O modlitwie
'Ojcze nasz, ktorys jest w niebie'

Statua Jezusa
w Royal Teton Rancho, detal

"Lord Maitreya byl tym, ktorgo Jezus nazywal 'Ojciec,' gdyz Ojciec i Guru byly synonimami dla Jezusa i to Pan Maitreya dal swiatu modlitwe 'Ojcze nasz' poprzez Jezusa. W historii swiata mamy jedynie te jedna modlitwe, ktora dal on Jezusowi. Zapytajmy, czy zaiste Maitreya dal te jedyna modlitwe swemu umilowanemu studentowi?

Maitreya odpowiada:

"'Jest cecha ludzkiej psychologii, ze kiedy dasz im jedna modlitwe, mozesz byc pewny, ze uzyja ja. Jesli dasz im sto modlitw, kazda z nich przyjmuje automatycznie pomniejsze znaczenie, az w koncu kazda z tych stu jest jedna setna pojedynczej modlitwy.'

"Psychologia odnosnie tego, jak podtrzymac swiatlo i nauke ducha poprzez dwa tysiace lat wywodzi sie z tej modlitwy. A dwie ewangelie—Mateusza i Lukasza—podaja zwiezle instrukcje odnosnie modlitwy Ojcze nasz. Ta pojedyncza, powtarzana od dwu tysiecy lat modlitwa jest wspaniala mantra wieku Ryb.

"Jezus przekazal nam znaczenie modlitwy Ojcze nasz.

"Modlitwa Panska JAM JEST sklada sie z siedmu przykazan, ktore wywodza sie od siedmiu Elohimow w porzadku dziela stworzenia. Jest to jedna z najwazniejszych rewelacji naszego calego zycia—rewelacja wewnetrznego, duchowego znaczenia modlitwy Ojcze nasz, zgodnie z siedmioma promieniami.

Modlitwa Panska JAM JEST

Ojcze nasz, ktorys jest w niebie
Swiec sie Imie Twoje, JAM JEST.

JAM JEST przyjdz Krolestwo Twoje
JAM JEST badz Wola Twoja
JAM JEST jako w niebie tak i na ziemi

JAM JEST wszchdawca chleba powszedniego
JAM JEST odpuszczeniem wszelkich win, jako i
JAM JEST wybawieniem wszystkich od wszelkiego zla

JAM JEST Krolestwem
JAM JEST Potega i
JAM JEST Chwala Boga w wiecznym, niesmiertenym przejawieniu—
Wszystkim tym JAM JEST.

"Druga, bezwiekowa, wspaniala rewelacja to podyktowana przez Pana Jezusa modlktwa 'Ukonczone.' Mark L. Prophet, wyslannik Wiekiego Bialego Braterstwa, zapisal ja. Jezus przekazal Markowi, ze jest to modlitwa, ktora dusza Jezusa odmowila na poziomie eterycznym, konajac na krzyzu, a rytuale ukrzyzowania. W nowym testamencie mamy jedynie zapisane slowa: 'Ukonczone' i oddal ducha— . . .

"Modlitwa ta jest krystalizacja calego naszego wysilku jako chela czy student Mistrzow Wniebowstapionych. Codzienne radosci jak i powazne proby bycia studentem na sciezce wniebowstapienia zyskuja gleboki sens, gdy odmawiamy te modlitwe.

Chrystus sw. Jana od Krzyza
Salvadore Dali
Galeria i Muzeum Sztuki, Glasgow, Scotland

It Is Finished!
Jezus Chrystus

It is finished!
Done with this episode in strife,
I AM made one with immortal life.
Calmly I AM resurrecting my spiritual energies
From the great treasure-house of immortal knowing.
The days I knew with thee, O Father,
Before the world was—the days of triumph,
When all of the thoughts of my being
Soared over the ageless hills of cosmic memory;
Come again, as I meditate upon thee.
Each day as I call forth thy memories
From the scroll of immortal Love,
I AM thrilled anew.
Patterns wondrous to behold enthrall me
With the wisdom of thy creative scheme.
So fearfully and wonderfully am I made
That none can mar thy design,
None can dispoil the beauty of thy holiness,
None can discourage the beating of my heart
In almost wild anticipation
Of thy fullness made manifest within me.

O great and glorious Father,
How shall a tiny bird created in hierarchical bliss
Elude thy compassionate attention?
I AM of greater value than many birds
And therefore do I know that thy loving thoughts
Reach out to me each day
To console me in seeming aloneness,
To raise my courage,
Elevate my concepts,
Exalt my character,
Flood my being with virtue and power,
Sustain thy cup of Life flowing over within me,
And abide within me forever
In the nearness of thy heavenly presence.

I cannot fail
Because I AM thyself in action everywhere.
I ride with thee
Upon the mantle of the clouds.
I walk with thee
Upon the waves and crests of water's abundance.
I move with thee
In the undulations of thy currents
Passing over the thousands of hills composing earth's crust.
I AM alive with thee
In each bush, flower and blade of grass.
All nature sings in thee and me,
For we are one.
I AM alive in the hearts of the downtrodden,
Raising them up.
I AM the law exacting the Truth of Being
In the hearts of the proud,
Debasing the human creation therin
And spurring the search for thy Reality.
I AM all things of bliss
To all people of peace.
I AM the full facility of divine grace,
The Spirit of Holiness
Releasing all hearts from bondage unto Unity.

It is finished!
Thy perfect creation is within me.
Immortally lovely,
It cannot be denied the blessedness of Being.
Like unto thyself, it abides in the house of reality.
Nevermore to go out into profanity,
It knows only the wonders of purity and victory.
Yet there stirs within this immortal fire
A consummate pattern of mercy and compassion
Seeking to save forever that which is lost
Through wondering away
From the beauty of Reality and Truth.
I AM the living Christ in action evermore!

It is finished!
Death and human concepts have no power in my world!
I AM sealed by God-design
With the fullness of that Christ-Love
That overcomes, transcends, and frees the world
By the power of the three-times-three
Until all the world is God-victorious—
Ascended in the Light and free!

It is finished!
Completeness is the Allness of God.
Day unto day an increase of strength, devotion,
Life, beauty and holiness occurs within me,
The Christ-consecrated rose of Sharon
Unfolding its petals within my heart.
My heart is the heart of God!
My heart is the heart of the world!
My heart is the heart of Christ in healing action!
Lo, I AM with you alway,even unto the end,
When with the voice of Immortal Love
I too shall say: It is finished!

Lord Maitreya—Kosmiczny Chrystus
Guru Jezusa Chrystusa

"I realized that without a chela the Guru can give nothing. The chela who receives the prayer seals it for all others who will come after him and give it. You do this also as you receive the teaching and as you sit in this classroom, for if the classroom were empty, I would not be teaching, the Brotherhood would not have the dispensation to teach and the Cosmic Christ and the messages of the Cosmic Christ would remain up in the etheric plane.

"The teaching would be taught only at the etheric retreats to those between embodiments or to those who are asleep, out of their bodies. Although this doesn't do much for the physical universe, it does sustain God's consciousness in Matter in the etheric plane. If it were only in Spirit and not in Matter, then we would have quite a dilemma, because there would be no focal point for our souls to become aware of God in the Matter universe.

"The great gift of the Ascended Masters is that they maintain their retreats on the etheric plane. The etheric plane itself accelerates so that at the line of demarcation between Spirit and Matter it has accelerated to the extent that when crossing over that line, there is no change of vibration between the highest frequency of the etheric plane and the plane of Spirit. We have reached Spirit except that where it is plus in Spirit, it is minus in Matter.

" . . . God has techniques he uses for reaching our souls. He has great mastery in the use of the Word. And in the communication of the Word, he determined to release an intense amount of power here, which increased the volume. Increasing the volume in turn increases an arc of energy that contacts your heart. As a result, when that portion of the dictation is played, you can feel the light flow and your human creation melt.

"In that melting process you may find tears coming to your eyes and feel a certain emotion in your being that has nothing to do with emotionalism. It has to do with the fact that the fire of the Holy Ghost is breaking down the recalcitrant emotions that have rebelled against God for so long that they have forgotten the real feeling of God.

"What Is the Master Like?

"We don't often enjoy such an experience, such a moment. It is a very important part of the dictation and one in which we really see the character of Lord Maitreya. We are always looking for glimpses of what the Master is like in dictations. What is Morya like? What is Saint Germain like? How would you describe them to a friend? What are the qualities you would identify?

"Maitreya reveals himself here unmistakably. I will repeat the whole sentence: "It is not needful for men to withdraw from the world as though it were not the Father's, but it is needful for men to transform the world." That gives you a sense of his character. He is not just an ascetic Buddhist who sits in a room and meditates on the void. He is a very active person and his flames of wisdom and compassion are equally intense.

"He tells us to give up the desire to be an ascetic and to decide instead to go out and save the world. He says that men, like eternal gardeners, have the wherewithal to transform the world and make it into a Garden of Eden. We can transform the world. We can create a paradise of beauty by using the scientific knowledge and blessings that have been given to us.

"Lord Maitreya says that we should use religion not as a means for personal aggrandizement but as a mere ordered service directing our consciousness to our Higher Self, the I AM Presence, the Christ Self, so that the Higher Self, the higher consciousness, might respond.

"And in the response from the heart of God," he adds, "there may go forth the wisdom ray, and that ray from on high may show them"—and here's the big statement—"how to transform the world, how to transform their lives, how to remove their fears, how to walk the earth with dignity, how to wear robes of righteousness, how to be able to have the sight that sees and perceives a cosmic being and recognizes oneself as a cosmic being."

Nauki Kosmicznego Chrystusa

"The priesthood of the order of Melchizedek recited the Word in the ritual of the celebration of the Creation over and over again. The Gregorian chants, the Our Father and the Hail Mary, the chants of the Jains, the mantrams of the Hindus and the Buddhists are all reminiscent of Lemurian and Atlantean temples where priests and priestesses tended the flame of the Mother by the science of the Word.

"They learned to express that Word through all of the seven chakras. Their etheric envelopes could be seen as emitting seven streams of light through the seven chakras. And in the hours of their highest manifestation of the Light, their whole bodies would be filled with the rainbow of the Causal Body accelerating, swirling, spiraling through those seven chakras.

"Through the use of certain vowel sounds combined with the consonants of the Word, all of the seven rays would converge through the throat chakra for the crystallization not only of the flame that burned upon the altar, but of temples and pyramids and all of the accouterments of life. Memory of the ancient precipitation by members of the priesthood and adepts in the temple arts has survived to the present.

"Even the acceptance of the mystery of the Sacred Eucharist in the celebration of Communion as the actual precipitation of the body and blood of Christ comes from the subconscious memory of the transfer of the twin flames of the Holy Ghost by the original priesthood of Melchizedek. This Alpha and Omega of the positive and negative spirals of the Tao are always inherent in the precipitations of the Guru as ‘the body and blood’, whether in the bread and the wine or in the loaves and the fishes or in any other of the so-called miracles involving the transformation of Matter after the original Whole."

Sanat Kumara

Z miloscia i pokora, w Chrystusie,



Nauki Mistrzow Wniebowstapionych
swiatowe radio w jezyku polskim

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