding to one line of the Cosmic Clock. The 1st station is charted on the 12:00 line (or 12:00/6:00 axis), the 2nd on the 1:00 line (or 1:00/7:00 axis), etc. The 13th station is clocked on the 12:00 line (or 12:00/6:00 axis) and the 14th station on the 6:00 line (or 6:00/12:00 axis).

If you were not aware of Serapis Bey’s 14-month cycles of initiation or feel you have not taken the greatest advantage of the opportunity they afford those on the path of the ascension under the hierarchs of the Ruby Ray, you can ask the hierarchies of Light to give you, according to the will of God and the discriminating intelligence of your Holy Christ Self, the initiations of each sphere. Thus in your calls and invocations to God and your decrees to the ascended hosts of the Lord as well as in your daily service to life at home or on the job, you would be spending 14 months in each sphere of the Causal Body, one at a time, starting with the center white sphere and proceeding outward through each successive sphere. You would be taking these beginning initiations simultaneously with the initiations of the current 14-month cycle—but only one missed 14-month cycle at a time along with the current cycle, beginning with the earliest one missed. For instance, someone just starting would begin with the current Third Secret Ray cycle and the first cycle through the white sphere of the Causal Body.

For additional information on the Cosmic Clock see: Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America, pp. 173-206. The ABC’s of Your Psychology on the Cosmic Clock: Charting the Cycles of Karma and Initiation, 8-audiocassette album, 12 lectures, 12 hr., A85056. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, June 29, 1988, “Seminar on the Cosmic Clock: Charting the Cycles of Your Karma, Psychology and Spiritual Powers,” 4 audiocassettes, 5 hr. 50 min., A88087A; accompanying packet of study materials, including the color “Diagrams of the Cosmic Clock,” #2368. “Diagrams of the Cosmic Clock” may be ordered separately, as well as the Chart of the “14 Stations of the Aquarian Cross.” For a further listing of teaching on Serapis Bey’s 14-month cycles and the secret-ray initiations, see 1988 PoW, vol. 31 no. 29, pp. 229-30 n. 7.

The seven rays and the initiations of the Lords of the Seven Rays are charted consecutively on the Alpha cycle of the Cosmic Clock on the 12/6 (First Ray), 1/7 (Second Ray), 2/8 (Third Ray), 3/9 (Fourth Ray), 4/10 (Fifth Ray), 5/11 (Sixth Ray), and 6/12 (Seventh Ray) axes. Padma Sambhava, the sponsoring Buddha of Guru Ma, a title and office held by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, is positioned to initiate the chelas of the Divine Mother on the 6:30/12:30 axis for the transition between the outer seven rays and the inner five secret rays. The five secret rays and the initiations of the Five Dhyani Buddhas are mastered on the Omega cycle of the Cosmic Clock on the half-hour positions of the 7:30/1:30 (First Secret Ray), 8:30/2:30 (Second Secret Ray), 9:30/3:30 (Third Secret Ray), 10:30/4:30 (Fourth Secret Ray), and 11:30/5:30 (Fifth Secret Ray) axes.

Each hour on the Cosmic Clock has an Alpha Thrust and an Omega Return. The first half-hour of the hour is the Alpha (plus, or yang) half of the hour; the second half of the hour is the Omega (minus, or yin) half of the hour. The initiations of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are on the Alpha Thrust and the initiations of the Buddha and the Mother are on the Omega Return. Through these initiations the soul goes forth from the Great Central Sun at the Alpha Thrust and gains experience in the Matter universes. On the Omega Return the soul reenters the Causal Body and returns through the ritual of the ascension to the heart of God in the Great Central Sun.

The entire current 14-month cycle of Serapis Bey in the Third Secret Ray (midpoint of the five secret rays) is charted on the Omega cycle, the half hour, of the 9:00 line (i.e., 9:30), which is in polarity with the Omega cycle of the Fourth Ray on the 3:00 line (i.e., 3:30).

Serapis Bey
July 4, 1989

O Cyklach, czesc I  

14Month Cycles of Serapis Bey  

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